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  1. I'm just going to wait for the build 13.5.2036 update that NotHereToPlayGames might post. I only use it on the one notebook that runs Vista Home Basic. I have Serpent 52 for Reddit. I'll have to be careful on MyPal 68.
  2. Well I guess we are never going to find out. I created a new profile, and it loaded. I used version 91 of the add on this time. I've imported all of my settings from the old profile, so we're good. But everyone, thank you for your help. Jody
  3. I noticed a new issue just yesterday. I run the add on "New Tab Tools", and as of yesterday, all of the tiles have disappeared. I tried doing some background image customization, yet nothing would take. I removed the add on, and installed a previously supported version (I stuck with v90). It installs, but this error comes up on a "new tab" page: New Tab Tools couldn't start properly. Try these: If cookies are disabled, add an exception for moz-extension://be8bed7c-155b-46a3-8bdd-15e1205e34fc/. Go to about:config and check dom.indexedDB.enabled is set to true. You will need to restart New Tab Tools (or just restart Firefox) for these changes to have an effect. New Tab Tools cannot start if Firefox is set to "never remember history" or "always open in private browsing mode". I added the boolean pref and set ti to "true", but I still get the error. Hmmmm. Well if anyone has any ideas as to what may have happened, I'm all ears. Thanks.
  4. Right! But I'll not partake in the ESU stuff. I'll just run Windows 8 with the final October update, then I'll be really careful for a year. After Firefox ESR 115 bites the dust, there will no longer be a currently supported browser to lean on, except maybe Supermium. If MyPal 68 evolved into a working x64 browser, then maybe I'd have a case to remain with Windows 8 for longer, but I doubt it. As of 2025, I have another box setup with Windows 10 LTSC 2019, that I'll migrate to.
  5. Be careful.. We're not supposed to mention that tool. But it's good to know it's working. I'm a tad spoiled over at Windows 8 Land. Here I just download and install. I have apparently two more updates coming my way. I'm not sure if what is considered to be "unspoken" will work in my case beyond that, however, I was going to stop updating Windows after October's final patch. I'll just keep updating Firefox ESR 115, and manually updating Windows Defender as long as possible. After that, I'll retire Windows 8 at the close of 2024.
  6. I can't believe there hasn't been way louder noise on this. Great Progress!
  7. I don't really disagree. I was just trying to clarify that I'm not a Vista "hater", as the RTM defenders might think. Silly really. I will say though, with the basic theme, SP2 and the Platform update, this unit isn't running all that badly.
  8. Go Ahead! Call Windows 7 or 8 whatever you want. They are just operating systems. I won't get hurt, I promise! By the way, jaclaz commented similarly as I did. He is quite a helpful, seasoned member of MSFN, I doubt he was a wee young lad in 2007. Oh neither was I. I was doing system installs back then, and had for quite awhile. The comment supporting the use of Vista RTM as being problem free are anecdotal at best. whereas I'm sure if you look, you;ll find less than stellar reviews on Vista's release back in early 2007. The funniest thing about all this: I actually came to love Vista later on, once SP2 was applied. And even more funny: I'm typing this post on MyPal 68, using a Dell Inspiron 1420 notebook running .... yes, Vista Home Basic. I was the guy who STARTED the thread for Vista Updates using Server 2008 way back when. So I'm hardly a Vista hater. I just chose to see reality. So everybody relax! Sheesh!
  9. Simmer down. No need to be offended. I did say that Vista redeemed itself with service packs. You'll also notice that I had several upvotes from seasoned forum members, which tell you that many fully agree with my assessment. The original notebooks I setup were DuoCores with 4 GB of RAM. That's what Vista was sold on, and it ran terribly. By the way, I use Vista Home Basic on a 2 GB of RAM Dell Notebook today, and it runs swimmingly. So the original RTM version showed its warts. So no, I don't think Vista users should get offended by performance assessments. I'd be embarrassed to admit such a thing, and I'm a sensitive person to most that know me personally.
  10. Well as of the RTM release, Vista really, REALLY was a s--t pile. It really was. Slow I/O, badly written display drivers, you name it .... However, SP1 and (especially) SP2 cleared away most of those warts, and by the end, I would agree it performed pretty much identically as well as Windows 7. What was never resolved was management and cleanup of the component store. It became huge. However that doesn't bug me any more. I'm perfectly OK now with an OS taking up 15 to 20 GB of disk space now, where I wasn't before. Why? Because I now understand what the component store does, and why it provides sound stability benefits to Windows. As for Windows 8, funnily enough, I can still update using Server 2012 updates without any "tricks". I was hoping the same for my Windows 8.1 brethren, but no such "exact" luck. But Windows 8 has been exceptionally stable, and a VERY GOOD performer.
  11. I saw that yesterday. Thanks for the response.
  12. As of late I have not received automated updated definitions. Here's what I posted on here and Reddit: Hey Folks. I'm on Windows 8, using Antimalware Client Over the past two weeks, it has not updated automatically, or when I press the "Update" button in Windows Defender. In the latter case, It says "Searching", and shows a small amount of the percentage bar; then quits. There is no error message. It just goes back to displaying the time and date of the last time Defender was update (as if there was no update available). I can download the latest definitions and install them myself however. That works. So there's indeed a way to remain updated. Has anyone else experienced this? ... and then in a secondary comment: Upon further investigation, I notice the Event Log there's an Schannel Fatal Alert 40. It only happens when I press the update button in Windows Defender. At the same time in the Windows Defender "Operational" Logs, there's an error under Event ID 2001 at the same time.
  13. Good to know. Upon further investigation, I notice the Event Log there's an Schannel Fatal Alert 40. It only happens when I press the update button in Windows Defender. At the same time in the Windows Defender "Operational" Logs, there's an error under Event ID 2001 at the same time. I still can update manually though. I wonder what changed.
  14. Has anyone not been able to update Windows Defender on Windows 8 for the past week or two?
  15. That's all I was asking about originally. I wasn't looking for a temporary MSFN replacement. I didn't think this thread had to go to the extent of "people with opinions" or bashing sites. Anyway. If someone were to update Facebook reliably on the MSFN page, that would suit me more than fine.
  16. Ryan VM's Site is no longer (from what I can see), which was formerly a great place to find out about MSFN status. Is there anywhere we can go when MSFN is down to get reliable updates on its status?
  17. Exactly, but I would want an x64 build for that purpose. This is what I've always wanted in a browser otherwise.
  18. I don't suppose there's anyway you can build an x64 version of MailNews, is there? I'm waiting on an update for Interlink, and next month will mark a year since the last one. Even if a single updated build for x64 could be made, that would hold me for a bit. Just wanted to ask. Cheers Roytam!
  19. iOS 10 is unsigned for your device, so no - there's NO downgrade path. I actually prefer iOS 12, but still, I'm in a similar situation to you. I have an iPhone 6s that had iOS 12.4.1 still on it. Because I need to use a payroll time clock app, I HAD to upgrade iOS 15. Now that I'm leaving that positin, and no longer needing it, I still CANNOT downgrade to iOS 12.
  20. Not at all. We'll both have to see what happens this time around.
  21. But back then on XP/Vista, when you upgraded from Release 51.x, you were forced to upgrade to ESR 52.0. You could NOT install Release 52.0 (even though they were the same initial base release)
  22. And all in an answer to my question. So think about it, if I never pestered, we'd still be waiting for this news.
  23. Not so fast - ESR 52 ran on XP and Vista - but NOT the release version.

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