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  1. I'll keep it going on my 2 Dell Towers on 'bare metal' - they are so old they don't even plug in to the wall - they have a crank in the back Seriously though.. To keep our outdated systems running, we have to 'cripple' much of it and can no longer do what we used to back in its "heyday". I run a pretty basic limited slim installation now. Yeah.. same here - XP is more-or-less for nostalgia sake and project to keep me on my toes
  2. Of course, after resetting those (invalid) prefs, they are now empty strings in New Moon. However, when I was going through Serpent52 - resetting them defaulted them to (back to) "False" - so I guess they are valid in ST52 ... go figure
  3. Pheeeew!!! Well am I glad I invested in the 'latest and greatest' WillyWonkaAntjvirus-suite to become 101% invincible, Now what will I concern myself with ?? Back to: 'why was I born' and 'what is the meaning of life' ... wish me luck with those 2 Lol
  4. Thank u for letting me know that I've still got some invalid prefs I've been carrying around that aren't valid with New Moon or Serpent. Please accept my deepest condolences re your father
  5. I did that very thing with my toe once moving my couch
  6. I think I've see you around here somewhere .. hehe ... welcome :)
  7. I'm using the PaleMoon/28.10.3a1 - Build ID: 20210218230304. My C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Temp folder is empty even after posting and logging in to a few sites upon closing the browser. I'm not sure if my prefs are helping me with this, but here they are just in case. user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.connectivityData", true); user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.offlineApps", true); user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.passwords", true); user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.siteSettings", true); user_pref("privacy.firstparty.isolate",
  8. Oh yeah.. I have those times, as well. Once I was a (somewhat overly) confident 20 something - strutting around with my shirt top button unbuttoned sporting a gold chain and smelling like I took a bath in Drakkar Noir cologne. I was the life of the party then - hot stuff - well IMO anyway Lol. Now, however, I feel like a broken down race horse that lost the Kentucky Derby ... I wish I were joking No hard drive explosions today please ... and determined, I'm also determined to get a good nights sleep for a change. Besides when I look back at my typos, I know its time to call it a night.
  9. Thus far.. @roytam1 has done our community an enormous service with his proficient browser builds. So, between Firefox 52.9.1 ESR; Serpent, and New Moon, I'm able to do everything I need to. When I do have to use Chrome, regrettably, Vivaldi/Opera/Iron are all only based on 49, so I only use it when I truly need to because of 5 years of gaping security holes. Otherwise.. I'm basically on a 'Rickroll'
  10. For me, remembering the past brings me great pain if I'm to be totally honest. Actually, there is a difference, though, between Nostalgic and Wistful. Speaking computers and legacy items from the past ... nothing wrong with 'digging up bones' ' / 'blast from the past' - so to speak. We get a chance to appreciate what others were seeing as brand spanking new and fresh at that time in history. Sometimes it bring lots of us comfort to seek out what is familiar, it seems, at times, just when we get the 'hang' of it ... boom - things are already obsolete; its frustrating. So, being nostalgic is fin
  11. Well.. I'm old enough to know better, but I'm still too young to care - Haha! Nostalgia is awesome, isn't it. When people say (paraphrasing) "you can't run and old OS in 2021", this increases my determination even further. I don't usually admit to such: but I have 2 IBM thinkpad laptops - one running win98 and the other winME. Both work just fine but they don't go online anymore, we'll, actually, they have dial-up modems, so perhaps when I'm feeling brave one day. Why in the world would I toss them in the rubbish when I play my music and games and record (using audacity) my old tape cass
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