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  1. JFYI, you need to also change the font to a suitable one to be allowed to call that "The Matrix" credibly. Namely you want to use the White Rabbit font: https://www.dafont.com/white-rabbit.font jaclaz
  2. More generally searching the Registry for "PRODUCTNAME" may result in one of the two places Ucyborg suggested. jaclaz
  3. @loblolly986 Bootpart must be the longest running (good) NT program ever, it came out in NT 3.5 (or possibly even NT 3.1) times , so no doubts about it (it does work and it does work since almost 30 years). The issues may come in this particular setup with the requisites for the Windows 95 underlying DOS in terms of capability of booting from a first but not active partition and possible issues with automatic drive lettering. The "added" values of inserting (one way or the other) grub4dos in the booting sequence is some of its abilities in managing partitions/volumes entries in the MBR but also the capability to mount (floppy) images, i.e. the NT recovery floppy you described could be saved into an image on hard disk and chainloaded to boot. Particularly in the testing phase it allows to make experiments without changing anything (or very little, easily reversible) on the disk. jaclaz
  4. Not really, if you actually read bootpart page, it says: The only thing I highly suggest is : your active partition on your first hard disk must be a FAT16 primary partition. This may be a small partition. The DOS (in Windows95) must be on first disk active partition (and this cannot be FAT32 if you use the NT NTLDR). jaclaz
  5. The issue is then the following. Normal Windows 95 booting: BIOS->MBR->PBR(of active primary partition)->IO.SYS Normal Windows NT booting (normal or in dual boot): BIOS->MBR->PBR(of active primary partition)->NTLDR->BOOT.INI choices(if any)->either Win95 or NT in this case What likely happens in your case: BIOS->MBR->invalid PBR (as it doesn't exist in NT the concept of FAT32 filesystem)-> a suffusion of yellow or BIOS->MBR->PBR-> NO NTLDR(as it doesn't exist in NT the concept of FAT32 filesystem)-> a suffusion of yellow Possible workarounds: 1) creating an additional (small) FAT16 partition 2) converting your existing C: to FAT16 3) using the Windows 2000 (or possibly even XP ) version of NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM (as these do understand FAT32) 4) using grub4dos to chainload the NT NTLDR (that must however reside on either a FAT16 or NT NTFS filesystem or in a (floppy) image #1 is the most "natural" way BUT you might have issues with drive lettering (that can BTW solved, but far from easy-peasy) #2 is fine, but it will deprive you of some advantages of FAT32 over FAT16 (smaller cluster size), and anyway the 6 GB are "too much" for FAT16, so you would need to shrink it to around 4 GB, and in any case it would have a huge (64K cluster size). #3 would be the easiest/next "normal" approach, #4 while being (slightly) more complex is the "less intrusive" one in the sense that it can be tested without changing anything in your partitioning. Personally I would advise you to try #4 first, because should it not work for *any* reason there are not any complex changes to partitions, filesystems etc., and thus no damage to existing install of windows 95. Brief instructions for #4 Get latest grub4dos from here: https://github.com/chenall/grub4dos/releases from the package extract only grub.exe and copy it to the root of your C: Boot to Windows 95 command prompt and in it run grub.exe. You should get to a grub> prompt. In it type: root [ENTER] and take note of the output, should be (hd0,0) find --set-root /ntldr [ENTER] root [ENTER] and take note of the output, should be (hd0,1) if the D: partition is primary or (hd0,4) if it is a logical volume inside extended cat --hex --skip=446 (hd0)+1 [ENTER] you should have two lines "populated with data" and two lines with 00's and a final 55AA If everything is as above, try: chainloader /ntldr [ENTER] you should see something *like* Will boot NT .... boot [ENTER] What happens? (there might be an issue with "sectors before" in the logical volume PBR/VBR that may need to be corrected) jaclaz
  6. It is perfectly normal to install NT in dual boot with windows 95 (as a matter of fact NT was designed to be installed on logical volumes inside extended). Which filesystem, does your C: volume have (if it is FAT32 then that might be the base issue, NT knows nothing about FAT32, but there are possible workarounds). Also, which filesystem does your D: volume have? (if it is NTFS you won't easily access its contents from Win95) And can you confirm that it is a logical volume inside extended? (from what you reported it seems to me more likely that it is a second primary) What might have happened is (if my guess about FAT32 is correct) that the NT install somehow attempted to make the second volume active ignoring altogether the Win95 installation. Check where (if) the files: NTLDR BOOT.INI NTDETECT.COM have been written to (either C: or D:), since they are hidden and system files you will need to configure correctly explorer or use attrib on command line or use anothe file manager that shows hidden and system files. Normally in these kind of setup the boot partition (what the good MS guys call "system"), i.e. the primary, active partition should be FAT16 (to be accessible by both Win95 and NT), it can be a very small one, containing only the three files above and the Windows 95 DOS files. If you cannot move/shrink/resize or convert partitions, there are other workarounds, though, but you will need to use a third party bootmanager (grub4dos is suggested). jaclaz
  7. If the thingy has not been used for some years, or it has been used or stored with the headphone plug inserted I wouldn't exclude oxidation in the headphone jack switch. jaclaz
  8. ... and then what happened? jaclaz
  9. Go here: http://win2k.org/ hover on hyperlinks until you see http://win2k.org/drivers.htm and click on it once there click on Intel Matrix Storage Manager, you should land here: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/813816.html Here you can find links to various versions (listed as cab, but the link is to the zip file) jaclaz
  10. Wouldn't these do? https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2020-and-beyond/page/18/#comment-1176514 jaclaz
  11. JFYI, not needed according to the first randomized clinical trial (2018): https://www.bmj.com/content/363/bmj.k5094 jaclaz
  12. Likely: https://msfn.org/board/guidelines/ jaclaz
  13. D@mn, I had just submitted it as candidate for the "2022 most senselessly prolonged thread" award. jaclaz
  14. The grub4dos USB drivers do not run unless they are manually invoked, just for the record. The reason they were developed/added originally was essentially because there are (were) motherboards that have USB 2.0 hardware but only have BIOS support for USB 1.1, on those, starting the internal USB driver makes booting (or copying to RAM/ map --mem) much faster. Besides different (okder or newer) grub4dos versions may behave differently. The blinking cursor is (typically) an issue with some fields in the bootsector (related to CHS geometry) that are "off". It happens often that (for *some reasons*) the (more or less) crappy BIOSes assign to a device a "queer" geometry (different from the one the image or partition/volume was prepared/formatted with). This may be influenced by the size of the device (this would also nicely explain why you have reports of some devices working), and also - in some cases - by some assumptions by the bootloader/bootmanager. It is a hit and miss game, I had similar (though not the same) issues with another Thin Client several years ago, and I remember how I threw at it everything (and the contrary of it) before being able to actually boot it from physicaldrive (IDE/ATA CF card and USB stick), again only for the record: https://zeroshell.org/forums/topic/a-report-from-a-new-user/ It should be possible (though right now I have not a precise idea on how to exactly do it) to boot to the Win95 as image, configure it, then dd (using some dd port to dos or a win9x imaging program) it to a second image (essentially pulling data from the RAW drive) then boot this second image. Still you should IMHO first try to boot from the actual volume partition (not map --mem), PLoP, makebootfat, *everything* should be attempted. Can you make and post/attach a copy of your MBR and PBR? jaclaz
  15. Yep, there is very little English documentation for it, the Author's site is not that bad via google translate, but it's not like there are many docs, the FAQ's however will be useful: https://hdd-by.translate.goog/?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=it https://hdd-by.translate.goog/victoria5_faq/?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=it https://hdd-by.translate.goog/victoria_faq/?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=it jaclaz
  16. The grub4dos (recent version) have an "own" USB (2.0) driver stack. If you do not post the EXACT grub4dos menu.lst or commands you use, there is no way I can understand what you are trying to do. As well, if you post some EXACT reference to the hardware involved it may help (or it may be completely be not useful, no way to know). If you want to run the Windows 9x entirely in RAM, probably you can disable/remove the IDE drivers/detection/whatever (i.e. have essentially a virtually diskless PC). jacpaz
  17. I did try that, first thing, of course, and there is only one (bad) archived page from 2015: https://web.archive.org/web/20150108204046/http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/Audio_Card/Xonar_DX/Xonar_DX_81738_RC01_vista.zip Anyway the issue is solved. jaclaz
  18. Hi, Polish dude , don't worry, the member that the A guy was denied quoting won't probably quit, and I hope that if he does quit it would be for other reasons. It was a simple misunderstanding, it ended up in Funny Farm , ruffled feathers seem to me to have been unruffled, everything is cool, and all in all this is the best of all possible worlds[1]. jaclaz [1] https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/150939-if-this-is-the-best-of-possible-worlds-what-then
  19. Try (on the BIOS machine that is NOT booting) to change the disk boot order (as opposed to F12 choice). It is well possible that for *some* reasons either: the stick is not BIOS bootable or the F12 menu in your particular BIOS is not an exact equivalent of the disk order change. If the issue is the first, you can check it with grub4dos, that basically can boot a Windows (on BIOS) in three different ways; 1) chainloading the MBR (please read as "normal booting") 2) chainloading the VBR/PBR (please read as "bypassing the MBR") 3) directly chainloading the BOOTMGR (please read as "bypassing BOTH the MBR and PBR/VBR) On a "properly setup" stick grub4dos should work in all three ways above. jaclaz
  20. To be fair, you were actually very accurate and provided a lot of details in the question. More often than not similar questions go *like*: Hey guys, I remember having got from the internet a driver for my Xonar audio card that worked so much better in Vista than the one I have now. Any ideas on where I can find that driver? jaclaz
  21. 1) post your menu.lst or however the commands you are using in grub4dos 2) try (it depends I believe on the "host" OS) to map the USB as physicaldrive: http://reboot.pro/index.php?showtopic=8581 https://www.sysprobs.com/access-physical-disk-virtualbox-desktop-virtualization-software jaclaz
  22. The file is seemingly on driverguide: https://www.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=1796663 jaclaz
  23. Likely you have a number of "slow" or "weak" sectors. You need a tool like Victoria to assess the situation. IF these sectors are all concentrated in one area (or a handful of areas) of the disk, the easiest would be to exclude the affected area(s) by some clever partitioning. Only for the record, once upon a time (cannot really say if it i still done, I doubt it) "huge" multi-platter disks (think of the 500 GB disks some 15 years ago) with defects were "refurbished" (in some countries) by disabling one or more heads and resold as having a smaller capacity. jaclaz
  24. Ok, I see. Once said that that topic is now officially a S.E.P. for me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somebody_else's_problem I can however spend a couple of cents commenting on the general matter. Daniel_k has an history of being accurate, but you are likely wanting to read in his brief statement something that possibly is not there. TNSH (which will alas forever be known as "the Polish dude" ) seems - until actually proven wrong on the specific topic - as well reliable and accurate, but - again - it seems to me like you are nitpicking on the perceived contents of a couple of Daniel_k's and possibly Jakob99's posts. All in all it seems to me like the whole stuff is based on no actual grounds. From a little experience with similar experiments, the perception of an OS working terribly/so and so/perfectly can vary greatly depending on the expectations of the experimenter and on the actual specific uses/tests performed/whatever, and a number of local/specific factors may well influence the results. @NotHereToPlayGames Rest assured that lately many of your posts come out (in my eyes) as (without reason) slightly aggressive, mainly due to your (mis-)use of bolding, CAPITALIZATION and general tone. Only for the record actual wolf pack leaders need not this prolonged aggressive approach, and most probably they don't even exist (as Alpha male/females), they are likely only the eldest of a family: https://sciencenorway.no/ulv/wolf-packs-dont-actually-have-alpha-males-and-alpha-females-the-idea-is-based-on-a-misunderstanding/1850514 There is another word (in English it begins as well with an a) that may describe someone that is not actually Alpha, leads nothing and is senselessly aggressive, if you want we[1] can start calling you "the A guy" leaving to the reader the option to expand the initial ... https://reboot.pro/public/style_emoticons/default/jaclaz.gif jaclaz [1] by we I mean the guild of grumpy old bastards, of which I am a proud member
  25. If I knew what the question was, I may. The original question, if any, has been lost (or I cannot find it easily) in the midst of the (senseless) bickering (and whining). Maybe if these latter behaviours could be stopped (possibly right now) the communication among members would be easier, smoother and also more productive. jaclaz

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