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  1. Erase original ones from %AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\StartMenu
  2. I can't reproduce that; it works for me. Please provide crash info if possible
  3. Support for reshackers will be reinstated in next update. Meanwhile use previous version http://startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setup286.exe
  4. That's insider 20H1. I'm surprised it did not break before.
  5. Why do you need to override context menu style? Now that windows can support dark / light mode switch
  6. This issue should be fixed in ++2.8.7
  7. Which files are you reshacking? Imageres.dll.mun / Imageres.dll.mui / Imageres.dll?
  8. It does. 2.8.6/2.8.7 is not pushed for automatic download.
  9. Reshack? Well you need to reshack startisback dlls too then
  10. Yeah of course you did. How did you do it?
  11. StartIsBack++ 2.8.7
  12. It is possible to override behavior in 2.8.7. Create "StartMenuDefaultView" DWORD registry value in HKCU\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack with value 0.
  13. Support is via e-mail. You're welcome!
  14. Tihiy

    Error Triangle

    It does focus the transparency toggle.
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