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  1. Finally! Some updates for those of us that prefer portables. Version is now available https://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/346189-all-the-latest-microsoft-chromium-edge-installers-for-windows/
  2. There was an updated version of the Classic Theme hack that makes IE 11 (or 10) and Control Panel work EDIT: Here ya go:
  3. I am using Edge on Android. On that platform, I really like it, but on the desktop, I want more customization.
  4. Well this morning, I have ads back
  5. Well xper fixed whatever it was, so thankfully I didn't need to try any of that. But thanks for the suggestions
  6. Oh Yeah! Thanks Xper....lol. So it was an actual issue then?
  7. I'm running Firefox ESR 60, so I don't "think" my release has the built in trackers. I tried Microsoft Edge Chromium and ads are also disabled. Plus I notice the ad placeholder is gone - uBlock Origin is disabled on both Edge and Firefox Quantum. I made another thread about the shrinking width of the MSFN web page as well. It used to occupy the full width of my large Samsung monitor, but now has thick margins. It runs wider on my Surface RT tablet, but there still are margins.
  8. Hey Guys, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 213T screen which is nearly 22" in size. The nice thing about is, is that I can view a page in a wide mode (just like a widescreen), but also have a lot more vertical real estate (since it's a 4x3 screen) MSFN used to take up the entire width of the page, but now the margins on the left and right are nearly an inch thick. So now, it appears like it would on a smaller 4x3 monitor? Any takers? Thanks for the help.
  9. Wow! Nothing eh? This must've been a hard one
  10. All has been quiet on the nSane forums (regarding Edge Canary Portable) since I last posted. I fear that I'm losing interest, especially now the rumour is that Google Chrome will use Manifest v3 to restrict the effectiveness of Ad-Blocking software.
  11. Comodo was working last time I used it. The upgrade to v11 seemed to slow it down a bit. Edit: There are three XP stations I currently have on the bench for friends. In each case, I've removed MSE, and just opted for Malwarebytes v1.75 (with current definitions)
  12. Yeah I just checked to make sure my uBlock Origin is turned off - it is for this site.
  13. @erpdude8 Ouch! Sorry that happened to you. As of right now, I'm only installing the IE10 and Flash updates. My security-only updates stop at November 2017, but that will change at the end of the year. I figure when I update to the next Firefox ESR (or whichever browser I move to), I will also install all of the security-only updates since then (except for the Spectre and Meltdown ones from a year ago).
  14. I know this sounds picky, but in Windows 7 and Windows 8x, how do I restore the "proper" Documents icon? By proper, I mean the one that actually shows the Location tab in the Properties menu. I have it as a shortcut, but I want the actual icon on the desktop. Thanks folks EDIT: Basically, I want to open this below as a desktop shortcut - BUT I want to right-click on it and see the "Location" tab in there too. shell:UsersFilesFolder\Documents
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