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  1. Thank you, thank , thank you jaclaz! Facts, independent and unbiased statements is what we really need. I shall make sure to upvote your post as soon as the new drastic "timing" limit will be regenerated (reset) for the new day.
  2. It's not relevant to the windows XP version, even if we are to somehow assume it might be true.
  3. @NotHereToPlayGames, wait a minute! You're deviating from the course! You were going to also remove "telemetry" to force us to use it, we "MUST", lol. OK, when shall we be seeing the patched version? Enlighten us, please.
  4. Are you sure you wanna do this? 'Cause it would then automatically exclude @Vistapocalypse from all discussions of any OS and any software, except iOS and iOS apps he uses.
  5. Any, and by any I mean any, AV has a built-in self protection, self preservation mechanism from malicious attempts of breaking it, but I don't have to tell you that, do I? So, maybe also try to compare the modified (even slightly, even one bit) versions of them both, to see how they will behave?
  6. Seeing you're strangely persistent with that whole idea, I'm starting to have doubts you know what you're going to face. Modding an AV would require advanced reverse engineering skills, since what you're offering is exactly what any AV would need to protect itself from (hacking)*. Now, I don't know about your personal skills, but I hope you'll manage! It would be interesting to see the result. *EDIT - And yes it also includes protecting its registry entries.
  7. You can't do that, it's against EULA to modify and remove parts of the programme, I already explained it. Also, I'm pretty sure it's against other Russian laws. Find an English EULA where they explicitly allow you to do that, also you need their approval to publish their modded programme at public places such as MSFN.
  8. It would then be a modded software, and this topic includes only the original versions, Fair would be to have a banner with a warning, smth like: Custom modified AV, self-proclaimed to be secure. And I'm pretty sure it's against their EULA, so you can be sued for modding the code. It's a friendly advice on how not to get into trouble with the law.
  9. I too have this question! It seems odd. First they write they stay on older OS to be less spied on, second they port the standard Chrome/chromium, really odd.
  10. And what if people just want to block it due to the crappy quality? "I hate webp with every fiber of my being......" "it's F...ing everywhere now. and they look like crap. id*** putting up low res webp's and just dynamicly upscaling them to fit. And it look sh*t. Blurry as hell, smudged... People have even begun using them in renpy games or rpgm, or any other game they are able to get it to work in." "It's just bad, even colours look a little off in them" https://www.reddit.com/r/chrome/comments/btblqh/how_do_i_disable_webp/
  11. New "merchandise API" block https://msfn.org/board/topic/184249-chrome-110-based-opera-i-ported-it-to-vista/?do=findComment&comment=1249504
  12. In this a case, maybe try to make it shorter? If you patched the header with new method, can also test it here. https://swifttls.org/ My result below.
  13. No, I meant it's served highly compressed, not lossless. That's the whole idea behind the usage of webp, to save the bandwidth, and to hell with the quality.
  14. Yep, looks like you're right, I don't see any links to the actual webp they declare to "test", I switched to basic HTML to show it, but for some reason it is now in German!
  15. You are right technically speaking, but the sneaky K-Lite embeds itself such deep into OS, for example it suggests to replace/disable the original Microsoft AVC codec, when you run the installer with "advanced" settings. After the installation, all apps will now use the K-lite codecs, not the system ones. Even the windows player! @Cocodile is right. Integrating the preview of webp into explorer is the best way to get infected.
  16. NHS Digital and NHS England already declared it to be "medium". https://digital.nhs.uk/cyber-alerts/2023/cc-4376 CVE-2023-4863 Threat ID: CC-4376 Threat Severity: Medium Published: 12 September 2023 2:03 PM
  17. At the OS level, uninstall all third party codecs, if you have any, ASAP. Any codec sets that add webp codec to the OS (K-lite and the such). Also, I suggest to uninstall all VP8 codec iterations, since it's basically the same with webp. For example, the famous French VLC player doesn't need any codecs in the system, it has its own.
  18. Obviously don't use Windows gallery anymore, pick some old software without webp format, to browse pics on your PC/laptop. Then make that programme default, so you won't accidentally open webp with native windows tools. I use the famous German NERO 8 (yes very old, 2007 or so). It doesn't know what webp is, so If I click on webp, even without extension, it doesn't know what to do with it.
  19. What does the test page tell you? Post the screenshot please. Did you disable Client Hints? After the edit it should be. image/avif,image/apng,image/apng,image/svg+xml,image/ It's the header which tells the sites what's your browser can accept.

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