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  1. Where can i get documentation of all ac_add_options for moz.build? ?
  2. Anyone want latest Audacity ? I compiled from source
  3. Sumatra PDF 3.3 Ported by Barcode http://www.filedropper.com/testpdf2
  4. Rather Giving Matt Tobin credit for mail client , give it to Seamonkey team who made that stuff and matt just went out to port it to UXP
  5. I coulnt find codes of PrintDemon in XP . That very true as it seems . Do you remember wannacry BSODed XP?
  6. Don't use Export table tester to add export .it will cause certain tables to break . Never add a section after resources table in NT system files Use Petools to move Table to new section before .reloc then add anything you like. If you are not using vanilla file , then wildbill/bwc shall have enough space . Use the blank space inside .TXT , no need to add another section for code
  7. Well guys I can't get printdemon to work under XP . https://github.com/BC-SECURITY/Invoke-PrintDemon Is XP already Exorcises this demon? Need some confirmation . Some one run and see this powershell script.
  8. This image will Get YOU NIGHTMARE!
  9. I am still in process of figuring out repacking , Hopefully i will fix it soon
  10. No legal way actually , One of my family member have a company which manufacture toroidal transformer , i grabbed a key from them since it is a VL Key.
  11. i dont buy that . 7 is stable but in reality slower than Vista Sp2 . 8.1 x64 update not only performed better than Windows 7 sp1 in benchmark like CineBench and slightly better in geekbench , it wasn't infested with occasional round and round cursor game on heavy load . I know some random senseless Windows 7 fanboy will popup saying i use metro crap , but they shall know in reality Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB is better than NTLite slimmed Windows 7 Sp1 . In some older games they will brag how they got 1FPS higher than 8.1/10 user but forgetting having far higher frame time. Then they will blame well newer games are not optimized for 7. Everyone thinks 7 is holy os because it just came after Vista and is easy to use .
  12. use https://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/ to add back boot loader. its a yearly ritual for me .
  13. Well it is not a port of newer jscript , it patches out vulnerability in windows XP IE8 file . i never said as such to FranceBB i think its a miss understanding JScript of vista will require expansion of kernel with new api , which i am not willing to do since it may break old XP only programs implementation of patch is unique as it prevent any such vulnerability . CVE2020-0674(0 Day) is variant of CVE2019-1429(0 Day)
  14. @Sampei.Nihira Here you go https://ibb.co/KstRbMp
  15. Let me fix the uninstaller first . @win32 pointed it out. Then if theirs a bug anyone can uninstall it . Well anyone have any idea how much dangerous CVE-2020-1048 is . https://windows-internals.com/printdemon-cve-2020-1048/ In Their blog , https://blog.0patch.com/2020/05/micropatching-printdemon-vulnerability.html 0patch Fix mentions LcmCreatePortEntry but nowhere IDA Pro , Relyze & PEExplorer find such reference .
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