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  1. Depends what you mean with correct branch. WinNTSetup does take the reg key as it is, there not redirection made. So [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\...] in a reg file makes only sense, if you install an x64 OS and have the registry setting of a 32-Bit application.
  2. Hi adef, a new Beta version is ready to try. Let me know if it solves the problem with this driver.
  3. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    @bapt You wrong about the resource 40960, it's not the cause. The best solution for now seems to be linking just the one interface to an old version of explorerframe.dll [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1eeb5b5a-06fb-4732-96b3-975c0194eb39}\InProcServer32]
  4. Yes, earlier version did not need that dll, but to support UUP based distributions it's now needed.
  5. It's not a bug, so why not add cabinet.dll to LiveXP.
  6. Doesn't need a genius to get such a list of files. Sysinternals Process monitor and some patience should be enough Filtering Dism.exe and Dismhost.exe process usage of Createfile API. But I wonder why there is so much trouble with mounting process. Sure it's slower than on the good old Vista days, but with SSDs today it's quick enough. I'm using mount/unmount for years in my WinPE builder and also to integrate windows updates into install.wim. Never had any problem. Are you guys still use Anitvirus software?
  7. As for these cab files with solid compression, no there won't be much saving.
  8. 28 MB additional download is needed for this 1 KB file.
  9. GWT is written in PureBasic, but it only uses WinAPI for everything to be so small.
  10. Well, if such a program will be useful I might program one. But there is the problem with compression blocks. java -jar re7zip.jar -t=cab -a=http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/8/B/38BBCA6A-ADC9-4245-BCD8-DAA136F63C8B/adk/Installers/a32918368eba6a062aaaaf73e3618131.cab -e=fil3a96a4ae37b2d6a62b94d42e1126dde0 -o=fil3a96a4ae37b2d6a62b94d42e1126dde0 That file is the first in block 4, so It will be very quick, though not with my internet connection But loading another file in the same block, needs to download all other files in that block before that file. Example java -jar re7zip.jar -t=cab -a=http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/8/B/38BBCA6A-ADC9-4245-BCD8-DAA136F63C8B/adk/Installers/a32918368eba6a062aaaaf73e3618131.cab -e=fil3ae9b0835c65f44ed796fafe895b87c2 -o=fil3ae9b0835c65f44ed796fafe895b87c2 Both needing the same time. Done. Downloaded in 1 minutes and 33 seconds. @erwanl yes getting the information from the cabinets is no big problem, but the decompression is more tricky.
  11. Hmm, never tried re7zip, but I doubt It will be a fast and small download for these cab files. Anyone willing to test it, downloading files from the cab files? http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/8/B/38BBCA6A-ADC9-4245-BCD8-DAA136F63C8B/adk/Installers/a32918368eba6a062aaaaf73e3618131.cab http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/8/B/38BBCA6A-ADC9-4245-BCD8-DAA136F63C8B/adk/Installers/9722214af0ab8aa9dffb6cfdafd937b7.cab Anyway, it shouldn't be to hard writing such a tool as a native program.
  12. Hi misty, yes Get WAIK Tools is redistributable, feel free to use it as you like. The range command of GWT is actually only thought for ISO (or other uncompressed) files. Extracting files from inside a cabinet, without loading the complete file, is much more difficult. From the topics, I take it you are looking for the 2 big cab file that hold all the winpe component packages? If so, I don't think it's possible to reduce the download much. They are packed with MSZip compression, with many files in separate blocks.
  13. Yes you have to download the ISO first, there currently no URL support.
  14. try ISO2Offset "%ISOFILE%" -UDF sources\install.wim or ISO2Offset "%ISOFILE%" -UDF *.wim