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  1. I did what you told and I appreciate you're trying to help - still not working , don't bother really . I don't care about them . At least they moved this ugly mole from Dave's chin and placed it above his right ear . I wrote them and asked to do it because it looked really ugly . (like a huge mole)
  2. Nah , you don't understand ! You need to eat bugs so the BLM and other dems/marxists could have their luxury manours. This is what they teach at Californian schools as of now ! Black Live Manours : https://nypost.com/2021/04/10/marxist-blm-leader-buys-1-4-million-home-in-ritzy-la-enclave/ https://nypost.com/2021/04/10/inside-blm-co-founder-patrisse-khan-cullors-real-estate-buying-binge/ https://nypost.com/2021/04/14/blm-leader-defends-buying-1-4m-los-angeles-home/ And this is some real commie censorship . Youtube deletes the video about their luxury real estates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yi3g39hd40
  3. Nope , not working ! As you can see on the screenshot - this font is not blocked.
  4. Something's definitely wrong with prices in California. I'd say the inflation is bad all over the world too, but California is always overpriced and overregulated . And this manufactured crisis is not over yet .
  5. I see these odd squares on most of the "modern" websites , including MSFN .
  6. Attachment for @Wunderbar98 . Spellforce for win 98 and up. This is what it should look like. b20 folder with .bsi files is inside of the "skinning" folder. speech is inside sound terrain , water inside texture. Predefined , Starterkit inside figure_template campaign ,Lan inside map All works fine . Look at the screenshot.
  7. Well , we have an oceanic climate here , very soft winters , if you could even call it a winter . It's about +7(C) during these days. I live in an 18th century house with a wooden oven . I barely use it because I cook on the electric one . But this wooden oven can be used for heating and even forging . I don't have gas pipelines in my house at all. In 2021, the town became part of the transnational UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its famous baths and its architectural testimony . Is it good ? One one hand : yes . On the other : the bloody tourists , lots of them . Esp. the russian ones, the most annoying and very loud. So I went to our nearest repair shop and guess what ? They told me it's pretty normal for the second batch of this hot chip to run this way . I guess you're lucky that you have the first revision chip (this is my guess though). The card works absolutely fine , I had to increase the fan speed though . Now it's about 88 degrees during heavy load. Not bad , considering the fact of only 50 Euro paid. During casual gaming it's about 75-76 (C). Overall , I don't like . I didn't notice any huge improvements over my GTX 980 SSC. I don't need 12GB of VRAM . In most of my games only 4 used at max. I'll search for the black Titan , like you told me , it should be much better . Thanks again .
  8. So ? The topic's title is : "On decommissioning of update servers for 2000, XP, (and Vista?) as of July 2019"
  9. KB938979 DO NOT INSTALL under any circumstances ! It disables the only known permanent signed driver requirement bypass (bcdedit.exe /set loadoptions ddisable_integrity_checks). Avoid installing it if you rely on unsigned drivers and don't want to use F8 every time you boot. Also , slows down the boot time .
  10. BREAKING Russian state "Duma" (parlament,government) proposed to launch a nuclear strike on the United States. Translation : Source , in russian. https://news.rambler.ru/politics/47945638-v-gosdume-predlozhili-nanesti-yadernyy-udar-po-ssha/
  11. Well , thank you . The problem is , he refused to ship them to me . So I bought Titan X and can't use it . It's a hellish oven way over 95 degrees (celsius). So I went to read and found this . Seems like this card has manufacturing defects. It can't be just so many people reported this out of the blue. No wonder I got it so cheap. I mean , it works , but it's so hot and loud !!! MX4 didn't help. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/197392/just-got-the-titan-x-runs-extremely-hot/
  12. At this state of things we need to cover ourselves with a white sheet and crawl to the nearest cemetery because the gaming days are over , unless you have a 10 grand of Euro freely floating around. In 2014 I bought a TOP PC with GTX980 SSC and 16Gb of RAM for *only* 1100 Euro.
  13. Can't wait to see when the bloody java dies off completely.
  14. I use instagram to buy food for my sport diet . It's cheaper that way. I use a simple bot crawler to dowload pics with food so I could browse and choose what I need later . I do NOT download millions of pictures . So no abusive behaviour . The bot usually fetches a hundred of pics (at max.) in several hours , it is quite similar to ordinary browsing . Now they won't let me view even one without login ! But if I choose an IP from that country with a certain regime - the problem is gone . It's a pity those proxies die off so quickly ...
  15. It's not only instagram , it's like all popular websites started to use the same tactics . Example from msfntor : 3 times page reload = block. Also have a friend in UK . He uses his real IP to make purchases and order food . And each time they force him to enter captcha !!! Asked him, is it considered to be "normal" , he said it's not unusual ?!?!?! We are enablers . People are enablers . I wonder what the next step is ? No food without a chip inside us ?
  16. I'm talking about countries similar to the one below . Instagram loves them . But as you can see , they are dead or slow. Will delete the image soon . (deleted)
  17. Thank you , but it's a big downside then . The problem is, I don't know where to find clean proxies from certain countries that instagram "likes". As for the software , I already have a similar one . It accepts proxie lists and then tests them . It's much less sophisticated , of course.
  18. Yes , yes , thank you !!! Everything related to proxies deserves my upvote ! Will it help to fight the damn instagram block , described here . Does it have it's own proxy lists ? Again, thank you ! The moderator edited my post, so I can't write the words I used to describe that before , but let me rephrase . Instagram lets certain countries in without issues . Let's say with certain regimes . It's not a coincidence , I tried many times . But as soon as I choose a French or any Western EU IP (or use my original IP) - I'm blocked. msfntor has the same problem ! So , this tool , can it fetch IP lists from the countries I tried to desribe ,not using the forbidden by the respected moderator word ? https://msfn.org/board/topic/183282-instagram-some-coutries-are-in-favour-help-to-get-clean-ranges-of-ips/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/182193-the-msfn-caf%C3%A9-a-penny-for-your-thoughts/?do=findComment&comment=1211585
  19. That was not my intention to be rude , but clearly, you're missing many things , like : 1 - CNN is communist (leftist) news . It's well known and no secret . 2 - It was rebranded to Communist News Network , LOL ! 3 - Obama did that becuase it's what democrats usually do . (we agree on this , no?) 4 - Democrat Obama was in the office for 8 years since 2009 , pretty much when the internet (as we knew it) was finished off . And again , no Republicans involved . P.S. Look at the amount of military aid to your country during Trump and now (dems again) . Look at how it was reduced ! Considering latest news , pray for your country . (if you're not on the enemy's side , of course). Anyways , soon the internet could be the least of your concerns .
  20. Yes, from what I read on their 360 forum (translated , of course) , there won't be any XP versions anymore and no 32-bit, also. From what I understood they're forcing everyone to the chinese win10 "government edition". Also, tried this pile of garbage on a spare win7 machine , not launching . Says something about "your PC is insecure , reinstall 360 browser and try again" . Guessing it's because I don't have telemetry updates , in fact , I don't have any updates on that machine at all . It's a testing dump . But hey , don't forget 64-bit Vista users !)))
  21. Hello , the russian repack of the final 21x version arrived (chrome 95) . It's 64-bit only . Any plans to clean it up ? thanks . https://www.upload.ee/files/13759426/360-Extreme-Explorer-X-21.0.1060-portable.zip.html

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