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  1. You deserve a lot of thanks for all your efforts in trying to develop Windows 2000. I hope that you document your gains because I want to become a Windows 2000 developer like you. I have a question. Where is WildBill? Does he keep making his own .dll files like kernel32.dll?
  2. Your words are reasonable. It's not easy and takes a lot of time. I prefer Windows 2000 a lot, and I always want it to be able to run most applications. That is why I always look for solutions. I hope Ximonite teaches professionals his development skills, so they can help him. I study in high school programming. I wish had been with you to teach me your skills. After graduation, I am ready to sacrifice for the sake of trying to develop Windows 2000
  3. Yes, it is a great system, but it lacks some modifications to be more compatible and to run the new antivirus, the source code for Windows 2000 already exists. But efforts must be redoubled to develop it in order for Windows 2000 to remain for the coming years. It is the only classic system that resembles Win98 / ME in interface and can work today
  4. @Ximonite How do you rate Windows 2000 in 2020, and what should be modified or added?
  5. Unfortunately, this is true. I wished Microsoft would continue to support these systems, because there are many people who cannot leave it. There are systems like win2k and xp source codes available on the net. If it is adopted by a company or group of developers and continues to develop
  6. I mean, Windows Vista is no longer specifically supported by Microsoft. Even if it still gets monthly updates from Server 2008. This is not enough for complete protection
  7. Yes, this is true, but some things must be added. Like umdf 1.0 and wireless network assistant included in XP
  8. this is your opinion . But according to my continuous experience on Windows 2000. However unoffical update. Windows 2000 has almost nothing missing in dlls and is able to run programs we work with every day. Watch this video . What I think is missing in Windows 2000 today is UMDF 1.0 and a modern anti-virus. As for Windows Vista, it is no less dangerous than Windows 2000 in terms of protection.
  9. What are the problems exactly. Because by using the extended kernel, the programs are mostly compatible with Win2K
  10. What do you rate for Windows 2000 in 2020 and what are the things to fix in this system ?
  11. I asked to try running umdf 1.0 for Windows Media 11 on Windows 2000. In order to transfer files from the computer to the smartphone
  12. Can now upgrade UMDF 1.0 for Windows 2000 to activate mtp? With the help of XP codes. @Dibya @win32 We previously talked about the possibility of running umdf 1.0 for Windows 2000, but it was almost impossible. But it may be different after the post of XP code
  13. Is it possible to use these codes to develop MTP and umdf 1.0 For Windows 2000 ?
  14. The source code for Windows XP has been published
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