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  1. For the Interlink Mail and News Client, I tried Matt Tobin's "real" version for 64-bit Windows. Has anyone come across working themes for it? I'd like to "flatten" the look of tabs for Windows 8 when I use the calendar and mail together. Just curious.
  2. Well, since I was having some file/save dialog problems with Firefox ESR on Windows 8, I moved over to Pale Moon 28. I'll stay with it as long as the pages I use work fine. Chromium Edge would have been my next stop. After that - who knows.
  3. That's exactly the difference I meant. Thanks Vistapocalypse
  4. Now does this mean that the new MS Edge will only support Windows 7 for the same period of time?
  5. That hack was just in pre-release builds.
  6. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I have a hard time believing that the user base remaining is that low.
  7. Well, if you're just using the desktop - and you're not planning to use the Metro apps or the touch environment at all, Windows 8 does provide some benefits over Windows 8.1 that are as follows: There are no known telemetry updates in Windows 8 that plague both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Windows 8 does not have any known CPU blocks (which affected update support). Then again, Windows 8 went out of support in January 2016, so any updates you get will be manually applied from Server 2012 anyway (you can get these from the Microsoft Catalog) No GWX Nags! So you have a Windows version that's fairly modern, and that Microsoft leaves pretty much alone. You can't run IE 11 (but that hardly matters). Windows Defender still protects the system with updated definitions.
  8. Well I'm not here to start an argument at all. So all I was saying is that it's terrific for XP users that they have some options. Let's leave it at that :)
  9. I have to concede that was quite a kind gesture. For all I say against you, I'm VERY impressed. Yet oddly enough, I'm more of the same mindset as you are towards continued XP use. Nonetheless, it was a very kind gesture you made towards this crew. Cheers and Merry Christmas!
  10. I checked the GitHub page. Where are you seeing this?
  11. I've installed the November Security-Only updates (including IE10). The December ones are downloaded but I'll install when I shut down the system next week. Only one more IE10 update after this month. I feel really poorly that IE11 blocked Windows 8 from accepting installation.
  12. What sites are you having difficulty with @UCyborg?
  13. The convenience rollup - gotcha. But that's not SP2. Fair enough. :)
  14. There's an SP2 for Windows 7? Do you mean Vista, by chance?
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