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  1. I also wish you a good evening and I understand why you don't wish to talk about javascript before eating ... that and a lot of other things all having to do with security causes me Nausea and can ruin ones appetite. I used to have preconceived notions but I've learned a lot just being here (since 2018) and from people such as yourself to better understand these things and make an effort to become as security conscious as possible without allowing paranoia to take hold - not always easy. EDIT: sorry about all the mistakes today typing.
  2. Welcome back; @Nokiamies and I hope you're doing better. I did notice your absence.
  3. I sort of live a life in between (no extreme) just a few online places and no social media at all. Don't like phones or email either. Yeah where to draw the line, I guess. I used to trust people but over the years life has taught me to offer trust little (cautiously - only when earned) anymore regarding people (both online and IRL) I like to keep a low profile and I don't do things to draw attention to myself and if that means isolation; then so be it.
  4. Ahh never-mind looks like we got it thanks to @66cats for tracking it down for us and I can't wait to try it tomorrow.
  5. Please post a link @feodor2 when you can I can't find it either and I've been waiting for your new excellent browser (My default browser is yours). Yes, thank you for everything you do!
  6. Well ... once we get through the first (successful) loading of the browser it works fine and I found this setting (on the 2nd picture below - sorry guys) seems to improve youtube and having another page or forum open whilst. I still say its quite impressive these new browsers work on old systems such as mine. Sorry about the quality of that screen grab - I don't know what it came out that blurred when I'm seeing it fine here. Not sure about what this flag would do. Also ... Any idea if this flag would help? I wouldn't know what to set. Set GPU Available Memory Sets the total amount of memory (in MB) that may be allocated for GPU resources. – Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia, Lacros #force-gpu-mem-available-mb I disabled: Vulkan Use vulkan as the graphics backend. – Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, Lacros #enable-vulkan What do I have to do to get secure dns working as I read this browser passed all but encrypted hello. ^Sorry, I somehow missed it - it passes all 4 tests. So indeed it does pass Secure SNI (as you can see) TY in advance for any assistance with my issues as I'm certain others here know more than myself regarding Chrome browsers. As you can see ... I'm just looking to make the best of this situation (new browsers and ancient hardware) Sending good vibes to everyone here at MSFN ... btw. I have to go to bed now .... good night.
  7. You're not dumb on anything, I mean look at me (Mister Blobfish) and I'm still plugging along here. Yes, My Dell Dimension 3000 also has serial ports and a floppy drive. I was a happier person when times were simple with less digital life and I was once social now not hardly at all. Yeah, crazy times indeed! Sorry about the edits and that fact that I only replied to parts of your posting, but my mind is clogged up for some reason today.
  8. I don't know, hate to say it, I'm not having very good luck with Thorium so for me, the last Supermium works best. Thorium crashes on the first launch and hangs even on MSFN whereas Supermium improved much over 121. However if I just do nothing and wait it will un-hang and the forum comes up. Requires a lot of patience.
  9. <OT> Me too and I just use Linux for what XP won't do. <OT>
  10. Actually to compare: 360 V11 ( I kept it for safe keeping ) did always used to come up with a green padlock whilst V13 an 13.5 some sites (that would be green in V11) willl come up as red and insecure. EDIT: Sorry struggling to make sense today
  11. Haaaaaa .. yeah, I've got on my helmet for when this thing blows up one day.....
  12. OH yeah, its an old wired HP Deskjet 1000 so unfortunately they actually have to log in from my computer, but trust me, I'm over their shoulder hawking them. Its usually medical stuff anyway and paperwork.
  13. Brick Mansions (2014) Director Camille Delamarre Writers Luc BessonBibi NaceriRyan Amon
  14. <OT> I tell ya, sometime I wonder if I'm the only person here left running 'bare metal' XP installations ... haha ... probably so. <OT>
  15. ^HI Dave - I am also giving it a try but were you able to get Thorium to pick up your 360 profile? Maybe there is something I'm not getting because I didn't run into this with Supermium. Will try again this weekend when I have more time because tomorrow I have too many appointments. If I have to build a profile from scratch that isn't a huge deal-breaker for me, but I took so much time to get 360 where I want it and will likely not give up on it completely either but its starting to show its age.
  16. The Guilty (2021) Director Antoine Fuqua
  17. Wow what a pity I need Netflix to see that one, I just read about it and it looks amazing.
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