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  1. Maybe useful, maybe not: https://web.archive.org/web/20070209113754/http://www.tbcnet.com/~clive/vcomwinp.html#VXDLIB jaclaz
  2. I think I'll sleep well as always tonight. from: https://blog.0patch.com/2021/01/local-privilege-escalation-0day-in.html jaclaz
  3. I wonder if it could be an issue related to some "default" or "pre-set" settings in the driver (only in the NT 4.00 version) or in the registry that is incompatible with your monitor. Cannot say if there is a way or a program like setres (setres won't likely work in NT 4.00): https://atrandom.iansharpe.com/setres.php to set the resolution and the refresh rate to some basic vga setting, like 640x480@60Hz Good ol' PoweStrip should work on NT 4.00, but cannot say if it could be useful in safe mode: https://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/ps.shtm jaclaz
  4. Yes, but googling for the file name should be possible to find a copy: 77.56_winnt4_english.exe Then it has to be seen if they are actually suitable to your card . jaclaz
  5. Yep, I know. The 77.72 is strangely listed as having been released earlier than the 77.18 and than the 77.56: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/winnt-archive/ maybe they are worth a try . jaclaz
  6. It seems to me like you already pinpointed the issue, those drivers are not good (at least on your board). Have you tried the VBEMP driver? jaclaz
  7. Good. You need to be anyway careful when (if) you need to use partitioning software or similar, as the 0x00 to any of them will likely look like an empty partition slot and thus "free" and usable, with the risk of overwriting the address data. jaclaz
  8. Anecdata: Yesterday came in a telephone technician to fix/replace the central unit of an old (but not exactly "ancient", this particular one was installed 2004 or so and was in production until 2014 or so) telephone switchbox/PBX, manufacturer Bosch/Tenovis/Avaya . The thingy is programmed/configured via a serial through a proprietary configuration software. The technician had a (high end) HP notebook running Windows 10 that was used only to run an XP virtual machine in which the Avaya software ran. He told me that he has also a 7 VM on the same netbook because other propri
  9. Foreword: I am notoriously cheap (besides old and grumpy). The story: I was gifted a couple (first one and a few months later the second) of non-working ASUS EEE PC model 1201T. both machines, with very little signs on wear on the exterior, clearly not excessively used/abused. showed the same symptom, on power on five leds (more specifically the one of the on/off button on top right, the one of the touchpad on/off button on top left and three on the bottom right, i.e. power, disk and wi-fi) were on, solid blue, the fan spinned, you could hear/sense the hd spinning BUT completely blank
  10. Only to confirm your impression, but on the very opposite side of the spectrum (low power machines, where a comparison is more likely to show noticeable differences). I just got two extremely el-cheapo (and old but in themselves "good enough") netbooks, identical, Asus EEE PC 12.1" 1201T (a not-so-common model sporting an AMD MV-40 processor). These machines are (were) intended as "pure" netbooks, i.e. minimal browsing and "normal" everyday activities in a rather light and portable format with a several hours lasting battery. Put on them both the max RAM (2 GB) and new 240 GB
  11. Only as a side-side note, System Explorer: http://systemexplorer.net/ seems like not that bad (and it can show processes full paths, among many other things) jaclaz
  12. Let's see if I can use one of my (in)famous book comparison. There is a book of - say - 100 pages total, on which first page (page at offset 0) there is an index, like this: if you go to page 90 you find a page: So you have: total 100 pages, Now, this exact same book could be instead be made as follows, on 1st page (page at offset 0): if you go to page 90 you find a page: It is clear that the contents, in both cases, is in the same place, i.e. Chapter 1 on pages 1-89 and Appendix A on pages 91-99, the only difference is that they are in
  13. Again: 1) it is due to the original partitioning, the cloning is "innocent" 2) it can be (could have been) easily fixed I tried explaining the basics, if you had questions you could have asked them . Anyway: 1) the entry in the MBR is for the extents of the extended partition 2) normally the simplest way out would be to enlarge the extents of the extended partition (leaving the volume inside it as is) and later expand the volume 3) BUT in a dual-boot with XP and Windows 7 having a logical volume inside extended is not safe 4) hence it is advised to convert the logic
  14. @Areba21 What you essentially want (IMHO) is a "scrambler", i.e. a bike with a lowish seat/baricentre and large handlebar, very manageable for a new driver, that runs smoothly on road but that can do even some light off road or dirt track . The original Ducati Scrambler (to give you an idea): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducati_Scrambler The current models (1100) are stupidly powerful, the 800 is already more than enough: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducati_Scrambler_(2015) the 400 is a de-powered version that would suit you anyway, no idea if these are common/a
  15. The MBR contains (besides BIOS boot code) a "structure" called partition table. Partition addresses are written to it. There are 4 "slots" or "entries" possible in it. Primary partitions addresses are written there "directly". Extended partition address (type 0x05 or 0x0F) point to another sector, the EMBR that still has 4 slots but of which only 2 are ever used: #0 the address of the first logical volume inside extended #1 the address of the next (E)MBR Any partition (primary or extended) on any disk have addresses in the MBR, which is thus ALWAYS relevant, no mat
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