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  1. The usual one is here - https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html You have to accept the licence agreement as usual, but annoyingly you now also have to log in to Oracle as well, which means you have to register with them. It's not a big issue to do that though, and I've never had spam from them or anything like that. There may well be other places you can get the file if you don't want to do that. HTH.
  2. FWIW, Java 8 Update 241 seems to be now out, I was just prompted to update to it on Windows 10.
  3. Well it looks, unsurprisingly, as graph.exe is involved with the handling and creating of graphs in Office programs. Maybe that's a facility that I haven't got installed, I've only got the bits of Office installed that I actually need to use, Outlook isn't installed for instance. Graph.exe is there on my Windows 10 installation of Office 2010, but only in install source folders, not in the program folders, so I guess that's the same scenario. KB4484243 is an update for Excel, the program executable and the converter, so I guess it wouldn't install if Excel wasn't enabled?
  4. Off topic again, but there's no sign of the new Edge here today, it wasn't included in the Patch Tuesday updates as I thought it might be. It's probably updated using the normal app update mechanism though, so there's still time, although it didn't appear on a manual update check on the Microsoft Store.
  5. Two updates this month, KB4484243 and KB4484236. Several minutes of scanning on Microsoft Update again, but it found them eventually. No problems with either of them. Strangely, the second update only updates a file called "graph.exe", which doesn't seem to exist on my system!
  6. OK, so what did he mean by "I'm positive that Chrome 360 is based on a newer version of Chromium solely on the fact that it is the only XP browser that can load the new YouTube desing (sic)." I assume the last word should have been "design"!
  7. Well, I look forward to Patch Tuesday then, can't wait to see if the new Edge looks any different. I don't use it on Windows 10 anyway, I use Firefox.
  8. So Extreme Explorer 360 is the only XP browser that displays the new YouTube GUI on older hardware, and that's what @Windows 2000 meant?
  9. What new design is that? YouTube looks exactly the same to me on Firefox 52 ESR on Windows XP as it does on Firefox 72 on Windows 10. Should I be seeing something different on Windows 10?
  10. It doesn't look very old to me, the fact that it (presumably) has a touch screen rather than hardware buttons would bear that out.
  11. No problem, I'm sure that the mods will see that there's actually no problem with the post you accidentally reported. Hopefully they will read this as well and realize what happened!
  12. Off-topic, but is the Chromium version of Edge actually deployed in the latest version of Windows 10 (1909)? If so, I haven't seen any difference, so I guess the UI is exactly the same as before.
  13. No problem I've found it now! Still seems to be perfectly OK here, both videos play fine, and it looks exactly the same as all other channels.
  14. Sorry, I can't find that Instagram account to check it. Just to confirm, is it called "alexii__._ dance"? The formatting looks a bit odd.
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