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  1. Well, I got most of these. I know I have the rest, I've seen them but they weren't in the stuff I had easily accessible.
  2. I have yet to go through stuff on what I think are his testing machines. I have plans for doing that mid next week though. I can use this info (knowing that there might be an RFDISK 3.1) to help me figure out if I'm looking at something more recent than what I am working off of.
  3. The biggest issue is that he just has so much data and replication of data. It's hard to find things. I remember the HP drivers. He was a bit of a data hoarder! Good point about the compatibility issue. It would suit him for everything to be as minimalist as possible. Makes me wonder if the SSL certificate is a problem or not. Thank you for this. Feel free to upload and spread around whatever materials of his you have. It's the only way to keep it alive. I attached makewrap.cpp, is that what you referred to? He liked very simple tools for things like debugging. I
  4. I think I'll have to set up one of his computers to find it. I have a feeling it isn't in the "active" set of stuff I'm looking at. Thanks! Uploading them without going through them would not be a good idea. Right off the bat, there is customer information scattered in there. I already seen some family photos in the mix and even some code that I know is not relevant. I wouldn't want to just throw it out there. I can hold my own in regards to programming knowledge so that isn't a concern. A repo can be made at any point and anyone here could do it if they felt inclined to do so.
  5. The site is live. I'm going to post some of his packages onto it today. If you'd like me to link to you as a supporter/mirror/whatever, just let me know. I found that drive he purchased and I couldn't read it on my own machine, I haven't gotten around to seeing if it would read on one of his own. I did a quick grep for SCSI and WD in his source folder (at least the one that I think has everything) and attached what I found. I don't think this is the relevant portion though. I'll keep it in mind when I'm looking through things though! INT1587.C SCANHDC.C
  6. You are welcome to put something up. I just got the rloewelectronics.com domain that I'll put everything on as I sort it out. Reading your post, I think he had given me a copy of Borland's Turbo C compiler at some point. It does seem like he had some sort of custom handling of his includes.
  7. Thank you, I've been in touch with @LoneCrusader regarding his cotnact with my father. I appreciate what you've done with my dad's account. I have found some source code, lots of it, so I know some of it isn't related to his patches. I'm going to make that stuff available too once I actually have some free time (my life was already busy before all of this). @LoneCrusader mentioned to me that he might have been using a custom compiler which I am unaware of at the moment so it may not just compile nicely. But, I've attached a few of the TRIM named files (and what look like dependencies h
  8. I am glad that he had found friends here. I never really knew the extent of all of his Win9x work. My current desktop can still boot into Win9x because of him, although, I haven't in a while. I would like to try to provide some closure for others so I'll give a timeline of what happened. You may or may not have known that my father had heart issues. He had a mild heart attack in his 40s. August 19th: Goes in for angiogram, gets fast tracked for triple bypass surgery. He left me a message midday about it and I called him that evening. We discussed the options they gave him and he seem
  9. I didn't realize that people would find out so soon about my father's passing. I wanted to express my appreciation of the impact he has had for many of you with all his work on Windows. I got to hear about it for years over meals and I never realized how many people found value in his patches. It is a busy time right now but I did want to clear the air regarding the patches. I would like them to continue to be distributed, for his work to be remembered and to be beneficial to others. So, please, freely distribute what you may have in terms of the work my dad did. When things are more sett
  10. DOS has a simpler implementation of FAT32 than Windows 9x. I was able to Patch it to work up to 32K. VFAT only supported 2K until I Patched it for 4K. Above 4K I think there are issues with Caching since Caching is done by Memory Pages which are 4K. I have identified two internal variables that don't have valid values when larger Sectors are used.
  11. Apparently for all versions of Windows. Patched DOS can go to 32KiB Sectors for a maximum of 128TiB per Partition. Patched 9x can support Drives larger than 16TiB but with a maximum Partition size of 16TiB.
  12. I decided to take the plunge. I tried 8K and 16K Sectors. Neither worked in XP. CHKDSK did seem to understand and repair a NTFS Partition. Formatting failed for either FAT32 or NTFS. WD Formatter could reset and reformat the Drive. Windows 2000 rebooted when I connected the Drive with 16K Sectors. Windows 8 doesn't support 16K Sectors. Windows 98SE did not support 16K Sectors even after further patching of VFAT. Raw access was available, as well as ASPI so I can set or reset the Drive as needed. My RFDISK and RFORMAT tools can handle 16K Sectors as they were desig
  13. It is not currently on my website, you can contact me directly. I will list it if I see more interest. It is called ALIGNDRV.
  14. It is possible to add AHCI Boot to an Installed IDE system as well as the reverse. The former is documented on the Internet. I plan to add NVME to the options in the future.
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