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  1. I would say that everything is ready for "release", what has to be decided is whether to leave the ;# REMmed lines and section or remove them alltogether. (I would leave them, as they might be useful to someone with different hardware and willing to do experiments. As well, it is to be decided if the 6 (please read as 7 ) small batches are to be included or not. Naaah, a parrot happily jumping around will suffice . jaclaz
  2. Sure, when Yzöwl writes something, it works. Yep , it was just something to try, I don't think anyone will miss the function , but it is logically very similar to the 4 finger, so whether it works or not (and/or it "confuses" it with a 4 finger click/tap) may also depend on some other setting, *like* Palm, STV (sensibility) or - still say - it needs to have Four Finger Move Function disabled. Until I found the flash video I never thought that "Cover" was a gesture, I thought that it was something connected with "lid" , and the default action was something like a "privacy" action of sorts, you close the lid (cover) all windows minimize showing the desktop and when you re-open it there is no risk that any sensible data is on screen. jaclaz
  3. Some news (pretty much unuseful, but still news). I have definite proof that the good guys at Elantech use a couple of dice, a random number generator and possibly also the I-Ching to number/name things. The flash video/demo I posted a link to earlier: is actually (as the name implies) an index/intro video, made to cycle between each of the 9 (nine) separate videos corrsponding to the 9 (nine) items in the roll-up menu at the bottom, that consist in 12 (twelve) flash videos, according to this table (items numbered from left to right): Item Filename Title/Contents ? pa01.swf ?/One Finger gesture Edge Scrolling ? pa02.swf ?/One Finger gesture Edge Motion 1 pa03.swf 2Fingers Tapping/Two Fingers gesture Tapping 5 pa04.swf Magnifying glass/Two Fingers gesture Magnifying glass 2 pa05.swf Rotate/Two Fingers gesture Rotate 3 pa06.swf Zoom in/out/Two Fingers gesture Zoom in/out 4 pa07.swf Scrolling/Two Fingers gesture Scrolling 6 pa08.swf 3fingers Tappng/Three Fingers gesture Tapping 7 pa09.swf Switch Window/Three Fingers gesture Switch Active Window 8 pa10.swf My Computer/Three Fingers gesture Show "My Computer" 9 pa11.swf Swipe/Three Fingers gesture Page Up/Page Down ? pa12.swf ?/Palm Gesture Cover Of the three items with a question mark: last one is actually interesting, even if it doesn't show in ETDAniconf.exe, it may work if enabled, and the corresponding action (currently %RETURN_TO_DESKTOP%) : ; Cover ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",Cover_Enable,%REG_DWORD%,0 ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",Cover_Func,%REG_DWORD%,%RETURN_TO_DESKTOP% may actually be changed to something else jaclaz
  4. Yep, but until we find out how to delete the added .lnk files, creating a folder would only mess it up. Creating the folder should be however straightforward (maybe), something *along the lines of*: [Optional_Elantech_Folder] Name="ELantech", 0x00000004 but of course you are right the given MS page essentially, says: you can do 53 different things with this directive, here is an example on how to do the first one (the simplest and more straightforward one), go figure yourself how exactly the other 52 can be made. We need a couple of .inf examples using this approach (I believe rather uncommon as most programs that install and create shortcut, etc, use a dedicated program installer/uninstaller and not a .inf). I'll see what I can find, but don't hold your breath. About the gesture, no further ideas, did you try with both the two and three fingers settings? The (wrong) textual instructions (which are the same on the Flash video) seem to me like two fingers related more that to three fingers, but you never know. P.S. Just found a nice thread by ricktendo here, probably the subdirectory is created automatically when creating the .link file , and the deletion seems like using a completely different syntax/set of flags , 0x0000000A,22 : https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/1904-tutorial-exotic-inf-profileitemsshortcuts/ P.P.S.S.: Maybe here is the answer, Yzöwl uses 0x6: this last snippet seems like it could be easily adapted to our problem, as: 1) it creates a group/folder (subfolder in start menu) 2) it creates two items in it 3) it deletes the subfolder and items in it on uninstall ... ProfileItems=Optional_ETDgroup.Add,Optional_Elantech_Mag,Optional_Elantech_DeviceInformation ... [DefaultUninstall] ... ProfileItems = ETDgroup.Del ... [Optional_ETDgroup.Add] Name = "Elantech", 0x4 [Optional_Elantech_Mag] Name="ETD Magnifier" CmdLine=16422, %TargetDir%,ETDMag.exe SubDir="Elantech" Infotip="Allows to magnify an area on the screen" [Optional_Elantech_DeviceInformation] Name="ETD Device Information" CmdLine=16422, %TargetDir%,ETDDeviceInformation.exe SubDir="Elantech" Infotip="Shows senseless info about the stupid touchpad device" ... [ETDgroup.Del] Name = "Elantech", 0x6 jaclaz
  5. SCOOP! We have a (Flash) video here: showing the actual magnifying gesture tapping (around half, but there is a roll-up menu at the bottom that allows to go to the point) Try doing that, maybe it will come out as more intuitively. My guess is that (following the written instructions to the letter) you were tapping it wrong till now. I would describe what is shown in the video as: No two fingers are tapped at the same time, seemingly, quite different from: jaclaz
  6. Should be this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/install/inf-profileitems-directive Try : [ETD_STD_Inst] ... ProfileItems=Optional_Elantech_Mag,Optional_Elantech_DeviceInformation .... .... [Optional_Elantech_Mag] Name="ETD Magnifier" CmdLine=16422, %TargetDir%,ETDMag.exe SubDir="Accessories" Infotip="Allows to magnify an area on the screen" [Optional_Elantech_DeviceInformation] Name="ETD Device Information" CmdLine=16422, %TargetDir%,ETDDeviceInformation.exe SubDir="Accessories" Infotip="Shows senseless info about the stupid touchpad device" But no ideas on how to delete them on uninstall. the: Name=link-name[,name-attributes] has to have the name-attributes explicited as flag 0x00000002 (delete item), but WHERE does this line needs to be put? Do we need a [Optional_Elantech.del] Name="ETD Magnifier", 0x00000002 Name="ETD Device Information", 0x00000002 and to add a ProfileItems=Optional_Elantech.del to the [Uninstall] section? jaclaz
  7. Yep, all in all we can restore the original Click .inf section as it was: and call it day. No the ETDAniconf.exe needs: 1) the HKCU \Elantech\SmartPadDisplay\Click_Display set to 1 to display the page AND: 2) the various _ShowItem values set to 1 to display the single items within the page. If you have the latter ones set to 1 but the former set to 0 you won't see anything. Very likely in a reboot some (but not all) settings in HKCU are changed according to settings in HKLM, so if the Click_Display is set to 0 in HKLM but to 1 in HKCU, after a reboot the HKCU is reverted to 0, or if you prefer for this setting HKLM is prevailing. jaclaz
  8. I cannot find any issue with this latest .inf. From all I can see it is functionally equivalent to the reference one you sent, bar the mods. No, the procedure is not entirely correct, as some values might have been changed, besides the remming with ;#. I cannot believe that the re-ordering of the groups of settings can affect the way the .inf work. Try installing the "old" .inf, export the HKLM and HKCU \Elantech to .reg files. Then uninstall and install the "latest" .inf and repeat. Then compare the two sets of .reg files. Before that, check these two (these might make sense): HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",ClickPad_LeftCorner_Click_Enable,%REG_DWORD%,1 HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",ClickPad_RightCorner_Click_Enable,%REG_DWORD%,1 They are 1 in the old .inf but 0 in the modded one. (besides being remmed out). You don't need to reinstall for the moment, first try using OneFinger.cmd to make Click_display visible and ShowItemOne.cmd to make ClickPad_LeftCorner_Click_ShowItem and ClickPad_RightCorner_Click_ShowItem visible and see if you can enable them in the ETDAniconf.exe. jaclaz
  9. Wait a minute, is it not that there is some conflict with "Corner Tap" or more likely with "Click" settings? I removed the whole "Click" settings as you reported them doing nothing, but maybe it was only the Click interface, while "undercover" the governing settings are actually the "click" ones. jaclaz
  10. Yep. The lines I changed I remmed with: ;# Try un-remming them, one group at the time. the only ones that may be (how?) related seem to me: ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\DriverOption",PSTWorkAndDisableTouchPadEnable,%REG_DWORD%,1 ; 0 = Disable, 1 = Enable ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\DriverOption",PSTWorkAndDisableTouchPadTime,%REG_DWORD%,30 ; Unit (ms) and ; Dell System UI ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",DoubleTapSpeed_Slider,%REG_DWORD%,550 ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",SwapButton_Enable,%REG_DWORD%,0 ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",CursorSpeed_Slider,%REG_DWORD%,10 All the other ones seem to me unrelated, but you never know. I doubt that the change (not remming, changing from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0) can be related jaclaz
  11. Try setting all defaults from ETDAniconf.exe. "Button settings" used till now (the .inf you sent) vs. current ones: (no changes made there) Try also disconnecting the (USB) mouse. jaclaz
  12. Sure, but the .inf has settings for it, and they are the three finger ones (Mag_kind=2), while the instructions (that you see in ETDAniconf.exe IF Mag_kind=2 BUT NOT IF Mag_kind=1): First tap two fingers and hold one finger on the pad while double tapping with the other finger. The magnifying glass will appear. Drag a finger on the pad to move and focus the magnifying glass on the desired subject. Tap a finger to terminate the function.Magnifying glass copies the selected screen image to the clipboard when function initialized. seems a lot like a "two finger" set of instructions that you can only see if you choose the "three finger" setting ... but maybe it only works if Tap is enabled. Antway I would rather have it on the three finger press menu. BTW (out of curiosity) what happens if you add to it (say): notepad.exe AND ETDMag.exe vs. ETDMag.exe AND notepad.exe Maybe you need some practice :
  13. OK . Try the attached. (in the file I included also the set of batch files, hopefully corrected, replace the old ones with this set) Mainly [ETD_SmartPadDisplay.AddReg] and [ETD_SmartPadUI.AddReg] are modified (hopefully) according to your reports and with items re-ordered (so that they are now more or less in the same order as the ETDAniconf.exe UI) and in some case renamed to make them human understandable (as an example the thing that is called "Gesture Effect" was called in the .inf "HID/Mouse switch" ). While I was at it, I noticed something in the .inf: The one you completely failed with was 2 (three finger). You can try your luck with the simple two finger gesture, changing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\SmartPad Mag_Kind to 1 (two fingers) jaclaz ETD_mod.zip
  14. Good yes, I wanted your file so it is already updated to the last changes . And good , so I can remove (temprarily I will just rem them out) the Poinstick entries in the .inf. jaclaz
  15. @Dave-H I am almost there, only a bunch of values remain to be "categorized". Can you please upload the latest-latest ETD.INF you used? And please do also another test, delete (export them to .reg before, just in case) both: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Elantech\Pointstick and: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\Pointstick There should be no changes in the behaviour of the touchpad and driver. jaclaz
  16. Very often the issue in these polls/opinions is the exact way people considers the OS. I mean, more often than not an opinion is made NOT (as it should in these kind of polls) on the OS as it comes from the good MS guys, but rather on a heavily re-configured/tweaked/customized/changed/what not OS In the case of Jody, he has a system that is probably very unlike Windows 8 (as conceived and released by the good MS guys) but much more like a "modernized" Windows 7. I mean when passing from Windows NT 3.1/3.51 to NT 4.00 and then to 2000 and then to XP (which remains essentially Windows 2000 with some added bells and whistles) there was not any "shock". From XP to Vista there was some shock, but not on the visual impact of the UI, only at its terrible performances (due to underpowered hardware). From Vista to 7 as well no particular shock. From 7 to 8 . Just have a quick tour here: http://toastytech.com/guis/indexwindows.html and you can quickly relive the experience. jaclaz
  17. Well, this way (with the batches) we are offering the possibility to customize as much as possible the thingy. The 6 (actually 7) batches are all the same single batch (cleverly written ) with the relevant path/keys/values changed. I am not at all preoccupied by the current .inf, the (very few) differences with the original one from are all marginal and/or "wanted" or "needed", or, if you prefer, there are no notable/meaningful differences in the relevant sections of the and inf's. What we need is only a "sensible" setup (your HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech saved as .reg) at a time when you are satisfied with the available settings (those that work) so that they can be "translated" into the .inf, from which at install time they will go into HKLM and from that become the "defaults" that will be applied in HKCU. Give me some time, I am "mapping" your Default Options.txt and All Options.txt to the corresponding SmartPad and SmartPadDisplay values, but I have to re-organize them to make it readable/translatable to the settings in the .inf. jaclaz
  18. jaclaz

    Lpr and Rndis

    Good . Another happy bunny in the basket. jaclaz
  19. Oh, noes, not again. Vista SP2 was eaten up by Windows 7, SP2 was simply too late: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Vista#Service_Pack_2 Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista was released to manufacturing on April 28, 2009,and released to Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update on May 26, 2009 but the main original issue with the original release of Vista, 2 and 1/2 years before, was (apart some edges that needed to be rounded) essentially that it was widely installed on largely underpowered hardware. Vista, no matter what Service pack, was, is and will be (extremely) slow on underpowered machines. @aviv00 Server versions do not count , they are usually much better than corresponding "end customer" OS, either in terms of speed/optimization or in features/capabilities. jaclaz
  20. jaclaz

    Lpr and Rndis

    Yep, good , what I suspect is not that the printer cannot be found, but rather that lpq wants the "real" IP address. what happens (when you are connected) with a batch *like*: @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL SET myLocalIP= FOR /F "tokens=2 delims=:(" %%A IN ('TYPE rndis.txt ^|FIND "IPv4 Address."') DO ( SET myLocalIP=%%A ) IF NOT DEFINED myLocalIP SET myLocalIP= CLS ECHO Local IP is%myLocalIP% ECHO. ECHO Press a key to run command: ECHO lpq -S%myLocalIP% -P HP ECHO. ECHO or press CTRL+C to terminate the batch ECHO. PAUSE lpq -S%myLocalIP% -P HP Of course, you can (should) replace the TYPE rndis.txt with IPCONFIG /ALL jaclaz
  21. jaclaz

    Lpr and Rndis is "self". Do you have an IP address when tethered (that you have not when not tethering)? i.e. if you run IPCONFIG /ALL when tethered and not tethered do you see any difference? jaclaz
  22. Sure. When I say "it's a mess" it is because it's a mess. The "conflicting setting" for "FreeTyping" can be (and it would be logical) "TP_Rejection" but - only as an example - you can have BOTH if you remove other items A little (but not much) of the fault is mine as while experimenting I added a few Registry entries that are not used by ETDAniconf.exe or at least not in the version that we are using (from tp118w7.exe), but this is marginal. The good news (which may also be seen as "bad" news ) are that I managed - in order to simplify the testing - to make it complicated. I put together a set of small batches (see also attached screenshot) as follows: OneFinger.cmd <- SmartPadDisplay settings that affect One Finger Tab MultiFinger.cmd <- SmartPadDisplay settings that affect Multi Finger Tab Additional.cmd <- SmartPadDisplay settings that affect Additional Tab ShowItemOne.cmd <- SmartPad\*ShowItem settings that affect One Finger Tab ShowItemMulti.cmd <- SmartPad\*ShowItem settings that affect Multi Finger Tab ShowItemAdd.cmd <- SmartPad\*ShowItem settings that affect Additional Tab ShowALLItems.cmd <- that can be used instead of the three last ones above Using these it is easy to explore different combinations. Each one works the same way: A0 sets all values to 0 A1 sets all values to 1 Tn toggles the status of item n I couldn't find the effect of value Zoom_STV_ShowItem (it is ONLY in ShowALLItems.cmd) . There are some "conflicts" between the three "main" Tabs keys: TabUI_1F_Display TabUI_MultiFinger_Display TabUI_Additional_Display i.e. - as an example - unless the TabUI_MultiFinger_Display is 0x1, the Additional Tab won't be populated So it is recommended to run in each of them A0 and then T1 to have a "functioning base", before experimenting with setting to 0x1 the various items and watching the effect. Conversely this offers a new (convenient ) way to "start from fresh: 1) delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\SmartPad key 2) delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\SmartPadDisplay key 3) Run OneFinger.cmd, (you will see on first run a number of errors, ignore them), A1 (or A0,T1) 4) Run MultiFinger.cmd, (you will see on first run a number of errors, ignore them), A1 (or A0,T1) 5) Run Additional.cmd, (you will see on first run a number of errors, ignore them), A1 (or A0,T1) 6) Run ShowALLItems.cmd, (you will see on first run a number of errors, ignore them), A1 (or A0) 7) Run ETDAniconf.exe and press the Set all default values button The newly made: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\SmartPad HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\SmartPadDisplay will contain all the *needed* values (and those *needed* only) jaclaz Elan_cmds.zip
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