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  1. Stay safe Man . Wish you safe . Best of luck. The most important thing is that you stay safe
  2. Holy moly my laptop installed all security patches automatically . I am so happy. Yellow warrior is back
  3. Dibya

    Netflix playback

    If they don't support no one will be bothered since palemooon is just 0.03%
  4. Dibya

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    The Summit PCB in my town use XP computer in all their pcs . Their server even run XPx64 pro . They didn't allow me to take pictures.
  5. XP is NT based platform. I am not worried.as long as my asmedia usb 3 card and my Nvidia gfx card will be with me I will use XP for ever. Seabios is their to work around No legacy mode and ACPI issues
  6. Their is no reason to leave XP.
  7. Dibya

    In-place upgrade from XP to 8.1?

    Yes man he read in my school in same class.
  8. Dibya

    In-place upgrade from XP to 8.1?

    @ABM try this magic spells. Disabalus Safebootis Installus Metro crapus
  9. Dibya

    Generating DEF file for API wrapper

    I can't compile it with gcc . Please can you help me.
  10. Dibya

    In-place upgrade from XP to 8.1?

    Why don't you go to bios and disable safe boot ? That did the trick for me
  11. Anyone know any script/ batch file /program that can convert list of API into forwarded API def file for link.exe? For example if I feed kernel32.dll it will create a def file for kernel32 wrapper like this Firstfunction = Kernel32.Firstfunction#1 We can do it easily for C++ but I need for MASM
  12. alright I hate Java
  13. I personally hate Java as a developer but can I make repack for JRE?
  14. Moonchild is extremely arrogant and support stupid people like Tobin.
  15. Dibya

    Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Don't pressurize him . From my personal experience it takes years to come up with Alpha level of Kernel Extension...