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  1. Presumably this new version of acpi.sys will make no difference on my Lenovo Flex 10?
  2. Does this look OK? Strange how the green line on the graph vanishes out of view when it goes high! Don't know if that's a display error or not.
  3. I'm still using rebuild 1. Should I update to rebuild 2? Is rebuild 2 only available 'un-googled'?
  4. Sorry, this was originally put into the 'announcements' section, where apparently it cannot be replied to. Please do add replies now. Thanks, Dave.
  5. Sad news for everyone here at MSFN. One of our forum supervisors, Dencorso, passed away on October 24th, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Apparently he was still upbeat and optimistic about the future a few weeks before he passed. My memories of Den go back quite a few years. He was incredibly helpful to me with technical problems, which is what this board is all about of course, initially mainly with Windows 98, and latterly with Windows XP. He was immensely supportive too when I first became a moderator here, something I will always be grateful for. He was definitely one of the good guys, and will be sorely missed here. Please add your memories here of working with Den. Thanks, Dave.
  6. I use Enhancer for YouTube, it's a great extension. Be aware though that version 2.0.115 is the last version that will work on 360Chrome. I think the later ones need a later version of Chromium. I've attached it here, see if it works for you. FWIW YouTube works fine for me, with uBlock Origin I never see an advertisement! Chrome Enhancer for YouTube Extension 2.0.115 (Last for 360Chrome).crx
  7. Ah right. I will try that mod on chrome.dll. UPDATE: Done that, now works fine, thanks!
  8. It's an Ideapad Flex 10. Dual booting Windows XP and Windows 10.
  9. I just get an error message anyway if I try to use the translate function. Is that normal?
  10. I assume you mean people artificially bumping up their reputation points? Do you have an example of this? Welcome to MSFN BTW!
  11. Thread locked. Please all bear in mind going forward that dismissive, antagonistic, and patronising comments in threads are not welcome here. That is my last word on this.
  12. I must say I'd never noticed the delay in 13.5. Mind you I only very rarely type an address immediately after launching the browser. Now it's been mentioned I can see it, but it's very quick on my system.
  13. LOL! Actually I've never seen the Disney cartoon Hercules! Well of course. We would never have had a non-Chinese version without the spyware though without the efforts of Humming Owl and ArctricFoxie. Of course the Russian re-packers were intermediaries here too!
  14. I second that! With the greatest respect to the herculean ongoing efforts of roytam1, it's the 360Chrome browser which has given a new lease of life to browsing on XP in my experience. I say that as a dyed in the wool Firefox aficionado for many years (and Opera 12 before that). I'd never had any wish to use a Chromium browser, but once my old faithful Firefox 52.9 ESR started malfunctioning on more and more sites, I had to bite the bullet, and I've never regretted it. None of it would have been possible without the efforts of ArcticFoxie and Humming Owl, I salute them both!
  15. Come on, obviously he's referring to the word 're-butchering', although I'm sure you meant it as a joke (I hope).
  16. My best wishes for a full recovery to all who have had COVID, but back on topic now please.
  17. The point is that on XP 360Chrome 13.x actually still works properly with the vast majority of websites. How long that will last remains to be seen of course! Yes, it's a resource hog, so not great for everybody, but on my machine it's very fast and stable.
  18. I used to just have 98 and XP, which was no problem dual booting of course. When I added Windows 8/8.1 to the system, and later 10, originally I had to go into the BIOS setup on boot and change the first boot drive to get into it. The issue was that both Windows 98 and Windows 10 are on drive C: (Windows XP is on D:). Thanks to advice on MSFN I was recommended to use grub4dos to get over that problem, and what I now have is two OS menus. When I boot I'm offered XP as default, or 98/10 as a menu choice. If I select that, I'm offered the Windows 98 boot menu, which has 98 or 10 on it, and I choose the one I want. This works fine with no reboot necessary.
  19. I hope it works for you. I've now changed my netbook, to a Lenovo IdeaPad, which already has a Bluetooth capable module fitted. The 6235ANHMW would be better though, but unfortunately the BIOS will not allow it to work as it's not in Lenovo's BIOS 'whitelist'!
  20. LOL! We used to have two types of 'round pin' plugs when I was a kid, 5A ones for lower rated stuff, and 15A ones for heavy stuff, the latter were really big and heavy! I think the idea behind the present 1960s replacement 'square pin' plugs (the pins aren't actually square of course, but that's what they were called!) was that they were powerful enough but light enough not to need two different types. They were fine for the heavy stuff like electric fires, but not too big and heavy to use for the lighter stuff like table lamps. Whether they got the compromise right is a matter of opinion of course! The other plus point was that we got rid of reversible two pin plugs and sockets, which could be dangerous with the 'live chassis' TVs and radios which were still around at the time! I don't mind the European standard ones, but the American standard 'low current' plugs and sockets always seem really flimsy to me! Anyway, this is completely off-topic!
  21. I'm not asking you to change them of course, but I've always wondered why, if you are German, that you put the dates in your posts in American format, not European format? The actual file names, I'm pleased to say, are the 'correct' way around!
  22. Just as an off-topic aside, my latest 64 bit Firefox on Windows 10 only made 51.3 on Speedometer, and the latest Edge made 72.1. The mind boggles as to what you must have to have to get into the red zone on the speedometer graphic! Perhaps it's just for show......

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