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  1. I think for me what was the final nail in the coffin was that older applications (I used an older but more reliable version of u Torrent) stopped loading and unloading reliably once I update Vista past March 2018. So either skipping Spectre and Meltdown patches, or whatever else, simply made Vista run much worse. At this point, if I were to ever go back to an older system, it seems that Windows XP x64 Edition works more reliably. The Roytam1 browser choices are pretty much equal. But in truth, a modified Windows 8 installation (Metro and Start Screen disabled, Classic Shell installed, and Server 2012 patches) runs RINGS around a Vista x64 installation, especially in terms of reliability and performance. I may have started the "Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista Thread", but I got off the ship now. That's OK. We change. That's all part of growth.
  2. I decided to step away from using the Edge offerings on Windows 8. I really like the Edge browser of Android though, so I will continue using it on that platform though.
  3. When it happens again. I will. I cleaned the Event Viewer so I could start fresh. I will submit it next time though.
  4. Well I had hibernate turned off, but I went into the registry and found that the "Hiberboot" key was in fact on. Turned off, and now I'm restarting.
  5. I don't have fast boot enabled (I assume your talking in Windows 8, and not the BIOS) Mine is not an EFI system by the way.. I actually ran a chkdsk /r with the installation DVD-ROM, and it did find bad sectors. It relocated the clusters and marked them as bad.
  6. No - I do not. The machine never reboots or anything like that. I only get it on every few reboots or logins (of my own doing - I mean)
  7. Well it hasn't affected me, so I'll just update again. Can I just install KB4517302? I was doing some experimentation with with the Disk Cleanup "sageset" commands, so my uninstaller might be already removed. I'll have to chack when I arrive home.
  8. By the way - here's the link to the similar problem that someone else experienced. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/event-16-kernel-general/2c7ccff7-7b91-4e16-9d6c-8a16a83393b1
  9. **** FULL DISCLOSURE **** (I also posted this on this DM Eight Forums) Refer to this link, which gives and indication of what I experience now and then in the Event Viewer. Only the first two events are what I get: Event 16, Kernel-General Now it's important to note that I have had no Event 18 show up in Event Viewer, nor have I had sudden reboots. In fact, everything runs fine and seems normal. The last time when this appeared was when I looged out of my workstation, and back in again within a few minutes. I did not restart my system. I only received the first two events for amcache.hve and the reorganization of NTUSER.DAT. Could there be any reason OTHER THAN a hardware failure, that causes this message to appear? Thanks for all of your help.
  10. Yesterday's Security-Only Update (KB4512482) and the IE 10 update (KB4511872) are installed. No apparent performance impacts. :)
  11. You should never feel you cannot say that (or even have to qualify it). A reality check is healthy. For example, I was very big on extending Vista's longevity, but it seems to be experiencing just enough issues or concerns with the latest Server 2008 updates, that it has now become a less attractive option for me. And with Windows 8 running SO well, I can feel good about letting go of past OS releases. I will miss Windows 2000 and Windows XP x64 Edition, but they had their time, and I was fond of it.
  12. @erpdude8 I am darned sure that at any given point, you only need to install the latest Flash update for Windows 8. That's all I do on a new installation.
  13. While it makes sense, I never knew that was the case.
  14. Now that April 2013 ISO - does that include a rollup of updates? How far back does it go?
  15. Are those compatible with the KernelEx and other updates from here?
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