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  1. I have to admit - it's a tad weird talking about modern mobile platforms on MSFN. It was the opposite phenomenon I felt in the 1990s, being that I was the only guy still playing vinyl in a CD world. I prefer the simplicity of the LG e-mail app, and I would like to run it on my two Samsung tablets. The app (which i obtained from the APK sites) will install just fine, but is unable to start. I'm running a version that's correct fro the platform I'm on. I tried version 7x on my Oreo tablet, and versions 5x and 6x were both tried on this Nougat tablet. Does anyone know how to possib
  2. I use v1.3.5 and it's reliable. In fact it looks more like XP than the 1.4 beta. You may wait a LONG time for the RTM. There is also XP Explorer.
  3. There is Explorer++ that can be used on Vista/7/8 that will give you an "XP-esque" experience, including the "up" button.
  4. Security Only Quality Update is KB4598297. There are no other .NET of Flash updates. There is a special Secure Boot Update for preventing installation of a rootkit - KB4535680
  5. It's been some time since I've posted that. I now use Waterfox G3 quite happily.
  6. Just one lone update from Server 2012 to apply for December 2020: KB4592497 Still going strong with Windows 8.
  7. But the more compatible you make it, the more RAM it will take up. Websites, data sets and scripts are just too large to run in small amounts of RAM. I'm running Windows 8 with the old Vista mail client Windows Mail kludged in. Right now, it occupies 25.5 MB. Notepad, teensy weensy Notepad with a blank page takes 1 MB. What you want is something with the overhead of Windows 95, that yet can browse the modern web - WILL NOT HAPPEN
  8. In Windows 8, I just want to keep the integrated Flash engine (which I believe is ActiveX) for local offline use. I like to play Yeti Sports games. Hopefully that isn't time bombed.
  9. I had used Vista with an HP xw8200 workstation, running with 7 GB off DDR2 RAM, and two Xeon 3.68 GHz CPUs. The system had two 73 GB Fijitsu U320 SCSI disks at 10 K RPM.
  10. I have seen those topics for Vista and other OSs; that's what prompted me to ask for clarification. Well, here goes: I use an HP xw8600 PC (which looks like my old xw8200, but it's a tad beefier), and it contains Two Intel Xeon Core2 Quad 3.2 GHz Processors 16 GB DDR2 800 MHz Memory nVidia Quadro FX 3800 PCI-E Video Adapter Realtek HD Audio Adapter (Integrated) Two Seagate Cheetah 300 GB SAS Disks (15 K RPM) Two CPU Fans and a Larger Case Fan for cooling Two LSI 3000 SAS Adapters Samsung SyncMaster 213T 21" 4x3 Flat Screen (at 1600x1200 resolution)
  11. Are you talking about hardware configuration? Use? Problems? What exactly are you wanting to hear about? Does it count if I use Windows 8, as opposed to 8.1?
  12. OK cool. Then I guess I should stick to the native release. I'm planning on running the Photonic theme to give a flat, up to date look, so you've answered my question
  13. I'm not. I'm running Windows Mail (originally pulled from Vista) on Windows 8. I'm replacing that once my mail is organized and backed up.
  14. How do you find it better DanR20? I'm moving to Interlink Mail and News in January. I would run Roytam1's version but there is no interest (last that I check) in making an x64 build yet, is there?
  15. I actually forgot that was indeed the original reason I chose Windows 8 x64. I was using an HP xw8200 system with Dual Xeon 3.68 GHz CPUs. They were the Netburst architecture.. At the time, it ran Windows 8 just peachy, but I went back to Vista on that system, before I decommissioned it.
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