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  1. @SuperKolobok I hope i have now fixed all relative paths. WinNTSetup_v5021 will run a ScanFiles.cmd if exists. You could use something like the following to recreate WinNTSetup_mru.txt before it will be loaded: @echo off title Scan for files ... pushd %~dp0 >WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [Source_NT6] for /f %%c in ('dir /b Sources\*.wim Sources\*.swm Sources\*.esd Sources\*.iso') do ( >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Sources\%%c ) >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [Drivers_NT6] for /f %%c in ('dir /b /ad Drivers') do ( >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Drivers\%%c ) >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [RegTweaks_NT6] for /f %%c in ('dir /b /ad Tweaks') do ( >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Tweaks\%%c )
  2. Click the Win icon in the right top corner and than "Create Language File"
  3. WinNTSetup 5.0.2 - added command line -fat32:n - drivers and regtweak combo display relative paths - offline windows detection correctly identifys Windows 11
  4. Should be possible, if you add these lines to WinNTSetup.ini: [WinNT6] sourcedir=.\ driverdir=.\ unattenddir=.\ regtweaksdir=.\ oemdir=.\ rundir=.\
  5. I uploaded WinNTSetup_v501a.rar. This should fix it, just wonder that I have not seen this one the 200dpi screen.
  6. Yes, it only runs on 64-bit operation systems. 32-bit version was dropped after 4.25. Old version is still available for download.
  7. WinNTSetup 5.0.1 - Win11: disabled buggy Mica effect - Win11: use new font only, if system font is Segoe UI - fixed scaling with higer system fonts - fixed combobox flyout high for high dpi systems - fixed wrong log line - ini load/save dialogs remember last selection
  8. Win7-11-Select.xml (a simple option for fully unattend installs) is only applied if you choose it. With WinNTSetup there are not complaints about hardware restrictions, but it does not mean it will work.
  9. Use adksetup.exe and only select want you want.
  10. Nope, this app has been discontinued. Version 21.04 is the very last one.
  11. Glad you make it. Indeed, the update of the boot configuration often causes that error message. I have never found out what's exactly the problem is. Even with the same BCD file, it does not always happen.
  12. @sharicov@gmail.comtry try normal windows setup instead. @Sonic Yes, Ctrl+S works for this option, too.
  13. WinNTSetup 5.0 Final is out. - mounting boot partition is disabled by default - combobox list to select boot and installation drive - MRU feature for most inputs - mounted ISO in VHD menu will stay alive - mounted ISO sources will be save with ISO names to ini - regimport supports HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes (UsrClass.dat) - regimport will effect all existing user profiles - separate disable Windows Defender tweak (-nodefender command line) - fixed WinRE could not display PNG compressed icons - new gui font on Windows 11 - uses Mica on Windows 11 - ini option nodownload added - command line source accepts wildcard - new dikspart GUI with selectable disk and warn dialog
  14. 1) It saved the window position and MRU outside the SFX, so it won't be lost. You could make it unaware of the SFX, by removing the environment variable with CMD: set 7zSfxFolder36= Or change "SfxFolder" Unicode string in the SFX.exe 2) That would make the start very slow, but I will think about it
  15. Thanks for the translation. While you're at it, Final version will have 2 more: 1439, "Restore Classic Menus" 1440, "Always show the full context menus"

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