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  1. Dibya


    Welcome to MSFN ,
  2. You need extended Core , XP usb drivers and MTP Driver from google. @win32 if Microsoft open source it, it will be a boon to reactos. I believe they should as it is hard to put genie back into bottle once it is out.
  3. These source codes were with some blood suckers ( read hackers) since 2004. This source is shared with Russian Government and French government back in days. God knows how it leaked. XP Sp1 / 2k3 RTM is more like Windows 2000, but Sp2 / Sp1 respectively made them different entity all together. Much of legacy code were replaced from 2000/NT4 were replaced by much modern one. Kernel Mode except few API , XP and Server 2003 are identical but they never messed with user mode in XP 32bit until SP3. XP may have 10% percent legacy code but Server 2003 has maybe 1% legacy code. Its no shock that XP Sp1 is much faster than Sp2 in older CPU because Sp1 is much windows 2000. Funny thing , Microsoft is not yet reacting.
  4. Structurally WDDM 1.1 is different to WDDM 1.0/ WDDM 1.0 handles GDI and DX10 differently , If NVIDIA left WDDM 1 directives , you guys are lucky.
  5. @asdf2345 It is possible to run newer Minport driver on XP by fixing missing api but DirectX/OpenGL will not run due to lack of XPDDM compatible user mode driver directive on WDDM 1.1 drivers.
  6. Is that NVME ? XPx64 used to fail CHKDSK inside CMD even with driver from Toshiba , it was just a storage drive to XPx64 even though its boot drive to 8.1
  7. Enigma Sounds Amazing even on decent 3 Way Tower from 1970s made by Philips
  8. Anyone remember Pink Floyd ? Growing up with Pink Floyd , Evanescence , Linkin Perk on Philips CD Player was fun. High Hopes is my favorite
  9. Share Your ideas how we can deal with climate , specially how can we deal with e waste .
  10. Where can i get documentation of all ac_add_options for moz.build? ?
  11. Anyone want latest Audacity ? I compiled from source
  12. Sumatra PDF 3.3 Ported by Barcode http://www.filedropper.com/testpdf2
  13. Rather Giving Matt Tobin credit for mail client , give it to Seamonkey team who made that stuff and matt just went out to port it to UXP
  14. I coulnt find codes of PrintDemon in XP . That very true as it seems . Do you remember wannacry BSODed XP?
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