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  1. You should set xp mode for "setup.exe" I think process explorer is useful tool for you. :3 # Qihoo 360 browser requires Windows Media Player file "msdmo.dll" , are you okay ? :3
  2. I think Standalone Flash Player(Flash Player Projector) 11 and later works on Vanilla.
  3. I think FileZilla FTP Client problem does not related their functions. Filezilla v3.16 and later can not connect server without Security Protocol. Filezilla v3.22 and later breaks setting XML file. Filezilla v3.43 still works SFTP Server without Saving Setting on Extended kernel.
  4. I think current extended kernel support DnsFree :3
  5. I used 360 native installer and set installer and *.exe xp compatibile mode with fcwin2k :3
  6. Next extended kernel update. It will be added TLS 1.1/1.2 on WININET (IE6SP1) and WINHTTPS support. :3
  7. https://browser.taokaizen.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2701 Cause of Discord only shows blank is here. How about changing Extended kernel install options or 360 portable version ?
  8. Did you set XP compatible mode ? :3
  9. When you install it with XP mode , I think it install as if it were QQ Browser 9.7 Plz Check Version :3
  10. It is QQ Web Browser 9.7, isn't it ?
  11. You don't need "extended kernel" but "extended kernel core".
  12. The RAM Patch can make use Windows 2000 memory 64G :3
  13. Sorry I fixed localized problem on v3.0b.
  14. Steam Nov, 2018 version and later will crash while your logon process. :3
  15. Okay I understand. You have to add 3 functions to export table, but you had added to import table. But the 3 functions exist newer Extended core.
  16. It seems that NTOSKRNL import table was broken. Is there enough room tables when you add any functions ?
  17. It requires Extended Core Binary (it has been supported since first version) and registry setting.
  18. https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZZO42778090S9A320C1000000/ Livedoor has been acquired by NHN since 9 years ago.
  19. Windows 2000 has 2CPU native support . It is FAQ since Windows NT :3
  20. > Can I rely on DLLs dates (are changed DLLs newer than ones from previous release)? And what about detections by antivirus software? Yes you can. Perhaps no problem now. > P.S. Why is your blog unavailable when connecting through Russian ISP? Really ? But I don't know that reason. It may be related that my blog provider has been acquired by a Korean company. How about using proxy ?
  21. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1980734.html I described at the article. :3
  22. It fixed on v3.0a. check update.inf :3
  23. cabarc -p -r -m LZX:21 N update.cab @CAB.LST CAB.LST rundll32.exe cmd.exe fsutil.exe ATL80.DLL msvcm80.dll msvcr80.dll msvcp80.dll mfc80CHS.dll mfc80CHT.dll mfc80DEU.dll mfc80ENU.dll mfc80ESP.dll mfc80FRA.dll mfc80ITA.dll mfc80JPN.dll mfc80KOR.dll mfc80.dll mfcm80.dll mfc80u.dll mfcm80u.dll reg.exe regedit.exe msconfig.exe mspaint.exe sndrec32.exe devmgr.dll imapi2.dll imapi2fs.dll explorer.exe windowscodecs.dll windowscodecsext.dll photometadatahandler.dll wmphoto.dll paintcfg.cmd qfcwin.cmd qfcwin7.cmd winmm.dll mciseq.dll srv.sys NNN4NT5.exe fcwin2k.exe EXKDXCNF.exe W2KPW.inf wevtapi.dll fontsub.dll icrav03.rat idndl.dll msdbg2.dll nlsdl.dll normaliz.dll normidna.nls normnfc.nls normnfd.nls normnfkc.nls normnfkd.nls ticrf.rat t2embed.dll mf.dll avrt.dll atmfd.dll ADVAPI32.DLL apphelp.dll atl.dll bcrypt.dll browseui.dll riched20.dll MSPTLS.DLL usp10.dll wordpad.exe mbedtls.dll comdlg32.dll comctl32.581 comctl32.582 comsvcs.dll credui.dll crypt32.dll cryptdlg.dll cryptui.dll d3d9.dll d3d9ex.dll dbgeng.dll dbghelp.dll debug\ole32.dll debug\advapi32.dll dnsapi.dll Dpx.dll dssenh.dll dwmapi.dll empty.cat esent.dll esent97.dll expand.exe faultrep.dll gdi32.dll gdiplus.dll hid.dll httpapi.dll winhttp.dll imagehlp.dll imm32.dll iphlpapi.dll kernel32.dll licdll.dll mfc40.dll mfc40loc.dll mfc40u.dll mfc42.dll mfc42loc.dll mfc42u.dll mpr.dll Msdelta.dll msftedit.dll Mspatcha.dll msvbvm60.dll msvcirt.dll msvcp60.dll msvcrt.dll msxml4.dll msxml4r.dll msxml6.dll msxml6r.dll ntdll.dll ntsd.exe ole32.dll oleacc.dll oleaccrc.dll oleaut32.dll propsys.dll psapi.dll rpcrt4.dll rsaenh.dll sccbase.dll sccsccp.dll schannel.dll SetSHF.exe sens.dll setupapi.dll shell32.dll shlwapi.dll slc.dll spmsg.dll spuninst.exe uniproc\*.dll update\*.* urlmon.dll user32.dll userenv.dll uxtheme.dll verifier.dll vista\*.dll win32k.sys wintrust.dll Ws2_32.dll WTSAPI32.dll xmllite.dll xpbin\comctl32.dll xpbin\cryptsvc.dll xpbin\wintrust.dll xpbin\msafd.dll xpbin\mswsock.dll nosse2\gdiplus.dll msafd.dll mswsock.dll xpob2res.dll xpsp1res.dll xpsp2res.dll xpsp3res.dll xpsp4res.dll lsasrv.dll duser.dll icaapi.dll azroles.dll hnetcfg.dll ssdpapi.dll winsta.dll vssapi.dll jscript9.dll dx\d*.dll dx\libwine.dll dx\wined3d.dll dx\*.exe
  24. It is correct behavior. Setup.exe overwrite disable option, but it can not re-enabled it. So you should prepare backuped kernel32.dll with re-install. Extended kernel's update.cab includes kernel32.dll, so installer extracts from it when it is reinstalled :3
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