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  2. Probably a question for MCP folks, I think the rules are set by the UXP platform. If by WXP you mean Windows XP, then no, it's not XP specific. I didn't even test on XP when I found the problem. I see the same error when running Pale Moon on Linux: I modded the original yesterday and put it on my Google Drive. Maybe I'll put it on my GitHub some day.
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  4. i'm trying, but i can't find a kernellex.. is there any for windows xp?
  5. @Tihiy when will the magic get darker?
  6. Please accept my congratulations on this wonderful 20 years jubilee!
  7. Yep! FYI, if you want to discuss modifications, changes, corrections, or anything else related to legacy extensions for UXP browsers more deeply, then you can transfer your discussion about it to my thread Extensions and custom buttons for UXP browsers - Corrections, modifications, adjustments, and special recommendations, only if wanted, of course. That thread was created by me especially for this purpose. In the first post of my thread, you will find more information about it. However, @roytam1's thread here actually aims more at his browser editions, related issues, and rather rarely extensions. Anyway! Talking about legacy extensions here is not totally off-topic, either. Greetings, AstroSkipper
  8. Another thing about 360 Total Security is that you should install the offline engine as well because the cloud engine doesn't detect Eicar to check if the realtime protection is working.
  9. Be advised, measure the case first, those DELLs may be so tight on space!
  10. link to download kernel ex https://storage.ploud.fr/index.php/s/Y8MQBDb4sFxAaDb/download?path=%2Fx64%2FExtended Kernel Windows Vista&files=1 Extended Kernel Windows Vista Octobre 2022 V3 LiptonAcer.zip aerosnap for windows vista https://storage.ploud.fr/index.php/s/Y8MQBDb4sFxAaDb/download?path=%2Flogiciel indispensable pour Windows Vista&files=aerosnap_0_61_setup.exe
  11. I have a (huge) lot of FF/NM's backups, starting from 3.6.28 times. And all the installed add-ons are unpacked. So I did search all files 'chrome.manifest' containing 'content '. Total 98 add-ons found. All entries are structured as content [add-on nickname] [value]. Typical values are: jar:chrome/[bla-bla-bla].jar!/[*] content/ content/[bla-bla-bla]/ chrome/content/ chrome/content/[bla-bla-bla]/ chrome/[bla-bla-bla]/content/ Rare but functioning values are: ./ chrome/ Unusual and non-functioning value, present only in Norwell, is: / The next question is - why slash works within archive and do not work in directory? Is it somehow connected with WXP rules that treats slashes? I think that it is within a step to off-topic. But just now the question is about why/how WXP behaves differently, including possible influence of some long-lasting FF/PM/NM unZIP-on-the-fly library. This version is not mentioned in http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=2860307 Is there any source that can be recomended to JustOff to include in CAA?
  12. I feel like a goof, but I'm glad bphlpt helped you! Be advised, I think you need to listen to him, Iron is a lot better (not only because it's German, no). It simply more privacy oriented. And be advised Brave leaks DNS servers https://community.brave.com/t/brave-leaking-dns-servers/191002
  13. Absolutely agree, indeed a good browser. I trust it and even use it for banking, Made in Germany.
  14. JFYI, not that it actually matters (if one actually wants that info can well become a member) but all I can see is: It is the modern version of the "plans on display" described by Douglas Adams: jaclaz
  15. For the most up-to-date list I have found of Windows 7 compatible browsers, look here. Even though the post is in the middle of a thread, it is actively maintained and regularly updated with current information. It lists over a dozen different chrome variants and a half dozen Firefox variants, along with info on how to slim and harden Firefox variants in general and some registry entries to suppress unsupported OS warnings in Chrome. In addition to the ones listed above, yet another Windows 7 compatible Chrome variant that I have used for a number of years is SRWare Iron. There are installer and portable versions available for both x32 and x64. Cheers and Regards
  16. Months ago, I installed and checked 360 Total Security from Qihoo in the version, which I didn't like, though. I wrote about it in the old antivirus thread. Now, there is a brand new version available, 360 Total Security Maybe, this one? In any case, it has a real-time protection function and is still listed to be compatible with Windows XP. But, be attentive during installation to deselect what you don't want, if that's possible!
  17. That shouldn't really be the case, and I'm sorry about that, but I'm trying to prevent any misunderstandings, given the posts here. It is of course clear that Malwarebytes is no longer interested in old versions. They want to leave the era of Windows XP and Vista behind. If you have read my old posts about how I was treated in the Malwarebytes forum as a Windows XP user, especially by their moderators, there is no need for any further explanation. But there was also a small glimmer of hope where an ordinary member had apologised to me for his behaviour.
  18. ... Yes, I perfectly understood that in the first place , you were crystal clear, but I used your "statement" as a basis for my follow-up question(s), "no more, no less" ; couldn't imagine that, in itself, would be a "potential problem", is it? (FWIW, I get the overall sense one should "walk on eggshells" when replying in this thread ...) Thanks for the confirmation! Thanks, too, that is very comforting to know ... How does this fact make the MBAM online support articles I linked to look then? Thanks Dave for your detailed reply! ; hopefully, by the time you'll be up for the next renewal, you'll face no problem "re-activating" MBAM v3.5.1 on your two (thought it was just one ) XP partitions! Cheers.
  19. Thank you. It's too much trouble to create it manually. But it is worth a try.
  20. To answer @VistaLover's question, I'm on a rolling subscription with Malwarebytes, which I renew every two years. I actually have two subscriptions, my original one, and a free one which was given to me by my bank for increased security when doing online banking. As I have two machines, both with Windows XP and Windows 10 on them, I use the first subscription to activate the Malwarebytes 3.5.1 installations on the two XP partitions, and the freebie subscription to activate the current version on the two Windows 10 partitions. Unfortunately each subscription only covers three installations, so I can't quite do it all on the free subscription!
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