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  1. Yes, the 28% or 29% (or the previous 30% standard) is approximately the same number as the complement for my 2/3 to 3/4 needed for living, that leaves 25% to 33% of income to pay for the mortgage. The issue with house prices you used is that they are "reverse engineered" from the affordable mortgage, that will be fine in (say) West Virginia, where the bottom tier house is 52,000 $ (and minimum wage is higher at 8.75 $/hour) but it will change dramatically in (still say) Virginia where the bottom tier house is 165,000 $ (and minimum wage - from May 2021 - is only slightly higher at 9,50 $/
  2. Well, in the good ol' times whenever you had a problem with a (SCSI) disk you could look everywhere but it was the cable (or more rarely a terminator or connector). With IDE the only issues were when (newer) devices required 80 wires cables but the old cable was 40 wires OR if you used the CS (Cable Select) option (that rarely worked properly, unlike the manual master/slave jumper setting) Now, with SATA we are back to whenever you have a problem with a disk you can look everywhere, but it is the cable (actually almost always a connector). History repeats itself. jaclaz
  3. No, the overall results are consistent,2021:1984 ratio of 2, 102..7:48.2 or 200:100 are essentially the same numbers, but you used the "wrong" pay levels. The idea is (and has always been) bare entry level pay. (as some people will have the possibilities, or capabilities, or luck or all of them to soon have a better wage or however a better than minimum income, but many will be deemed for years, often tens of years, to have the minimum or slightly above the minimum income). 1984: minimum monthly pay (net): 700,000-800,000 Lire cost of flat: 73,500,000 Lire You needed arou
  4. Check your associations. This might be useful: https://www.sevenforums.com/browsers-mail/411381-i-cant-get-url-extension-associate-firefox.html https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/file_types_manager.html The "application not found" might mean that right now you have an incorrect path to the .exe or to the "provider"(ProgID/file class) , which should be - i believe - FirefoxHTML, compare with this (though the program is for later versions of windows that introduced hashing for some settings: https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/set-default-browser-file-associations-command-line
  5. No problem, the fact that your post was hostile and offensive doesn't mean that I was actually offended. Statistics is fine, if compared with statistics, the moment you use averages and medians of (extremely large and "miscellaneous") datasets against specific datapoints what you obtain is at the most a median or average of a mishmash. You compared an average wage (which is usually, but has to be checked, NOT net) against a (surely) net data for a very specific kind of income: first job, minimal legal pay for full time that I provided. Surely there is similar data for the US,
  6. So after all, you do doubt my word for it , of course you are perfectly free to go along this line of behaviour, which - JFYI - I find both offending and uncalled for/confrontational, besides the unneeded use of capital letters to shout at me. And of course I don't have to demonstrate anything. You might want to refresh the reading of board Rules/Guidelines, with particular attention to #7.b and 11 https://msfn.org/board/guidelines/ jaclaz
  7. No. Maybe they are but you completely failed to demonstrate it . You are mixing numbers liberally, median house means nothing and of course average wage is very different from "net amount in pocket" of a yute. You need a very specific kind of house in a very specific kind of city and a specific (initial, first full time job, unqualified) net wage to be able to make a meaningful comparison. Go compare the price of a 600 sq ft flat in (say) New York, San Francisco, Seattle against a same size flat in (still say) Akron or Detroit. Median and average mean nothing, as a
  8. It is interesting, as - according to Acronis - only Samsung and WD use that S.M.A.R.T.[1] parameter: https://kb.acronis.com/content/9118 Personally, I would change the SATA cable with a new one (it costs next to nothing) and leave the disk alone. In theory (but not necessarily on Seagate drives where it may well mean "number of stars in the sky as seen from the air hole of this disk in full moon nights, if they happen on wednesday") that should count the number of times the connection has shifted down from full speed (like 6 Gb/s) to a lower one (like 3 Gb/s or 1.5 Gb/s) and th
  9. Naah , I believe that the good MS guys think in dec but write in hex , they have a single nibble available for version but reserved B,C,D,E,F for future use, of course NOT documenting it, but rather half-@§§edly marking those values as "RESERVED, DO NOT USE", the project manager quickly realized that he couldn't go further than A, so in order to keep compatibility with older versions added a field for subversion and the good marketing guys came out with clear, logical, consistent version naming, like, you know: Version 1507 Version 1511 (November Update) Version 1607 (Anniversa
  10. YOU should make it (the PE) from YOUR Windows files, THEN you add to the build the winntsetup. Windows PE .iso's are NOT redistributable. jaclaz
  11. Likely you have some Group Policy settings that creates this behaviour? jaclaz
  12. I think that 7 is possible also on USB 3, with a few tweaks/added drivers, but it may depend on the USB 3.0 contreoller. Vista is of course possible on USB, the basic, manual way was detailed by Dietmar some 15 years ago: https://web.archive.org/web/20071009071622/http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=14181&st=1700&p=118931&#entry118931 cannot say/remember if there are (more evoluted/more automated) new ways/tools. There is a small service that prevents the reset of the USB bus registry values, though it wasn't apparently tested on Vista, it works ju
  13. Personally, if there is not a suitable "pure" Windows tool that does what I need, I try to find MSYS ports from Linux, because even the basic Cygwin .dll's are way too large for my (again, personal) tastes. jaclaz
  14. Yep, but when compared to a "normal" install of a "recent" MS OS, let's say 20 GB, it is "only" 4-5x. jaclaz
  15. Or in other words (see my previous post) something like 30x the size a NT System would normally need. We need a superlative for "bloat" to use in cases such as this one. BLOATER? BLOAT^2? jaclaz
  16. Yep , and also, post your COMPLETE config.sys and autoexec.bat. jaclaz
  17. I'll provide a single point anecdata. I bought a flat at a very young age, in 1984, nothing fancy, a small, average looking flat,in an average area in the city, in an average building, suitable to live in one or two people (single or young couple). At the time I was a sort of apprentice, at the lowest possible (legal) pay (for full-time work), my wage (net, i.e. real money that went in my pockets) was around 700,000-800,000 Lire/month and the cost of the flat was around 70,000,000 Lire + (if I recall correctly) some 3,500,000 Lire taxes, and notary and other fees.. Thus the flat
  18. Sure , that is the whole point. I had the impression that our friend Gansangriff was going to enter into a typical Chesterton's Fence fallacy: https://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Chesterton's_Fence jaclaz
  19. There was NO line drawn until you drew it at "thousands years" (confirming my tentative two thousand years one): to swiftly cross it and going "New Orleans", only a few hundreds years old, and flooded not because of the original planning/positioning, but rather for the incompetence of the contemporary. But the good things with lines drawn on sand (from the Nile shore) is that they can be easily deleted. jaclaz
  20. Well, no, wrong parallel, and "fools" from the wrong period.. I don't think that any one founded New Orleans thousands of years ago, those that did that circa 1718-1725 should have known what to expect and of course the descendants of those "fools" are those that are to be blamed for public schools, etc. or for not fleeing (tens, not thousands of years ago). Curiously enough, New Orleans was actually planned: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrien_de_Pauger but of course only the basic French Quarter, I believe that most of the rest of the city was later built without any car
  21. BUT what will be delivered will invariably be a city almost, but not quite, completely unlike functional or pleasant to live in. They (city planning architects) are #3 in my list of "unreliable experts" (for the record #1 are astrologists, closely followed at #2 by economists). To their (all three of them) credit: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2013/10/20/no-predict/ jaclaz
  22. Technically, the "fools" used to build cities/villages either on top of hills (easier to defend from enemies/invaders) or along rivers (ready availability of water and often possibility of using the river for transportation via boat), the choice to evaluate was between risks of floods and risks of landslides. The fact that you (and me, and everyone else) exist and are alive after a couple thousand years should mean that all in all the plan of the "fools" worked.
  23. Quickbms is a tool that needs a sort of plugin/script for each file type. It simply makes no sense whatever to say "quickbms spews out errors and nothing extracted or given". There is a RIff parser on its page, that may (or may not) work "as is". Very likely what you have in your hands is a corrupted file (hence the Macromedia cannot open it) and it is possible that the Riff plugin may need some tweaks/changes. jaclaz
  24. Yep, that is the idea. Let's say you have an Administrator level account on the OS (with unknown password). You login (via the by-pass) to that account (with empty password), then you can do any of these four: 1) change that same account password 2) change another account password 3) create a new account (and of course set its password) 4) do nothing on accounts and logout The only thing you cannot do is recover/decode existing passwords (BTW it is usually possible but the procedure is complex and lengthy). The way the by-pass is implemented in these tools is a smal
  25. Try TriD before anything else. https://mark0.net/soft-trid-e.html Anyway, likely it is a RIFX file: http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/wiki/RIFX Possibly you can use QuickBMS: http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm jaclaz
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