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  1. LOL! I would agree leave the ;# REMmed lines in the INF. The file is already a huge amount smaller than the original, and I can't see any harm in leaving them there so any future experimenter can see what used to be included. I think if the batch files are included there should be some sort of readme file with them to explain how to use them and why you might want to.
  2. OK, so if we can't get the magnifier to be invoked directly from the touchpad, if we have a shortcut to invoke it, do we now need anything else?
  3. The Start Menu items addition and removal routine now works perfectly! I re-enabled the "cover" function, but it doesn't appear in ETDAniconf.exe and even when set to "1" it doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not quite sure how "covering" the touchpad actually works anyway, if I put my palm down on it the icon graphic just shows a four finger click. Maybe it works with different hardware, but not this hardware.
  4. Well I still can't get it to work! Perhaps it needs multi-finger tapping enabled or something. I'm doing exactly what's shown in the video, but nothing happens. The actions are showing correctly on the system tray icon. The Start Menu items adding routine works fine, although IMO it would be better to have the two items in an "Elantech" menu item at the top level rather than in the Accessories folder. I think that if they're put there people won't even notice that they've been added, whereas if something has been added at the top level they will. They can always move them if they don't like them there, I do that all the time after I've installed something new. The removal routine doesn't work, as you feared. I tried tinkering with it, but no joy. It looks a bit vague on the MS page as to whether there should be a space between the comma and the 0x00000002. I tried both ways, but no difference.
  5. Thanks, I will experiment with that! I still think it's strange that it seems to be impossible to invoke the magnifier from the control panel. The magnifier follows the magnification amount and area size settings on the control panel fine, but I still can't mange to actually launch it from the touchpad!
  6. OK I restored the items in the "Click" section in the new INF to match your list, and all seems to be well. The only thing I would still like to have a go at is to put the necessary information into the INF file to add Windows Start Menu entries for ETDMag.exe and ETDDeviceInformation.exe. I looked into doing that, but had a lot of trouble getting my head around the syntax involved!
  7. I went back to the original INF you modified and changed ClickPad_LeftCorner_Click_Enable and ClickPad_RightCorner_Click_Enable to "1". Also ClickPad_LeftCorner_Click_ShowItem and Also ClickPad_RightCorner_Click_ShowItem to "1". Uninstalled and reinstalled, and that seems to have fixed the "buttons" not working. I thought the "ShowItem" options being enabled would show the option in the control panel, but it doesn't seem to. Perhaps that has to be done elsewhere, but it's probably not necessary anyway. After all, why would you want to disable the buttons?! The Corner Tap Zone option still looks very unstable, with the corners flickering and the position indicator arrows round the edge jumping all over the place when the cursor is moved by the touchpad. I don't remember it being like that before, so I will try another install with the original INF to see if it's any better with that.
  8. OK, enabling the "Click" option in the control panel and switching left and right click on works, the buttons immediately come back to life! They remain working after a reboot, but the Click option is no longer in the control panel.
  9. OK, now I'm completely at a loss! I went through the new INF, and restored all the lines that were disabled by ;# at the beginning of them. I did that by copying them below the originals and removing the ;# on all of the copied lines. This was just so I could easily see what I'd changed. That should surely be OK? I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling again, and the touchpad "mouse buttons" still don't work! I must have missed something, but I cannot see what it is. Either that or something else is wrong with the INF with has nothing to do with the newly disabled lines. I've attached it, please can you check that I've not missed anything! ETDRestored.inf
  10. You could well be right about a connection there. I've looked, and the corner tap function actually looks very unhappy at the moment, the corner adjustment bars are flickering around, and the corner highlights flickering on and off! I guess something has been disabled which it needs to function properly, so if that's affected the mouse click functions as well that would make perfect sense!
  11. Thanks, but the touchpad isn't actually disabled, I can still move the cursor around with it, and tap to click. It's the "mouse clicking" function on the bottom left and right corners which isn't working, but the strange thing is that the animation on the system tray icon is still showing the clicks, they're just not doing anything!
  12. Well I just tried another uninstall and reinstall, with those settings enabled, and the button clicks don't work again! Back to the drawing board.........
  13. Well I haven't tried every single combination of enabling and disabling them, but the following entries seem to all need to be enabled for the touchpad "mouse buttons" to work - HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_Enable,%REG_DWORD%,0 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_Up_Range,%REG_DWORD%,400 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_Down_Range,%REG_DWORD%,25 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_Left_Range,%REG_DWORD%,800 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_Right_Range,%REG_DWORD%,800 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_IdleTime_ShowItem,%REG_DWORD%,0 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_IdleTime_Enable,%REG_DWORD%,0 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_IdleTime,%REG_DWORD%,3 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SmartArea_IdleTime_Unit,%REG_DWORD%,1000 The other entries in that section don't need to be enabled. As we never determined what the "SmartArea" settings were supposed to do, I now have a theory! I'm wondering if the "SmartArea" is actually the area of the touchpad where pushing down on it is registered to be a mouse click. As there is only one physical switch, the software has to tell when the front part of the pad is pressed whether it's a click, and whether it's a left click or a right click. If those settings are not present it could be that the touchpad "active area" for mouse clicking might be disabled completely, so no "clicking" on the touchpad is detected at all. Of course, the fact that the system tray icon still shows the "clicks" would seem to contradict that, but that's all I've got!
  14. The problem appears to be in the "SmartArea" section, but I haven't yet determined which setting or settings in that section are the cause. I will carry on eliminating them and let you know the culprit or culprits!
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