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  1. Well, you miss the history then (you are either too young or too old - and forgetful ). Back in the good ol'days you had DOS (MS-DOS 6.22) on C: FAT16 (and this was *needed*) then you *added* NT 3.5 or NT 4.00 in dual boot, usually on a second volume (to be able to use the NTFS and a larger volume). The Win9x changed this because it was mainly a shell over DOS, so you needed anyway the DOS boot files on C:, and at that point it was smarter to have also the Win9x on the same volume, but in the meantime you has (with second release of Windows 95) also FAT32 available that allowed to h
  2. For no apparent reason , some related literature: https://mascotbooks.com/mascot-marketplace/buy-books/childrens/picture-books/do-you-like-blue-like-i-like-blue/ jaclaz
  3. No, there is not any such limitation for Vista+. There is the need of a "boot" (what the MS guys call "system") volume, i.e. an active, primary partition (which normally would get a C: drive letter) where the boot files must reside (i.e. namely) NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM and BOOT.INI for XP and BOOTMGR and \boot\BCD for Vista, then you can have (say) XP on another volume, let's say D: and Vista in yet another volume, let's say E: (or viceversa, XP on E: and Vista on D:) these other volumes can be either primary partitions or .logical voluems inside extended As an example, I have (or have h
  4. Whether odd or not, it depends on the point of view (beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder) While I can well understand how a "special/custom" case (which is in open view) may be sometimes *needed* and while I can well understand the "modders" (yeah, those that have windowed cases that actually show the inside) I find more difficult to understand how the colours that you can see only when opening the case (which for cleaning/maintenance may happen when? once every six months or so) can actually affect your aesthetic taste to the point to prefer a brand of Ram over another onl
  5. I thought I had seen everything on the internet, but I was evidently wrong, very interesting. Could be an idea for the manufacturers, offering motherboards (and their connectors), Ram sticks, etc. in a limited number of RAL colours. jaclaz
  6. Yep, but the other thread is also started by the same Joaquim and apparently on exactly the same topic. jaclaz
  7. Which - unless I am mistaken - brings up back to this: jaclaz
  8. No, not a good idea IMHO. My advice is don't do it, as it is pretty much unneeded. You see why I had to specify the no ifs/no buts? I mean, my original points #1 to #2 cost nothing or next to nothing in terms of money and nothing (like 1/2 hour or so) in terms of time, should they actually work and solve the issue, from #3 on they start costing both in money and time, a Windows repair on hardware that is presumably intermittently faulty (or on a filesystem that for *some reason* cannot be fixed by CHKDSK) is unlikely to be anything more than some wasted time (but of course
  9. The no ifs/no buts was in point #2 about replacing the SATA cable, not the disk/ssd (which is conditional in point #3). But there are no problems (normally) in cloning the disk to a new one or - better - making an image of it and then deploy the image to a new device, the result will be the old os/install running on a brand new device,no need to reinstalll, of course, unlike the SATA cables that has a trifling cost, the new device will have a cost. The fact that you have CHKDSK autorunning means that you are experiencing some kind of filesystem corruption that could be due to any of:
  10. More than RAM, at first sight they seem more like disk issues. What I would do: 1) remove all RAM modules and clean the contacts (with compressed air on the motherboard and with a rubber eraser on the actual modules), rest them. 2) replace the disk (SATA) cable (no, buts, no whys, no perhaps, no what if instead, no nothing, just replace it with a new one) 3) if the errors/problems continue to happen test the hard disk (or SSD) with the manufacturer's diagnostics and if these show anything different from "passed" or "no errors" replace it 4) test the memory with memtest, as well
  11. But IF it was a phone, it would have had sleep working .... jaclaz
  12. WHICH software/driver? Afaik it does exist logitech drivers version 13.51.823.0 that should be Windows 2000 compatible (even if listed as XP and later). https://webcamtests.com/drivers/logitech/logitech-all_13.51.823.0-camera-driver-for-windows-xp-vista-7-8-8.1-10-x86 The above is a "plain" .zip, no installer, no idea if it will work for you. There is also an earlier version: https://webcamtests.com/drivers/logitech/logitech-all_13.1.1021.0-camera-driver-for-windows-xp-vista-7-8-8.1-10-x86 jaclaz
  13. Perhaps suddenly lumping (together) pinned and unpinned threads ? Reference/inspiration : https://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=1658 jaclaz P.S. I am usually half-serious, which can also be seen as half-funny, depending on the point of view ...
  14. Pinning, unpinning, my head is spinning ... jaclaz
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