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  1. my program kill only the process of office 2010 running with out associated window this is the bug of this worked version of portable with windows 2000 it's not related to user work , means user don't related to this task ,so you can work and save and do all you need without problems in use of office 2010. i think it's related to Internal security of office 2010 , in many uses with XP compatibility mode it will destroy the files . maybe fcwin2k should update to handle this problem.
  2. @tyukok @sonyu @mina7601 @WinWord2000 @blackwingcat @Jakob99 Hi all, i create program to fix this problem : if the user close office 2010 his process still running , now you dont need to kill process with manual , you can test and tell me : Link1 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rcfPSBXYoHo31R3jCjk_-vrCIoSyRLWr/ Link 2 : https://www.mediafire.com/file/882xrdvu886u9u5/O10KWIN2000.zip/file Note : please download this program from Windows 2000 browser , use mypal68 or any browser in windows 2000. the download blocked in google from new windows versions. note : the office 2010 with fcwin2k uses with many uses , some time after reboot system the office 2010 it will doesn't start , then in this case you should to extract again the office 2010 portable.zip again , and run it with XP sp 3 and save compat.
  3. Hi Jakob99 , the link exist here : Use mypal 29 to download with mega , because mypal68 has problem with mega.nz even in windows XP. i am in process to writing script to resolve the issue which explained in this thread.
  4. I try it now , but it work if i download taskkill.exe of windows xp sp3 and in save compatibility with fcwin2k in system32
  5. Hi all ,this office 2010 require msxml 6.0 service pack 2 to launch
  6. try the blackwingcat hfslip these steps in video help you how to create it : https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/18E_xdE1LqHf5P21xQOtXwAX9bWfxsFi0 http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1763141.html
  7. Ximonite aspires to make a better update than blackwingcat updates, based in wildbill rewrited kernel , it has a different way to load dll as vista and newer and if it succeed to his project he will capable to run almost of programs run on vista and newer https://forum.eclectic4un.me/viewtopic.php?t=29
  8. Good idea i will try it 😉 And you did you try it ?
  9. thanks to @blackwingcat for the great extended kernel
  10. Yes, they seem to work together, I hope they work on Windows 2000 as well
  11. I don't think ximonite's has related to this project , win32 is the creator of vista extended kernel , ximonite has Windows 2000 new extended kernel project
  12. Ok i will upload it Edit : The link above

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