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  1. win32

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    My Kaby Lake HP bs-017ca ran somewhat slower and less stable (BSOD every 1.5-2 weeks) on Windows 7, and I want to stay in the Windows ecosystem, so a (heavily tweaked) Windows 10 will do. But I won't stand to torture my other machines because I still have a few gripes, a few more than I ever had with 7 or NT5. -Aunt's laptop (upgraded from win8) got stuck with full-screen start menu obscuring the desktop constantly and the settings app crashing 6/7 times. An upgrade from 1607 to 1809 fixed the crashes but not the start screen. -Whilst attempting to use Edge last summer, it would keep forgetting my history (though if M$ could too that would have been great) -When opening the Open-Shell start menu, the fade-in transition is very choppy sometimes, with the smoked-glass menu appearing through solid black.
  2. win32

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    To install, you just extract the palemoon folder to the area of your choice; if upgrading, you can extract it over your existing New Moon folder. All of your settings and extensions will be maintained, and the browser will recognize an upgrade on first start. @i430VX has also made an installer for New Moon. There seems to be two separate branches of PM: v27 and v28. I guess the former is to allow the use of extensions that are incompatible with v28.
  3. win32

    Extended Kernel question/problem

    Oddly enough, the appcomp.cmd script works for the Adobe CS4 installer, whilst it chokes on the fcwin2k package. For everything else fcwin2k is better.
  4. uFile 2018 (Canadian tax prep software) works on Vista SP2 according to the box.
  5. Yes, Illustrator CS6 now loads and saves files! I don't have CS4 installed right now but it probably works too. Thank you for improving Windows 2000.
  6. Thanks for testing Illustrator out for me. The problem with being unable to open (and save) files from within the program started with CS4 (it also affects InDesign, but Photoshop is fine). I'll take your advice and try with Dependency Walker and the new extended kernel. UPDATE: I ended up getting the same results as you, down to opening and saving. I'll use an older version under either win2k or 2003R2 because it seems like the bloat:functionality ratio went through the roof with newer Adobe software.
  7. Yes, all I did was use Orca to remove the version check from the msi (for X6 that is).
  8. BUFKIT, software that manipulates soundings from NOAA's weather model guidance runs on Windows 2000 as of the new version 19. I've only tested it with the extended kernel but it relies on VC++ 7.1 and VB6 runtimes so it will probably work with vanilla SP4. https://training.weather.gov/wdtd/tools/BUFKIT/ As for programs working on the extended kernel (v2.9bG), I've had success with the Serif "Plus" series all the way up to its discontinuation around 2015. Adobe Photoshop CS4 and 5 extended (CS3 is a little unstable) also work. I tried Illustrator CS6 but it crashes after loading plugins.
  9. win32

    Something of perverse activity ...

    After installing Windows 98, take the time to do a full install of Office 97 Professional: 46 additional floppy disks! I still have about 25 3.5" floppy disks, about 5 of which are unreadable. Then there was the one where the shutter was a little loose and got stuck in my Presario...
  10. win32

    January 1st 2019 / still 4%

    Windows 10 is also very un-customizable compared to XP, which basically blasted the door open on UI skinning. You had many options available if Luna or Windows Classic didn't suit your tastes (even a few direct from MS). Even if you manage to restore some sanity to the look of 10, an update comes along and wrecks your hard work, as well as altering many of your settings, crushing your anti-telemetry safeguards and rearranging the UI like the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.
  11. win32

    Glad to be here

    Unfortunately, this is a slightly belated introduction. I'm running Windows 98SE on my ThinkPad T41 (to take advantage of the hardware MIDI support), Windows 2000/2003R2 on my T60 and OptiPlex 745 for as much stuff as possible, and Windows 10 just because it's the most stable OS on my Kaby Lake laptop. This is one of the few places where XP and the like aren't demonized so I like it. Long live NT 5.x!
  12. win32

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    My school uses XP on their POS machines. Everything else is 7 or 10. And yes, the ThinkCentre is old enough to be (co-)branded IBM. There are still plenty of IBM POS systems floating around my area, but the screens were out of my sight.
  13. win32

    KernelEx for Win2000

    The riched20.dll included in the v2.9bG English package is corrupted. It breaks WordPad and Windows Installers (with error code 2894). The remedy is to transplant an older version from my USP 5.1 installation media (dated November 2006; not sure which version). Then the extended kernel works great. The latest version of WPS Office, as well as PotPlayer v1.7.16291 (a later beta version was less stable) are functioning without issue. Keep fighting the good fight!