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  1. Well, here we are, May 27, 2018... and the iTunes Store is still accessible from Windows Vista on iTunes I wonder if Apple has simply neglected to break the Store on XP/Vista, or perhaps the iTunes Store is now only inaccessible from XP, and not Vista? I don't even have the updates for TLS 1.1/1.2 installed so that must have nothing to do with it. Can any XP users confirm/deny that the iTunes Store is no longer accessible from that OS?
  2. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR MAY 22, 2018: Split "Web Browsers" -> "Web Browser Plug-ins/Add-ons" subsection into its own section. Added new subsection to "Web Browser Plug-ins/Add-ons" section: "Final versions of Plug-ins/Add-ons for Firefox 52 ESR." Added NoScript and uMatrix 1.0.0 to "Web Browser Plug-ins/Addons" -> "Final versions of Plug-ins/Add-ons for Firefox 52 ESR" section. Added MasterPDF Editor to "PDF Viewers" section. Added WPS Office Free and WPS Office Professional to "Office Suites" section. Added OhSoft oCam to "Video & Photo Editing software" section. Added Forte Notation - All Editions to "Audio & Music Creation/Editing tools" section. Added WPS Data Recovery Master to "System Management, Cleanup, and Analysis" section.
  3. Thanks for these additions! I will add them to the list when I'm on my desktop again (I'm on mobile right now and it's quite difficult to make edits to such a large document).
  4. Intel Haswell + Windows Vista issues: Documentation

    Sorry about that, I didn't mean to write "(and newer)" there. Fixed. Now that you mention it, I do recall there being Haswell iGPU drivers for XP. @AnX actually tested these in Vista a while ago and they do work, to an extent. You have to manually copy your iGPU's hardware IDs to the NT 6.0 (Vista) section in the .INF file. However, since WDDM doesn't support Aero via XPDM drivers, you're stuck with the basic theme. AnX mentions using a "reg hack" but I remember discussing this with him back in 2015 and we could never get it to work.
  5. Intel Haswell + Windows Vista issues: Documentation

    Are you talking about when trying to install the chipset drivers I've linked? These only work for Haswell systems, not Skylake. As far as I know, there are no chipset drivers whatsoever that work for Vista on Skylake or later. Just to be clear, Haswell only has chipset drivers for XP/Vista, but USB 3.0 and Graphics Drivers are non-existent, rendering support for the chipset on XP/Vista incomplete.
  6. Like I said, no hard feelings... I just found it kind of funny how it was similar to my list on Windows Vista. However I know your list is in the very early stages so it probably won't look anything like this within a year, provided you're able to maintain it (my list on Vista used to look completely different compared to what it is now... just look at snapshots of it from 2016 on Wayback Machine and you'll see what I mean). I personally don't own any machines whose processors don't support SSE2 so this list is of little use to me, but I'm sure your list will be useful to others. Best regards.
  7. No hard feelings but I think this fits quite well here...
  8. Sorry about the inactivity here lately. I've been busy with other things and just now got around to updating the list again. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR MAY 17, 2018: Added link to my new Intel Haswell + Windows Vista issues: Documentation post in "Intel Chipset & Graphics" section. Added link confirming AMD Ryzen compatibility with Vista in "AMD Graphics" section (huge thanks to @greenhillmaniac for testing this out). Fixed broken download link for Polarity Portable 8.4.4 (last version for Vista).
  9. Introduction: The purpose of this post is to document the problems with running Microsoft Windows Vista on Intel's Haswell (or newer) platforms, as I feel that these issues are not well known, nor clearly documented elsewhere. The following information is based on what I, along with @burd, @11ryanc, @98SE, and @dork, (as well as other users not on MSFN) have experienced when running Vista on the Intel Haswell (or newer) platforms, so I can confidently say that this issue is NOT user error or caused by any wrongdoing on my part, as it is consistent across all Haswell/Skylake/Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake based machines that have been tested with Windows Vista. As it stands, this post is for documentation purposes only, but if you have any ideas or contributions on how to potentially fix this issue, feel free to let me know. *Note: these issues ONLY apply if you're installing Windows Vista on bare metal, not in a virtual machine environment.* Pre-installation: Before installing Windows Vista, you'll obviously need to disable secure boot and UEFI mode in your motherboard's BIOS. After doing this, upon attempting to boot the Windows Vista Pre-Installation Environment, you may find that your system is stuck at a black screen with a cursor. However, if this happens to you, repeatedly hard-resetting your system (as needed) should eventually allow you to boot into the pre-installation environment. You may also have to reboot your system manually again when the installer needs to restart your computer to continue, but again, the installation will eventually proceed. The reason this problem is occurring brings me to... Post-installation - intermittent failed boot attempts: After installing Windows Vista and attempting to log in for the first time, you may (or may not) get the following error just before the post-boot Windows Orb animation would normally appear: Upon clicking OK, your system will usually hang at a black screen with a cursor and not proceed further, forcing you to hard-reset your system. However, sometimes your system will proceed with logging in anyway, and when this happens, many system services will have failed to start. To further elaborate, the services that fail to start are seemingly random. The ones I saw most often were the Windows Defender and Windows Audio services, and sometimes after the "Welcome" screen went away, the system would load into a blank desktop with no explorer.exe loaded, and I'd have to open Task Manager and start the process manually. HOWEVER, in the event that you DON'T get this error upon booting your system for the first time, don't assume that your system is magically error-free. Just try rebooting your system again. Still don't get the error? Reboot it again. Keep doing this and eventually you WILL get this error. After it happens to you for the first time, don't assume that it'll be the last time that it happens, either. From what I've experienced, this error occurs multiple times at complete random, and there's no way to predict whether or not it will happen again on the next boot attempt. Conclusion: As you can imagine, this error can become extremely annoying if you're trying to use Windows Vista on the Intel Haswell (or newer) platforms, and it can even become dangerous: I once tried installing Windows Updates on my Haswell machine running Vista, and the result was catastrophic: when the system tried to restart to confirm the updates' installation process, it would no longer boot up at all as the error appeared on the boot attempt in which the updates would normally be confirmed. This forced me to hard-reset my system, and after doing this, the installation was corrupted and I had no choice but to reinstall Windows. For the reasons outlined above, it is my recommendation that you use at least Windows 7 if you're planning to build or purchase a Haswell (or newer) based machine, as these issues render Windows Vista essentially unusable on the platform. Why this issue is occurring is anyone's guess. @11ryanc and myself have tried to come up with answers as to why this is happening and why it's only happening on Windows Vista (XP [albeit with half-baked driver support] and Windows 7, 8, etc. work fine), but I'm out of ideas. As I stated in the introduction, if you have an idea on how to fix this issue, please let me know and I'll attempt your solution (provided I haven't already). Now, I understand that Haswell only has chipset drivers for Windows Vista (and XP), but installing these had no effect whatsoever on the error or its frequency, so I don't believe this is a driver issue.
  10. Windows Vista with AMD Ryzen

    Nice work, @greenhillmaniac! I've been wondering for a while now if Vista would work on Ryzen, and your post made my day! I'll have to link up to this post on my Last versions of software for Windows Vista/2008 list. Did Windows Vista ever show any sort of the same behavior as it does when running it on Intel Haswell and newer platforms? If not, I may look into building a Ryzen machine in the future to run Vista. If you still have it installed, try repeatedly restarting Vista and see if it shows any of the symptoms outlined here: Thank you so much for testing this!!!
  11. It's exclusive to all GTX 1000 series cards, and any other GPUs released after the GTX 980 (which 372.70 supports). What this means is that DirectX-based games will not perform well on Vista since the drivers don't support them correctly under Vista (which makes sense since these drivers don't officially support it). OpenGL games aren't affected, however, and the GTX 980 and older aren't affected at all by this issue. Where I draw the line is when there are no more web browsers being updated on it. After that, I will probably just run Windows 7 or 8.1 themed up to look like Vista as my biggest reason for staying on Vista is the vastly superior UI.
  12. Also, another thing I missed: Comodo IceDragon was recently updated to the new Firefox Quantum (57+) codebase, which renders the browser incompatible with Windows Vista: As such, Comodo IceDragon is no longer an ONG option for Vista users, and Comodo IceDragon has been added to the list as the final version for Windows Vista:
  13. SeaMonkey 2.49.3 was released today (based on Firefox 52.7.3): Since Firefox 52 ESR is due to stop receiving security updates next month and SeaMonkey releases are usually 2-3 months apart, this could very well be the final release for Windows Vista (and XP). If you're using SeaMonkey on Vista, you should probably consider switching over to one of roytam1's browsers for XP/Vista (New Moon, Basilisk, or K-Meleon on Goanna) as these will likely be the only browsers that continue to be actively updated on Vista by the end of 2018.
  14. Thanks for pointing that out. For some reason, Adobe Reader XI reports that there are no updates available on my 11.0.10 installation: Which means that Vista users must download the 11.0.23 update manually here: https://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/ReleaseNotes/11/11.0.23.html I have updated the Adobe Reader XI entry with the following information:
  15. An update on Advanced Chrome... Unfortunately, I've still been unsuccessful when attempting to post on their forum. I've tried different usernames and e-mail addresses, to no avail, so it looks like the possibility of getting Aero support on Vista is out of the question, at least for now. Anyways, one thing I've overlooked is Adobe Reader XI: the software has no longer been supported by Adobe as of October 15, 2017. As such, the ONG tag has been removed and Adobe Reader XI v11.0.10 has been listed as the final version for Windows Server 2008 (while unofficially supporting Vista).