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  1. Did you follow this from that discussion -- From what I have so far, it is best to allow "QuotaManager" and "QuotaManager-journal" but then let the loader .ini delete them when 360Chrome is closed.
  2. Are the subfolders always the same name? Also, regarding the loader, does anyone know if it can COPY a file upon every browser exit?
  3. Many extensions will no longer work if you don't keep that extension's subfolder. But if you want to delete *.* then just delete the entire parent folder instead - DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\IndexedDB
  4. Agreed. That has been a big nuisance of late. But I am also reminded of a year or so ago when we had "two" forum members that always liked each other's posts, no matter how "useful" or unuseful the posts actually were. It was rumored that the "two" forum members was actually only ONE PERSON "liking" their own posts just for the sake of that USELESS "reputation". To the point of even "yelling at" OTHER forum members for not "liking" their posts when this "person" liked any other forum member's posts. It's a "generation thing", I suspect. I have no interest in "social media" web sites but MOST of them all "thrive" on the "like" button and how many "followers" the user is able to "collect". So yes, unfortunate, but we have members here at this forum that carry that "Instagram", "Twitter", "Facebook", et cetera "look at me, I have 2000 followers" mentality herein and falsely think it "means something".
  5. I "never" really notice any true difference with all of the video-related settings. Font clarity is much more important to me than video. I roll-on-the-floor in laughter at my brothers and their 65" TVs that they spent $3,000 for. The picture clarity on my 4k 55" TV that only ran me $154 is much more my style.
  6. I may explore distributing patch .exe's. Would this violate MSFN Forum Rules? So far, I'm looking at something like this (have not tried yet but open for suggestions) - https://www.hhdsoftware.com/free-hex-editor#f-22
  7. lol, we crossed in posting, which tells me it took 23 minutes for me to create that screencap
  8. I don't recall a thread on manually adding extensions. There are two types of extensions that can be added - one that is "packed" and one that is "unpacked". An "unpacked" extension requires Developer mode. I am assuming that you are asking about manually installing a "packed" extension. A "packed" extension is an extension in one file with a file name ending in .crx. A .crx file is essentially a .zip file renamed as a .crx. To manually install a .crx extension, have your file manager open to the window containing the .crx and have 360Chrome open to the extensions page then drag-and-drop the .crx file onto the extensions page "white space".
  9. Yep. Total stalls: 0 stall time: 0ms Though I'm kinda thinking now this is more of a "buffer" test than a "video" test.
  10. Video "test" for reference -- https://dougsillars.github.io/StreamOrNot/ Should give a quantitative measure of "stalls" when playing back video. Have not tested in a 2 MB GB RAM environment yet.
  11. As far as that goes, you could install ANY NUMBER of my browsers all onto the SAME user account and none of them will conflict with each other as long as you only have ONE of them running at a time. You only need to put them all in their own sub-folder and launch them all from their own 360Loader.exe. Here I have three of my versions (v13.5, v11, and v13) all installed in their own sub-folder inside the sub-folder "Miscellaneous". All are on the same user account and all three can be ran without conflicting with each other, again as long as only ONE of them is running at a time.
  12. Yes, you can. My browser version is "portable" and is not supposed to retain anything in the registry. The only problem that could arise is if you use my version and a non-portable version also and then my version "sees" the registry of your non-portable version. Every user account contains its own desktop and documents folder. Just extract the portable 360Chrome into one of these user account folders and make sure not to use the "public" or "default" user account folders.
  13. I'm open for suggestions if there is something better/easier than HxD. I actually "kind of" dislike HxD in the sense that the "portable" has to be executed from an .exe (at least if memory serves) rather than just extracted.

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