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  1. I'm leaving this as a stern reminder of our forum rules. 7.a You are expected to be mature when discussing in threads. Racism, pornography, threats, profanity, or excessive vulgarity is not tolerated. You will be promptly banned. No exceptions. 7.b This community is built upon mutual respect. You are not allowed to flame other members. People who do not respect personal opinions and/or personal work will be warned in first instance. If you ignore the warning and keep on flaming, you will be banned without notice. This point going forward, especially in this thread but this applies to all threads found on MSFN. If there is any more of this found, we will be taking action. It doesn't matter if you've been here since day one or if you just joined today. The rules apply to everyone. Keep an eye on the announcements forum in the coming days for more information regarding this. This is NOT up for discussion or debate. Any private messages we receive from this will just be deleted on the spot. This point forward, these rules need to be followed. Enough warnings and excuses. @Dave-H @gunsmokingman @tain
  2. I'm just here to post a friendly reminder in case anyone needs a bit of brushing up on what is and isn't acceptable around here: Forum Rules
  3. I've had enough. This thread is now locked and anyone continuing to bully, stalk, or whatever the heck is going on whether it be through other threads or private messages is getting a 30 day cooldown period, no exceptions. Let this be the last warning issued.
  4. Just a friendly reminder. If possible, can you try and crop your images to include only what is absolutely necessary or provide external links to them so members with slower connections don't run into issues viewing the thread? Thank you!
  5. Honestly, there's no "real" reason to upgrade to Windows 11 right now. Windows 10 is still supported and as long as it is meeting your needs, it's fine. I just built myself a newer computer and decided to run Windows 10 LTSC on it rather than going back with Windows 11. Works just fine! Windows 11, one of the things I'm not liking about it right now is the jumbled-up mess the setting panel is. There's little rhyme or reason to its structure when the Control Panel felt a heck of a lot more functional and quicker than what this mess is. Windows 11 just puts more and more into the settings menu from the control panel. But hey, if that's not an issue for you, then go with Windows 11. Although there seems to be a bit of an issue that I haven't tracked down the root cause of it but if you have an explorer window open and you're playing a game or even doing something in a browser, the explorer window will hijack your screen and minimize whatever you were just in. It might have something to do with explorer refreshing but I don't know but I do know it's annoying.
  6. To my knowledge, Windows 11 LTSC isn't even a thing yet. Unless this is some sort of beta release that was leaked, I can't even find any sort of official announcement on its release. If this is the case, don't disclose where it was found as that would be against the forum rules for warez. Now, to answer your question. There's not really a huge difference in between LTSC and IoT. Your standard LTSC is designed to be used as a workstation environment whereas IoT is designed to be used for use in things like ATMs, kiosks, refrigerators, etc. I really haven't messed around with IoT since I don't have much interest in it so anyone else can feel free to expand upon my description if they so choose to.
  7. I don't think I ever tried Keplar in dual view mode. I wish I could remember the last NVIDIA card I used that I used in dual view mode. But it seems to me that even though the newer drivers worked and did mostly what they needed to do, I never got dual view to work. If possible, use anything pre-200 to start with, although it seemed one of the versions around 197 didn't work correctly either. I'm not sure if you could install older drivers, enable dual view, and then upgrade them to later drivers, if that would work or not. Like I mentioned, somewhere before the pandemic, I upgraded my dual monitor setup to a 28in monitor so I didn't need dual view anymore. It seems to me there was a 286 driver that was modified to work with Windows 2000, you could start there as well. Find anything that's closest to that release number since I can't remember if that was one that blackwingcat modified or not.
  8. I wouldn't use Datacenter at all. Unless there are other versions out there that work with other hardware. I couldn't even get sound working in Datacenter when I tried it. If you're going to use a server product, go with Advanced Server. But honestly, there's really no reason to with extended core and being able to use PAE, you're just going to get the same results as you would with Professional.
  9. Just to let you know, Windows 2000 Datacenter Server is kind of a weird and different beast. If my memory serves me correctly, it wasn't even really released as a retail product but rather with actual servers. I don't want to call it an OEM product exactly, but I think it was released that way. I have tried it in the past myself and I never got it to work correctly. I think certain things are stripped out of it simply because it is a server product designed exactly for what it says, a datacenter. It was never meant to be used in a workstation environment. However, Server and Advanced Server do function more as a workstation OS with server capabilities. I'm assuming you want to use Datacenter Server because of the extra memory you have installed? Using Blackwingcat's extended core, you can enable PAE using the /PAE switch in the boot.ini file and it will see all your memory. However, I've never found it to be completely stable. If anyone wants to correct me, please feel free to do so! I haven't used Windows 2000 in a few years now so my memory of it might be fading some. I know there was an issue with the newer extended core versions. It seemed to me I had to use version 12a to get it working again. Unfortunately, I can't test it anymore because not only am I no longer running Windows 2000, but I have one large monitor now instead of two smaller ones in dualview mode. I don't know if Blackwingcat ever got it working or not in newer versions. Like I said, I can't test it anymore.
  10. Nobody gets special permissions. I don't even know who is part of Eclipse as I don't frequent their forums, I just don't have time to. To be honest, I'm ready to lock the entire thread. I will keep it open under one condition, please keep it on topic, keep it clean, and nobody will have to have their posts deleted, moderated, or users having to be warned. It truly is just that simple. I don't understand why there's such a problem here.
  11. I never got Office 2010 to install on Windows 2000. Office 2007 worked just fine though except for Outlook, which was completely unusable which made it a dealbreaker for me. But honestly, I prefer the older versions of Office more and more each day. I felt much more productive in them when everything was laid out and not organized the way Microsoft thought it should be.
  12. How about we stop the bickering and move on with life? What a dumpster fire this thread has become. Remember, what you post not only in here but in other threads as well is a direct reflection of yourself. I can hand out content moderation if we can't handle the responsibility of following the rules and being nice to each other.
  13. Fantastic point! Heh, I almost forgot that I created this topic so long ago. I'm still exploring Linux to this day and in fact I do have a VM running CentOS on my main Windows server which is just used as a service. But some of these other things it powers is absolutely fascinating! Imagine being a cow getting milked by Linux! I do wish it would start catching on more on the desktop world though because it truly does have a lot to offer! But I think so much of it relies on the programs people need to use that just isn't available on Linux and sometimes the free alternatives just don't cut it in the professional world.
  14. What exactly are you working on? Is this to be similar project to KernelEx for Windows 98? So far, I've seen you focused on at least 3 different versions of Windows. Do you have a demo or screenshots of something you can show some sort of progress that you're making? I think you'd be apt to get a lot more people onboard to help you if you showed what you're working on, that it does work to an extent, and that you're not just stringing them along.
  15. Thanks for sharing that story, Tony! We still miss him daily around here as well. Hopefully he's in a better place and still suffering from the desire to know more!
  16. Eventually, but not yet. I won't be surprised if we don't see a Windows 11 LTSC release until at least 2024. I'm not sure if Microsoft has Windows 11 is a stable enough position to pull the trigger on an LTSC release yet.
  17. We understand that this is frustrating for our users, but as others have pointed out, we've been hit with many posts with crypto-currency spam. They are even taking over regular member accounts to post spam. These attacks were originating in Russia so unfortunately, we had to take steps in order to prevent this from happening. This isn't just MSFN specific but other forums are experiencing this as well. The last thing we want is the board to become compromised to the point where someone causes major damage. Therefor, xper employed a few tactics to help curb these attacks. We're not blocking Russia due to anything political, because of their beliefs or current events surrounding them, it's simply to keep the board safe.
  18. There's a thread dedicated to filesharing websites that you might want to look into and see what fits your needs:
  19. Let's familiarize ourselves with rule 2.b, no political discussions please. Not everyone is going to agree with your beliefs, we do not want that sort of drama here. Thank you!
  20. You can block users here: https://msfn.org/board/ignore/
  21. I love pfSense. Get yourself a decent thinclient and a mPCIe adapter to add a second network jack and have it act as your internet router instead of plugging the internet into a regular store-bought router. Then install pfBlockerNG and one of the feeds is Crazy Max's Microsoft Telemetry, you can add this to your blocking repository. The benefit of doing it this way is any other computer on your network will be forced to abide by these rules. The next benefit is that if you get a new computer, upgrade, or add machines, these rules will always be in place without you having to manually configure them. You may want to fine tune certain things on the OS itself but this in large will help a lot of the snooping from taking place without having to lift a finger.
  22. Tommy

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    Windows XP 64-bit definitely supports more than 4GBs of RAM, but you can also have issues with finding certain drivers depending on what hardware you have. The problem with Windows XP 64-bit is that it was never widely accepted as much as the 32-bit edition so you may run into issues with certain programs as well. You're also limited to Office 2007 as the highest version of Office you can use as Office 2010 will not install on Windows XP 64-bit because it requires Service Pack 3 and 64-bit's latest Service Pack is Service Pack 2, and I haven't been able to find a workaround for it yet. Not that it's a huge deal to some people but it's just things to be mindful of that there are tradeoffs in both versions.
  23. Tommy

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    XP should just ignore the extra amount of RAM in your system. It's not like Windows 9x. I run 32GBs of RAM in my main system and I dual booted Windows 2000 and Windows 10. Windows 2000 just displayed 4GBs while Windows 10 x64 displayed the full 32GBs. Never had an issue until Windows 2000 corrupted itself and I never bothered repairing the installation because I barely used it anymore as it was.

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