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  2. Hi roytam1, Previously on Palemoon 27 build 20200104, I could type the following into the address bar to limit my search to a specific site: site:www.example.com searchterm But now on the latest build 20200118, when I type the same command into the address bar I get this error: Problem loading page The address wasn't understood Pale Moon doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (site) isn't associated with any program. You might need to install other software to open this address. How can I make the latest build recognise the site: prefix as a command, like previous builds ? (I would strongly prefer to use the address bar rather than the search bar.) Thank you !
  3. "RFox MAILNOVA" = RT MailNews Emailer "RFox AURA" = RT BNAV Browser "RFox ELARA" = RT ST55 Browser "RFox CRESCENT" = RT ST52 Browser "RFox CORDELIA" = RT NM28 Browser "RFox IO" = RT AF27 Browser "RFox RIGEL" = RT KM76 Goanna Browser I found another 'hit' for a Browser named 'ECLIPSE' , so I backed off on that name. Also , same problem on 'AURORA' name , so changed to 'AURA' which seems good enough. These names are all somewhat 'Celestial' if you will. 'ELARA' , 'CRESCENT' , 'CORDELIA' , 'IO' have a 'MOON' connection. This above would be my latest list , NOT sure if there are other (more) RT Browsers ??? So , the 'RFox Family' of RT Browsers and Emailers.
  4. qBittorrent is the last version that runs on XP. Edit: Never mind, was already mentioned I see. I just noticed today.
  5. Thanks DosFreak. You may want to paste your last post as a new thread, maybe even member project for emulation, so it doesn't get buried. Will seek and try Bochs v2.3.7 later. The others will probably pass, don't want a graphic manager and want to try without kernel extensions, as per thread title. If HEX editing is required, to me the software isn't natively programmed for the OS, just want to keep it pure. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  6. Thanks roytam1 for the link. Quick tested TCPMP with two YouTube MP4s in vanilla Windows 98, both worked. Nice and lightweight, no installation required. On this system only issue was no video, just sound. Quick configuration change: DirectDraw -> activate Use blitting instead of overlay. Although not fully tested, everything seemed in working order. Pretty full-featured, this is a nice replacement in vanilla Windows 98 for bloaty but good VLC v0.8.6d. Thanks again.
  7. the WFP switcher is an amazing utility. I could rename and replace the original kernel the W7 trick doesn't work for XP https://superuser.com/questions/479499/how-to-disable-windows-file-protection-in-windows-xp-or-7-from-registry the weird thing is that when I switch it off, then Windows does not bring the original kernel back anymore...
  8. Yes it's almost a copy paste. I'm done and gonna throw in the towel. I cannot even check the boot.ini with hex editors because I don't know where that file is (it normally is inside Windows folder)
  9. Hello, I have office 2007 installed and use Outlook daily. I'd like to get it to sync with my phone. In Vista you would use the Mobile Sync Center, but i don't see this as an option. Do i install ActiveSync? or does someone have a solution for me? thanks iosman
  10. FWIW, Java 8 Update 241 seems to be now out, I was just prompted to update to it on Windows 10.
  11. Drivers for workstation GPUs or Windows 7/ 8.1 also block installation. Modifying the INF file can't fix Code 43 error during installation.
  12. and this driver http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/Quadro_Certified/441.66/441.66-quadro-winserv-2016-2019-64bit-international-whql.exe technically windows server 2016 is the same as 10 1607 same build so if it works on it, just add your gpu strings there in inf and install because the rtx chassis gpus use the same chip as the rtx geforces so there’s not much because it doesn’t work is it?
  13. No, it's only a command line option, not mentioned in Help for a reason. If you not absolutely sure you want it, don't use it.
  14. That's true, but we like your the way you are.
  15. Just curious: Are definition updates for the legacy Windows Defender still available after 14 January 2020?
  16. I can turn on HDR by worleydl's hdr-switcher, but I have to edit uhdDisplay.cpp and replace NV_HDR_MODE_UHDBD with NV_HDR_MODE_UHDA_PASSTHROUGH. The switcher can't turn off HDR immediately, and I know nothing about programming, so I compiled another switcher using NV_HDR_MODE_OFF.
  17. Hello there, I can't figure out how to activate my licence, none of the right clicks works :(
  18. No, I think it is possible to install R435 and later in debug mode temporally, but making a modified driver for test mode is not as easy as R430 and older. If I need to update the driver to R435 and later, it is necessary to debug again before modification. The INF file of 442.01 supports Turing GeForce GPUs on Windows 10 version 1709 and later, but Windows 10 supports ray tracing since 1803.
  19. Well what confuses me is it being called a two way mirror. Meaning in a 2 disk setup each disk should have an identical copy of 100 percent of the data. What I didn't realize is that I guess in my 4 drive setup is that it only gives me one column of data. I could manually configure 2 columns using power she'll when building the pool but the minimum number of drives that I would need to add to the pool would be 4 to keep it efficient. With 2 columns it would basically be a software raid 10. When this server needs upgraded the most I can see being spent would be for 2 more drives at a time so I'll leave it at the default. I am assuming the drives I had in mind which are 4tb wd gold Enterprise drives should read/write fast enough to flood the gig Ethernet connection which in reality is all I can ask for. I may start the build with 5 drives and leave the 5th raw and not part of the pool so I can easily add it in if a drive is showing signs of failure.if I can get my hands on a spare SSD I may play with Intel rst to make it a cache drive. I'm not interested in SSD tiering with storage spaces because I only need read cache and should only need one drive for it. At any rate I have about 2 weeks to decide how I want the storage before it needs to be put into use.
  20. I last tested those Qemu versions before Kernelex was a thing so it's possible kernelex will work for those. Bochs It's possible for those versions I tested with Kernelex. If you don't want to use Kernelex you can try Bochs 2.3.7. Bochs 2.0 (Windows 95) Bochs 2.3.7 (Windows 95B) Bochs 2.6.6 (Windows 98+) Kernelex Bochs 2.6.9 (Windows 98+) Kernelex QEMU 14 1. Download Qemu v15 http://virtuallyfun.superglobalmegacorp.com/?p=1214 2. Extract contents of .zip. 3. Download Hexedit. 4. Open up all executables with hexedit 5. Replace all instances of "freeaddrinfo", "getaddrinfo", and "getnameinfo" with "gethostname". (Zero out any extra characters). 6. Done! Qemu Manager v7.0 (QEMU 0.11.1 (Accelerated) 1. Must have at least IE5 installed! 2. Install Qemu Manager. 2. Execute Qemu Manager. If you receive an error about wininet.dll then you do not have IE5+ installed. 3. Open Qemu.exe with the Hexedit program. 4. Replace "freeaddrinfo", "getaddrinfo", and "getnameinfo" with "gethostname". 5. Start Qemu Manager! 6. When you create a VM in the VM options change "Main Display" to "QEMU Windows", otherwise your VM will not load. Unknown if the above changes break network functionality so try kernelex first. Qemu 0.15.0 - Use Kernelex (No acceleration)
  21. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.2 has been improved after detecting that there are applications that force us to use Windows 10 unnecessarily using "autoupdate". HTH Cannie
  22. Hi, I am a registered user of Aero Glass. I use this for Windows 8.1. I would like to share an idea I had for Aero Glass: Integrating Aero Glass parameters into theme system. Here's all you would need: 1) Windows variable expansion We need Aero Glass to support expansion of environment variables. Maybe some whitelist or sanitization would be required. I.e. Aero Glass doesn't like it when I set CustomThemeAtlas to %ResourceDir%\Atlas\whatever.png. I must instead always write the full path as follows: C:\Windows\Resources\Atlas\whatever.png 2) Registry keys that Aero Glass uses read from the msstyles file or a corresponding file (the real magic!) Any msstyles for 8.1+ which is made with Aero Glass in mind usually ships with a .reg file. It would be great if Aero Glass were updated with one feature. There are two possible routes I can think of going: Reading Aero Glass config keys from the theme file. I.e. [AeroGlassStyles] CustomThemeAtlas=Something TextGlowMode=Something However, this might present one issue which I can think of: Windows might sanitize the .theme file in some cases. I recall setting aerolite.msstyles and coming back to aerolite.msstyles.msstyles. If this will truly prove to be an issue, we check which msstyles file is defined in the theme and look for an existing .aeroglass file or something inside the same directory. I came up with this idea originally and considered executing some assumed .reg file, but that's a bit more dangerous. A non-registry file in some custom format specifically for Aero Glass would probably be a better bet. Let me know what you think. Aero Glass is already very handy, but I feel like this would make it way better. -Dmitri Edit: As for users who wish not to have their Aero Glass reg settings tampered with by .theme or .msstyles, you can simply add a DWORD in the usual place called DisallowThemeConfig or something. By default, it would be 0, but users who prefer to have their existing settings preserved can always add this registry key and set it to 1. This will not be an issue at all since the user who had custom Aero Glass preferences uses regedit, regardless.
  23. To be picky (as I am, BTW) no, that (nice) thread was started no less than three years after EOS, not three days, this may be a relevant difference. Yep, that's why waiting a few years might be needed to have more meaningful entries, still the photo taken about the scaremongering since the 14th Jan is nice, particularly because it is the same day a (really serious) insecurity in Windows 10 was made public. jaclaz
  24. I believe you might be confusing the number of copies (or amount of redundancy) which is 2 in a two way mirror, with the number of drives in the drive pool (3 or 4 in your case). This latter, from what I understand, is not connected with the former. Basically your (say) 500 GB of data is first "divided" into 256 MB units called "slabs", which are "doubled" (i.e. "mirrored") and then "dispersed" on the disks that part of the pool. You do not have anymore 500 GB of data, but rather some 512,000/256=2,000 * 2 = 4,000 "slabs" of which "roughly" are written 1,000 on each of the 4 disks. When you remove one disk, the whole stuff is (or should be) re-assembled making a new copy of each slab that was on the removed disk, and again dispersing them on the available disks, so each of the three disks should have about 1,333 slabs. Compare with: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/storage-at-microsoft/deep-dive-the-storage-pool-in-storage-spaces-direct/ba-p/425959 jaclaz
  25. ok, is it possible to set into the .ini ?
  26. .Well, it depends a lot on how (EXACTLY) you wrote/modified the BOOT.INI. (You didn't copy and paste from the reference post, did you?) You need (obviously) a hex editor or viewer to check the contents of the file, each and every text editor (let alone the stupid board software) may render the non-printable character 0x1B (i.e. the actual "Esc" in "Escape sequence"): http://ascii-table.com/ansi-escape-sequences.php in a different way, besides encoding and what not, and if the text editor actually allows to insert that special chaaracter. jaclaz
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