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  1. Thank you, Rob, very much appreciate your insight. Hmmm ... "dark passenger" ... Interesting perspective on this disease when 'help' seems out of reach, good to lift the spirit I think. I always took offense when people would casually say to "cheer up" - rather perk up or lift the spirit is needed and sounds better to the soul. Wishing you well also I hope you will always keep this strength to guide you as nobody would chose such misery upon ourselves. My friend ... we have already pulled off the seemingly impossible and are here to tell about it, others have fallen victim to the daemons and left us <- Not meaning daemons as in religion. You get me though! Thank you again. That being said: I will be taking a very long break from the internet to recover. Must save all energy to focus on self preservation during the next several months and pull life together. MSFN has become a large part of my life but sometime we need breaks - healthy breaks from family as I consider people have like family. When I do return I'll likely have moved to Linux by then so we'll see, I guess. Be well everyone Sincerely Yours Salvatore
  2. By "here" I presume you mean on this planet not the forum, you do just fine on the forum, but when real life is missing and THIS becomes life, this is where there is an issue... so that being said I find myself in this situation myself and I also haven't a clue either.
  3. Same here! This new world is very sad in may ways and I was much happier without this mess.
  4. Thank you, it means more than you realize to me that you took the time to post those songs. Walk Unafraid ... Stop Crying Your Eyes Out ... Bad Day... And by those artists ... Means a lot; will try.
  5. I think I need to stop thinking and just 'be" and whatever happens happens, I'm just along for the ride I guess, how long, who knows. I don't know. Gonna settle in with a chamomile tea and just be grateful and true! About all I can expect lately. I'm automatically by nature Kind and Mindful (too much sometimes) but hard to be positive. I don't know. Could be worse! I'm fortunate in a lot of ways, I guess and need to see that for what it is, just struggling with my reality Ok, peace out.......
  6. https://www.uwphotographyguide.com/fish-behavior This makes me happy.
  7. Insidious (2010) Director James Wan Just something mindless to watch that if fun.
  8. I live a humble simple life. Must appreciate what I do have ... 2 working computers and a modest wardrobe and cds and dvds and 2 nice plants to keep me company. I don't feel like I need anything else, nothing else would make me feel better. I feel incomplete and empty inside and its showing on the outside. Now to add insult to injury and only add to my anxiety I feel as I'm doing something wrong by using Thorium as I read that browser developer is infringing on Supermium which is paid and I can NOT afford to purchase anything at this point as I have spare cash to buy diet coke on my walks so now I don't know what to do anymore. Likely just stick with 360 Redux until that day comes and just go with Linux completely if these computers are even still working - they're on their 'last legs' and barely hanging on - like me. Its been said they would like all of use to be on phones only and I'm fighting it - I don't like phones and don't want a smart phone. They allow me to use a computer but the catch is I can only have 1 working at a time and this Dell 745 Optiplex is the better of the two so I rarely fire up the Dell Dimension anymore only to update Mypal68. I guess, Like, I don't know, other priorities are more important like my health. Sort of been trying to taper off the Clonazepam and one day be free from that monkey but there is never gonna be a good time and my anxiety and stress levels are through the roof; currently. My doctors are working with me on this and they know (full well) what I'm going through but I don't want any more medication to be added to the list. I already feel Dumbed down enough already and flat and stunted, but my thought process(es) lead me to dark places of hopelessness and we don't know what to do about that and my Derealization is not managed and I can't tell between that and this crazy world anymore.
  9. I think just cope as best as possible and tomorrows another day. Sorry guys was very bad today. Gonna just go to bed early.
  10. I don't know. Don't know. Sort of struggling to accept my reality, but if I don't, I'm screwed until they cremate me. Have had to limit news (almost noting at all) and what I watch on TV to mundane programing and movies unless I'm easily triggered into severe depression and despair. I don't know.
  11. Ok ... we never said the random crash and from where before, so I did what you said 3 times and all 3 times going through several pages it indeed crashed. Restore the tab and we're back in business only to have the same thing happen after scrolling down pages and eventually it does crash, but since I'm in multi-process mode the browser doesn't totally crash just the tab. Make sense @feodor2? I hope you will (I know you will) figure it out because this is over my head. I've been testing with the previous version and this does not happen only in 68.14.0b
  12. I ran out of likes and didn't know this - thank you! +1
  13. ^Lol we posted at the same time! melatonin (was for sleep) Nature (is for Happiness)
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