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  1. The only problem in Windows 2000 to this day is that UMDF 1.0 is not supported for Windows 2000 for MTP running in Windows Media Player 11. This thing worries me a lot
  2. What do you mean by "When pasting from computer to phone"? : I mean when I connect the phone to the computer via the USB and I use Windows Media Player 10 to activate the driver MTP and Portable Media Devices program. And I enter into the phone and I copy a file from the computer to the phone that gets the error. How are they connected? : via the USB What apps are you using? : windows media player 10 and i upgrade it to 11 What file types won't transfer? : pictures, videos, folders The MTP support with WMP10 is quite poor and only works properly with files => 100 000 KiB or 100 MiB
  3. If you have the solution, try it on Windows 2000 and introduce it in the article
  4. You asked me to search for an application to install on the phone that can deal with the file type in question, and I did not find any application dealing with Windows 2000 to transfer files from the phone connected to the computer via USB to the computer. Windows 2000 has a problem with the MTP driver. If you don't understand me, resubmit the question you want to answer.
  5. There is no phone app that can handle the file type for Windows 2000. The problem is not in applications but Windows 2000 with existing mechanisms cannot handle MTP. Look at the comments of "Win32" and "Black wings cat". According to my conclusion, UMDF services and driver should be rewritten to make them interact with Windows 2000 or try to modify the kernel base level. And these things remain difficult for one person. It must be a group specialized in all fields to fix this error.
  6. OK thanks . If there is anything new about this issue, send me a message
  7. Means fixed this bug forever impossible ?
  8. If you continue to fix this error, send me the repair link. Because I really need this feature, I deserve it at work.
  9. i have download windows media player 11 from this site :http://www.win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm Is this version made for Windows 2000?
  10. I found "Windows2000-KB979683-v16a-x86-ENU.exe" and installed it. Then I installed Windows media player 11 and was surprised by a mistake
  11. Please links of Extended Core and UMDF 1.0 I looked for them a lot and did not find
  12. When pasting from computer to phone, this message appears Any solutions?
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