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    Hmm.. let's see. "Not doing a good job" could easily be defined as "breaking things that already work." For example existing code support for older operating systems. Nice and simple. I fail to see how roytam's software is "abused," give that he is actually fixing things you or Moonchild have broken, on purpose. See above. No one claimed they are official. In fact the About dialog in these builds clearly states they are not. "Not doing a good job" again..? See above. I'd like to see some proof of this supposed "massive confusion." If there is any confusion, it must come from those who are clueless in the first place. You cannot fault roytam for users who are too ignorant to read the About dialog or to deal with any issues here, where the builds are linked, rather than going to you or to the official PaleMoon forum. Also I'd love to see even one example where you or Moonchild or anyone else in your "group" has "cleaned up a mess when something goes wrong" that addressed the first single issue that affected these older operating systems or users of the unofficial builds on these systems. It sounds more to me like you're just a butthurt jerk who is having a tantrum because someone is making your toy work in places where you don't want it to. If you don't like it, write your own closed source program and stop "abusing" Mozilla's existing code. Without Mozilla's existing code, which once again I will remind you already provides compatibility for the systems roytam is targeting, and which you have intentionally broken, your pet projects would be nonexistent.
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    I actually had an "extended discussion" with Moonchild some time back and attempted to point out just how illogical his position was in regard to older OS'es. It of course fell on deaf ears and he ended the discussion without even attempting to answer any of my points. I tried to get across to him just how irrational it was to be committed to preserving an older "browser interface/UI" while at the same time being determined to discard support for any older operating system as soon as possible. With one hand he pushes the "latest and greatest" and insists people should "upgrade" and not use "outdated" operating systems; and with the other hand he promotes an "outdated" browser interface now built on "outdated" code and now using "outdated" addons (in the eyes of the same people who push similar "latest and greatest" rubbish), purposely breaking the already existing support for older systems that was already in place. How one can contort themselves into such a strange position and consider themselves as having a reasonable standpoint on the issue is beyond me. When PaleMoon eventually starts bleeding off its users who subscribe to the flawed logic of "latest and greatest"; or when those remaining are left without options for addon/plugin compatibility and compatibility with the "modern" web, then I've got a feeling those of us here will have the last laugh, and can tell Moonchild and company "Welcome to the party, pal!"
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    Trying to build it now. Despite the fact that I'm building on WinXP, I still had to explicitly tell it to build for WinXP: perl Configure VC-WIN32 -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0501 Without the -D just about every test failed; apparently the stupid Configure script just assumes Win 7+ rather than grabbing the version it's actually running on . That may explain why so many of the "compatible with XP" builds aren't actually compatible with XP. Edit: Final (apparently XP-compatible) build of OpenSSL v1.1.1b is about 3 MB when written to a .7z archive file. You can download it from my company's Web site.
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    It's finally fixed. After almost a year of a major bug that prevented me from shipping, I finally got a working build! Expect 2.2 in the coming days, possibly even tonight.
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    XP will live longer than 98se, and some people still use that for games, and old programs, hardware as a hobby.
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    The cryptography 2.6.1 module with OpenSSL -1.1.1b (thanks to @Mathwiz) for Python 3.4.4 I have tested so far with the following modules: altgraph==0.16.1 appdirs==1.4.3 asn1crypto==0.24.0 cffi==1.12.2 colorama==0.4.1 cryptography==2.6.1 future==0.17.1 idna==2.8 macholib==1.11 packaging==19.0 pefile==2018.8.8 pyasn1==0.4.5 pycparser==2.19 PyInstaller==3.4 pyOpenSSL==19.0.0 pyparsing==2.3.1 PySocks==1.6.8 pywin32==221 pywin32-ctypes==0.2.0 six==1.12.0 urllib3==1.24.1 For Installing: Uninstall the older cryptography module beforehand (pip uninstall cryptography), then simply unpack the two directories in the python directory python34\lib\site-packages. Download (The latest cryptography module 2.7.dev1 from March, 11 2019 for testing is also included) Note: The manually installed cryptography module can be uninstalled the usual way (pip uninstall cryptography)!
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    Ok, I've had time to update the repository with the January and February updates. Just in time, before Microsoft unleash the March ones. Replaced Monthly Rollup with the new KB4487023 (located on the root directory of the repository) Added Security Only Updates, KB4480957 and KB4487019 (located in the folder "/Security Only (Post August 2018)") Replaced Internet Explorer Cumulative Update with KB4486474 (located in the folder "/Security Only (Post August 2018)") Replaced .NET Framework Security and Quality with: -KB4483457 for .NET 2.0 SP2 (located in "/NET 2.0 SP2/Security and Quality Rollup") -KB4483455 for .NET 4.5.2 (located in "/NET 4.5.2/Security and Quality Rollup") -KB4483451 for .NET 4.6-4.6.1 (located in "/NET 4.6-4.6.1/Security and Quality Rollup") Added .NET Security Only Updates with: -KB4480084 and KB4483482 for .NET 2.0 SP2 (located in "/NET 2.0 SP2/Security Only") -KB4480076 and KB4483474 for .NET 4.5.2 (located in "/NET 4.5.2/Security Only") -KB4480072 and KB4483470 for .NET 4.6-4.6.1 (located in "/NET 4.6-4.6.1/Security Only") Added Extra updates KB4486459, KB4487354 and KB4490514 (located in "/Extras") with an updated readme file Funny enough, the timezone update KB4486459 does not replace the previous KB4468323. Also worth noting that KB4487354 in the extras folder is not needed if you install the Monthly Rollups. That is all for now https://mega.nz/#F!txxRyLzC!1vBMGzMHiL864f3bl1Rj1w EDIT: I've rearranged the repository for easier navigation. Now the pre-Monthly Rollup Security Updates are in a folder named "Security Updates (May 2017-August 2018)"
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    New build of Serpent/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win32-git-20190302-e64dae886-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win64-git-20190302-e64dae886-xpmod.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom NM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.5.0a1.win32-git-20190302-e64dae886-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.5.0a1.win64-git-20190302-e64dae886-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - WIP fix 1 (c962e2051) - Move default-enable pref to application. (c08b490c5) - Update Basilisk FE code with HTTP Auth DoS protection. (f227feb6e) - Make the Auth prompt DOS protection a browser-element opt-in feature. (c1ece93c2) - Improve the http basic auth DOS protection heuristics. (e64dae886)
  9. 5 points
    @roytam1 I would like to start this post by saying that I believe SOME of my interpretations from you and reactions to me have been partly hampered by cultural and language issues.. That isn't to say I don't have my moments of being a complete a s s h o l e or anything.. Everyone knows this but perhaps we can start to correct some of that going forward. I hope you get a chance to go through your website soon but if you are working at your job and are loosing sleep over this then do take your time. Your good faith efforts will be enough for me. As for your rebranding efforts.. I want to renew my offer to help you work out all the branding points you need to deal with in the actual codebase. The one specific issue is the navigator codebase.. SeaMonkey never fully separated out branding from the rest of the main application code as Firefox and Thunderbird did over time so I have to completely rework how branding works in Navigator to accommodate that for not only my project but also people who do rebuilds and forks. As well as consistency sake. I want to help you make your selection of products for Windows XP unique to you and to be as successful as possible. You do seem to want to do your own thing past simple rebuilds and I can very much respect that.. So let's work together to make sure you and your users have products they can be proud of. @LoneCrusader As an aside, Lunaris and Draconis are AWESOME names and I am jealous I didn't think of them.
  10. 5 points
    Good grief. Hyperbole much? An anti-vaxxer? Because, I guess, "everyone knows" computer viruses are still written and tested to target the 3% or so of Windows users still running XP, and "everyone knows" none of those users ever update their AV software What an ignorant statement. That quote wasn't from Matt Tobin, by any chance?
  11. 5 points
    They can do whatever they want, and so do I. It is a smorgasbord and I'll pick whatever I want to my dish.
  12. 4 points
    EoS is nothing more than End of Support... XP Forever!
  13. 4 points
    Man, whatever you've smoked, it was real strong! No offense meant but... the ARPANET turns 50 next Oct 30, so that's simply not possible (let alone inside OE6)...
  14. 4 points
    Final patch Tuesday ! who are hobbyist know what heck goes behind making money for Microsoft. Windows is no more owned /licensed by user , it is now like Netflix of operating system . It is end of service not end of life . Windows XP is kicking and it will still keep kicking until the day world ends . Remember XP got Windows NT kernel which is more than enough to make it next os/2. Let windows 7 eos comes , which is obviously closer to us like door to heaven for us but it will be door to hell for Microsoft. Microsoft might not consider but you know truth is bitter. NT6.X is failure. Those who just browse Facebook and run Microsoft office they will never realise that . Windows Vista is better writen than bloody windows 7 and successor. Lazy asses over Microsoft replaced most old win32 api with stubs . Don't believe me ? Use a disassembler to see it yourself. When major companies will move to windows 10 and it's embedded versions , tons of old systems will become sluggish and un usable . We will get some tons of e-waste , we shall Thanks Microsoft for that . I know what being die-hard means and what it means to run my favourite piece of software. I don't see software as tool they are more of a living persons to me . Windows NT 5.X is & was the most stable kernel ever designed by Microsoft . I am not claiming it . Windows 2000 proven what stability really means yet being light weight . XP proven what it means to user-friendly yet robust system needs to be .Sever 2003 proven what actually stability , speed and performance means on earth . Server 2003 was regarded as rival of Linux . Three daughters of Windows NT 4.0 will be alive and kicking on the Earth . Windows 2000: robust and reliable who is smart . [/url] Windows XP : most dependable and user-friendly person who loves her user .[/url] Windows 2003: she stays Strick always on performance issues . She doesn't consider crashes as any good things . She loves to work day and night and most dependable os for servers. [/url] Picture credit goes to respective artist . I don't had links of these pictures. I have downloaded them back in days to use as my wallpapers.
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    XP still seems fresh as a daisy compared to the wilting goutweed that is Windows 10.
  16. 4 points
    Another set of links to Adobe Flash Player release with SHA-1 signature which can be verified under Windows XP SP3/Windows XP x64 SP2 Internet Explorer ActiveX: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Mozilla Firefox NPAPI (also for Opera Presto/Google Chrome 44 and earlier): http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Google Chrome 45 through 49 PPAPI: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
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    Windows 10 is also very un-customizable compared to XP, which basically blasted the door open on UI skinning. You had many options available if Luna or Windows Classic didn't suit your tastes (even a few direct from MS). Even if you manage to restore some sanity to the look of 10, an update comes along and wrecks your hard work, as well as altering many of your settings, crushing your anti-telemetry safeguards and rearranging the UI like the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.
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    New New Moon 27 Build! 32bit https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20190309-804907cdb-xpmod.7z 32bit SSE https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20190309-804907cdb-xpmod-sse.7z 32bit noSSE https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20190309-804907cdb-xpmod-ia32.7z 64bit https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win64-git-20190309-804907cdb-xpmod.7z source repo: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27 repo changes since my last build: - import changes from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Bug 1135903 - OdinMonkey: Check the siginfo si_code field before handling a SIGSEGV (e5452f1ac) - Bug 1112164 part 5 - Distinguish between the FloatRegister code and the encoding on x86 & x64. (7e27e254d) - Bug 1152176 - xpcom: Define linux kernel BLOCK_SIZE if necessary. (4ff9c701e) (804907cdb)
  19. 4 points
    Thanks for the information, @Vistapocalypse! I think you'll enjoy today's changes... SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR MARCH 4, 2019: Added new link for the last version of Yandex Browser for Windows Vista and XP (thanks to @i430VX for providing it), as visiting the vendor's site no longer delivers a compatible installer for XP/Vista users. Added new category: DVR/PVR software. Added Windows Media Center with TV Pack 2008 and NextPVR to "DVR/PVR software" section. Added Piriform Recuva to "Hard Drive Utilities" section. That's strange; I have just updated to the latest definitions on my system today with no problems
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    While I'm already also a Win 7 SP1 user, and sometimes even provide it support, my main, day-to-day OS is XP SP3, and I'll cling to it until it becomes nearly impossible to use (I've used 98SE from late 1999 to about 2014, so ca. 14 years as main day-to-day OS, and I hope to use XP SP3 like that for even longer, but my 1st XP install was from late 2007, so I'm not even 12 years on it, yet). I doubt I'll transition fully to 7 SP1 much before 2021 !!!
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    @dencorso I had my rant and anger spell.. Time for something more constructive so ye. @Dibya Vaguely. I still think using Windows XP in today's world outside of very extreme and edge cases is a bad idea but this stuff exists so I may as well be constructive rather than destructive. Obviously, @roytam1 is doing more than the shameful rebuilds for XP leeching off our names or whatever it was I said.. He is creating something unique as we have done.. SO I am committing my self to helping him succeed in whatever way I can contribute toward. That way we all get what we want and it isn't just an angry Tobin busting down the door looking for logos or whatnot. A real project or projects such as these deserve their own name and support from others just as ours do.. So that is why I am changing gears here. However, and you won't like this but if I feel the person in question is a moron I am gonna call them a moron regardless.. Call it a personality flaw. Though, that status can always be re-evaluated
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    +1 I certainly would not be in any hurry to appease anyone who comes in here making ever-more ridiculous demands and who displays such overt hostility toward your projects and this community on other websites. But you do as you see fit; if you feel that it's best to do whatever you can to settle the issue then by all means proceed as you have been. The absurdity of all of this is mind boggling. Most normal people who write a piece of software or code wish to be credited for their work, and here instead we have Matt Tobin who is so disgruntled by the fact that someone else dares to revert some changes he made to a piece of open-source software that he didn't even write in the first place that he throws a temper tantrum, removes his project code from the public, and screams like a child until someone gives him what he wants. And what does he want? His "name" removed from these forked builds, because he might accidentally have his name associated with "us", the unwashed, the untouchables, the Luddites; in other words those who dare to disagree with his worldview. Sad.
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    Plus isn't Matt just using SeaMonkey and altering it into a browser-only product? By the way, everyone knows I'm not stuck on the continued use of XP. BUT .... BUT .... as it stands, native Seamonkey can still run on XP, can't it? Now if Borealis can't, then isn't Matt doing the same thing to the Mozilla code that he accuses Roytam1 of doing to Borealis and Interlink? Here's the way I see it. Even if I shake my head at those still using XP, I'm not going to put up intentional road-blocks, just to make life miserable for those people. So Matty Boy, why not just let Roytam1 continue compiling these applications for XP and Vista compatibility? Forget about "following the agreement to the LETTER"; what about exercising the spirit of the license. Think about it - other than your arrogant and hostile attitude, they ACTUALLY LIKE your work, and want to use it. How much bigger of a compliment can you get?
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    Nope. Delusions of grandeur. Guess what. A judge or jury would be the one "deem reasonable" in this case if it ever came to court. Aside from that, given in this case that you are already perfectly able to and actively "digitally distributing" the executable form, then I don't believe any judge or jury would look favorably on you purposely creating arbitrary "obstacles" in the way of accessing the source code, which could be construed as an "attempt to alter or restrict the recipients’ rights" as prohibited in Section 3.1. Also, returning to the first point, given that literally thousands of open-source programs (and even entire operating systems) today are perfectly capable of providing digital distribution of their sources, I see no reason why a judge or jury should entertain the idea of providing an exception for you. And, even in the end, if you were somehow able to pull that off, I'll pledge $100 right now toward the cost of creating more work and annoyance for you. Remember me when you're making trips to the post office.
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    MC's post is a lot less hostile than Tobin's, and it sort of makes sense: if you're going to develop add-ons for PM, you need to test your add-ons with the "stock" PM build, because that's the version 99% of PM users will use your add-on with. And that, of course, means testing on a Win 7+ system, so that "stock" PM will run on it. It doesn't mean you have to prefer the stock build - only that you have to test with it. It's Tobin who seems to blow a gasket anytime he sees the letters "XP" together. Chill out, man! Whatever your feelings about XP, and however justified you believe them to be, it's not worth having a heart attack over. Let other folks make other choices for their own reasons. Freedom! As for MC's sig, I sort of sympathize; I often find myself rewriting some program that was cloned from another program, and in the rush to get it running, a lot of unneeded code from the "original" source code was left in. Or the programmer used a generic structure better suited to a much more complex program than the one she actually wrote. Either way, you can make the program much easier to read, understand, and debug by removing all that extra code. Where MC takes his sig too far is when he decides to remove functionality just for the sake of removing code, as in his recent decision to remove working WE APIs from Basilisk. Sure, that too can make your program easier to read, understand, and debug; but it also makes your program less useful!