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  1. VistaLover

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    Not needed at all if you download the extension [file uBlock0_1.18.4.firefox.xpi] (to disk) from the GitHub repository: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/tag/1.18.4 Only Release/Beta Firefox branches observe extension signing (without an easy way to override it; one exists for Fx <=56, but it's OT here); Firefox ESR 52.9.0 (and the tinderbox build Firefox ESR 52.9.1), belonging to the ESR update channel, provides an easy way to disable extension signing via a user-configurable "about:config" pref: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Add-ons/Extension_Signing Nothing occult or clandestine here 1. Download file "uBlock0_1.18.4.firefox.xpi" to disk from GitHub 2. Using 7-zip, change "strict_min_version" to "52.0" 3. Disable extension signing in FxESR 52.9.1 4. Install modified extension file via drag-n-drop in "about:addons" There...
  2. VistaLover

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    ...Good to know ; when I started composing my post (which involved test installation attempts, taking a screenshot and uploading to the image hoster...), your "Edit" just wasn't there; and before I clicked "Submit Reply" in my finished post, I did not bother checking the status of your previous post...
  3. VistaLover

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    I have AdvChrome v54.20.6530.0 32-bit installed in VistaSP2 x86; you should open chrome tab "chrome://extensions/" and make sure "developer mode" is checked on top right; then drag-n-drop downloaded file "uBlock0-1_16_18_0.crx" (signed) onto that tab; you should get a prompt to allow or cancel extension installation: if you don't, perhaps something's gone awry in your profile...
  4. With all due respect to the author(s) of the Binary Outcast source code and the Trademark holders of related application names and artwork, the referenced "site" provides binaries compiled from forked code, code forked from the official Binary Outcast one; even in GitHub, when you fork a repository the forked repository contains at least one reference to the original repository in the form of a link to that one... So, in practical terms, what's the great harm if the original author/official brand name the derived product is based on is mentioned just once just to inform consumers of the products they're about to download? You mentioned in one of your earlier posts the possibility of "confusing" users; I'd certainly be confused under that scenario (i.e. when no info is provided about the hosted product). Under your same logic, the Waterfox browser people should make no mention whatsoever to Mozilla and/or Firefox, the platform/app they forked from; but they do, in fact, include the following disclaimer in all of their website pages (including the download page): Are they too acting in bad faith and/or in an illegal fashion? How is this different to @roytam1 having the following disclaimer: Apologies, I am not a native English speaker, so i had to look up "snarky" : https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=snarky How you'd go and describe Roy's "actions" as "snarky" and "backhanded" is completely beyond me (???) ; all that was done was to comply to the wishes/suggestions expressed in the linked MSFN forum post; well, the screengrab of that post was added for "posterity", you know, because posts can always be edited (just like "your coneys" was subdued to "your people"; BTW, I am noone's "people", I pride in not following "flocks" but make my own mind on things in both real and digital life...). I acknowledge several legal issues were raised with regards to the BinOC forked products (this is all very apparent to me now) and, as unpleasant as legal issues may be, these DO have to be addressed properly; this should have been conducted in an amicable manner, instead it has escalated into a Cold War Era confrontation, where each party is wary of the other and one party in particular is trigger happy, ready to push the "Nuke'em All!" red button... At the end of the day, while the lawyers might be satisfied, all that remains for mere mortals is the hostility and bitterness in the atmosphere - in the long run, this is detrimental to everyone... Regards
  5. New Moon 28 and/or Serpent 52.9.0 also at peril? https://github.com/binaryoutcast/binoc-central/issues/73#issuecomment-467662459 (part of the binoc-central #73 thread...)
  6. The Netflix screengrab you posted earlier mentions Netflix Error N8 156-6023; googling for that takes one to https://help.netflix.com/en/node/200 Make sure you have the very latest version of Silverlight 5 installed (5.1.50918.0); if you're on XP, read this First uninstall whichever Silverlight version already installed (if older) and then, for good measure, restart your system. Install the latest version; head to Start -> All programs -> Microsoft Silverlight (folder) -> Microsoft Silverlight (shortcut) and in the third tab (Playback) be sure to check "Enable download and updates to components required for protected content playback": Then, in the last tab (Application Storage), make sure "Enable application storage" is checked: Exit the Silverlight Configuration manager. I would test myself with a new, clean profile of New Moon 28 (you can back up your existing profile just for this test and restore it afterwards) to exclude any interference from user modified browser settings and/or extension interactions... Visit "about:addons -> plugins" and configure Silverlight to Always Activate. Check your Silverlight installation at http://www.radioactivepages.com/ If your Silverlight installation is in working order, then the (mechanical) clockwork on the top left should be moving: Time now to head over at the Netflix site; unfortunately, I don't have a (paid) account with them, so I can't move on past this point (I also searched - in vain - for a free, sample, Netflix video clip, but none showed up in my searches... ). After signing in and choosing a video for streaming, Silverlight should hopefully ask you to "play protected content"; say yes and it should just do that! (a bit of positive thinking never hurts in these cases ) I honestly hope I've helped...
  7. ... Two posts above yours
  8. WidevineCDM, due to an update implemented by Google (current owner of the module) in early January 2019, is currently BROKEN in official Basilisk 52.0.2019.02.11 [and in the unbranded fork Serpent 52.9.0, when used in Vista+; WidevineCDM CAN NOT be used on XP in a Mozilla type browser, due to it needing access to system (OS) decoders (h264/aac) via Windows Media Foundation (an OS feature of VistaSP2+)]. This is currently being tracked in UXP #962 ; I see no recent activity there, admittedly it's not a task for the faint-hearted to adapt mozilla60esr code (merged with lots of Google cr*p) to UXP's EME code... Personally, I have little hope for a fix, but, who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised; if not, expect EME support to be probably also removed from official Basilisk, no wonder for "security" related issues . After all, no other app built on the platform currently (official Pale Moon 28, Iceweasel-UXP, BinOC's browser and e-mai client) has a need for EME/DRM... As for Netflix: Supposedly, older installations who have acquired licence keys via the now deprecated WidevineCDM version ( used in Basilisk will continue to work in old Basilisk profiles, but new/first time Netflix users in current Basilisk will fail to get fresh lic (decryption) keys and thus will be unable to stream Netflix... Netflix is one of the very few services that have a fallback mechanism to Silverlight NPAPI plugin on browsers not supporting EME (e.g. official Pale Moon), thus you can stream Netflix on PM28 with Silverlight 5 installed; PM28 has a native SSUAO for Netflix that forces it to fallback to Silverlight: general.useragent.override.netflix.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.9 95% of DRM'ed sites DON'T have the ability to use Silverlight (and Smooth Streaming) for their encrypted content and are broken in official Basilisk... To stream Netflix in official Basilisk (or in the unbranded fork), one must disable EME in the browser, install and enable Silverlight 5, implement the SSUAO for Netflix and restart browser; hopefully then Netflix streaming in Basilisk should work... Official Support Forum original thread: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=29&amp;t=21500
  9. Again, many thanks indeed for keeping on breathing life into New Moon 27/Tycho ; it is much more lightweight and responsive in my old, SSE2 capable, Vista SP2 32-bit laptop than its 28/UXP counterpart, so it is preferred over the latter where both support the same websites... Sadly, as time goes by, a growing number of sites I frequent migrates to latest Javascript APIs, so NM27, due to its older JS engine, starts to fail at them at varying degrees... Currently, most issues are faced with GitHub pages/functions, they (GitHub) insist on using always the most up-to-date Javascript iterations, so this (i.e. NM27's shortcomings) is hardly a surprise ; so, for GitHub I am forced to using a UXP browser... Do the rmottola/Arctic-Fox devs target NM27's older JS Engine with the aim of bringing it closer to recent standards or are their contributions only targeting other aspects of the Tycho platform code? With each NM27 update containing several of their "changes", I hope part of my GitHub issues are fixed; alas, this wishful thinking has, to this day, remained as such... https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27/commit/6d775ae - 27.9.1a1 + 27.9.6 I had been the first to suggest, many months ago, that a version string change (to >= 27.9.5a1) was necessary to easily reflect the fact the codebase has progressed significantly from the 27.9.4 release code snapshot, so, on the one hand, I am quite content that thing, be it belatedly, did take place . On the other hand though, I would've expected for you to stay with the "a1" version suffix, indicating an "unstable" channel, as you had been always building on MC's master PM27 branch (and, in fact, you do continue doing so with your NM28/UXP releases, forked from the "master" branch (official "unstable" update channel) for PM28/UXP). I could hex-edit PaleMoon.exe myself to change "27.9.6" to "27.9.6a1", but, as (bad) luck would have it, there exist only two NULL characters after "27.9.6" and the next text entry (actually the value of buildID), so this is not possible without breaking the compiled binary: And since I mentioned buildID, bumping appVersion to a "release" figure has an unwelcome (to me, at least) result; in the "About New Moon" info popup, the actual buildID string is no more displayed: I find that having the actual buildID string there (as was the case until now) to be very helpful, especially in troubleshooting scenarios... BTW, the code that controls the display of buildID in the "about" box is found within file "aboutDialog.js": // Include the build ID if this is an "a#" or "b#" build let version = Services.appinfo.version; if (/[ab]\d+$/.test(version)) { let buildID = Services.appinfo.appBuildID; let buildDate = buildID.slice(0,4) + "-" + buildID.slice(4,6) + "-" + buildID.slice(6,8); document.getElementById("PMversion").textContent += " (" + buildDate + ")"; } As you can see, it is only triggered for alpha (or beta) builds... Hopefully, you'll reconsider and opt for a 27.9.6a1 appVersion string for next release... Many thanks for your work, best wishes!
  10. ... Official download links from the official GitHub repository should always be preferred over third party generic "download" sites (like www.dobreprogramy.pl) : https://github.com/MrS0m30n3/youtube-dl-gui/releases/tag/0.4 Just my 2p, of course ...
  11. (you and other eventual users: ) Be advised that: 1. This is NOT a true portable version, as it stores logs, settings and actually downloads youtube-dl.exe in "%APPDATA%\youtube-dlg" directory ; there's an open issue for this at https://github.com/MrS0m30n3/youtube-dl-gui/issues/65 2. The binaries of FFmpeg+FFprobe bundled with the package are NOT XP compatible (require Win7+); you should replace them with XP-compat ones (e.g. v3.0 from VideoHelp archive). 3. The project appears to have become an abandonware, at least for Windows users ; last Windows release (0.4.0) was July 2017 (though last commit activity was Oct 2018 ); in any case, I'm happy myself just using the CLI
  12. ... Especially when the likes of Matt A. Tobin drive away the very few that express such an intention: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=44&amp;t=21149
  13. ... First of all, your request is rather off-topic for this thread; second, TVP media content is geo-fenced, accessible from whitelisted Polish IPs, only ... However, as with many media (video/audio) portals, your best bet lies with youtube-dl; it is a CLI (Command-Line-Interface) application, the pre-compiled Windows executable (youtube-dl.exe) is XP-compatible (built with Python 3.4.4); I had to find a working whitelisted Polish HTTP proxy (you won't be needing that if you're inside Poland ) and I had no issue fetching to disk: youtube-dl --proxy="" -F "https://vod.tvp.pl/video/ojciec-mateusz,odc-100-sklep-z-zabawkami,8286051" [tvp] 8286051: Downloading webpage [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading webpage [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading ISM manifest [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading f4m manifest [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading m3u8 information [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: video URL is invalid, skipping [info] Available formats for 8286051: format code extension resolution note mss-audio-175 isma audio only 175k , AACL (44100Hz) mss-video-532 ismv 398x224 532k , H264, video only mss-video-741 ismv 480x270 741k , H264, video only mss-video-1146 ismv 640x360 1146k , H264, video only mss-video-1518 ismv 800x450 1518k , H264, video only mss-video-2437 ismv 960x540 2437k , H264, video only mss-video-4024 ismv 1280x720 4024k , H264, video only mss-video-5397 ismv 1920x1080 5397k , H264, video only hds-707 flv 398x224 707k hls-749 mp4 398x224 749k , avc1.100.30@ 532k, mp4a.40.2@175k http-749 mp4 398x224 749k , avc1.100.30@ 532k, mp4a.40.2@175k hds-916 flv 480x270 916k hls-970 mp4 480x270 970k , avc1.100.30@ 741k, mp4a.40.2@175k http-970 mp4 480x270 970k , avc1.100.30@ 741k, mp4a.40.2@175k hds-1321 flv 640x360 1321k hls-1400 mp4 640x360 1400k , avc1.100.30@1146k, mp4a.40.2@175k http-1400 mp4 640x360 1400k , avc1.100.30@1146k, mp4a.40.2@175k hds-1693 flv 800x450 1693k hls-1794 mp4 800x450 1794k , avc1.100.30@1518k, mp4a.40.2@175k http-1794 mp4 800x450 1794k , avc1.100.30@1518k, mp4a.40.2@175k hds-2612 flv 960x540 2612k hls-2768 mp4 960x540 2768k , avc1.100.31@2437k, mp4a.40.2@175k http-2768 mp4 960x540 2768k , avc1.100.31@2437k, mp4a.40.2@175k hds-4199 flv 1280x720 4199k hls-4450 mp4 1280x720 4450k , avc1.100.31@4024k, mp4a.40.2@175k http-4450 mp4 1280x720 4450k , avc1.100.31@4024k, mp4a.40.2@175k hds-5572 flv 1920x1080 5572k hls-5906 mp4 1920x1080 5906k , avc1.100.40@5397k, mp4a.40.2@175k (best) Several streaming methodologies are implemented, from HTTP progressive download (http-* modes), to Smooth Streaming (mss-video-* + mss-audio-175), to AdobeHDS (hds-* modes), to AppleHLS (hls-* modes); say I want the 960x540 encode (SD) over http-progressive, then I'd type: youtube-dl --console-title --proxy="" -f "http-2768" "https://vod.tvp.pl/video/ojciec-mateusz,odc-100-sklep-z-zabawkami,8286051" -c --no-part --write-thumbnail --embed-thumbnail --add-metadata [tvp] 8286051: Downloading webpage [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading webpage [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading ISM manifest [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading f4m manifest [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading m3u8 information [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: Checking video URL [tvp:embed] 8286051: video URL is invalid, skipping [tvp:embed] 8286051: Downloading thumbnail ... [tvp:embed] 8286051: Writing thumbnail to: Ojciec Mateusz, odc. 100 ? Sklep z za bawkami-8286051.jpg [download] Destination: Ojciec Mateusz, odc. 100 ? Sklep z zabawkami-8286051.mp4 [download] 100% of 768.13MiB in 08:33 [ffmpeg] Adding metadata to 'Ojciec Mateusz, odc. 100 ? Sklep z zabawkami-828605 1.mp4' [atomicparsley] Adding thumbnail to "Ojciec Mateusz, odc. 100 ? Sklep z zabawkam i-8286051.mp4" NB: If you want metadata (tag) added to the MP4 file, then you'd need ffmpeg.exe (a WinXP compat version) besides youtube-dl.exe; if you also want an embedded thumbnail, you need atomicparsley.exe (MP4 CLI tagger), too... MediaInfo log of downloaded file: General Complete name : <redacted>\youtube-dl\Ojciec Mateusz, odc. 100 – Sklep z zabawkami-8286051.mp4 Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41) File size : 769 MiB Duration : 41 min 2 s Overall bit rate : 2 619 kb/s Movie name : Ojciec Mateusz, odc. 100 – Sklep z zabawkami Description : Policjanci zostają wezwani do sklepu z zabawkami. Znajdują w nim nieprzytomnego właściciela sklepu, Leona, oraz zwłoki dyrektora jednego z miejscowych banków. Na jaw wychodzi, że pracująca w placówce narzeczona zamordowanego w przeszłości była partnerką Leona. Tagged date : UTC 2019-02-20 00:15:29 Writing application : Lavf58.16.100 Cover : Yes Comment : Policjanci zostają wezwani do sklepu z zabawkami. Znajdują w nim nieprzytomnego właściciela sklepu, Leona, oraz zwłoki dyrektora jednego z miejscowych banków. Na jaw wychodzi, że pracująca w placówce narzeczona zamordowanego w przeszłości była partnerką Leona. Video ID : 1 Format : AVC Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec Format profile : High@L3.1 Format settings : CABAC / 4 Ref Frames Format settings, CABAC : Yes Format settings, ReFrames : 4 frames Codec ID : avc1 Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding Duration : 41 min 2 s Bit rate : 2 437 kb/s Nominal bit rate : 2 100 kb/s Width : 960 pixels Height : 540 pixels Display aspect ratio : 16:9 Frame rate mode : Constant Frame rate : 25.000 FPS Color space : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 Bit depth : 8 bits Scan type : Progressive Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.188 Stream size : 715 MiB (93%) Writing library : x264 core 129 r2245 bc13772 Encoding settings : cabac=1 / ref=3 / deblock=1:0:0 / analyse=0x3:0x113 / me=hex / subme=7 / psy=1 / psy_rd=1.00:0.00 / mixed_ref=1 / me_range=16 / chroma_me=1 / trellis=1 / 8x8dct=1 / cqm=0 / deadzone=21,11 / fast_pskip=1 / chroma_qp_offset=-2 / threads=34 / lookahead_threads=5 / sliced_threads=0 / nr=0 / decimate=1 / interlaced=0 / bluray_compat=0 / constrained_intra=0 / bframes=3 / b_pyramid=2 / b_adapt=1 / b_bias=0 / direct=1 / weightb=1 / open_gop=0 / weightp=2 / keyint=100 / keyint_min=51 / scenecut=0 / intra_refresh=0 / rc_lookahead=40 / rc=abr / mbtree=1 / bitrate=2100 / ratetol=1.0 / qcomp=0.60 / qpmin=0 / qpmax=26 / qpstep=4 / vbv_maxrate=2600 / vbv_bufsize=2600 / nal_hrd=none / ip_ratio=1.40 / aq=1:1.00 Color range : Full Codec configuration box : avcC Audio ID : 2 Format : AAC LC Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity Codec ID : mp4a-40-2 Duration : 41 min 2 s Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 175 kb/s Channel(s) : 2 channels Channel layout : L R Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz Frame rate : 43.066 FPS (1024 SPF) Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 51.3 MiB (7%) Default : Yes Alternate group : 1 Enjoy!
  14. VistaLover

    Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    ... Works here for me with roytam1's Serpent 52.9.0 32-bit browser: Flash animation successfully shown for a second, but the still ad picture that replaces it afterwards is hidden (by default) by enabled uB0; if I disable uB0 on that page and reload, FWIW, alternative Flash Player check page, also courtesy of Adobe (HTTPS only...):
  15. VistaLover

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    ... Another drawback of FolderOptionsX on Win7 that I discovered: Folder view is Tiles; you're inside a directory which contains a mix of subfolders and various file types; imagine the case an executable is adjacent to a folder; say you decide to swap their mutual places, e.g. foo.exe + folder => folder + foo.exe and this is (visually) performed OK, but when you double-click the folder icon (now on the left), you'll find that you're actually executing file foo.exe; this could be unwanted, even dangerous, at times Actually, after you are done rearranging (folder+file) icons inside the directory, you have to refresh the directory so that Windows Explorer is made aware of their new positions; I'm not certain whether the same bug manifests itself in other Folder Views, but it's definitely there in Tiles ... Cheers