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  1. Thank you for that helpful link: I stand corrected; in part from my previous posting. I download all those games and they were so bad I deleted them lol. The only ones I've decided to keep: https://archive.org/download/BestOfWindowsEntertainmentPack64Bit/cruel.exe (Cruel Solitaire Ver 5.1 - 2007) and https://archive.org/download/BestOfWindowsEntertainmentPack64Bit/taipei.exe (mahjong Ver 2 - 1987) I didn't need those dll files for those 2 games - they run fine on their own. For some reason, I've never come across Cruel Solitaire and that is surprising, and taipei is ac
  2. BTW.. you will also need to download those 2 dlls (aboutwep and winclip) in the same directory as the applications/games. I've scanned all files with Malwarebytes and Rogue Killer and all come up fine here.
  3. Well,, thus far I've gotten all these (retro) games to work, but can't find tetris? https://archive.org/download/BestOfWindowsEntertainmentPack64Bit On my XP 32Bit, but I'm not sure this was/is what you all are talking about as I'm hoping I have the right 'Entertainment Pack' ?! Thank you in advance
  4. Good day MSFN :) Could (would) you folks kindly recommend a few (safe - malware/spyware free) places to play some HTML5 Games without having to submit a birth certificate and blood type ... aarrgghh. The only one I've trusted thus far is: https://www.funhtml5games.com/ Would greatly appreciate any advice as I live a pretty isolated existence these days. ~Sal
  5. Yep, that is what it looked like when I first got here in 2018 - Cool! How is it: now 4 years later the forum looks fresh and prettier, while, I'm just closer to 50 every day and almost totally grey (long brown hair with grey beard/mustache) ??
  6. Just wanted to also say.. I'm a huge fan of Serpent 52.9.0 and this build didn't disappoint by any means, and although you've been hounded to 'rebrand', I understand this IS your own fork. Its my default browser 2nd to New Moon 28
  7. Trisha Yearwood ft. Don Henley (Eagles) - Walkaway Joe (Official Video)
  8. Agreed 100% VistaLover - Very grateful for your projects; Roy :)
  9. ^^ I'm feeling: Unsure (about corona)
  10. I'd bet some people here were thinking ... dang, I hope something knocked out my computer Lol; but nope. "Feelin' Groovy on my old Dell Dimension 3000 (from 2004) this morning. Sorry, you'll have to sneak in my home and poison my coffee to get rid of me.
  11. I'm on (both) Roytam1s Serpent and New Moon. Click on the drop down for your username and select "profile" - Upper right cornet select "see my activity" - On the left is "status update". Hope that works for you and I also noticed that change.
  12. Welcome back - don't be a stranger :)
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