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  1. I was successful combining GPT and Extended MBR in one 6TB Hard Drive with 3 2TB FAT32 Partitions. This is my backup of HP's Driver Library. I now have access to it from 98SE using my Extended MBR and from Windows 7+ using GPT. Only XP is left out at present.
  2. It might take a while longer. I found a new problem to debug.
  3. Yes. I had the Optical Drive Code working back in November, but the Computer would freeze, without any indication why, after starting it. I found an Interrupt Service Routine bug that had locked up the Hard Drive after the Optical Drive had started. I will be sending you an update shortly.
  4. One step away from the abyss. I solved the AHCI Driver problem.
  5. IE 8 in 2018?

    Let me know the next time you read this thread so I can wait outside to catch it.
  6. Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    The same can be done with 9x. I was able to run 32-Bit programs using a Windows 95 core and HX that fit on a Floppy.
  7. Compaq 5008us best processor

    To use a 250GB Internal Hard Drive, you need a good BIOS and a Patch to Windows 9x.
  8. Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    Megabyte or larger web pages are commonplace now. I am talking about the HTML, not the associated graphics. Even the latest browsers with the latest OSes on a less than 2 year old machine can take tens of seconds to load. The main page on my Website is about 3 pages, 4KB of plain HTML, loads in less than a second, and is compatible with every browser even Lynx.
  9. Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    I have not worked with Windows 2000 to know how it performs. same with Linux. I have a Driver for AHCI which should also work for M2 SATA Drives. Making a NVME Driver would probably not be that difficult. I'm not sure what you are referring to by "limited" Multiprocessing. I haven't purchased any 2018 hardware so far. The improvements over the 2016 hardware I already have is not compelling. Windows 9x has so much less bloat than newer OSes that a lot of things run faster. When I install Windows 10, I can't even tell when it is finished without switching my Monitor back to it because the disk drive indicator is flashing just as much as when the installer is active. The speed improvements in the hardware are being eaten up by the increased overhead in the OS. I can watch SD Videos in full screen mode on a 6200 PCI Card with 98SE, not with Windows 10 in the same computer. Obviously software written to use newer OSes won't run on 9x, so of course you cannot make comparisons. You need to compare performance with programs that are compatible with both OSes.As far as difficulties with newer hardware is concerned, this is going to be a problem with any OS, not just 9x. The next generation chips will only support Windows 10 fully, so you will be playing catch up forever. Eventually the incompatibilities will be overwhelming for 9x but I don't think it will be in 2018. When it does, a lot of perfectly good hardware and software will be wasted. Attitudes like yours are why NASA cannot recover control of the IMAGE Satellite. They don't have the software or OSes they were using when they lost contact with the satellite in 2005. Incidentally, this topic is about 2013, so if you want to argue about 2018, maybe you should open a new thread for your rants. Or better yet, choose a different section of MSFN appropriate for your preferred OS where you can post some more productive comments.
  10. Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    I can say 9x is faster with a "straight face" without any hesitation. I ran a Mathematical calculation last year using all 8 cores and about 29GB of RAM with far less overhead than would have been possible with any later OS.
  11. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Thanks for the info. I downloaded it and it runs nicely on 98SE with my Wrappers.
  12. Spectre_Meltdown Erik August + Stephan Vanderkhof Poc

    It doesn't work. I got the same result when I tried to compile the original code myself.
  13. Windows XP License

    The License has to match the XP Version (home, professional, etc.) not the service pack level. The Service Packs are free so you could always upgrade later if you started with older Media. Read the exact License terms on the CD. You may be able to sell the License legally if you destroy all your copies installed with that License.
  14. ATI Radeon X1800XT for Windows 9x?

    9x can be installed to a SATA Hard Drive but will probably need my SATA Patch. Installing to an USB Drive would require some modification to the Installation process.
  15. Windows 95C on a Dell Latitude D510

    Running USB 2, Keyboards, and/or Mice, on Windows 95 requires a very messy Hybrid Setup. You can run USB Keys at USB 1 rates using USB2STOP and my Driver from the latest XUSBSUPP.