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  1. I guess if you were using an older version of Opera or another Chromium-based browser you might need it on a later operating system? IIRC earlier versions of Google Chrome which did support Flash had it build in, and therefore didn't need the plugin, but I may be wrong there.
  2. Have you tried generating a special password for Outlook 2003 in Gmail? In my experience older clients will now no longer work unless you do that, even if they do support TLS v1.2. I'm afraid I've only done it with Yahoo, but I know there is a similar process with Gmail. If you go to Gmail webmail I expect it will be somewhere in your account settings.
  3. The Windows 8/8.1 ActiveX Flash Player was always a separate download, but I've always assumed that it's functionally the same as the one for earlier systems. It's probably because it has a different way of installing into the operating system than it has on earlier versions of Windows..
  4. Glad to hear that you fixed it! @heinogandais still a member, but hasn't posted much in recent months. Try sending him a personal message.
  5. You can check your installed certificates by going to Control Panel>Internet Options>Content Tab>Certificates. Or, perhaps easier to see, run "certificates.msc" which should give you a Management Console snap-in with sections to see the installed user and system certificates.
  6. Thanks, good to hear that from someone who actually uses Gmail!
  7. There is an increasing problem with the compatibility of older e-mail clients with modern systems due to increased security restrictions. As a diehard Eudora user, I know that all too well! The most obvious one is that many e-mail providers now mandate at least TLS v1.2 support to interact with their servers. If Outlook 2003 doesn't support TLS v1.2 that will be an immediate show-stopper with many providers. The other issue is that providers will only support older clients if an "app specific password" is used, which has to be specially generated for the program. This is used on the
  8. Windows 98SE here on a triple boot machine with XP and 10! Keeping the retro stuff I've had installed since the 1990s alive. And well, just because!
  9. Yes, but the Flash files are all still present as far as I can see, although it no longer works because of the time bomb. I would expect a future update to actually remove them, and the associated registry entries as well. I don't think that KB4577586 has been automatically implemented yet, although as you say it may well be included in a future monthly security patch. As far as I can see it wasn't in last Tuesday's patch (KB4598242), and there's no mention of Flash in the patch documentation.
  10. The Flash embedded in the operating system stopped working last Tuesday on Windows 10 as I expected, but that may just have been because of the time bomb in the Flash files. I guess a future OS update may well actually remove all the Flash files as well, at the moment they do seem to be still there.
  11. Belated thanks for that, yes it does work! So, it's not really an "off line" mode then! I still can't get it to work with the 2020 version of the cab file, I just get "0x800B0100 No signature was present in the subject" all the time, even though it's supposed to be SHA-1 signed. The 2019 version works fine.
  12. It's a very good phone, looks really stylish, and as I said before, very compact as well, you hardly know you've got it in your pocket! I really like the principle of clamshell phones, as the screen and keyboard are intrinsically protected when they're folded up. The camera's not great on it, but few were at the time it was current. It does have an SD card facility, which wasn't at all standard then. There's a "slide" version too as well as the "fold" clamshell, but that's enough off-topic!
  13. Thanks, I corrected your post as the whole post was the link! That isn't the phone I had, and I now remember that Nokia confused things horribly by calling two completely different phones by the same model number! This is the one I have.
  14. That link doesn't work I'm afraid, just goes to "page not found". I didn't have any problem using my 6600 fold with Windows XP, have you got the "Nokia Phone Browser" option in your "My Computer" window?
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