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  2. I have no idea what happened here and why is everyone arguing and have no intention in joining any fights here. It was quite a long time ago with my dell latitude e6330 with i5-3340m. if I recall correctly the vmware service was giving me bsod but later it was fixed with some windows update. I have no idea when that was though. Btw I didn't even know that avast/avg was based in the czech republic LOL
  3. I guess that's it. But I'm not sure - it is ten years ago.
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  5. No qr popup here could be due to I keep host file entries as a precautionary measure even after removing as much telemetry as I can find. Partly because I prefer the host file entries in place due to testing several versions and several builds and not knowing what those versions and builds will try to "telemetize" (I made up that word, no royalties needed, use at will).
  6. Already tried that also. Mini-Browser cannot be an option for me because XP x64 is my primary computer. All seven of my secondary computers run XP x86 as their primary OS but several are dual or triple boot (Win7 x86, Win10 x86 LTSB, Win10 x64 LTSB). One of those secondary computers is running XP x86 SP2 - what a piece of crap SP2 is, in my not-so-humble-and-opinionated opinion. Too many projects going on to dedicate any time to it. My usaged requires the same exact web browser and the same exact profile to function on all eight computers regardless of which operating system I am running at the time.
  7. Cool, thanks. I'll be making v13.5 my daily default once I get to "rebuild_1" (should be later today). Just some minor GUI tidy-up remaining. Saving an official dark theme for later.
  8. Is it possible in the future to have a Start button directly to the left of pinned apps with "Centered task icons" tweak? (as in W11 taskbar)
  9. Oh man oh man. I really am old. I was using Windows ME at that time. A lawyer gave me a pirated copy of XP the next year I think. It was fascinating - that blue tinted drag window, the colors. The fact that it wouldn't crash ever. ME was fine, it was better than people say, but obviously half assed DOS support and slower than 98. But you knew if you ran it all day long you might get a BSOD, depending on what you were doing and how much you dared to have open at once. Not in XP land, no. XP would slow down but it just wouldn't crash. That was one thing I remember about it being different. And now it is time for me to digress. The future? Eh, not really sure. Windows 7 is...ugh...tolerable. But it's pretty bad. For me personally lack of certain video techologies like NVENC, x265, AV1 are a big drag in XP. It's also lame that new hardware just won't have drivers. So there's that performance cap. And let's be real, soon nothing new will run in it and eventually no browser will be worth fighting with on-line. So for me it's a schism. It's a beautiful OS, for me kinda the definitive Windows, if not 98/ME. But eventually I'll have to have one system to do actual work and the XP one will be for playing around in sandbox. That to me is very sad, but also to be expected.
  10. I will tell how I ended up to it I was using Windows 98FE quite while on dad computer until I got my own computer that had Pentium 4. It was custom build with Radeon 9800 (later Geforce 6800GT). First I was using Devils own Windows XP key and pirated CD before obtained legit XP pro CD and key. Devils own key was first XP key that leaked and was used by most pirated copies of XP. It was also showed on pic where guy had XP cd before launch with key written to CD-R. Nowadays I use genuine copy of XP XP opened me into digital media and accessories like mobile devices, cameras etc. WIA was heaven compared TWAIN to me. Sure ME had WIA, but NT kernel was more stable on me. Also I loved new shiny themes it had inlcuding "Bozo the clown" theme. It had few bad things like WPA and XP did tasks it supposed to and was daily drive for longest from any OS 98 having second place. When 2014 and XP eol data came I was surprised from hysteria. Everyone felt to think all hackers will hack all XP machines in day support end and staying on XP is stupid. One point I had break for using XP due life that point and needing of some annyoing software that needed newer OS. Later that was over thankfully and was able return to XP. After mozilla dropped XP support I though XP was done. I searched alternative browser and noticed Palemoon. I knew it was based on FF52 that was last working with XP and expected it to work with XP, but no. It was another we artificially block XP thing. Then I found Newmoon browser and later Mypal browser that proved they were lying that cannot run on XP. That point whole new world opened with XP to me. I am using XP daily and got 2x XP machines. One is my first PC ever with Pentium 4 2.80ghz, P4P800 mobo, 4GB DDR400 ram, Gainward Geforce 6800GT AGP (matches geforce ULTRA) 2x1tb hdd and ESI Maya44 audio card. It is hooked to 17" Mitsubishi Diamondtron CRT. Second is Hotrod XP machine with Intel Core I3 4330, 4GB ram, Nvidia 750 1gb, 2x1tb HDD, Sound Blaster Audigy RX, Happauge TV tuner, Radio card, Radar optimised Radio card to follow civil aircrafts. It got three widescreen HD monitors (20, 24 and 22 inch) and is beefiest thing ever. I will likely keep using Windows XP for rest of my life. Going to Windows advertising edition (8 or newer) is not option and Linux can never replace XP due compability. If there is community to keep Symbian alive pretty sure XP will have it own community too
  11. I have been waiting this day whole year. Windows XP turns in to 20 years old today. US launch was in 24.10.2021. Here video from it launch event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KgOgjdY830 20 years really flew. XP was truly amazing piece of technogy and is still used thanks to MSFN. Today I will be only using Windows XP to celebrate it. Maybe everyone should share some when started using XP, how liked from it and if is still using and do you have plan use it on future Also funny note that XP is now old enough to legally buy strong alcohol drinks here
  12. welcome to near 2 meter tall guy with almost nothing being comfortable to drive club . I have same issue with cars. I guess today average height of person of lower so cars got less room. I have stuffed myself into Honda accord and VW jetta backseat (both are small cars already) and was worst experience ever. Second issue is to find clothes that fits. All XL clothes are meant to fat person not tall person mostly. That seems like nice car. How reliable engines were on those?
  13. The reason behind the download link not working is not the translation. BWC has transferred all its files to another server, which has everything you need to download : http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm
  14. @ArcticFoxie , thanks , you are correct about the dev tools , no translate errors. changing the minimum font size in settings is responsible for the spacing. anything above 13 and that happens and i need it to be set at 14. (browser restart required to test) qr code popup shows for me in a first run unpacked copy of v13.5-b2 but i don't mind. don't even own a smart phone ... agree with renaming back to "Share Page" is best. looking forward to the final build. as for the lockups you posted in another thread , i have yet to see that happen after almost two weeks using v13.5. i close the browser many times a day and don't keep browser sessions or tabs. for me the browser always starts with a new empty tab and i just use bookmarks. even if i would get that once in a while , i still prefer v13.5 over v12. websites are "evolving" fast so i think chrome 86 vs 78 is better. however , anyone should use a version that suits their needs , be it v11 , 12 or 13. another reason for me why i prefer v13.5 is that i can crash v12.0.1247 rebuild 8 on html5test. (clean profile , just tested again) may take me a minute or two but it does and with v13.5 i can not. with that result i can not trust v12 to be stable and not crash during random browsing. as you can not replicate this , maybe it is just me or my xp install. screenshot added for v12.0.1247-8. instant crash on just loading the page this time.
  15. Mu current is Volkswagen Beetle with that nasty bluish colour , which can be seen as the background at my profile near my house . That stupid flowers aren't mine, it's my neighbour's. I bought it this way (with that awful colour). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Beetle I'm pretty tall , about 188cm. So this car is not comfortable for me . The goal is : Olympia - produced by the German Opel. Years of manufacturing from 1935 to 1937 (earlier 1.5L versions , different body , which I don't want), then with the newer body and engine from 1938 - 1940 and from 1947 to 1953. The car was first introduced in February 1935, and in that same year, was launched in the series. It was named "Olympia" to honour the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. I think you're right . most are 1.5L , but the 4 door sedan is more like 1.8L , that's what I'm looking for. Like this one. It has a higher roof than my current car , so it would definitely be more convenient for my height. https://www.model-making.eu/zdjecia/9/6/4/3025_1-auto_downl.jpg
  16. @ArcticFoxie , 13.5 seems to be faster with youtube ! You know Dixel always tells the truth , even if it's unpleasant ! In this case it is pleasant , so you've just got a compliment from Dixel , which is a big deal , because of my experience with modding , so congrats. Time spent with 13.5 was not in vain . But .... you ain't getting any likes , since you don't care about them , like you said yourself earlier.
  17. I can , this "feature disabled" function summons qr code with this version and with mine too.
  18. Because in the commie contries they would be [insert any flight of your imagination here]. I would say , at least , get arrested and sent to labour camps . I'm pretty sure they know this already , but will never admit it ! The whole West , [not only Europe] needs not to depend on commies for the energy. Most inportant , not to support them by purchasing resources. P.S. Really liked your reply , not only this part !
  19. we had no teletext games as far know but we had interactive TV games controlled by text messages from late 90s until 2013 or so. They were mostly done with java. There was things like Rantalentis (Beach Volley), Mikämikä TV-Visa (MikäMikä TV-Quiz), Puhuva pää (talking head) and Tellus. They were controlled with text messages that had command or text. We also had GSM-Nightshows that were SMS based chat. Puhuva pää (talking head) was my favorite. You were able pick either male or female voice synth and make head talk. I miss more simple days when there was other than constant advertising on TV "Good since that is consumer benefit to force them buy new equipment. Some just think it is harming but companies are your friend and care from your best." ok lets cut sarcasm right here. This is all about money. Here carriers refuses to activate voLTE on some compatible handsets that been approved on other countries. Why? To sell you new phone. Pretty sure even if you hack it LTE, carriers would refuse give you voLTE. Teleoperators should not be allowed have any phone sales for good reason. Also here Elisa started disabling 3g freqs. My Nokia E90 can no longer reach UTMS connction but works no issues on 2g. I use e90 as my PDA. When teleoperator decides to kill 2g and nobody offers it I will join @ArcticFoxie phonesless club for good. They killed landlines already so that is not option. Also sidenote back in 2001 Nokia was on YLE morning show talking from UMTS and how it is revolutionaly and wont need new soluction, but later 4g was announced and same was said. Now same is said from 5g, but they already develop 6g... This all feels nothing but milking from consumers. Soon we have 100g likely and it will need handset that costs more than brand new bugatti. Bad thing on 100g will be it useless to anything else than watching pictures of cats since wasn't that why phones were made to begin with. And whole thing collapsese because simple programming bug leaving whole world without internet or telecoms forever
  20. Sorry to bump an old thread does anyone have this? Wayback link is dead,
  21. Well I really hope laws will keep 2g up here (emergency requiment by authorities). What is funny that last year there was switch misconfiguration causing internet fail on Telia network. Lot said they were unable to call while me and my family had no issues. Then I realised it was since I had 2g Nokia brick and parents even though they had smartphones phone contract were limited to 3g. Lot used voLTE which is like VOIP and that was main reason why they were not unable to make calls. So is that voLTE that good at the end as only option? 2g is voice or data 3g is voice and data same time 4g and higher are data only and not designed to voice Also seems impossible find new non smart TV on market. All includes smart features and keep broacasting stuff like bluetooth always even if not plugged in. I will keep my 32" samsung TV around for long. It is HD but it got no smart features at all and most fancy feature is USB port with built in media player that is ACTUALLY USEFUL. Also it got scart, composite, component and 3 HDMI ports. Even harder was find non smart digital watch. I do not want device that sells my heart pulse, speed, sleep times and others to companies I want clock showing time. AFter hours of searching in town I found one store that sold casio watches and got casio F-91W that does not have any smart features. I wonder if smart technology will turn against itself some point?
  22. @Strikker1can I reuse your error screenshots in https://msfn.org/board/topic/183046-guide-vista-extended-kernel-installation/ ?
  23. How do I get rid of the action center button please on the far bottom right ?
  24. I know this thread is old, but I want to say thank you for linking to these Nvidia Quadro drivers. By adding in my 06EB hardware ID, I was able to get these to install on a Dell Latitude E6400 with 2000. Interestingly enough, the Quadro drivers from Dell's website do mention 2000 in the inf of the XP version, but I don't think I was able to work that one under 2000.
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