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  1. Backporting Newer Browsers to Windows 9x

    Patience, everyone! Report bugs, yes. But lets try not to be overly critical. Backporting browsers is no easy task, and there are precious few people who will even attempt it for Windows 9x. Whatever time roytam1 can devote to the issue deserves our thanks. Also remember that since this build is technically backported to Windows 2000 (and thus requiring KernelEx) different implementations and individual configurations of KernelEx along with any other "unofficial" packages you may have installed can also affect how things work.
  2. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    Given the fact that there aren't many of us 9x users left to begin with you can't expect someone to be downloading it every day. Once those who frequent the forum have it, the downloads are most likely going to drop off and only happen when other people find there way here and learn about such things. Just because it isn't a "popular" download doesn't mean it shouldn't be preserved.
  3. DOSBox on NT3.50,NT3.51, NT4 and 9x

    If you're running 9x on "modern" (read P4 or later) hardware (which is great for WIndows-based programs), some DOS games have issues with the graphics card and/or run ridiculously fast. DOSBOX is a potential fix for this.
  4. Memory limit installing W9x/ME, and various...

    I was simply making you aware of other, better options to solve some of the issues you were having. It's up to you to choose to use them or not. If you want to do things the hard way, then by all means do so. I don't know what, if anything this has to do with Amiga. Never used one. Maybe I put Windows 9x in the same light that you do Amiga, who knows. I have a real problem with the idea that everything should be "free." Someone has to do work to achieve anything in this world, and those who do good work deserve to be justly compensated for it, not just have a bunch of freeloaders who take advantage of their knowledge and abilities without which nothing would be accomplished. Value for value. Now, I will say that if I had the knowledge to fix such things myself, then in this case I would probably give them away just for the pure pleasure of annoying Microsoft and sticking it to them. That would be compensation in itself for me. But that doesn't mean that anyone else should be expected to take this outlook upon their work, or their work derided or dismissed simply because they do not choose to "give it away." As far as a "bundle" is concerned, I've already seen several whiners complain about the price of one of rloew's bundled packages, so he is very correct about most people wanting to pick individual fixes instead. "One size fits all" can be done, but it's much simpler to tackle issues on an individual basis, since every fix is not needed on every system.
  5. Memory limit installing W9x/ME, and various...

    Fair enough, that's your prerogative, I wasn't singling you out for not mentioning it, just providing information. Since you mention it however I will say that I believe everyone should be aware of all options, especially if they are better options. Then they can decide for themselves whether or not to purchase anything. rloew is good enough to spend his time solving problems for these legacy systems that everyone else with much knowledge to fix anything has abandoned. The least we can do is make people aware of his work.
  6. Memory limit installing W9x/ME, and various...

    rloew's RAM patch is also an option here rather than HIMEMX if you want to be able to use the rest of your 4GB of RAM.
  7. Backporting Newer Browsers to Windows 9x

    Split this discussion into its own thread; per jumper's request and it deserved its own thread anyway. Keep up the good work!
  8. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    CPU-Z 1.32.1
  9. Win98SE: Firefox SSL broken?

    Firefox always worked for me under 98SE with no weird issues like this, and I didn't have to install anything else either. Firefox also runs under 95 OSR2 with a couple of small tweaks (delete "nsSearchService.js" and nsSafebrowsingApplication.js" prior to running the build; {IIRC this is all that is required, it's been a while }), so is a good testbed to see what should be working.
  10. Win98SE: Firefox SSL broken?

    Which version of Firefox? Official or forked? So do you mean you fixed it by deleting the profile folder? If not, these might be relevant. ADS Client for Windows 9x Windows 98 128-Bit SSL SECUR32.DLL 4.10.2228
  11. Backporting Newer Browsers to Windows 9x

    Great work! If your RetroZilla fork is running properly under 95 OSR2 and doesn't run properly under Windows 98, then something is definitely weird. Try both of your browsers without the Unofficial Service Pack. Also try both with only KernelEx 4.5.2. Too many unofficial packages can create more unknown variables.
  12. For a long time I wasn't keen on using PaleMoon just because I knew he was involved in it (had a run-in with him before). But eventually my Firefox 3.6.28 wouldn't do what I wanted it to do anymore and I went to PaleMoon because of the interface. Now I'm back to Firefox again (with Classic Theme Restorer and so on of course). I can't help but find it funny though, I didn't like him because he liked to go around criticizing people for their choice of operating system. Sound familiar Jody? (All in good fun now, lol, not trying to start anything. And I see you're back on Vista. I'm proud of you. )
  13. Yep, it works. Just follow the instructions on the page you found. Unfortunately we don't have any confirmed reports of 10xx cards working though.
  14. Theme CSS wrong for current page number

    LOL... I remember seeing that thread before now. I had forgotten about it. I guess this is what I get for not being able to be around as much as I would like right now.
  15. Theme CSS wrong for current page number

    I see the same problem with Firefox ESR 52.7.3 under XP x64. It's been this way for several days now, I wondered when someone would mention it.