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  1. To answer the second part , I tried to like Win-7 , it was hugely popular (which is a very bad sign , actually ! A bad omen xD ). Win 7 just doesn't render as good as Vista . CPU utilisation is lower with 7 . Why ? I feel like Win-7 simply caps the programmes , it is slower at start , it writes/reads too much data to HDD , hence SDDs became that popular . So I'm sorry , but I do not share your satisfaction with WIn 7 . I even think Win-7 is a project to boost SDD sales. I have much better FPS with the same drivers with almost all DX9 - DX11 games on Vista . Maybe they (people you talk about)
  2. Or just going with the crowd . I know a guy , who works in IT (coding and scripting, to be precise) . He is kinda good at this , I mean really , no jokes . But he says Win 10 is OK . It puzzles me. Also , he says Win 7 is utter junk . Doesn't say anything about Vista , never tried , he is young. No older than 28.
  3. I can write plenty of good things about Vista , sadly I'm not fond of typing . The main would be the famous Vista's quality . It's just such and eye candy , so pleasant to look at ! It renders everything in super high quality . Lemme explain , I'm a huge fan of HD audio/video , I have a big experience working with pro audio equipment , I know how things should sound. You can use Vista as your main playback system with pro gear , I tried Win7 too , windows 7 just not meant to be a good OS in terms of quality . Vista has crystal clear sounding and sharpest video rendering , win 7 - no. Think twi
  4. Did you look here ? I think the original poster from the link below is the updates' leader . https://msfn.org/board/topic/181756-windows-vista-update-repository-until-april-2017/
  5. I'd gladly help you , but I don't use updates. Though, I know the answer to the second part . I know how to install this kernel using just one important update from 2018 and not breaking the compatibility . By the way , ALL updates will include spectre and meltdown patches which definitely will take 15% off your notebook's speed , if not more. On a side note , it's a ton of updates' fans here , I'm curious why they aren't helping you. Maybe they will , later , let's hope.
  6. Oh , and why some of you , keep saying he needs to upgrade to 4GB , he already did that and wrote in his fourth post here "We already upgraded the ram to 4gb so it seems to be a little better" , sorry to remind you folks, it's a done deal . But "a little better" is not a good result , don't you agree ?
  7. Sorry, but no. I said "I took a look at that 800mhz CPU". That's right , read your link again , the CPU has only 800mhz Bus speed . 800mhz + slow chipset + DDR2 (guessing DDR2 will not even be 400mhz , more likely to be 333Mhz(667)) = slow notebook for win-7. @jaclaz is totally right , Windows 7 has lots of unneeded background tasks , a lot more than the others ! So now he will be considered as windows 7 hater too , just for stating the facts ? In my experience the bare minimum win-7 laptop should have DDR3 and a decent chipset , I guess our experienced members do know about t
  8. I don't know where you live and what shortages you're talking about , oh , now I see , you say you live in France . Shortages in France !? Hmm .. Anyway , I can tell you where to buy any laptop starting from 250 Euro , from Western Germany with cheap delivery to any part of the world . A good store since 1999. I do not want to publish the link to the shop here , who knows , maybe it will be considered as an advertisement . But I will , if our dear moderators will agree , we need to help the mother , don't we ? So you may want to ask them. EDIT : or I can send you a message with the shop's
  9. @VistaEX, have you considered vLite to cut off the bloat from ISO before the installation ? It really helps , you should try. I can send Vlite ready-made presets. P.S. to Vistapocalypse. Do you see the key words in the topic's name ? "The best way" , so in the previous topic he just needed help (like urgent, emergency) , but here he wants to find the best way . Well , maybe he wants a batch script to disable all of the junk services at once , smth like that , like in the best possible (maybe the fastest) way. By the way , I didn't see any advice from you to this poor fella in that t
  10. 8 GB is absolutely fine ! Try to get these services disabled . Oh , and I wouldn't touch the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager, like they suggested there. The rest is fine. You can always switch them back on.
  11. First off , go to system config/services and disable : superfetch , webclient , indexing , read more here. Also , what is your RAM amount ? https://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-xp-vista/how-to-disable-unnecessary-services-in-windows-vista/
  12. Why ? People sell their boxed editions of Vista , sometimes very very cheap , because Vista is not very popular (to my surprise) , it is perfectly legal.
  13. Because now Vista has the marvelous Extended Kernel , created by the talented MSFN member @win32 , so all modern browsers do work. If you don't like what I suggested , go and use what you want. Yet another solution would be buying a new laptop for your mother . Core 2 Duo is what , like 15 years old ? I wanted to place this solution as the first one in the previous post , but avoided doing so because I'm polite . Buying a new notebook is exactly the thing I would do in this case , even if I had to sell the parts from one of my rigs. Regards. EDIT : Took a look at that 800mhz CPU. This kin
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