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  1. Yes, will fix it in the next days.
  2. Try GWT64.exe, it's properly a problem with signed integers in 32bit version.
  3. I said, that I add an exitcode, so just wait a day or so for the next version. If you can't wait try figure out the command line yourself ...
  4. Hi SteveSi, this could be added, but I don't think it will be very useful. As for the ISOs, the nice guys on MDL have a collection of Server and Enterprise EVAL links windows-10-server-evaluation-repository
  5. @devdevadev I'll add an exitcode for VHD-CREATE/VHD-ATTACH. You don't need VHD-ATTACH after VHD-CREATE it does attach it after creation. As for "-WIMBoot -compact:lzx -wimlib -wbc:wimbootcompressed.ini" You need to decide between wimboot and compactos If you have no specific reason for them remove "-wimlib -wbc:wimbootcompressed.ini" from the line.
  6. You can edit a loaded unattended file by right-click on unattend checkbox.
  7. Default folder are all read from the Main section: [WinNT6] dir unattenddir driverdir oemdir rundir sourcedir regtweaksdir Dir values are only read and expanded never written. Use .\ or ..\ prefix for relative paths.
  8. JFX

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    On WinPE SIB 2.9.1 crashes. The RoGetActivationFactory() for "Windows.Internal.Tiles.TileStore" is failing and there is no error handling.
  9. Yes, it's sadly down a while now, but I don't think that I can be of any help. All communication was done on the forum, I can't even find any email address anymore
  10. Hi dedwot, I can't reproduce it here, maybe it helps if you disable multi core feature introduced it 4.0. [Options] UseMultiCore=0 Maybe it related to x86 version, if possible always use WinNTSetup_x64.exe.
  11. Version 4.1 is ready now! - improved Dark Theme (less flickering) - F1 Help text does support URL's, now have fixed TAB width - minor bug fixes
  12. Not yet, will be added as "Ctrl+Shift+D - select diskpart script to be used to format the disk" as long you don't have any better wording.
  13. Yes, seems the theoven is down, I changed the download link address.
  14. No, it's only a command line option, not mentioned in Help for a reason. If you not absolutely sure you want it, don't use it.
  15. It does not set this "norpfix" flag by default, but you can set it on command line: "-norpfix".
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