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  1. Sounds like there should be dramatic music here On Windows 8, I plan to stick with Firefox ESR 102, through September, and with Server 2012 updates through October. IF (and it's a big "if") Mozilla extends support to ESR 115, I will stick with Windows 8 for another year. Beyond that, I have a PC all set up with Windows 10 LTSC 2019, all ready to go, and as customized as possible. I have Classic Shell for the Start Menu, and I've used Winaero Tweaker to get it somewhat into submission. So I'm ready as can be. I will say though, I'm feeling a stir of interest over the upcoming Vista SP3. I'd be interested to see what it brings, just for interests' sake.
  2. I will say that just now I've updated Defender, and I received definitions created at 3:34 am this morning. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  3. Crap! That would have been nice to get more noitice
  4. Well what works for me is that there is general site compatibility. I think we're making this harder to answer than it needs to be. It appears that this browser has better compatibility than any of roytam1's offerings. If that's the case, and it works with WebComponents, Facebook, banking sites and YouTube, well then that's my preference. I would like tabs under the address bar, which seems to be the case in one of the screen shots.
  5. Great - that helps a lot. I don't know if I've asked before. If I did it was years ago. And reading through so much of this thread is a lot to do when one has other things going on, so I really appreciate the synopsis. I'm surprise Roytam's build of Serpent 52 beats out Basilisk-Dev's November build in terms of being current - wow! I know that Nightlizard seems to have stopped his experimental builds around late October, so this is good to know. I'm using the x86 Serpent on my Dell notebook running Vista Home Basic, so that's a browser I can use alongside myPal 68.
  6. Basilisk-Dev builds would be akin to Serpent/Basilisk 52. 55 (is that Moebius?) is only updated now and then
  7. After Chromium and Mozilla browsers stop working on Windows 7 and 8x, would you suggest using this browser on either of those operating systems? Other than Blink revisions, are there any caveats?
  8. Hey @roytam1. Are your Serpent builds on par with the new Basilisk builds or Pale Moon 30x builds? I only ask because I see that your versions of New Mon only report as 28x. I wasn't sure if a different version numbering was in effect or if you just backport security updates. Thanks
  9. That's OK. I obtained it. I have a small form factor HP computer setup, ready to go in a year. Once I have to deprecate Windows 8, I have a system to move to.
  10. It was called OpusLuna. Look that up and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. https://www.deviantart.com/b0se/art/Opus-Luna-1-5-4533528
  11. I have to concur with you. Years ago, I was the same way as D.Drake about using XP as a daily driver on the Internet. It irked me that people here didn’t want to conform to the conditions of a Microsoft license. I embraced Vista and never looked back. And I wanted the “Luddites” on MSFN to follow suit. That is until ... Windows 10 I really love Windows 8, as many of you know. I came to see how my usage of an EOL product was misunderstood by some. Now I could see how self-centred I was to the XP fans here. I remembered that until Windows 8 came along, that my installation of Windows XP x64 Edition was likely the most stable and fastest environment I had ever worked on. Before that, I recall my years with Windows 2000 with equally great fondness. So, how could I be such a d—k head to those that wanted to run older environments? Sure, my idea of desirable vintage would be 2012 flat. So while I detest the Mozilla Proton interface and the look of Windows 10, I rather like the look of Windows 8 and Quantum. There was still some sort of dimension with the flatness then. Heck, I wish outlook.com web mail still looked like the Windows 8 style Metro client, like it did until 2015. And while daily Internet use of Windows 2000 and XP baffles me, I shouldn’t impose my feelings on others. Moreover, I’m amazed at some of the progress people here have made getting more recent browsers to work on past OS builds. Roytam1 is a big contributor in this arena, but myPal 68 is an even bigger achievement. Apparently, more modern attempts at browsers on Windows 9x are also being developed. I never thought I’d see that. I've come to realize that MSFN is a haven for vintage computing, plain and simple, and one should embrace that. I wish I had been more gracious years ago.
  12. Such a nasty disposition. Perhaps someone else may care.
  13. Well, even though I tried a few nice ones like "Aero Frost" and "Glow", I settled on just colourizing the title bars for some sort of windowed effect. It looks reasonably nice. I must say, while it's nice to have a Windows 10 LTSC installation I can somewhat enjoy using, I still prefer Windows 8. I just realized that when you remove components form Add/Remove Components, you CANNOT delete the payload in DISM - the way you can on Windows 8x. I'm going to try and get another year out of Windows 8 first, and then migrate to Windows 10, using this LTSV box then.
  14. Thanks I will check out Virtual Customs. It seems to be along the themes of sci-fi and anime, but I will look at the site with an open mind. Thanks so much
  15. Setting up a Windows 10 box on LTSC 2019. I have found a couple of Aero Windows 7-esque styles that apply. However, I was looking for more of them. My old mainstay, DeviantArt, doesn't seem to have the themes and visual styles that they once did. Is there still a place to find several visual styles that I can apply to Windows 10? I have all of the unsigned theme issues taken care of. I just can't find many themes.
  16. Wow! I'm stunned. I thought it had been awhile since we had heard from him. I have to agree with @Sampei.Nihiram in that we're hearing a lot of sad and stunning news lately. These announcements increasinly take the wind out of you. Above all, I appreciate dencorso's help over the years with tech questions. My condolences to those here who knew him best.
  17. No but before April, there were no available updates, and her system could NOT be upgraded past Build 1511. So she was effectively stuck there - well that is until her system DID update. There were no extra drivers to obtain when she maxed out at 1511.
  18. Now this is odd. Somewhere around April of this year, Windows 10 on her Dell XPS 8500 was able to upgrade to 21H2. I only learned because of an update that was alerted to her about the feature update to 22H2 being available. We updated it, and she's now currently updated. What ??? How did this system suddenly become "compatible" with Windows 10 past Build 1511?
  19. Other than a Ghacks article mentioning that Mozilla was not quite decided on its support plans for these OSs, I have not seen any other news on this (which I had hoped would be a bigger story). One theory seems to suggest that the current ESR 102 will be supported until June 2023 (when ESR 115 is released}, or until August 2023 when the last ESR 102 update drops. Has anyone heard any additional information?
  20. Sure it is speculative. But for pages and pages, it seemed to go off topic talking about gaming/video performance that seemed to affect a couple fringe users and not most of us. Any, I'll leave you to it, and also bail on the thread.
  21. Here Hear! This thread was supposed to be about the future of using release versions of Chrome and Chromium on Windows 7. Now it's gone to another place completely. Are there any equivalent threads on Firefox ESR and release versions? Their plans seem a tad up in the air right now.
  22. I wonder if submix8c will pop by again to gasp at the topic bump. As much as I rail against using XP on the Internet, I do use XP SP3 offline as a music server/PC. I just output the sound card to an FM transmitter and play music around the house via FM radios. Otherwise I have an old HP notebook left over at my girlfriend's place, and it runs 32-bit Vista SP2 (plus some Server 2008 updates). I browse with MyPal 68

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