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  1. Yes, I would appreciate it too so it will be released when it is ready. Current status is that it does not work correctly yet. On the other side, I doubt that someone needs to upgrade to new builds immediately when it is released, especially when some needed software is not compatible with it.
  2. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed. Windows 10 renders the window frame and a top caption part separately, so edges are blurred together.
  3. Please, be patient, of course, there is going to be the new version soon, bit I'm a bit busy in the current situation.
  4. Hello, there is a small glitch in AG that needs to be fixed to support this update. However, when I run my testing machine, DWM.exe randomly crashes even without Aero Glass. Maybe it's connected to remote debugger. I don't know but it did not happen before.
  5. There is no reason to create the same topics about things that have been discussed thousand times in this forum. Topic locked.
  6. This is known problem and unfortunately I have no solution for it. The only workaround is to disable "Fast Startup" function in Win10 which is very buggy.
  7. Delete c:\AeroGlass\symbols folder and restart your PC. If it does not help, then your Windows installation is broken.
  8. Topic locked as it makes no sense to spam topic about years-old version with something that has already been discussed million-times.
  9. It should take a few days maximally, but it takes a few hours mostly. It just depends how fast PayPal sends me notification about incoming payment, some notifications take longer than others although the payment is already marked as finished. I would check the spam folder at first, then I would check your PayPal details. I noticed that many of the "I can't login" complaints come from users who tries to fill in the login e-mail/zip that does not match their PayPal account.
  10. Weird, I just reverted to the previous code where it should be working. However, I'm away from my working computer now and I cannot check before new year.
  11. It depends where there is some official way to initiate "go back" action. There is undocumented WinAPI message, but Microsoft changes the message ID with every new build. But I'm not even sure if it makes sense to maintain glass frame for UWP apps, because blur effect is already there.
  12. I think it would be good to look properly at first (I already wrote in Firefox topic that moz-glass-win property works now only when WebRender is disabled) instead of posting off-topic stuff into unrelated topic.

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