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Oh WOW! I am so sorry to hear that. I wondered why we haven't seen that many posts from him in quite a while.

Den was also very kind and helpful to me. He and Trip have been the two mods that I have personally interacted with the most over the years..

Thank you very much for sharing this sad news, Dave. May he rest in peace.

EDIT: Looking back over my old records I was reminded that Den and I joined MSFN within a few weeks of each other, which means nothing, really, but was just something we had in common.

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I am so sad.

He was a great person.

I knew him since my first days on MSFN, many, many years ago, and besides the public interactions on the board we had a lot of correspondence via PM's, both on computing and on a whole range of different topics, from cinema and TV to art and linguistics (he could read and understand very well Italian and I can understand a very little Portuguese, we had a common interest in Latin - as root of both languages - and we often exchanged opinions on these and many other things), I considered him a friend.

I will greatly miss him and our exchanges.

Besides his great work in helping and advising other people on technical matters, he was always polite and just (as a moderator), while often managing to keep a veil of humour in his posts.

He told me about his illness, describing it as a "a quite mean cancer", from the tone of his latest messages he was fighting fiercely against it, and was hoping to defeat it only one month before, at the end of september.

May he R.I.P.



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It's really sad news, he was an understanding person, and he helped me previously with an issue, and he was really a reference for computer science, really a big loss after WildBill today dencorso :(

I wish them mercy and a decent life in the afterlife 

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Even at my age, I will never get used to reading, with resignation, sad news like this.:(
Life at a certain age stops giving and starts taking.

When I read news like this I always remember a movie where, after a funeral, the pastor consoles the remaining relatives with the usual phrase:

"He has gone to a better place."

A response:

"I don't think father that the earth is better place than the air."

I hope our souls will be released from the body to truly go to a better place.




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I'm a bit late to the announcement but this is extremely sad news for me. I credit Den a lot for me becoming a moderator here on MSFN. I still remember he offered the position to me to which I humbly and graciously accepted it. 

We had some good discussions back and forth and because he was originally into Windows 98 like I was, we easily found common ground that way. Den was a very kind, cordial, and courteous person. When I first heard he was diagnosed with cancer, I was deeply saddened. I lost both my grandparents to cancer and my mother is a cancer survivor, so I don't like cancer very much to say the least. 

As optimistic as he seemed to be about keeping the cancer at bay, I was really hoping he'd return one day like nothing ever happened. But he'd go months without any sort of an update and that was very worrying to me. Now the worst has happened, but he is at peace now and pain-free, which is the best thing out of a horrible situation like this.

Rest in Peace buddy, until we meet again! :yes:

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Wow!  I'm stunned.  I thought it had been awhile since we had heard from him.  I have to agree with @Sampei.Nihiram in that we're hearing a lot of sad and stunning news lately.  These announcements increasinly take the wind out of you.

Above all, I appreciate dencorso's help over the years with tech questions.  My condolences to those here who knew him best.


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