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  1. bigmuscle

    No mail after donation

    The mail with instructions was send to your e-mail address, but it returned that the mailbox is inaccessible. Sorry, but I cannot be responsible when someone specifies invalid e-mail address. In any case, you can always read and follow the instructions in the local topic "READ FIRST".
  2. bigmuscle


    It crashes with certain video drivers only, I already have a fix, but I didn't have time to make it ready it yet.
  3. Your password is attached in the e-mail only when it is your first donation. If it is not the first donation, the password is not there because it is not stored anywhere. You can always log in using your postal code from your PayPal or request new password from the link at the login page.
  4. bigmuscle


    Do you use default Aero Glass theme or some specific theme?
  5. bigmuscle


    Just try ;-)
  6. bigmuscle


    Please, could you test how this build behaves? http://glass8.eu/out/rs5_17763_1564_x64dbg.7z
  7. bigmuscle


    Thank you for the test. I found out that there are more scenarios when it can crash. I fixed the first one, this seems to be a different one.
  8. bigmuscle

    DWM crashes when a message comes from Steam ❌

    Please, refer to the end of the following topic, it is probably the same issue.
  9. bigmuscle


    Please, could you test how this build behaves? http://glass8.eu/out/rs5_17763_1551_x64dbg.7z
  10. bigmuscle


    Thank you, I will try to investigate the issue. Yes, Aero Glass stops loading when it crashes too often.
  11. bigmuscle


    Please, could you verify it on the previous beta - http://glass8.eu/beta?file=rs5_17763_1479_x64dbg.7z and if it behaves incorrectly too, could you provide generated minidump file (from this beta, not from 1.5.10 release!) ?
  12. Sure, "regsvr32 DWMGlass.dll" still works. Installer now automatically registers DLL only when you select Aero Glass design.
  13. You probably cannot do anything about it. I've studied shell32.dll code and there seems to be a bug in AutoColorization feature, so I must create some workaround.
  14. I see what you mean. The main problem is why it changes value to that weird 0xfffffff3. However, if it is always this value, the quick solution could just be to limit max value of balance. I found similar problem described here - https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/#!topic/chromium-reviews/_FyH8-EsI90
  15. bigmuscle

    No mail after donation

    I noticed there were some problems with PayPal donations notifications so it could happen that some donators were not added to the database automatically during the last week. If you think it is your case, please send me your PayPal e-mail and donation date in personal message.