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  2. My question has probably been answered before, but in theory... Wouldn't it be possible to install Windows 95/98/ME on a Virtual PC and add the NTFS-read support, then create a Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 installation using NTFS, delete the system files of Windows NT 4.0 (bootloader included), then simply copy the Windows 9x installation through a flash drive with copyzilla? The process sounds rather long, but in theory, maybe we could get a Windows 9x installation on NTFS. This video shows it IS possible to have Windows 9x on an NTFS partition. But, it's unstable and cannot write.
  3. @DosFreak, I noticed that VOGONS forums have their own font glyphs, but I can't get them. Any chance you can get them for us to test on our old browsers?
  4. What I do not understand is why you had to convert them. When I download the fontawesome pack, I have a folder named webfonts, where I can find 5 different formats: eot, svg, ttf, woff and woff2. If TTF is available in this pack, then why you had to convert them? Here's what I have been using on my future new version of my website: Be careful when unzipping, because I compressed on macOS and therefore may be some underscore files too. fontawesome.zip
  5. Robert Tepper - No Easy Way Out (Rocky IV)
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  7. The FontAwesome I downloaded and converted was 5.13.0 dated 20/03/2020. It could be the latest? Opera had the shareaholic gliphs prior to recent FontAwesome install. I did notice I have more gliphs working in YouTube now in the peoples comments. Other sites have the FaceBook and Pinterest etcetera symbols but MSFN home is a good test for the Marlett replacement in Opera and button gliphs.
  8. Bigmuscle will have a update available soon. We just need to be patient for now.
  9. Latest changes: Paragraph 5 has been modified to work best when used to lighten Windows 10 as outlined in paragraph 7.3.2. Cheers Cannie
  10. Sometimes there is instability still associated near the graphics card if using older games then this instability seems to be enhanced. I would persist with your 7600GT if heatsinking is good on the GPU. I have upped the GPU heatsink size of my 7900 and put stick on heatsinks on the GRAM. There is a whistle if listening carefully under different CPU loads. (instability) and this really went whistling when I tried a 1989 game. Things are improving as I mentioned but the card has some way to go though. I recently turned KEX off on DSound.dll. Moderner games are worth trying to exercise the card or even videos or DVDs. The monitor not working could be the resolution change but often it is the video not getting through to the output properly. The monitor can be checked if working at the resolution of Duke Nukum 1 and you probably know that it is OK from other cards. >>Just tried putting in a Radeon X550. First thing that I noticed was that DOS type screen are razor sharp compared the the Nvidia! >>CMD runs without glitches, Duke 1 open normally right away. Duke 3D has no issues either. Restart in MS-DOS Mode works. Yes the analogue output was better with ATI later cards and they will work on older games better. The nVidia Quadro FX boards had a better video analogue output but the 7600 should be pretty good - try 1920 x 1080 or 1600 x 1050.
  11. I will upload these original TTFs later. I do not have access to premium FontAwesome version (which is probably 5.9) but apparently free version is 5.0, same as mine.
  12. Neither of the INF mods seemed to make any difference. DriverView shows ETD.sys loaded and apparently OK. Incidentally, ETDCtrl.exe is running from boot, from the registry "run" key. I guess that's normal behaviour. Attached is the INF file from the Asus driver on Windows 8.1, in case it provides any clues. AsusSmartGesture8.1.inf
  13. Appreciate this. Have used this to modify my new office 2003 installation.
  14. Windows 95A does not work simply because this version also has the file "FILEXFER.EXE" This is the solution I tested: Modify "FIX95CPU.BAT" Replace the following command line: IF EXIST %WINDIR%\FILEXFER.EXE GOTO OSR2 with this: IF EXIST %WINDIR%\WABMIG.EXE GOTO OSR2
  15. Good. Also run: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/driverview.html and look for ETD.sys jaclaz
  16. OK, I will try the INF mod and report back. The Regmon log is attached. I'm not sure why the entries for RapportMgmtServ are there at the bottom, it was supposed to be filtered to only show the ETDCtrl.exe entries. Regmon.log
  17. happened the same to me really sad because I love Crystal Windows appearance and now no more Please Bigmuscle listen us, help us!!!
  18. Sure it does (on smartpad I mean). It is very probable that the driver - for whatever reasons - is not installed or not started (or both)[1] i have no way to go "deeper", but from the driver package (expanded in a directory) if I run DellTpad.exe (and not ETDctrl.exe which is also present), depending on what setting I try to change I can see it accessing both HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\Smartpad and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Elantech\Smartpad Besides HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\DeviceInformation HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\OtherSetting jaclaz [1] maybe trying to reinstall after having modified the .inf?: [ELAN.Mfg] ... %PS2.ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD0105_Inst, *ETD0105 ; Image Sensor adding a line: %PS2.ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD0105_Inst, *ETD0108 ; Image Sensor Also try modfying the ETD.infdrp and use dpinst.exe to install.
  19. I didn't think that registry permissions were an issue with XP? The Dell control panel is certainly accessing the registry, and actually appears as ETDCtrl.exe, which would bear out that it's just a Dell "skinned" version of the Elan control panel. It's doing a lot of "QueryValue" entries, but not "SetValue" entries, except on the "SmartPadDisplay" key, nothing on the "SmartPad" key. I'm still thinking that the device entry on the "Elan" tab on the mouse control applet should say something other than "Standard PS/2 Mouse". Surely it should say "Elan Smart Pad" or something like that. I can't help but think that the driver still isn't working because it's misidentifying the hardware.
  20. So, i want to translate the text setup portion of windows xp setup. I need to know what files i have to modify to make that work. I want to change a font and all text in setup. Maybe even a color of setup
  21. Hallo ChrisR Thanks for your help and to give an alternative site at GitHub for download of Win10XPE (the best PE ever made)
  22. Hi wimb, JFX, Yeah, the site down for the 2nd time, and for a while now, I'hope it's in intensive care. I'm not working on it but at the request of a few, I uploaded the latest package on github 2 months ago here https://github.com/ChrisRfr/Win10XPE It is cut in 2 parts, Win10XPE_2019-12-19.7z.001 and .002 in accordance with the 100 Mb Github size limit Kyhi(James) also shares the projet with additional 3rd party Apps plugins on tenforums here: Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media
  23. Try checking it with Regmon to see what it actually does. Could it be an issue with Registry permissions? jaclaz
  24. Thanks for your answer. Let us hope that someone (reading this) can and will take care to bring Win10XPE back online again.
  25. I tried that Dell driver, with pretty much the same result as with the others. The Dell control panel appears to work, but changing any settings on it does not "stick", when I go back to the page again the settings have reverted. It doesn't seem to be changing the relevant registry settings.
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