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  1. Set 'Legacy context menus' on WinRAR Integration page.
  2. StartAllBack 3.3.9d https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.3.9d_setup.exe
  3. No. There's no scenario to affect this setting - except when you check it yourself. Please find when this happens exactly. There is no way for StartAllBack to affect native search. Which one? Preview pane in explorer is dark without SAB. Yes, there is some redrawing issues in Beta/Dev.
  4. I don't think it is related. Try using native start menu? It is a system feature.
  5. StartIsBack does not change bluetooth icon design (StartAllBack does). Bluetooth icon may come from different stack. Built-in one is pretty much useless anyway
  6. Are you using Fences? What's the dark goo?
  7. Why is this a problem?
  8. StartAllBack 3.3.9c https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.3.9c_setup.exe
  9. Create "NoClose"=(DWORD)0 in HKCU\Software\StartAllBack What's that, we have 3.3.5 now. You don't have Fences?
  10. No idea. Can't distinguish what's going on on your screenshot. Maybe you have disabled search if there is no search.
  11. Set Windows to dark style then, stop retarding
  12. That does not make sense. Screenshot? Other graphic artefacts?
  13. StartAllBack 3.3.9b https://startisback.s3.amazonaws.com/StartAllBack_3.3.9b_setup.exe
  14. There are some reports on this, but no proper reproduction, so it's not going to be fixed. If you can arrange remote access to system with proper reproduction, please write to startisback@gmail.com
  15. Fixed same link https://t.co/Wn5v5fEa2a

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