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  1. I've done a couple more advancements towards Windows XP. In special, i was interested on making the DirectX 11 renderer work under XP. It is true there is no native DirectX 11 for Windows XP, but there have been attempts in the past to partially implement it on the system, unofficially of course. Most didn't seem to work in my context, but there was one that caught my attention and really helped me to partly achieve what i wanted. It is the WineD3D wrapper library, that converts DX11 calls to OGL. Obviously with a performance impact and with occassional bugs, but is interesting nonetheless. Down below you can see a screenshot of the DX11 renderer running with WineD3D. There's a bug with the bios colors but most game runs without any bug at all. I could find about this thanks to posts of fellow MSFN members, so i discovered XomPie's WineD3D libraries, the only ones i could make work. If you are any interested on trying this by yourself, all the information related has been posted on github: https://github.com/blueclouds8666/pcsx2_XP/issues/2
  2. I haven't yet, but it should run perfectly fine under XP x64 edition. Also, the emulator can't be completely compiled for 64-bit platforms, however, i've published a guide on how to compile certain components for 64-bit platforms, as some parts can successfully be compiled in 64 bits. here it is: https://github.com/blueclouds8666/pcsx2_XP/blob/master/COMPILE-TESTING.md The original PCSX2 has neither binaries published for 64-bits, because they see no improvement with current code and it also gives more troubles than usual
  3. Hello Windows XP gaming community. I have what i believe are good news for you, if you are into emulation. I'm a developer and i've recently modified the latest version of the popular PCSX2 PlayStation 2 emulator to make it run again under the Windows XP operating system, since they removed that compatibility by 2016. The development to my modified version of PCSX2 started in May 2020, just when the latest stable official release was made public (v1.6.0), confirming it wasn't indeed compatible with XP. I wanted to do something about it, so i started peeking the code and considering the options i had. Well, after months of testing and patience, i got the latest v1.6.0 stable release from May 2020 running perfectly fine under XP. This project is called "PCSX2 XP" and is been made available from my website: http://neonfloppy.sytes.net/projects/pcsx2-xp/ and there is also a github repository: https://github.com/blueclouds8666/pcsx2_XP You may also join to my discord server, where you can find about my other projects and chat with other xp fans: https://discord.gg/KXKXcs4 I will be answering any questions you have regarding my project down below. I hope you all find this useful. Thanks for your attention.
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