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  1. This badass Fool Will never be forgotten , Tobin
  2. Hello everybody!

    Welcome to msfn forum . Hope you stay with us and enjoy!
  3. Create custom mssytles for XP

    Okay I will mod Luna
  4. Hi how can I make my own mssytles i.e edited custom themes for xp ?
  5. This Guy was BrainWashed https://www.rizonesoft.com/get-over-windows-xp/ AHH Windows 10 is awful to use in production environment
  6. moebius moibus got some security update https://www.basilisk-browser.org/releasenotes.shtml
  7. Bk55 serpent doesn't start for me .
  8. Strange things happening

    Much secure than any nt6.x system . Understand . Remember wanna cry , petia ransom , RDP flaw . How they effected majority of nt6.x system rather XP .
  9. Hey, IceyZoey here!

    Welcome to msfn .
  10. Please don't use Google DNS . I will spy you.
  11. Intel USB 3.0 xHCI XP driver

    You are correct. Hardware interrupt are broken. Samuka able to load xhci driver from Windows 8 . I am looking forward to him.
  12. New Member - VITSUSA

    Welcome to MSFN. Hope you enjoy and stay with us.
  13. Best Web Browser after August 2018 for Windows XP

    Basilisk 55 mainly . I hate buggy bk52. That's not Roytam1 fault rather from moonchild
  14. It is my personal project. I need to assemble my custom DAC for 100 complete circuit board. How can i get mass production of PCB in cheaper rate? Mouser electronically charges a lot for components . How can I buy texus instruments ic for cheaper price?
  15. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    My extended kernel for XP able to 54 beta but nothing above run.