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  1. There was a very rare laptop driver 373.19 Fujitsu and MSI notebook . 1050 is supported and works with Vista x86. One file needs to be replaced for the desktop usage. Dixel had it.
  2. Dear Astroskipper, just a friendly warning - be on your guard with that user ! I had to block him. Not only he (she?) likes to spam topics with meaningless and even offensive messages, his (her) behaviour is rather weird and suspicious. Some of such users also sent me dangerous links.
  3. Thank you ! Do you know a solid, trusted extension that has an auto setting to delete cookies upon each exit ?
  4. No need to prove anything, the evidence, my message is still in the outbox. Full instructions, incuding the precise patching method and all flags/API were sent to that polish account. I create content for MSFN, if someone uses it, at least don't call it yours and write you took it from MSFN/D.Draker. Starting "your" projects that simply based on someone else's work, not even mentioing him, it's just very low. Don't worry, I'm not gonna ban you, I wrote , I'll just ignore and see.
  5. Oh wow ! Does @Dave-H know you don't give a damn about the forum rules (respect and whatnot) ? You know what, like I promised @Tommy , I don't engage and ignore the ones like you. I can't prove you made another fake account (and not going to) . You aren't worth my time, on the other hand, I still think some sort of punishment needs to be applied for stealing. You "know more than me" ? LOL. In that case - I'll just make it very simple, I shall not share any of my knowledge with either of ya in the future , and we'll see how far the both talented developers from Poland go with "their" versions.
  6. Your post was pretty confusing to begin with, one could easily read it as if you updated from 96 to 95, like another user wrote. "Opera browser stable version 96.0.4693.80 was released on 16/03/2023. Said browser was also updated ( W7 + W8 ) to version 95.0.4635.80. I received this update today."
  7. I'm kinda glad you're one of the rarest ones that was able to properly read and use my NVIDIA tutorial ! To test CUDA, use MPC-HC and under video decoding select CUVID.
  8. Did you watch all of them yourself ? The first couple of seasons are fine. Else - I fell asleep. Good if one is short on the sleeping pills.
  9. What about that poem you were going to write to honour the presensce of XPerceniol ?
  10. If you're desperate enough to use the chinese browser, you gotta patch it first. trace the connections and search for them in chrome.dll, then patch. Don't forget, they could be hidden, even split in parts, need to decipher, etc.
  11. No mystery here ! Whatever unsupported version he got installed with hacks, if he forgot to disable the updater, it will roll back to the last officially supported (maybe with "security" patches added). But the main version will still be based on the last supported chrome 109 (Opera 95).
  12. No, I'm pretty sure it was Jordan Rachel ! "your" version ? Care to elaborate ? Are you a developer of some sorts ? We already had a developer with "his" chrome versions recently, from the same country, pure coincidence some might say. By the same coincidence, he also couldn't go on with the newer chrome versions.

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