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  1. Yes, I meant if his firm paid for non-cheapo LTBG licences, why wouldn't they simply demand moneyback, if they ignore reports, lol. I mean, it should work with official software, period!
  2. Not everyone would want to risk to use software made in Russia, especially the one that deals with executables. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't, my own preference, of course. And most importantly, when its code is closed source! throw std::exception(“PE Tools source code is not available”);
  3. Also, it doesn't accept generic e-mails for registering, it wants a good one, from a well known provider, which basically means you're giving up your phone.
  4. Says I need to make an account and then log in to download.
  5. I don't know if you saw the post about adding new functions to new browsers, old win10 are already out of support by chrome 118 and up.
  6. Maybe this is why they don't know what to do with the influx of "refugees"?
  7. There's still no proper dark theme for win7, even after 14 years, simply too few modders available, and looks like the interest in that OS is too low. I doubt someone is interested. And I think win32 is more about Vista.
  8. Did you report the issue to MS?
  9. A bit, maybe, not much though, if we are to assume you run very basic 59-60HZ screens. Those who have troubles with high temps on a multi setup, they usually run 120HZ monitors and up.
  10. Sordum kills Defender Control updates due to conflict with Microsoft Defender "According to Sordum, users have been reporting problems and errors in their systems whereby they are unable to open or re-enable Microsoft Defender" https://www.neowin.net/news/sordum-kills-defender-control-updates-due-to-conflict-with-microsoft-defender/
  11. Two possibilities, either you live in Hell, or you need to replace the thermal solution, because even a higher binned GT640 runs idle at 37C and at about 75C under full load, and this matches the temps of the above posters. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/gt640-safe-temperatures.2014480/
  12. Maybe his card has passive cooling. Another possibility. it's too old (pre-2008-2009) to downclock itself, when in idle, or the drivers are buggy.
  13. Sounds very much like a theory, I'm eager to know, where and how could you (or anyone else) make a comparison of these completely closed source products.
  14. Oh, good to know! Unfortunately, Windows 10 is not relevant, so we wait while someone with Vista tests it and reports back to us. I hope it will be the one who has a huge experience with running Kaspersky daily, so we could make a fair comparison. Unfortunately, I'm not the one with Kaspersky on my PC, but @Vistapocalypse seems like the one, at least from what he writes. What joke, jaclaz?
  15. Oh, here's an alternative to Kaspersky. "Iranian engineers have managed to develop an antivirus..." "...which can compete with foreign rivals..", "Iran introduces domestically-made antivirus...", Seeing the date, I'd say it's pretty much Vista ex-kernel compatible. Could you be a dear, try it on your Windows Vista (or XP) computer? I mean the computer where you run Kaspersky (daily). Thank you. https://malwaretips.com/threads/news-iran-introduces-domestically-made-antivirus-padvish.16793/
  16. win7 released 14 years ago 8.1 was 6.3 10 was 10.0 (Windows NT 10.0;) (still is)
  17. "Windows 10 users will get to use Copilot AI after all – but with a big drawback" News: By Darren Allan published July 21, 2023 https://www.techradar.com/computing/windows/windows-10-users-will-get-to-use-copilot-ai-after-all-but-with-a-big-drawback
  18. Yeah, Deluminate is good. more options, most importantly works with old chrome.
  19. Yeah, and their website is hosted on Fastly, Inc, one of the most notorious trackers. https://github.com/fastly/fastly-blocklist From what I remember, HTTPS Everywhere liked to call home on these.
  20. Excuse me, it seemed to me you weren't happy about the restored default settings, but debloating is the only way, that is proven to work. So either you live with the default OS, or de-bloat the hell out if it. Simply no choice. A good example is remote desktop, which is reverted back with almost every update, even in Vista, and I'm sure I don't have to explain to you what it is. Have you ever used it yourself, apart from trying to hack someone else's PC with it?
  21. Settings keep getting back to defaults in Win 10 is common knowledge. Especially in Error Reporting. No surprise, no wonder here. Policies have always been a moot point. Only removing and cutting out crap from ISO works. BTW, did you disable auto driver updates? Could be the reason.
  22. Because Opera is Chinese (for about a decade now), and as far as I see it, they aren't concerned about any older OS in particular, it's rather because the Chinese are just slow at advancing it. But in this case it works in your favour.
  23. Maybe five seconds is more than enough to make a good fingerprint, including clientrects and canvas?

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