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  1. Well I loved ESR 60 because I could still allow single-process without the use of environment variables. It ran quite solid. It was modern enough to like using with an OS like Windows 8, but it was customizable using userChrome.css to make it more like a modern-looking classic browser. I liked ESR 68 too, but for quite awhile when saving a file on Windows 8, the browser would freeze for as much as twenty seconds while creating a new folder in the process. This made me start really wanting to revisit ESR 60. It was just so trouble free. I am also using Waterfox Current right now, with good results, and it's on ESR 68 right now. In fact the file/save issue seems to have been remedied for the most part. But in September, Alex will rebase on ESR 78. At that point, e10s CANNOT be disabled AT ALL. Plus I will have to hope that Alex will reverse the new address bar simplifications.
  2. Yes but SeaMonkey has a completely classic/vintage browser look. My goal was to still have the Quantum/Photon appearance of ESR 60. Anyway I'll see how Waterfox Current goes. 😊
  3. I'd say that yes, my system would be like a flatter, faster, modern Windows 7. But honestly, I think people make out native Windows 8x to be more shocking than it actually is. Minus the Start screen, and add Classic Shell, my installation is pretty much like the native desktop of Windows 8.
  4. At one time I thought that Windows 2000 Professional was the overall best, most stable version of Windows. In 2011, I felt that Windows XP x64 Edition beat it out on slightly better hardware. There was some setup snafus but once every thing was tucked and away, XP x64 just sang nicely. Now with Windows 8 (minus the Start screen and metro interface on a desktop), I find I have the best the combination of performance, modern looks (sorry but I want a screen to look like at least 2012), stability, and ease of use. Now I find XP a bit archaic looking and dated feeling.
  5. Maybe - just maybe, I'm looking for what is provided with IceCat. It seems to only be updated to ESR 60.7. But I want to see if security updates are backported. It appears the last update in mid-2019, but no one is declaring the project dead either. EDIT: Forget that - it appears that Windows and MacOS development was dropped - Crap!
  6. No you misunderstand. Quantum in ESR 60 is WAY more customizable than the newest Firefox. It looks the same to the untrained eye. Waterfox Current (based on ESR 68) has disabled a lot of the telemetry and even included a method of placing tabs underneath the address bar, all without userChrome.css modification. But I did like ESR 60 way better. I don't like the newer features and increased information gathering that has taken place since ESR 60. I also liked ESR 68, but there was a file/save bug in Windows 8 when creating an new folder. That may be solved however. And as for Edge, I tried it a lot during the preview stage, but I don't really care for it now.
  7. Well I could just install the last ESR 60 revision and just not update. I'm testing out Waterfox Current 68 right now, and it's working pretty good. Thanks @asdf2345
  8. Oh @Dave-H this is nothing new at all. you can't EVER ask advice or questions without Moon-Matt and their minions biting your head off. And it's sad really, because Matt Tobin is VERY talented - he really is. I think Interlink is a TERRIFIC mail client. But his decorum, and Moonchild's for that matter is just atrocious. As much as it may make me seem like a jerk to keep pointing this stuff out (I'm fully cognizant of that), sorry, but users need to be made aware of just how asinine that development team is. And I will exercise career-like dedication of that pursuit. :)
  9. Here's an example of how our buddy Matty Tobin (and the Pale Moon suck-up Sajadi) are NOT AT ALL helpful. https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24573 And they wonder why people will migrate away from Pale Moon. Spiff up guys and be nicer. Actually help people. And never mind that fifty threads were already made on this - just help people. If YouTube stops working, your browsers are screwed.
  10. Well it seems any day now (though likely September 2020), the Polymer 2 will be the ONLY way to view YouTube. What is the consensus on this? I don't use XP, but I was using Pale Moon and it will also be affected. What are the plans of many of you moving forward?
  11. Thanks @erpdude8. I used to update this page fairly regularly, but I just haven't had the time anymore. @greenhillmaniac and you are the best. :)
  12. Try Explorer++ - I use it on Windows 8. It really does look a lot like XP Explorer the way I have it set up.
  13. Thanks so much @jaclaz. I've always known that the Windows 9x format command stepped up the cluster size for that reason of efficiency and limitations. I had also known however that there was an undocumented cluster format feature, which you've explained to me. Thanks again. You're in Italy right? How have things been where you are, in terms of the current crisis? Stay healthy
  14. Hey folks! I've searched high and low for the answer to this, so I hope I'm not repeating this question. What would like to know is this: Can I format a 2 TB partition (as in a USB portable HDD) using FAT32 but with 512 byte clusters? I'm aware the NT-family OSs only create 32 GB FAT32 partitions, so let's just assume I create the partition with a third party application. That aside, is it safe to create a large partition with such a small cluster size? Performance (as in speed) is NOT a priority. I simply want to cram as much as I can on to a backup drive and lessen the overhead used by NTFS. I'm sure a large FAT32 partition will be as slow as snot. Also, will the FAT table become too large (or at least larger than the MFT of an equivalent sized NTFS partition?) Thanks all! :)
  15. So how are you getting updates past January 2020? Are these paid support updates (ala Windows 7 style)?
  16. I mentioned this in a previous thread. I wish I could go back to using ESR 60 (which is a Quantum build) and then back port updates to it. I'm having difficulty finding a way to accomplish that.
  17. Hey @roytam1 I've searched through the forum and can't seem to find the answer (so I apologize for a duplicate post if that's the case). On my folks' New Moon 27 installation on an XP SP3 notebook, I see no fill-in or movement of the Downloads progress bars or the site loading progress on the Status Bar. They were running a September 2019 build of v27.9.6, but I upgraded them to an April 2020 build of 27.9.7. I've tried safe mode, a default theme, etc.... Is this a known issue? Thanks for yours (or anyone's) help. Cheers! :)
  18. Just remember that Waterfox has been purchase by a search/advertising company, so even there I'd be weary of its future.
  19. @vinifera True, but I want the base to be at ESR 60, not anything newer. Then I would want updates backported to it, no differently than Waterfox Classic is to 56, Basilisk is to 52, and so forth. I don't like any Quantum releases past 60x. 60 ESR was modern enough, yet configurable enough. Anyway, no biggie. I just wanted to see if it was possible, and then I could approach someone who is possibly open to it. I know MSFN's focus is elsewhere, which is perfectly fine. Cheers!
  20. @Matt A. Tobin Not that you'd want to - just that it was possible. I found Quantum v57 to 60 to be rather brisk and well performing. Now I find that Mozilla is going down a questionable path. I find that Quantum was a performance improvement over Australis, and I tend to prefer the Photon look. But now that many prefs are being deprecated, and Google seems to be in control of Mozilla's future, things look scary.
  21. Well I wasn't talking specifically about anything coming out of the Moonchild/Binary Outcast factories. I was a fan of early Quantum releases, and I just wondered how easy (for a developer/coder), it would be to build ESR 60 with modern updates backported to it (kinda like how Basilisk 55 is maintained here, without XP compatibility). Never hurts to ask.
  22. Well I tried it myself. It tends to record and playback somewhat choppy with/without Direct2D and Hardware Acceleration enabled, so now I know. Basilisk 52 (as in the original product) it is. :)
  23. However, there must be a collective experience thus far as o how Serpent 55 and 52 compare. And yes, I understand that the whole two threads can be read through, but I'm sure someone can offer up a synopsis. I appreciate it. :)
  24. Well, you never know if you never ask, and I brought up the subject on Ghacks, so I thought I might as here.
  25. Hey guys just a question. As it stands now in April 2020, is there a still a major compatibilitiy reason to run Serpent 55 as opposed to 52? I run Windows 8 with the original Basilisk as my backup browser, because I need to use a web application that requires WebRTC? If I were to use Serpent 55 instead, would there be better compatibility provided? Is performance better? Any downsides to Serpent 55 as it stands?
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