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  1. I've also used that post for my own Vista installs! Thanks.
  2. Is it possible that GPU drivers have a hard coded OS check at the sys level? I say this, because AMD drivers on Windows 8.0 completely BSOD, while they work just fine on Windows 7 (maybe there could be a similarity to Intel's Vista approach)
  3. How would you go about in implementing this in a conceptual view? UWP seems so linked to the way Windows 10 handles all of its subsystems, it seems like an impossible task.
  4. With that it would be possible to use newer AMD and nVidia GPUs, which would be a dream come true Do keep on posting updates, this is an extremely interesting project.
  5. That's actually where I got it originally! When I made the post I forgot about its origin. Thanks.
  6. As you can guess, there could be some legal trouble in sharing modified MS driver files, so having instructions on how to do it is the best way. WDF = Windows Driver Foundation has functions that allow newer drivers to work properly. WDF 1.11 was released with Windows 8.0 and as an update for Vista and 7. storport is a storage related driver that allows the generic AHCI drivers and NVMe to work.
  7. Don't programs load DLLs that are available on the same path as the executable first? Would it be possible to put the modified kernel32 in the program folder so it could use the extra functions it needed? EDIT: Found this interesting article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/dlls/dynamic-link-library-search-order
  8. Just a thought. Is it possible to fool programs to look for the modified kernel32 instead of actually modifying the system file? For example, renaming the updated file to kernel33 and changing some attributes in the executable to look for that file?
  9. The minimum required should be the Servicing Stack update and the Monthly Rollup. Don't forget about the SHA-2 update to install updates newer than September 2019 (though it renders WU useless, since it bumps the build number to 6003). I actually need to update the repository with January's MR (you can just get it from here for now).
  10. "C:\cacert.cer" is just an example of the path where the certificate could be placed. Choose the one you want. BTW, after running the command the certificate will be in your certificate store, so you can delete the downloaded file after. If that was the case the update would say that it didn't apply, not that the root certificate is not trusted (I think).
  11. That happened to me in Windows 7 when also trying to install recent .NET updates. I think W7 actually received some update about outdated certificates as opposed to Vista. I solved it by importing a MS certificate that Vista and 7 don't ship with. http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/4/8/248D8A62-FCCD-475C-85E7-6ED59520FC0F/MicrosoftRootCertificateAuthority2011.cer Run the following command with Admin rights to install it (replacing the path with the one where you downloaded the certificate) certutil -addstore "Root" "c:\cacert.cer"
  12. Yeah, they upgraded the Chromium release used in the Launcher. Is there any way to restore the old version so the game is still playable on Vista?
  13. Actually, WES7 will still be supported until the end of the year, more or less:
  14. Actually, they will be available in the Update Catalog and documented in the Windows 7 Update History page. The only thing the bypass does is tell the Windows servicing stack that indeed the system does have the ESU bit turned on. No licenses are faked or bypassed. WU won't be able to fetch the ESUs. That will be up to the user (in the same fashion we've been doing with Vista and 8.0). Still, if it's a moderation decision that we won't have any more discussion on the issue, I won't speak about it ever again.
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