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  1. Just interested in what Roytam1 is considering, now that Moon-Matt are cancelling Basilisk. Would anyone here be interested in taking it over? I use Basilisk as a WebRTC application for work. Perhaps I should consider moving to Serpent 52, even though I'm on Windows 8.
  2. Was that you on the Windows 8 Forum that I spoke with @erpdude8?
  3. I will add that I used Windows RT for a time on a Surface tablet. Mine was based on an ARM build of Windows 8.1. Sadly, the apps store was pretty much dead by 2018, and browsing was pretty much limited to IE11, but that was still halfway usable then. I made a point of using Windows RT solely in Metro mode, so I used only apps, and tried to never go to the desktop. For that purpose, I would say Metro was a nice experience.
  4. To address jaclaz' concern that we are evaluating an OS in a FrankenState of customization, I still will concede that out of the box Windows 8 has been one of the most stable overall versions of Windows I've used. I'd follow that with Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows 2000 Professional. I'm referring to out of the box use.
  5. Exactly. I NEVER recalled NoelC saying that 7 was faster at all. Put the bong down jaclaz ... lol (kidding, but still ...lol)
  6. Flash still works after installing KB5007245 for November 2021
  7. KB5007245 was issued today, so I'll be attempting that update this evening. EDIT: Flash still works
  8. I installed the October 2021 (KB5006732) update AND ...................... Flash Works!!!!
  9. It works. I guess I was hoping for someone to guarantee it first, since I'd rather not experiment with this system. But it appears we're good. EDIT: KB5007245 was issued today, and it appears to be the same situation, so I'll chance my luck and install it this evening.
  10. From what I posted on eightforums.com .... .... I installed the October 2021 (KB5006732) update AND ...................... Flash Works!!!! I'm using Server 2012 updates to patch the original Windows 8. From what I knew, the Security Only updates for July, August and September 2021 have the Flash removal. So I am glad to see that October does not.
  11. If I download this October’s updates from the Microsoft Catalog for Windows Server 2012 or for Windows 8.1, do they still remove the built in Adobe Flash component? There has to be someone that can answer this. I last installed updates on Windows 8 back in June. I'm hoping I can skip the last three months (which include the Flash removal tool), and resume installing updates in October and November (that is provided the Flash removal tool is no longer part of the updates),
  12. Right. What I'm concerned with though is that the security updates for July, August and September 2021 also removed Flash. I'm hopeful that one day I can decide to skip a number of months and then continue patching my system. Currently I'm patched up to June 2021. It would be great if I could commence from October onwards, thereby skipping the summer-month updates. This is provided that the Flash removal is no longer combined with those updates. I'm hoping it's no different than skipping the update that included the patch for Spectre and Meltdown four years ago. I've had no problems since.
  13. Sorry to bump - but I'm hoping someone can confirm what I asked above. I cannot seem to find official information on this.
  14. Same with Waterfox Browser. Windows 8x and a processor with SSE4.2 is now required for the new G4 version.
  15. Do I understand correctly that the update for October for Server 2012 (KB5006732) and for 8.1 does NOT have the Flash removal component?
  16. Well it won't be at least until Wednesday. I really do prefer to keep this a clean system, I'll be honest - rather than install/uninstall stuff.
  17. Where can I find this? Just in case Waterfox turns out not to be an option in the future?
  18. My question is - how do you get the Download Manager window to disappear COMPLETELY? Fatty Matty Boy is uninterested in helping anyone - even on native Interlink.
  19. Thank you - I'll check it out. Well this particular issue would affect Windows 10 too.
  20. Wow! There's NOBODY that can answer this question? I'm not meaning to sound impatient - I promise. I'm just astonished that there are no takers.
  21. Just bumping this thread because I wondered one of two things, regarding the latest Windows update: has anyone installed it, yet been able to get third party ActiveX Flash installations to work? I only want to run locally installed Flash content, outside of a browser. is it yet known whether or not Flash removal will be part of the August security-only updates? I’m holding off updating until I have a sure answer.
  22. Not so fast. I like playing some locally installed Flash games (such as YetiSports), which utilize the integrated ActiveX Flash plugin. If I install the July 2021 updates - it's bye bye Flash, so my updating days on Windows 8 may be ground to a halt.
  23. I am considering installing an older Adobe-supplied ActiveX Flash plugin - one that isn't time-bombed that is. Then I can install the latest update that removes the integrated Flash. Has anyone tried this?
  24. As of July 2021, all of the new security only updates for Server 2012 (including KB5004294 and KB5004960) now will remove the Adobe Flash Component from Windows 8. I enjoy playing some locally run flash games like YetiSports, so this is a deal breaker for me. I'll keep you posted on my next course of action.
  25. Yes I run Windows 8 using Server 2012 updates. It's a very tamed system. And Classic Shell curbs those UI woes. Besides, all of the classic Control Panel items are present. Nothing wrong with Windows 8.

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