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  2. luweitest

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    IMO This project is more suitable to be a wiki page, and only contains software that has stopped WinXP release, i.e. only "LAST" version, not latest. Add some : R, 3.4.4 ThrottleStop, 8.60 sigcheck, 2.30 FoxitReader, 9.01 FileZilla, FileZilla_Server, 0.9.43 Wireshark, 1.12.13 adb, 1.0.32 Sandboxie, 5.22 VirtualBox, 5.2.22 gajim, 0.16.9
  3. Sampei.Nihira

    My build of New Moon (temp. name) a.k.a. Pale Moon for XP

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  5. winxpi

    WUPG98 updated!

    @jumper Right, I must have forgotten that as I didnt update WUPG since then IIRC anymore. What happened so far (after the last version in 2010): The last thing I did planing on was adding a few updates that werent included in the pack before. Then I still had another IE6 cumulative update (unofficial) but since IE6 nowadays is used so rarely (support of pages post http/1.1 and security reasons) that wasnt really a big thing to include. So rather it wouldn have been interesting to include something to improve the non-IE browsers supporting 98SE. And after youtube ended up disabling flash in favor of html5 well windows 98se got thrown against the wall you could say (atleast for systems with outdated hardware). Since the page that included the original download of WUPG98 is offline for some years now it would also be a question of finding a new hosting page(although it would be enough to just share the link here I know or send if to MDGx) if I ever get time to finish a new version of the WUPG. Currently Im not having enough time to continue or better said dont take the time and lack of motivation aswell. Im happy watching that the MSFN community supports 98se after so many years and are enjoyed too see what everyone comes up with. The last "big" thing (or not so unimportant thing) I thought about inlcluding recently, was maybe adding TimeZone updates. But yeah...dont wanna be a pessimist on that one but even the European Union was now thinking about abolishing the Daylight Saving Time.... So better wait what comes out there (not to put too much effort in the thing before everything is outdated again). Microsoft aswell didnt make things easier with shutting down the Windows Update v4 server for 98 (having it online especially wouldnt have been easier for new ideas too include like even more than the 2 languages so far, although I admit that would have been more effort than ever doing the translating of the descriptions and so) but that was a much longer time ago than most of the stuff mentioned here IIRC. Just in case somebody was a bit interested what was going on recently about WUPG98. I thought I share this with you.
  6. LoneCrusader

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    This will take you back even further, to version 1. https://web.archive.org/web/20160408102137/https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/old-versions.aspx Note that using the direct links to the older files still work on teamviewer.com. Only need the Wayback Machine to get the list really. I've never used TeamViewer myself but I archived the older versions. Not sure how far back these will take you on OS support. Maybe one's in there for Windows 95 at least?
  7. I've never used PowerISO, so I can't comment on it. I have used ImgBurn (version, after that they added some adware junk to the installer, not sure if this is still true) and it's a nice tool for burning and creating ISO files, but I don't believe you can "browse" inside the files. I would just use WinRAR for this, ImgBurn for writing ISO files. And if you want to preform other tasks with non-ISO images or with backing up copy-protected CD's use CloneCD or Alcohol 120%.
  8. I just use Firefox and Chrome, they can both open PDF files. (Since Firefox 19 and Chrome 6)
  9. ... This is because Pale Moon 28 (New Moon 28) has a native Site-Specific-User-Agent-Override (SSUAO) for youtube.com that forces it to display in the older ("Classic") web style, which lacks, among other things, the "Watch later" button (placed after "Share" button in the new "Material" web style). general.useragent.override.youtube.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:42.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/42.0 PaleMoon/28.3.0a1 If you want to force the new "Material" design for youtube (and thus make the "Watch later" button available to you in NM28), you should modify the SSUAO to spoof a recent Mozilla Firefox version: general.useragent.override.youtube.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0 Be warned that the Material youtube design works better in more recent hardware (namely GPU/CPU)...
  10. i430VX

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    still working for me here on xp...
  11. Modernizr is to give HTML5 to IE6, 7 and 8. But try with IE5.5 but no result, it does not even work with errors. Here the code to find if there is something that blocks versions prior to IE6 or the type of scripts that has none is compatible:
  12. "but Basilisk reports that they all appear to be corrupt. Must be a bad hash somewhere" : This is a generic message given out by Basilisk/Serpent when the WebExtension addon one attempts to install is somehow unsupported/incompatible; only rarely does it actually indicate a corrupt file (due to, e.g., erratic connection during download, etc.). In the case of the referenced extension, the error is caused by a limitation in the set of WebExtension APIs present in Basilisk/Serpent (which, as you know, is only a subset of the WE APIs present in the MozillaESR 52 platform, that UXP forked) ... In fact, Basilisk/Serpent have no support for id-less WE addons, hence the generic error message produced... Easy workaround: Once you download to disk file webrtc_control-0.2.3-an+fx.xpi, open it with 7-zip archiver; first, you can optionally delete the whole META-INF directory, to reduce addon size, since Basilisk doesn't check for extension signing; then, open file manifest.json in an editor and, towards the end, add an arbitrary extension-id, e.g. I added: (modified file, shown here is excerpt starting at line 31) "128": "data/icons/128.png" }, "applications": { "gecko": { "id": "webrtc-control@basilisk.org" } } } Save your patched .xpi file (for me, once I exit my text editor, 7-zip auto-prompts to save the committed changes) and then install to Basilisk via drag-n-drop; it should install now without errors: As discussed previously, the WE version of an addon is preferred over its legacy version when the browser is to be (force-)run in multiprocess (e10s) mode ...
  13. Mathwiz

    Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in Windows XP correctly

    Wikipedia uses a certificate with an Elliptic Curve public key algorithm. XP still doesn't support that. I doubt we'll get a patch by April either.
  14. free1944

    Beware of Office 2010 Updates!

    Thanks for showing me how to rescue my Word. I have a feeling that Microsoft doesn't like so many of us using our "free" Office programs! That we all purchased many moons ago!
  15. Destro

    anyone used Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs?

    I have it somewhere and tried it before. It's basically not as good as the advertisement leads you to believe. Reason is becasue it really doesn't have a smaller footprint than XP and the description would leave you to believe. Nlted XP is much smaller and more customization without the fact that it is basically neutered as other person said. It is basically trash. That microsoft came up with that works with the same corporate keys as xp pro corp. That is why its silly. Becasue if you had pro corp and a working/legit/unblacklisted key than its pointless.
  16. Yesterday
  17. XP-x64-Lover

    Beware of Office 2010 Updates!

    Same thing happened on XP x64 with that update. I simply re-imaged my backup since at the time I had no clue which update killed office 2010 on XP x64. Now I know, thank you.
  18. Windows 98 has SFC? Files has to be somehow moved, otherwise such error wouldnt be possible.. Sorry, im not guy who is reinstalling because of some icon what moved from original position
  19. free1944

    Beware of Office 2010 Updates!

    This message just showed up, again, a few days ago. Does anyone know if another "bad" release caused this like it did in the November 2018. Dave-H's solution worked for me back then, but cannot duplicate it since I no longer have KB4461552 listed as a "currently installed program". Is anyone else having this problem? Or is there something else I could do to try and remedy this?
  20. Roffen

    Tiresome problem using Windows 10

    For a while, I thought my Lenovo Win 10 machine had gone crazy. But after a couple of resets it looks like it is back to about where it had been. I pray that I won't have any more scares like that thrown at me again. Is it a good idea to accept one of the offers for WinZip utilities? Will that spare me further problems like I have had?
  21. Hello again,i use to view pdf's a lot,but the last version of adobe reader for xp is slow and outdated...I tried sumatra pdf but that is not really good for me.I would like to know if its possible to get a more upto date version of adobe reader dc to work like from 2016 or newer on xp Thanks!
  22. No. Files are not moved from Windows to System, as far as I know. Better try to reinstall again and again. Check your installation first with Run > SFC.
  23. dencorso

    Microsoft Waving the Flag on Windows 10 Mobile

    ... will have received, by then (when actually EoS), ... Do rest assured you do wield a pretty good and nuanced English.
  24. someguy25

    anyone used Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs?

    What about pinball?
  25. thanks for the info, i did read somewhere yesterday suggesting something similar related to the iso file association with winrar, i'll take a look at those settings in winrar you mentioned. although i did add PowerISO 4.9 in my archived contents already which leads into another question. it seems imgburn and PowerISO 4.9 are similar in functionality, they can mount / burn iso images, PowerISO 4.9 can extract iso images, although i am not sure if imgburn can do that, that was really the main reason i went through all this research, was simply for detecting / extracting iso files. so my question is, is it ok to remove imgburn and replace it with PowerISO 4.9 ( which is about the same size of the program of roughly less than 2 MB ) to have all or almost all of the functionalities of imgburn, if not more, or is there something more obvious that imgburn has that PowerISO 4.9 doesn't. PowerISO 4.9 is a little newer, released i believe 11-15-11 and imgburn was released 4-10-09, so that makes me assume in one sense that PowerISO 4.9 has more compatibility or functioning than imgburn
  26. Mcinwwl

    anyone used Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs?

    Because as we all know, the only pre-installed game on windows that ever mattered is Minesweeper. Period
  27. Mcinwwl

    Microsoft Waving the Flag on Windows 10 Mobile

    Which means that Win10 Mobile received (will recelive? grammar fairy help me!) much longer security patch support than most of Android devices in existence
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