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  1. @yaschir What detail you mean? For F1 Help text, yes it uses TAB's what is really not optimal, as it depends on the size of characters used. It a bit tricky to get it right. @laddanator You already used an old machine, if you want to see differences use a 6 or 8 core CPU pair with a quick SSD.
  2. @wimb There are 2 ini files. Tools\WimBootCompress.ini is only used for wimboot/compact applies Tools\WimScript.ini is used for capturing of WIM file.
  3. PinningFolderList is about STORAGE_TIER_CLASS. The files will get performance class. Microsoft is using WimBootCompress.ini for everything, mine is fine for what it's used. @jaclaz Nah, I've a paranoid backup solution, no need to release the source code.
  4. No, for command line you need to add -wimlib.
  5. If I recall correctly there were 2 problems: the UUP apply and the "registry save bug" that only occurred on x86 systems. First one seems to be gone with newer wimgapi.dll but the second one still remains.
  6. Yes, for applying a wim wimgapi is the best solution. Now it even have multi core decompression and supporting "recent" settings like "PinningFolderList". For Capture of course wimlib is much faster so I added a new setting: [Options] UseWimLIB=2
  7. Thanks for the info's, so it will be Bootice version Very sad the he lost the source code, but on the other side good as I though he would have lost interest.
  8. I'll consider adding these 2 to the Final version. Just don't recommend wimlib for apply cases that wimgapi can do. But for BOOTICE i'll prefer a different version. Unless someone can show me a reproducer for a bug that did not exist in
  9. Will see about that, but it was never thought to unset already set options. It's unusual that someone uses 2 ini files or actually setup 2 systems in 1 run.
  10. Well, you can remove the first mentioned issue about extended attributes. They are supported by wimgapi and wimlib since a while.
  11. I've updated Beta 5 with command line option. It's similar to imagex.exe. WinNTSetup_x64 capture C:\ X:\install.wim "Name" "Description" -compress lzx -silent or a console version WinNTSetup_x64 capture-cli C:\ X:\install.wim "Name" "Description" -compress lzx -silent -silent switch will automatically close WinNTSetup after capture.
  12. No, there is currently no command line option for capture.
  13. You, right I have removed the replace message in Beta 5. LZMS compressed SWM files are now excluded for multi core applying.
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