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  2. Could you do a test with Ungoogled Chromium? Thanks for the regshots by the way.
  3. From what I have seen in the pages below this is normal behavior. Ungoogled Chromium doesn't have it but maybe it breaks some functionality because of it. I had my suspicion with those connections when I first saw them but when I saw that the queries were random combinations of letters I thought maybe it was some kind of checking. https://www.codevat.com/articles/chromium-background-connections/ (See the "Additional Tweaks and Details" section) https://mikewest.org/2012/02/chrome-connects-to-three-random-domains-at-startup/ Cheers.
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  5. Eureka! Found it! The portable loader launches 360Chrome with this command line switch ==>> --disable-background-networking Launch 360Chrome without this command line switch and those DNS's and NBNS's will appear with every launch. Launch 360Chrome with this command line switch and you never get those DNS's and NBNS's. Maybe I shouldn't say "never", since it has to do with background networking, maybe these will show up if you use 360Chrome to ftp:\\ across your LAN or something of that sort.
  6. Holy Crap! Found 'em! Counted 12 DNS's and 9 NBNS's. I had to block msfn.org in my hosts file to isolate them - I really do have a great dislike for any web browser having any sort of "first launch" page -- maybe that's "just me" All 12 DNS's and all 9 NBNS's are not first run, they are every run if you run Modified v13 2250 "as-is". You do not get these if you run the files via the portable loader - ie, do not directly execute the 360chrome.exe in Humming Owl's "Chrome-bin" folder. That's all I've tracked down thus far, will investigate further as time permits.
  7. You can try here: https://driverpack.io/en/hwids/USB\VID_0930%26PID_021D?os=windows-7-x86 but it seems like the Vista version is missing, you may want to try however the "Toshiba Bluetooth Stack" https://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Remote-Utils/Toshiba-Bluetooth-Stack.shtml jaclaz
  8. I want to use my bluetooth headphones on Vista, but it don't install the driver. I tried other Windows versions and there it works properly. Windows 8.1 and 10 install it automatically, so there Bluetooth works. I tried Driverscloud, and it offered me a driver. But it don't provide a download link for that bluetooth driver (Toshiba RT Bluetooth radio). Searching the hardware ID, it seems to be Realtec Bluetooth 4.0 which Windows 8.1 and 10 installs automatically. Searching in the Microsoft update catalog, I found a cab file but it's for Windows 8 and there's another for 8.1. If I try to install that inf file Windows gives an error telling that it's not compatible. Tryed again with Device Manager, but it can't find the driver. The hardware id are the following USB\VID_0930&PID_021D&REV_0200 USB\VID_0930&PID_021D Here is also the cab which I used. 20612203_158b8d1e71627626d606a95c07d6275a26c91bdf.cab
  9. Did find this -- https://wiki.wireshark.org/NetBIOS/NBNS
  10. http://youtube.com/watch?v=EXXnnXQjpmY https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx8YD0VJxUY&feature=share I couldn't get the video appear here for some reason.
  11. Could you please provide a screencap or a description of where you see this so we can attempt to isolate? Is this from Wireshark?
  12. Only as anecdata, this thingy here worked for me in the past (but not necessarily will in your setup/with Explorer 360): https://sourceforge.net/projects/stayawake/ jaclaz
  13. Nah, it's off. I just checked the CPU usage for the screen saver I was using, and it's...nothing really. Looks the same as idle. I was actually using the "Windows XP" screen saver for years until I noticed it always hijacked focus from the active window (the other screensavers don't do this - of course). So I switched to "starfield." I just like the effect. I plan on trying out one or two of Humming Owl's builds, at least, to see how stable they are. I have the "Russian" version and it is not awful actually, I have to switch the kernel back to webkit a few times a day and I get a CTD maybe every couple of days - I know not to stress it, and I've been copying text before I submit it a lot - but it's ok because it saves the session. Compared to Opera on Windows 7 it's definitely somewhat slower (I'm going to try v11 later), and there are occasional pages it hates or just won't load, but the usability is actually not too far off.
  14. Modified V13 Test: There were no connections to gstatic or some chinese server, but the very suspicious nonsense searches in NBNS and DNS keep happening, when the 360EE is started.
  15. Maybe make the initial post with placeholder single-line spoilers, then paste the multi-line content when editing? now it won't let me copy your last post... definitely harder than it should be, ugh...
  16. You're welcome. I don't actually use "screen savers". If you monitor CPU usage, you'll find they pretty much always increase CPU usage as opposed to just letting the screen go black via XP's "Power Schemes". I use Performance Monitor from http://www.hexagora.com/en_dw_davperf.asp to monitor CPU usage. I stopped running "screen savers" when it revealed the CPU has been running at 60% for hours on end instead of a normal <2% for "idle" -- kill the CPU but "save" the screen? Screen doesn't do me any good if the CPU dies I haven't had much luck with 360 v12 so I'm a bit limited in guiding you further. Googling isn't much help either, tons of finds and this issue has been around for quite some time. I did find some solutions for the OPPOSITE - for folks who are on fullscreen mode but WANT the screensaver to kick in when an HTML5 video is playing fullscreen. I did find ONE post that said the fix for them was to DISABLE HARDWARE ACCELERATION. Do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled by chance? If so, maybe disabling that will work?
  17. @Hunterw, you can try my suggestion for your screen going off . You need a player that is called "Aiseesoft Bluray Player portable" . Just do not install it ! It's chinese , you've been warned , though I didn't notice anything bad . Block it the firewall , of course ! Also , you need to look for a portable version , then just open it and leave it be . It will prevent the screen saver and your monitor from going off while watching videos in 360 browser or even playing . It was the only solution that worked for me . I do not even use the player itself , I just open when I want my screen to remain on. The suggestion by the member @ArcticFoxie doesn't work for me , maybe because I'm on Vista , not XP. BTW , you're very lucky he didn't go caps-locking on you , lol.
  18. And? Did I not wait long enough for a reply? I wouldn't even have brought it up if you hadn't made your non-reply to it. I wasn't even talking to you. I was just asking the forum for help and YOU stirred this sh-it up. Not me. I just asked an innocent question. I didn't ask for your opinion on it. You're quoting something I wrote about your reply because I don't come here often? O...k... Finally. Thank you for the suggestion. I hope you will understand why this is unsatisfactory. Don't blame XP. Firefox doesn't do this. Chrome doesn't do this. They had a way of maintaining activity without peripheral inputs. I am frustrated by 360's inability here, because I watch a lot of video. A little confusing even since it's Chromium but apparently the part that handles the screen saver/monitor sleeping isn't included. I'm on 360 v12. I can just turn those things off for everything, which is an annoying pain in the a**, IMO not too much different from installing a special program and manually switching it on so that the half broken browser can get worked around.
  19. Here is the Regshot for my v13 build 2206 rebuild 3 --
  20. Here is the Regshot for your v13 build 2250 (again with bold highlights for items of concern) --
  21. Here's a Regshot for your Modified v12 (bold highlights are the items that strike me as a concern ["tracing" and "ESENT" are OS but it concerns me because MyPal doesn't have these]) --
  22. Here's a Regshot for MyPal 27.9.4 ran using the official Portable Pale Moon loader --
  23. Thanks, I'll keep the post as-is and let a moderator condense it. I deleted the txt files and the temporary VMs already so I'd have to repeat the entire process if I try to condense the post and corrupt contents in the process. edit: I'll quote my own post and try to condense that way then delete the original post. I don't like when others make me scroll that much, I'd hate to be the one to make others scroll that much.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Ha! really cool ... Delia Derbyshire - Frontier to Knowledge (UK 1972) Deus Ex Machina - Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum (UK 1984)
  26. I use the normal spoiler tags - [ spoiler] before the text, and [ /spoiler] after (remove the space). But, for some reason i don't understand yet, the damn forum seems to ignore my closing tag and put everything after in the hidden block too... [edit] After posting you can edit your post and move the blocks around, but the contents aren't always editable. It seems that spoilers close properly when the opening and closing tags are on a single line. Move the closing tag to the next line and you get everything afterwards crammed inside too (test3 was supposed to be outside) Hopefully someone can explain how to properly do multi-line spoilers.
  27. Moderator -- I didn't know how to post those four Regshot logs as something that requires click-to-expand. I know I've seen other folks do it so I know it can be done, I just didn't know how. Please make those click-to-expand if possible, kind of a lot to scroll through for a single post. edit: disregard, per @RainyShadow's tip below I was able to place each Regshot log into its own "spoiler".
  28. Normally I just find these manually, I'm in-and-out of the registry often enough to spot differences. It should also be pointed out that ALL of the 360Chrome versions make registry changes - but when you run using the portable loader, those registry changes are deleted when you exit 360Chrome. The Pale Moon portable loader has always been better in this regard, it does not create temporary registry files when you run MyPal or Pale Moon as a portable with the Pale Moon portable loader. I'm referring strictly to the official Portable Pale Moon's loader - Roytam has a portable loader also but I have never used it nor compared it to the official Portable. Cloned my virgin XP x86 VM four times and all four of the below were ran in their own virgin XP x86 VM. I grabbed Regshot from here -- https://sourceforge.net/projects/regshot/ And posted logs in separate posts. edit: removed logs and moved to their own post.
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