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  1. For testing not only real or faked header Client Hints, but also for testing real or faked javascript Client Hints: https://user-agent-client-hints.glitch.me/ Proving more and more that PROXOMITRON was and remains "way ahead of its time".
  2. Working again in Ungoogled Chromium v94 and v114. They are clearly "experimenting" with their code almost DAILY. I guess I need to give them a MONTH or so for the dust to settle.
  3. I have no use for a "patch". I can fake Client Hints via PROXOMITRON - the Swiss Army Knife of the internet that seems to be "over the head" and "too complicated" for most MSFN members.
  4. ie, ME, lol Technically, my ISP might offer it, but my modem and router do not. I don't see that as a "loss".
  5. This one is a weird one to track down. My credit card web site no longer works in Ungoogled Chromium v94 all the way through v121. But DOES work in Ungoogled Chromium v122. But does NOT work in latest-and-greatest newest-there-is Ungoogled Chromium v126 - does not matter if Client Hints is enabled or disabled.
  6. So does the very very old version of Comodo Firewall that I've suggested. So much so, to me at least, that I am SHOCKED if not ALL firewalls behave in this manner (as your post implies this behavior seems to be "unique" to your referenced W 10 F C P XP).
  7. I just bumped into this over the weekend. Finding the "perfect-for-me" browser has become a colossal nuisance in 2024! I used one browser (and one only!) for all of 2022 and 2023 - I'm on my fourth already this year! My credit card now only works with Chrome 122. I'm sure it works with higher, I only incremented upward from Chrome 94, one my one, until it finally started working - which was Chrome 122. Only discovered just yesterday and still digging. Ungoogled Chromium 126 returns the ability to remove client hints (read here), I will have to try this evening.
  8. I should have searched for the suggested version, lol. Thanks for the suggestion, btw. From memory, I thought you suggested 1.45.x. I've been running 1.45.2 and so far I am impressed with it over 1.26.2. 1.45.0 had this (link) commit and it seems to have solved several "time delay" issues I have had with uBO (where an ad is blocked but it "flashes" for a split second before being blocked). Admittedly, my preference towards 1.26.2 is a ghost from my XP days. Version 1.26.2 was (if I recall), the last version without anti-aliased BS, I'd have to verify, just that the GUI looked HORRIBLE in XP for anything "newer". That's no longer the case now that I am on Win10 and I've been quite pleased with 1.45.2. The strange irony is the configuration that I have stumbled upon that works for ALL of my computers. The office computer is a screaming fast top-of-the-line (at least it was 1.5 years ago) with 64 GB RAM. My primary computer here at home is an i7-4770 with 16 GB RAM. My secondary computer (but primary for paying bills) is an Intel Core 2 Quad with 4 GB RAM. I have miscellaneous i3's and i5's. It's always been a bit "tricky" to get ONE configuration to work for ALL. One adblocker would not work across this wide range of computers. One size really does not fit all. The combination that WORKS FOR ALL is actually something "they" always tell you "don't do". Running uBO v1.45.2 SIMULTANEOUSLY ALONGSIDE AdNauseum v3.21.4, both with identical lists (9 lists), and running that pair SIMULTANEOUSLY ALONGSIDE "AdBlock - best ad blocker" v5.22.0 (only 1 list) is working FLAWLESSLY. Across the entire wide range of computers in my arsenal. It's actually the first EVER config/combo to not split-second-flash ads on my Intel Core 2 Quad on YouTube.
  9. File Hippo has this, but it doesn't specifically say "Premium" -- https://filehippo.com/download_comodo/
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