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  1. Yeah, redraw them in high DPIs and i'll add them
  2. Select Windows 10 menu and Windows 7 taskbar. That may not work so well though.
  3. Tihiy

    bug found?

    Do not do what you do. You can't disable preloading of new UI and still use it.
  4. Tihiy

    bug found?

    Since you prevent ShellExperienceHost preload and jump lists are hosted there, it fails to start on demand when system is out of memory. Since 1903 you may have different result since SIB does not affect ShellExperienceHost there. Likely you will have jump lists universally broken even without SIB
  5. Tihiy

    bug found?

    Do you use StartIsBack or standard jump list?
  6. Tihiy

    Beta channel

    Please try observing RC2-RC3 update debug logs with DbgView https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/debugview
  7. Tihiy

    Beta channel

    Entirely nothing? What will happen if you launch UpdateCheck.exe manually?
  8. Tihiy

    Beta channel

    https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/debugview Can you launch DbgView and monitor what is written when UpdateCheck is working?
  9. Tihiy

    Beta channel

    Can you show a screenshot / screen recording? It's supposed to launch %TEMP%\StartIsBack_update.exe What is your Windows version? Are you sure installer is not under some window?
  10. Tihiy

    Beta channel

    StartIsBack 2.9 RC
  11. Tihiy

    Beta channel

    StartIsBack 2.9 BETA2/3 http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setup.exe
  12. Enable GDI and USER columns, check if there is a resource leak? Enable 'command line' column, check if it's main shell or separate browsers leaking? Try to find any noticeable explorer.exe memory leak scenario? Memory usage should be sub-100MB.
  13. Pin to start menu like Pin to taskbar is prohibited for non-explorer. I'm not sure if it's worth allowing.
  14. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack] Start_RightPaneIcons = 1
  15. What do you mean, in right pane?
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