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  1. Beautiful picture - thank you for sharing it and reading now and hopefully I can find other inspiring stories from good people because its does take much for people to trick others and I've had to proverbial wool pulled over my eyes more than a few time by people to ever let my guard down. Sorry guys, for being so negative but there is so much hypocrisy in the world and people play games with others exp when they are fragile. I never did that and never will treat others like that. Sorry
  2. This helped me right now because I've lost faith in humanity and I think the majority of people are with ill intentions and I'll never trust again, I"ll always keep a firewall up that will never ever come down. Life has taught me, there is only 1 person you can depend on when the 'going gets rough' and that is yourself; period. If you are seeking others for approval there are "Yes People" out there but given enough time the true colors bleed though.
  3. I really believe a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for disastrous health.
  4. Yeah, also have an atari flashback console and I hardly ever use it and the guy down the hall will give me $5.00 for it. I almost missed your posting because I was looking for your old avatar lol ... all is good and well here.
  5. Oh I didn't know that but does it stay dark for months?
  6. I didn't get a notice either I've not returned after the 1st posting and trying build up xp forums feels like I'm spinning my wheels. Just here for me now ... being tied to the computer keeps me away from real life (whatever "living" is, I hear its overrated). A bit past 7:45PM and looking for something to avoid news.
  7. At 11 its too late for yesterday and too early for today.
  8. I don't know just lay there until I get out of bed. Even with the pills, without pills, would be nearly impossible to fall asleep and my mind in spinning and won't shut down. Muddled.
  9. Great to hear you've completed your exams - wishing you well. I'm feeling well and doing good.
  10. Dang , I missed it then and please let me know when I can check, but now I need to try to sleep. Only 3 hours a night it wearing me down. Doing poorly, i guess, hate to say it.
  11. No I didn't even know you both were over there but I did know legacy fan was there. I've been trying to build up XP Forum but nobody want to return even the old timers.
  12. I'll do just that right now. About 6:45PM and just finished dinner and am feeling a bit strange.
  13. Was this wrong or not good? I just assumed the higher the numbers the better but I'm not sure anymore.
  14. Yeah, I guess, you could be wealthy and be unhappy and opposite have little and feel content rather than happy. Happy to be content.
  15. Just a quick question: Where are you guys hanging out for the most part other than here? XP Forum is quite slow nowadays and so are others from what I can see. I've not been over at eclipse lately. Just reading as I've been away sine my first posting over there.
  16. Not so sure about resolving mental illness because its a life-long coping and dealing/living with it so resolve and cure might not be a realistic outcome to this but lifestyle as apposed to meds is a good option; nonetheless.
  17. Sadly, my memory is not good at self-cleaning and I hang on and relate to every bad thing.

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