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  1. @Dibya I am pretty sure that FranceBB can answer any question by himself (again if he wants to), no need for your intervention, and of course whether I have watched anything he encoded fiddled with you cannot say. @FranceBB Yep (as expected BTW) you are trying to do it because you (believe you) can , which is an excellent reason. An XP running in a VM like Virtualbox is unlikely to be used as a high speed router or NAS, there are probably so many bottlenecks, either in the VM or in the communication interface with the devices (that I now know are RS232) that the advantage of 10 GB over 1 GB network transfer is unlikely to be in practice a limit. Historically the original reason why XP was dumbed down (including the PAE limitation in later service packs) when compared to Server 2003 was - beside some limitations connected to license (please read as "milking more money from professional users") - the poor quality of hardware and related drivers, it is not surprising that they rate limited mindboggingly fast (at the time) network cards. jaclaz
  2. Only out of curiosity, and of course only if you want to share this piece of info, what is the actual reason to have a 10G ethernet connection? jaclaz
  3. JFYI, not that it actually matters (if one actually wants that info can well become a member) but all I can see is: It is the modern version of the "plans on display" described by Douglas Adams: jaclaz
  4. @Cocodile I am communicating with you as a fellow forum member, and I am in no way flaming you[1] or attacking your views/opinions or whatever. I was only trying to make you aware of the possible differences between a mountain and a molehill. @AstroSkipper As said it is a subtle difference, the explanation is given AFTER the statement. jaclaz [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_(Internet)
  5. Yep, the integral quote is: They decided to NOT list it (which is perfectly fine) but they don't say why they removed it, they say why they recommend caution choosing it. It is a subtle difference. (not entirely unlike the Italian and French Authorities warnings). Talking of carrots, why we[1] don't list them anymore among vegetables? Carrots are re-known for being a good, safe and healthy food, very good for bettering eyesight[2], and there are no known confirmed studies about any adverse affect. However we don't list them anymore. A friend of our cousin hates the orange colours, so we recommend caution if you decide to eat carrots. jaclaz. [1] a completely hypothetical "we". [2] have you ever seen a rabbit with spectacles?
  6. Poor Cocodile, it must be tough to be prevented from flying ... these bad administrators or moderators clipping your wings... I don't recall any particular EU Law or regulation limiting moderation actions on a (private) technical internet forum, when/if you find the relevant one, please post a reference to it. The dedicated organizations? The free EU press? I expect that both will be very interested to the injustice you are suffering. On the other side, maybe Rule #8 needs to be integrated by a "No whining." after the "MSFN reserves the right to edit, delete or move posts made on this site." jaclaz
  7. The word for today is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcasm When it comes to commercial products, I doubt that Forbes (or any other publication) is or can be actually reliable, and "voting" on antivirus programs is always somehow skewed/biased, even the actual tests (that surely Forbes Authors do not perform themselves) are tricky when it comes to this kind of programs. The PCMag in its list of best antivirus programs at least explains why Kaspersky has been excluded (political reasons[1]): https://www.pcmag.com/picks/the-best-antivirus-protection jaclaz [1] which not necessarily means they are not valid only because they are political.
  8. Surely among the 10 most reputable sources[1] related to computer security, their suggestions are clearly independent, McAfee clearly deserves a 4 star rating and Avira 4.5, while Eset has 2.6. jaclaz [1] according to independent testing
  9. Well, one thing is the internet and one is a specific technical board on it. While we all congratulate IcemanND for his twenty years on board , it is a good occasion to thank all the people involved in maintaining MSFN board alive all these years . jaclaz
  10. I believe that this can be the basis for an (another) "EU-divide" of sorts.. The Italian "Cyber Authority" (ACN/CSIRT), as well as the French "Annsi" are (AFAIK) much less strict than BSI about Kasperski, basically they say they couldn't find anything "wrong" with it, still it is advisable to re-evaluate the risks and explore alternatives to security software made in or connected to Russia (very generically):: https://www.csirt.gov.it/crisi-ucraina-analisi-del-rischio-tecnologico-e-diversificazione https://www.csirt.gov.it/contenuti/analisi-delle-principali-vulnerabilita-sfruttate-in-campagne-cyber-pubblicamente-attribuite-ad-attori-di-matrice-russa-e-relative-mitigazioni-al01-220512-csirt-ita https://www.cert.ssi.gouv.fr/cti/CERTFR-2022-CTI-001/ Cannot say about other EU national cybersecurity agencies, I haven't seen any other countries "advice" about the matter, so if we go along: 1) if you live in Germany, follow BSI -> NO Kasperski 2) if you live in France, follow Annsi -> better avoid Kasperski, you never know 3) if you live in Italy, follow ACN/CSIRT -> re-evaluate risks of using software with connection to Russia (Kasperski is not explicitly mentioned) 4) if you live in any other EU country and your national authority hasn't released a specific advisory, do nothing or choose among the three above jaclaz
  11. LSO? https://support.plex.tv/articles/201575036-why-is-my-video-stream-buffering/ https://www.howtosolutions.net/2013/06/fixing-slow-sending-or-receiving-of-files-through-lan-network-using-windows/ jaclaz
  12. Could it be some slowness in accessing the hard disk (the one of the PC)? jaclaz
  13. It seems the issue is way more common than Chrome/Chromium : https://adamcaudill.com/2023/09/14/whose-cve-is-it-anyway/ jaclaz
  14. This is a good one. Maybe they should make the .ISO's with different colours. jaclaz
  15. I see, by "dock" you mean a IDE-to-USB or SATA-to-USB adapter/converter, i.e. a device that allows you to access the hard disk of the "dead" computer from another PC. What I don't understand now in your question is if you want to repair the (broken) install on the hard disk of the "dead" PC or if you want to have a new install of XP on it. The first may be possible or not, if the issues on the install are only in \Program Files you can copy the folder from a VM install, NOT the \Windows folder, as - as said - it contains a number of files that are "specific" to the install/hardware, the second can be done with WINNT32. The syntax is (example): E:\I386\winnt32.exe /syspart:D: /tempdrive:D: /makelocalsource /noreboot where E: is the CD-ROM or the drive where the XP installation files are and D: is the drive letter temporarily assigned to the disk partition (on the USB connected disk of the "dead" PC). The command will execute first part of the setup, and copy the source files, you then disconnect the disk and put it back on the "dead" PC, it should boot to second part of install. But this will be an entirely new install, no idea if it would suit you. jaclaz
  16. A Maxtor 40 GB (I presume a Diamond max) should be like the last series where a hard disk PCB swap was still possible (without transplanting the "ROM") so it is a possibility but DO NOT attempt that before having checked for simpler issues. Even if doable, the PCB swap procedure has its own risks, the "smooth" chip on those boards liked to heat up and fry easily, if the original disk does not spin and the smooth chip is burnt, DO NOT attempt the PCB swap, as you could burn also the "donor" PCB, example: https://forum.hddguru.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8991 jaclaz
  17. The no operating system found could be both the disk that failed and a filesystem level issue, but also a loose/failed cable. I would try first thing if it can be seen/accessed (even if RAW) through a USB-IDE converter on another working PC, see if it spins normally, if it makes strange noises, etc. The recovery console via install CD is not worth the time, it can only fix (maybe) some basic booting issues, but you are surely having some more complex problems than what the recovery console can fix. I presume that being 2K, the hard disk is relatively small so *any* USB-IDE converter should work (older ones may have a capped capacity of supported hard disks). Which OS are you running on the "other" PC (the one to which the USB-IDE and hard disk will be connected)? jaclaz
  18. You can try File Viewer Lite: https://windowsfileviewer.com/ though it is a huge program in size and has a limited number of compatible files (the "Plus" version is Commercial) it is seemingly still XP compatible. jaclaz
  19. Yep, but you are still missing the (general) point. Quick View (Plus) was (is) a sort of Swiss knife or if you prefer a Leatherman Tool, a single executable could (can) open/view 200+ different file formats and was very, very useful as a "preview" tools as - generally speaking - it was much faster to load a file than the "native" tool (provided you had it available) and it was additionally a handy tool against possibly malicious unknown attachments. Of course you can replace a Leatherman with a set of screwdrivers, pliers, a small saw, a file, can opener, scissors, etc., but it still is another thing. jaclaz
  20. Those are (as the name implies) PE Tools, they are about PE executables, and that's it. Quickview is/was a "generic" viewer for many filetypes. The "commercial" version Quickview Plus allowed(allows) to quickly view the contents of most files (including Office documents, images in not-so-common formats, etc.), it was at the time a "must have". Apples vs. Oranges. jaclaz
  21. A (USB) card reader may behave somewhat strangely, in the sense that many will have a drive letter assigned to them even if there is no card in the card reader slot, the label of the volume on the card may not be shown. Also (it may well depend on the specific version of windows) some files on the root of the volume may interfere with showing the label in Explorer,. see: https://www.askvg.com/fix-windows-explorer-always-shows-local-disk-as-drive-label-name/ jaclaz
  22. Yes and no. Meaning that what you remember was likely not much the actual differences between Win98 and XP, but rather the differences between the capabilities of the hardware you were running them on, in those days two or three years apart in hardware meant a lot in terms of amount of memory and speed of processors, but also hard disks speed. jaclaz
  23. The one about the nationality of software and hardware firms and more generally about software authors and hardware vendors(and their ancestry). jaclaz
  24. Though the joke has become old enough to be not anymore funny (if it ever was), the Padvish antivirus has reportedly been tested in 2017 (on Windows 10) by a German security institute and found rather effective against ransomware: https://www.av-test.org/fileadmin/pdf/reports/AV-TEST_Padvish_Ransomware_Test_October_2017.pdf jaclaz
  25. looky, here, probablement, see the answer: https://msfn.org/board/topic/149556-registry-keys-that-control-explorer-folder-view-options/ jaclaz

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