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  1. I get exactly the same from France ! Do they have something against France ?
  2. Yes, you're right , I'm gonna consider . Do you know it's not a WD drive ? WD6002FZWX looks like a Hitachi HDD. (guessing hot , noisy and humming again) https://oxnetni.com/western-digital-wd6002fzwx-6000gb-interne-festplatte/
  3. Even though I like your quick and informative answer , I had plenty of serious troubles with Toshiba. All toshibas are noisy , hot (high temps) and are just bad , both CMR and SMR (shingled). For example these 8TB awful drives. This is not just a bad batch , I had the exact same drive from ANOTHER batch and it was terrible !! Their customer service is non-existent and I sold it very cheap for parts. Read many people reporting awful quality. https://www.truenas.com/community/threads/bad-batch-of-toshiba-n300-8tb-256mb-cache-might-be-motherboard-failure.87605/
  4. Guys , is this OK to ask in this topic what HDDs are currently good , but no less than 6TB ? I mean CMR tech., I fed up with WD lies !
  5. Bravo , agree ! I have an ancient (slow) 1TB HDD (from 2009-2010) and when I need to test something on specific systems , I just connect it via eSata to my PC (the disk is in it's external enclosure) , then install any system I want from USB ISO or BluRay drive, test and format after that . Just sayin'
  6. I was able to do that , but kinda like 90% of my software quit working after that . Had to use the MS cleanup tool to delete it . Reverted to 4.5 and all is fine.
  7. I shall wait when (if) @Dixel shares his version with me ... that doesn't mean I'm not grateful to you guys @ArcticFoxie, @Humming Owl , thank you ! Your browser works very good with Nvidia drivers up to 347.88 , but not with later ones , sadly... I think I'm gunna use it on my old notebook with intel HD. Now this cookie story came to the light...
  8. What a coincidence ! You're on the same driver ! While I agree that it is a good driver , is there any chance you or anyone else will consider trying this browser with any newer drivers ? Thank you ! I mean starting from 350.12 and up , I know XP was able to use drivers up to 368.81. Unfortunately I had to stop using this wonderful browser and rolled back my to my newer driver , otherwise I can't play with acceptable framerates...
  9. Thank you very much for the quick reply, all of the above didn't work. I have been testing since you replied , more than a week ! For those who are wondering , I had to downgrade my nvidia driver to 347.88 and the issues just stopped ! This is not a good solution , because the driver is too old for my games . Any driver starting from 350.12 will lead to crashes with this browser , sometimes when I open it , it will spike the GPU usage to 10-12 percent , absolutely not OK for my GTX980. And the load on memory controller remains higher than usual after I close it . No crashes at this point , but when I start a game , the driver will crash and relaunch itself . Now I'm wondering what if @ArcticFoxie's crashes are also nvidia driver related ? Folks , what hardware are you on ? Any of you using Nvidia 350.12 and up ?
  10. I started to get Nvidia driver crashes with youtube. v13 rarely and with v12 frequently. Symptoms - I play a video , then the videocard TDP goes up to 10-11% (which is not normal) . It was kinda 5-7% before . I close the browser , start a random game , boom , driver crashes and restores by itself . If I do not open this browser and do NOT watch videos - all is OK , no crashes. So it's like the browser makes a glitch in the driver which needs to be reset before I can play . I have another chinese browser (old centbrwoser) and it doesn't crash the driver .
  11. I was on a dating website many years ago and that's how things were there also.
  12. I think calling us fanatics is a bit rude . I understand English is not your mother tongue , but look at some synonyms of this word: junkie , maniac, maven (also mavin = freak), nut. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fanatic
  13. jaclaz , thank you for the reply ! Well , yes , there's no such format per se , yet Universal extractor extracts such files perfectly , in fact it is the only one that was able to extract without issues ! Cab archivers , including makecab.exe and the other oldies will create MSZip type of compression, but this one I need is MsLZ. 7-zip says the file type is MsLZ. Perhaps it has nothing to do with "MS" because it's "Ms" . Lempel Ziv are usually LZ4 or LZO https://github.com/jibsen/brieflz That's why I asked the author because if they wrote an extraction algorithm perhaps they know what it is . This was the first and only search result on MSFN !
  14. And what do you mean by that ? Is there an answer to this specific warning in your reply ? If it doesn't bother you , doesn't mean the others should ignore . As for the post , I'm just confirming exactly the same issue the other members have mentioned here earlier . I'm having my first days with this very browser . I have fully updated certificates and this warning "other resources which are not secure" maybe ad sites which it connects to , but it's just my guess. Why am I not seeing this warning on youtube , for example ? Any ideas ?
  15. MSFN page shows as insecure connection . "Further, this page includes other resources which are not secure!" . Maybe it's the ads ?
  16. This is absolutely awesome ! Thank you ! I'd like to ask is there a chance to pack mslz file back ? Perhaps you know ... or perhaps @jaclaz knows . I think he knows everything ! Thanks.
  17. The most important part , you've attempted to draw attention away from the main subject and tried to focus on the other less significant part . But the main issue remains intact - there is no entry for the vaxxed (even with the app.), starting on August 1. This is the quotation from the newspaper with commas ."Vaccinated tourists will not be allowed to enter Israel on August 1, as had been previously planned, Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash said Sunday..." You mean the Twitter , one of the leaders of censorship with funny "facto-checking" ? Well , if you want a real fact checker , A - come to my country , B - install our forced software or you won't be able to dine/shop , get this pass (the app. is very misleading, btw) , C - the next step you've already done (the jab) D - Now try to buy a trip to Israel , which is quite a popular destination here. But no agency will sell it to you because Israel Forbids Entrance of Vaccinated Tourists . So the software and the vaccine are useless and they ruined my summer plans , which is precisely what I'm talking about , please do not make this about anything else and do not switch to another direction, I will ignore. Cheers and Regards
  18. While I respect your and everyone's opinion... First , as Tripredacus said , we are only allowed to talk about the software (which I'm currently doing) and it's use in this topic and he forbids talking about politics , this includes government , yet you seem to be allowed to do this . I'm not sure how your huge pro vaccine/forced app. post , esp. with this sentence "its use and enforcement needs to be consistent" passes the moderation. This is actually a very serious topic and it is dangerous to drive people in any directions , they should decide for themselves .
  19. Is this version 1106 modified by you to remove the telemetry ? Sorry if I missed that part .
  20. @Gansangriff , I hope you will help the author to eliminate those connections and in that case , do you think this could be a good alternative to firefox , which I 'm currently on ? I want to ditch firefox because it leaks data to yandex .
  21. We are now required to have a special pass to visit a restaurant or even go shopping . I was going on a summer trip to Israel with the software which they force us to use in my country. Here is this software (the article is in English). https://www.rfi.fr/en/france/20210421-french-anti-covid-app-takes-first-step-towards-eu-health-pass-technology-european-commission-travel-vaccination Yet it is of no use , because they simply deny entry to vaccinated tourists ! "Vaccinated tourists will not be allowed to enter Israel ... as had been previously planned, Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash said Sunday..." "Previously planned" ? Seems like they surely know something we obviously don't . I started to dig deeper . Proof from an official Israeli newspaper - https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/coronavirus-in-israel-430-new-cases-147-percent-of-tests-positive-674215 "The newest Israeli data indicate ~ complete vaccine failure on every level." "Green bars represent the vaccinated; red unvaccinated. Further, the number of severe cases is rising far faster than overall hospitalizations, ending the myth that vaccines stop severe disease." This data is from the @IsraelMOH https://twitter.com/AlexBerenson/status/1416880859462971395
  22. That's because steam makes calls to non-existent APIs. Solution ? Do not use steam . I've bought a recent game from mid. 2020 and it works fine on vanilla Vista , but the steam version doesn't work , so I got a refund. Let them feel that we are to decide what we want. So is there an end to this story ?
  23. 31st of December 2020 - works cool (even with disabled remote fonts), 1st of January 2021 - all hell breaks loose . It has nothing to do with the operating system. It's the new java , scripts and remote fonts. I'm glad it is working for the creator himself though. I've been away for some time , now logged in and everything works again , except the odd squares in the menus.
  24. here's a good read for ya , from the respected member @sdfox7 https://msfn.org/board/topic/176837-disable-web-fonts-in-google-chromemozilla-firefox/
  25. Removing telemetry is just a couple of seconds . Modding the driver is not easy , I guess . We are better off with 7/9 series , btw I noticed modded 372 files in the folder, what are they for ? Win32 began experimenting ?

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