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  1. Other users have cited that their 360Chrome writes files in their Operating Systems "temp" folder - MINE DOES NOT (and nor do I want it to), so mine may write extra content in the portable folder as a result.
  2. Updated download links in first post. Reminder that there is no profile migration tool as of yet and reminder that this release has to copy FILES with a given name and overwrite FOLDERS with the SAME NAME (which Windows will prevent you from doing). If you wish to preserve your existing profile (bookmarks, extensions, settings), you will need to do this MANUALLY.
  3. Note regarding "upgrading" -- the next round of updates cannot be performed by simply extracting files/folders and overwriting your existing files/folders. Windows does not allow you to copy a FILE with a given name and have it overwrite a FOLDER with the SAME NAME.
  4. I agree! It actually kind of annoys me that every time I turn around, somebody wants to squeeze the turnip 'in the name of' "security" or "privacy". (a red herring) We've prevented the telemetry in 360Chrome. But that wasn't good enough, now we are preventing files from logging websites. (a very good advancement, I add) But not only is that not good enough, we have the double-edge sword of "no one gives a d@mn" and "what other files/folders can we safely block". Both can't be true at the same time. I think I have every file/folder blocked in v11, v12, and v13.5. I'll upload files after I get v13.0 caught up. There will be no "dark theme" improvements with this set of uploads - maybe later, maybe not. ps - the Web Data file is where 360Chrome remembers your preference to not send usage statistic "feedback", this feature is "broken" but I prefer the flag to be set to not "participate" in the "feedback program", this setting defaults to "yes, I'll participate in the feedback program" when you delete the Web Data file and allow 360Chrome to create a new one.
  5. Updating first post to include two types of downloads - one download for new users starting with an empty profile, a second download for current users which need to keep their current profile. May end up no longer maintaining an XP x86 SP2 version of v11 since I don't think any of the x86 SP2 folks are using v11 anyway.
  6. 9 seconds is coming out of hibernation and is not a full boot. That's how I get all of my XP's to "boot" in 6-14 seconds. But while the GUI is fully responsive, the wi-fi doesn't connect until right around 20 to 40 seconds.
  7. Regarding data collection -- I urge users of v13.5 to monitor their <root folder> \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \ Local Storage \ leveldb folder and the files contained within it. The .log file in particular logs timestamps and was always able to be deleted on exit in v11 and v12 -- but if you delete on exit in v13.5 then some extensions will lose their settings and revert to default settings. edit - in v13.5, this log file keylogged my entire post as I was typing it! it's also keylogged in v11 but in v11 I can delete-on-exit without any of my extensions losing their settings. So in v11, every browsing session is started wtih an EMPTY .log file and therefore the .ldb files don't keep growing. But I can only delete the .log file on every exit AFTER my profile is created and I've set all of my extensions' settings.
  8. No on every single one of them. Do you have an OLD folder structure that maybe you overwrote when you updated and the presence of these folders are from a version that you USED TO use?
  9. Good deal! Yeah, popup blockers were vital twenty years ago but there is no real use for them nowadays when script-blocking is so much more effective - and protects agains so much more than just popups.
  10. Did you try the "usual suspects"? ie, the popup blockers that you so love that tend to always cause heartache? Not sure what other extensions you've added but in the past, several of your issues have always been traced back to your extensions.
  11. ClearType doesn't stack up well with some people's eyesight. ClearType actually gives me migraines! My eyesight can SEE the red and green "sub-pixels" and they "dance and flash" to MY eysight (and tens of thousands of other users, but it is "rare" as far as 100's of millions of computer users). It's been one of the reasons I can NOT use Vista or Win 7 - and no!, "tuning" does NOT help, I simply can NOT use ClearType on these OSes, PERIOD! But I have no problems with ClearType on Win 10.
  12. Perhaps "harm" is not the best word here. What I mean by "harm" is that instead of having ONE file (that we deleted-on-exit), we now have an UNKNOWN number of folders with an UNPREDICTABLE set of names. So the "data collection" is STILL being done, it just got moved to a site-specific folder instead of one file that we knew where it was and could delete it by name. We can't PREVENT the new site-specific folders from being created because there is not way to PREDICT which web sites will create these folders. Update - the folders are created even without the "global data-write preventions" -- BUT they were automatically deleted when exiting 360Chrome and now they are not, they remain FOREVER (or until manually deleted). From what I have so far, it is best to allow "QuotaManager" and "QuotaManager-journal" but then let the loader .ini delete them when 360Chrome is closed. This prevents the IndexedDB folder from collecting site-specific folders. (I cannot prevent the IndexedDB folder because some extensions rely on it.)

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