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  2. My NM28 is dated Sept 2018 and hasn't been used for several months (I use the 'eguivalent to' official 28.2.2 as far as my NM28). Not sure how long ago Google Drive changed because I used to be able to use it even in a NM28 that "old". Have you tried various useragent overrides?
  3. Frances Day & Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans - I'm for You a 100% (UK 1932)
  4. If you count a completely fried 2007 HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop that I have lying around and a Sandy Bridge Pentium desktop which has been sent for repair and upgrades, a desktop and 4 laptops. I have bought some components for building another custom desktop PC already, but can't say when it will be built and ready to use, because COVID. EDIT: Thinking of buying a ThinkPad t61p/t500 also in the near future, to have as a retro laptop.
  5. Actually, Everyone are lied. Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.256 works on Windows 2000. Check for updates: Successfully searching for updates: Downloading Updates: Installing Updates: System require reboot to complete the update: Here is the download link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/9c89egwkf4o7rp4/Windows_Update_Agent_7.6.7600.256_for_Windows_2000/file (If you wish to install by your own with the original Windows Update 7.6.exe , follow below. First , you have to extract the Windows Update Agent 7.6 by
  6. Hi RamonUn. This alternate MPlayer-win98-r38116+g23fe072e43 works even with SDL. Unfortunately it causes my CRT monitor to mode switch with every fullscreen toggle, like when launching a fullscreen video game. To me this is harsh on the monitor when toggling frequently, such as consecutive YouTube videos. My old MPlayer does not do this. I will leave this build alone but it may be useful for others that need an alternative. Thanks for the suggestion.
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  8. Try: [msvcrt.dll] _vsnprintf_s=>msvcr80.dll: [ntdll.dll] _aulldiv=>ROS\ntdll.dll: _allmul=>ROS\ntdll.dll:
  9. How ironic! I'm not a YouTube fan but YouTube comes up ALL THE TIME on the browser threads. I always use The Red Green Show whenever testing YouTube. I just finished "The Order" on Netflix only to be disappointed to discover it was dropped after only two seasons. Prior to that was "The Queen's Gambit" - a female orphan growing up in the 50's and rises to defeat the Soviet-Russian world chess champion in an era where the Russians dominated the chess world. I'm now watching "The Irregulars" on Netflix and the 1978 to 1983 sitcom "Taxi" (Danny DeVito, Tony Danza, C
  10. I'm on the latest NM28 and I'm having trouble with google drive. When I select "share" or "get links" I get a white box with a "working" icon then I get a tinted overlay thats empty, no share box with links. It worked fine last time I used it a few months back and I tried a clean profile and various user agents with no luck. Anyone else? thanks
  11. About the laser cleaning, inside are some mirrors that can get accidentally damaged if not careful. They are glass (or similar) squares coated with very thin layer of paint, which actually makes them a mirror. Touching the paint with alcohol or even blowing on it with moist breath will damage it. And, if tearing a defective CD/DVD drive for useful parts, make sure to keep the lens. Stick them to your phone camera (a tiny drop of water works as glue) and you can shoot macro pics from extra-small distance :P
  12. For the most part.. I'm able to do everything I need with Roy's builds, only the rare occasion I've had to turn to UC Browser or Vivaldi.
  13. 2 Dell Desktops - 2 IBM Thinkpad Laptops.
  14. I played a bit with forks. Surely there are no or hardly any advantages on ME. Icecat 31.8 (windows version): It doesn't start. Problem begins with no support for _vsnprintf_s. [msvcrt.dll] _vsnprintf_s= Any values for it in the stubs.ini haven't accomplished something useful. Cyberfox 32bit 48.0.2 behaves like Firefox 48.0.2. Already integrated ClassicThemeRestorer and a JS Toggler. It doesn't run on XP. Apparently blocked on purpose. PCXFirefox 35.0.1 x86 doesn't run. 48.0.2 starts with Kext entries: [ntdll.dll] _aulldiv= _allmul=
  15. Yup! I have no plans to ever buy a new car. I probably won't even consider buying anything that's not at least 40 or 45 years old when I get one. If there really aren't, maybe you can look into VoIP as an option? At least you can use good quality landline phones instead of POS mobiles that sound and feel like crap.
  16. this problem is solved, i installed windows vista and then 7 and also thanks for the info on dualbooting.
  17. What is strange many think new products are better for climate and safer than keeping using old one. Nothing is user servicable today. Issue is beyond electrical devices. It even affects todays car industry. Many modern car for example you cannot even change battery. Car refuses start engine if old battery been drained to empty and/or removed to good charged one and need take it service to make it work again. Also modern car sensors causes lot of issues. I know few cases where brake by wire caused car car accident since brakes did not work. And peoples say buying new car is good for clima
  18. I have been watching thebroken show by Kevin Rose https://archive.org/details/thebroken_xvid. It was bit different type of computer show with good humour
  19. here they stopped use of landlines by increasing price of contract to ridiciliously high compared gsm prices then stopped selling landlines with excuse nobody wants use. Sure nobody does when it was ridiously high priced to push cell phones. So there is no option. I here. I chose less evil option. Older early 2000 GSM mobile phones (got few nokia, siemens and samsung ones). In finland we got good GSM coverage, last time had call dropping 12 years ago. I miss landline as option. all my cellphones from late1990/early 2000 have survived and still operated. Few of them needed fresh batter
  20. = CD/DVD Drive Maintenance Tips = Passing on random things i learned, maybe it keeps other old hardware alive. CD/DVD drives are often serviceable regardless what you read on the internet. As they are electrical and largely mechanical, there's quite a bit that can be fixed and maintained. If the laser is burned out, it won't power up or a motor is dead, then maybe just recycle it, unless there's an obvious fixable defect (eg. broken solder, loose ribbon cable). To test open the tray, if the belt is malfunctioning you should still hear a motor power up even if the tray doesn't open. Then
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