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  1. Dave-H

    Beware Office 2010 Updates!

    There were indeed several Office 2010 updates in this months Patch Tuesday package, but none replaced MSO.DLL again. I did see there was an update to kernel32.dll for the first time in a while, and I wondered if perhaps they'd added the missing GetDateFormatEx function, but sadly not. I reinstalled KB4461522 and Office immediately completely failed again. Let's hope they do address the problem soon, as surely XP compatibility should be maintained for as long as Office 2010 is itself supported, as it was sold on the basis that it was compatible with XP.
  2. Yes, it finally works! Once again, how long did that take?! Terrible response time, but at least they fixed it before the updates completely ended. I got the Avast warning too, it said it had quarantined the rpcss.dll file, but as said it didn't seem to matter, all updates installed OK.
  3. Dave-H

    Beware Office 2010 Updates!

    Yes, just uninstall KB4461522 from Add/Remove Programs and it should come good. That update replaces MSO.DLL, which then seems to be making a call to a function which does not exist in XP. I still hope we might get a fixed version in the latest Patch Tuesday updates, which I haven't been offered yet.
  4. I've been trying to use Avast for the last few weeks after Trend Internet Security suddenly told me that the version I'd been using for several years was now out of support and I had to update to carry on using it. Needless to say the next and following versions doesn't work on XP! I have had a lot of problems with Avast 18 on XP, in fact the only version I found the installer online for which would work properly on my system was version 12.3. I decided I did like it and was willing to pay for it, which gave me access to technical support, and to cut a long story short, apparently "some" XP systems have problems with the latest versions. I was given a link to download 18.3, which actually mainly worked where 18.7 (the current version) would not at all. The main problem with 18.7 was that the main antivirus service refused to run, which meant that most of it, including the UI, would not work! Apparently this is only affecting some XP systems, so you may be lucky. I would certainly try the free version first. If that doesn't work, none of them will. 18.3 still has two services which won't start on my system, the main service is very slow starting, and doesn't release the registry properly on shutdown, making the system hang for ages on "saving your settings". It's also causing a System Restore error to be logged on every boot, and is stopping IE8 working properly at all, it just keeps on freezing and has to be forcibly terminated. All of this is supposed to be fixed in 18.8, which will be the final version of 18, and the last for XP. They hope all the problems will be fixed for that.
  5. Dave-H

    Beware Office 2010 Updates!

    Office 2007 won't receive this update anyway, as it's out of support. I've now reinstalled KB2863821, and it is fine. I guess I'll just hide KB4461522 and hope a version that works appears next Tuesday, but I'm not holding my breath!
  6. Dave-H

    Beware Office 2010 Updates!

    Thanks. It doesn't actually look as if the updates are that important, just something to do with changes to the Japanese calendar. I'm now being offered them both again. I suspect that @Mathwizis right, MS have indeed broken XP compatibility with KB4461522. I hope they fix it, and don't just say that XP isn't supported any more. I wasn't sure BTW whether to put this thread here or in the Office forum. As it almost certainly does only affect Office 2010 users running it on XP, I guess this was the right place, but mods do feel free to move it!
  7. Dave-H

    Beware Office 2010 Updates!

    Microsoft Update offered me two suppsedly important updates for Office 2010 on Windows XP a couple of days ago, KB2863821 and KB4461522. They installed fine, but the next day I came to use Word, and it would not run, with the error message - Application popup: winword.exe - Entry Point Not Found : The procedure entry point GetDateFormatEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. This was followed by "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application". I quickly found that no Office programs would now run, with the same error messages. I removed the two updates, and all returned to normal. I have no idea which of the updates caused the problem, and I haven't been offered either of them again so far, but if you are offered them, beware as they may well completely break your Office installation!
  8. Yes, they do take a very long time to install, especially the updates for .NET 4. I've never had a problem installing them though.
  9. They did. The last version I have is from August 2016, version 5.39.12900.0. You can come out now!
  10. Dave-H

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    Quantum won't work on XP though, if it did we'd all be using it! I did try Maxthon a while ago, and while it was a very interesting browser (the ability to switch between using the Chromium rendering engine and the IE Trident engine was especially bizarre I thought!) it does use a very old version of Chromium, at least it did when I tried it, which IMO made it potentially less secure than Firefox 52.
  11. Dave-H

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    Thanks, thank goodness it's not an intrinsic problem! I ran Firefox in Safe Mode (which I should have tried in the first place of course!) and it was fine. By process of elimination, I discovered that the problem was being caused by Adblock Plus, which had updated to a new version without me realising, which must have triggered the problem. I've disabled it on Facebook, and all is now fine. Why it was only causing a problem with Facebook and not apparently anywhere else is a mystery, but all is well again now!
  12. Dave-H

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    Is anyone else using Firefox 52.9 ESR suddenly having terrible problems with Facebook? All other sites seem to be OK, but Facebook has suddenly become almost unusable, with constant freezing of the pages and indeed the whole browser. After a very long wait, Firefox eventually pops up a notice about an unresponsive script. If I close the script, the page response immediately returns to normal, but unfortunately the problem comes back immediately if I go to another page on Facebook. I just want to see if anyone else is seeing this, so I can try to eliminate if anything else on my system might be causing it. Thanks, Dave.
  13. Thanks @heinoganda, I'll probably just leave the program in the internet security program's exceptions list rather than switch off any of its functions. It seems to be fine like that. Cheers and thanks again, Dave.
  14. Thanks! Unfortunately, when I ran version 1.6, it was immediately blocked by my internet security program. It didn't actually delete the file, but it stopped it running. I've had to add it to the exceptions list. This has not happened with any previous version. Sadly the internet security program doesn't seem to have logged its action, so I can't see what it thought the problem was!