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  1. I quit bying Nvidia in early 2014 (when they removed CSAA for no reason). And I was a loyal customer for 20 years and bought only the top of the line. Folks need to learn how to use their purchasing power.
  2. Tripredacus and the others , thank you all for the replies and your opinions , it was very nice of you ! I'll get back here and talk about this as soon as possible , I'm having pretty busy days , all of a sudden , sorry . Aslo, I wasn't able to upload any pictures , I wanted to ask @Tripredacus , maybe you know why am I limited to 1.82Kb (yes , 1.82kb) images only ? Seems like ages have passed since I was able to upload anything . I do not even remember , but it was long ago, thank you !
  3. @Gansangriff , not sure if it's on-topic , but since you've started , I agree... I'm a simple guy , so my plans for the retirement are rather simple too. 1 - I'm gonna find a quiet place to live , but not far from a medical facility , just in case , nowadays it won't be easy , I guess. 2 - I'll buy an Opel Olympia Deluxe (4-door) sedan 1938 , I actually owned this very Opel in the 90's (which I got from my grandfather) , but it had 2 doors only and I always wanted the 4-door variant. https://cdn.nettiauto.com/live/2020/01/23/8184165c7df0d21c-large.jpg If I won't be a
  4. @ArcticFoxie , @XPerceniol and other members from USA , mind giving your opinion on this and ,perhaps, tell us : is this also true for your region , {but I'm not asking you to tell us where you live exactly, just the state , if it's ok} , thanks in advance. Would be interested to hear EU citizens too ( @Gansangriff , @Mr.Scienceman2000 and the others ), esp. from the West , since I've heard it about Ireland (EU member) too. https://twitter.com/APhilosophae/status/1402434266970140676
  5. Tried your XP skin , very bright for me , all is white and acid blue , it distracts from the pages , it's eye fatiguing , sorry my opinion , folks love bright colours these days (I guess) , but you're a cool skin modder anyways. What I noticed - if I I simply replace en_skin and skin (without adding the actual XP skin) - the browser will load faster , and the skin is still dark , like I want it to be (I'm on a dark theme) , even though I do not like the original 360 style . So , thanks ! I'm not sure why this is happening . Less compression ?
  6. @Cixert, hi , in 360 Extreme Explorer russians did not remove all telemetry , it's only *partially* removed , please add this information. You may see by yourself in my posts. This one , for example. https://msfn.org/board/topic/182304-extreme-explorer-360-chromium-78-86-general-discussion/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-1194253
  7. Realtek audio driver , this one should work , and like I said earlier , you can look up the rest at this website. https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/downloads/ds027624-realtek-audio-driver-for-windows-81-32-bit-64-bit-thinkpad-s430
  8. Intel driver is here , just choose win 8.1 https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/88180/Intel-Core-i3-6100U-Processor-3M-Cache-2-30-GHz-
  9. If you have Pentium N3700 or a similar one , look here and choose win 8.1 https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/87261/Intel-Pentium-Processor-N3700-2M-Cache-up-to-2-40-GHz-
  10. You need to post the exact specs of your laptop so the members could help you . From what I've seen there are different variants of your laptop.
  11. Hi, Wireless LAN card driver : https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/downloads/ds100976-realtek-8723be-wireless-lan-driver-for-windows-81-64-bit-7-32-bit-64-bit-thinkpad-e450-e450c-e455-e550-e550c-e555 This one should work for Nvidia mobile 920. https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/downloads/ds105610-nvidia-n16v-gm-geforce-920a-graphics-driver-for-windows-81-64-bit-desktop And I suggest you search this website to find the rest of the drivers. They are there.
  12. What is that suspicious updater.exe process ? Even two of them !
  13. I can give you a free advice , yes I'm in a good mood today and I still think we can be friends , esp. being from the same generation . Why won't you compare the original files with your modded files from the same version , of course {using any HEX propramme} and publish the results here ? As simple as that.
  14. 1 - I'm sorry, I didn't see where you said about the other files needed to be fixed too. Perhaps I missed something , but you were talking about options and chrome.dll only. 2 - I didn't document it too , but if you think we need a guide , you're welcome to create one and be it's leader . I will publish my own findings there or you can just copy them from here and mention me. I will definitely add on if I remember or find something new. Though, I think 360chrome is not very popular. BTW , do you know how to restore Aero ? I'm tired of that ugly and flat win8/10 skin.
  15. What do you mean by "my view" , huh ? I already asked you (very politely) to stop discusssing me , my views , my ego , etc. I even thought (for a second) you will finally let go and stop . About the "russian" browser : I'm stating the facts , that I proved , BTW. People need to know the truth and what to expect from that russian version , where is says they "removed telemetry" (false advertising) . Let's say someone is going to use this browser for storing sensitive data , they need to know what they're dealing with . If I discover (again) something that russians didn't remove (on purpose or n
  16. It's not enough , you need to patch chrome.exe , resources.pak and chrome_elf.dll too. This is what I dug up from my memory . chrome.exe has : http://www.360.cn (2 times , at least , depending on the version) . And some other IPs (inverted , the chinese devs are getting smarter , lol) . And like you said , I don't remember everything what I patched too, I didn't make records , it was kinda on the fly, but I think you will find the rest by yourself. chrome_elf.dll has : (don't remeber , sorry, on the fly patching again, perhaps will remember later) resources.pak has (from wh
  17. Told ya , use betas . They are far more stable. I have no crashes. Oh , and I see you want to be on the safe side and not use the russian loader , in that case you can add any flag to the shortcut , as simple as that.
  18. @NoNameNeeded , still it doesn't explain why I have everything in English (even when I'm on the repack version) . I tried it , just out of curiosity , all is in English , except the gugle.ru search (which they forced , but I quickly fixed it). BTW , I think youtube may use your IP to detect the location and set the language , no ? Perhaps it has something to do with the IP ? Also , as I wrote before , I do not have this line "accept languages" at all . Because of the flag , perhaps.
  19. Add --disable-translate flag to the .ini file and try . This junk is also not needed --disable-glsl-translator , disable too , just in case.
  20. There you go , problems with the russian repack again! I've noticed this pattern in their behaviour , seems quite obsessive how they stuff everything with their language, even though it wasn't even developed by them . Have you tried the flag --disable-translate ?
  21. I have tried mostly these two betas (shown below) , and I removed the telemetry by myself . Why ? They have less chinese junk. If you care to read , I'll explain . Do you think I have tons of spare time ? No , I don't and there are two reasons . First , I do not trust Russians and/or any Eastern block countries , including Chinese (but not limited to) , yes this my choice and my right (no need to argue on that , please). And , as I said earlier , I do not have much time or maybe I was a bit lazy and tried the russian repack first , but I soon noticed they didn't remove the most important
  22. I suggest you watch some videos on how to disassemble your exact laptop's model before you do it ! It may not be as easy as it seems and it can get damaged .
  23. I've tried several betas of 13 version , the first betas , to be precise. I'm sorry, I don't have the links anymore , it was almost a year ago , in September of 2020 , but I'm sure I didn't use the russian warez website, linked here by the user who "strongly" suggests using it. Oh , and I launch with the flag --disable-translate , perhaps this helps.
  24. I'm guessing your laptop has the annoying "optimus" technology , which doesn't work with Vista. If no , then it's fantastic ! These will definitely work with Vista (Vista is in the .inf section , see below) 920MX drivers : 32-bit https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/105846/en-us 64-bit https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/105849/en-us %NVIDIA_A% = NVIDIA_Devices,NTx86.6.0,NTx86.6.1,NTx86.6.2,NTx86.6.3,NTx86.10.0
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