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  1. Is this to add the TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 options in the advanced internet settings? If so, here you go! TLS1.1.reg TLS1.2.reg
  2. It would appear not, but strange that they would issue a new patch for something which is supposedly depreciated!
  3. OK, yes that version does contain crypt32.dll, as you say. I was downloading the version of KB3072630 for Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 32 bit, which is right for my system, and that definitely doesn't contain crypt32.dll! Why versions of the same patch for different versions of the OS should contain different files I have no idea, but I guess that maybe I do have the latest version of crypt32.dll for my system already.
  4. My version of crypt32.dll is 5.131.2600.6459, which seems rather older than yours, although my system is 32 bit. I looked at KB3072630, but that seems to be an update for the Windows Installer files, it doesn't contain crypt32.dll. Is that correct?
  5. I've now discovered that my copy of WUMT will no longer work now even in offline mode, with the wsusscn2.cab from 2019 which used to work a few months ago! I'm now just getting "An error has occurred: 0x800B0100 No signature was present in the subject" as I was with the later versions. I have an even earlier version of the cab file, from 2018, which also definitely used to work, and that's not working now either! What's happened here? All the versions I'm trying to use are SHA-1 signed.
  6. Thanks, but of the six possible download sites listed there, only SolidFiles and DataFileHost actually work for me. The rest are either blocked for security reasons, or don't actually work! EDIT: The SolidFiles and DataFileHost links actually download version 9.10.2015, which is not the latest XP compatible version, which is 20.12.2016.
  7. Is there any way to correct the location information for Cortana? If I ask what the weather's going to be, it gives me information about somewhere 100 miles away, unless I actually specify the location! My default location on Windows 10 is set correctly. If I look at the settings for the apps which can use my location, Cortana is not listed! This is very annoying, is there any fix? I'm using Windows 10 20H2. Thanks, Dave.
  8. Yes, the version on MajorGeeks only works on Windows 10. You need version 20.12.2016, which despite its apparent age is the last version until the Windows 10 only version. Apparently you can get it on the MDL board, but you seem to have to be a member to do it. The original Russian forum download seems to have gone.
  9. I tried installing KB4486738 on XP, and as expected, I got the message "There are no products affected by this package installed on this system". That explains why I wasn't offered it by Windows Update on Windows 10. It replaces wwlibcxm.dll, a file which is not on my system. I'm not quite sure what that file is, but the best I can find is that it's something to do with displaying XML content in Word documents, a facility which was apparently removed in January. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2445060
  10. Yes, the images are fine now. WUMT still just permanently scanning for me, and never finding anything.
  11. The whole thing, can you still get updates with the new installation on XP SP1?
  12. I tried Eudora OSE but dropped it pretty quickly. It doesn't have the facility to edit received messages for a start, which I use all the time on Eudora. It's also based on a version of Thunderbird which is itself very out of date now, and the program hasn't been updated for years. Off topic, but you're better off IMO with the last version of "real" Eudora ( and the Hermes update which adds TLS 1.2 support, which many e-mail providers are now insisting on.
  13. Thanks, I'll be interested to see if it's the same. I've left it scanning for 30 minutes or so, but nothing is found, and as I mentioned earlier the scan cannot be terminated except by shutting the program, which isn't normal behaviour. It's like it's caught in a loop or something.
  14. Why does your WUMT say "Corporate SUS Server" where mine says "Windows Server Update Service"?
  15. It doesn't seem to be failing now, it's just scanning forever and never finding anything! Also you can't stop it by just pressing the X, it just carries on.
  16. There's also KB4486738, which I wasn't offered on Windows 10 presumably because I don't need it.
  17. I know some people do use Stunnel on domestic PCs for things like logging onto current e-mail servers with legacy e-mail clients like Eudora which now can't log on normally.
  18. Thanks again. I've tried the new URL (the original one you gave didn't have the "nf:8530" bit) but still no joy. It seems a bit different now, sometimes it fails almost immediately, sometimes it scans for ages and then fails, but always ends up with "An error has occurred: 0x8024400A".
  19. Strange, the updates are listed on that link now, but when I Googled for the KB numbers a few hours ago, there was nothing found at all! They must have almost literally just put that information up, long after the updates were being offered by Windows Update!
  20. Completely unexpectedly, another five Office 2010 updates on my Windows 10 netbook today! KB4484455 Office KB4486740 Word KB4486737 Office KB4486743 Excel KB4484534 Office
  21. Completely unexpectedly, I've been offered five updates for Office 2010 today, on my Windows 10 netbook! They are - KB4484455 Office KB4486740 Word KB4486737 Office KB4486743 Excel KB4484534 Office They all seem to have downloaded and are pending install (I'm also doing the 20H2 Windows 10 update, which is going to take ages on this machine!) Searching for those updates, there seems to be no information about them, but they are in the Update Catalogue!
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