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  1. If we execute msiexec.exe with XP Compatible mode option, it may require "Windows2000-KB971913-v3a-x86-INTL.exe" official Windows Installer v3.1 sometimes stops on XP Compatible mode.
  2. You need to learn how to work HAL.DLL in Windows NT 5.x. When HAL is installed , it will be renamed to hal.dll the following. ACPI MPU = Halmacpi.dll ACPI UPU = Halaacpi.dll ACPI PC = Halacpi.dll MPS MPS PC = Halmps.dll MPS UPS PC = Halapic.dll standard PC = Hal.dll you can find original filename from hal.dll in file property.
  3. It was fake news :3 I analyzed it, he uses Windows 7. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1992632.html
  4. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1707555.html If you have installed it , it would not work .
  5. I have not tried to run unpacker on Windows 2000 yet. I extract it on Windows 10 and create translated Japanese version. Japanese version packed with cab. And it works on Win2000.
  6. 360ee v11.0.2251 was released. I recommend not to install official version but Repack & Portable version. https://lrepacks.ru/repaki-programm-dlya-interneta/182-360-extreme-explorer-amp-portable.html
  7. It seems to have some hardware problem. Or, Windows lost your install media * Loading TXT OEM Drivers (ex SATA Driver for DVD-ROM) * Windows load inf Drivers ( if your Windows install media does not have driver , Windows lost it ) :3
  8. XP needs some Vista kernel32 functions. And if you install it on XP, .Net Framework 4.0 will be broken.
  9. 360ee v 12.0.1006.0 beta is used "CreateThreadpoolWork", so it crashes at once :3
  10. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22367410/batch-file-gets-a-random-1-added-before-the-output-command Batch file get's a random “1” added before the output command. I found it :3
  11. The installation is possible, but it does not work at all. .Net 4.5 Binaries were made for Windows 7.
  12. I just described the article http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1990724.html It had any problems on Cygwin. :3
  13. Did your error message show "I/O Disk error status=00003031" ? It is osloader.exe's message.
  14. I described about it. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1990650.html
  15. Hi. So, the extended kernel version cmd.exe was customized from XP version :3
  16. Hi. KB3244476/KB324446(5.0.3900.xxxx) based on Windows 2000 "SP5". It breaks some compatibility. So, I does not recommended to use it.
  17. I have not checked it yet. Does it occur on VMWare environment ?
  18. Does w2k-dvd 2016 mean extended kernel DVD kit in 2016 version ? its VC8 Runtime were installed direct to system32, but any application's installer remove them from system32 and fail to install to WinSxS. We should use it symbolic links. # I will remove sign from lsasrv.dll :3
  19. Hi. 360 extreme explorer has the language resources in zip and srx (zip file) you can edit it text editior. But you shoud use pak_mingw32 for Any pak files to unpack and repack.
  20. I translated customized Russian version to Japanese :3
  21. Hi. Is the meaning the following case ? * previous version extended kernel. * You installed w2k-dvd . * VC 8 runtime in WinSxs were disabled.
  22. 360 extreme browser which is based on Chrome 69 is fine. I translated Russian's customized version to Japanese :3
  23. Extended v 3.0e was released yesterday. There are some bug fix. * installer is fixed on any rapid storage fails to patch options. * SHFSet.exe manages more resource for localize. * XP version Device Manager problem fixed. > How do i upgrade from 3.0c to 3.0d? Do i have to uninstall it first then reinstall it? I recommended to uninstall and you can overwrite it. But if you have installed same version overwrite before , don't uninstall it and you should overwrite it.
  24. I released Extended Kernel v3.0d * Installer is improved. * TLS1.1/1.2 support *Download Folder Support. ・GDIPLUS・MSXML6・JSCRIPT9 update ・add functions in KERNEL.DLL GetLocaleScripts GetStringScripts VerifyScripts ・add functions in ADVAPI32.DLL EventProviderEnabled EventSetInformation EventWriteEndScenario EventWriteStartScenario EventActivityIdControl EventWriteString EventWriteTransfer EnableTraceEx ・wevtapi.dll bug fix ・WindowsCodecs.dll/wmphoto.dll (WIC) upgrade to Windows 7 compatible
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