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  1. 1 - It has a fresh look, cool graphics , it will look good if you're on Vista, I can tell you what to mod via PM. 2- Caution ! This is a very dangerous point where some people might wanna use drugs on their daily basis, be strong, don't do it.
  2. I'm so glad you're fine ! Have you ever tried Thealoz DUO (Made in France) for your eye ? It's very good ! Sorry, couldn't find in English ! I'm pretty sure you understand French ? Thealoz Duo est une solution pour a protection, l'hydratation et la lubrification de la surface oculaire indiquée dans le traitement du syndrome de l'oeil sec modéré à sévère. Ne pas conserver au-delà de 3 mois après ouverture. Informations complémentaires Gouttes pour les yeux (trehalose, acide hyaluronique) pour la protection, l´hydratation et la lubrification de la surface oculaire indiquée pour le traitement du syndrome de l´oeil sec modéré à sévère. Indication Indications: Thealoz Duo est préconisé en cas de gêne, picotements ou irritations oculaires. Ces symptoms peuvent être induits par des facteurs extérieurs tels que vent, fumée, pollution, poussière, conditions climatiques ensoleillées ou froides, air chaud, climatisation, voyage en avion, travail prolongé devant un écran d´ordinateur, …
  3. All of the scripts are allowed, along with any form of Java.
  4. I absolutely agree with you ! Also they could just be following the world sanctions (declared by all normal countries). MSFN is under European (Danish ? Dutch ?) jurisdiction. So MSFN ought to comply with the Euro sanctions (ie - ban everything Russia). It's a very serious matter, since the russkies are not allowed to use any western tech (software/hardware). I have a friend in Germany, he once told, russkie tourists buy drones for their military use, and the German customs is on high alert. Here they can read some pretty useful info, so no good, no good at all. P.S. Sorry can't put a reaction, maybe you already read. https://msfn.org/board/topic/183266-pretty-detox-posts/?do=findComment&comment=1237478
  5. Yes, all the same same for me, just logged in, but the phrase is different, saying "problem reacting". How have you been ?
  6. Well, I allowed everything (see the screenshot right next to your post), all the same !
  7. Tell us, will that "territory" include the recently occupied neighbours ? Legal explanations from a lawyer : The territory of Russian Federation was internationally recognised only in the borders of 1991. Since your Russian Federation illegally annexed territories from its neighbours, it has no recognised borders anymore.
  8. Still can't put likes/upvotes to your posts ! Sorry !
  9. Why ? All of them migrated to Western Europe ?
  10. A bison at 35 below zero. Yellowstone National Park, USA. Photo: Tom Murphy
  11. mostly peaceful chinese balloon https://www.bbc.com/news/world-64514120
  12. 1- So what ? "Safe" Proton mail is based in Switzerland (yet it has zero Swiss owners/developers). It's mostly Indorussian, it's public knowledge. Opera is based in Eastern Europe, yet it 100% Chinese. You wrote it yourself and I agreed. Also, public knowledge. 2 - That's exactly what you did, didn't you ? You were trying to make a serious matter sound like a joke - "hey look, even google chrome itself is a spyware", hence you provided us with a joke article. Why have you linked to a severely incomplete article ? Being on a serious site like MSFN, one would need to link to an article with proof, like I did with slimjet. Yet you tried to take a left to another direction and make fun of all of this and then went completely off-topic with your Firefox. 3 - 2016 ?!??! Thank you for not comparing it to 1916 ! You realize it's 7 years passed and they could change their owner/policies like a gazillion of times ? 4 - You know best, I'm not an expert on living in chinorussia and/or with russians. 5 - I actually agree with you often, this time also. Next time, please split your posts so I could give you upvotes. 6 - Either you suspiciously kind, or we just don't know something about you. You seem to be so overworried about some certain countries with certain regimes and their populace.
  13. Yes, you're right, I remember it was me, you're welcome. I'm pretty sure you meant whole , note hole. Still have some work to do with your English, otherwise - fine. Because I don't remember helping you to fly over a hole.
  14. I totally agree with you, of course Chinese-owned Opera is also extremely high (need to spell it without quotes) spyware.
  15. I should say Ungoogled Chrome might be your best bet (as of now). Make sure you download from their official place though.
  16. The article provided by you is weird, it doesn't even have the screencaps of spying connections, whereas mine does, with proof. So maybe yours isn't finished ? Therefore, not be taken seriously.
  17. The good news is that Mozilla Firefox is merely “high” spyware according to this source: https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/firefox Mozilla Firefox is not based on chrome, thus not relevant to this discussion. But I agree with all of you, it's also a spyware.
  18. Yes, agree, provided by you page is weird, it doesn't even have the screencaps of spying connections, whereas mine does.
  19. MEGA will not work on a browser that old. I just tried with Chrome 102 and it works, 102 would be a bare minimum for such modern websites.
  20. Now it just says "please update your graphics software" and makes an attempt to launch IE (which I obviously removed from the ISO) and then quits.
  21. How did you bypass that limit ? It constantly asks me for 446.xx driver and/or 442.xx or newer (if I remove the last patch).
  22. slimjet is yet another chinorussia spyware/malware along with kaspersky, quit promoting unsafe commie software. You need to understand, we can't advise it on a serious forum like MSFN, we are not Edripse. Spyware Level: EXTREMELY HIGH https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/slimjet

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