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  1. Extreme speed, thank you! (12, rebuild 5) Edit: Examples, could have the reload: frogfind.com: Page fully loaded after 157 ms (0.16 s)! - average 0.2 s. google.com: Page fully loaded after 248 ms (0.25 s)! - av 0.28 s. - with gstatic started... html5test.com: ".. 535 OUT OF 555 POINTS" "You are using Chrome Dev 93.0.4577.82 on Windows 7" - thanks to user-agent added in 360Loader.ini. ..so NO MORE getting an outdated browser warning on etsy.com!
  2. @ArcticFoxie, Could you make sure that your new 360Chrome rebuilds are saved in your respective main folders (i.e. that they save the new one on top of the previous one, to avoid multiplying them...), please? I would be happy to have rebuilds loaded in your respective main folders, please... Which of your v12 and v13 builds do you consider to be main? PS. I use WinRAR.
  3. Thank you! ..and this cloudflare ESNI checker: https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/encrypted-sni/
  4. Thank you, @ArcticFoxie! Works very good! No more "Enable DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS)" possibility in Settings/Advanced? Have you enabled it already?
  5. I'm stick with 1.26.2 version of uBlock O. (the one before the horrible changes in the GUI (uBlock popup) and the tabs inside uBlock, which I don't like at all! [But if you want a newer version of uBlock O., and want to use the old (classic) popup panel, set uiFlavor to classic in advanced settings (three cogwheels), then click Apply changes button. But this does not change the interior tabs]. If it's about blurred fonts problem: when you don't want remote fonts on the website, the first time you mark this in the uBlock GUI, nothing happens, cause it doesn't fit in "My rules" tab of uBlock - but this no-remote-fonts rule is written after browser restart, and is honored on subsequent restarts too, OK? But with this older uBlock version, (which is put automatically in first position in the extensions page), after each browser restart, have now nag popup, dialog box: "Disable developer mode extensions", near uBlock icon... This is a Chrome issue not a uBlock issue, we learn on the web... This popup block action of other extensions, until moment of cancelling this popup. "since Chrome 33 the "dev mode extension" dialog is always shown at chrome startup and cannot be disabled"...uh huh? ... I've found another easy solution to make this dialog box disappear: each time after browser restart, click Esc keyboard key... PS: Thank you @ArcticFoxie, but I've found this same solution since yesterday... thank you as well!.. After my Windows XP SP2 start, I've RAM used 276 MB/3071 MB of memory. Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (Conroe). In Process Hacker: System Idle Process and 12 processes only including 3 svchost.exe. 18 services are started. I've tweaked this Windows a long time ago... since many years no reinstall of Windows, not installing additional software, regularly cleaning and defragmentation, so all running fine. I'm able to see the desktop after about 20 seconds.
  6. Very true, awesome browser version, all 12 and 13 versions! Stable, quick, privacy enhanced, and secure!
  7. yes I've this same, weird bip if click and browser becomes unresponsive, and no more right click. I've to Log out of Windows and log back in.
  8. I don't know...In Advanced/Web Content - under Customize fonts, I've increased the Minimum Font Size, and then set page zoom on 120% for All pages, and under UI style notched Use custom font size 11... it's sufficient to me. Fix poor font-rendering in Chrome on Windows: https://coderwall.com/p/9tecwq/fix-poor-font-rendering-in-chrome-on-windows I've changed Accelerated 2D canvas (under chrome://flags) - but to no avail..then return to the default setting. Font Rendering Enhancer for Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/font-rendering-enhancer/hmbmmdjlcdediglgfcdkhinjdelkiock?ucbcb=1 Version, Updated July 2, 2014, Size 567KiB - I don't use it or other extension like this, for now ... ... Besides: In the setings/Advanced/Smooth Scrolling/Enable smooth scrolling (if notched) - but I don't see any difference if scrolling...
  9. app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor 17.1.2 Behind The Overlay 0.2.0 Neat URL 5.0.0 One-Click JavaScript Toggle 1.5.2 Popup Blocker (Lite) 0.1.7 Popup Blocker (strict) 0.6.6 uBlock Origin 1.37.2 - (but this same problem I've with latest uBlock Origin development build Thanks, @ArcticFoxie...
  10. In fact, if you don't have any particular needs (being a graphic designer, architect, etc.), it would be better to have the WebGL (which means Web Graphic Library, for the rendering of 2D and 3D graphics) disabled in the browser. And this way to have more privacy, increase your online anonymity... by cutting this link of contribution to creating a unique browser fingerprint, and with Google (if it is a "radio garden"). So we have to thank @ArcticFoxie for giving us this choice with his 360Chrome versions with disabled WebGL. To check the WebGL fingerprinting of your browser, use this page of Browserleaks: WebGl Browser Report: https://browserleaks.com/webgl ..or deviceinfo.me: https://www.deviceinfo.me/ We have huge choice of internet radio players, e.g: http://player.radiocoalition.org/carolinaclassichits?l
  11. Yes @XPerceniol, I'm getting this same: "it will load for a millisecond and then goes to blank page on ST." But now, each time before I go on imgur, I visit https://imgur.com/beta/disable like @UCyborg wrote (and another member has said recently too): "Workaround for Imgur, visit https://imgur.com/beta/disable to opt out of the beta program."
  12. Thank you very much @Humming Owl for your detailed answer, I tried different possibilities in your recommendations, but nothing worked for me... Please tell me if you have similar problems on the first page, with blurred font websites and uBlock O. ... In fact uBlock is NOT able to switch to good fonts rendering from the blurred test website on the first tab. If after browser restart I have this test website with nice fonts (so corrected with uBlock before restart), on this first tab only once it can render the blurred fonts as originally blurred (if I switch rendering of website fonts in uBlock), but then it can't come back to see the good fonts, if I block again remote fonts of this website in uBlock, still on this first tab. Uh, I apologize for conveying my thoughts in such a fuzzy way! I tried to express myself as clearly as possible... Some other examples of websites with blurry fonts, for your tests: https://swisscows.com/?culture=en https://private.sh/ https://search.norton.com/ http://radio.garden/listen/carolina-classic-hits/qNu31BgE Yes we are able to listen to Radio Garden in @Humming Owl versions 12 and 13 of 360Chrome, without changing any flags! Edit: - but in @ArcticFoxie 12 and 13 versions of 360Chrome, Radio Garden demand first the WebGL ... "This experience requires WebGL"... Edit2: Fonts: This is the problem in the current page, if I wish to make change in the uBlock O. website fonts - no reaction on the page fonts if I want to improve them, but make fuzzy - yes, the page can become blurred thanks to uBlock... I do NOT have this problem in all Roytam1 forks, change is immediate as many times as I want. So this problem is created by the 360Chrome bug or incompatibility with my Windows XP SP2 version, I think...
  13. Thank you @ArcticFoxie for your quick reply! ALL these settings you mention are disabled here originally, in my all 4 360Chrome versions (two 12 and two 13). But this fonts problem is not serious at all for me (yet Roytam1 firefox based browsers don't have this problem, uBlock O. works instantly!). Only rare websites have blurred fonts, and the solution for me is not difficult at all...so Maybe the fault is due to my version of Windows XP SP2 I think... Or maybe my uBlock O. newest version?... Your 360Chrome two versions, I like them a lot, nice icon, theme... but most of all I like the security, privacy of these awesome 360Chrome browser all 4 versions (two 12 and two 13). The 11 won't work here. Extensions I've downloaded: uBlock O., Neat URL, two Popup Blockers, JS toggle, Behind The Overlay, app. tel. Page Speed Monitor... Based on the Chrome, I've Slimjet, Iron and Cent Browser too, but I don't use them anymore.
  14. Thanks a lot @Humming Owl and @ArcticFoxie for your versions 12 and 13 of 360Chrome I downloaded recently! - I finally have browsers that play Youtube videos without any problem... my best regards to both of you! I have a little problem though: If the font is blurred, fuzzy on some websites, no immediate reaction on the same tab, if in uBlock Origin latest version 1.37.2 I block remote fonts on this website. ...after setting uBlock to deny remote fonts on the website, no immediate reaction, the font stays blurred after restarting Ublock or the page... But if I then copy this website in the new tab (or after I restart the browser) (with Ublock set blocking remote fonts on this website), the font is no more blurred in this new tab (or after I restart the browser). All this in Humming Owl's and ArcticFoxie's 360Chrome versions 12 and 13. Examples of websites with natively blurred fonts: https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/ematrix/ and https://lehollandaisvolant.net/?d=2020/01/02/11/28/39-ma-liste-des-tweaks-aboutconfig-dans-firefox Thank you very much, both of you, for a very cool 360Chrome versions!
  15. Hello, @roytam1, could you review the latest code changes of new latest Basilisk MOEBIUS (Serpent 55) from 20210327, Win32: http://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk55-win32-git-20210327-2b3213dec-xpmod.7z I find it less responsive (on all websites) than all previous versions of Serpent 55. By measuring the page speed with app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor extension: there is the problem of larger values for App cache, DNS lookup, TCP connection, then onload event (Page fully loaded...) also becomes longer. Problem (on the last version of Serpent 55 from 20210327): with the last 3 versions of this add-on which are on AMO (17 series...): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/apptelemetry/ - with refresh page, icon blinks twice... once when clicking, and second time when giving the page speed result. There is no such double flashing with the older version (e.g. 16.1.3.xpi) of this app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor found on web.archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20191029181242/https://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/377584/index.html Thank you in advance...
  16. Attention please, "previously used domain" link (....ml) it serves the malware, don't click on it, if you don't have enough defenses.... I think all "previously used domain" (....ml) links should be removed from msfn.org.
  17. Some online checks of https/o.rthost.win https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/https/o.rthost.win https://cspvalidator.org/#url=https://o.rthost.win/ https://mxtoolbox.com/emailhealth/o.rthost.win/ https://www.urlvoid.com/scan/o.rthost.win/ - Nothig found... Blacklist status: 0/35 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/url - One (of 83) engine detected this URL - Bitdefender... http://trafficlight.bitdefender.com/info?url=https%3A%2F%2Fo.rthost.win%2F&language=en_US - We haven't seen any suspicious activity...
  18. If you use Bitdefender TrafficLight extension in your browser... After recent update of TrafficLight, you're NOT able to download from rthost.win - so add rthost.win to the EXCEPTIONS list in the Bitdefender TrafficLight pop-up window (click first on the gear button...) - like me. Thanks... EDIT: This download problem only occurs with the newest Bitdefender TrafficLight versions from addons.mozilla.org (I had the latest version 3.1.4), on Moebius browser (Serpent 55). With legacy version (Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox v. from web.archive.org, I've NO problem.
  19. Thank you, - I've set now New Name, boolean, in Moebius 55. And what you think (looking for better performance and security too) to set security.ssl.errorReporting.enabled to false? I've it set to true (default). toolkit.telemetry.reportingpolicy.firstRun I've set to false. toolkit.telemetry.enabled I've set false (default). toolkit.telemetry.unified I've user set to false... Reddit topic to read:
  20. Thank you, Siria, for telling everything. Those are my thoughts too, you know. These browsers should be made for everyone, our wives, the little ones.... they should be popular - they well deserve it! We have to ask roytam1 very kindly to add the necessary code for those browsers, which are missing it (e.g. codecs to play all HTML5 videos ... possibility to download more extensions ...) - already Moebius 55, Serpent 52 and New Moon 28 are as it should be. I'd like to play the videos on Arctic Fox... And maybe roytam1 is preparing a nice surprise with a new browser based on FF. 56 or 57 ... who knows. On branding, I'm for RFox only: RFox 28, RFox 52 etc.
  21. In the latest NEW MOON 28.9 20200104 I've: Session Ticket Support Improvable
  22. So your "Mainboard ... has capacitors plague... some capacitors are ill or dead." "you see endless problems." but can do nothing now... I think that your PC is dead, change it then. Hm haha I get impression that some of your postings sometimes "doesn't mean anything" to me, and are wroted by an Microsoft "messenger" (no offense, an assumption, supposition only) to laugh, distract and impoverish the valuable content of this forum ... There were some entertainment on another forum...: I remember the old forum.sysinternals.com, where there were topics made expressly by people playing senile, who wanted to get the impression that they were technically up to date, but in fact their posts were meant to distract, entertain and increase the good mood of those reading these topics... I laughed a lot reading these "professional" topics in forum.sysinternals.com... So you too are sent by Microsoft, please? Perhaps the moderators can make a special topic only for you, with all your posts?...what do you think, please?
  23. @roytam1, - NO problems! Today: In the latest New Moon 28.9.0a1: - No messages, if click on Messages button, then on conversations topics in the user bar on the top of the page, - NOW have the messages - in "My filters" in uBlock, deleted these lines of msfn and messages are here, sorry! -but have images in Google Images search results, OK, so Google's yesterday fault. In the latest Serpent 52.9.0, and Moebius 55: -is OK, I've found Messages button under three bars at the right top of the page!
  24. What would the excavator have to do with my system, please? Dig something up? What? Some minerals? OK, I'm kidding... Ged rid of Google translator very bad, here you have the decent DeepL translator (en English version) I use: https://www.deepl.com/en/translator ----------------------------------------------- I think like you: "Blocking dangerous files by the browser is illusory and charges the browser." So why it's good to set to false all "safebrowsing" items in about:config (Moebius 55, FF 45...) - first unnotch security cases under Options/Security tab. Then if you wish, download Bitdefender TrafficLight (have version in Moebius 55, and signed in New Moon ...). Thank you for your screenshot about safebrowsing items set to false! EDIT: DeepL Polish version: https://www.deepl.com/pl/translator

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