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  1. ... Well, whaddayaknow? A page in 2023 still employing Adobe Flash Player (viewed in St52): ... "Downside" is the suggested app is a payware, with only a 14d trial period offered (in contrast to previous apps mentioned, all freeware ; and no, I have nothing against "payware", coders do still need to make ends meet) ...
  2. ... Yes, I know - you were perfectly clear in the first place: a fresh/clean St52 profile isn't able to display correctly/permanently the embedded auf1.tv video player; my post (you replied to) was meant for St52 users wishing to view auf1.tv video-on-demand (VOD) content (probably inside Germany and the German speaking, neighbouring, countries); at least one extension is needed for that, in my case I made it possible with uBO-legacy and a custom filter (other ways exist, e.g. with uBO-legacy and custom allow/deny rules, as suggested by UCyborg, or with eMatrix and special settings, as suggested by Astroskipper); personally, I find it quite inconceivable for a normal St52 user in this day and age NOT to have a content blocker installed , so my advice was geared towards them! Hope I made it extra clear now ; warm greetings...
  3. ... However, if you have just uBlockO-legacy installed, in the My Filters tab just create the one below: ! 2023-09 auf1.tv ||auf1.radio/api/get$xmlhttprequest,domain=auf1.tv Then, the auf1.tv embedded video player will stay put in St52, too (otherwise, it starts to load, displays briefly and then moves out of sight , resulting in the image you attached in your "previous reply" ) :
  4. ... Please, please , any chance you can also post the link to the 32-bit variety ? Thanks in advance!
  5. It'd be quite simple to create a portable version (in PAF format) of FxESR-102.15.1 Download https://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/Mozilla Firefox%2C Portable Ed./Mozilla Firefox ESR%2C Portable Edition 102.13.0/FirefoxPortableESR_102.13.0_German.paf.exe/download Install/extract it to a disk location of your own choosing. Navigate to .\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\App\ The contents of directories "Firefox" (32-bit) & "Firefox64" (64-bit) would have to be deleted and substituted with the 102.15.1 ones. https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/102.15.1esr/win32/de/Firefox Setup 102.15.1esr.exe Download, extract with 7-zip; the contents of the extracted "core" dir should be placed inside the above "Firefox" dir https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/102.15.1esr/win64/de/Firefox Setup 102.15.1esr.exe Download, extract with 7-zip; the contents of the extracted "core" dir should be placed inside the above "Firefox64" dir You should be done! When you then invoke the portable PAF launcher (FirefoxPortable.exe), it should launch Fx-102.15.1-x86 (if on a x86 OS) or Fx-102.15.1-x64 if on a x64 OS... (Apologies for the OTs, but I, too, am responding to OTs, sort of ...). Kind regards ...
  6. ... But Firefox ESR 115.2.1 can also run on such WinOSes; it's Fx>=116.0 that isn't supported on Win<10; FWIW, Fx-116.0.3, launched via its "zip" version (extracted from its EXE installer), runs fine on my sister's Win7 SP1 x64 laptop - but, most sadly, 116.0.3 doesn't contain the libwebp patch, so I had her back on 115.2.1 (downgrade was possible, because a back-up of the 115.2.0 profile was created and kept prior to force-updating her to 116.0.3 ) ...
  7. ... I am, thanks (in Serpent 52) ... ... I have done so just now ; yes, very handy when going through various VPN nodes! But, in order not to abuse the IP-checking service, I set it back to "45min" or, even, "Never" when I'm done using my VPN ... Regards .
  8. Agreed on both ; as a consequence, I find the recent discussion in this page a bit "premature" ; as a Vista user, I have found out by now (often the "painful" way ) that both "officially" and "non-officially" (more so ) advertised OS compatibilities with "legacy" MS OSes are to be taken cum grano salis ; as the old adage goes: "the proof is in the pudding"; @WSC4, you shall have the last word on this ...
  9. The German media (TV) portal Tele5: https://tele5.de/mediathek was "overhauled" recently (you guess what comes next ), as a result UXP-based browsers now won't load at all their embedded (JS-based) HTML5 player, even when the geo-resrtiction has been circumvented (whitelisted DE IP address via VPN/HTTPS proxy, etc.); e.g., loading in latest NM28 below URL: https://tele5.de/mediathek/die-saeulen-der-erde-teil-1-und-2 one ends up with: Does anyone have any faint idea what type of "Chrome-ism" is it that they require now , as (yes, you guessed right again ) Chromium86-based 360EEv13 is quite capable of loading that JS player (and initiating playback as well):
  10. After Mozilla, in their infinite wisdom (), chose to make almost everything "async", user control over the length/size of saved history was removed in Fx-4.0+ ... E.g. read below: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/854680 https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/864527 https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1059856 Thus, without an extension, you'd have to periodically purge older history entries inside Library yourself, i.e. manually ... For NM27/28, there exists an "official" extension below: https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/expire-history-by-days/ Haven't tried it myself , you can test it in a copy of your NM profile... PS: CAA holds a Fx-targeting version, caa:addon/expire-history-by-days (v1.3.0), which should be compatible with both St52/55; WE-format extensions recommended for Fx (that should work with St): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/expire-history-by-days/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/history-cleaner/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/historia/ (again, NOT tested by me in St52) ...
  11. Thanks for your genuine concern ; I live in Northern Greece, in a region that was spared by that enormous physical disaster, whose magnitude was never before seen in European territories (but I do remember the floods in Germany a year or more (?) ago); Thessaly (and, especially, Magnesia), the most fertile Greek region, has suffered the most acute blow of Daniel, but the mourning sentiment is shared by the whole Greek nation (the floods only accentuated the sense of sorrow already caused by the August wildfires, which practically completely charred the last virgin forests of Dadia, in the Evros region, close to the Turkish borders... The infrastructure in Thessaly will take from 3-5 years to be restored, the estimated cost from the wildfires+floods is in the €2bn region ... Comforting to know , since, according to the media here, Saola was pretty intense ...
  12. ... Again, cautionary words from "upstream" : https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=242821#p242821 ... So, as I've stated multiple times in the past myself, "use e10s at your own risk" (I'm not, if you care to ask ) ...
  13. ... Well. the Protonmail can't-log-in bug has now hit "upstream", with the release of PM 32.4.0 : https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=30256 As is common in such cases , Moonchild was quick to put the blame on Protonmail rather than on his own browser ... It is also suggested there that @Mehmed's solution posted here isn't really foolproof, because the bodies of older e-mails, encrypted with the old RSA (2048) 4096-bit key, can't be decrypted with the newly created ECC Curve25519 key and, as a consequence, those older e-mails can't be read anymore by their original recipient ...
  14. ... According to my tests (and records of them kept ), the FB related PR#7890 was already present in your py3.8 : [debug] yt-dlp version nightly@2023.09.02 [2301b5c1b] (win_x86_exe) previous build; while the "nightly@2023.08.31 [7237c8dca]" one did not include it ... FWIW, this PR has now been officially merged into yt-dlp master branch: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/commit/d3d81cc98f554d0adb87d24bfd6fabaaa803944d Kindest regards ...
  15. Warmest greetings ; when you wrote that, did you actually mean just the OF homepage? As I have already demonstrated in a previous post in this thread , individual OF posts like httpS://onlyfans.com/693430760/onlyfans have trouble loading fully in browsers via a ProxHTTPSProxy MITM connection, because the websockets secure protocol (wss://*) is being used and the secure proxy doesn't support it ; @cmalex has acknowledged that and confessed his inability to "fix" it: Again, "we" need a very experienced/skillful Python coder to edit the original proxy script in order for that support to be added... I also tried whitelisting the wss protocol in the proxy's config.ini: [BYPASS URL] http://* +wss://* but no change was observed: (St52 is the browser used...) ... I'm posting this right now in St52 via referenced ProxyMII version (its Python modified to be compatible with Vista SP2 ) and I'm not experiencing "considerable" slowdown myself , on any site; just the expected 1-2s for the "proxy" to populate its window; nothing more... Best regards ...

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