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  1. Well I am not gonna lie to you.. It helps to not p*** me off. I am well aware of my flaws. I am also aware that the bulk of what you have experienced from me here has been negative. But as I alluded to that isn't the totality of reality. Posts like the last one I have been making for years and years on the Pale Moon forums. But like here, people do have a tendency to p*** me off when they don't listen or try to understand basic concepts. However, I am also still against there still not being branding and specifically still not happy that trunk and/or unreleased code that happens to exist is being distributed. Branding would be an instafix. I might even help you on occasion. I have been exploring this stuff for over 10 years and have been actively involved in stuff for over five years. I know a lot. AND I know something else.. As far as the applications in binoc-central are concerned... I can help you a lot more than what will ever be be permitted in the UXP repo. Here is what I am going to offer to you roytam1 et all: Formulate branding for Navigator and Mail (a large size png logo and a name) and start building following defacto release code and I will do the work upstream to implement the branding it plus his patches under the ifdef XP_WHISTLER. That way there is less of a burden downstream and maybe roytam1 can establish a more legit (in my eyes) thing. You will still have to use your modified UXP but you could start to use binoc-central as-is. BONUS: Do it for Pale Moon and Basilisk too and I will actually support your efforts to any XP Users and add you as non-aligned on thereisonlyxul.org. I will also teach and help you setup facilities like aus, the blocklist, etc. Allow me to reiterate: Branding and using release code rather than trunk code and you guys can rise and serve the Windows XP (and Vista I guess) Community in a way that has yet to be seen. You have this chance once again. I'd suggest you not squander the opportunity.
  2. > Oh crap, Tobin's here.. what insanity does he have this time? WELL non-existant but likely quote, I am gonna clarify both the Navigator version reduction and the deal with FUEL. The reason the version was changed to a lower version is because I intend to start making releases of what is essentially an unfinished product and thus isn't 1.0 quality. I announced this would be happening eventually some months ago but other priorities have delayed it. When it does happen, consider it a public beta and technology preview with a goal of reaching a true 1.0 status. As for fuel.. As Australis Technology progressed, FUEL was an ancient developmental burden in the eyes of Firefox developers. It was eventually depercated and removed from Firefox. Proper Basilisk comes from a time where FUEL was long gone and the Australis Technology progressed (or is that regressed) the specific capabilities of the browser application code. It doesn't make much sense with the custom Australis Based UI of the main window. As for its deprecation in Pale Moon.. As you may know, the specific Application code for Pale Moon 28 is actually an uplifted and evolved form of code that started life in 2013 as Firefox 24 modified for Pale Moon 24 though 26, ported to Tycho for Pale Moon 27, and ported again to UXP for Pale Moon 28. There is absolute continuity for the application specific code from 2013 to today regardless of the platform codebase. This has been my design and the bulk of my research and contribution over the past five years. Pale Moon has stayed Pale Moon as I have promised so shall it is. I considered removing FUEL but decided against it for extension compatibility reasons and instead added a deprecation warning so that forks and new extensions do not use the component. It is not outside the realm of possibility it could be removed at a future date but it is exceedingly improbable. Think what you will about me and how I conduct my self but truth be told I have been the driving force for years in ensuring as much compatibility with extensions as reasonably can be achieved and the general continuity of Pale Moon AS what everyone expects Pale Moon to be. Without that influence over the years, I shudder to think what might have happened. Likely potential eventualities may have followed a path similar to the likes of Cyberfox and Waterfox. We shall never know because not only will my influence never be wiped out and I shall never be stopped from continuing forward on the path I helped to lay out. Sometimes you have to accept the good with the bad and perhaps I am neither.. Or perhaps I am all those things and more.
  3. That's fine. I'll just continue to educate users when they show up. Leave it to a Romulan to create this atmosphere of mistrust. Good day.
  4. These people aren't trolls they are misguided people because they were told at one point that these builds ARE "Pale Moon" but for Windows XP or told "Interlink" but for Windows XP. And it spread. Now it may not have been the original intention of non-english speakers to present it as such and yet it still goes on. This has continued to happen especially at Pale Moon but is also continuing for Interlink and even people for Borealis which btw has STILL not been officially released and yet they are running it on Windows XP. This confusion exists and it is real and must be acknowledged. My problem has always been that it is bad enough that poor a** linux builders create inferior Pale Moon branded builds which we have to go after and for which we get blamed on for their poor performance and misconfigured builds but we also have to deal with these Windows XP people who can't tell the difference because like it or not it WAS presented as such when you guys first started off. There is proof of that. What do we want? Exactly what we said.. Complete disassociation. I still think that your projects could fill a need of people even if that need is based on ignorance and misconception of reality but needs never the less but you HAVE to do more than just made some code changes and not use official branding.. The mistakes were already made and you must actively correct it. I also believe people using development builds as the ONLY source beyond "MyPal" is a terrible idea especially for something like Navigator which is still unfinished. My biggest problem has been the adhoc nature of this endeavor.. Why not make something more than a blogger blog and a thread on msfn.. Why not create unique product branding and why not learn that some of your collective decisions aren't the best in general let alone to achieve your goal. You want me to see you as more than half-assed badly modified XP builds.. Than BE more than half-assed badly modified XP builds. I still don't see any improvement on that front and it has been at least two years since this whole mess has started and I have offered to help in that regard and was shot down every time. Still not willing to do the number one thing we collectively asked for for two years.. Create your own branding. Where is it? So I feel like I have to force the issue with EVERY issue just to get SOMETHING done and that in and of its self p***es me the hell off. If I remove unofficial branding will you then create new branding? Or will you just restore the unofficial branding.. OR WORSE YET will you go back to violating my rights and use whatever branding is left? See, I don't know and in two of those cases which are far more likely based on the past two years the core issue remains.. Which p***es me off that you don't acknowledge: Confusion of users about what exactly they are running.. My second biggest problem will be that little to nothing is done to crush that perception which branding should solve. I don't want to hear that someone is running "Interlink on Windows XP" or "Borealis on Windows XP" because that isn't what they are running.. Not by a long shot. This is a falsehood that is being allowed to continue and as long as it is being allowed to continue I will never hold any of you in anything but abject contempt. And that is where I am on the whole thing. I can't ignore you and it seems I also can't help you. So all I can do is dislike you and try to educate anyone I come across. Nothing will change until SOMETHING changes. The first true step aside from a single sentence on a web page is BRANDING and BRANDING is the start to your future as something other than what I despise. As an aside, unique branding won't be very affected if at all by any code changes we do and you can override our default set preferences without there being merge conflicts or worrying about our pref changes if you specify them in branding.. That alone would harden your product choices against our normal development to a degree. That alone should encourage you to make it so. My next course of action will be determined by your choices.. So what is it to be? You gonna take that first step to being unique and a force unto yourselves or do I keep having to fight you at every turn coming up with more and more ridiculous ways to get something to change out here? That is about as diplomatic as I get in these cases. Decide.
  5. Okay, couple of things.. First and foremost, I am not Moonchild. I am not here to comment on what may or may not be happening in regards to the builds that use Pale Moon or Basilisk code. Binary Outcast != Moonchild Productions. I represent my self and Binary Outcast. Now, I am here to ask you to keep your dog off my lawn. This is not unreasonable though I sometimes phrase it unreasonably. The fact that you think I need a disclaimer is ridiculous seeing as Mozilla doesn't need a disclaimer about us. They simply tell everyone that they aren't the makers of it and that they should p*** off. They want our dogs to stay off their lawn too. However, I did as suggested and he did as I suggested. Of course that wasn't the end of it it. It had to continue right? So let's continue. Windows XP and Vista support was dropped from UXP broadly because the code paths and support of them for an 18 year old operating system is NOT reasonable. The Classical Mozilla Codebase is massive with many parts and a good portion is 3rd party libs glued together in a very fragile way. We know how this works through 10 years of experimentation and research. Restoring NT 5x compatibility isn't as simple as reverting a few commits unless you never plan to change any of the rest of the code. You bring up Basilisk's WebExtensions.. Well the fact is, WebExtension support was NEVER going to advance and it was a huge mistake to leave it in Basilisk in the first place. Once the ESR the WebExtension support was left at all the WebExtensions stopped supporting it and I knew damn well this was going to be the outcome. As for the security argument? Yes, WebExtensions as Mozilla has implemented them are terribly insecure requiring dozens of related security patches every month. You haven't seen them and we have so you cannot attest to it and if you THINK you know anything about it you are just lying your a** off. Basilisk Tab Containers which was never enabled by default was an unfinished and immature incarnation of the Firefox feature considered experimental at the fork off level. It was never meant to be a feature which is why it wasn't enabled by default or touted as a feature unique to Basilisk and thus was slated for removal the moment we found it as a thing that existed. You act like you understand our collective development decisions but you don't have any clue because you aren't us nor are you involved in it. Back to the area where I have supreme authority, Binary Outcast Projects. Now, what I want above all the bul***** is just to do my projects and not have you guys or your dogs crapping on my lawn. However, if this continues I may have to just shut down my projects and forget doing them at all. I only have 7 months of mandatory support for the email client as per the original terms for funding the Interlink Mail & News project at that time I can shut it down and obliterate it from existence if I so choose. If I do that there will be no more updates for which these builds can utilize. Since, roytam1 or the other guy who I can't be bothered to look up his name don't do true development.. That means the end of the builds here except for they will still do builds but will never advance. I don't want to do that but I will because my lawn is my f****** lawn. Stay off it and you won't have to worry about me coming here and dumping the refuse I pick up back on yours. As for my wish to have constructive dialog that could still be done but the fact is there is no good medium to do that and here isn't exactly sufficient. It is too bad that these XP projects have no true infra for that to happen. Merely leeching off other people's services.
  6. You could just say something along the lines of "These projects have no affiliation with any upstream community code sources or organizations. Please direct all support or related questions to X". It doesn't take a p***ed off man with a 137 IQ to work that out.
  7. So the confusion doesn't exist except that users are confused and coming to me. Look, I am simply tired of explaining it. I shouldn't HAVE to disclaim downstream projects or explain to user after user how what they are running isn't my project. You want constructive? Well how about providing a real website, real branding, and real support venues and making it clear that the projects are NOT related to their upstream. Instead of this smattering of low level fragmented non-efforts provided thus far.. I had no intention of returning back here but your users are confused and bothering me. So this becomes your problem. BUT if you think it will help.. Here: http://binaryoutcast.com/projects/interlink/#faq
  8. I have just encountered my third Windows XP user using your builds asking for information and support. WILL YOU PLEASE STOP REPRESENTING YOUR PROJECTS AS MINE. Create your own branding or end your foolish projects. Do this or I will revoke the repository again and start rewriting major parts of it as proprietary software.
  9. The "classic" / "default" / "basic" theme needs a lot of work. The long term goal is to better match Interlink's classic theme. Though, classic isn't exactly high priority in Borealis development even though what you are using is NOT a BinOC product as I THOUGHT we already established. Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL6NrOQzSLY&feature=youtu.be&t=8s
  10. @roytam1 Ok.. I have maybe hopefully resolved the unofficial branding situation with the navigator.. Any further mentions of Borealis in the application or package are either for profile compatibility reasons so your users aren't screwed, due to the mozilla build system, or something I missed or need to further change. These aspects I will not hold you responsible for. So you can start producing your builds again. Do keep in mind I am still changing stuff so your buildablity may vary.
  11. That is fine and all.. But when it hasn't even been released it is in flux a lot more than continued development on an already release product. Also, as pointed out before, there is the possibility of not everything being legally cleaned up never mind the potential for data loss or corruption.
  12. Once I get the branding issues sorted out on my side, proper generic branding, my branding, and proper separation of the remaining bits of branding that weren't somehow done in the past 10 years over at the SeaMonkey Project.. Give me time.. Besides, you shouldn't be using the navigator anyway.. It isn't even finished. I already got rid of that. Nothing to see here, move along. Also, you can direct-link. :)
  13. @LoneCrusader Yes, I did do Pale Moon for Windows XP starting with XP64. Windows XP 64bit was actually NT 5.2 so it's code lifetime was in line (even if Microsoft fudged it) with Server 2003. I did expand to doing XP32 as well and I decided I would provide builds specifically for Windows XP since the codebase we used in combo with the compiler optimizations didn't like NT51 compile targets running on NT6x with that combo of optz so I had to use more conservative optimizations. So the mainline binaries started targeting NT60 with the aggressive optz and I provided the NT51 targeted ones with more conservative optz. Now the use of the Pale Moon name and branding as well as the Pale Moon for Windows XP splash image on the page were done with full permission from Moonchild so they were not unofficial, they were officially endorsed builds under the Pale Moon branding and redist license. I always leave in a way out in any kind of software commitment which was that I would produce these binaries until the end of life for Windows NT 5.2 (5.1 already ended but I ignored that since issues between both with rare exception would apply or not across the NT5x spectrum). See: https://web.archive.org/web/20150414135447/http://binaryoutcast.com/projects/pm4xp/ Once NT 5.2 EoL'd which was conveniently after the last version of the 26.x series it was done. Tycho would target Vista and I would not be doing PM4XP binaries anymore. I had my way out and XP was not a consideration anymore.. Cause we knew many libs would start dropping support as well and it was holding back certain technological advancements and also has quite a respectable number of alt code paths. For us it was the best decision to move forward. See: https://web.archive.org/web/20151022140405/http://binaryoutcast.com:80/projects/pm4xp Now the REASON I did it originally.. Well back in those days I was far more glory seeking and wanted to attach my self and my brand to Pale Moon's greatness for selfish reasons. That is almost never a factor in what I do today though. It did have the benefit of providing what was needed at the time when the issues of running a Mozilla-style application targeted to NT5x on NT6x at the code state it was in was discovered but PM4XP was not as pure as what I have done since then. So there that is. Explained.
  14. @dencorso I had my rant and anger spell.. Time for something more constructive so ye. @Dibya Vaguely. I still think using Windows XP in today's world outside of very extreme and edge cases is a bad idea but this stuff exists so I may as well be constructive rather than destructive. Obviously, @roytam1 is doing more than the shameful rebuilds for XP leeching off our names or whatever it was I said.. He is creating something unique as we have done.. SO I am committing my self to helping him succeed in whatever way I can contribute toward. That way we all get what we want and it isn't just an angry Tobin busting down the door looking for logos or whatnot. A real project or projects such as these deserve their own name and support from others just as ours do.. So that is why I am changing gears here. However, and you won't like this but if I feel the person in question is a moron I am gonna call them a moron regardless.. Call it a personality flaw. Though, that status can always be re-evaluated
  15. @roytam1 I would like to start this post by saying that I believe SOME of my interpretations from you and reactions to me have been partly hampered by cultural and language issues.. That isn't to say I don't have my moments of being a complete a s s h o l e or anything.. Everyone knows this but perhaps we can start to correct some of that going forward. I hope you get a chance to go through your website soon but if you are working at your job and are loosing sleep over this then do take your time. Your good faith efforts will be enough for me. As for your rebranding efforts.. I want to renew my offer to help you work out all the branding points you need to deal with in the actual codebase. The one specific issue is the navigator codebase.. SeaMonkey never fully separated out branding from the rest of the main application code as Firefox and Thunderbird did over time so I have to completely rework how branding works in Navigator to accommodate that for not only my project but also people who do rebuilds and forks. As well as consistency sake. I want to help you make your selection of products for Windows XP unique to you and to be as successful as possible. You do seem to want to do your own thing past simple rebuilds and I can very much respect that.. So let's work together to make sure you and your users have products they can be proud of. @LoneCrusader As an aside, Lunaris and Draconis are AWESOME names and I am jealous I didn't think of them.
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