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  1. Most post 2017 made hardware doesn't support windows 7. Someone gave me a new motherboard made in 2018, the CPU is always at 1800MHz, doesn't go fully idle. Standby doesn't work either.
  2. I wonder what will happen if I vote here, will I be automatically added to the "multiple" fake list, too? Probably I shouldn't anyway, as I don't use Firefox at all.
  3. I guess the reason for the public vote was intentional, so your fake accounts wouldn't be able to downvote D.Draker's excellent research, like you were begging to implement before. But hey, saying that Jaguarek62 is D.Draker's fake is especially funny, thanks for the laugh.
  4. This is not the reference edition I was talking about. Reference is slim, but long. https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/7170/nvidia-geforce-gtx-980-ti-reference-video-card-review/index.html
  5. Probably a reference edition will fit in that case, I'd also recommend to look at Titan X, 980Ti. Both will work with XP by adding an inf string, both are not huge (reference, slim design).
  6. Hi, better edit out that edition name from the post, it's considered to be non-legitimate here.
  7. Good luck, don't forget to place extremely important files elsewhere, to another backup!
  8. But if you still insist there could be ordinary (1066MHZ), "officially" specced Hyper X found, please give us the link.
  9. So, it doesn't matter whether we, he, specified the exact part number, they all are ready to accept additional over-clocking parameters, and the manufacturer applied these in advance. So yeah, it's not just "marketing", even the lowest performing Hyper X is already over-clocked, to begin with.
  10. DDR3 RAM default clock approved and standardized by JEDEC is 1066MHZ only! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR3_SDRAM Everything else, including 1333MHZ is not standardised by JEDEC and considered to be over-clock, meaning it works out-of specs already.
  11. I was in the same shoes with that poor chap, soon after 1 year of warranty ended, files started to disappear, big files started to lose parts, like an mp4 video 8Gb in size. HDD sentinel didn't pick any signs of failing at all. I think most of us had encounters with that drive, I only had 2 of them, both in that infamous Apple boxes, both behaved weirdly and failed soon after. And no, it's not a server model, not suitable for a data centre. It's a very basic disk, consumer grade model.
  12. "ObviouslyI have my suspicion that this drive is faulty, which is strange because it isn't very old. maybe 1-2yrs maximum. " "So before I attempted to do anything in disk management, I opened up minitool partition wizard and tried to recover "lost partition" with no success. I then tried minitool power data recovery programme..." "csharpe1234, is your issue resolved? I am facing the same issue." "I had to accept that the drive was faulty and unrecoverable. I bought a new drive." https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/seagate-barracuda-st3000dm001-3tb-sata-not-recognised-in-bios-or-disk-management.1670124/
  13. I should advise against unnecessary manipulations with that 3TB Seagate DeathStar 2.0 @D.Draker already warned about. This could be fatal for that potentially weak HDD.
  14. My opinion you just want more scandals on the site, that's why you insist. Basically, all those who ignite scandals are only a few, all well known.
  15. What about followers? This Twitter rudiment needs to be paid, too! 1 Pound per 1 follower. Extra followers will be sold with discounts, like one hundred for 80 Pounds. Charge only in British Pounds, who needs those cheap bucks?! I was silly enough to convert part of my Guldens to 30 thousands bucks in the 1990s, now I don't know what to do with them. The exchange rate is too bad. Besides, those after 2006 bucks are too colourful and ugly. Giving everyone my marvellous idea for free!
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