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  1. Do all these settings make the browser execute/perform faster/stable? Those are a ton of files .
  2. The file involved with the new tab was completely removed. The browser just assumes it is just an empty website and unfortunately I can't change that default behavior. Cheers.
  3. try replacing the "resources.pak" file of DC Browser with this one --> https://www.mediafire.com/file/j8bdaayxqfde63j/resources.pak/file Cheers.
  4. Sorry that I've been lost recently, very occupied . I want to say that when the last v13.5 version of 360EE comes up I will make an edited version of it. I already forgot what was the stuff I did but thankfully I wrote my notes so I can eventually remember. As for the other browsers (just to clarify): - DC Browser needs no more edits, I did the edits I could do (I literally just edited a few binary strings and it turned out I could modify some stuff on the browser and then I decided to release these browsers on MSFN after a few edits to see if people could benefit/like my work) and I don't have anything else I can add to it (the same applies with the 360EE versions on this thread). Maybe someone can expand its functionalities with Assembly knowlegde or something of low level of that kind but I unfortunately don't know anything at all of that area. - The same from DC Browser applies to Mini Browser. Cheers and thanks for using the stuff I published!
  5. The value "宋体" you say I got it before. Test this font to see if it changes something --> https://www.mediafire.com/file/4aqksrm525jhsnj/SegoeUIEmoji_fakeSimSun.ttf/file This will replace the "SimSun" fonts on your system so be sure to backup them before installing this. Sorry for the all the testing.
  6. The only thing I can think right know is for you to install these fonts --> https://www.mediafire.com/file/s5pho1827w1ey8h/calibri_w7.zip/file They are the Calibri fonts of my Windows 7 installation. I compared them to the ones you have and the sizes differ (the Win7 ones are bigger than the ones you show). Try them to see if anything changes.
  7. Some backups exist already --> https://www.reddit.com/r/chrome_extensions/comments/xn4ypi/we_need_to_backup_all_the_mv2_extensions/ Hopefully they can be accessed without problems at the time Google makes its moves. I hope everything is going well for you. You are the first person that I see that has that FontFamily value. Can look at your installed fonts to see which fonts have in their name "Calibri" and share them? Cheers.
  8. Back when I tested this issue I assumed it was an older timezone issue. The reason was that the timezone used for my country changed a few years ago but was then changed again to its original value in more recent years. Windows XP assumed the first timezone update for my country but not the second. And the browser reflected that on the history tab. On Windows 7 the time is displayed correctly on the history tab because the OS has the right timezone for my country (the second update). The same I believe could be applied to other timezones (specially the ones with daylight savings and similars). Is the timezone selected in your XP OS the one that is used by your country in the present?
  9. I don't really know about that, but I know that the custom download engine is the same version in all browsers. I guess you can add the respective files and see what happens. You may want to try these extensions or an equivalent one. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/memory-saver/dhnagkedjknpmhmdoaggchdefbmbeabk https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/auto-tab-discard/jhnleheckmknfcgijgkadoemagpecfol Cheers.
  10. Some issues with persistent storage with extensions tend to appear with 360EE. Try using an equivalent adblock extension if you want to test if the same happens. It is exactly the same just with a XP theme, some custom flags (configurations) when starting the browser and the capacity of installing extensions directly from the google webstore removed. All of which can be added to what I share. Cheers.
  11. I use uget, I believe it still works for XP (if not an older version will). I believe it is ok. I don't use antivirus programs but I know they tend to classify malware for their origin/name. For example, if I name on Win7 a file "patch.exe" (I believe that is the name) then Windows won't allow you to execute the mentioned file just because of the name it has, I assume the same applies for an anti-virus program. In case you want to do something you can remove the "components/download" folder as the warning might be because of the "special" download engine the browser uses to download files. Eliminating that folder won't cause any issue in downloading files in the future. Cheers.
  12. Hello. If you refer to v13.0.2310.0, the lastest update for it was on 04/25/22. The lastest updates for v9, v11, v12 and v13.0.2250.0 were done after v13.0.2310.0, that is why the dates are different. They are all in Internet Archive. Cheers.
  13. I believe versions above 4 don't work on XP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94b4qXWZHCo Cheers.
  14. As another probable solution you can use @heinoganda's certificate updater for XP. I used it on Win 7 and worked to solve some certificate issues I got a while ago. It is a manual process but some people would prefer it over an automatic update. https://msfn.org/board/topic/175170-root-certificates-and-revoked-certificates-for-windows-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1110568 Cheers.

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