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  1. Any of roytam1's options are great for Windows Vista and XP. You can use Basilisk/Serpent 52, K-Meleon on Goanna (KM with the Pale Moon engine to give it better compatibility), or New Moon. I won't get too far off topic here, but even though the Pale Moon developers (or at least Matt Tobin in particular) may be childish, don't let them stop you from supporting/using @roytam1's work to keep updated browsers going for Vista/XP, as if it weren't for him, us Vista/XP diehards would be out of luck... I'm extremely grateful that he's dedicating time and effort into providing not only one, but several browsers for these OSes, since I am still an avid user of Vista myself. Read paragraph above Thanks for the addition! Added to the list in "Audio & Music Creation/Editing Tools" section. Another thing I should mention, Avast Antivirus (both editions) will soon stop supporting Windows Vista (and XP) in January 2019. According to this article, the software will no longer receive major version updates (and therefore new features) on Vista, but it will continue to offer protection for users of these operating systems through definition updates, which personally is fine with me since that's what really matters. Another update for AV on Vista - Sophos Endpoint Security & Control, a suite of applications made by Sophos (including AV), no longer supports Windows Vista as of October 31, 2018, so the last version has been listed: However, as I pointed out on the list entry, it should also be noted that this EOL does not affect Windows Server 2008 SP2, which should be supported until around July 2021, according to the Sophos support article linked. Anyways, thanks to those of you who kept this topic active while I have been away. I should be online more often from now on (for real this time )
  2. Hi again all - sorry for the inactivity (again). Had a lot going on IRL lately. Anyway, not really much has changed in terms of software compatibility for Windows Vista in these past few weeks since Firefox 52 stopped being updated, however, there is one thing I should point out: Users of Sophos Endpoint Security & Control on Windows Vista might want to be looking for other alternatives, as the software will soon no longer be supported on Windows Vista after October 31, 2018, as pointed out here. I'm not sure about other Sophos products at the moment but I'll post back here if/when I find any information regarding Windows Vista support. Thanks again guys for keeping this topic alive and helping me keep it up-to-date. Hope to be posting more frequently from now on now that things have finally settled down in my personal life!
  3. Thanks @Ruan for the kind words and the info on Sandboxie on Vista. I will restore its entry on the list as ONG, UNS when I'm on my desktop again (can't do it on mobile).
  4. WinClient5270

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    I have, with the help of many other Vista users on here, created just the post for that
  5. Also, looks like Firefox derivatives have already begun to drop support for Vista with the EOL of Firefox 52 ESR: https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en Tor Browser v8.0 now requires Windows 7 or later as it is now based on Firefox 60 ESR. Probably won't be long before SeaMonkey (stable) drops support as well. If anyone is still using these browsers on Vista/XP, there's no better time than now to switch over to one of @roytam1's browsers, such as New Moon... Crazy to think that these are pretty much the only browsers that still receive updates on Vista/XP...
  6. Another thing I overlooked: the last version of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client has also been released for Windows Vista (and XP) - version 52.9.1. The latest version, 60.0, requires Windows 7 or later, so I have added 52.9.1 as the last version for Windows Vista to the Email Clients section:
  7. Oops, I made a typo... Meant to put that it was not clarified on their website since they seem to be keen on advertising support for Windows 7. However, I'll monitor compatibility closely with the current ONG AV software listings as I wouldn't be surprised if the EOL of Avast AV for XP/Vista on 01/01/2019 will cause a domino effect of other vendors following suit, similar to when Google Chrome dropped support in April 2016...
  8. Sorry all for the inactivity lately, I've been extremely busy with my job for the past 2 weeks so I haven't had time to be online much... However now that that's over, I should be online regularly from now on Well since I was last online, Firefox support for Windows Vista has finally come to an end as of September 5. Since this date, when viewing the "About" box, rather than simply saying "up to date", you're now given a message that you can't perform further updates on the system: As such, I have also removed all ONG tags from other Firefox 52-based browsers that had it (such as Tor Browser & SeaMonkey) as it's unlikely that these browsers will receive any further updates on Windows Vista. Firefox 52 ESR has also been removed from the download site for Firefox ESR, and Firefox 60 is the only listing now. It even works on Windows XP from my testing, so I'd say that Vista is officially supported along with it, it's just not clarified on their website. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR SEPTEMBER 9, 2018: Fixed broken download link for AOL Shield Browser v1.0.0.35. Fixed broken download link for Comodo IceDragon Changed download link for Firefox 52 ESR to Mozilla FTP download link since the browser has been removed from Mozilla's download page for Firefox ESR. Added NoScript as last version for Firefox 52 ESR in "Final versions of Add-ons/Plugins for Firefox 52 ESR" section. Removed all information regarding Firefox 52 End of Life, as the browser is now EOL as of September 5, 2018 and will receive no further updates. This also means that any Firefox 52 derivatives will also more than likely receive no further updates.
  9. WinClient5270

    Windows 95 as an "app" for Windows 10, Linux & Mac?

    Yeah I figured that. I wonder though if the missing call(s) can be rerouted or disabled altogether if it's not actually needed for the software to run/work properly. @UCyborg has done this with several pieces of unsupported software to get them to work with Vista.
  10. WinClient5270

    Windows 95 as an "app" for Windows 10, Linux & Mac?

    http://prntscr.com/kmy1vu Works fine for me on Windows 7 so don't see why it wouldn't work with 8.
  11. WinClient5270

    Windows 95 as an "app" for Windows 10, Linux & Mac?

    Doesn't work on Vista Perhaps @UCyborg could fix it, since it's open source...
  12. Another thing: SMITE recently announced that their games will no longer support Windows Vista (and XP) starting in September of this year: https://smitescrub.com/2018/08/22/smite-to-no-longer-support-windows-xp-and-windows-vista/ Also, I doubt anyone here uses this software, but ApexSQL Diff no longer supports Windows Vista/Server 2008 starting with the 2018 release, meaning that ApexSQL Diff 2017 R6 is the last version for these operating systems. Source: https://blog.apexsql.com/apexsql-diff-2018-product-update-alert/
  13. Thanks for letting me know! Fixed. You must have misread; @Chronius said 1.1.4, not 1.1.14. However the requirements are the same for both versions (Firefox 56 or later). However, despite the developers claiming to only support Firefox 56 or later with this version, Version 1.1.4 works just fine with Firefox 52.9.0: However, you must download and install it manually via the developers' GitHub page (as linked by @Chronius) as trying to install it from the Firefox Add-on page results in this message: You must also disable the extension signature requirement, otherwise Firefox won't let you install it. To learn how to do this, go here. Anyway, I have added Umatrix 1.1.4 as the last version for Firefox 52 ESR as a UNS entry, since this isn't officially supported, but still works as long as you follow what I outlined above.
  14. One thing I overlooked: The absolute final version of LibreOffice for Windows Vista has been released; version LibreOffice 5.4.x is now EOL and will no longer receive updates. Since this was the last version to support Vista (and XP too I believe), this means that Vista is no longer supported by LibreOffice. I have updated the list with this information: