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  1. Not so fast. I like playing some locally installed Flash games (such as YetiSports), which utilize the integrated ActiveX Flash plugin. If I install the July 2021 updates - it's bye bye Flash, so my updating days on Windows 8 may be ground to a halt.
  2. I am considering installing an older Adobe-supplied ActiveX Flash plugin - one that isn't time-bombed that is. Then I can install the latest update that removes the integrated Flash. Has anyone tried this?
  3. As of July 2021, all of the new security only updates for Server 2012 (including KB5004294 and KB5004960) now will remove the Adobe Flash Component from Windows 8. I enjoy playing some locally run flash games like YetiSports, so this is a deal breaker for me. I'll keep you posted on my next course of action.
  4. Yes I run Windows 8 using Server 2012 updates. It's a very tamed system. And Classic Shell curbs those UI woes. Besides, all of the classic Control Panel items are present. Nothing wrong with Windows 8.
  5. Hey relax a little. I'm not here everyday. I was just hoping @greenhillmaniac was OK. I just wondered what happened. So I'm not trying to get "worked up" I'll edit the first post
  6. Ewwww - I have no idea. I keep my own backups of the updates, so I hardly used his library. @greenhillmaniac, care to chime in?
  7. Look through this thread. @greenhillmaniac maintains a site that has all of the updates.
  8. KB5000840 is available from the Microsoft Catalog
  9. You have certainly helped @VistaLover. And that was my thinking that if they stay on official Basilisk for the meantime, they will be fine. They don't stray to different sites all that much. No online banking is done AT ALL. When it comes time to switch to Serpent, there aren't many passwords they store at all, So I don't worry about that in the least bit whatsoever.
  10. Sure less calls, but now they can't run their Flash games. Just like the new CD player won;t spin their 78s (just a joke but you see what I mean?) In this case, not teaching a old dog new tricks is letting them compute like it's 2005. Oh wait, that's the same mandate as MSFN :p (kidding ......lol)
  11. Nope not stepping on toes at all. Here's what the situation is. My parents are in their late 70s. They migrated from a failing Windows XP machine to an i5 based Windows 7 machine. Now they used to play all sorts of 16-bit Windows games (ala Windows Entertainment Pack from the 1990s). These just worked on XP, so I wasn't about to just teach my folks how to use DOSBox and run customized Win 3x sessions for each game, or even set up Windows 3.1 in a virtual DOSBox for them to use - just too confusing. So I had the vendor preload Windows 7 x86 (and it's a sad thing too because he inadvertently installed 32 GB of RAM - I only asked him to install 4 GB). Anyway, their games run with aplomb! Next for browsing they use to use New Moon 27, so I decided to get them onto something a wee bit more modern, but that could also use an older Flash plugin. They play these online Flash games, and they love them. I'm sure that the sites aren't really maintained anymore, and won't ever be switching to HTML5. So I settled on Basilisk 32-bit. My folks really liked the looks of my Waterfox browser (which is Quantum based), so I used Classic Theme Restorer with the Photonic theme (I think it's from JustOff) to mimic Quantum. I did a pretty good job, and they love it. I almost wanted to use it. My mom can follow instructions fairly well, but for serious fixes, I just take care of it during visits. As it stands, there's not much to teach. For what they use it for, Basilisk just woks, and I'm sure Serpent substituted in will be fine. They used Pale Moon for quite some time, and then New Moon later. Again everything just worked for them, so there's no learning curve that I'm concerned with. I'm just worried that the customizations I have done will cease to work one day, if I switch them to Serpent, and make that dreaded upgrade when the add-on "death day" arrives. I hope that clarifies what I'm concerned about
  12. So let me make sure that I understand this. I have my mom and dad set up with 32-bit official Basilisk on Windows 7. Now that x86 development has stopped, at some point I will need to move them to Serpent 52 if they are to stay up to date. If I do so, will the news about Firefox legacy add-on changes mean that at some point, Classic Theme Restorer will stop working, even if I used an older version, with a version-modified install.rdf included?
  13. Here's the thread on it. https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?t=26204&p=208720
  14. Sure does - don't forget the download link says that the file was deleted
  15. Hey @BYTE-ME Is there a comprehensive list of what the tweaks are? I have a mostly "perfectly" working system, and want to keep installation/uninstallation to an absolute minimum. Cheers! EDIT - Ooops - the file download is gone

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