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  2. There seems to be no SP1 until the latest. I use notepad++ to search
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  4. I clearly need help on this issue... I have the DEll N03D and have yet to succeed with AHCI.
  5. How do you correctly slip stream UniATA with nLite?
  6. I'm currently using version 13.5.1030 XP 32 bit.I have this version on my user account.Can I install this version on another user account without any conflict issues?Or a different version on two user accounts.Say 13.5.1030 on one account and 13.5.2022 on another account Sorry if it's a dumb question,but I'm no computer whiz.
  7. Many Internet forums now operate the extremely heavy, new generation "Discourse" engine. Old browsers including New Moon receive a read-only compatibility version, which is completely unusable. It may be "clean and modern" and completely crippled. The page extends below the screen, and there is no apparent way to scroll it at all. Disabling JavaScript doesn't do it. I just found out that appending ?_escaped_fragment_ (or &_escaped_fragment_ ) to the URL makes the page scrollable normally. It's perplexing why Discourse doesn't work like this by default. For example, https://boards.straightdope.com/t/how-are-people-feeling-about-discourse/926428?_escaped_fragment_
  8. Thank you, Yeah, just enjoying the quiet ( so nice ) and watching CSI Miami on the TV as find it soothing, but I should actually try to find something other than this. Anything to avoid this toxic news here. I don't know.
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  10. What would really be great is if we didn't have to jump through any loops to disable this menu stuff... I'm not talking about disparate and still limited settings like with official Chrome, but the way it used to be possible with XUL and extensions like Menu Wizard. I think I have somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 or all menus/items turned off with it, browsing is much more convenient without all the clutter.
  11. @harkaz Is it possible to optimize Rebase with: 1. UpdatePack7R2, and 2. MDL Win 7 Tool for SiMPLiX UpdatePack AiO ISO (with install.wim/esd)?
  12. I'm open for suggestions if there is something better/easier than HxD. I actually "kind of" dislike HxD in the sense that the "portable" has to be executed from an .exe (at least if memory serves) rather than just extracted.
  13. Ha .. well you should see me try to chew gum and walk a the same time, not a pretty sight
  14. @msfntor Terrible news...how powerless we are in the grand scheme. I just watched: Reminds me of electrotechnics practical classes in high school. Was terribly clumsy at soldering. We had to put together a cube at some point and mine fell apart right away.
  15. Sometimes when I even say hello and hi, some people here take even that wrong, like the cadence of my voice is off (which it is, I admit) but, I'm sorry, you don't keep running up to people demanding a proper response (which would be a simple hello or even a simple nod) ... fool me once, shame on them - fool me twice and shame on me. Online, things are better for me, but overall, I don't belong anywhere, not that I ever did, but I wasn't aware and just thought people were stupid, but I realize now, this new social cues (and whatever people call "Normal") is not all my fault. Sorry, guys, struggling today for various reasons.
  16. Also pin and unpin icons are mixed up in every default or custom theme. In original jumlists they are fine.
  17. Right, has to be different vibe compared to some small company. The place I work is a bit too relaxed. But it works with the right people. No, it doesn't. I could be wrong though. Chrome's built-in translating is neat IMO, at least as long as you're happy with their service. BTW, websites can have the directive in their HTML that prevents the translator from automatically kicking in (it's enabled by default on stock Chrome). https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12238396/how-to-disable-google-translate-from-html-in-chrome
  18. Friend, it was Friday for me, a holiday, which means I had free time.
  19. Agreed. I am personally leaning towards not having the Translate to English feature and to keep it out of the context menu. But at the same time, I don't want it to be too "complex" for other users to restore the feature if their preference differs from mine. Does Firefox "embed" its own 'translation service'?
  20. Can confirm here as well, the website works fine for me too in 360Chrome v13.5.2022.
  21. Dave-H


    Sad news for everyone here at MSFN. One of our forum supervisors, Dencorso, passed away on October 24th, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Apparently he was still upbeat and optimistic about the future a few weeks before he passed. My memories of Den go back quite a few years. He was incredibly helpful to me with technical problems, which is what this board is all about of course, initially mainly with Windows 98, and latterly with Windows XP. He was immensely supportive too when I first became a moderator here, something I will always be grateful for. He was definitely one of the good guys, and will be sorely missed here. Please add your memories here of working with Den. Thanks, Dave.
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