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  1. @win32 @Ximonite @jumper and for everyone who understands the IDA language HI , i finally found the solution. But implementing it is not easy. I am not a programming specialist, but I always look at it. In fact, the server does not contain source code and his mission was to link the players only. The source code is fully found in chkr.dll and chkrres.dll. The source code is extracted using IDA hex rays Decompiler and all the game pictures are in chkrzm.exe and we extract them using Resource Hacker This is an example of a game checkers. Therefore, I call on all programming sp
  2. Sorry in fact, it works with an extended kernel BWC . But with kernelXE when I tried now it it didn't work. I have two partition in which Windows 2000 with (BWC) extended kernel i work with every day. The other is for KernelXE Test
  3. Many files that must be copied to the system32 were not copied, such as Winusb.sys , winusbcoinstaller2.dll , WinUSBCoInstaller.dll , winusb.inf. after I installed KernelXE, it became necessary to shutdown the computer manually from the button. Is the reason behind this? Is the built-in installs of nlite ?
  4. I installed Windows Media Player 11, and it got an error. "The procedure entry point_except_hanlder4_common" could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll, so I replaced the original msvcrt.dll with msvcrt.dll (BWC), so I fixed the error and started Windows Media Player 11. But when I installed update to KERNELXE Error returned. Due Msvcrt.dll for Windows Server 2003 . I have installed Chrome, and it has encountered an error. "The procedure enrty point credReadW" cloud not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll Chrome2K link : https://ww
  5. I have reinstalled Windows and. Install kernelXE V0.2.3 and the error is no longer displayed. And everything is good :) I noticed that you added 3D enhancements to the desktop icons and the Explorer icons. These things are really nice, thank you. One thing that remains in the interface if it can be improved in the future is that blue field :
  6. Maybe the reason is that mstask.exe version BWC is still installed but this is strange because I uninstalled the bwc extentded kernel before installing the kenelXE update. Tomorrow I will install Windows 2000 again and it will be completely free of bwc files. To try kernelXE V 0.2.3
  7. I have deleted the BWC extended kernel installed, and I installed WildBill's collection update and KernelXE v0.2.3 this error occurred after restarting
  8. Hi sir, now can I confuse BlackWinCat Extended kernel with KernelXE v0.2.3? Or do I have to reinstall Windows 2000 again ? Because I have BlackWinCat Extended kernel installed.
  9. Hello,please new link of : ImportPatcher.41.7z debugging DLL: IPstub.zip Drugwash's API Parameter Count v1.0.1.0
  10. Thank you sir. Regarding WinUSB, I found that (BWC) modified it this year. See this link http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1996953.html The changes he made : Improvements to the WinUSB 1.0 installer included in WinUSBCoInstaller.dll Improvements to the WinUSB 2.0 installer included in WinUSBCoInstaller2.dll Here is the update link http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm (Update for Windows 2000 WinUSB 2.0(v3a))
  11. Hello sir, If in the future you want to introduce the umdf feature in Windows 2000. Here is the link for the umdf 1.0 file : https://mega.nz/file/Y581BIqK#rHuL93SAeQ-5iURYBj3iwB-aynhN_JdmXx7j_zDrgH8 You can also find it with Windows Media Player 11. Be careful when trying it. Because it immediately causes BSoD, for unknown reasons
  12. You must install KernelEx 4.5.2019.24 Updates first and directx 9c (2006) http://www.oldversion.com/windows/directx-9-0c-jun-2006 Link of KernelEx 4.5.2019.24 : https://icedrive.net/0/efIbMU55r5 And try to run the game on mode Windows 2000 or XP compatibility For more informations on how to operate with compatibility mode i found this video that might help you
  13. OK . Thanks for all the informations you are a fighter, Professor, because you are putting effort into developing Windows 2000. I hope to become as proficient as you are in developing and using IDA .
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