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  1. Hello again , I do hope life has gotten back to, somewhat, normal where you live, after that terrible natural catastrophe; the footage of Mangkhut ravaging SE Asia that we watched over here was daunting , to say the least... Back to the topic, if I understood you correctly, you said that a simple appVersion change doesn't merit a full clobber, which itself entails considerably longer build times, not to mention the increased power (electricity) consumption by the build-machine... If that's the case, I do understand, after all you know what's best for your building system... My only gripe is, if produced build stays in v28.1.0a1, this leaves room for some misinterpretation; 28.1.0a1 < 28.1.0, yet today's (Sat, Sept 22nd 2018) imminent NM28 build will be built on 28.2.0a1 code (i.e. newer that the officially released stable Pale Moon 28.1.0 build); and in any case, you will have to start building fresh at some point, won't you? It's the same thing with your Tycho builds, which still report v27.9.1a1, when in reality they should report v27.9.5a1... FWIW, the official unstable Pale Moon has been released on the 20th, appVersion="28.2.0a1", buildID (for win32)="20180919142716" and file version of palemoon.exe = One last question/request for help: Do you happen to know where exactly in the compiled browser modules is the actual appVersion string stored? I searched both omni.ja files (./omni.ja & ./browser/omni.ja) with 7-zip/NotePad++ and while I found some references, changing those and repacking the .ja files did not alter appVersion (I also use the Version in Add-on bar extension...) I echo everyone's sentiments here by saying you are a true life saver at this point for XP/Vista OSes, as practically no other browser (except your forks) is currently in active development for those OSes (... of course, credit also goes to MC Productions for maintaining original PM and Basilisk...) Keep well
  2. As posted already by @roytam1, AppMenu items are not movable outside of the AppMenu button - this has always been the case in the pre-Australis Firefox GUI - OTOH, the Australis GUI has a native add-ons button which you can move and place where you please; FYI, Basilisk (Serpent) 52.9.0 browser comes with the Australis default skin/GUI... In the case of Pale Moon and forks (as well as Firefox < 29.0), if you want one-click access to the addons manager (AOM, about:addons) via toolbar button, in addition to what has been already suggested by Roy, you can install this simple extension from 2011: https://addons.mozilla.org/el/firefox/addon/aboutaddonsbutton/versions/ This works fine for me in NM28; one other option you may want to explore is: https://codefisher.org/toolbar_button/toolbar_button_maker/ where there's already a pre-made selection to create an "Add-ons toolbar button" extension...
  3. Hello and welcome to MSFN forums! IMHO, you have a bigger problem in your hands by staying with Fx 28.0 ; it was released back in Mar 2014, still has a lot of unresolved functional bugs, not to mention that, security-wise, it has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese... If you're clinging on it because it was the last pre-Australis major Fx release, then you can switch to latest, but EOL'd, FxESR 52.9.0 and install Classic Theme Restorer to regain 95% of the pre-Australis GUI+features; or install latest New Moon 28 build (a Pale Moon 28 fork modified so as to run on XP/Vista) that never implemented the Australis design... As for your original query: am afraid the answer is NO Fx 28.0 is simply too old; it does not support any form of EMEs (Encrypted Media Extentions = DRM components) and relevant CDMs (Content Decryption Modules), so installing Adobe Primetime CDM on Fx 28.0 is out of the question... On top of that, Fx 28.0 has no support for Media Source Extensions (MSE), needed for youtube MPEG-DASH streams; visiting https://www.youtube.com/html5 with Fx 28.0 on XP you should have got only HTMLVideoElement and WebM VP8 ticked in blue (i.e. supported); it would appear that youtube have retired the VP8 encodes, thus rendering Fx 28.0 on XP unusable... ; BTW, I'm not just speculating, I have got a portable installation of Fx 28.0 on an external HDD and by toggling media.windows-media-foundation.enabled (from true to false) I simulated an XP environment and conducted tests before posting this... On those of us on Vista and higher, Fx 28.0 by default has H.264 ticked in blue, because Fx 28.0 has support for Media Foundation, hence it has access to patented system decoders (h.264/aac) not present in the XP OS (by a M$ decision)... So I can still use Fx 28.0 on Vista on youtube, they serve me a progressive download (no MSE) of an MP4 encode... You want youtube in XP? 1. Use Google Chrome 49, or Advanced Chrome fork (or possibly other Chromium derivatives still supporting XP, e.g. Maxthon...) 2. Update to FxESR 52.9.0 ; native support for MSE+WebM VP9 (for other sites that require h.264/aac native browser support, follow the guides of this thread). 3. Update to New Moon 28 or Basilisk 52.9.0 by roytam1; both have native support for H.264/MSE+H.264/MSE+WebM VP9; (some) people on XP have encountered a small nuisance on Youtube, affectionately known as the "23min youtube bug"; it's not a deal breaker, TBH... And at least one person here has reported better aac (audio) decoding experience by disabling native support in Basilisk 52.9.0 and installing Adobe Primetime CDM there, as per this thread... Hope I made everything clear for you, I'm confident others can chime in for more detailed help, if you need it that is ...
  4. VistaLover

    WMP9 XP, finding metadata doesn't work

    OT: Of the 3 WMP versions that were supported in XP (9 -> 10 -> 11), my favourite one had always been WMP10 ; I was so sad I couldn't get it on Vista... I hardly ever used WMP11 on Vista, Winamp was my choice back then (ca. 2008), still have it installed, then tried Real Player SP, aka v12, but my current set of players includes MPC-HC (new fork is Vista+), MPC-BE (Vista+), VLC 3.0.4 (XP+), PotPlayer 1.7.xxxxx (XP+). On-Topic: Perhaps you can still upgrade to WMP11, to get the specified functionality, but use a WMP9 skin in it, to get the look you like... I found the following links: https://www.guidingtech.com/11798/apply-skins-windows-media-player-personalize-it/ https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/17560/apply-skins-to-add-a-little-flair-to-windows-media-player-12/ (The last one is for WMP12, however the same procedure applies to WMP11...). From my own copy of WMP11 (on Vista), the Revert skin preview looks a lot like WMP9: Tell us if it works for you...
  5. On the official Pale Moon camp, Pale Moon v28.1.0 (stable) has just been tagged and released as source; I expect that Windows binaries be available imminently (most probably tomorrow, or the day after) ... Consequently, the unstable update channel, sourced from the master branch, has been bumped to v28.2.0a1; if over the coming weekend @roytam1 does clobber (as he should...) when building new binaries, NM28 builds will have the bumped appVersion and installed language packs (aimed at maxVersion=28.1.0a1) will get disabled... Just a heads up...
  6. VistaLover

    Root Certificates and Revoked Certificates for Windows XP

    ... Mozilla Firefox (and forks) uses its own certificate store, while IE and Google Chrome use the OS supplied one...
  7. VistaLover

    IE9 doesnt play youtube videos anymore???

    IE9 (32-bit) on Vista SP2 Home Premium 32-bit here The youtube.com/html5 test is correct when it comes to IE9 on Vista (no VP8 support here): IE9 has no support for MSE; after Google ceased supporting Adobe Flash Player (all 3 variants of it, i.e. activeX, NPAPI, PPAPI) on youtube, the only thing left for IE9 to handle was progressive download of mp4 files (encoded in h264/aac) over HTML5, and I recollect the limitation of not being able to go Fullscreen on the embedded player (a message about unsupported browser was displayed ) ... It was at the start of summer that I accidentally noticed yt was unplayable on IE9, as I'm hardly using IE9 for anything this day and age... I did not lament the loss of yt on IE9, in any case it had been an unsupported browser many moons ago already... But it was this thread that made me want to investigate things... So: Well, youtube claim they don't officially support any IE version anymore, yet tests show that IE10/IE11 still work, while (obviously) previous versions don't... Loading Introducing iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in IE9 (after you declined to upgrade your browser, that is...), you get the empty embedded player, as per OP: For troubleshooting, open IE9's developer tools (F12) and load (browser) Console; refresh youtube page: To load their embedded player, yt use, among other things, a JS script named base.js; URI for my locale is: https://www.youtube.com/yts/jsbin/player-vflkUTZn2/el_GR/base.js That script uses in 19 instances the window.matchMedia code snippet; a Google search on matchMedia yields the following two results (among others): https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Window/matchMedia#Browser_compatibility https://caniuse.com/#feat=matchmedia where one can see that the needed API was introduced only in IE10+, i.e. IE9 does not understand window.matchMedia and chokes, failing to load the HTML5 youtube player: Mozilla Firefox, OTOH, supports the function from an early version 6 - and Chrome from version 9... Not strange anymore, is it?
  8. As I'm sure you're already aware, the official Pale Moon web browser has no support whatsoever for EME and CDMs needed by Amazon Prime (and other similar services) on modern OSes and recent browser versions... However, it includes an Amazon Prime Site-Specific-User-Agent-Override (SSUAO) to force the service to fall-back on the Silverlight NPAPI web plugin; general.useragent.override.www.amazon.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.9 (Pale Moon) It can be even simplified to general.useragent.override.www.amazon.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0 The @roytam1 PM forks (NM27 built on Tycho, NM28 built on UXP) carry on this same SSUAO and can be run in XP|Vista; as I have no paid access to Amazon Prime, would you be so kind as to check how NM(27|28) fare on AP on XP? Amazon Prime site checks, among other things, the NT part of the client's UA and barfs when it's < 6.1 (= Win7); My gut feeling is that if you install a UA-changer extension on Google Chrome 49 (with Widevine installed) and fake an NT 6.1 OS, AP would work in GC+Widevine... Likewise in FxESR 52.9.0, you should install both UAcontrol+User Agent JS Fixer addons (as Fx does not support SSUAOs) and again fake a Fx 45 on Win7 user-agent... Please post back the results of your tests...
  9. Hola! You have to install additional spell-checking dictionaries to your browser ; you failed to mention the specific browser you want this on (as roytam1 maintains several), but for Mozilla type browsers head over to https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/language-tools/#desktop You probably want https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/spanish-spain-dictionary/ I have Moon Tester Tool installed in NM28 so I can install the Spanish dictionary straight from the AMO page; if it doesn't install for you, first download the .xpi file (diccionario_de_espanolespana-2.3.xpi) locally and then install manually... When on a text input field, you can select Spanish (es-ES) as spell checker via context menu: Or you can install a dedicated addon called Dictionary Switcher Best of luck...
  10. Grazie mille for your recommendations I, myself, am not specifically out for video-downloading extensions, because, unlike other posters, for me IDM continues to play nice in NM28 with most sites, including Youtube, plus I use youtube-dl (CLI, or a GUI) for most of my media downloads ... NetVideoHunter has come up several times in the official Pale Moon forums as still compatible with PM28 and working so, yes, your suggestion could be of value to many members here... But, judging by the fact it was lastly updated Nov 2015, I don't expect it to cope well with youtube's constantly changing protection methods for copyrighted video+audio content (haven't tested it myself, just an educated guess here...).
  11. VistaLover

    ThinkPad Can't Connect to School Interent

    Hello I currently do not have access to an XP laptop, but on my current Vista SP2 one, the "Connect to a Network" window dialog looks like this: That window lists all wireless networks picked-up by my WLAN card; if you hover mouse over one of them, pop-up (aka tooltip) has relevant info in the "Radio Type" row (e.g. 802.11n); I understand that window dialog is pretty similar in Win7 machines, but am unsure about the state of things in Win10... If you can't find a similar window in your XP laptop (I only ever had a desktop XP system, with only an ethernet LAN card...), perhaps you could inquire the radio type of your school's Wi-Fi by asking an IT staff member or another person already logged-in... Hope I've helped... (BTW, I'm in the range of a total of 10 different WLANs, including mine, only one of them is of radio type g, the rest are all n )
  12. Sad but true... Who would have known... ?
  13. Please read this, all of it... ... As you might already know, Windows XP SP3 doesn't have any WMF support, OTOH Widevine CDM (inside a "Mozilla" type browser) depends on OS decoders, accessible via MF, hence you also get: BTW, Most recent Widevine DLLs make function calls to APIs only present in Win7+; as I said in my other post, your best chance to get Spotify Web player working in XP is with Google Chrome 49 (you may have to make it appear as a more recent version to Spotify's APIs.)...
  14. Sadly, it is no more : Since, as you said, there existed Webextension ports to the addon, it is unlikely AMO removed all traces of the extension in the framework of them culling all XUL (legacy) extensions from their online repo, a process that has (apparently?) started after Sep 5th, the date on which FxESR 52.9.0 became EOL...
  15. ... This is an already reported and known issue; last word on this from @roytam1 can be read here