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  2. Same bugs happen on a fresh 1903 Update.... Rerun setup over and everything goes OK...
  3. Maybe you could uninstall it, and install it again but this time running the installer as administrator. And during installation, select the 'for all' option and not the 'just for me' option. Regards...
  4. Bill Gates using POSReady 2009?
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  6. VPN, like PIA with RealVNC is what I'd do. Not sure if the free versions offer encryption and the mirror driver. I use Enterprise Editions.
  7. wimb


    System_Info is working OK in Windows 7/8/10 and in Win PE. It was just about the extra option to show UUID, where the very useful RegRead solution does not work in Win 7
  8. bphlpt


    Please don't abandon Win 7. Tools like this one should be tailored for the widest possible audience unless it's very inconvenient to do so, IMO. Cheers and Regards
  9. Here's a complete guide! https://www.philscomputerlab.com/windows-98-unattended-installation.html
  10. Tripredacus


    Your example is doing the same thing as mine, except using CMD and creating a text file. Mine would only be useful if you wanted to show that data on the Hardware Info MsgBox.
  11. Hi there, Installed SIB on 4 or 5 PC, a great software. However, I installed it on a brand new HP laptop Windows 10 pro 1809 And it keeps saying: "hold escape key to prevent SIB from loading" (see pictures). Went to event log Nom du journal :Application Source : Application Error Date : 24/06/2019 13:27:53 ID de l’événement :1000 Catégorie de la tâche :(100) Niveau : Erreur Mots clés : Classique Utilisateur : N/A Ordinateur : HP-SANDRA Description : Nom de l’application défaillante explorer.exe, version : 10.0.17134.858, horodatage : 0x407a5e89 Nom du module défaillant : StartIsBack64.dll, version :, horodatage : 0x5cb2d5b1 Code d’exception : 0xc0000005 Décalage d’erreur : 0x0000000000043652 ID du processus défaillant : 0x334c Heure de début de l’application défaillante : 0x01d52a7fda97adf1 Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante : C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe Chemin d’accès du module défaillant: C:\Program Files (x86)\StartIsBack\StartIsBack64.dll ID de rapport : 73900692-13eb-474b-a189-0bc5629c11ce Any idea what's going wrong? Disabled Bitdefender. There is a filmora video software installed + MS Office 2019. Thanks for your kind support.
  12. Does someone have a working definition for InitializeCriticalSectionEx or is there any possibility for a useful definition, e.g. Foxit Reader 9.2+ needs this API? InitializeCriticalSectionEx without value or a bad one causes a lot of problems.
  13. Just tested both New Moon 27 and Firefox 45 ESR SSE with the UOC Patch. They run twice as fast than the previous versions of the browsers. I also noticed that sites load faster and there's a lower CPU usage during that process. Great work, @roytam1!
  14. ya, I install 98lite chubby after that what I do is uninstall Internet explorer. That way you still have pointers and support for some applications that use IE help engine, and IE rendering engine. I been successful in just installing the IE 5.5 sp2 core files from SP3 not the SP itself on top of uninstall IE with chubby and gotten applications that complain about needing IE 5.5 Installed. There is a procedure tho to run chubby + no IE + 5.5 sp2 core files + the updated Explorer/2000 theme + Rp9. This method is the best I found. But you can run that without installing the 100s of patches.
  15. Depending upon what they mean by "compatibility" you may still need my SATA Patch.
  16. I have a question that is related to this. I have a source that has been updated including feb updates (org sp2 ms disc eng) with HFslip. This disc works great with no issues after I just remove with nlite. When march rolls around and MS release ~ 15 new hotfixes can I use nlite and ryans pack to update what I have? Will that work? Or do I have to download the march updates only and use nlite to integrate them? will that work? Or would I have to use hfslip again to integrate the march updates. What way works the best? Obviously hfslip would work but I want to know if ryans pack and nlite are smart enough to know whats there and only add the new stuff. Or if Nlite was smart enough to include only march stuff. I bet some of you have tried this or at least thought about it. Thanks in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Editable Source
  17. I can recommend using 98lite with Chubby (or Sleek/98Micro if you test it long enough with your applications/games) option, and TCPOptimizer v3.08 from here: https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php
  18. The PC was on AHCI mode; the Thinkpad R60 only provides two options in the BIOS: "ACHI" and "Compatibility." Thank you for the clarification of limited high drive speeds. It makes sense why the system was kinda unstable.
  19. WinME could be considered with FAT8 it will be faster. It will work with small amounts of ram but of course depends on what programs you run. I watched analog TV with ATI All in Wonder and their software on P111 with 32GB of RAM. I did an experiment with 16GB and the TV program did not have enough free RAM to start up. Turn off system restore.
  20. You booted in compatibility mode. Windows uses the BIOS to access the Hard Drives in this mode. Hard Disk access speed is severely reduced and some functions may not work. You will need to switch to Legacy Mode or use my AHCI Driver.
  21. I just realized...I'm having Windows ME boot without a third party AHCI driver I didn't even change the settings in BIOS to legacy mode. The device manager of source mentions the missing SATA driver, but...how is this even possible?
  22. Performance only patches Like many others out there who only want to run programs on a private lan and do not care about security fixes on a unsecurable operating system. Thats the key argument here un-securable. I've tried 98se SP3 before SP2 98se2me. All of those just make the computer slow. At this point in time 2019 I do not care about having every fix known to man for 98se, 1st I only run 98se on Retro hardware that is already slow, like pentiums 2s and 3s maybe even less. 2nd I only play games or toy with old programs. 3rd only network connectivity I use is local but I do care about fast lan connectivity. I have some Idea of just basic patches like TCP 1.4. IOS.sys, larger capacity drives etc but what I want some advices on is a list of only fixes that increase performance, and stability. probably under 20 hotfixes or less for 98se. Maybe a clear guild for patches for network only, HDD, ram, cpu, video, sound etc and stability for just runing games etc that increase speed and stability.
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  24. Yes, that's the guy! I'll need to fire up my netbook tomorrow, which also has Office XP and Compatibility Pack installed on Windows XP and Windows 8.1, to see if it's working there. EDIT: Yes, now checked and the Office Assistant does work fine on the Office XP installation on Windows XP on my netbook. Not on the Windows 98 installation though.
  25. how can you debug it using ollydbg? when I start program from olydbg 1.10, it says msvcr80.dll can't be started.
  26. I don't know you, but I'd be glad to get to know you by your activity in XP boards
  27. Do you mean this little fellow? I never use it, but it´s there on my old Windows SE installation (with original KernelEx).
  28. Just tested https://www.nomachine.com/ It starts fine, but i wasn't able to connect even once. The client just looped reconnecting. Also, seems to run only with direct connection - either local or with port-forwarding. The installer is very invasive - it adds an administrator account, installs a few trusted publisher certificates and several virtual devices. Fortunately the uninstaller is decent enough to remove all this. So far AnyDesk seems best. With its single, under 3MB executable, it beats both Teamviewer and Nomachine (over 130MB)
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