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  1. No. And i don't want to add UI options for everything.
  2. NoDarkTooltips works now, thanks.
  3. Seems the "NoDarkTooltips" reg option is ignored by this new version.
  4. Start by looking at the log files: \Windows\Panther. Maybe your BCD is a bit unusual are edit it to much with bootice. Maybe you some alternative boot manager.
  5. Are you sure you don't delete it somewhere else. Lines that get skipped will be logged: \Windows\Logs\WinNTSetup\*\MinWin_WimHost.log
  6. I don't plan any new version. Create your own tool for scanning or modify the scanfiles.cmd to your need. Change it with Disk management or bootice and hit F5 in WinNTSetup.
  7. No. But maybe try the ScanFiles.cmd. You could use it to populate the source combo box.
  8. It it would work perfectly well running from invalid path, I would not have added this check.
  9. Not sure why you have missing system files, but you can always download all requires files. WinNTSetup_x64.exe download
  10. That path is invalid, some API's will misunderstand "..\Tools" to be the parent directory. I doubt you could even open that folder in windows explorer.
  11. Thanks, added and also re-added offreg.dll.
  12. I would say steve6375 has already given the right answer. WinNTSetup only applies the WIM to the VHD and create boot files. The image is still in sysprep phase and therefor will try to "specialize" the BCD store on first boot. If he immediately boot that VHD with Ventoy it will cause that error. I don't know how Ventoy boot it, but i guess it uses a virtual boot drive like NTBOOT. And that can't be seen later in the boot process. For the "hidden menu" he will need to use newer version.
  13. WinNTSetup 5.3.4 - fixed problems starting as TrustedInstaller on some machines - fixed rare heap corruption - fixed CompactOS was ignored for Windows Server versions - Removed offreg.dll (will be downloaded for older Windows) - MinWin uses build number from registry rather than WIM - MinWin removed hard coded pathes - MinWin WinSxS.ini - can use "!" to avoid old components removal - MinWin WinSxS.ini can be deleted - MinWin fixed wincopy mode bug
  14. \windows\system32\config should never be deleted. If it happens without you using telling it to do, then it's a bug.
  15. Good you remind me about CompactOS and Server. It works so I'll remove this limitation. ! for WinSxS.ini will be supported. I think about making this ini optional. That should make things easier for people that just want to remove some files.
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