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  1. And on Windows XP Serpent can open https://tls13.1d.pw/ too saying: "Successfully connected TLS 1.3 OK;" Unbelievable!
  2. @Roytam Hello Roytam, great job you are doing here. Thanks for keeping Win XP alive! I don't know whether you already have noticed your host o.rthost.cf is not accessible. Hope it isn't a serious problem. Best regards
  3. Hello heinoganda, thanks for your reply. I've got no update officially offered through Microsoft Update. Can you send me your german installer MSEInstall.exe or provide a download link? Thanks and regards
  4. @Raupinator I am german and interested in a german installer of Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4.304 you offered some posts above. Can you provide a download link? Thanks in advance
  5. @Jaroslaw @VistaLover Thanks a lot for your help. I modified the file security.dtd in langpack-de@palemoon.org.xpi and problem was solved. New german translation file 27.7.0_RC6 is working perfectly too. Thanks and best regards
  6. Hi, due to my problem here a hardcopy of the preference - security window in my New Moon browser. Hope I'll get any help or information. Regards
  7. Hi. thanks a lot for your XP-Mod of Pale Moon. The overall performance is great. I use your New Moon 27.7.0a2 Build 20180106013833. My platform is Windows XP Professional 32Bit. The german localization file 27.7.0_RC5 doesn't work properly. In preferences of New Moon the security tab is empty. Can you confirm this behavior? Using en-US default no problems. Is this an effect due to your modifications? Thanks in advance and best regards
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