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  1. Two more updates today, both seem to be OK. KB4484130 and KB4475569. @roundball Off topic again of course, but I'd be interested to know if they installed on Windows 10 OK for you
  2. Sorry, I didn't realise that Flash support had now been completely removed from YouTube! I thought it might remain for very old videos which were originally Flash only when that's what YouTube completely relied on. As VistaLover says, there are several other encoding methods still used on YouTube, but Flash obviously isn't now one of them!
  3. I suspect that the reason why some videos on YouTube work for you and others don't is that older ones still have a Flash fallback available, and newer ones don't. If you right click on a video that's working and the Flash plugin menu comes up, that would confirm that. As to why the system isn't working as it should for you, all I can suggest is that you go through this thread and double and triple check that all the necessary settings are present and correct in about:config, and that the necessary files are all present in the <Firefox Profile>\gmp-eme-adobe\17 folder. There should be three files there, eme-adobe.dll, eme-adobe.info, and eme-adobe.voucher. It's far more likely that a setting is missing or wrong though. HTH.
  4. OK, no problem, I'm sure the failed update will soon be superseded by another one, indeed perhaps next week! I hope that whenever the next one is that it does install OK for you. Strange to have a failure with no reason or error code given though. Cheers, Dave.
  5. @roundball Sorry for the delay, but this is the Windows 10 update history list I was referring to. Your failed installed of the Office 2010 update for Outlook should be listed there (as mine is) with an error code if it failed. I do realise this Windows 10 stuff is off-topic here!
  6. Thanks, that's good to know! Firefox 52 ESR is absolutely fine at the moment, but the time will come of course when it won't be, so I hope the option to switch to something more up to date on XP, and continue to use Sync with my other Firefox installations, will still be there then!
  7. FWIW, the reason I'm still sticking with FF 52 ESR at the moment is that I want to use the Mozilla Sync system to keep things like my bookmarks and passwords synchronised with my other devices, where I have FF 69 installed, like my phone and other Windows installations. I'm not sure how compatible any of roytam's browsers are with the current Mozilla Sync system, if they are at all.
  8. Certainly any update now carries the risk of breaking compatibility with XP! Did you check to see if YouTube is using HTML5 or Flash in FF 52? If you'd rather now just carry on with FF 51, is everything working OK now?
  9. That sounds like you're not looking where I'm looking. Are you looking at the Windows Update history list? On my Windows 10, if any update fails, there's an entry which says "XX update failed to install on xx date, error code xxxx". Does yours not say that?
  10. Unless you've disabled the function, the add-on will probably automatically update itself to the latest version. It would be interesting to see if it then carries on working.
  11. Yes indeed, sorry for any confusion, I was replying to @Paul75. I'm afraid I have no idea why the latest update won't install on your Windows 10 system. If you look at the Windows Update "View Update History" section, your failed installs should be listed there. Is there an error code quoted?
  12. I suspect that @Sfor's main problem is that his Primetime Content Decryption Module isn't working as it should be on Firefox 52 ESR. The sites which have a problem are I suspect ones which use HTML5 video and no longer have a working Flash fallback system, so they are just throwing up errors when HTML5 fails.
  13. The problem is with the MSO.DLL file. The updates which replace this file are now replacing it with a version that is not compatible with Windows XP. The last compatible version is 14.0.7214.5000, which is date stamped 14th September 2018, and was included in KB4092483. All later versions will not work, and there is no solution to this I'm afraid. Microsoft have been told about this, but not surprisingly have not done anything about it. I'm sure their line now is that none of their software is now supported on Windows XP, even if it was originally.
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