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  1. Hi ; I don't use Zoom myself, but just to humour you, I decided to follow the procedure required on: https://zoom.us/test Of course, I did reproduce your findings in latest Serpent 52.9.0, but then decided to also test on EOL'ed FirefoxESR 52.9.x, which is the immediate ancestor to St52, with even more WebAPIs present compared to the ones left (by MCP) in St52 ... ; perhaps unsurprisingly, the same story goes there, too: I think I've said it before elsewhere, but we should be really glad for all the sites we can visit and all services we can use with these MCP browser forks;
  2. 7-zip can do it (provided you know your way to a Win98 compatible version of 7-zip); on Vista SP2 32-bit with latest 7-zip alpha (21.02a), I opened file mso2010-kb4504738-fullfile-x86-glb.exe with 7-zip and then proceeded to open (still in 7-zip) file mso-x-none.msp; of its contents, there's a file named PATCH_CAB; once you open that, too, you're presented with file MSO.DLL.x86; choose "copy" and save it to a location on your disk; once extracted, simply rename to mso.dll and Bob's your unkle!
  3. Many thanks for your explanation! Perhaps it was just me, but my initial distinct impression was that "upstream" had somehow "goofed up" - period (and it wouldn't be the first time ... ); since "we" were the first to compile that "new" code, "we" were the ones to first discover the AOM's breakage... When "they", in turn, compiled the official UXP/PM master branches (latest Pale Moon 29.3.0a1), I searched the official forums for reports of broken AOM in 29.3.0a1, but I couldn't find any... I then did a check myself, as reported here... To cut a long story short, only "our own" ve
  4. Apologies accepted, but don't you have a working implementation of PRTSC (PrintScreen keyboard button) and Paint in your Vista install? 1. Press PRTSC (screengrab is copied to memory as bitmap) 2. Open Paint, Edit -> Paste (screengrab is loaded), File -> Save as (PNG or JPG) and tada! No special screenshot tools needed... : FTR, I couldn't read any of the characters in the image you uploaded...
  5. On sister's Win7 SP1 64-bit laptop, I updated official Pale Moon unstable to the latest 32-bit build: Version: 29.0.3a1 (32-bit) (2021-05-07) [buildID=20210507130743] and that build was compiled from following sources Platform module: uxp-master-git-20210506-ge7e6356 Pale Moon source: pm-master-git-20210507-g2ad022d The platform (official UXP) source does include 6f707bd which is equivalent to a4b0f33 in the custom branch of your UXP fork... The thing is, the AOM (about:addons) in the above official PM unstable build works as intended, i.e. no additional patchin
  6. FTR, it's in: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/8eb3a27
  7. Actually, the very URL you referenced (SSL Labs Server Test) suggests that only TLS v1.2 is supported, period:
  8. I haven't checked myself @i430VX 's "installer" to ascertain whether it offers one the choice of setting Serpent 52 as the default OS browser, but in case one did so manually post "installation", Tools -> Preferences -> General -> Startup -> Serpent is not your default browser -> Make Default the Serpent shell integration must be reverted prior to "uninstallation"; e.g., if you want to set again FxESR 52 as your default OS browser, do so (from within Fx, preferably rebooting afterwards) before you start deleting Serpent-related directories/files... A registry clean-up
  9. Only official Mozilla applications are entitled/authorised to use the Mozilla (Firefox) Sync infrastructure (and are thus allowed to carry the Mozilla-specific "authentication key" that enables connections with MozSync servers) ... In its initial life, Basilisk 52/UXP by MCP did have that auth-key, so its users could (ab)use Mozilla Sync servers (and sync between mobile Fx, too); but at a later point, Moonchild decided to "right the wrong" (basically, to keep Mozilla out of his back yard ) and newer Bk52 builds lost the ability to connect to MozSync... In any way, as Bk52 progressed
  10. ... I doubt it; you wrote: so the extension would have no compatibility issues installing in a FxESR 52, WE supporting, derived fork ... I just added the "strict_min_version": "52.0" condition in the manifest to stress the fact it is targeting Serpent 52.9.0 ... JSON files (a subset of JS) are very "sensitive" to syntax errors; a missing/redundant opening/closing bracket (of all types), a missing/redundant comma, etc. is enough to render the file non-valid when parsed by the add-on manager's code... If in doubt, you'd better validate the edited file with specialised tools,
  11. @athlonxpuser : No doubt you either messed up while editing the manifest.json file or, perhaps, when repackaging back to XPI... : FWIW, you can use the following manifest.json : { "name": "YouTube Redux", "version": "", "description": "Bring back old YouTube layout styles and features within the Polymer (modern) layout!", "permissions": ["activeTab"], "browser_action": { "default_popup": "popup.html", "default_icon": { "16": "images/16.png", "32": "images/32.png", "48": "images/48.png", "128": "ima
  12. @dmiranda : If a HTTPS "proxy" is being involved, then check in Serpent 52 that: "Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Connections -> Settings -> Connection Settings (popup) -> Configure Proxies to Access the Internet" is set to "No proxy" ; the default setting in a new/clean profile is "Use system proxy settings", i.e. the proxy configuration inside IE8 is being used for Serpent 52, too...
  13. Many thanks, Dave, for your swift reply... As I feared, it doesn't see at all the SHA-2 file signature... I don't exactly know how the tool works, but if it's reliant on OS libs, this is no surprise at all, since XP itself doesn't have support for SHA-2 (You could also test sigcheck-v2.30 on your Win10 partition, if SHA-2 data are printed there, we'll be sure sigcheck uses OS level libs/functions... ) ... However, we are back at square one ; both sigcheck-v2.80/Win10 and sigcheck-v2.30/WinXP do see the SHA-1 file sig (which is the one validated under XP), so the mystery abo
  14. ... What do you mean exactly? If you mean (latest) Serpent 52.9.0 (2021-04-23) (32-bit), I have no issues loading either http://www.malsmith.net/yori/ or http://kmext.sourceforge.net/ , in both my dirty profile and in a new pristine one: Since both URIs are over plain HTTP, TLS versions/cipher suites/certificates shouldn't be involved...
  15. I got mixed reports as to what was the last version of sigcheck to run on XP; this post from 2015 suggests XP support was dropped starting with v2.30, but another post from 2016 has v2.40 as the first one requiring Vista as minimum (???) ... To make matters worse, the official source only links to the most recent version of sigcheck, v2.80, which, as stated, doesn't run under XP ... It is quite hard now to find previous versions of sigcheck, I hope it's OK to mention here that a third party site has archived old versions of the SysInternals Suite bundle, the one entry named "Sysin
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