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  1. How popular is Tim Hortons over there? Here the inner part of the cup lids is now maple leaf-shaped! They never attempted this gimmicky patriotic stuff when the company was actually Canadian-owned. Anyway, I announced that the operators of my college's cafeteria were moving away from XP in May. Indeed when the current semester started the XP box appeared to be in a state of network boot failure, presumably. They fixed everything a few weeks ago and now the cashier ignores the Windows 10 POS machine in favour of the XP one!
  2. The latest version of WPS Office 2016,, works perfectly in extended Windows 2000. Feature-wise, it seems to be very similar to M$ Office 2016, yet it only takes up roughly 400 MB of HDD space for Word, Excel and PowerPoint alternatives. Download the free version here: https://www.wps.com/download/ It does require the viewing of some ads in order to print and export to PDF, although a perpetual licence is available to get around that issue.
  3. I found another crash condition for Office 2007, with regards to OneNote. Pasting images into any notebook. So you'd have to use the hard-to-find OneNote 2003, which did not ship as part of any Office edition. But, as long as Word and Excel work, which they do, I'm sure that is all that really matters. I wish that I could stick to 2003 but I suddenly needed stuff like the ability to really manipulate my headers, insert pages (especially cover pages), and the integrated citation system.
  4. A few months ago, I tried using Retrozilla and SeaMonkey 1.1 on a Pentium III-500 machine running Windows 95 OSR 2.5. This site rendered poorly but I think I was still able to read threads. I was able to access most of my weather and news sites OK, albeit slowly. However, the board supports up to 1 GB of PC100 RAM so it would be theoretically possible to get W7 on there with the SSE NM27. Even with considerably less RAM I could still use Windows 2000 with extended kernel (which now has a non-SSE2 option) to browse. But no, I'm never going to willingly throw out that machine for lack of usefulness online. Office 2000 works nicely, and I do have some software with race conditions which cause them to crash on my higher-clocked CPUs. Alternatively, I've got a Xeon X5670 workstation running Windows 2000 and XP x64; very overpowered for both OSes and could very well be useful for browsing after NT 5.x loses its browsing support. It runs W7 very nicely; though up-to-date Linux distros would also be available for years to come, and if I stick to 2000/XP I could do my browsing in VMs. VMware Workstation 10 (last version for XP) can run Windows 10!
  5. Yes; Windows 2000 went down from 0.01 to 0.00% on netmarketshare in August. All of the web-browsing 2000 users I know (including myself) also use XP-10/Linux (even BWC posted about his new win10 laptop on his blog) as well, and even when using 2000 I sometimes spoof the OS version or the user agent. I still think 2000-Vista are still good for web browsing as updated browsing options remain available from at least two sources, and a third if 360 Extreme Explorer hasn't dropped support.
  6. There's an XPlite product out there, made by the same guy as 98lite. Or I guess someone nlited the installation media and that's how this "XP lite" was obtained.
  7. I tried installing proplus, and it failed citing the failure of the "Office Software Protection Platform" service to install, then start. However, through a debugger I was able to get this to run:
  8. win32

    OS Usage Graph

    Of course, this video starts in September 2003 when XP overtakes 2000. https://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp (data in the video is a modified version of the data on the page) That site is visited mostly by budding web developers, which would explain why Windows 2000 has such a high market share to begin with (Google's OS market share statistics from 2003 had a market share of 19% for win2k). The Windows NT field that appears in 2012 represents client 2000, as well as all Windows Servers and presumably pre-release Windows 8; it drops considerably in December 2012 when the Windows 8 entry is added to the table.
  9. If you think Windows 10 was cursed (and worried about Windows 11 too?), wait for Windows 13! It will cause mechanical HDDs to explode during the live demonstration on MSFNBCNN as a RAID-80 array of them can't keep up with the loading of their own website in Chrome 3452.456.3451.414g. The pundits will note how well Windows 2000 works on their 75 year old ThinkPads.
  10. Yeah, there was another one in the same format this weekend in the website forum. Another American with full name on Windows 2000.
  11. I installed right over 3.0b with no issue. The only issue seems to be that a few resources were left in Japanese (descriptions of Downloads/My Documents/My Videos in Explorer). Aside from that it's solid. 19 1/2 years later and the OS keeps getting better
  12. Have you tried to install the x64 version regardless? There are quite a few things that claim to only work on Vista x64 and up (see IDA Pro 7.0, Office 2010 x64, Yandex.Disk, drivers for EasyCAP composite-to-USB capture devices etc.) that still work in the forgotten Server 2003 derivative.
  13. Tropico 4. Works good with extended kernel with the exception of the cursor looking all messed up.
  14. And they're back! I was never more glad to see an ad for QuickBooks. I almost thought this was part of another anti-NT 5 conspiracy.
  15. Have you checked VMware's drivers in dependency walker x64? They may not be compatible with Vista. Are VMware's services able to start?
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