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  1. Thank you, guys, I'll be fine just, been a bit rough I think. Don't worry I'll try again tomorrow. Not so much sad but more numb, I guess. Just going to have to avoid all news today and you may know already and filter what I watch. I don't know. Thank you for asking and that means a lot and I'll be back tomorrow and going to put on my headphones.
  2. I think we can all find something to be happy about even if just little things lift our spirit temporally or distractions. Hopefully we'll all find our way regardless and find the light - its out there.
  3. I will give this video a shot tonight, gonna need it for sure.
  4. It sounds like your Dad did/does this because he feels its the right thing to do and for the principle. Sorry, I don't recall whether your Dad is still living. My Dad did a lot of the same others would consider odd. Either way, good you have fond memories and he left you with a good impression. I do recall you said somewhere your mother had passed.
  5. Exactly the same regarding myself. Even if I won a lottery I would be just the same. I've learned to pinch 10 bucks to last for a week. I quite enjoy a minimalist lifestyle.
  6. TY ... will try to be. Gonna read over the forum and see if I can join in if possible.
  7. Dinner has been a bit early as of late for me as others were complaining of not getting a meal at all.
  8. Those were nice - good to see you back on here again. Re the polka, I have only had the opportunity to hold and accordion and you need a strong back to support playing that instrument. I could only play the left hand and never learned the chords.
  9. Thank you, my friend. Much of what I write might perhaps only makes sense to me and I assume these threads will get less attention anyway now that the forum is back "On Topic" so this gives me more freedom, that is one way to look at it and view it. Got out today for the first time in a few days and it was good but I had to keep my expectations low and try to just not overthink and constantly dissect everything and examine and just try to walk around as I see others do but ain't easy for me at all to do such. Very very hard for me to just take things at face value when I know people have intentions and agendas. K ... everybody is in their own world and I feel far too 'in touch' and 'self aware' than others, or its me, can't tell to be honest. One of the consequences to being a loner and living isolated is that time to ponder and dwell on each and every action and reaction when others *may* not do such or at least they disguise it better than I ... I suspect the latter.
  10. Yeah, I see both of your points, I wouldn't promote never throwing away things as that would/could turn to Hoarding disorder, but just conscious of what I use that wind up in a landfill. Its not that easy being green.
  11. Thank you and that means a lot to hear right now. I really am grateful for your friendship on here and of course I do wish only the best for you, you must know that.
  12. Ok and okay.. About 9 PM and need to wind down ... still not 100% and in a dazed and confused headspace, but I carry on because others are suffering much worse. BTW - when it comes to meditations videos only sometimes a few minutes is enough and just because they go on forever is just in case you want to leave it in the background running for some reason. Be back tomorrow. No need to reply - I'm (at lease) content.

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