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  1. Like everything else ... I honestly don't know what to choose . It's plenty of them here , but seems they aren't designed to last , even if they're not used. Superflower also has that dust gathering board . I do not want to collect dust , so no "cable management" for me. I want a classic psu with real grille , without paint (just bare metal) , without cable management , without LED lights , without "beautiful" cables , etc.
  2. Everyone , @Mr.Scienceman2000 , @TrevMUN , thank you very much for the suggestions ! Unfortunately I had to return the Seasonic Focus PX-850 back the to store (yes , we are still able to return everything back in my country , no questions asked ). Why did I return it ? It's noisy by design , the airflow is poor , it has that stupid dust gathering board for the "cable management" inside , and I didn't like it's too tight on space inside , the vent itself is noisy too , it rotates (why?) even with a small load ! I hope Seasonics s12-II is good and without that dust gathering junk [it has normal cables], but not produced anymore , so I still do not know what to buy ...
  3. Of course it doesn't , it's fake news. Do not get your hopes high , it won't be fixed by MS . What I can suggest to you , completely delete Win defender , it will lead to the faster startup process on haswell and the logon bug will appear much less .
  4. "Discussions" ? lol I pointed out for you every location , exact locations for each them . Also , the most important - chinese DNS spy removal. Internet remembers everything : https://msfn.org/board/topic/182304-extreme-explorer-360-chromium-78-86-general-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=1201911 https://msfn.org/board/topic/182304-extreme-explorer-360-chromium-78-86-general-discussion/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-1194253 You know what , I have 13.5 chrome DLL with the removed telemetry ready , but suddenly (out of the blue,lol) decided to hold it for now.
  5. You and politeness live on the opposite poles , lol. You like to say something which I never said before. Where did I say something about likes ? Anyways , let's forget it . Do you realize 360EE and 360SE are two different products ?
  6. Hi , I didn't give you my driver 373.19 , so I can't comment on yours. Also , your question belongs to the "drivers for Vista section" , not here. I repeat again , my 373.19 works on Vista , but it's a paid driver made by Siemens and can be shared only with the owner of this website , supervisors and win32 to help with the kernel development , I don't want some very wrong folks to get their hands on it.
  7. 1 - I declare this to be fake news / vapourware under section 4.e of the forum rules https://msfn.org/board/guidelines/. @Vistapocalypse is absolutely right , there's no confirmation or any info from Microsoft at all . There's zero proof . In the article you mentioned , it says "Summary Customers who have applied KB4489887 or later Monthly Rollup Packages to Microsoft Server 2008 SP2 may notice a change to the operating system version string." Well , I read about it too : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/build-number-changing-to-6003-in-windows-server-2008-1335e4d4-c155-52eb-4a45-b85bd1909ca8 "Addresses an issue with a Microsoft Access 97 (!) database ..." and some Asian language/time fixes for Japanese and Quazaqians , etc . More here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/march-19-2019-kb4489887-preview-of-monthly-rollup-d05eafca-6fd3-1106-6f42-fba0a558ac27 I tested myself and [of course] it doesn't do what you claim it supposed to do. Besides , you post in the wrong section , even if they allow this to exist , it belongs to the update section , not the ex-kernel . I'd like to ask the supervisors , moderators @Tripredacus , @Dave-H to intervene and delete his and other posts regarding this no-existent "fix" (vapourware).
  8. 1 - What do you mean by "Win7 SP2" ? There's no such thing exist. Perhaps you meant some un-official compilation ? 2 - False ! My neighbour ran WIn7 RTM on a B85 Board (haswell) for years without issues.
  9. Could you send a link to Microsoft's statement regarding this subject ?
  10. @Mr.Scienceman2000 , this is what awaits us . Prison planet. https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2332207-snap-passwordless-login-netgear-printnightmare-ends-spacex-laser-data-beam
  11. E8400 is kinda bare minimum these days. Spyware on your mobo is built into the chipset , not the core 2 duo itself . I wouldn't even bother wasting thermal paste on e5500 , etc. Just use a LAN card [which is not made by Intel] and you'll be fine , unless MI6/FBI/CIA/KGB get their hands on your PC physically .
  12. Just disable that crap in BIOS . Problem solved. I also disable prefetch and plenty of other junk in BIOS , like HPET , etc. Though HPET is only used on late 2004 - 2005 mobos and up.
  13. Edited post ?!?!? You made a typo in "ha ha ha" ? lol .

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