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  1. It should take a few days maximally, but it takes a few hours mostly. It just depends how fast PayPal sends me notification about incoming payment, some notifications take longer than others although the payment is already marked as finished. I would check the spam folder at first, then I would check your PayPal details. I noticed that many of the "I can't login" complaints come from users who tries to fill in the login e-mail/zip that does not match their PayPal account.
  2. Weird, I just reverted to the previous code where it should be working. However, I'm away from my working computer now and I cannot check before new year.
  3. It depends where there is some official way to initiate "go back" action. There is undocumented WinAPI message, but Microsoft changes the message ID with every new build. But I'm not even sure if it makes sense to maintain glass frame for UWP apps, because blur effect is already there.
  4. I think it would be good to look properly at first (I already wrote in Firefox topic that moz-glass-win property works now only when WebRender is disabled) instead of posting off-topic stuff into unrelated topic.
  5. And the text in the message box is written unintelligibly ?
  6. Could you test with this build: http://glass8.eu/out/19h1_18362_1607_x64dbg.7z
  7. The same happens on Opera. I guess it is because hardware acceleration is enabled on Windows 10 only thus compatibility mode disables it.
  8. There are two settings (about:config ... gfx.webrender.all.qualified but the value needs to be changed directly in prefs.js) in FF67. If they are not present or set to "false", "moz-win-glass" value is accepted correctly. The problem is that these settings are reset back to "true" after several restarts.
  9. I don't know Pale Moon but I guess it is just a port of old Firefox. The question is if the statement "there would be visual glitches on Windows 10 without custom caption bar drawing" is true why these glitches does not appear in any other application except browsers (+thunderbird) that try to imitate Chrome behaviour; why these glitches does not appear on any other DWM-based OS (WinVista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1 - where rendering is exactly same) and why these glitches did not appear in versions before adopting Chrome look. Maybe, we should highlight that this look does not correspond to Fluent design
  10. Thanks for your report. Does it generate minidump file on the crash? Please post it.
  11. Yeah, there are some workarounds how to achieve it, but I mean that it should be supported natively. Or better, in fact, there is really no need to have some kind of support for Aero Glass - it is satisfactory that all browsers will give up that stupid trend where they disable system native titlebar and render its own titlebar (imitating the same look as system one) on Windows 10 (what's the point to remove something and replace it with something which imitates the removed thing?). It is really mysterious why this wrong behaviour has been implemented for Windows 10 only and it works correctly on any other system. I guess that this trend comes from Win10's UWP applications that do exactly the same (replace default DWM-rendered titlebar with its own GDI rendered parody).
  12. Sometime ago, I reported this issue into Mozilla's bug tracker, but it seems it was completely ignored. Now, on FF 67, on my work computer, Aero Glass in FF still works correctly but on my home computer the CSS property "moz-win-glass" is ignored. Maybe if more users report this issue to Mozilla, some developer will care about it. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1418759
  13. You have to use older version of Aero Glass to change the blur radius of non-aeroglass blur area. This feature has been temporarily disabled in the last version, because it had a few weird side effects. It may be added back later.
  14. It sometimes takes a while for PayPal to propagate its information to our server, so please be patient if you don't get any e-mail immediately after your donation.
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