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  1. I have no plans yet to release it .
  2. All nt5 oses are best and their tan looks cute .
  3. I will try to make a patch . Opatch has documented everything . I have already ported some patches for server 2008 but I didn't share anywhere .
  4. Nvidia icafe driver doesn't have support for gtx1070 on XP . Your best bet is to get a gtx970
  5. Over the years I realised that bios is what depends on GPU to work on card's . It doesn't worth to take risk . R9 Fury used to bsod with icafe driver many times . Try force installing older driver on windows 10 , new nvidia driver are particularly buggy on 900 & 700 series card
  6. What shall I do when my pc broke? It is fixed now so let me restore some of my tools
  7. Well magic after using the power cord supplied with VS550 . System is stable and ran aida64 stress test for 30minutes .. Anyone can suggest me a good cpu Cooler under $100?
  8. I will not be shocked if your drive bay has a translator chip from jmicron which are hard to detect
  9. Update : same symptom return after windows 7 installation has finished Edit : I am quite sure this Power supply is failing to give enough power .
  10. Reapplied thermal paste and it is running flawlessly Edit : Moral of the story , don't cut cost on thermal compound , I used Artic MX-4 as it is safe for PCB as it doesn't conduct electricity
  11. System may not turn on due to thermal throttling ? My mom successfully entered bios and it is throttling badly. https://ibb.co/3Ymyvyt
  12. Actually I kept it on floor for taking picture. I will put another cpu , if the issue persist I will check the PSU .
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