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  1. Perhaps the cause is the 12a extended core. Uninstall it and reinstall the driver. After that, you can install the extended core again. And the reason may be that the downloaded version of the driver may need a higher or lower version.
  2. This means that I have to choose one of the two. The full KernelXE or KernelXE lite. Is merging the two causing problems.
  3. Please change devmgr.dll to devmgr.dll for Windows xp sp2. For the reason that it contains a hardware ID detection feature When installing kernelXE lite 0.2.5-rv1 I got a Bsod STOP: c0000139 {entry point not found} the procedure entry point LdrAddRefDll could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll . I had to restore the old ntdll.dll to fix this Bsod.
  4. No, installing the WildBill update collection is sufficient, before installing the kernelXE , one possible cause of this bug is depletion of non paged pool memory.
  5. Is Windows 2000 English version you have? Have you installed updates before? Like BlackWingCat Extended kernel?
  6. I think the installed version of Windows 2000 should be in English, not Finnish then with the extended kernel translated, the Finnish language will return.
  7. If someone likes to change the Windows 2000 startup picture to the French version. So he sends Ntoskrnl.exe to his system because Ntoskrnl.exe changes if it has an extended Core.
  8. Windows 2000 after installing the translation package :
  9. I used all my knowledge efforts to do the translation for this package. Most of the files responsible for the interface were translated. You can adopt this topic and develop this project further.
  10. Please do not put things that violate copyright , like a leaked source code or anything related to that
  11. You can translate extended kernel language. See the method here :
  12. I have created an Extended Kernel (BWC) English to French Translation Package for Windows 2000. Conditions for operation of this package: 1 / The installed Windows 2000 version must be English, not French. 2 / This package must be installed from Part1.bat ,then the computer must be restarted, then install Part2.bat. 3 / If you are not serious about getting the translation, do not install the .bat files, because it will directly translate the Windows files. How was the translation done? What are the main files that need to be translated? And how? 1 / The Res
  13. You can use Windows 7-skinpack: https://skinpacks.com/download/windows-7/7-skin-pack/
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