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  1. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR SEPT 13, 2019: Added SeaMonkey 2.49.5 as last version for Vista in "Web browsers" -> "Firefox-based" section. Added Mumble (x86 only) to "Instant Messaging software" section. Updated status of Telegram Desktop on Windows XP/Vista: the software continues to be updated on XP/Vista despite the supposed-end of support on Sept 1. Added VMware Workstation 11.1.2 and VMware Workstation 12.0.0 as last UNS versions for Vista to "Virtualization software" section.
  2. I can confirm, 12.0.0 works great in Windows Vista! Huge thanks to @WinFX for figuring this out. I will have to add these programs to my list sometime this week.
  3. Well after changing the launch condition of each .exe file in the VMware Program Files directory with Application Verifier (x64) using its "HighVersionLie" feature, I have successfully managed to remove the artificial OS block. However, all that did was create a different error... The VM at least tries to start now, but after a few seconds the VM shuts down and this error appears... I'm pretty stumped at this point. Link to Application Verifier is here if anyone wants to try it out.
  4. I already discovered this was possible back in 2015/2016, however I never posted about it because this absolutely infuriating little error prevents any VM from starting with no way around it: Unless someone knows a workaround... I have tried using Application Verifier and FCWin2k to no avail.
  5. Thank you @Ruan for all the additions! Added them to the list. Also, Telegram Desktop now no longer supports Windows XP and Vista as of yesterday. A message that once said "Update your OS, Telegram is ending support for it on Sept 1." or something along those lines, now says this upon launching the application: I have archived the software installer along with its portable version here for those interested, and the link is also provided on the first post. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR SEPTEMBER 2, 2019: Added PriviZer & Simple Software Restriction Policy to "Antivirus & Security software" section. Updated information on Telegram Desktop: version 1.8.2 is the last for Windows XP and Windows Vista; the software no longer supports these operating systems as of September 1, 2019. Added Hard Configurator, Revo Uninstaller Free, and SUMo Software Update monitor to "System Management, Cleanup, & Analysis" section.
  6. Thank you for letting me know. Updated the list to reflect this information; will list the last specific version once this branch stops being updated:
  7. What sound card/chip are you using? Are you certain that no drivers exist for Windows Vista? If you're trying to get the drivers from your OEM (HP, Dell, etc) instead of the actual chipset manufacturer (Realtek, VIA, etc) then try getting them directly from the chipset manufacturer instead. You can also try using Snappy Driver installer to download and install the drivers automatically; although the name may sound fishy, this is a legitimate piece of software that makes installing the drivers much easier and I've used it myself on many occasions; it continues to support Windows XP and Vista. Download here.
  8. And.. it appears they're gone again
  9. Also a reminder for users of Telegram desktop on Windows Vista (I use this software myself): in less than a month, the software will no longer support Windows Vista, however it should continue to connect to the Telegram service, as older versions dating as far back as 2014 continue to do so. https://github.com/telegramdesktop/tdesktop/releases/tag/v1.7.4
  10. Thanks for letting me know. NVIDIA drivers (as well as AMD GPU drivers) used to be covered in LVSFWV/2008, but I decided to move them here since I felt they would be more appropriate here since, although they are software (obviously), they are drivers pertaining to hardware listed here. I have added them back to the software list since I see no harm in doing so: I must admit that my knowledge of hardware/driver compatibility is pretty shaky compared to my knowledge of program support for Windows Vista, so suggestions to improve this list are welcome.
  11. Hey all, sorry for the delay. Thanks to everyone for all the contributions and keeping the topic active while I've been away! Now for the summary of changes since the last time I posted one of these... SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR JUNE 13, JULY 22, & AUGUST 19, 2019: Added Yandex Browser Portable to "Web Browsers" section. Added CryptoPrevent Antimalware, Cybergenic Shade Sandbox,Dr. Web Antivirus, Dr. Web KATANA, Hitman Pro, Jetico Personal Firewall, KeyScrambler, NoVirus Thanks Programs: Anti-Auto-Exec, SysHardener, & Registry Guard/guard service, RogueKiller Antimalware, SecureAPlus, Simplewall, SpyShelter AntiKeylogger, TinyWall, TrustPort, Unchecky, Xvirus, & Zemana to "Antivirus & Security software" section. Added TeamSpeak 3.2.5 to "Instant Messaging software" section. Updated Audacity to UNS status, as the software no longer officially supports Vista, but continues to work fine as of August, 2019. Added Daz Studio to "2D/3D Modeling software" section. Added TeamViewer 14.2.8352 as last version for Vista to "Remote Access" section. Re-added NVIDIA GPU & AMD GPU driver sections.
  12. I'm glad you're enjoying my transformation pack! I found it to be a practical solution for those that are using newer hardware incompatible with Windows Vista (such as Intel Haswell), or those that require newer software that don't work with Vista. The Windows 8.1 one isn't as accurate to the real Windows Vista due to changes in the shell/DWM compared to Windows 7 but it's still far better than anything achievable on Windows 10, where everything is such a broken mess and Microsoft insists on keeping any sort of customization impossible through forced updates that break your changes. As for me, personally though, I choose to stick with the original Windows Vista as I use Ivy Bridge hardware which works with Vista fine, and don't require anything that only runs on Windows 7 or later. I also find Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 to be faster and more stable than Windows 7 on the same hardware in most cases. Thank you for the kind words
  13. Sorry for the inactivity all- finally got around to updating the topic! Now to post the latest Summary of Changes... SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR JUNE 11, 2019: Updated Vivaldi 1.0 entry to 1.0.435.46. Added Vivaldi 1.1.443.3 Developer to "Web Browsers" -> "Chromium-based" section. Added Adguard to "AntiVirus/Security software" section. Updated information about Telegram Desktop: the software will stop supporting Windows XP/Vista on Sept. 1, 2019. Fixed broken download link for Adobe Reader X v10.1.16. Added FineReader 14 to "PDF Viewers/editors" section. Updated WPS Office 2016 entry to WPS Office 2019. Updated link for VLC Media Player 3.0.7 to point to the final version instead of the beta version. Added ArtWeaver Free and Pro 6.x to "Video/Photo Editing software" section. Updated information about Krita - no longer ONG; added 4.1.7 as the last version to work with Windows Vista (newer versions do not work due to missing Win7+ DLL functions). Updated information about Sony Sound Forge - later versions up to 13.x can be ran on Vista by using the Portable version of the software (thanks to @artomberus for finding this). Fixed broken download link for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Added new section - "Language Translation software" Added Promt 18 to "Language Translation software" section. Added Nero 2019 Platinum (unofficial repacked version) to "Optical Disc Media Management software" Added SuperTuxKart to "Games" -> "Active Development" section. Added Adobe AIR to "Software/game development" section. Fixed broken download links for Java 9.x. Fixed broken download link for Notepad3 4.18.512.992. Added OpenVPN 2.4.6-I602 to "VPN Clients" section.
  14. Thank you both for the information about FileZilla in Windows Vista, hate to hear it no longer works Updated the list to reflect this: Thank you for the information! TeamViewer shall remain on the list as ONG, and f.lux and Geekbench have been added also:
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