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    Hi Just made an account here, I have been following threads on this forums ‘anonymously’ for quite some time now, and wanted to share a few words about this. Nothing makes him special, really. For what is worth, I do not like that he did not open source the project. I mean, I don’t know, from my philosophy and point of view, you shouldn’t charge for projects like this, but whatever, that does not matter, I myself ‘donated’ (read: paid) for this software a good few years back as well. Thing is, it takes a lot of time to research these kinds of projects, and yeah, it teaches you a lot, but there is no financial incentive to doing it. Not short term, not long term. So you need to have some spare time which a lot of people do not have much. Like, take security researchers, that do a similar thing, they play around looking with whatever tools they have available to the inner workings of various pieces of software. BigMuscle here did the same for DWM. Yet, security researchers have the incentive that if they find some critical vulnerability, they get paid by Google etc. Hacking DWM serves no one’s business interest, so... you get what I mean. Anyway, developing this kind of software is pretty hard and becomes tedious and boring easily. You work only with closed source code, you have access only to binaries you can disassemble to various degrees and fortunately, for Windows files, Microsoft offers you symbols, which are little pieces of information that augment the binary ‘code’. That’s it, from there on, you have to look and understand all their architecture, how things piece together and so on. This is tremendous work, and even with financial incentives, it takes time, sometimes you get it wrong etc. Also, the appeal to doing this gets even lower because once you publish it, you have to support it, people will like it and demand it gets ‘updated’ with every release of the Windows OS, and in a timely manner of course. And this complicates the initial problem: you have to find ways to patch it in a way that is less likely to break on newer versions, so that you minimize your work when a new update comes. That again, it consumes a few resources, and especially a lot of time. And also, what programmers try to do when they encounter projects like this, is try to reuse old dormant code that’s still in the binary from previous versions, by maybe also looking on binaries from older versions of the software that had what they wanted. It is pretty hard to develop new stuff for a closed source binary with hardly any public interfaces... Now, regarding DWM, it changed quite a bit in Windows 10 2004. A good couple of the methods BigMuscle hooked in pre-2004 are simply not there in the new DWM. Microsoft actually changed a lot of the underlying architecture. What exactly, for what purpose, what is the high level meaning behind it? I did not have time to look enough at it to figure it out. Also, I had a try at this myself as well. I disassembled BM’s Aero Glass a while ago and looked a bit on it a while ago and gathering a few ideas from there, I coded a utility that changed the title bar text in Windows 10 to be centered. “Version 1” was pretty future proof, but had some edge cases which were still problematic, plus it did not do it quite like Windows 8 did it. I researched a lot more and was able to now fix my main issue with it, namely centering the text between the window borders, not the icon and minimize button. But it took considerably more time and effort and hooking to achieve this minor effect. I looked on DWM a bit more (BigMuscle did the same, but probably on way more of it then I did until now) and could ‘easily’ do a lot of stuff. You know acrylic (aka blur behind)? I enabled that on all title bars via DWM, it looks pretty awesome, I’d daily drive that. Imo it looks even better than Aero Glass, but that’s not the point. Point is it can be done, I relatively easily have done it myself, there were some rough edges of course, but I played with it. Some other stuff came up, did not really had time to work on it anymore, at least for the moment. But maintaining the kind of hacks required for releasing a public version of this is insane. People want UIs, configuration etc, for a niche and specialized thing like this, even command line arguments are too much, I’d rather DEFINE some stuff and compile it for each user’s taste. And there also is not a community keen on developing this. A one man army on this is not feasible, but maybe a team, on a public Git could each member write small bits and get somewhere. That’s why I believe, for e.g., that BM better open sourced it. Even in its now broken state with a lot of the code not that useful on newer Windows builds, still, it is a starting point. In a closed binary, without even symbols, it is uselessly lost knowledge, unfortunately, as no one has the time and incentive, as I said, to take a look at it. There are brilliant programmers out there, but this does not pay off that much. Anyway, I write this on mobile. Maybe when I open the PC I could upload a screenshot of my ‘Aero Glass’, but I don’t want to needlessly tease. Because this probably will never ship. An optimistic plan is to integrate this with my previously mentioned tool, but in the state of mess (coding wise) it is at the moment, it may take a while, especially not having a lot of time to work on this. What I can do in the mean time, is leave you a link to WinCenterTitle (https://github.com/valinet/WinCenterTitle), this software I mentioned that centers your title bar text. If you go to releases to download binaries, the latest modifications are in a pre releas version situated there. So that’s the story of it, at least how I see it. Edit: Yeah, also, forgot to say, what is pathetic here is that DWM is closed source, especially considering that third parties cannot really do compositors for Windows. I mean, I blame Microsoft here, it would be so cool to have official, powerful mechanisms to hook into it and do cool stuff. With that, I tell you, in 2 weeks someone will implement, for e.g., the genie effect when minimizing windows and all sorts of crazy stuff. It is pretty much a shame they also have this mess lately (some stuff that should be in DWM is in Explorer for some reason, like Win Tab, Alt Tab, Snap Assist etc) and also do not realistically look forward to collaborating with the enthusiasts; DWM is actually a pretty decent compositor and window manager.
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    New build of Serpent/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201121-ffb32e0-uxp-a89597b5d-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win64-git-20201121-ffb32e0-uxp-a89597b5d-xpmod.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom IA32 Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201121-ffb32e0-uxp-a89597b5d-xpmod-ia32.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/ia32 NM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win32-git-20201121-86b6cb4c2-uxp-a89597b5d-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win64-git-20201121-86b6cb4c2-uxp-a89597b5d-xpmod.7z Official UXP changes since my last build: - Issue #1280 - Follow-up: Get rid of HPKP pinning mode. (5ef801fdc) - Issue #1391 - Disable DOM Filesystem/dirpicker APIs by default. (5262e01a4) - Issue #1682 - Remove vibrator DOM interface and support code. (13f505539) - [libjar] Fix inflation logic. (870fd86e1) - Issue #1683 - Update Brotli lib to 1.0.9 (d86f49ba5) - Issue #1683 - Update libjar module. (2d8013526) - [packager] Optimize archive accesses. (6d2e301d9) - [toolkit] Add optimized UI code format option (511ac54ca) - Revert "[toolkit] Add optimized UI code format option" (8aa935553) - Issue #1684 - Remove global UA override preference and supporting code. (18df01eb5) - Revert "Issue #1684 - Remove global UA override preference and supporting code." (3abb8e28a) - [UA] Change default compatibility mode version to 68.0 (6bc5748b0) - Issue #1667 - Part 1: Define _pthread_self if it is not already defined in jemalloc (b6d909ad1) - Issue #1667 - Part 2: Add MacOS 11.0 Big Sur widget compatibility This involves refactoring the vibrancy and OpenGL/Pixel rendering changes contained in the following Mozilla meta bugs: 1496823 and 1491445 Also add Big Sur to the features tests and update popup menu look and feel based on Mozilla bug 1656301. (fa5aba4c0) - Issue #251 - Move chrome packaging options to ac configure (ecb827c5c) - Merge pull request 'Get rid of HPKP pinning mode leftovers' (#1680) from adesh/UXP:cleanup-hpkp-pinning-mode into master (241f06bc5) - Issue #1667 - Part 3: Fix OpenGL load and runtime issues on Big Sur This fix is included in NSPR 4.27 and Mozilla bug 1652330. Also put a main thread check in the cocoa draw callback. (2f3cf3c8c) - Issue #1686 - Align a keybinding definition with the others (85dc118aa) - [gfx][Skia] Hold mutex while accessing shared SkImage data. (31a64578e) - [xpcom] Fix GetWindowsFolder storage (bd061ac04) - [parser] Make the refcount of nsHtml5OwningUTF16Buffer atomic. (4782e8dfa) - [xpcom] Don't use realloc for shrinking nsTArrays when allowRealloc is false. (887fface5) - Merge pull request 'Resolve various issues on Big Sur' (#1685) from dbsoft/UXP:master into master (577148710) - [http] Use a copy of nsHttpConnectionInfo. (1864bbec2) - [dom] Remove attributes from descendants when setting sanitized style. (eefaee906) - [sfnt] Fix heap buffer overflow. (76d62cfc3) - Merge pull request 'Align a keybinding definition with the others' (#1687) from vannilla/UXP:align-key-definition into master (074d19477) - [webrtc] Only init WebRtcAec callbacks once (a89597b5d) No official Basilisk changes since my last build. Official Pale-Moon changes since my last build: - Back-end branch pointer up date (Unstable 2020-11-02) (75097f19e) - Back-end branch pointer update (Unstable 2020-11-14) (07d3f0a17) - Update back-end branch pointer and leverage libjar improvements. (86b6cb4c2) My changes since my last build: - skipped Pale-Moon changes about libjar for better compatibility on hacking around for users
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    So, as requested, I am back with an update: I have pushed modified code in a new branch of my WinCenterTitle project: https://github.com/valinet/WinCenterTitle/tree/glass . Feel free to have a look (“aero” stuff is in dllmain.c). I have not polished it, but it is not gigantic, so it is straightforward to understand. I hook functions and mess a bit with DWM. To understand how I came up with those things, there are some comments, but you can also disassemble uDWM.dll using IDA or Ghidra and start with checking the functions I hooked. At the moment, there are obviously issues: window borders overlap the “1px thin” borders in Windows 10, as in previous versions of the OS, all windows are “glassed”, even child windows and popups, which should be excluded, the frame color gets out of sync with the stuff behind when rearranging windows. That’s what I found out from my testing. Anyway, maybe this is a starting point. Let’s work there. I attach a small screenshot to have a visual representation of what I am talking about. Lastly, thanks for the kind words, I am glad my message was well received, and also I as well hope maybe we gather a few people who are interested in developing this a bit more, in the open, so we can all benefit. Thank you. P.S. Is MSFN blocked in Europe or something like that, because of GDPR compliance or...? I am from Romania, we do not have any internet censorship laws, so this is definitely weird: I keep getting a timeout when attempting to access the web site. It happens both at home and at work, different ISPs, tried with Google’s DNS, no dice. It always “takes too long to respond”. For now, I have installed a free VPN on my phone and I write these messages on my phone, but I was wondering if you have any idea why this might happen.
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    New build of Serpent/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201114-ffb32e0-uxp-4aeaea919-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win64-git-20201114-ffb32e0-uxp-4aeaea919-xpmod.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom IA32 Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201114-ffb32e0-uxp-4aeaea919-xpmod-ia32.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/ia32 NM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win32-git-20201114-fcd19efc9-uxp-4aeaea919-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win64-git-20201114-fcd19efc9-uxp-4aeaea919-xpmod.7z Official UXP changes since my last build: - Issue #1677 - Part 3: Create shim definitions for V8-specific code in new regexp implementation (cb0208163) - Issue #1677 - Part 4: Implement shim for regexp (77746f1d9) - Issue #1677 - Part 5: "Simplify" regexp re-import process (and re-import from later revision) (51468e998) - Issue #1677 - Part 6: Implement NativeRegExpMacroAssembler for new regexp import based on irregexp/NativeRegExpMacroAssembler.cpp (c732425e1) - Issue #1677 - Part 7: Add unicode/uniset.h to check_spidermonkey_style.py for some reason (74ebcea40) - Bug 1328948 - Add is(), as() to Cell. (4694c6096) - Bug 1466909 - Use AddLvalueReference for UniquePtr's operator*(). (e8a6ee355) - Issue #1679 - Part 1: First pass account for some of the refactoring differences in regexp-shim.h (0ba1d49ae) - Issue #1679 - Part 2: Some small issues to address buildability. (4aeaea919) No official Basilisk changes since my last build. No official Pale-Moon changes since my last build.
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    New build of Serpent/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201031-ffb32e0-uxp-6a4c3caa8-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win64-git-20201031-ffb32e0-uxp-6a4c3caa8-xpmod.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom IA32 Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201031-ffb32e0-uxp-6a4c3caa8-xpmod-ia32.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/ia32 NM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win32-git-20201031-fcd19efc9-uxp-6a4c3caa8-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win64-git-20201031-fcd19efc9-uxp-6a4c3caa8-xpmod.7z Official UXP changes since my last build: - [netwerk] Make nsIncrementalStreamLoader's GetNumBytesRead threadsafe. (28119b040) - Bump platform version for added features. (d5e5bef3c) - [layout] Avoid negative availSize.BSizes in paginated table reflow. (2cd89d584) - [layout] Re-order rowgroups if reflowing. (6eba9263c) - Update docs for change of repository host. (1950e886b) - Update docs for change of repository host. (0daf842cf) - Issue #1656 - Nuke the remaining vim lines in UXP (6a4c3caa8) Official Basilisk changes since my last build: - Update submodule location (affb1cb) - Nuke vim configuration lines from the front-end (no code changes) (0a95895) - Update back-end branch pointer (ffb32e0) Official Pale-Moon changes since my last build: - [branding] Use about:blank as default newtab for unofficial. (810a8db8c) - Update submodule location (b82a4e75b) - Update 'README.md' (c269e3d0e) - Update 'README.md' (0bd23b462) - Graft updated protected branding assets. (85f7050a7) - Nuke vim configuration lines from the front-end (no code changes) (fcd19efc9) My changes since last build: - skipped branding related commits
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    What part of me says "I play Roblox"?
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    I got the COD Modern Warzone "sort of working". https://prnt.sc/vpeur2 Textures are black and kinda glitchy. Also random freezes. But it actually launches now! Any tips for fixing the textures problem? Oh I forgot I'm using this: https://github.com/HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton/releases This was only d3d12.dll to properly launch the game
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    This is the original version of Teardown, which uses a Windows 10 exclusive API function, SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext, running on Windows Vista with an upcoming update to user32.dll: Later versions of the game no longer use this function and as such will work normally on Windows 7, 8.x and 99.9% sure, Vista, though I have no proper way of testing DX11 games on Vista due to the age of my GPU. There are also other games known to use this function, so even though the developers of Teardown realized the demand for their games on older platforms, others may take a different attitude and force users onto the latest versions of Windows 10 to use their products. So, this will allow Vista/7/8.1 users to be prepared for such a future event. Since some interest has been shown in donations for my work, I have set up a method for users to contribute financially for this and some of my other works: https://www.patreon.com/win32
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    I miss those days when the tech industry had quality control, the user had more control of things, and everything was well-designed, well-tested, stable and bug-free. And there were actual improvements without horrible regressions, without the "modern" redesigns i.e. skins with reduced functionality.
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    On Facebook, people do not delete or remove messages, they "unsend" them now. This is English, not Newspeak. Or is it?
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    UXP (Unified XUL Platform) is the name of the platform on which several upstream and downstream (forks) projects are built... Organisation: Moonchild Productions (MCP) UXP applications: Pale Moon 28 (+29), Basilisk (52.9.*) Organisation: Hyperbola (unofficial abbreviation: HBL) UXP applications: Iceape-UXP+Icedove-UXP Organisation: Binary Outcast (offical abbreviation: BinOC, unofficial abbreviation: BOC) UXP applications: Borealis Navigator+Interlink Mail & News Thus, Basilisk/UXP -> Serpent 52.9.0 Basilisk/Moebius -> Serpent 55.0.0 (*) Pale Moon 27/Tycho -> New Moon 27.9.x (*) Pale Moon 28[/29]/UXP -> New Moon 28.10.x Borealis Navigator/UXP -> BNavigator Interlink Mail & News/UXP -> MailNews The Hyperbola forks are meant to run only on said Linux distro, but roytam1 has forked them to compile and run on WinXP+... (*): The Tycho and Moebius official platforms have long been deprecated (and also purged completely from official repositories ) , roytam1's forks currently use code from other projects to get updated...
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    To prevent user confusion, I strongly recommend disregarding the tutorials and contacting me directly instead about the extended kernel. The original post was removed as it was continuing to confuse users. There will be further discussion about the evolution of the extended kernel in the coming pages. If you are interested in making a monetary contribution for this and my other projects (such as minor extensions for Windows 2000, 7, 8.1 and time zone updates targeting NT 5.x), please visit this page: https://www.patreon.com/win32
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    Matt Oudenhoven (AF's original author) has read and replied:
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    NM27 is based on firefox(gecko) 38, while NM28 is based on firefox(gecko) 52. it is hard to tell which is "better" since results may vary when you have different point of view to review both of them. NM28 supports more newer features so it can survive in current internet environment but it is more laggy when comparing with NM27.
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    Yeah, Windows 10 is so bad that I cannot describe my experience in sufficient number of words. I actually wonder what Vista haters think of Windows 10. People called Vista bloated when Windows 10 is 1000x more bloated than any Windows version People called Vista unstable and slow when in reality, Windows 10 runs S L U G G I S H L Y even on systems as powerful as yours, just like Windows ME (Memory Eater) and when those people actually ran Vista on slow XP systems with only 256-512 megs of ram! True, Vista had its issues such as an improper WGA, but yeah, everything was fixed by April 2009 when SP2 came out. What will M$ do to fix Windows 10?
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    uhjuju! Thank you very much, it has worked! What would be of us without this magnificent forum! about:config media.gmp-manager.url https://aus5.mozilla.org/update/3/GMP/%VERSION%/%BUILD_ID%/%BUILD_TARGET%/%LOCALE%/%CHANNEL%/%OS_VERSION%/%DISTRIBUTION%/%DISTRIBUTION_VERSION%/update.xml Replace %VERSION% by 51.0 leaving it like this... https://aus5.mozilla.org/update/3/GMP/%VERSION%/%BUILD_ID%/%BUILD_TARGET%/%LOCALE%/%CHANNEL%/51.0/%DISTRIBUTION%/%DISTRIBUTION_VERSION%/update.xml Go to Tools + Add-ons + Plugins In the Primetime Content Decryption Module provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated go to options. On automatic updates mark no. Exit the plugin menu and re-enter. Now next to "no" appears "check for updates". Press and the problem is solved.
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    Features: Current Youtube-dl and Youtube-dlc executables compiled on Python 2.7.17 with py2exe. Almost all Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc helper applications (only PhantomJS has been omitted). Easy switch between Youtube-dl and Youtube-dlc. Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc GUI frontend. Special desktop icon. 3DYD YouTube Source and LAVFiltersXP DirectShow filters. Two media players, MPC-HC and PotPlayer, making use of the above filters for streaming YouTube content. Silent VBS/BAT construct making use of Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc and easy to configure on a per domain-basis to extract stream adresses from web pages. Five (six) media players, GPAC (Osmo4 & MP4Client), MPlayer, MPV, VLC and QMPlay2, making use of the above construct for streaming video from YouTube and many other sites. One audio player, Winamp 2 for streaming audio from Bandcamp. Google-powered and easy to modify search page to find videos on a per-domain basis. Easy integration in Opera 12 and Firefox (as well as other Gecko browsers). Preconfigured portable Opera 12.02 with some extras thrown in. Minimal trimmed-down Python 2.7.17 environment for easily compiling Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc executables from python source yourself (including optional experimental OpenSSL 3 (TLS 1.3) files for python 2.7.17 courtesy of fellow MSFNer cmalex). Screenies: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rem5dmuvbu8m8ob/Youtube-dl_4_98SE-ME_Megapack.7z/file Unpack preferably in C:\Program files and follow instructions in youtube-dl\stuff\setup. Any question, please ask but make sure you've read info.txt in the root folder before. Related topic that might be useful: Have fun!
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    New build of Serpent/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201107-ffb32e0-uxp-19499014a-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win64-git-20201107-ffb32e0-uxp-19499014a-xpmod.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom IA32 Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.7.win32-git-20201107-ffb32e0-uxp-19499014a-xpmod-ia32.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/ia32 NM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win32-git-20201107-fcd19efc9-uxp-19499014a-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.2a1.win64-git-20201107-fcd19efc9-uxp-19499014a-xpmod.7z Official UXP changes since my last build: - Issue #1673 - Part 1: Allow tab-size to accept <length>. (49765b53a) - Issue #1673 - Part 2: Make tab-size animatable and fix typos. (7c2bcc48c) - Issue #1673 - Part 3: Bring minimum tab advance up to spec. (a2c26490b) - Issue #1673 - Part 4: Unprefix -moz-tab-size. (9ffc5e6c9) - Issue #1673 - Part 5: Fix brace style and missed -moz-tab-size reference. (d22717ff9) - Merge pull request 'Fix up -moz-tab-size and unprefix it.' (#1674) from athenian200/UXP:tab-size-length into master (9b1406f18) - [devtools] More gracefully (than a crash) handle stack capture failures. (bb4e9ad1c) - Issue #1676 - Part 1: Split MozTesting directives out of js/src/moz.build (395ef79b9) - Issue #1676 - Part 2: Split CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS directives out of js/src/moz.build (5bf19933d) - Issue #1676 - Part 3: Split DEFINES out of js/src/moz.build (0cdd39ff1) - Issue #80 - De-unify js/src (ec13658ab) - Issue #1676 - Part 4: Split builtin sources out of js/src/moz.build (24a5a7f7c) - Issue #1676 - Part 5: Split devtools sources out of js/src/moz.build (24b835f0a) - Issue #1676 - Part 6: Split ds sources out of js/src/moz.build (eedfa63a1) - Issue #1676 - Part 7: Split frontend sources out of js/src/moz.build (1396383ae) - Issue #1676 - Part 8: Fix up include for selfhosted.out.h (bc450dab4) - Issue #1676 - Part 9: Move DIRS down in js/src/moz.build (957f19d2b) - Issue #1676 - Part 10: Split gc sources out of js/src/moz.build (65eac50e2) - Issue #1676 - Part 11: Split irregexp sources out of js/src/moz.build (3d9bf5d7a) - Issue #1676 - Part 12: Split jit sources out of js/src/moz.build (95e057e73) - Issue #1676 - Part 13: Split perf sources out of js/src/moz.build (383bc182e) - Issue #1676 - Part 14: Split proxy sources out of js/src/moz.build (6f76f1cb3) - Issue #1676 - Part 15: Split threading sources out of js/src/moz.build (2f50f543a) - Issue #1676 - Part 16: Split WASM sources out of js/src/moz.build (1abc696f8) - Issue #1676 - Part 17: Put remaining source files which have debug code ifdef'd behind MOZ_DEBUG (ff355fe9a) - Issue #1676 - Part 18: Move and separate top level sources from vm sources in js/src/moz.build (59511eb8d) - Issue #1676 - Part 19: Split ctypes sources out of js/src/moz.build (cdf46e803) - Issue #1676 - Part 20: Split vtune sources out of js/src/moz.build (fd1b2dc2b) - Issue #1676 - Part 21: Use js-cxxflags.mozbuild in testing code and js shell (d2b6975eb) - Merge branch 'jsbuild-work' (2e0719919) - Issue #1677 - Part 1: Import new V8 regexp code with Mozilla's header modifications (78b3a722b) - Issue #1677 - Part 2: Add build files (19499014a) No official Basilisk changes since my last build. No official Pale-Moon changes since my last build.
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    can someone try this? I wrote that in 15 minutes. http://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/oldtube-xul.xpi
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    OK the youtube crash bug is fixed and commited by backing out a patch that is backed out in mozilla.
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    Nah, WindowBlinds is just too buggy to my taste. You can tell that WB is just a software running on top of your Windows 10. Unlike Glass8 which feels native part of the O.S.
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    Something else: I wanted to thank you, Roytam, for making the New Moon browser available on Windows XP. It expands the lifespan of thousands of computers on this planet. This picture shows a 19 year old P3 with a weak 1 GHz processor running Windows XP, playing a Youtube video in 2020. Hopefully, people from countries with a less developed economy discover this, so they can use their XP machines much longer. Thanks to Roytam!
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    I agree, nobody knows how to make a website anymore. Everybody uses a template and the end product looks awful. I use mainly HTML + CSS3 and my policy is no JS unless absolutely necessary. Mainly advanced dropdowns and necessary logic. Most of my pages don't have any site JS. Thus, my website loads quickly and is accessible. Also, I code every line myself. All the PHP, all the CSS, and most of the JS... (sometimes, I do use a small library for a specific task, b/c I hate JS).
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    Admittedly, I have been remiss in revisiting this thread, but to the extent it concerns my personal usage, I don't consider Vista's native Windows Defender an urgent matter (as explained previously, I'm only running it and try to keep it updated for "legacy"/sentimental reasons ) ... In any case, Microsoft have been really hopeless in their - still advertised - NT 6.0 support for the off-line WD standalone updater (file mpas-fe.exe); "Previously on Dynasty", I had reported that series 1.323.xxxx.0 of installers became Vista incompatible, because it introduced engine file mpengine.dll of version 1.1.17400.5, not NT6.0-compatible; that series ended with version 1.323.2309.0, digitally signed (SHA2) Oct 1st 2020. During the course of the 1.323.xxxx.0 series, Vista users could update manually their WD by 1. Manually downloading mpas-fe.exe from 32-bit: http://definitionupdates.microsoft.com/download/DefinitionUpdates/x86/mpas-fe.exe 64-bit: http://definitionupdates.microsoft.com/download/DefinitionUpdates/amd64/mpas-fe.exe 2. Extracting from it (with 7-zip) the two *.vdm files (the actual definitions; the smaller-sized is a binary diff one) 3. In Windows Explorer, navigating to the Updates folder of their WD default installation, e.g. for Vista 32-bit it's in: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Definition Updates\Updates" 4. Dropping inside that directory the extracted *.vdm files (overwriting files, if present); in a matter of ~ 20 seconds, the newer defs will be auto-installed! NB: Step 4 implies a Vista compatible engine file (e.g. v1.1.17300.4 from the previous 1.321.xxxx.0 series) is still in place in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Definition Updates\{XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX}" (the alphanumeric string changes into a new random value with each update) Then, in the docs.microsoft.com URL provided by @Vistapocalypse, there was a link to a newer engine file, v1.1.17400.7, digitally signed Sept 3rd 2020, which was indeed NT 6.0 compatible; sadly, that file was only circulated "internally", while on-going series 1.323.xxxx.0 was still shipping to end users incompatible engine 1.1.17400.5 ... FWIW, the very few Vista users with access to "fixed" mpengine.dll v1.1.17400.7 could finally upgrade past v1.1.17300.4 by placing it, as with the *vdm files, inside: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Definition Updates\Updates" On Oct 2nd 2020, series 1.325.xxxx.0 was released (with 1.325.10.0) and it introduced new engine mpengine.dll v1.1.17500.4 that reinstated NT 6.0 compatibility; Vista users could, once again, update their WD app by simply running file mpas-fe.exe It would appear all was hunky-dory for Vista users, but, once again in a very short while, Microsoft people goofed up big time On Oct 22nd 2020, while series 1.325.xxxx.0 was still on-going, Microsoft released mpas-fe.exe v1.325.1199.0; the file still contained the compatible engine v1.1.17500.4, but trying to run said file under Vista you get: Probing the file itself with specialised tools revealed that it as well as the inner file MpSigStub.exe, though both remained NT 6.0 compatible functions-wise, had been compiled with a Subsystem 6.1 PE header, thus they couldn't be run under Vista in their default state ... Of course, trying to mess with the PE headers (and I had no clue how to modify the internal .exe's one ) would invalidate Microsoft's SHA2 code/file signatures, "bricking" the mpas-fe.exe for updating purposes... Series 1.325.xxxx.0 ended on Oct 29th 2020, with v1.325.1653.0 (the breakage still not fixed); if Vista users wanted to update their WD past v1.325.1177.0 (issued on Oct 21st), could follow the procedure outlined above (by selectively extracting *.vdm files, etc). On Oct 30th 2020, series 1.327.xxxx.0 was released (with 1.327.7.0), introducing new engine mpengine.dll v1.1.17600.5; I am happy to report that a. The new engine remains NT 6.0 compatible b. Files mpas-fe.exe & MpSigStub.exe both have their Subsystem PE headers "fixed" to 6.0 IOW, business as usual (file mpas-fe.exe launches and updates WD's definitions as expected!) Given MS's previous record on this , I'd say the next f**k-up is imminent...
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    @siria : https://udn.realityripple.com/ https://udn.realityripple.com/docs/Archive Salvaged documentation for pre-WE (aka "legacy") add-ons: https://udn.realityripple.com/docs/Archive/Add-ons/Add-on_SDK ... Thus, you can relax a bit now...
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    I am going to come out and show what I referred to as project SUBJECT CLASSIFIED in the past to some people: People are starting to ask for newer programs to run on 7 and application compatibility is starting to collapse for the OS as well (though many of those incompatibilities remain truly forced for now). So a week ago I decided that it was about time to start a proactive response to the impeding avalanche (July 2021 or whenever Chromium is supposed to kill 7 support, and possibly .NET 5.0). In the four months working on Vista I learned many things which I will apply to this project. I had no idea what I was doing when I started this in mid-June, though after five days I realized what was necessary to get new applications running! Will it be difficult for me to manage the extension of four separate operating systems? Well, I think we will be back down to two in a few years as x86 slowly dies and the sources of our collective grief go x64 which is a considerably easier platform to expand on. Qihoo 360 is definitely ready...
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    WinNTSetup 4.2.5 - added ini option NoHiberBoot - added ini option KeepISOAlive ! Microsoft removed Assessment and Deployment Kit 8.0 from their servers If you still have these files and want to run WinNTSetup on XP/Vista overwrite the following: Tools\x??\bcdboot.exe Tools\x??\bcdedit.exe Tools\x??\bootsect.exe Tools\x??\wimgapi.old
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    issues in front-end side of AF is more buggy than NM27 builds, since it is just for testing back-end code for me while upstream (i.e. rmottola) is actively porting mozilla code changes into AF.
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    Same thing happens with official Pale Moon. Any Ideas on that ? PS. It involves lists that I already had imported without any problems, then removed them, plus a couple of new ones. @Tangy : If the issue you're experiencing happens on the very popular https://filterlists.com/ site, then that site had a recent revamp/redesign (default dark theme), which might have contributed to the issue... I conducted some short tests with New Moon 28 + uBO-legacy, here's what I found: When loading a selected list's own page, e.g. https://filterlists.com/lists/1hosts-mini then, when clicking the "Subscribe" blue button/bar in the right sidebar, try to avoid clicking directly on the literal word, rather aim at an empty spot within that button; then, hopefully, the "add-to-custom-filterlists" dialog will pop-up: Take care...
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    So you can't even mention you're using a custom OS? Looks like I'm going to be banned for using my own custom copies of Windows then
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    > the name must be of equal or lesser length Even-lengthed names can often be extended by three. Only one zero byte is needed to terminate, not the up to four including WORD padding byte and following zeroed WORD hint. And odd-lengthed names by two (no padding byte). Some linkers have already zeroed following hints and used them for termination. In this case and when there is no following hint, evens only get one extra char. When no following, odds get none. Some other exceptions also exist, so always test carefully and thoroughly!
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    Yeah at first I installed Windows 10 and oh boy. I absolutely HATE when operating system is doing something I did not asked it to do (like forcing Windows defender down my throat..) Windows defender consumed 2-3gb of my ram, constantly crashed vmware, because it was checking the virtual machine harddrive. Then I disabled it, but next windows update enabled it again. I disabled Windows update via the service. Windows somehow enabled the service again. I downloaded winaero tweaker and finally diabled it. windows then worked for like a month. Then nvidia told me that drivers are no longer compatible with this build of windows 10. I updated to then newest 1709 and windows ENABLED DEFENDER AGAIN!!!! IT did corrupt my work vm and that was the point I decided to install Windows 8.1. Since december 2017 my Windows 8.1 copy is running reliable, fast and nothing has gone wild. Windows update has toggle for manual search and install, window defender can be turned on/off and the UI looks way better than Windows 10 crap. I never fully understood why users agreed with such bul*****. Windows 8.1 was hated for metro, but Windows 10 is 900% worse and nobody cares
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    The browser is the most important component of the security configuration. The first door to access to internet and therefore the first door for any malware. I am grateful for the work that Roytam1 does every week. Not only does using an updated browser allow you to enjoy the web in the best way, but the new added code, at least statistically, can prevent any OS compromises if we browse malformed web pages. Using an efficient adblocker allows you to browse faster. Even better with the use of eMatrix or Noscript but not with the default settings. It is useless to use browsers with the support terminated for years to navigate faster, then if the PC has other ballast such as the antivirus active in real time, etc. This is my thought. Others obviously do what they think is best for them.
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    Please, do not post the Extended Kernel binaries on MSFN, with the exception of my own original creations, which are the NTEXT wrapper, the registry keys and the installer script (which I plan to post in one of the code example threads soon, as it serves as a good template for a script to replace in-use system files on NT 6.x).
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    someone over there https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/restore-windows-update-for-vista.82336/ made a WU patcher to enable its function again. you can get it from here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AubsH71V5bOkkmIPXEQi0fbX_45f?e=5KEwYg i canconfirm that it works for me.
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    Not on play store but Youtube Vanced is worth trying for a better Youtube experience.It's good, free and no ads at all
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    @Valentin Radu. Good post. I also agree with the reactions on your post. Share your knowledge, pictures and code. There are many out here that can do some of the work. You can mention that it is an unfinished product without user support. We do not expect a full end-user application. Obviously, you have already done a lot of work on DWM. Please share it because there is a serious interest and there are no serious alternatives, not now and not to be expected in the future either.
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    I would also like to know how to enable the acrylic effect for the title bars, especially if it's easy to do.
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    Maybe it is more a problem of making it known. There are bigger communities for Windows customization like MSFN here, Wincustomize... If you would share what you have found out and request help, maybe some people will step up and play around with DWM code to achieve even more. Not talking about a competitive product to AeroGlass, maybe just concentrate on that acrylic effect for title bars? Why not give it a try?
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    This topic was moved into funny farm and was originally about something else. I don't remember what it was about. But that is not important anymore. Now this thread is about:
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    And here it is: https://mega.nz/file/Bt9kWboR#slwDoaAQfBPOU8prjytUddjMLk0QYNgWxC1RAR59G2Y
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    In order to make teamviewer work within LAN, the server and client should both in same version. So you should install 14.2.56676 on Win10 too, and disable auto-update (I tested on Win7). Google says: Remote Desktop client works with Windows XP Home edition, and there's method to make rdp server works too, though seems a bit complicated.
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    It's not working for me either! I'm not aware of any other hosts though ntext is actually not an MS file and one I compiled myself so if I can find an alternative link I'll post it here. Here it is. Just ntext and nothing more. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OvxwDWdI2yz3f6MTrz9T34PGESYuOE6p/view
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    Yes, the domain changed recently. Try this: http://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/palemoon-26.5.0-20180718.win2000.7z
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    All updates are OK, except the ones that replace MSO.DLL with an incompatible version. IMO the easiest way to make sure you get the latest (and now last) usable versions of all the Office 2010 files is to install all the most recent updates and then simply replace the MSO.DLL file with the one from KB4092483, which contains the last version which works on XP systems. Remember that updates which replace MSO.DLL can replace other files as well, but you only need to replace that one file to get the system working again.
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    Hello gents! Very happy to report that after following this thread I have sound working in Win98SE on a HP 6710b laptop with Microsoft UAA (8086 27D4) and Soundmax AD1981HD (11D4 1981) on board. This laptop also has an Agere HDA modem attached and strangely the hdacfg.ini is registering this device as the codec.. I assume im not playing through the HDA modem codec as it sounds great! I typed up and rejigged the AD1984 HD HDAICOUT.HDA from DEOMSH's diagram to suit the widgets on the AD1981 but still no sound. I downloaded the HP manufacturer driver for the AD1981 and checked out the WDM inf to find verbs in there specific to this laptops configuration for the codec!! In this case I was trying to set mono out as the mixer by setting '00' after the '701' connection select verb. The inf file showed this set as '03' which worked! - 03 is the DAC I assume? as NID03 is the (only) DAC on this codec along with an S/PDIF on NID02. I found these 3 verbs - Set LineOut, HP and Mono out to the same initial levels (-3 dB) Whilst Lineout and HP used the '3B0' Amplifier gain/mute verb to set this, Mono out was set by '71F' verb - Config Def byte 4 (31:24) to '41'. - Still learning my bits and bytes so I have no idea what 41 means or how to calculate/find it other than the inf, but it works at full blast! Going to add some more to the HDAICOUT tomorrow and test with the volume control app. - To note the laptops volume button did not change levels (yet) but the mute button worked. Thanks very much to Deomsh and all of the testers on here for all of this great info! I will post back with any more updates. Side note: The laptop has an Intel 965GM video chip and is being driven by a patched version of the SVGA driver (1024x768x256) that was for Win3.1 \m/ Cheers!
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    I don't think THEY'll bat an eye. "Download more RAM"? What an immature response. So unless you want to build the entire browser from source yourself, roytam1's fork is probably going to be the most accessible option in the future. You also get some bells and whistles that the upstream dropped, like early WebExtension support. It might be a bit slower in places, at least theoretically, due to usage of critical sections instead of SRW locks. Maybe roytam1 could implement runtime check in the future, use SRW locks if available and critical sections otherwise. Some folks run Vista and they could benefit as well since Vista already supports SRW locks. When the time comes, I'll make a switch.
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    Thank you for the kind words about my father. Rudy has two sons. Jason loew is his blood son and we have the same mothers and I am Tony Sotomayor. Rudy was my step dad. I miss him so much.And Im glad to see how he impressed his fellow programmers on this thread and how much they respect his work. I knew as a child Rudy was very intelligent and a gifted programmer. If anyone would like to download a picture of Rudy when he was in his last year in College at University of Oklahoma 1970(Sooner 1970). I have a pic of him that was taken of him at the Engineers Club Engineers week party pic. Maybe someone can put it on this thread or something? He was young fresh leaving college and healthy. Picture is how I like to remember him. You can email me direct for that pic or anything else you want to know about my dad at jasongeo2@aol.com
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    Is it me, or lots of people think that WiFi == Internet?
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