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  1. @Dylan Cruz The installer broke when I removed the service installation from it with Orca. So the only way to even possibly use Office 2010 on Windows 2000 is to install it in another OS, export all reg entries and copy over the installed folders. PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (which is basically PowerPoint 2010, with editing capabilities disabled) running even standalone on Windows 2000 could only be done through a debugger and still crashed a few times when viewing a presentation so I'm not very enthusiastic to begin with.
  2. Have you tried running the dxdiag tests? The Sims 2 is definitely 98/Me compatible and would probably work on those OSes with good drivers present.
  3. I'm not sure (since I'm not him, of course), but he may have not played around enough with user agents on the other XP browsers to get the newer YouTube design to appear.
  4. Nope. If you were to remove the user agent override from roytam1's browsers, you would see the newer design.
  5. I think he's referring to the design that is pushed to Firefox 45/52+. roytam1's browsers have a user agent override for Firefox 42 on YouTube so we get to see an older design that is less bloated and thus not a nightmare on old (Core Duo) hardware. Chrome 79 on Windows 8.1 seems to have the same design as the one that other newer browsers get.
  6. @Dylan Cruz Yes, I previously used the default wallpaper in my Server 2003. I tried using bginfo and changed the background to the one it created. When logging out, it reverted to the default wallpaper. Have you tried the command line switch "/all"? Apparently it configures bginfo for each user on the system, which may prevent the issue you are describing.
  7. @Dylan Cruz My desktop still has a win2k partition, but the laptop will be staying on 2003. 2000 and XP presented too many inexplicable bugs on there. You really need to make new threads since this is so far removed from MS Office, so someone who knows their way around group policy and domains (which doesn't describe me unfortunately) doesn't have to dig through a seemingly completely unrelated thread to answer your question.
  8. @Dylan Cruz I haven't tested the XP patch but the EternalBlue exploit relies on Terminal Services, which doesn't exist in Windows 2000 Professional. In Server you should just disable the service. A WannaCry patch is included in one of the newer extended kernels.
  9. It's been happening to me ever since 2020 started in UTC 00:00 (so around 7 pm on December 31 for me).
  10. I now see it at 2.25%, so we're above Linux and Mac OS 10.13! The numbers in the table seem to update constantly, and show Windows 7 at 33.1% when the December share is stated as 26.6%. I'd like to say that business PCs are considerably more likely to have Windows XP and 7 than home PCs, but it's New Year's Day. I wouldn't think that many people are working today.
  11. The new year (and decade) has just arrived in UTC -05:00 (eastern continental United States as well as Ontario, Quebec and eastern Nunavut in Canada*) I am pleased to report that there doesn't seem to be an undocumented "2020 bug" in Microsoft Windows. My Windows 95, Server 2003, Vista and 8.1 installs have successfully entered a new decade. And no mass failures of XP either it appears. *Not including northwestern Ontario communities such as Kenora and Quebec's Magalden Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  12. What versions of disk.sys and partmgr.sys do you have? Are there other drivers attached to the large disk in device manager?
  13. The error that would appear when running x64 apps on XP and 2003 x86 would refer to the executable being "valid, but for a different type of machine". Even if the odds are stacked up against Vista in this case, it is running under Vista x64 for me as well. It appears they chose MSVC 2015/17 as their compiler, which are both still very capable of targetting everything down to XP, and used a subset of Vista-compatible functions provided by the Qt framework. It seems to be a relatively simple application, after all.
  14. That apple software update thingy always nagged on my mother's computer. With XP and now 8.1... But yeah, that would go well with this Christmas installation over here: I have no idea why they picked those two letters. And for more evidence that Windows XP dominated Christmas 2019: https://www.neowin.net/news/the-new-windows-ugly-sweater-has-a-windows-xp-theme
  15. @blackwingcat has all of the solutions for your problems. Go to http://www.w2k.flxsrv.org/wlu/wluen.htm, then click "Manual Update" on the left sidebar, select "Drivers" in the "Kind" box and search for nVidia or AHCI (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) or whatever you need. To use PAE to its fullest extent, select "Additional function" in the "Kind" box and search for "Extended Core". Look for KB979683, v16a.
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