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  1. I doubt it. It is more likely that it is the file ati2dvag.dll jaclaz
  2. Check: https://bearwindows.zcm.com.au/vga.htm jaclaz
  3. Another (random ) idea. What if you replace all files (but the .sys driver) with the Dud? http://www3.telus.net/_/dud/ jaclaz
  4. Try this one: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/display-driver-uninstaller-thread.379505/ I am not too sure that latest is XP compatible, maybe you will need to dig up an older version. jaclaz P.S.: (about Covid-19 situation in Italy) The situation is (apart a small number of areas in the North where it is still dramatic ) relatively under control, in the sense that everyone is actually staying at home (people are largely respectful of the current rules) and the number of new cases is increasing at a much slower pace than it was until a few days ago, actually the curve has flattened, see: http://nrg.cs.ucl.ac.uk/mjh/covid19/#rates Consider how now is almost three weeks from the initial (more "light") lockdown, so we are now seeing the effects of that one, the "new" (tighter) lockdown was only 5 days ago (and actually fully effective only since 2 days) so we'll need another full week at least, very likely two, to start seeing the effects of the latter.
  5. What I would try first (it should cost nothing or next to nothing) would be: 1) Uninstall the driver 2) modify the .inf REMming all Registry HKLM entries (i.e. open the source .inf and replace "<CR+LF>HKLM" with "<CR+LF>;HKLM" or, if you prefer, place a semicolon in front of any line that starts with HKLM) 3) Reinstall the driver This should remove all Winlogon, Autostart, etc. entries for the non-strictly-the-driver files. Will it work? No idea , but if it does it is quick (and dirty ). jaclaz
  6. Maybe there is a way to only load/install the basic driver without the AMD "utilities" and the *whatever* that adds tabs to the display control panel. jaclaz
  7. Yep, this is what Tripredacus and I tried telling you since the start, possiby we were not clear enough, you need a device inserted/connected BEFORE attempting to change boot order and/or choosing device via F12. jaclaz
  8. Ow, come on, what's in a name? Wouldn't a huge pile of manure smell as sweet by any other name? jaclaz
  9. It greatly depends on the expert, Armand Gracious (JFYI): https://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/experts.html jaclaz
  10. Good. I love it when a plan comes together. jaclaz
  11. No, you are intending "wrong". Who cares if it is newer? Hint: once you manage (hopefully) to boot in AHCI/SATA mode, you will reasonably be able to update the AHCI/SATA driver. Do follow the given advice first: https://msfn.org/board/topic/181337-cannot-set-new-boot-option-in-bios/?do=findComment&comment=1179280 that one is JUST the AHCI/SATA driver AND seemingly it is in a format compatible with driverinjection tool. jaclaz
  12. Look, I am trying (with some difficulty) to understand what you have done from the (scarce) feedback you provide. Where we are (according to my understanding of your reports): 1) you installed a bunch of drivers from IN1VDO11WW1.exe 2) the IN1VDO11WW1.exe contains BOTH a "plain" driver \\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\MINI_IDE\XP\, from now on AmdIde.sys, AND: 3) a "RAID" (actually also AHCI) driver \\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\RAID\, from now on ahcix86.sys 4) I suspected that what you have installed, together with the bunch of drivers in #1 is the Amdide.sys (since you installed it in IDE mode) AND: 5) suggested you to try using the driverinjection to try installing the Ahcix86,sys 6) RainyShadow suggested (correctly) to try installing instead the ahcix86.sys that is in the file IN1AHC20WW1.exe 7) You failed to report whether you actually followed the suggestion in #6 and went astray with uninstalling VBEMP (hey. look. that is a squirrel ) So the questions remain: a. Did you actually follow RainyShadow's suggestion (per #6 above)? b. If yes, what happened? c. If not, what are you waiting for? If you actually did follow RainyShadow's suggestion (per #6 above) AND upon reboot AND with BIOS set as AHCI you still get a 0x0000007b, then we can move on from this with further troubleshooting steps, namely comparing what you now have in the Registry with the information in the .reg file here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-hardware/how-do-i-change-widows-xp-from-ide-mode-to-ahci/7819a905-cfd9-4966-b2aa-67afc80a31d8?page=8 (post by D J Roff) jaclaz
  13. It is the "assuming it's on the system" assumption that is - at the moment - only an assumption. Did you actually install the driver RainyShadow pointed you to? jaclaz
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