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  1. Ooh, I'm sure @dencorso is really excited!
  2. Yes, only tzchange.exe updated.
  3. Do you actually have an XP installation disk (ideally with the correct service pack level)? If so, the drivers should just reinstall from that, although they may then need subsequent updates of course. Why they should have disappeared is a mystery, although that MS article does sound like possibly the same scenario. As you say though, the offered fixes are no good on an XP system. Have you tried just doing a System Restore? Clutching at straws a bit, and they never work for me, but perhaps worth a try.
  4. All updated OK here, and pleased to see that they actually updated the version numbers of the IE files this month, which they didn't seem to bother to do in March! Strangely, I've just noticed a copy of iexplore.exe in my \system32 folder. I have no idea how it got there! I've deleted it......
  5. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Thanks, that certainly looks like the latest versions of the files.
  6. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Is there any way of knowing what version those ffmpeg files actually are?
  7. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Strange, that version of Skype has always worked OK for me. I assume you've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it again? What's your version of mshtml.dll if you're suspicious of that? Mine is 8.0.6001.24032. The only problems I have had with with that version of Skype (and I only use it for text-based messaging, not for voice or video calls) is that the home page doesn't work, which is a known issue mentioned earlier in the thread, and I also noticed the other day a problem when I copied and pasted a block of text into the message field. It produced a block of either Chinese or Japanese characters instead of the text! Pasting the text a bit at a time seemed to work, although the font size seemed to vary. All OK when it was sent though. Also someone sent me a video on Skype yesterday, which I couldn't play or download. When I clicked on it, it opened my browser with a page telling me that my version of Skype was out of date (which it is of course!) and either update it (not an option of course) or use the web version. The web version played the video but I could see no way to save it. I later tried in Windows 10 with the current version of Skype Desktop (not the Windows 10 app) and in Skype itself I could play and download the video. Apart from those niggles, seems to work fine. It has certainly never crashed on me.
  8. Well I didn't ask you anything, I just thought that whitelisting the program if it's being continually flagged was the easiest thing to do to work round the problem.
  9. Surely the scanning process still takes place when updating is set to automatic? If that's the case, systems which aren't left on 24/7 would presumably probably never get updated, as every time they are rebooted the scan starts again from scratch, and they will always get rebooted again before it finishes! It's only happening with modified XP system AFAIK, later Windows version scan manually absolutely fine. I don't know whether the problem exists on native POSReady systems too. I'm sure something was published here a while ago that implied that it was a deliberate action by Microsoft, but what their motives might have been, who knows? I've looked but I can't find it now.
  10. I thought Widevine fundamentally didn't work on Windows XP? Maybe Chrome has internal support for it, as it has for some codecs.
  11. Well I can't check out DAZN on my system as it's a subscription only service as far as I can see, but usually right clicking on a video will reveal what mechanism is being used to play it. If it's using a plugin, such as Flash or Silverlight, the plugin details will usually appear on the popup that appears when you right click. HTML5 usually will just pop up controls like "mute/unmute" and sometimes statistics.
  12. So what is it using now, HTML5 or Flash? The test page is working fine for me using the HTML5 player with Firefox 52.7.3 ESR.
  13. Good to hear! I'm afraid this will happen every month when the "Patch Tuesday" updates are released. The next one is due on April 10th. We've all got very used to this procedure every month now! Someone will post links here to download all the updates, and you will need to grab the Internet Explorer one at least and install it manually. Once you've done that, any others should be found and installed quickly using the normal Windows Update or Microsoft Update mechanism. If you don't install the IE update manually first, it will scan for ages before offering the updates. I think my record is four days on my netbook! You can of course just download and install all the updates manually if you want to. Cheers, Dave.
  14. Doesn't Avast! have a whitelisting exceptions system? I thought all AV programs had one.
  15. It is almost certainly the update system causing this, even if you have it turned off in the Control Panel. You'll probably have to stop and disable the Windows Update service to prevent it. It should only do it if you have pending updates though, specifically the problem is caused by the Internet Explorer updates, and the Office updates if you have any MS Office components installed. If you manually install KB4089187 if it isn't installed already, it should stop it, and you can then scan for any other updates using Windows Update or Microsoft Update. Hopefully it will then be fine until the next Patch Tuesday!