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  1. You're welcome! Personally, I prefer the portable version: https://github.com/smplayer-dev/smplayer/releases/download/v24.5.0/smplayer-portable- But once again. The outer shell, SMPlayer, has been updated again and again, but neither mplayer nor mpv, i.e. the heart of the SMPlayer. Simply put, it's great on the outside, but a bit of a bummer on the inside. This is the real problem for Windows XP users.
  2. As in the previous releases, the problem is not SMPlayer itself but the embedded mplayer which has been discontinued for working under Windows XP. The last compatible version was 37940 from 2017 if I remember correctly.
  3. Without hardware acceleration, the Thorium browser is nearly unusable on my weak hardware. Websites take ages to load completely, and videos cannot be played at all.
  4. The most recent release with its archive file Thorium_SSE2_122.0.6261.171_WINXP_x32.zip does not run well on my system. Mainly because the provided progwrp.dll does not support hardware acceleration on my hardware. It is not able to activate it. Thus, I replaced this by IDA-RE-things' Chrome XP API Adapter which at least enables a bit hardware acceleration. The reason for "only a bit" is that, although GPU rasterisation can be enabled, it doesn't work as it should. It does exactly the opposite, it slows everything down. So I have to switch it off and use the software rasterisation instead.
  5. Thanks for your contribution! This thread is meant to collect all methods to run YouTube and its videos under Windows XP in these days. I already wrote about SMPlayer here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176299-latest-version-of-software-running-on-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1258461 https://msfn.org/board/topic/176299-latest-version-of-software-running-on-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1258479 For watching YouTube videos, I personally prefer PotPlayer and maroc's release of MPC, now in the version 2.2.1. Inside of UXP browsers on old, weak computers, I would use the extension uTube which is absolutely great. SMPlayer is unfortunately no longer supported but it is also a good one as long as it still works under Windows XP, of course. My experiment in a previous post was only meant to check if YouTube can be used natively inside UXP browsers on old, weak computers in these days.
  6. I have noticed that the more recent versions of uBlock Origin, especially the version 1.58 and the development builds 1.58.x, do not work properly in Thorium. Thus, I went back to the version 1.49.2 as it seems to work as usual. All in the legacy SSE2 Win XP release of Thorium. Did anyone also observe problems with recent versions of uBlock Origin in Thorium?
  7. TBH, I asked you whether syncing in Thorium works although it is a Chromium browser. Actually, it shouldn't work as Google is supposed to not allow this anymore. So, my question was totally on topic.
  8. Ok. I do not use any sync features. As far as I know, Google has restricted its sync feature and excluded Chromium Browser. This means that synchronisation should actually no longer be possible in the Chromium browsers Supermium and Thorium, either. Is it really possible there in these days? In any case, there is not a single feature that would make me use a browser like Google Chrome that fills me up with adverts from start to finish.
  9. Although off-topic, you are right regarding Chrome on Android. But the original Chrome browser is totally crappy. You are bombarded with advertising rubbish. I never use this browser under Android. You should rather use the Chrome based variant Kiwi which supports extensions. I have installed uBlock Origin there, and it works fine. Bye, bye ads!
  10. What trends? I think there are no real trends. Many here are quite volatile, rather wavering. Spoken for me only, I will continue to observe the development of Thorium. It runs quite well on my old box except for media playback. But New Moon 28 remains my main browser there and finally again Mypal 68 in version 68.14.2b, which runs really well now. And on the subject of dying, personally, I am a genuine Windows XP die-hard fan. I'll probably always be one, come what may.
  11. You can try to transfer your Thorium profile from a flash drive to another one which both are formatted in NTFS. Maybe then it works.
  12. I use Opera (Mobile) only on Android. No command line flags there, and there are only four internal flags available.
  13. You mean --disable-machine-id and --disable-encryption? Right?
  14. Yep! That's why the term USB stick is mainly used in the German language. Flash drive is actually far too unspecific. But back on topic. What about your file systems on your drives?
  15. Both use flash memory chips. Drives which use flash memory chips are logically flash drives even when the term flash drive is often used for a USB stick in the English language but not in the German language. But the question was actually a completely different one. That's just a side issue.
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