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  1. Here's my take on it. I agree that too many stickies in a forum can get cluttered and look unorganized. So if it were me, I would go through some of that information and make a good one stop thread with links to all of these important articles, sort of like what I did with the Windows 9x forum. So make a sticky with all these links and unpin some of the less important ones. Or we could create a subforum within the Windows XP forum and move all of the important topics/references in there so that way they're easier to find, but leave it so only mods and above can make any post or topic
  2. There is an ongoing thread trying to accomplish just this: With that being said, I'm going to lock this so that we don't start having conversations about it in a bunch of threads so if a solution is found, then it'll be easier to locate instead of mucking through threads trying to find it. Topic LOCKED
  3. Is that "the IRS" the calls you and tells you that? I used to get those every so often myself and if I don't recognize the phone number, I just let the answering machine take it. Well, a computer would leave the voice message and some of their horrible English skills were laughable at best. One of my favorite lines was "As soon as possible, call back on (and then the phone number)." Like....What Even Is That???
  4. No, you can't. Did you ever read the rules or are they like stop signs to some people? Here's a piece of advice, never engage in criminal activity. Loose lips sink ships.
  5. It depends. Is it a desktop or a laptop? You typically have a much easier time getting older operating systems to work on desktops but can be spotty on laptops. Once you can answer that and tell us any other hardware it has can help determine whether or not Windows 2000 would install and actually usable.
  6. This is one of the worst threads I could think of to have pinned. Pinned threads are reserved for important information that generally affects everyone using the OS. If there was a crucial fix that applied to everyone or just about everyone, then it warrants a pin. But pinning a thread will not give it more attention. I don't even know what the original post said but even then, this is more of a per user basis issue and not a widespread problem. I mean, you don't even have much explanation about what's so slow about it or when it occurs so how does that help anyone?
  7. I would love to test it, but unfortunately I haven't had a dual monitor setup for over a year now since I replaced my smaller monitors with a 32in one.
  8. Why not download it as a trial and give it a go to make sure that it suits your needs before you spend the money to buy it?
  9. xper may have removed/disabled it for the time being since it is having issues. And with that, I'm locking this. Since it's a plugin issue and not something we can control, no amount of complaining will fix the problem. If something changes, we will announce it and if need be, can allow discussion to continue at that time. Until then... Topic LOCKED If there are other forum issues you are experiencing aside from this, please reply to the appropriate thread or create a new thread if a recent previous one doesn't exist.
  10. It looks to be a plugin, and not actually part of Invision Community by default. But from a screenshot I'm seeing in the Invision Marketplace and the download page, it was updated on the 1st of December. So more than likely, there's little to nothing we can do to fix it.
  11. The only person who could do that is xper and he's got a lot on his plate as it is, so I don't know if he'd be willing to do it or not. But that's where the fine line comes in as well. We need to be very careful when it comes the licensing agreement. Especially considering instead of Invision Power Board it is now referred to as Invision Power Community, I don't know if there's a difference or not. I know it sounds trivial but some of these companies can get fussy if you use resourses from other licensed software and considering xper paid for this upgrade, it wasn't free so it might come with
  12. Lulz, I haven't used XP in a good many years. Don't believe everything you see.
  13. You're right, they can. And that's exactly what this originated from. But the question is, what made our forum a specific target for the attack? Either way, the software still needs to stay up to date otherwise older versions do become unsupported and then you risk of back doors being found and exploited.
  14. We had to upgrade out forum software as it was out of date and with the recent spam attack we had, we needed to ensure that we're up to date to make sure things like that aren't a common occurrence in the future. I'm honestly not sure if there's much that can be done about the rounded UI. I'm happy that Invision didn't decide to go with rounded profile pictures. It seems that has been the current trend and I hate it. But please try and be as patient as possible as xper continues to work on the site. He's currently got his hands full so it might take a little time.
  15. I have made an announcement about this yesterday. If you or anyone else receives messages like this again, use the report feature so that staff members like myself can take the appropriate action to deal with them. Thanks!
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