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  1. VistaLover

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    Both the main executable and the wxWidgets DLLs, when inspected with a HexEditor, reveal dependencies on missing stub dlls kernelxp.dll and advapixp.dll; I am not at all savvy in this field, but presumably these stub DLLs handle (redirected) API calls not present inside XP's proper dlls, i.e. kernel32.dll and advapi32.dll; obviously, more expert members here can elaborate on this, I have just scratched the surface... Perhaps @FranceBB forgot to include them in his package, or assumes they are to be easily found elsewhere... BTW, you'd also need msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll present in the folder for the app to run, if, that is, you don't have the redistributable for MSVC++ 2015/2017 installed system wide...
  2. I was intrigued by what you have posted so I decided to create a new clean/minimal Serpent 52.9.0 profile; some basic GUI settings were changed, then I proceeded to only installing Greasemonkey 4.1 (WE, from AMO), followed by installing the SF.net userscript from their site (you have to cut-off the timestamp bit, ?ts=..., from the URI there, because GM will only install scripts from URIs ending in user.js). I restarted Serpent, headed off to a youtube clip and, apparently, everything was working fine: Well yes, I do expect Moonchild's Basilisk and Roytam1's Serpent 52 (both on the UXP platform) to have the same WE APIs, so I am puzzled as to why you didn't manage to get GM 4.1 working in your Serpent install (on XP) ; perhaps a conflict exists there between one of your other extensions and/or a modified browser setting??? FWIW, I can't test official Basilisk here, since it requires Win7+ My previous comment to you wrt GM 4.1 was half "educated guess" and half "from experience" ... When it comes to Serpent 52.9.0 and Webextensions, I have always found it to be a case of trial-and-error ; WE addons from AMO that would install fine in FirefoxESR 52.9.0 and then perform there as expected, would either not install at all in Serpent in the first place (yielding the infamous "appears corrupted" error message) or, after initial successful install, would underperform or not work at all... That is why in Serpent, much like in NM, I'll opt for the XUL edition of an extension, provided there's still choice (so I use XUL GM but WE SF.net - there isn't anymore a legacy version of the latter available). Cheers
  3. Hi ; I did some tests on my Vista SP2 laptop running yesterday's release of New Moon 28 (appVersion=28.2.0a1 (32-bit), buildID=20181027020958) and those tests showed conclusively that: Native UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:52.9) Goanna/4.1 PaleMoon/28.2.0a1 Gecko compat UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:52.9) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.1 PaleMoon/28.2.0a1 Firefox compat UA (this is my current setting): Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:52.9) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.1 Firefox/52.9 PaleMoon/28.2.0a1 so, in reality, "Goanna/4.1" and "Pale Moon/28.2.0a1" are not replaced, but always remain in the advertised UA string; if you want to hide them completely from a certain site, you'd have to use a custom UA string (either via the native way, setting a SSUAO in about:config, or via an extension). There's a hidden (i.e. not exposed in a GUI setting) string pref inside about:config called general.useragent.compatMode.version which defaults to 52.9 ; by modifying it to a more recent Fx major version, those sites might be tricked into thinking you're running an up-to-date Firefox version; e.g. with the "Firefox compat" UA mode and that pref set to "63.0", my advertised UA string is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:63.0) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.1 Firefox/63.0 PaleMoon/28.2.0a1 This approach, however, is not risk free, because you stand the chance of a site serving you code (Javascript, CSS, etc.) - intended for your "advertised" Firefox version - that NM28 is just not compatible with... So, as you said, you'd have to experiment a bit - as you put it, YMMV...
  4. GM 4.1 is of the WebExtension format and is dependent on WE APIs not present inside Basilisk52/UXP (which, as stated numerous times, has only a limited subset of WE APIs compared to FxESR 52); if you want to install GM on Basilisk, go for the XUL (legacy) version 3.17 or the PM fork 3.31.4 If, OTOH, you insist on installing a userscript manager of the WE format, latest Violentmonkey 2.9.9 works fine with Basilisk (both 52/UXP + 55/moebius)... The WE addon from SF.net has a feature that enables you to selectively disable/enable it per site; perhaps that's what you need (not tested, as I don't have an account with chase.com ): Regards
  5. Matt A. Tobin spewing, once more, poison against Vista users and against the New Moon fork: #817#issuecomment-433252852 The fact is I got prior clearance from Moonchild himself to report bugs (found in New Moon 28 on Vista) in the GitHub issue tracker, if: 1. The bug has been also reported in the Palemoon forum by users of the official PM builds 2. I could replicate the bug I found by using an official build on Win7+ So that is why I got involved in #817#issuecomment-427697783 Honestly, I find all that hostility from Tobin to be totally unwarranted... Mind you, I refuse to even dignify his response by trying to argue with him; we all know by now he's a nut case... I will accept his code contributions to PM but am not prepared, nor willing, to accept his attitude (rant over...)
  6. ... From their Support section: Why is my domain status set to 'Suspended'? I can't see anything that would, even remotely, apply to your case...
  7. ... Well, this is unfortunate ; any explanation from them why they did so? Anyhow, thanks for restoring things; I had several bookmarks pointing directly at your repository, I had to manually edit hostnames from o.rthost.cf to o.rths.cf to make them work again
  8. VistaLover

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    @sdfox7 Let me be absolutely clear: I, of course, am not doubting here your file downloading skills , it's just that I have to stress ONCE MORE the imperative necessity the file hosting site be accessed with an enabled adblocker; the adblocker will thwart any site attempts to offer "suggested software" downloads (in your case, a "purportedly" outdated version of the Adobe Flash Player stub installer) and proceed straight to the requested file download (as is shown in my screenshot ); in some cases, you might have to press the DOWNLOAD button a second time to be presented with a "save file" prompt (depends on browser setting); you fail to disclose the type of browser and adblock used in your downloading attempts ; I only mean to help here, not cause you additional trouble... The uBlock0 file has been downloaded till now a total of 14 times, in the worst-case-scenario, some good person can re-upload it to a new hoster you feel more comfortable with (e.g. MEGA, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc - I don't have accounts with any of them ATM ) Best regards and apologies for any inconvenience caused...
  9. Indeed ... And for that you deserve all the praise there is! Technically, even they can't be held responsible for issues on the XP platform, as they - since long ago - do not target that (so they can't test on XP) and do not care if their code, patched only to the extent it will allow it to run satisfactorily on XP/Vista (and this is only where Roy steps in) creates issues for XP/Vista users... @zipandlips: My dear Russian friend, you should stop sounding demanding, impolite, disrespectful; this attitude will not get you far, not only here, but probably in other places where you'd arrive to seek help ... I sense you are just overly frustrated and not meaning to insult people, still... In any case, read what I wrote previously in this (long) trhead: If you can reliably reproduce some of your issues with the official Pale Moon 28.1.0 build (perhaps on a borrowed Win7+ machine), then post about it (in mild language, please) in the official forum, else take what you're offered and be glad about it... This is a one-person effort, don't expect that wonders can be worked for an OS now 4.5 years EOL'd
  10. VistaLover

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    ... Nothing suspicious if you visit the site with your adblocker ON (uBlock0 legacy in my case, New Moon 28.2.0a1 32-bit 2018-10-12); you should click on the gray button with DOWNLOAD inside it, not anything/anywhere else! Filesize is ca. 2.2MB, filename is uBlock0-1_16_18_0.crx; it has already been downloaded 8 times (at the time of writing), so you should be able to fetch it yourself, too
  11. If you're willing to wean yourself from the AdBlock type family of adblockers, uBllock Origin Legacy (XUL) is a splendid candidate for Pale (New) Moon and other browsers that don't support Webextensions; you must first get rid of any previous content blockers you've been using and then install latest version ( from the GitHub repo: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/tag/firefox-legacy- (click on the .xpi link) ; updates will be somewhat infrequent, because the dev's main focus has shifted onto its webextension counterpart; FWIW, to have your copy auto-update, you should install the companion extension uBlock Origin Updater uBlock0 is noticeably more gentle on resources (namely RAM consumption) compared to the ABP family of blockers, so it's recommended especially on older/lower-spec hardware... You don't specify, but if you're interested in an in-browser solution, I highly recommend the SaveFrom.net one, to which I have recently switched :https://en.savefrom.net/user.php?vid=308#youtube Do not install any .exe file from that page! Scroll all the way down to Installation; the Mozilla Firefox extension is of the webextension format, so won't install in New Moon (does so in Serpent 52.9.0/55.0.0); but if you have Greasemonkey for Pale Moon installed, you can proceed to install their userscript from https://download.sf-helper.com/chrome/helper.user.js (Just load in a new tab and follow the prompt). It is one of the few YT-DLers that would pick up the standalone 720p MP4 encode that youtube now hides on VEVO clips (and other protected music content) ... As for MPEG-DASH yt streams, it is able to fetch the raw video+audio streams, but you'll have to properly remux them to MP4/MKV container using FFmpeg... If your query is not specifically for an extension, then I highly recommend the CLI app youtube-dl (front-ends exist); again, for DASH streams you need to place ffmpeg.exe right besides youtube-dl.exe (or else specify its path in yt-dl's config file...) and the app will auto-mux the elementary streams for you...
  12. VistaLover

    FFMpeg and Windows XP in 2017

    You can access the same build here ; BTW, that link is contained within the following get_iplayer mailing list post: http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/get_iplayer/2017-May/010711.html I am the author of that post, also the person who compiled that FFmpeg build; now I don't want to bring up plagiarism into this discussion, but it seems the internet is such a small place after all Just compare, if you will (posted Dec 28th, 2017): to (posted May 10th, 2017): FWIW, MSFN forum member @CoRoNe compiles and offers, out of pure comradeship, recent, XP compatible, FFmpeg builds, though his are optimised for older processors ; he has, not long ago, announced new builds in another thread, here is his post Enjoy!
  13. VistaLover

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    ... Thanks, but what you have uploaded to your server is the GitHub hosted "zip" version of uBlock0 1.16.20 (which, to my knowledge, is unlikely to vanish from there ); what I have politely asked you to archive in your FTP is the signed (originally offered by Google Store) version of uBlock 1.16.18 (uploaded by myself to datafilehost ) which is very hard to harvest currently from the web and is the version that would install normally and work OK with release branch Google Chrome 49+50... Will you be kind enough to do so? ... And that is precisely why there exist anti-Adblock filter lists and userscripts, that should prevent sites from asking you to disable your adblocker! I am now posting with @roytam1's Serpent 55.0.0 web browser (on WinVista 32-bit) that allows many webextensions to be installed, so I am running uBlock0 v1.17.1b2 there... In 3rd-party-filter-lists, I have enabled the innate Adblock Warning Removal list, plus I have also installed and enabled the following custom lists: AAK-Cont Filter For uBlock Origin and AdBlock Protector 2 List for uBlock Origin. You also need a userscript extension, I already have Violentmonkey installed here (in New Moon you should install Greasemonkey for Pale Moon) and then install the AAK-Cont Userscript For uBlock Origin Granted my setup does not cover all cases, but I'd say it works for 90% of these obnoxious sites that demand an adblocker switch-off ... I have to disable my adblocker sometimes willingly during troubleshooting, frankly I can not stand one mere minute without it! (same goes for my old hardware - CPU + integrated GPU - which suffers spikes from all these ad-playing videos/iframes/popups all over the place... ) I understand many sites rely on ad income, I selectively whitelist those ones I want to support (e.g. MSFN) in my adblocker's settings; most of them are not of the malicious-type ones that insist on shoving down your throat every ad that exists on the internet, not to mention the coin-mining ones... Thanks for your efforts Stephen into archiving anything XP valuable ... I'd wish there existed someone else doing similar things for the Vista OS, but I understand the chance of that is infinitesimal
  14. VistaLover

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    Well, I "certainly" don't want to steal any thunder away from @gorhill (aka Raymond Hill), but he wasn't involved in any of the legwork ; the actual fix was committed by another dev, GitHub member @gwarser, all "Raymond" had to do was accept and merge a pull request... Still, that's indeed way better compared to many other extension devs, who have washed their hands off of XUL code... At the end of the day, legacy uBlock0 received an enhancement feature and that's what matters...
  15. VistaLover

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    ... and with uBlock0 v1.16.4.5 legacy (XUL), you can now properly subscribe to filter lists on https://filterlists.com This is because issue #3737 was fixed via commit git-80f8f3b Great news!