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  2. Goodmaneuver

    The action cant be completed...............

    All of my startup programs listed in Starter can be disabled in Win7. I have only the monitor color correction tool I put on, - MCW, TV startup, and networking server, - a network to USB adapter. Starter did not list Microsoft startups or AMD video, only MS one listed was the shortcut I made to start up the TV. I can untick all if I want, make sure all sections is highlighted on the left. After starting windows, allow it a bit of time, do not start any programs. Then open a problem folder and close. Open Starter, click on process tab then click on explorer.exe in the top view window this should bring up a list of files underneath in the lower window. Click on a file in the explorer list in the bottom window then click on top File tab, there will be a save as HTML or TEXT. HTML looks better but will need browser to look at it. Do the same thing after resetting explorer remember to refresh the starter view with refresh button if it was still running. Compare the two saved files from Starter for files that are missing after explorer reset, this will give the clues to what starts up and prevents the deletion etcetera.
  3. i430VX

    No video with supported format and MIME type found

    What browsers have you tried?
  4. i430VX

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    No, I need to add support for NM27 to the installer. Its not something you need to fix. Once that is done, you can just double click the installer and it will start and give you the prompts. For now, just download and extract the NM27 SSE builds by hand. I'll make sure to mention you in a post as soon as i have updated the installer.
  5. Thanks for the input. I may switch to a Firefox 52 fork right away, but Serpent/NM/MyPal are all Palmoon based, which was forked from Firefox 24 as I read, and may not compatible with add-on I use. Is there anyone working on a Firefox 52 fork? It could incorporates important bug fixes only.
  6. Today
  7. Googling about a problem can be a blessing or a curse. It's a curse when there are thousands of listings (and possible solutions) for the same problem. When I attempt to play a tube video a static image appears with this message: "No video with supported format and MIME type found" It could the browser, operating system, media player or a combination of two or three. I tried different browsers. No change. What can I do to resolve this problem?
  8. @3dreal, you realize this isn't Twitter, right? You can actually put all your concerns into one post! You don't have to post a "tweet storm" Anyhow, to address some of your concerns: The latest version of NM 27 is here:Don't sweat the version numbers. Go by the date (2019 Mar 16). Just because there's no installer (yet) doesn't mean it's a portable version. A portable version stores its profile within its own directory, so you can launch it from a thumb drive and your profile will be on the thumb drive as well. New Moon doesn't do that. Don't sweat what's said on the PaleMoon forums. As they will emphatically tell you, New Moon is not Pale Moon (even though it's derived from it). Many folks there don't much care for @roytam1's work, but many folks here are quite happy with it. For video playback issues (in Facebook or wherever), read the FAQ in post 1, especially where it says "Can't play h.264 clips" & "VP9 support:"If it still doesn't work, post back here, but be patient: some of our most talented followers don't necessarily read this thread each day.
  9. Yesterday
  10. 3dreal

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    the biggest problems is nonworking videodownloader. only yt-converter is working. videodownloadhelper? which version. netvideohunter is downloading but not right size.
  11. 3dreal

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    maybe you can tell now already what must be done with the installer. must it be in palemoon-folder? i have the folder on second partition. tks
  12. 3dreal

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    i dont like this "incompatibility": 27.9.16722 27.9.6 2019-03-09 9.16.... or 9.6 2 what is correct. wrong filename? So what should i do now. if newer version is coming simply move content to old folder? But how to install? if i click palemoon.exe it will not be installed. at least i dont see a process. Whats the truth? SSE-Winp here(at the moment) have winxp/win7-pc/SSE2 only must be revived soon. Tks.
  13. bz07

    Windows ME VIA AC'97 not working

    Only reason I disable irq steering is because it is the only way to get the other pci devices to work. Otherwise they install but do not work and have an exclamation point saying "The device is not working properly because IRQ Holder for pci steering is not working properly (Code 31.)" I click properties as it says than it says for the IRQ Holder for PCI steering "that the device is disabled because the bios didn't give it an irq request (code 29.)"And that I must enable it in bios. I set my ide controller to no channels enabled. And yes fresh install no drivers for anything and disabled all I could and IRQ 09 seems to go to the IRQ Holder for pci steering. Thanks for helping
  14. Installer actually working on SSE2-processor-PCs but but not yet on SSE(Non-SSE), right? So how do in install PMXP 27.9.6 its behaving like its a portable version? IS it a portable only version?
  15. Try closing this way: Ctrl + Alt + Delete if screen doesnt show anything pushing quickly off-button(on PC) will revive screen. I like how PMXP is restoring open tabs(after freezing) even leaving text which one has not yet finished. But i never had a freezing rather a crash, very seldom, it maybe depend where one is surfing. Yes there are websites where one must shut down scripts to get out of freeze. I was most surprised by the fact that -other than in FF-PMXP (after resetting had been done) is fully recovering addons. in FF they were "lost". PW and favorites always recovered there. Always had to recover addons with the help of FEBE. version 10.3 is latest working with PM27. When PMXP is getting slower and slower, above all in Facebook, then its time for a reset. maybe oversaw the trigger earlier.
  16. can i also install NM 27.9.6 on SSE-pcs and how is the procedure? its now running like a portable. should i move the installer to NM-directory? Update: Have read that its not yet ready for Non-SSE2-pcs.
  17. deomsh

    Windows ME VIA AC'97 not working

    @bz07 I do not understand why you want to disable IRQ-steering. As far I as I know, your BIOS will take over and you will loose all control, according what I have red in your laptop's manual about your BIOS Setup. If you want to continue with Audio, better forget all other devices for the time being. You can disable Communication and set the IDE-controller with exclamation mark to "None". Further I suggest temporarily disable following PCI-devices: Video, all USB and Ethernet. Maybe this gives you a free IRQ you can feed to your Audio (but tot be honest I am afraid this will not be the case). If you'r lucky, do not use IRQ9 if you have a choice.
  18. Firemoon Moonfox btw: Basilisk is a radiostation here and basilisk-brunnen. little water fountain. google in Basel
  19. videobruce

    The action cant be completed...............

    I also grabbed that tool, there are so many entries it's kinda hard to separate any of them. Thanks for the guide. Safe Mode is fine. I tried a number of folders, opening them up, closing and doing minor name changes. None failed. There are 8 or so processes that don't load in Safe Mode. I don't see any that would be of suspect, but I'll try one at a time.
  20. deomsh

    Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    Thanks, but Uxteme version you mentioned doesn't export Ordinal 61, so no need tot try.
  21. in Lavfilters app one can set the right codec or whatever setting. BTW: biggest problem here is videos in FB not running at all. SSE-Winxp
  22. TheMouseAvenger

    Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

    Hmm, you'd think someone would have responded to my questions right now...
  23. Schachmattmoon. Translate first part from german.... Brightmoon shines over Pale.... Fullmoon
  24. would it hurt to install directx 8.0a sdk before visual studio service pack 6? i like to install things in order of date released, the 8.0a sdk was released 2001 and the vs6sp6.exe was released 2004. i also want to copy over the directx 8.0b libaries into the install 8.0a sdk, would that be ok too or should i configure directx 8.0a sdk and 8.0b after vs6sp6.exe? also am i right that visual studio already includes visual basic 6.0, so your instructions for the project references area are from visual studio 6.0? and for the platform sdk, the one i was gonna install is called msdn development platform april 1999 and it had windows 95 listed on it, i downloaded it off some archived site, i do not know if this was even the "platform sdk", but it seems like you said, i probably will not need it. as long as the developed application or program will work all the way till windows 10, then that's fine to me if i don't use the platform sdk.
  25. Palemoonxp cannot be installed. its running like a portable version. is that correct? in palemoon-forum they said: portable version not safe. Dont know how to install then. SSE-Win xp here.
  26. Main question still unanswered: Can you deliver a stable or almost stable browser for SSE-based Winxp-PCs? who likes playing youtube and is able downloading videos?
  27. i430VX

    For those of you with old LG phones

    I have an LG Lucid running Android 4 as a backup phone, I'll have to try out this with it.
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