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  1. Licence not valide anymore

    Write to support e-mail
  2. License problem

    Uninstall StartIsBack with checkbox 'Remove settings and license data' and reinstall for current user, not all users. Then reactivate.
  3. Beta channel

    Yeah 2.6 works ok.
  4. StartIsBack translations

    Please provide FR-FR file in UTF-16 encoding
  5. Beta channel

    Yes, now if explorer is restarted more often than once per 30 seconds, an advice to disable StartIsBack is shown.
  6. Beta channel

    StartIsBack++ 2.6 http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setup.exe - Support for Windows 10 Spring 2018 update pre-release builds: * Added support for Acrylic and Acrylic+ blurring styles * Microsoft Edge pre-launching can be disabled * Added Properties content menu item for metro apps - StartIsBack will stop working on unsupported Win10 builds even when installed per-user - StartIsBack will advice to disable itself on boot if explorer crash loop if detected - Minor fixes and improvements
  7. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Yes. You can create NoTaskbarSkin = 1 DWORD in HKCU\Software\StartIsBack to workaround crashing. If you're in crash loop, hold Escape key.
  8. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    What has to be modified in explorerframe.dll?
  9. Start orb scaling - request/question

    StartIsBack mostly does not support scaling beyond 200% yet. Will improve this.
  10. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Yep, older versions does show overlay icons on small taskbar buttons. However, this is no longer a case since it does breaks app icons for some apps like Telegram.
  11. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    StartIsBack++ 2.5.1 is out http://startisback.com/#download-tab
  12. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Reproduced this /silent http://startisback.com/GroupPolicy.zip Yep will be fixed
  13. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Where do I get it?
  14. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    What is the theme you're using?
  15. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Sorry, that wall of text does not help. Provide a crash dump if possible.