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  1. No, it's only a command line option, not mentioned in Help for a reason. If you not absolutely sure you want it, don't use it.
  2. It does not set this "norpfix" flag by default, but you can set it on command line: "-norpfix".
  3. @AshtonLee.IT We had discussion about the version of BOOTICE, see here. Glad it works now. This slow down with Defender is a bit extreme. But i guess an option to disable realtime monitoring during capture would properly cause one more false positive.
  4. @alacran This tweak was already added with RC2 under the following condition. Free space is smaller than max vhd expanded size - 5%. Without disabled pagefile additional 6GB free space are expected.
  5. Safe mode only loads basic stuff. It properly marks something in registry as done. And next full start will work (we have seen similar in WinPE) One thing would be interesting: Is there a difference using VSS or offline capture?
  6. Then I guess Ctrl+Shift+ESC also don't work. Try to boot in safe mode. It could be a problem with fastboot or drive letter assignment.
  7. Depends what you mean what that. Does the logon fails or does it takes unusually long. Or is it more an frozen explorer.exe as you mentioned taskbar? Can open taskmgr and kill/restart explorer.exe?
  8. Hmm yes, wimlib will capture a 1909 with 18363 in XML and wimgapi with 18362.
  9. @laddanator 4.0.1 should fix command line. Alternative download address: http://jfx.square7.ch/WinNTSetup/ @Atari800XL Sure, please mention this update to your buddies
  10. WinNTSetup 4.0 Final - Added Dark Theme support - Added multicore appling of WIM - Added wimlib 1.13.1 - Added bottice - Added Disable Reserved Storage tweak - Added WIM Capture option - Added apply mode Wimboot:WIMCOPY - Added Hotfix uninstall option - Added Driver Export/Import option - Added LegacyBootMenu checkbox - Added exclude section to Tools\Win10Builds.ini - fixed wimlib apply alters WimBootCompress.ini - Boot code UEFI will be selected as default in case of EFI system partition - WOF decompression of \Bootmgr, \EFI\boot\boot*.efi, \EFI\MICROSOFT\BOOT\BOOTMGFW.EFI - WOF decompression of \Boot\BCD, \EFI\microsoft\boot\BCD - Does not delete MountedDevices key for non sysprep images - Allow creation of expandable VHD with any size - Non fitting expandable VHDs will stop from auto expanding on boot - Workaround wimgapi "PrepopulateList" bug
  11. @alacran There was no such file. If the Win7 USB tweak don't work for you, than should use usb-boot-watcher.
  12. @Sonic, there is no log. With VSS for local installations there should be no need to exclude trouble some files. Yes, if you want it on "recovery image partition" than you have to copy it yourself.
  13. Wimboot:WIMCOPY - copies the wim file into "\System Volume Information" folder of the installation, than apply it in wimboot mode.
  14. Changelog is inside the rar comment: WinNTSetup 4.0 RC2 - added capture mode NONE - added apply mode Wimboot:WIMCOPY - update offreg.dll - allow creation of expandable VHD with any size - non fitting expandable VHDs will stop from auto expanding on boot
  15. Registry settings will be the same on full windows, just the question when to set them. Try at setupcomplete.cmd.
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