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  1. Tommy

    Steam Dropping XP&Vista Support

    Yep, it's all taken care of. cc333 offered their apology and took the situation in stride. It's not easy reprimanding someone but it's that nasty thing that needs to be done sometimes. Even I was reprimanded on other forums when I was a youngster to the point I was almost temporarily banned. So I appreciate the understanding and if anyone else has anything to add to this thread's actual purpose, have at it!
  2. Tommy

    Steam Dropping XP&Vista Support

    Please do not discuss politics here, it's strictly against forum rules and has nothing to do with the topic at hand. 2.b Topics devoted to political or religious debate, unless technology related, are prohibited. MSFN is a technology forum and both political and religious debates have caused many problems and distractions in the past. Political or religious links in signatures or polite, courteous comments in non-political or non-religious topics are allowed, but we cannot allow any topics in which the sole purpose is to debate political or religious issues. Next comment out of line and I'm locking this thread so please keep it clean. Thanks.
  3. Tommy

    New to you! Hey everyone!

    Welcome to MSFN! We're happy to have you here! :)
  4. Tommy

    HP 15-1233wm installation is a no go?

    Well, I guess I could be considered one of the green men. Although we also have red men that can come out and do even more than us green men can do.
  5. Tommy

    HP 15-1233wm installation is a no go?

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/HP-Black-15-6-15-f233wm-Laptop-PC-with-Intel-Celeron-N3050-Processor-4GB-Memory-500GB-Hard-Drive-and-Windows-10-Home/46429969 That's what it is! Did someone change the title of this or did I say 1233 because all along I have been searching f233 and not 1233. Been quite a long week...
  6. Tommy

    HP 15-1233wm installation is a no go?

    I saw that a few said a BIOS update and of course I'm generally not too concerned with doing that but since it's not my machine, I'd like to make sure that I exhaust other possibilities before I explore actually updating the BIOS. Then again, it's a lot less dangerous to do it these days than it was 20 years ago. As for some of the other chat up above, I haven't tried anything special as far as installation goes except for enabling legacy mode. I know that there's a non-changable entry that says something to the effect of "loaded OS" and it says Win10 which is how it came from the factory obviously. (Heh, I remember when I wanted to downgrade a Windows XP machine from HP to Windows 98, which I did and it was much easier than doing this!) I had a look at a few videos but some of them I didn't bother listening too much into only because they had a decent amount of downvotes and sometimes I don't always have the time to sit there and listen carefully before I have company so to speak. But when I get the chance, I'm going to check out all these links and see what I can dig up. I've never been one to just give up so I'd like to explore other options to make this work.
  7. So I'm working on my girlfriend's laptop. I installed an SSD in it because it came with a wimpy 5400rpm hard drive. It came preinstalled with Windows 10 and we'd like to install Windows 7 on it. We're not even concerned with the drivers at the moment as it seems some people have had success in getting stuff to work but when I go to load setup, I get an error saying the BIOS isn't fully ACPI compatible. We did install Kubuntu on it for the time being and it works quite well but I'm really wondering what is going on with this. I'm not very familiar with UEFI setup programs but I did set it to legacy support which it says for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. I tried Windows XP and it gave me the same results. The setup program is so stripped down though that there isn't a whole lot to change. Anyone else try doing this on anything similar and at least got Windows to install?
  8. Tommy

    UURollup alternative? (for slipstreaming)

    I'd recommend just grabbing one of the recent HF_SLIP packages from tomasz86's website and making an ISO of it and then just installing blackwingcat's patches over it after reinstallation, that's how I do it when I reinstall Windows 2000. It's not that much of a process afterwards. But there seems to be a bug unless it was fixed in some of the recent Extended Core releases so if you use dual monitors, it will not function and you'll only be able to utilize one monitor, I think the problem starts with v16a?
  9. Tommy

    mspaint problem

    Is this the original mspaint that came with 98 or modified like from XP or something? Also, be sure that you're really not running out of memory for things. What do you have running in the background if anything?
  10. Tommy

    Windows 11?

    That's why you have something called off-site backups. You back up your information and then you store it off-site so in case something does happen to your house or facility, then you can retrieve your backups elsewhere and do a restore. The only time I embrace new technology is when I see a real and practical use for it. Telephones are obviously very practical and as far as I'm concerned, much more useful than this texting nonsense which has in my opinion, degraded the English language to the point where people can't spell words correctly or know the differences between lose or loose, yeah, double O is not "losing weight" but rather "my doorknob is loose and I better tighten it up". Jaclaz is also correct, you don't have complete full control over your data. You might be able to read/write and delete at your own will but so does the hosting provider and the host has even more rights than you do. I don't trust my stuff to the so called cloud either. It's the same as people who use these programs on the cell phones because if you send in a picture of your receipt, then you'll get money back from them and hey, who doesn't want free money just for shopping? But rather it's a very clever and also practical marketing ploy so that data companies don't have to physically collect data from you but rather you're willingly providing it to them and they pay a fraction of the cost as traditional methods. You're doing the hard work for them and then you're served with advertisements because of your purchases. People are so gullible. :) Then again, companies like that take advantage of people who click next, next, next, next, agree? YES!, install. People don't take time to read that stuff and instead just go ahead and go for it. It's really even the same with credit cards. You have protection to an extent but if you get your number stolen, you're taken for a ride and someone, somewhere, has to eat the cost of whatever happens because of it. Traditional currency is completely safe until you lose it (or is it loose? ) or is stolen off you or your home physically. Just because some id*** says it's newer and better doesn't always make it so, it's just marketing to gullible people who believe everything is all in their best interest. Yeah MS, kinda like those beta tests you do and somehow you still managed to code in that awful start screen that nobody liked or wanted.
  11. You know, if it is die-hard Microsoft fans, that's quite petty of them. I used to like Microsoft a lot more than I do now, especially after the Windows 8 blunder and then Windows 10 which I've used and don't like. But just because you don't like another community's opinion, it doesn't mean launch attacks at them. How would they like it if we went over there and started attack their servers? Oh, I forgot, that's different. "It's okay when I do it to you but if you do it to me, then that's not right."
  12. I had that yesterday as well. You'd think people would have better things to do with their time instead of making websites inaccessible, like making a living. But apparently not. At least it seems to be it's working fine now for the most part. Except it does seem to stumble a bit when you're posting but if you open a new tab, the reply seems to have gone through.
  13. Tommy

    Late to the party

    Welcome! It's great to have you hear and thanks for coming out of the shadows and becoming a member! And don't worry about donating. Although it's a big part of keeping us going, if you can't do it, you can't do it. That's sometimes how life is. But we definitely appreciate any little bit that we can receive. Even $5USD is very much appreciated!
  14. Tommy

    Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    Let's not start talking about leaks, guys. @Destro You must either have a really good installation or the computers at my job really suck. My general operations are very internet based and of course, IE11 and I think despite this, most of these pages run in compatibility mode because if you force them onto Google Chrome that I managed to sneak on there, mostly all the pages are broken in one way or another. I guess this is what they mean by forcing IE upgrades makes company pages not work right which is actually true. Either way, even when I do other special projects such as video or even photo editing, many times it can be stable but then other times it just crashes and produces weird artifacts. Combine that with Citrix and it's a recipe for disaster. Our Citrix servers use Windows Server 2008 R2 so that's another NT6 based OS and sometimes I'm forced to do some of my operations through Citrix because of corporate restrictions on Windows 7 which is weird since they'd basically the same thing unless different group policies apply to each environment. If we want to go back to Vista though, COM Surrogate errors happened constantly on my home computers. I think the workaround solution was to place it as an exception through DEP which helped some of it, but not always. Windows 2000 will always be my main OS of choice, it's what I'm using to type this right now. Although Windows 98 holds a special place in my heart simply because it was the first OS I ever used since I got into computing a bit late in the game and so for me, it's not so much I want to use it as a main OS but rather I want to see what the heck can be accomplished in it and how usable it can become with some tweaks done to it.
  15. Tommy

    Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    Speed/usability > Pretty/fancy Your site is so easy to use, none of that other bloated junk. Even a dialup connection would be able to use it with no problems. Wasn't the internet always meant to transmit information in the first place? I prefer it to work so I can read what it says, not wait hours for junk. And one more thing I hate, these sites that have to hide their navibar in one of those stupid 3 lines buttons that don't work properly on older browsers, even FF9.0.1 and so it's always expanded over half the screen and you can't even read anything behind it. That irks me so bad! Stop imitating mobile garbage!