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  1. rloew

    A world of problems.

    Check the power supply.
  2. rloew

    Windows 98 Hard drive Cloning

    To be sure, he would have to post the MBR of the original Hard Drive. A new Drive as well as a GPT MBR is blank. Simply partitioning a Drive without making it bootable might not initialize the MBR Code. Mine won't unless you tell it specifically to do so.
  3. rloew

    Windows 98 Hard drive Cloning

    It doesn't matter how you run Windows 9x. When it enumerates the Hard Drives, it checks each MBR and puts a signature in any MBR that does not appear to have one.
  4. rloew

    Windows 98 Hard drive Cloning

    The four bytes at 0xDC in the MBR is a signature that Windows 9x writes when there are only zeroes between 0xDA and 0xE0. Windows has big problems when the checksum of two MBRs are identical so it adds a signature to new MBRs or if blank. It corrupted one of my Amiga Hard Drives by doing that.
  5. You will need either my SATA Patch or AHCI Driver to support 32-Bit File Access.
  6. rloew

    A world of problems.

    Disconnect the Hard Drive and try to boot. I have seen BIOSes that hang with certain MBRs.
  7. rloew

    Activate all processor cores at startup

  8. In this case, I would patch the relevant files and burn a new CD.
  9. rloew

    Can Windows XP Pro x86 *Safely* TRIM an SSD?

    I focus more on Windows 9x Applications. NTFS TRIM Programs already existed. I don't have enough documentation on NTFS to write one. You can TRIM a NTFS Partition by Zero filling it and then use the Zero TRIM Mode in my Program.
  10. rloew

    Newer motherboards that support WinXP

    I am not aware of a NVME driver for XP. Also I have not seen a CSM based NVME Boot. Are you sure you are using NVME not SATA or AHCI?
  11. XP SP3 does support PAE. Only support for 64-Bit RAM was dropped.
  12. Gmail blocks all executables, even in renamed zips. I had to develop my own encoding to send my Patches to my Gmail Customers.
  13. rloew

    help to find AM4 AHCI driver for XP?

    I have a test driver that you can use. You can reach me at rloew@hotmail.com to arrange transfer and discuss methods.
  14. rloew

    help to find AM4 AHCI driver for XP?

    I patched the AHCIX86 Driver to be generic. It works with AMD and Intel CPUs. It has not been tested with any Ryzen boards.
  15. rloew

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Only 4Kn Internal Drives need Windows 7. These are normally used only in servers. 512e Drives require proper partitioning or formatting to be used efficiently but run just fine in XP. 512n is the format used by older Drives and does not require any special considerations.