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  1. Hi ntoskrnl_extender compilable and usable on xp64 too, usb3/storage drivers works (but not tested widely) "OneCore API and XomPie" - read carefully what these and this projects do, they live in different words "ring3 vs ring0" and no way to say hello to companion :)
  2. No need to implement every function, only functs really used in working drivers. This mean "vista video" and some rare drivers (like intel raid drivers for server chipsets) still have missed imports because they not working anyway or no one use it
  3. Hi, Seems you are messed with arguments/stack at return, "ret x" must take return adress to parent, but it take from stack random arg and jump to it :)
  4. Hi Ximonite, any source code available ? or all functions was ripped as disassembly ?
  5. win32k declare own ring3->ring0 service table for user32 and gdi32 see KeAddSystemServiceTable() inside win32k
  6. NTOSKRNL Emu_Extender Library of missing functions for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 NTOSKRNL.EXE Project is intended to help in porting drivers from Windows 7/8/8.1/10 for work with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 How-To: 1) Compile sources to make ntoskrn8.sys 2) Make corrections to xxx.sys so that it loads ntoskrn8.sys instead of the original ntoskrnl.exe 3) Place ntoskrn8.sys to X:/Windows/sytem32/drivers/ folder Compiling: 1) Install Windows 7 DDK v7.1.0 (download from Microsoft site) 1a) Original DDK header files has mistake with definintion of MmAllocateContiguousMemoryS
  7. Dedicated to fans of windows XP/2003 running on moderm (Acpi 2.0) PC Main purpose of patcher is help with eliminate/fixing Acpi 2.0 opcodes and 64-bit fields/regions/math without touching bios. Patch modify acpi tables every time when os start, it change current state of acpi tables in RAM memory (Bios load tables from flash chips to ram). Patcher works only with CSM (compatibility) mode, it will never works in UEFI boot mode. Using: 1) All custom files must named in old "8.3" DOS way ! 2) Create folder "ACPI_PAT" at root of you boot drive where installed target OS, this folder is
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