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  1. Old Winamp 2.95 can do that. Click on the top-left corner on the wave symbol, then go to "Play", then to "Location". There you have to enter the webradio stream. I wonder, what the hardware requirements for this task actually are. Must be quite low.
  2. Excatly. Teamspeak 2 did run on the new machine, too. The quality of the voice in Teamspeak 2 is not as good as today's voice chat programs can do. But on the other hand you can select some ridiculously small audio codecs like Speex, which makes a low-bandwith chat possible.
  3. Haha! Makes me remember, how carelessly I flipped the power switch on a terribly dusty computer, resulting in a bright light coming loudly out of the power supply, followed by the smell of burned electronics. The dust must have produced a short circuit somewhere in the power supply! In fact, it was the only ruined part, the mainboard was fine. Must have left me deeply traumatised, as I always wait for my computers to blow up when I flip the switch at the back of a power supply... I have a good Windows XP installation on a Celeron from 1998 with 400 MHz. It's quite useable, but it also uses a newer IDE hard drive. It looks like the hard drive is much more important than the CPU power to improve the computer's speed at daily use. Your P3 is probably well set up for WinXP.
  4. Something else: I wanted to thank you, Roytam, for making the New Moon browser available on Windows XP. It expands the lifespan of thousands of computers on this planet. This picture shows a 19 year old P3 with a weak 1 GHz processor running Windows XP, playing a Youtube video in 2020. Hopefully, people from countries with a less developed economy discover this, so they can use their XP machines much longer. Thanks to Roytam!
  5. Maybe an Invidious server is an option, if Youtube doesn't play well? You can watch the videos from Youtube there, too. Yewtu.be is working well at the moment.
  6. Interesting! What program is this? A DOS program, that lets you manage a complete HTML site?
  7. I'd rather recommend than listening to the FBI but to upgrade your very unique Brain.exe instead. It's the best anti-virus out there. The only downside is, that Brain.exe can't be bought for money and downloading it is impossible, too. It must be fed proper knowledge to grow. And then one day, you will be capable of using the old operating systems online without running into a wall. Would I recommend to average users who use their brain on other things than computers to use Windows XP and Windows 7 for example? No, because that would put them easily in danger. But if you know, what you are doing, then you'll be able to avoid the problems. Use a hardware firewall, that you can configure. Block unwanted Javascripts. Block everything, you didn't ask for. Don't click on everything that sounds like a promising help to your problems. Learn to read links before clicking on them. These things. Also consider that something like Windows XP got more secure over time, as less and less people were using it. Windows 7 is still a very attractive target for mean hackers with circa 15% market share (2020).
  8. 2 GB isn't much! You probably will fill it up when installing games, programs, and just by using Windows 95. Do you need a hard drive? I have an 8 GB (3,5" IDE) spare here. But it seems, you were surprised, that your hard drive shows it's full. Maybe a corrupted file can confuse the disk space? I had this once, that a broken file was showing a false file size, which was even bigger than my hard drive! It also had a corrupted file name and was undeleteable therefore. Inserting a Linux live CD and deleting it helped.
  9. When you use a Windows 98 to browse the web, you still have endless possibilities to explore! I'd say only the good and friendly programmed sites are working with it, not the big bloated ones. Every time the scroll bar at the right becomes just some pixels small (indicating, that the visited website is huge), I immediately press ESC and try to escape the site literally, before the poor old machine hangs up. Sounds inconvenient, but probably it's as inconvenient as driving a noisy oldtimer around the streets, letting you feel every bump of the roads (or the web so to speak). Recently I had a voice chat over an open Teamspeak 2 server with a mate, who used a modern Windows 10 laptop! What a bridge between technology, gapping 20 years! If you know your old tools well since plenty of years, you're very powerful with old computers. It look like here we have, how the user agent strings looked like in the past versions of Firefox: http://www.useragentstring.com/pages/useragentstring.php?name=Firefox To change the user agent, type in "about:config" in the adress bar (without ""). There are all the settings hiding! Search for "agent" and you will find the place of the user agent.
  10. Slow internet... this year I lived in a city area which had a badly overloaded internet connection. Max. download speed was 300 KB/s. At one point, the scale unit dropped to Bytes per second, which was very scary (is the world tumbling down???). Of all my computers, the Windows 98 machine handled the situation best! Didn't waste a single byte on updates, scripts, telemetry or advertising. The modern computers only made browsing pleasent thanks to NoScript V5. Hey! I've scarvenged a properly working laser printer (Brother HL-2030), too. Ha, beat the price of excactly 0 euros, dear businessmen! With Windows 98, there are advantages everywhere. All the good software flies around the internet nowadays. Old computers are reliable (with a grain of megalomania you could say indestructible). Recently, I realised how much workforce I gain through knowing an old software almost perfectly. This can only be achieved through using the software for years, or better decades. Take something complex like Microsoft Word. If you know it perfectly, you can layout books with it, with pictures, with tables, with diagramms, with collages of shapes, everything. But that's only possible, if you know your way around the problems of Word 97! Which you can only know, if you used it for a very very long time. As long as no better solution arrives, I will not upgrade, because it would be foolish to change for the only reason of change. It would be a waste of important user experience. Being anti-social can be a big advantage against the stupidity of the flock. Why did they all upgrade to tiny smartphones and Windows 10? From a user point of view, we were further 20 years ago. Definetly.
  11. Thank you very much for your input. Ulead Visual Studio (Version 4.0 from 2000) looks beautiful. It reminds me of 100 year old clocks, just plain inefficency, looking at how much space was wasted for the interface grahpics. The big problem with the old programs are the new formats, containers and codecs. A lot was invented in the last 20 years. Also, an AVI file isn't an AVI file, some work with the old programs, some doesn't. Depends on the codec. A lot to try out, before conclusions can be drawn. The free software VirtualDub (working on Windows 98) looks like a good ally in this fight to get the video formats right. Although letting the video render on a standard PC allows you to make breakfast meanwhile. Also, I have to consider how long it takes to get used to a video editing program.
  12. Which video editing programs did you use on old hardware? Computers around the year 2000 for example. The old single-cores surely required a fat graphics card to be able to render the video at least somewhat. But which programs did you use back in the days? Did Windows XP made working a lot easier compared to Windows 98? Actually I'd like to see, what a Pentium 3 is capable of in productive use. Movie Maker XP's simplicity is beautiful, but it only has one track for audio. The 20 year old professional video software on the other hand is easy to get nowadays. That's what I'm asking about. Which software was good?
  13. Isn't it a shame, that Gates' company has to play the rules of the global market? If they would build the perfect computer operating system, optimise it until it's nearly perfect... But then, no new computers would be sold... The roots of Windows 98 are definetly older. Compare, how much it improved from Windows 95, which nearly looks the same. The cursor movement is one example. This really looked bad on the old system. It's in a much more polished state on 98 SE. They really put a lot of efforts into that.
  14. I feel with them. The Pale Moon developers are like warriors! On the browser war field! It's a bit sad, that the developers have to deal themselves with support stuff (which can be an annoying task). No one can be good at everything... and being nice is definetly not a part of programming. Maybe we as the users have to adopt to other techniques to gather Youtube videos. Here on the screenshot, we have the video search on Startpage, where at least we can get the links from without having to visit Bloat-tube. Next, one needs a good Youtube video downloader...
  15. Maybe it should be considered to search for a Youtube video downloader. Now that is quite a virus-infested field, but it saves a lot of CPU power, as the videos don't have to be streamed and played in realtime. But please consider, that videos as a whole take quite a lot of hard drive space. Basiclly, you can watch Youtube videos on a 20 year old Pentium 3 like that. Sites and programs in this field come and go. But I would be quite cautious there. The site I use is quite dumb and can be perfectly tailored with a Hosts file to have only the functional parts without the scam.
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