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  1. I remember minibrowser crashing when inserting USB drives (it is not the same thing but it relates to external media stuff), user @realisty found out that by turning off the "Enable new USB backend" flag in "chrome://flags/" made the browser not to crash anymore. I don't know if that can help (I also don't know if that flag still exists on 115).
  2. I do have to say that I was not expecting chromium 115 to be able to be ran on XP . I do notice that even if it runs it has to be very resource consuming on old computers in which XP is the only choice to go. Extensions work well on it?
  3. just as a suggestion in case you want to use another code hosting service rather than GitHub, NotABug (https://notabug.org/) seems very nice.
  4. yeah, also the web hosting service of that page seems very nice (with a good base idea) --> https://neocities.org/ I recently migrated my website stuff to that service because I was using GitHub, and well, Microsoft owns GitHub and that makes it boring. Also because I want to support it in some way (at least by using the service for now). Seeing the same kind of plastic web pages all the time and how easy is to break a website nowadays just makes it obvious that website development is just a Jenga tower that is mantained by some kind of temporal anti-gravity force. Originality and own effort is just thrown away for an ugly/soulless template and the people thinks that said template is the only way to build websites in the present.
  5. Thanks for the information, will attach the Internet Archive link shared by @mina7601 --- BTW, Hello to everybody! I hope everyone is doing great and the browser still is usuable for some >:] PD: A link I just found recently about browsers --> https://retrobrowsers.neocities.org/
  6. I knew about those but they are basically copies of DC. IIRC the original one was FX browser. TS browser has a permanent certificate issue with all websites no matter what you do. I have not used ChromeCore.
  7. Sorry for the delay in the answer. Can you tell a little more about the version? do you still have the older package? I really don't see why a rebase would change how the browser interacts with websites Cheers.
  8. I believe you can just use a user-agent switcher extension and you will be fine. That's just a little notification Google does to scare you to be honest (at least for now).
  9. AFAIK yes. The modifications are not a big deal, just take a look at this --> https://ia802303.us.archive.org/28/items/360EE_Modified_Version/DCB_4.0.7.22_Modified_Notes.txt Your welcome. I use XP on a 2003 laptop (Dell Inspiron 600m iirc) and it is very slow unfortunately. Rebasing did improve memory usage so I just decided to go for it. Hope you can make good use of the browsers!
  10. How much RAM does v11 use with only 1 tab opened on your system (without extensions)?
  11. Good call, I edited the updated dates on the first post and in the Internet Archive item.
  12. Do you have a list of the 360EE versions for each engine? I also assume that there are those small engine updates on v9, v11 and v12.
  13. Updated 360EE v9, v11, v12, v13, DCB, and both MiniBrowser browser's files. - Rebased chrome.dll (and chrome_child.dll where it applies) to address 0x10010000. non-rebased DLLs are kept just in case. https://archive.org/download/360EE_Modified_Version Cheers.
  14. To be honest I am still hoping someone will be able to compile newer Chromium or Firefox versions on XP that don't require such "dirty" methods to make it relatively safe/useful for people (ie. patching hex strings so connections to china.cn aren't made ). I would prefer lower versions as the ones in which 360EE is based as the most recent ones consume a lot of resources on older computers that need to run XP because they can't run anything higher. For example, I would be happy with a Chromium 69 version with no certificate issues with its code on github or an equivalent platform (similar to what Feodor is doing). I can't run 360EE v13 on my laptop (Chromium 86) so if there is some other chinese chromium based browser with a higher version than Chromium 86 I would only be able to run it under another "newer" computer with Win7, which is quite weird because the whole point is to be able to use it under XP. Sorry that the reply does not have to do much with the comment quoted .
  15. Sad to see that it isn't up anymore. I actually used some good info from there when I started searching these browsers. Forgive my ignorance but, what does OP mean? Cheers. EDIT: I think it is Original Post after thinking for a bit.
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