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  1. What would really be great is if we didn't have to jump through any loops to disable this menu stuff... I'm not talking about disparate and still limited settings like with official Chrome, but the way it used to be possible with XUL and extensions like Menu Wizard. I think I have somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 or all menus/items turned off with it, browsing is much more convenient without all the clutter.
  2. OT: Seconded. I generally use uMatrix with uBO only turned on for specific sites for cosmetic or script mods, and after copying just the following from the standard uBO lists (I don't use them in their entirety, no need with uMatrix), I haven't seen any ads on Youtube (except of course when casters plug stuff as part of their actual streams). @msfntor
  3. OT: Don't they allow you to bring your phone or a music player to the office so work computers needn't be involved? (I walk around with my Sansa Clip even at home and use Youtube mostly to watch videos, not for plain listening.) That ad thing I could totally see, though
  4. If there was any speed up as a side effect, it would likely only be noticable with foreign language pages. But I think the logic that got dropped makes up too small a part of what's involved in page rendering. I guess what I was trying to say was that all other changes just involved jumping over showing a menu item (which definitely wouldn't be perceivable) and this was the only one that involved a bit more.
  5. No, you're quite right, it wouldn't be there unless the policy is specifically applied, and Ungoogled has no reason to follow Google-branch policies. I thought maybe they have their own policies under a different key, but it's not too surprising if they don't.
  6. Here are the patches needed so remove some Google-related context menu items that @NotHereToPlayGames prefers not to have in his un-Googled builds. The patches are to be applied to chrome.dll from 13.5.2022.0 rebuild 2, but they aren't specific to this rebuild, so if he doesn't include all of these in his future versions, you could still apply them on your own. They should even work with the Chinese original, but not with other base builds like 1030, not to mention the 13.0 line etc. Fortunately everything that was needed could be derived from static analysis and the logic for these things was pretty simple, so I could get this done relatively quickly. However, this has barely been tested, so be prepared for browser crashes and things not working as they should. If in doubt, please refrain from using these patches for now. I certainly hope I got everything right the first time, but this type of work is very unforgiving of even the smallest of mistakes... It's really not my style to release something like this without real-life testing it for a while, but I wanted to get this out to @NotHereToPlayGames so now he can beta test something for me . But seriously, I don't really have time to test this myself as I'm not using this browser that much, and even then a customized older version. FYI, some of these changes are for "IE mode" menus. I never use the IE engine with 360 myself, but since it wasn't that hard to fix, I figured why not do it. Oh, and feel free to mix and match, the patches don't depend on each other. Make sure you make edits in "hex" mode, not plain text mode (not trying to patronize; I got into some weird errors when I forgot to switch to the hex tab one time). All of these edits should only match 1 time with Replace all. Red bytes are replaced with black ones, but always search/replace the entire sequence, not just the changing part. Drop Share URL QR Code from Chrome mode page context menu: 89 F9 68 79 1A 00 00 68 4F 81 00 00 EB 0F 68 79 1A 00 00 68 4F 81 00 00 Drop Share URL QR Code from Chrome mode link context menu: 89 F1 68 79 1A 00 00 68 50 81 00 00 EB 0F 68 79 1A 00 00 68 50 81 00 00 Drop Share URL QR Code from IE mode page context menu (three parts, because need to match up surrounding menu items): 6A 00 68 D5 08 00 00 FF 75 08 FF 15 44 42 ED 16 EB 5E 68 D5 08 00 00 FF 75 08 FF 15 44 42 ED 16 68 E4 25 00 00 FF 75 08 FF 15 44 42 ED 16 68 D5 08 00 00 FF 75 08 FF 15 44 42 ED 16 68 E4 25 00 00 FF 75 08 FF 15 C4 42 ED 16 68 D5 08 00 00 FF 75 08 FF 15 C4 42 ED 16 Drop Share URL QR Code from IE mode link context menu: 8D 7D E8 68 79 1A 00 00 57 E8 F3 0F 14 FB EB 3A 90 68 79 1A 00 00 57 E8 F3 0F 14 FB Drop Share URL QR Code from IE mode image link context menu: 8D 45 D8 68 79 1A 00 00 EB 43 90 68 79 1A 00 00 Drop Share image location from Chrome mode image context menu: 89 F9 68 7A 1A 00 00 68 51 81 00 00 EB 0F 68 7A 1A 00 00 68 51 81 00 00 Drop Share image location from IE mode image context menu: 6A 00 6A 0F 53 FF 15 44 42 ED 16 83 F8 FF 74 3C EB 4A 6A 0F 53 FF 15 44 42 ED 16 83 F8 FF 74 3C Drop Translate to English from Chrome mode page context menu (this also avoids some of the translation-related housekeeping, could (very) slightly speed up page loads): 8D 86 F0 02 00 00 50 E8 CF BA 71 FE E9 E6 00 00 00 90 50 E8 CF BA 71 FE
  7. I probably won't. If it does, it may use "Chromium" instead of "Google\Chrome". Or something specific to it, you can check with Procmon.
  8. And, unlike 360, respects Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Google\Chrome] "TranslateEnabled"=dword:00000000
  9. @NotHereToPlayGames Not to dwell on it, but I think I should say this. I'm not sure how much of the negativity you mentioned in the old thread was attributed to me (I used the word "god", for sure), but I honestly didn't think someone with your constitution would consider abandoning the project just because I threw in that Brotli black-box issue. I actually chuckled when someone told me they were afraid of that happening. In any case, I'm sorry if I contributed to negative atmosphere and certainly hope you can continue with this fresh start for the benefit of both the members here and the wider XP circle.
  10. For the record, simply deleting or editing the labels for these doesn't seem to work, you just get blank menu items that still have the functionality. (I'm not sure that was the gist of what he was hinting at last night; if there was something else, hopefully he can elaborate.) Ah, OK, glad that's settled. The way you brought it up earlier seemed to suggest my paks were suspicious in some way, that's why I grumpily reacted with that line about hacking.
  11. Well, no wonder then, because I don't have his rebuild 6 for that and both the links from the first post are 404 for me right now. An excellent excuse for bedtime. EDIT: But if you mean "Translate to $1" (it's slightly shifted in rebuild 5), then yes, I'm aware that's where the label is. I was talking based on https://chromium.googlesource.com/experimental/chromium/src/+/refs/tags/86.0.4240.198/chrome/browser/renderer_context_menu/render_view_context_menu.cc , or I guess https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/refs/tags/86.0.4240.198/chrome/browser/renderer_context_menu/render_view_context_menu.cc is a more proper link (the content is exactly the same).
  12. Topic which is 129 pages long with many versions posted, and I'm delirious. Good night to you too.
  13. No you're not (sorry, I mean). But I'm really going to sleep now, 36 hrs uptime and hints about "the" god knows which build version don't enlighten me right now.
  14. @NotHereToPlayGames Geez, why are you wasting precious holiday time on what's not very interesting for you when you could just give me that resource.pak of yours so I could compare it with both my modded version and your previously released 2022? No Thanksgiving here, though I probably will have to go to sleep soon, been up for more than 24 hrs (not related to my neck pain, that's pretty much OK now). EDIT: Regarding your two context menu items, unfortunately it's leaning towards having to patch the DLL code to get these to go away. Going by the original 86.0.4240.198 Chromium, the QR item should be controllable via chrome://flags/#sharing-qr-code-generator , but it seems to have no effect in 360. The translation item should be blockable via TranslateEnabled policy key in the registry, but 360 doesn't seem interested in Chrome or Chromium policies (it reads a single one from the latter, unhelpful for this). Since I don't feel strongly about these items, I can't promise I'll be spending a lot of time tracking this stuff down in the code, I guess we'll have to see...

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