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  1. Source code : https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.7.3/Python-3.7.3.tar.xz Some one can help me to fix UpdateProcThreadAttribute , InitializeProcThreadAttributeList , DeleteProcThreadAttributeList These calls are located in _winapi.c
  2. MinGw has severe performance issues .
  3. I already patched ffmpeg codes for removing condition variable , srw and bcrypt. I want to run the .sh script to compile ffmpeg because you can't compile lav without compiling ffmpeg and libbluray. If visual studio solution for libbluray exists so it's not a issue but ffmpeg is different.
  4. Anyone can help me please ? I am trying to build latest LAV filters for newmoon 27 . This bloody script is not running , I have latest visual studio 2017 , installed and tried with msys even https://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/blob/master/build_ffmpeg_msvc.sh
  5. Wait livedoor is japanese company?
  6. Dibya

    chrome 49 XP

    Mi A3 will come so I guess you shall wait . You may consider looking at Xperia xa2 plus or getting a OnePlus 3t for dirt cheap price in sealed condition. I used mi a1 , xiomi phones are good at paper but not at reality . They are extremely unreliable , very high SAR value and stupid battery which blast like bomb (actually what happened with my A1) Lineage os is a excellent ROM . I use it daily with no google play services . As for apps I use fdroid app Store.
  7. Dibya

    chrome 49 XP

    Xiomi is completely do whatever they like showing ads in UI , never fixing bugs and sending sensitive information to Chinese servers. People here still buy their phones.
  8. You will not build browser for us??? As for me , I will not leave XP not in next 20 years
  9. Well , commander , the patches will be deployed against our biggest enemies on the border of XPLand , the blue kid ! Hope Red boy will not invade us soon
  10. Can I know more about your system file modification for ACPI?
  11. Remember newer viruses will target Vista and above so they will not run on XP . You will be more safe on XP than on 7
  12. Commander shall we believe this from our enemies , bloat demons? https://www.techquila.co.in/windows-10-update-bug/
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