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  1. It's NOT the flag I advised ! I don't know what (don't read) google writes to the ordinary users , but according to their own documentation it does what it says, besides you may wanna read more carefully what I write , you have mixed up the two different flags : " --process-per-site - Enable the "Process Per Site" process model for all domains. This mode consolidates same-site pages so that they share a single process. More details here: - https://www.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/process-models - The class comment in site_instance.h, listing the supported process models. IMPOR
  2. They won't work with waterfox if you block remote fonts too.
  3. You misunderstood me . For me it doesn't . I have NO smiles and most of the popup menus do not work, starting from the 1st of January 2021. Yes , I block the remote fonts too.
  4. I have tried with java script turned on with chrome 88 . No difference ! And I'm not gonna install that pesky java "awesome" font .
  5. I'm glad I could make you laugh ))) . If you need that 360 browser , I strongly suggest you do the manual editing of the aforementioned files and cut out the telemetry yourself . You need to look for IPs and domains , esp. ".cn" , ."gov" , ".ru" . Most of them are written in plain text ! Just replace "http" with "zzzd" or smth like that. Replace IPs with non-existent ones . You may as well look the source code of chromium ungoogled and cut out google too. And don't forget to like my posts . Best regards.
  6. It's very strange to hear about privacy concerns from a man who uses google voice (please do not take any offence) , I'm just wondering.
  7. Hello and thank you , sadly didn't work for me. Chipset H110 and Asrock mobo...
  8. Yet again , I think I wrote that offsets may change (depending on the version) . Here you go , take a look at the "patched" russian popular version 12.0.1012.0. And it makes it's connections each time you restart the browser. I don't know how often , because I don't use it . Yet again , the russian patch doesn't touch child_dll and the "exe" file, but they contain telemetry too. About pale moon and other firefox forks and firefox itself , a word of warning , I've read it sold it's soul to the KGB (Yandex). Of course, you don't have to trust me and check for yourself , https://lockshot.wor
  9. 1 - Why such blind trust in Russians ? Chinese telemetry removed , russian added , why not ? xD . You may as well install Antivirus software from KGB officer Kaspersky , just search for "Kaspersky , KGB" , you'll get plenty of results ... Have you ever checked the file yourself ? I've just opened it and I see they have LEFT a ton of Chinese telemetry , and it is NOT enough just to patch the chrome.dll . The executable and child are needed to be patched too ! Offsets may differ , due to the various versions . This one is from 12 , but 13 has them too (even "patched" by the russia
  10. Yes , some custom dark theme , since the original dark theme has been removed from MSFN.
  11. It's strange why some members do not have their flag shown at all , this one , for example . I think it's unfair . My flag is shown , even though I removed the country information before this new "feature". Why this member's flag is not shown ?
  12. Well , there are plenty of dark themes for chrome and almost all that I've seen do change the tabs' colour . I mean , there is no sense in that theme of yours , cause it's still 90% white . As for the abblocker , I can install it , but as soon as I re-launch the browser , it's simply turns itself OFF , it's not disabled , like you said earlier about Opera, it's just turned off , I can turn it on again , but it's quite annoying , it happens only on newer versions of chromium. I think it may have something to do with Google's war with adblocking. https://tech.slashdot.org/story/20/12/13/001
  13. Yes . that's precisely what I was talking about . And his tab with the settings is white. And the second part is not completely true , I'm afraid . The aero effect should still be visible , even if maximized on Vista , take a closer look at the upper left corner of this pic. You might wanna add some brightness, though . I think you just forgot , because you're on some other OS.
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