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  1. Ignorance. Must be nice to be too stupid to even realize how dumb you are. Additionally, I will do as I see fit.
  2. Are you people THIS STUPID. ShellService is in the PROCESS of being REPLACED. It is NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL YET. I am the one who removed the old shellservice and am in the process of replacing it and adapting the frontend code to work with the NEW ShellService. There is not a god damned thing you can do about it until the work has been completed. It is broken. Until I fix it, it will REMAIN broken. f***in morons, I swear. There is a reason Borealis isn't a released product yet, this is one of them. When will you people learn that all this praise for roytam1 or fedor2 is completely misplaced. They are incapable of doing more than extremely minor modifications of the code and ALL THE s*** you thank them for was done by my self and others who aren't trying to scam you into using old and insecure operating systems and half-assed and corrupt incarnations of code on top of them.
  3. I already told you guys that the shellservice is in the process of being replaced and the front-end needs to be conformed to it. I am working on it. Though this is what you get for using unfinished, unreleased code. Especially when you don't know anything about what you are building and ******** out to unsuspecting users. I am also not happy with these terrible renames happening here that are just plays on my hard considered brands. Are none of you original enough to think of your own names? Well the answer is yes because after HOW MANY YEARS none of you have decided on a proper name for these corruptions of our work. Bnavigator Browser.. really? Why not call it Bnavigator Explorer Browser Client for the Web. Ridiculous.
  4. BTW @roytam1 If you are wondering about shellservice and nsis installer code.. I am gonna be upgrading that modifying the copy from Pale Moon which was modified from Basilisk when Pale Moon was ported to UXP from Tycho. The technical reason is simply this.. The Suite Shellservice is not very appropriate for a standalone web client and over the years the SeaMonkey people have mangled it pretty badly and pieces of it are ancient. Basically getting a fresh copy that is geared to JUST a web client will improve matters greatly. The reason the nsis scripting is involved is because on Windows the shellservice needs to issue commands to an external application that can elevate and Mozilla shared routines in nsis scripting to produce the helper.exe which serves during install as well as commands issued by shellservice. Those two items need to be consistent. But yeah until I get it replaced you can just revert that. However, I suggest once it is replaced and verified you should switch it to that for best results.
  5. My applications aren't Pale Moon. Binary Outcast is NOT Moonchild Productions. There is a difference. It is very unfortunate that I can't trust anyone to look out for my intellectual property. However, more positively the situation is being rectified. Though, I personally believe the situation should not have had to happen at all. All it takes is some work in order to avoid such things. Something I been saying for three years. Thank you for making the changes.. But I wish you had done so when you first started producing builds of software some of which has not been released yet. Especially, when you knew it early on with my projects. Also, may want to change the searchplugins in communicator/searchplugins the ones that are Pale Moon specific. I have permission to use those, you do not. Also kill, other-licenses/7zstub/binoc in your configuration it will use the 7z sfx from platform though you should really reshack your own based on the platform one. In any case, I'll be watching and I will hold you to the letter of the MPL and defend my rights.
  6. And this is why the complete source for covered code must be disclosed. He distributing or otherwise using my copyrighted material and trademarks without permission and I won't have it. I suspected as much but until I forced him to actually comply with the license it was unknown. SO not only was it non-compliance it was incomplete discloser of changes and he was using my materials in order to produce inferior products to damage me.
  7. Unstable branding, the copyright artwork in my extensions, namely ABPrime, ANYTHING that goes to binaryoutcast.com and you may NOT use my proprietary api key for geolocation. In fact, that entire preferences file that you stole is NOT covered under the MPL. It is completely proprietary as well as the UAOverrides preferences file. Additionally, confvars, application.ini? That is unacceptable. You may not call it Borealis. And you may not piggyback on BinOC services and resources.. I thought you understood this crap by now.
  8. Would you mind removing any copyright material from your repo? And while this is not a requirement, you may want to purge unrelated code such as my extensions.
  9. I didn't say a word about the fake Pale Moon build. I said the navigator and mail clients. Since he has the source code up for the fake Pale Moon builds he is in compliance there. Every person who modifies covered code then distributes an executable form must satisfy the MPL. One cannot just give a zip file of patch files of the applications and call it done.. He must disclose the entirety of covered source code INCLUDING making the platform code along with it available by some reasonable means. The easiest way would be to clone binoc-central (preferably with a different repo name) and use a platform submodule so that when cloned you get the complete source code. He could also put up a tarball but that takes a lot of space over time. However, as a code contributor of covered code I am informing him of the breach of the open source license under which his executable forms derived from. If he wishes not to comply then the MPL is terminated. Of course he can take me out of the equation by purging all contributions I have made to covered code but other contributors to covered code will subsequently pursue this matter.
  10. The builds of the navigator and mail client are illegal according to the Mozilla Public License because the source code is not properly disclosed only patch files. I already explained that.
  11. BTW Have I mentioned you are in direct violation of the Mozilla Public License 2.0? Specifically, Section 3.2 which states: The MPL defines Source Code Form as follows: Your patch files are not sufficient. You MUST provide the full source code with your modifications. All software created with covered code I have worked on is currently in breach of the license.
  12. @VistaLover You shouldn't freak out so much whenever you see a commit from me.. As https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=711679 CLEARLY states.. versioncheck-bg.amo was done for server load reasons as part of their infra.. I believe stuff at versioncheck-bg.amo was cached results whereas versioncheck.amo are always live results. So assuming you are using AMO for Phoenix 52 and WebExtensions it won't make a bit of functional difference. I did check the history of this before I made the change. These days, I don't even think they are tangibly separate since Mozilla does TONS of cdn s*** now across the board which was NOT the case back in 2012. Least according to their add-ons server software code. However, checking his commits it goes to my infra so it really IS redundant in the current configuration. And as for your preference setting.. This situation is not something that can ALLOW you to have TWO different update servers. update.background.url was used when the Add-ons Manager does an autocheck on a schedule and update.url is used when there is a direct request like checking manually or whenever a new version is detected. Having them go to two different servers creates a LOT of discontinuity.
  13. Even Mozilla now admits in retrospect that a bunch of their initial speed hacks for quantum were dangerous which is why they were reverted over the next 3-5 versions. We told you this as they were doing it, of course.
  14. Why in gods name would I want to do that dude?

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