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  1. Yes but we're not all coders. I see people putting putting in all sorts of request here all of the time. MSFN developers, while admittedly of their own kindness, do this because they know there is an audience for it. It builds expectation, plain and simple. In other words, I'm going to feel at all poorly about my wishes when I see other making requests left, right and centre here - ALL THE TIME.
  2. Oh neither do I. Although I have seen stranger changes of heart, so I never say never. Besides, some of the best things I've ever achieved I had to apply pressure to get. It was worth it. No, you don't win 'em all, but you do win some.
  3. To you it isn't justifiable, but the application WAS originally x64. Your lack of agreement doesn't make me wrong. I want x64 applications on an x64 OS. Nothing unreasonable able that at all. Plus I would think the XP x64 Edition folks would love it. Anyway, I'll remain stubborn.
  4. You seem reasonable. I wish you would also take over Tobin's Interlink project so that those of us who like it can have an x64 version of it. Roytam1 refuses to oblige, Sigh!
  5. As for feeling a sense of "responsibility" for keeping up with changes, I don't 100% agree with that. I do feel that there is a valid option of just wanting being a "consumer" of things. I don't need to know how my toaster works, and if I feel a need to ask someone once a year because the interest strikes me, I'll have at it. That may seem argumentative to some, but it's not intended to be at all - simply an observation and point of views, and a perfect valid one at that. Changelogs contain LOTS of content and many may be too busy to read through that. Likewise @VistaLover, you also have no responsibility to answer my questions, and while I really appreciate that you did, I won't be made to feel like I I somehow put you out because I asked. That's not meant to be confrontational, so I hope it's heard in the spirit that it's meant.
  6. Vistalover Wrote: This is a fork of the official UXP platform repo (see above); the tracking branch of that repo follows more closely the master branch of the official UXP platform (see above); the forked UXP repo, by now, is different to the original one in various ways, one of which is in restoring WinXP+Vista support (which also entails several lib differences, like in ffvpx), another one is keeping Mozilla features MCP have dumped long ago (e.g. Web Extensions, Tab Containers, half-baked e10s code, EME, e.a); also, the NSS lib in "our" browsers is somewhat different to the one MCP maintain; that is why profiles between the official apps and roytam1 apps aren't 100% interchangeable... So see, I'm glad I asked again because when I started following this years ago, I really thought that New Moon 27 was just Pale Moon 27 modified to run on XP and Vista, and that every update since then was the same comparative. Likewise for Pale Moon 28 vs New Moon 28. I DID realize that never releases kept the 28x versioning, though in fairness to myself, I DID go and look in the first posts of this thread where we're told that was explained, and I didn't see that explanation (I I only add that point to show I did research again before asking)
  7. I will re-read it, but you must understand that I also get things change, and some people (me for example) are just too busy to read through pages of threads. Sometimes we also just forget. So I don't feel bad about being "ignorant" about it. I've learned to ask as I please, and not feel badly about it. There's nothing wrong with re-visiting a question. It's not meant to inconvenience people in the least. That I promise. And I do thank you for the explanation.
  8. So I take it when the newest Serpent 52 is released, is that really just the latest version of Basilisk ported to XP/Vista? Likewise, if I use the latest version of New Moon 28, is that really the same as Pale Moon 33x? Without getting into confusing changelogs, how different are they?
  9. I'm not chasing you, so stop flattering yourself. But when I see crap behaviour, I'll make it my business to point it out as a good citizen. But I get it now. Your mantra if, "If I disagree with you, I'll treat you poorly." Thanks I got it loud and clear. I wish the admins of this board would do something about your behaviour (by that I mean collectively you, Dixel, and Saxon). Many of us other have been pulled aside and given warnings for WAY LESS.
  10. What's wrong with you D.Draker? You and Dixel (starting to think you're one and the same) are acting horribly and unreasonably to people - some who are very long time members here. Keep it over in your own threads if you must. You've could have easily said, "I didn't experience the same symptoms as you did." or something of the like, but you just attack first without thinking or considering who you might be talking to.
  11. I dunno - doesn't sound consistent to me. I think you are trying to dictate terms here, and I don't see "Admin" by your name. The difference in versions of Chromium (360 vs Supermium) is neither here nor there. You and your pack are the only ones making a huge deal of this. No one that has been here for any significant amount of time has any problems with the "issues" you have with our comparisons. I think we'll all just go on and post how we want. Anyway, it was noted that Dibya started this thread any way, not Win32. So let's agree to co-exist cordially, shall we?
  12. Wait! Isn't this an off-topic comparison to another browser? Dixel! For Shame! Terrible
  13. It had NOTHING to do with you being a girl. In fact I make no judgements of gender. We're all equals here. So let's not turn this into a direction that it never had to go into.
  14. And this ... how is such discussion "letting a project down?" I mean really!!! Are we trying to grow a market for Kleenex tissues here? Unbelievable. I just ... don't know what to think. And here I though I was sensitive!
  15. I'm sorry, but that sort of thinking is taking this all WAY TOO PERSONALLY! And sure, you can stop by one of my thread's and make comparisons to something else. That's called "discussion". At the end of the day, it's just technology. By the way no one owns threads here. Even on Roytam1s and NotHere's threads, people make comparisons to things. For example, a few posts yet, I praised Supermium because it game Vista a real contender for the modern web. It beats out Roytam1s and NotHere's offerings (in my mind). So by your logic, are we not allowed to say that? It's perfectly a relevant comparison.
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