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  1. I'm feeling: Settled I'm going to take a much needed break from this great forum and return to my simple existence. Its is time for me appreciate what I do have and be thankful for every moment I have left remaining - the 'here and now' - 'today', as we never know what tomorrow will bring, or if tomorrow will even come! When security and privacy concern(s) morph into increased anxiety and worry .. that calls for a "Time Out" .. for me at least to regain (whats left of) my sanity. All the best to everyone - stay safe and healthy!
  2. Hello and good day @ArcticFoxie @Dixel @Humming Owl.. Just wanted to say, I'm going to do some testing of both your updated browser builds this weekend. Thank you for the offer to allow me to test your browser build @Dixel as I understand you'd rather not publish it openly and will consider it. I wanted to put something on the record - few tings actually. I'm not paranoid and I'm ok with (both) some telemetry and startup connections, and I'm also fine with using 360 without changing the UA. This browser appears to have to good rating on softpedia and other sites regarding security ... from what I read anyway. I feel bad that I dropped out of so quickly @ArcticFoxie after I said I'm all in with this, but as I said, I just don't know what I'm doing - I barely know if I"m coming or going most of the time anyway lol Ok (taking a breath) I feel bad that I didn't get a screen shot to you or report this to you before I just deleted and cleaned my computer, but has anybody else found 360 desktop on their computer after running the browser? I never used any installer and only your portable (unran) version. Of course, I will, surely (but please don't call me Shirley) let you know if I have any question going forward. Anyway, very much looking forward to your updated build 2206 with what you said was on the 'chopping block' you intend to remove, as I've said; though I'm not afraid of google, I don't sign in or need their "services" for my rather benign web browsing.
  3. HI there; @Drugwash.. I know we've never spoken and I'm relatively new here compare to many long time member of this great forum. Please know, we are reading and replying because we (do, truly) care. You seem to have been through the wringer, and while life dealt you a *tough* hand, you've made it thus far despite the odds being against you and nobody can (ever) take that away from you. You seem to have a strong will and I (vaguely) recall other people here were happy when you returned after a long time away; and even though you said you've lost the energy, I really feel you still have the will to survive through this journey. We never know as all our time is limited here. Honestly, I've learned to take life day-by-day now and that gets me through my rough times, and every day above ground, somehow, we can hold our heads up high. While our spirit is often weakened and we are brought to our knees, we owe it to ourselves to crawl until our last breath and never give up. While I (fully) realize you are at possibly the lowest point in your life, just know, you deserve to be on this planet as much as anybody else - regardless of any poor decisions you've made in the past. Nobody is without sin but we can't go back and do it over (and likely wouldn't want to either) but life is precious and you are special, so please remember that. and please, don't take this posting as any form of pity as I also don't like that and detect your are starting to feel like asking for support is doing such. I truly wish you well and hope somehow you'll find a way to get through this terrible time. Sincerely, ~Sal PS - and please don't feel any need to reply or respond to this posting and I only wrote it because your posting touched me.
  4. Yes, I'm pleasantly surprised with this browser; as I'm one that avoided chromium for so long and only turned to Iron, UC, and, Vivaldi on rare occasion that FF didn't work ... my avoidance of chrome turned into phobia lol. But since I plan to stick with XP so long as this Old Clunker starts up when I crank it up, It'd be nice to actually come from out under the rock; seeing our limitations are becoming obvious each passing day with FF - not matter how hard we try to shine up an old...
  5. Awesome!!! That is great news indeed. Gawd .. anything to feel younger without all the hair die shoe polish job (I'm almost totally gray). We've (without question) found the "fountain of youth" right here in this thread ... hehe. Of course, there is that saying, also, putting lipstick on a pig LMAO All joking aside, I don't know that I'd even want to go through it all again with this new generation. I'm a stubborn old fart and not ashamed to admit it. I've been also having pretty good results with the settings; as well. although, as VistaLover suggested earlier in this thread: I was under the impression this pref would only work with FF53 (or Basilisk 55) user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.separateFileUriProcess", true); // add manually Though, you must have a better graphics card than I, because my system is actually worse with hardware acceleration enabled .. so I'm stick with what I got I guess.
  6. for some reason, you guys crack me up =P Well, my shrink has already renovated their entire property (I'm sure) from me alone, and I'm still nuts :) Well... they will have to come find me: The Ugly Animal Preservation Society named the blobfish as its mascot after a global online vote in 2013. The gelatinous fish lives at depths of up to 1,200 meters off the coast of Australia where it feeds on crabs and lobsters. It's under threat as it often gets caught up in fishing nets... but you wouldn't want to eat it. Will catch up with you guys tomorrow. I need to wind down and get ready for sleep - beauty like this doesn't happen by accident; as you can (clearly) see.
  7. I like the fact that you are leaning more towards privacy and getting rid of the spying aspect(s) of chromium in general. As I've stated before, I realize we need this browser. I have (practically) everything blocked (web-gl , web-rtc , dom-storage , local cache) in FF as well so I'm used to it for the sake of privacy. Just would rather have it that way.
  8. I admit, I've never used wireshark and I'm not shamed to admit it, but it never to late to learn, I guess. I'm always late and (more than) a dollar short.
  9. Well.. I must say, there is a noticeable difference - with 3 tabs open - youtube actually is playing fine. However, the memory usage is still an issue I'll work with it for a while and see if it any better this way. Again this is the latest Serpent 52 - I've not tried (yet) with 55. EDIT: Below are my prefs used. user_pref("browser.tabs.animate", false); user_pref("browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab", false); user_pref("browser.tabs.crashReporting.sendReport", false); user_pref("browser.tabs.loadInBackground", false); user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart", true); user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.force-enable", true); user_pref("browser.tabs.warnOnOpen", false); user_pref("extensions.e10sBlocksEnabling", false); user_pref("extensions.e10sMultiBlockedByAddons", false); user_pref("dom.ipc.process.webLargeAllocation", 4); user_pref("dom.ipc.processCount", 4); user_pref("general.oscpu.override", "Windows NT 10.0"); user_pref("general.platform.override", ""); user_pref("general.useragent.compatMode.version", "78"); user_pref("general.useragent.override", "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:78.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/78.0"); user_pref("javascript.options.asmjs", false); user_pref("javascript.options.strict", true); user_pref("javascript.options.wasm", false); user_pref("layers.acceleration.enabled", false); user_pref("network.IDN.restriction_profile", "strict"); So, I must thank @roytam1 for leaving this code in Serpent and allowing us to still use it for testing purposes
  10. I'm all for enjoyment :) Did somebody mention fast food? I'll have get back to this after some curly fries and a shake!
  11. Good day/evening all. OK! (to reassure myself everything is OK and not in complete chaos ... hehe) Ugh ... the search doesn't work here for me since the forum went down and I've had to do this the long way and read everything - 2 and 1/2 hours on this topic. I'd like more details @dmiranda if you would be so kind as to share them and I will give it a whirl tonight. I mean; why not?! I'm NOT worried about corrupting anything at my end as I LOVE to tweak (and break) things. I'm well backed up (which reminds me, I'm going to enjoy a nice glass of prune juice shortly) =P So, from the research I've done today, this is my findings. It appears, all we need to do, is: user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.force-enable", true); user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart", true); user_pref("extensions.e10sBlocksEnabling", false); user_pref("extensions.e10sMultiBlockedByAddons", false); [This prevents the blocking of multiple content processes by add-ons.] user_pref("dom.ipc.processCount", 4); user_pref("dom.ipc.process.webLargeAllocation", 4); [sets the maximum number of processes] Of course, assuming we decide to go with the magic number 4 user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2", true); // (FF49+) (hidden pref) ~From what I read ... reset it (and restart) and it goes away as its not needed. user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.separateFileUriProcess", true); I presume this would only apply to Serpent 55 and likely not applicable to XP anyway. ~As VistaLover Stated: In Firefox 53.0+ and on Win7+, an additional process is spawned when e10s has been activated: this is the GPU_PROCESS (about:support -> Graphics -> GPU_PROCESS); this requires the Win7 version of D3D11 and, again, your installed gfx card has to be compatible... ........user_pref("dom.ipc.processHangMonitor", true); ~This is not hidden in Serpent and defaulted to true - does anybody know what this does? Please accept my apologies for any mistakes and I wrote this today. EDIT: Again, that latest Serpent 52 - What I find a bit odd, is, in the string: app.support.e10sAccessibilityUrl https://support.mozilla.org/1/firefox/%VERSION%/%OS%/%LOCALE%/accessibility-ppt And, also, the string: app.support.BaseURL https://support.mozilla.org/1/firefox/%VERSION%/%OS%/%LOCALE%/
  12. But, of course, chrome is a whole different ball game that I am just about clueless completely.
  13. Ahh .. very good - you keep track I was quite shocked seeing this today myself as we just discussed it before, and (only) because, in that 360Chrome thread, you (yourself) addressed multi-process (or said it wasn't that simple and a "balance"), I decided to take a closer look at this wishfully thinking somehow that is the "Magical" answer to our troubles. But after doing my own research this evening, I've decided to forgo it actually. To tell you the truth, I don't (fully) understand multi-process and, for now, would rather keep it as it as is.

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