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  1. Here is a list of modifications that I think could do something to those registry changes. They are in "chrome.dll". Replace: - "ESENT.dll" by 00 hexadecimal values. - "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedUrls" (Unicode) by 00 hexadecimal values. - all "\360\" entries (Unicode) by dots. - all "tracing" entries by dots. Try them and tell me what happens. I believe some of the "tracing" ones were involved with the chinese addresses that were already replaced. Cheers.
  2. Could you do a test with Ungoogled Chromium? Thanks for the regshots by the way.
  3. From what I have seen in the pages below this is normal behavior. Ungoogled Chromium doesn't have it but maybe it breaks some functionality because of it. I had my suspicion with those connections when I first saw them but when I saw that the queries were random combinations of letters I thought maybe it was some kind of checking. https://www.codevat.com/articles/chromium-background-connections/ (See the "Additional Tweaks and Details" section) https://mikewest.org/2012/02/chrome-connects-to-three-random-domains-at-startup/ Cheers.
  4. Thanks. I will be now digging into the registry files that the browser creates to see if some can be eliminated. I remember that you said something about v12 making a empty registry file. Can you tell me your experience with that and other registry related observations? Cheers.
  5. Updated v9, v11 and v12. - Added a few more changes to "360chrome.exe", "chrome.dll" and "chrome_child.dll". - Corrected some english issues. Added v13 (version 13.0.2250.0). - Succesfully erased the "p7.qhimg.com" entry in the "resources.pak" file. Added more programs to modify and test the browser: WinMerge, LiveTcpUdpWatch and Wireshark. Cheers.
  6. I just saw it and it is pretty funny. However the title is still there, just moved up (saw it with the developer tools). I have no idea how to fix it as dealing with margins and relative positions of objects in CSS is a bit complex.
  7. Your welcome. If you need help fell free to ask for it. The Unicode characters do display on the GUI, they are just not written exactly as the character. If you paste directly the ellipsis character in the file it does display as a square. Try replacing the 3 dots by "…". Well, at least for me the ellipsis displays when writing that code. I think that the "icudtl.dat" file is the one that is related to special Unicode characters. You can tell because of the first line. Cheers.
  8. Hello. I found some information that could be useful but I need you to test it on XP SP2 to see if it actually works. I tested this on Win7 with v9 and the "chrome.dll" file. The "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" function is present in the code of the "chrome.dll" file of v9. With HxD you can directly search for the "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" entry (Offset (h) = 01b312c0) in "chrome.dll" (screenshot 1 below). After replacing the code by 00 hexadecimal values I got the same error dialog but with no entry point (screenshot 2 below). After replacing "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" by "GetL0gicalProcessorInformation" I got the same error dialog but with "GetL0gicalProcessorInformation" (screenshot 3 below) so I thought that maybe changing the function name could result into something rather than erasing the code completely. In this webpage --> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/sysinfoapi/nf-sysinfoapi-getlogicalprocessorinformation I saw that for the "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" function is required the SP3 update. In the left side of the page are a lot of functions and saw the "GetLocalTime" function that needed only Windows 2000 to work and decided to change "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" by "GetLocalTime" (screenshot 4 below) and the browser launched without errors. I am not sure if this type of modification could work directly but I can tell that when you do this it is probable that you will get another error but will be with a different function. If that happens then you can switch that other function by "GetLocalTime" and see if it actually do something. It will be very strange if this works with one change but I can not test it myself. Other files that have the "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" function are "chrome_child.dll" and "libglesv2.dll". Screenshots: 1 --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zpjmb3nyJZUdAL5hBQgBtiVJe0R6f8Yl/view?usp=sharing 2 --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XhUttESaW0lNN7pHTikM7QDqnly9O64t/view?usp=sharing 3 --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P1m1KvOSBVpAK_oPhIFLK08LG8N7iRro/view?usp=sharing 4 --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yyuxn8j9kG7MZl39K6QZ0Lp9-NZE6x-B/view?usp=sharing Cheers.
  9. The "Switch to another search engine when the default one is not available" option originally showed 3 search engines Bing, Baidu and So. That hex code has the URLs of those 3 search engines side by side and I figured I could disable that option by overriding that code. From the tests I did I think the option originally does nothing but I decided to modify it anyway.
  10. I do not know if some Chromium flag could do something. With respect to your question I do not know anything on why they built the browser that way. Maybe from this link you can get something --> https://groups.google.com/g/angleproject/c/8wo3crBpats
  11. Updated v9, v11 and v12. - Changed the homepage to "chrome://newtab/". - Erased some other stuff on the "chrome.dll" file. I have a backup of the older ones in case something happens. Cheers.
  12. Hello. Test it in v12 for now. The modifications between versions are almost exactly the same, the location is what varies. Can you send a picture of the error you get when running v9 and v11? Maybe something can be done. No, I just replaced those entries by dots. Ok. I wanted to try it to see if I could remove the popup window that shows up on the first run of the browser, but it didn't work. Wow
  13. I think this could be a good option. Is there any way to add that flag directly into the "360chrome.exe" file? The only way I know about is by creating a shortcut and from that shortcut you can add the flag.
  14. @ArcticFoxie I think this could be a good information. I modified every "googleapis" and "gstatic" entries on the "chrome.dll" file and the google connections that appeared on every launch of the browser do not appear anymore (v11). I am not sure which of all the entries are the ones involved in the connections and if this modification could brake something with the browser. Let me know what do you get with this. Cheers.
  15. It's soooo ugly! but... why not eat it, maybe tastes like chicken

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