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  2. Ähm...this is kind of OT, but I want to answer, though. I don't use either way to open files, I only open files via drag'n'drop. First I would try to reproduce this behavior with a second machine (and maybe a third). If it is reproduceable, I would contact the programmer. In case of contacting the programmer, I would also tell him that there is a certain community using WinXP and that many people appreciate Notepad++ still supports it. kind regards soggi
  3. Today
  4. For the interface, use Open Shell: There are additional built-in features, but I don't often use them ATM: https://www.notebookcheck.net/New-Windows-10-Start-menu-design-official-plus-other-UI-tweaks-in-the-pipeline.478916.0.html Also, dark and night mode, Power Toys, etc. In addition, I don't bother forcing updates and instead let them take place by default. For telemetry, I settled for O&O Shut Up and Windows Privacy Dashboard. I also didn't bother with hardening and just used whatever third-party free antimalware's available.
  5. I was referring to Karol's problem.
  6. https://msfn.org/board/forum/179-windows-10/
  7. Ah pity, that was my best hope Oh true - WordPad shows it! But ONLY WordPad, weird.... Even MS notepad shows a normal "c". And all of my other editors. Also weird in WordPad, the FONT changes at this point! When zooming the page bigger with CTRL+wheel it's very easy to find. WEIRD x 2: I cannot get rid of it! Impossible to fix with other editors. Can even DELETE the whole line and above and below, save the file, open in WordPad again - and that rectangle is still there, just now moved a bit further down?! WEIRD x 3: Checked main.kmm from other builds: Some show it too, some others not! Also ONLY in WordPad. But even weirder: in different places!? Especially evil: the old original files are OK, but my modified ones all (#), grmpf... Finally figured out: - those which do have that wandering (#), have it all after 8182/8184 letters! - those which do have that wandering (#), are all UTF8, while the OK ones are ANSI!! What a ****.... Current guess: probably just an old-age bug in WordPad? But alarming if your KM complains about it, that means it expects ANSI everywhere...? Definitely shouldn't be. My KM1.6 has zero probs with UTF8, it's the default format for the engine. KG74 seems to work too, mostly, only the title bar messed - much like your menus.... Perhaps some KernelEx setting...? And those 2 other errors in your screen about "undefined macro" also mean something wrong with main.kmm .
  8. Need to edit the post, figured out it was an addon I had installed. For the tabs, you need to right click the address bar, the area between the buttons and the urlbar works, then select tabs on top, which is the second option from the bottom
  9. Yesterday
  10. Well that's interesting, just checked it out, How do you get the address bar to show up below the tabs like in Chrome?
  11. Ok, NOW it works, silly me! Apparently this browser is called Nightly. As in nightly builds? I don't know. Neat name, nonetheless. Trying to get it sorted out in my head: Pale Moon -> New Moon Basilisk -> Serpent Firefox 45 -> Nightly Borealis -> Browser And of course Interlink -> MailNews Wonder if any of the shortcut names should be changed now, e.g. Firefox 45 SSE -> Nightly, etc.
  12. It looks like one of my addons was causing the problem. Not used to not being able to use Jetpack extensions, so I had to install some I've never tested.
  13. No bug here - so it's your PMChrome theme, I suspect.
  14. Well, if we're going to include stuff that don't run on XP - then Chromium 86.0.4240.111 scores 68.2 +/- 0.75
  15. though you need the 32bit runtime for 32bit programs and the 64bit runtime for... you know.
  16. Because I'm using an x64 OS? That would be much appreciated @roytam1 Strange others have not had this issue. What's the reason for doing this exactly? In this case, it seems there's no guarantee that would be installed in the first place, so this could backfire by not working for many. Yes
  17. You need x86 variant in this case. This looks like an oversight though as runtime libraries are supposed to be bundled with the browser, so roytam1 should add the missing vcomp120.dll. I personally delete all such runtime DLLs from programs' folder and let them use the ones installed system-wide. Some, but not all Firefox browsers' dependentlibs.list file contains those DLLs' names, they should be deleted from it to avoid "Couldn't load XPCOM" error after deleting the DLLs.
  18. Do you have the Visual C++ 2013 runtime installed?
  19. Hmm... maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if it is, no idea what. Is Firefox 45 SSE supposed to run on Windows 7? I'm getting this error. I downloaded all the Roytam1 browsers yesterday when updating my scripts. Everything seems to work fine except this one, which gives this upon launching: This occurs even after installing the 2013 vcredist_x64.exe as some sources suggest. Second error is "Couldn't load XPCOM"
  20. I am going to come out and show what I referred to as project SUBJECT CLASSIFIED in the past to some people: People are starting to ask for newer programs to run on 7 and application compatibility is starting to collapse for the OS as well (though many of those incompatibilities remain truly forced for now). So a week ago I decided that it was about time to start a proactive response to the impeding avalanche (July 2021 or whenever Chromium is supposed to kill 7 support, and possibly .NET 5.0). In the four months working on Vista I learned many things which I will apply to this project. I had no idea what I was doing when I started this in mid-June, though after five days I realized what was necessary to get new applications running! Will it be difficult for me to manage the extension of four separate operating systems? Well, I think we will be back down to two in a few years as x86 slowly dies and the sources of our collective grief go x64 which is a considerably easier platform to expand on. Qihoo 360 is definitely ready...
  21. The KM reader gave an "? in rhombus", WordPad shows a square instead of c on ME, but Notepad++ a c. Perhaps something like that could cause the converting problem. I already tried different skins and I also disabled individual and all macro extensions and KM plugins month ago. Supplement: I found five squares more inside the main.kmm with WordPad. All kmm errors are gone. Now there are only some css warnings.
  22. Edit: Was caused by a broken extension, not a bug Discovered a bug with NM27 Left: NM27 Right: Waterfox Classic https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/532676418459402262/770031642810646568/video0.mov I'm using it with the PMChrome theme, so that's why it looks like Chrome on the left
  23. I don't think THEY'll bat an eye. "Download more RAM"? What an immature response. So unless you want to build the entire browser from source yourself, roytam1's fork is probably going to be the most accessible option in the future. You also get some bells and whistles that the upstream dropped, like early WebExtension support. It might be a bit slower in places, at least theoretically, due to usage of critical sections instead of SRW locks. Maybe roytam1 could implement runtime check in the future, use SRW locks if available and critical sections otherwise. Some folks run Vista and they could benefit as well since Vista already supports SRW locks. When the time comes, I'll make a switch.
  24. Just FYI, Firefox 82.0: 66.6 ± 1.1
  25. So why is a easier way to write addons that work without a restart "bloat"?
  26. ?? When I look inside newest KG76 that line looks perfectly normal: $kLayersOnly=$kLayers*getpref(BOOL,"kmeleon.plugins.layers.catchOpen"); Aside from layers being useless anyway, a relic from the far past before real tabs were possible. And there's no /kplugin/layers.dll contained anymore anyway (but was before my time with KM, know it only from hearsay so not 100% sure if that var can be dropped completely or not.) What I find curious is that you seem to have a different line in main.kmm? And the 2 errors in your screenshot (call to undefined macro) indicate that your main.kmm is either off now, or badly broken, or not loaded as FIRST macro as it should? Perhaps better to do a fresh unzip...? But those little bits sure don't kill the menus so completely. Have slightly higher hopes for the other suggestions in my 3-4 posts above (trying Klassic skin, disabling macros PLUGIN etc)
  27. I'd concede to majority consensus, but my vote on adding Jetpack to NM27 would be a resounding NO. Don't need it, don't want it, to me it would be "bloat" added to very fine product.
  28. Introducing Version 4.00 Preview 1 Fix 1 of my Unofficial Roytam1 Browser Installer! Change log: -Development is fully shifted to version 4 branch. -Changed old references from "Interlink" to "MailNews" -Updated Roytam1's hosting domain -Fixed archive naming issue with MailNews/Borealis As always, you can get it here: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam%20Browser%20Installer.exe 
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