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  1. Yes, I use uBlock, but with too many rules for YouTube... I have to clean up these rules, it seems to me
  2. Found a website link, that does NOT work (no content in the center) in all chrome forks (DCBrowser and other 360Chrome 12 to 13.5.2022 r1 ung) , except these: - it WORKS in 360Chrome 13.5.1030 and 13.5.2022 r2, and in ALL Firefox based forks ( Bnavigator, IceApe, New Moon 27, New Moon 28, Basilisk 52, Basilisk 55 Moebius..). This website link: https://theinternationalforecaster.com/topic/international_forecaster_weekly
  3. "Proxomitron". - Then I couldn't find the "Enhancer for YouTube"... Edit: found it by Swisscows... Size 436KiB - uh very cumbersome And users say: GameEntity903 Nov 18, 2022: "The extension has stopped working. Earlier it used to work seamlessly, now it isn't even working." Ryan.M HarlowModified 6 days ago: "As of a day or two ago, it no longer functions...Could not get it to show at all... "
  4. No slowdowns here, bc I use "Ad Blocker for YouTube" by Peter Pi, which has Size 23.32KiB ONLY. Here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ad-blocker-for-youtube/gmcmlgfecmkefmkgbbnggmamclbmikbi?hl=en-US You can try it; otherwise what do you use as YouTube ad blocker, please?
  5. forget it, it's just to smile a little... the next part here: :https://msfn.org/board/topic/183764-“be-mindful-be-grateful-be-positive-be-true-be-kind”/?do=findComment&comment=1230691
  6. Buitengebieden @buitengebieden 2h This game looks fun.. The smile.. My heart.. Thank you Niall for all the work you do..
  7. Shocking satellite images show how the lights have been going out in Ukraine since January Source: cnnespanol
  8. Yes, it is a very difficult task, but by luck, we caught it because no parents were with it. At the exit of the egg... you have no chance to save the baby so young!... Yes the parents are much more willing to keep him alive...
  9. -all this cause geoengineering by Governments I think Typhoon in Japan: weather service warns of "unprecedented" danger - while tsunami warning for Taiwan The weather services have issued the highest warning levels for Japan and Taiwan. In Japan because of a typhoon, in Taiwan because of an earthquake... A landslide occurred. Meanwhile, southern Japan was hit by a typhoon. The weather service warns of "unprecedented dangers". Thousands of residents had to seek shelter from the storms, authorities asked more than four million residents to leave their homes, 98,000 households were said to be without electricity, and train and air traffic was affected. , wind speeds of up to 250 km/h were expected. A mother's child was torn from her arms in the floods.... Here: https://newsrnd.com/news/2022-09-18-typhoon-in-japan--weather-service-warns-of-"unprecedented"-danger---while-tsunami-warning-for-taiwan.BkKYzqE-i.html Landslide due to bad weather in Casamicciola, cars end up in the sea (ANSA) - NAPLES, NOVEMBER 26 - This morning, around 5, in Casamicciola Terme, on the island of Ischia, a landslide originated from the upper part of via Celario which reached the seafront in piazza Anna De Felice. The landslide overwhelmed some parked cars dragging them to the sea. A man, swept away by the mud, was recovered and rescued by rescuers. Carabinieri, civil protection and firefighters on site. "We heard the first thunder around two in the morning, and then the first landslide came. Two hours later came the second." Also on Thursday, the stormy weather claimed victims: a tourist from Argentina fell into the sea and was swept away, another person was killed by lightning on the beach. Like the nearby island of Capri, Ischia is also a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Here: https://newsrnd.com/life/2022-11-26-landslide-due-to-bad-weather-in-casamicciola--cars-end-up-in-the-sea.HytDiVJPi.html ..and here: https://newsrnd.com/news/2022-11-26-the-mudslide-in-italy--efforts-to-locate-those-trapped-israel-today.rJbH9E-eDs.html
  10. but WHY, you're young! Are you valid... you walk, your hands are OK, so
  11. Yes, then you will live half of this I hope, imagine how many posts you will post here
  12. Oh, and this is a real story! I have NEVER managed to save a bird... although I have made several attempts so far... it is a very difficult task, it seems Sorry to hear your little bird didn't live any longer... ...maybe you held your baby dove by the head?.

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