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  1. I've always thought (assumed) that if Malwarebytes 3.5.1 were compromised in any way that would make it ineffective in protecting an XP system, its paying users would be informed. As it is as long as its pattern files are being kept up to date that's good enough for me. I was sorry that I could never get Avast (or AVG) to work properly on my system, I never found out why. Malwarebytes was the fallback, and I've never had any cause to regret that.
  2. I've been using that for several years now too, it works very well, and they say it will continue to receive pattern updates for the foreseeable future. It isn't free though. The free version of MB still works on XP too AFAIK, but has no real-time scanning.
  3. I suppose at least some of the pinned threads, especially the locked ones, could be put into a "reference topics" subfolder? That would always be at the top of the board with the other two subfolders. Would that make them too much less obvious to people looking for help though?
  4. I do agree with you @ArcticFoxie to some extent, but I have always considered pinned threads, on any forum, to be reference material. They are there for forum users, especially new ones, to easily find information about commonly encountered problems. Of course what is an important problem, worthy of being given such permanent prominence, is very much a matter of opinion! I would like to hear the opinions of my fellow moderators on this. @dencorso@Tripredacus@Tommy
  5. Funny you should do this now, as I've been thinking about consulting my fellow moderators about this very issue for a while now! There do seem to be rather a lot of pinned threads on some of the forums here, and it does need to be discussed as to whether they all still need to be pinned. Do bear in mind that they were all pinned originally for a good reason, at least in the opinion of a moderator, so they shouldn't be unpinned unless they really are now considered to be obsolete.
  6. It sounds like it might be at least a starting point for @Tengereckito get the look he wants back then. Thinking about it more, I now remember that I did some of the customisation using Classic/Open Shell. My inactive windows' title bars are grey, not white, as in my screen grab. That might well have been a Open Shell thing, as was the colour of the taskbar. Active windows' title bars are blue.
  7. Not someone else's theme, it was set up from scratch on a clean install of Windows 10. As I said, colored.msstyles is present in that folder so I would have thought it would work. What happens if you try it? This is what is should look like.
  8. Thank you @UCyborg, I didn't know that, I had assumed, obviously wrongly, that any recent theme file would just work if it was loaded! The only *.msstyles files on my system seem to be default ones. aero.msstyles and aerolite.msstyles in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero and aerolite.msstyles and colored.msstyles in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Colored. They don't look like customised files, the dates are wrong on them. custom.msstyles doesn't seem to exist.
  9. It's one I modified myself from the default, it's not one of the standard ones. I changed the taskbar to blue for instance, along with the highlights. Here it is if you'd like to try it! You can of course modify it to your own liking, but it might give you a starting point. Dave-H.theme
  10. The background to my start menu tiles is blue like on your first image, but I do have a custom theme. Doing that may be the only way to get it the way you want it now I'm afraid. If you save the theme it should be easy to restore it if it gets changed in the future by an update, but that has never happened for me.
  11. Did you have a custom theme before? It may have reverted to the default on an update.
  12. I used to have an Asus netbook with very similar hardware. I went from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 8.1 on it too, and also upgraded the memory (to 4GB) and put an SSD in. It was still pretty slow, but usable. It wouldn't run Windows 10 at all as there was no compatible graphics driver, there are only Windows 7 drivers for that graphics chip. The Windows 7 driver I was using on Windows 8.1 just crashed all the time with Windows 10, and even with Windows 8.1 many Metro apps would crash so I couldn't use them. It was a 1024x600 screen too, but I used a registry hack to allow the graphi
  13. Well I'm not sure what that actually is, but surely not being able to access the database doesn't mean that it doesn't exist any more?
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