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  1. I've installed the November Security-Only updates (including IE10). The December ones are downloaded but I'll install when I shut down the system next week. Only one more IE10 update after this month. I feel really poorly that IE11 blocked Windows 8 from accepting installation.
  2. What sites are you having difficulty with @UCyborg?
  3. The convenience rollup - gotcha. But that's not SP2. Fair enough. :)
  4. There's an SP2 for Windows 7? Do you mean Vista, by chance?
  5. Wow! I never knew that. I know we needed the LAV filters for New Moon and Basilisk on Vista and XP, but I thought Seamonkey worked out of the box. Good to know.
  6. SeaMonkey doesn't contain HTML5 playback code? Really?
  7. Wow! I was 10 when that came out. I had to look it up.
  8. My first PC I bought second hand from my sister in the early 1990s. It was a clone 80286 12 MHz CPU, a 40 MB IDE drive, 1 MB of RAM and a Trident 256 KB ISA video adapter. She originally had MS-DOS 4.01 on it, but I replaced it with MS-DOS 5.00 and used DOS Shell on it. Now my second PC was an 80486 DX/2 66 MHz machine with 8 MB of 72 pin RAM, a 540 MB SCSI drive and an Adaptec ISA adapter. I eventually added a 2 GB SCSI disk to it. I had a Trident VESA 512 KB adapter, and a VESA controller. I also added a Mitsumi 2x CD-ROM drive, and a 14.4 modem. I never added a sound card to that machine, until I switched the motherboard. On one primary partition i had MS-DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1 installed. On the second primary partition, I had OS/2 Warp 3.0, which was my primary OS for three years. I did add a Vibra 16 sound card after I switched the motherboard to a PCI capable one with a Cyrix 5x86/100 MHz and a Cirrus Logic 1 MB PCI video adapter. I also went with 16 MB of RAM.
  9. I recommend when it comes to experience on this topic, that one should take a "page" from your book :p (thank you, thank you! I'm here all week)
  10. OK - so BESIDES the Metro interface and the Start Screen and the lack of the Start Menu - because Classic Shell takes care of ALL OF THAT, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are nearly identical; they really are. Moreso, I can put on an Aero-like Visual Style, that makes it sooooo Windows 7-like. I just wish people would realize that :)
  11. I was going to go post a "stay online" plea as well, but the site is down for me too. :(
  12. I've gotten a second hand iPhone 6s since @tailswave but that is good to know. I take it that the metro-style interface of Windows Phone 7 is a lot like Windows 8 Metro?
  13. I also want my OS to stay current until October 2023 0 that's why I run Windows 8 ....lol
  14. Well, I have migrated to Pale Moon. I never thought I'd do it again, but Pale Moon 28.7.2 works with all of the sites I visit. I could never get Firefox fixed, so I've moved my setting into Pale Moon, and uninstalled ESR 68. Oh well, so sad :(
  15. I just noticed - however most of the time, my statement still stands. :)
  16. Just venting .... no effort seems to be applied to engaging Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users to visit the forum at eightforums.com. Today the announcement of the release date of Chromium-based Edge was made (which runs on Windows 7 and 8) was made at gHacks and on the DM Ten Froums, but nothing was mentioned about it on the Eight Forums. The only threads that seem to survive there are the age old threads about integrating Windows Mail from Vista on Windows, or the games. Unbelievable. It's a Windows 8 Forum. Either shut it down, or provide some relevant information. There that's better!
  17. @jumper I read that article before I came here and even followed the instructions on another one from Eight Forums that's very similar. Thanks for helping out though. In the meantime, just as a contingency plan, I've been trying out Pale Moon's latest build, and it seems I have no issues browsing the sites that I need to. So I may just return to that. I figured that after ESR 68 goes EOL next year, I'd want to switch out to something else. I pretty much got ESR 68 working just like ESR 60, however I think it might be time to abandon Quantum.
  18. Well I can meet you halfway :). I tried running Waterfox Current, which is based on a new Firefox. It also exhibits the exact same symptoms. I really prefer to stay with the ESR for Firefox for a number of reasons.
  19. Tried going back to Firefox 60 ESR, and the problems certainly went away. I upgraded first, and then secondly clean installed ESR 68. In each case the problem was gone - UNTIL - I restarted the PC. So what changes?
  20. No it's not the system default folders. it's my own "Documents\Download" folder on my D: Drive. Inside "Documents", I also have a "Podcasts" folder that I created.
  21. Just another note to add what I've been considering.... and that is Server 2012 updates. All seemed fine prior to my installing all of the post-November 2017 updates last July. Yes everything seemed to run quite well. But perhaps Firefox has trouble with one of the new updates. And I DID skip the Spectre/Meltdown month (was it March or Arpiil 2018 - who knows). So I'm just throwing all that out there. Maybe an update rollback is in my future.
  22. I posted this on the MozillaZine forum, and it only seems to happen with Firefox ESR v68, but there could be something Windows-related that I'm missing. In which case, I thought I'd share my issue with you all. I'm running Firefox ESR 68.2.0 x64 using Windows 8 x64. This issue has happened ever since moving to v68. It happens with no other applications on Windows, nor did it happen on ESR 60. I proceed to save a file, and I'm going to perform one of two tasks before doing so: (a) create a new folder for my download (b) alter the "view" setting to list in the Download File/Save box. So I click the download link, and the File/Save Box loads. As soon as I press "New Folder", or try to right-click to bring up "view" settings, Firefox freezes (typically for about two minutes). Eventually Firefox comes out of it's slumber and I may proceed to make the new folder, and finish my download. Next time I try the same thing, it freezes again. If I go to my Event Log in Windows, there is an Event ID 10010 and a DCOM timeout error for {3EEF301F-B596-4C0B-BD92-013BEAFCE793}, which I have since learned is the Desktop Undo Manager. Now I've tried a new profile, reinstalling Firefox ESR, and turning on or off Hardware Acceleration - no difference. **** One interesting thing of note **** After awhile, I found that the problems went away if I tried changing a Hardware Acceleration setting on or off, or by changing profiles. But as soon as I log off Windows or restart Windows, the problem returns again. Any help is appreciated. Let me know if I can provide any more information.
  23. I think for me what was the final nail in the coffin was that older applications (I used an older but more reliable version of u Torrent) stopped loading and unloading reliably once I update Vista past March 2018. So either skipping Spectre and Meltdown patches, or whatever else, simply made Vista run much worse. At this point, if I were to ever go back to an older system, it seems that Windows XP x64 Edition works more reliably. The Roytam1 browser choices are pretty much equal. But in truth, a modified Windows 8 installation (Metro and Start Screen disabled, Classic Shell installed, and Server 2012 patches) runs RINGS around a Vista x64 installation, especially in terms of reliability and performance. I may have started the "Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista Thread", but I got off the ship now. That's OK. We change. That's all part of growth.
  24. I decided to step away from using the Edge offerings on Windows 8. I really like the Edge browser of Android though, so I will continue using it on that platform though.
  25. When it happens again. I will. I cleaned the Event Viewer so I could start fresh. I will submit it next time though.
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