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  1. A warning to those who notice that Crisis in the Kremlin (2017) is listed as XP x64 compatible (https://store.steampowered.com/app/599750/Crisis_in_the_Kremlin/). Well, the latest version of the game relies on a newer version of the unity engine that relies on many Vista+ API functions and components. And it even fails on Vista too! Earlier versions may work, but they were unpolished (poorer English and some unfinished parts) and predate the DLC(s). On the other hand, the game News Tycoon (https://store.steampowered.com/app/581220/News_Tycoon/) lists Windows 7 as a minimum OS but runs on XP x64 (this is no endorsement though, as it's a real pig regardless of OS). It also runs the loading animation on Windows 2000 before crashing, and probably the same on XP x86.
  2. To deal with newer implementations of ACPI on XP, you need to replace acpi.sys in your installation media: https://www.win-raid.com/t5355f45-Windows-XP-Pro-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware.html
  3. BWC has yet to add many files to his new WLU site, including most drivers and the extended kernels.
  4. It installs through WMP 10. Trying to install umdf.exe from WMP 11 and I keep getting "setup couldn't verify the integrity of update.inf"! And trying to find a stand-alone UMDF installer for XP is really difficult. Stupid M$ logic dictates that UMDF 1.11 supersedes 1.9, but 1.9 is the last version for XP and Vista. The 1.9 files were actually based off 7 RTM files so they were probably considered too advanced for XP!!!
  5. Oddly enough, only certain files can be successfully copied over from my Galaxy S5; those are video (mp4) files that are over a certain size threshold. A 99 544 KiB file failed to transfer, as did all others smaller than it. A 102 870 KiB file successfully transferred, as did all others bigger than it. So the presumptive cutoff is 100 000 KiB or 100 MiB. I thought about possibly loading the MTP drivers from a later Longhorn build or Vista itself as there are no issues with MTP on that OS. As usual, it is still more functional than XP, as XP doesn't show me the phone at all. And for reference purposes, MTP on Windows 2000 is facilitated through wpdusb.sys version 5.2.3810.3924. Vista switched to a user-mode driver for MTP. 6.0.5112 works with excore, but doesn't change anything. And now I have discovered that WMP 11 comes with what seems to be Vista-style MTP drivers. There are multiple releases of WMP 11 with varying versions of wpdusb.sys; 5.2.5358.4827 (BSOD) 5.2.5705.5043 (causes BSOD on its own) 5.2.5721.5145 (BSOD) These were when dropping them in to replace 3810.3924 and 5112, without any other changes. But I haven't been successful in getting them to work like on Vista (and presumably XP) which would probably be fruitful. UPDATE: Based on my testing with Server 2003, all I would need to do is install UMDF through the WMP 11 installer but I can't get it to run on my win2k machine because it thinks it's already present.
  6. Since we used this thread to talk about newer NVIDIA drivers, I'll provide a report on 320.92, direct from NVIDIA: While it seems alright for OpenGL, allowing the use of versions up to 4.3 on my Quadro FX 3800, it has problems with some DirectX games. I tried to play Sid Meier's Railroads, but textures kept getting all glitchy and disappearing after a few minutes; alt-tabbing brought me into 640x480x4 mode, then the screen went blank. So I cannot recommend it. I can't wait to compare with BWC's modded driver once they're back online.
  7. If you read the description, it says that the config is still inflicted with the "timing initialization flaw" which appears to be the same issue you're facing.
  8. Try replacing riched20.dll with the one from the XP SP3 package. BWC's version seems to be dependent on VC++ 2008 and has issues with some installers.
  9. I do not think you will get very far, as the current workarounds for XP don't even work with Windows 2000 with extended kernel. It is also very reliant on Chromium which has never liked 9x. But most Steam games that are 9x compatible can be easily copied to a 9x system and will run with little-to-no meddling.
  10. I just noticed that the success story I was describing earlier (Haswell) was with a 32-bit version of Vista. And the other report of working Vista on new Intel platforms (Coffee Lake) is also with the x86 version. So I think you will have to use the x86 version to avoid the service failure issue. Unfortunately 32bit UEFI wasn't a thing until Windows 8 though.
  11. UEFI, that changes everything. I was thinking MBR, but in that case, all the EFI bootloaders should stay intact even if newer ones are added. I know that when I installed Debian on my Kaby Lake laptop, the old Windows 10 boot loader remained present and usable, and both grub and Windows Boot Manager were listed in the UEFI firmware's boot options. So you wouldn't need to restore anything, in all likelihood.
  12. There is the Platform Update and Platform Update Supplement. But I think the newest Intel graphics known to work in Vista is Haswell, even with all updates. Someone made a wrapper to get a newer AMD GPU working but the result was unusable so my hopes are non-existent for Skylake graphics. The level of expertise in the Vista community just isn't there. I was thinking of this method for transferring the OS from VM to bare metal, since it has been used to get Windows 2000 on an i7-8700K machine: https://superuser.com/questions/241269/exporting-a-virtualbox-vdi-to-a-harddrive-to-boot-it-natively Provided your disk imaging software (I don't have much experience with those, unfortunately) allows you to copy the image to a specific partition, the other OSes in different partitions should stay intact, but the boot sector will likely be overwritten. But you should be able to do bcdboot X:\Windows (X being your W7 partition's drive letter) to restore win7 to the boot menu. Not sure about mac OS though.
  13. Mine is Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:68.9) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.5 Firefox/68.9 Basilisk/52.9.0 although it appears that it is too "advanced". Yours worked and provided me immediately with the link to the English update. Thank you.
  14. This happens both on wired and wireless LAN connections. I don't know why they introduced this "feature". Were people who know enough to use this thing somehow getting confused by all the language variations?
  15. Windows Legacy Update and all win2k files have moved to: http://win2k.org/wlu/wlu.htm
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