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  1. In Serpent 52, firefox-91esr seems to be the minimum FxESR version that is supported by "boards.straightdope.com" (91esr has been now deprecated, the currently supported one is 102esr) : general.useragent.override.straightdope.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:91.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/91.0
  2. The WebRTC implementation that ships with St52, despite being spec-compliant, is not up-to-date with the latest, Chromium-specific, iteration most "such" services employ ... Don't count on upstream (MCP) to improve WebRTC in the context of UXP, as they never supported the feature inside Pale Moon... The new maintainer of official Basilisk (i.e. Basilisk-Dev) has plans laid out to improve WebRTC performance inside "his" browser, however I'm not certain how much that effort has progressed and/or whether @roytam1 is tracking/implementing those changes in Serpent 52.9.0 ... EDIT: I may be in error with the above statements in relation to Zoom, because I just found this: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=230890#p230890 Thus, more insight is needed in regards to "Zoom-audio" from an actual browser developer...
  3. @luweitest : In about:config, locate network.captive-portal-service.enabled and toggle to "false"; for good measure, also locate captivedetect.canonicalURL and change the value from http://detectportal.palemoon.org/success.txt to an empty string; restart browser to take full effect... FWIW, for me "captive portal detection" isn't considered as nefarious... Please, also read: https://www.palemoon.org/policies/privacy.shtml Also, for: ... read: https://19216801.one/ (i.e. this is an internal LAN IP address, not something external...) I can understand you being inside mainland China makes you extra cautious/suspicious of "background" connections, still I think Pale Moon can be absolved of such wrong doing ...
  4. ... Wow, someone must have jinxed you, Roy! First, infection by Covid19; then, a broken pair of prescription glasses (which cost a hefty sum to replace); and, lastly, the bicycle accident ... I'm sending tons of good luck your way to counter the jinx and heaps of wishes for a speedy, full, recovery! BTW, I'm sorry I'm not that vocal in this thread currently, but RL issues prevail ...
  5. I am on Vista SP2 32-bit (build 6.0.6003) for which, as you might know, there's no Extended Kernel (yet?) , and I can confirm that Notepad++ v8.4.7 [32-bit x86] has become Vista-incompatible, for the reason outlined above by @AstragonQC :
  6. ... That's why the MozillaZine (not related to Mozilla) KB site was created in the first place : http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.backspace_action
  7. ... Mentioned previously in this thread: FWIW, this is the XP-compatible version 4 (last official 4 build being v4.0.7.22); version 5 is Chromium 86 based, latest version 6 is Chromium 101 based; v5 & v6 require Win7SP1 and higher... http://dcbrowser.cqttech.com/ (What with Google services being banned in mainland China and DCBrowser targeting only the Chinese, a Google search for "dcbrowser" here did not return that homepage above ...)
  8. The path that works for me is: ftp://ftp.dyu.edu.tw/pub/Hardware/vendor/Diamond/display/fire-gl/fire-gl-1000-pro/b1kp154.exe (206 KiB file...)
  9. ... What version of Chromium is that based on? Also, it appears that its installer can't be unpacked with any of the known extractors ; many people, myself included, won't run directly a Chinese-made setup... Indeed, version (from May 31st), based on Chromium 79 (way far from latest Chromium 106 ), requires at least Win7: http://www.liebao.cn/index.html
  10. Hi Dave ! 20 days have passed since and we're less than a week away from the time clocks will have to be set one hour back (in your case, from BST to GMT), am I to infer that lack of further communication on this means that the "incorrect-today" issue on your 360EEv13.5 copy has no longer manifested itself? ... Considering you were skeptical about that ,,, Cheers
  11. ... I won't miss it myself, it is/was sending most user data to Chinese servers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UC_Browser Works here, but only links for the mobile version are to be found in it:
  12. @Slavich : How does your latest post above fit into this thread/topic? This is about force-enabling multiprocess (aka electrolysis=e10s) in Firefox 52 ESR (under Windows XP) and in roytam1's Serpent 52.9.0/55.0.0 forks... Please post any issue(s) you have with New Moon (27 or 28?) in the appropriate thread ...
  13. ... Better first check on Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0, too... If it doesn't detect Silverlight too, then your issue probably has to do with a corrupted (global) Silverlight installation ... If a complete SL-removal-OS reboot-SL-re-installation doesn't fix it, an old Mozilla Support article that may contain useful info is this one ... Edit: If "plugin.scan.plid.all" is set to true (default), then SL should be detected by St52 via the reg-key below: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\@Microsoft.com/NpCtrl,version=1.0 Hope I've helped ...
  14. Can't confirm/WFM ; in a fresh Serpent 52.9.0 profile, latest St52 (2022-10-13) (32-bit), the NPAPI plugin is correctly identified inside "about:addons => Plugins" : When I visit a test SL page (radioactivepages.com), "Click-to-activate" is correctly triggered: ... and after I "Allow Now", the animation (clockwork) plays fine:
  15. https://repo.palemoon.org/MoonchildProductions/UXP/issues/2018

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