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  1. That is NOT a very good "sign", (and you might want to check your definition of "only" ) A "normal", "working", "sound" NT install has "only" 2 (two) controlsets, ControlSet001 and ControlSet002. Which one of the two is "in use" (i.e. gets - when online/booted only - an "alias" as CurrentControlSet) is determined by the Select key cdob mentioned. Though I have seen systems with up to ControlSet025, the presence of any ControlSet numered higher than 002 implies that the system/install has experienced a number of catastrophic issues, to the point that some form of recovery (automatic or manual) has been performed AND that it was unable to fix the issue, and generated an additional ControlSet. Mind you the actual CurrentControlSet might be just fine, but nonetheless the install has been subject to issues in the past. It would be IMHO a good idea, before attempting to migrate that particular install, to test the migration of a clean, sound, just installed OS, as you will never know if there is something left in the ControlSet that prevents the migration. jaclaz
  2. Looking for downloader

    Are you (indirectly) asking for a web crawler of some kind, *like* BlackWidow (only an example, to better understand the question)? http://www.softbytelabs.com/en/BlackWidow/ or HTTtrack?: http://www.httrack.com/ or something more like Selenium? https://docs.seleniumhq.org/ jaclaz
  3. Well, there are several leds on a router, most of which monitor some connection status, besides "pure" connection and DSL connection there is the internet service behind it and pairing/synchronizing, it is very possible that the base issue is the line/connection itself, it is rather common that a connection loses pairing, and a lot of times the only way out is rebooting the device, even if the actual cause was on the ISP/line side. Most times a "soft" reboot is all that is needed (what is generally possible accessing the DSL router interface via internal network) but it is not uncommon that a full power cycle is needed. Factory reset is what you usually do depressing a "hidden" (i.e. using a bent paperclip to hold it down) switch at the back of the router, after which you need to re-configure the router from the ground up, needing to this is in my experience extremely rare, however on most if not all routers you can - after configuring it - save the configuration on a connected computer (on some even on a temporarily connected USB stick) and when you need to make a factory reset re-deploy the saved configuration. But if you need to re-do a factory reset more than - say - once a year, there is likely some underlying problem in the device or on its firmware. If you post the exact make/model of your device and the exact firmware version it should be possible to check if there are updates for it. jaclaz
  4. Maybe he means "reload" or "refresh"? Of course there is no such thing as IBM DNS 9999, there is a new, free and public DNS at managed by the Global Cyber Alliance (and a number of other partners) https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/20/quad9_secure_private_dns_resolver/ IBM provided the Network Address and allows the DNS to check requested address against their IBM X-Force database of "bad sites". Generally speaking if there are fields for more than one DNS available, they should be filled by DIFFERENT DNS addresses, the idea is that if the first (primary) DNS (for whatever reason) does not respond then the second (secundary) DNS is interrogated, and if this also fails to respond, then the third one is used, etc., so it makes not much sense to have the same DNS address more than once. jaclaz
  5. Tool I want to see, an MRU editor.

    Yep, the issue is that everyone has done everything and the contrary of it, *some* keys contain the "MRU" string, *some* do not, and they are often in subfolders related to the program (and version) so the only possible approach is to have (verified and up-to-date) lists of those keys, if you prefer the real issue is not about finding someone capable of coding a small "MRU editor" (that tough as it may be should be possible) but rather to find, collect and maintain an appropriate list. If you think about it, once you have a "proper" list of paths, it would be just a matter of exporting them as .REG files, merge them into one, then use *any* text editor to put a minus sign before each entry you want deleted and then re-merge the .REG to the Registry, for doiung this you don't need a particular dedicated program, but only a list of the paths (and a batch or VBS or Autoit making use of Reg.exe or similar). jaclaz
  6. Tool I want to see, an MRU editor.

    Like a registry editor with added the relevant bookmarks? Some are here: https://www.forensicswiki.org/wiki/List_of_Windows_MRU_Locations but of course each program and version of it may have different paths/keys in use. Depending on the OS you are running the functionality may be built-in in regedit or you might need an external list (or a third party registry editor with the bookmark feature) jaclaz
  7. And how (the heck) do you know that? I mean, how many days/weeks/months/years have you actually worked in a production environment using which Operating Systems in order to state that? Are ALL "production environment" the same? jaclaz
  8. Can't right click on document in search results

    Maybe it is the exact way the "pointing" was altered that makes a difference? I mean, what if you try making a junction/mount point of the "C:\users\username\Documents" leaving the library folder pointing to it? Just a semi-random idea. It could also be that - for *some reasons* - the actual privileges/authorizations on "\\server\users\username\Documents" are not exactly the same as those on "C:\users\username\Documents"? I mean, maybe the search uses a different user id/pid/sid? jaclaz
  9. Windows 3.1 to Vista upgrade

    UXPCD and SetupORG.exe sound to me like the install source is a modified XP (for Unattended and/or with DriverPacks) along the lines of good ol' guides available here and there on MSFN. The specific issue can be easily solved: though it is unclear why it happens in your case (in the above referenced thread the cause was seemingly a not fully functional install media drive, but in your case of a VM it would mean that the actual media can have issues). jaclaz
  10. USB, CD or DVD bootable discs?

    Sure, because you won't use a burning software to prepare a bootable USB stick based on a .iso (or more than one), A number of Live Linux distro's already come in the form of a so-called "hybrid ISO" and can be used BOTH burned to a CD/DVD or deployed to a USB stick without modifications. There are dedicated tools that can prepare bootable USB sticks in an easy enough manner, namely (as an example) Rufus and Easy2boot, but there are many more, depending on the exact nature of the "base .iso", if all is needed is an "install disc", then Mocrosoft themselves made a tool for the Windows 8+ OS's. And of course, if you want to learn there are bootloaders bootmanager (also often used in the mentioned tools) capable of booting from a .iso, again as an example, syslinux/isolinux, grub4dos GRUB2. Again, what matters is WHAT is *needed*, talking of .iso is "vague" TANSTAAFL: http://reboot.pro/topic/8944-boot-any-iso-image-or-boot-all-iso-images/ jaclaz
  11. Appreciated, rest assured. jaclaz
  12. It is as personal as your attack was, nothing more, nothing less. One thing is moving on, and another is getting over it the day it happened. I hold not any grudge, but what has been seen cannot be unseen, as stated, I have seen how much respect you return. jaclaz
  13. Increase partition size

    Yes and no. Meaning that you now have (from what you report) the Windows 7 Operating system loaded (maybe "monolithically", maybe spread onto two partitions, the "boot" and "system" ones) on a partition that is (most probably) at the end of the disk. I don't think that you can "move" the partition from which the OS is running "to the left". Partitions are enlarged "on the right" only, so, in order to be enlarged, a partition needs to be on the left side of the free space. You will need a boot CD/DVD to make the changes, but I don't think that the standard install CD/DVD has anything more than Diskpart (that AFAIK/AFAICR has no provision to "move" partitions). So, you will need either a WinPE or a Linux Live CD of some sort with the appropriate tools. Easiest would most probably be Gparted: https://gparted.org/ as you only need to download it and either butn it to a CD/DVD or reploy it to a USB stick (of course you need a "spare"USB stick stick as contents will be deleted). jaclaz
  14. There wasn't ever a fight, only a senseless attack by you. Well, I didn't. jaclaz