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  1. Does w2k-dvd 2016 mean extended kernel DVD kit in 2016 version ? its VC8 Runtime were installed direct to system32, but any application's installer remove them from system32 and fail to install to WinSxS. We should use it symbolic links. # I will remove sign from lsasrv.dll :3
  2. Hi. 360 extreme explorer has the language resources in zip and srx (zip file) you can edit it text editior. But you shoud use pak_mingw32 for Any pak files to unpack and repack.
  3. I translated customized Russian version to Japanese :3
  4. Hi. Is the meaning the following case ? * previous version extended kernel. * You installed w2k-dvd . * VC 8 runtime in WinSxs were disabled.
  5. 360 extreme browser which is based on Chrome 69 is fine. I translated Russian's customized version to Japanese :3
  6. Extended v 3.0e was released yesterday. There are some bug fix. * installer is fixed on any rapid storage fails to patch options. * SHFSet.exe manages more resource for localize. * XP version Device Manager problem fixed. > How do i upgrade from 3.0c to 3.0d? Do i have to uninstall it first then reinstall it? I recommended to uninstall and you can overwrite it. But if you have installed same version overwrite before , don't uninstall it and you should overwrite it.
  7. I released Extended Kernel v3.0d * Installer is improved. * TLS1.1/1.2 support *Download Folder Support. ・GDIPLUS・MSXML6・JSCRIPT9 update ・add functions in KERNEL.DLL GetLocaleScripts GetStringScripts VerifyScripts ・add functions in ADVAPI32.DLL EventProviderEnabled EventSetInformation EventWriteEndScenario EventWriteStartScenario EventActivityIdControl EventWriteString EventWriteTransfer EnableTraceEx ・wevtapi.dll bug fix ・WindowsCodecs.dll/wmphoto.dll (WIC) upgrade to Windows 7 compatible
  8. I have not used W2kRP before, cause of its installer bug( It created huge comdlg32.dll and crashed it LOL). :3 At first I will check its advantage functions. # it seems not to be patched browseui.dll. Perhaps Extendede kernel v30 blocks it
  9. "Chrome Tool for Windows 2000" does not bases on extended kernel but KDW. They don't have compatibility. If you want to use SRWare Iron 30 on Extended kernel. We should only set executable XP mode with fcwin2k.exe. ( Of course it requires --no-sandbox option.)
  10. No, W2kRP only replaces browseui.dll and comdlg32.dll. I will fix display icon issue ( for example Google Earth Icon ) which is not transparency one on next version extended kernel. # If anyone provide me modified browseui.dll and comdlg32.dll by W2kRP, I may be able to apply it Extended kernel. :3
  11. http://blackwingcat.blogspot.com/2008/06/windows2000-revolutions-pack-comdlg32.html On my environment , Win2k RP broke comdlg32.dll and crash my system, so I did not test it detail. The explorer delay may come from windows event resource leaks. I'm researching it now. If you have 32-bit color icon problem (except transparent color problem) . Plz show some example.
  12. It seems to come from Win2k Revolution Pack or OpenGL(d3dcompiler_47.dll) problem.
  13. Hi. It is my matter of concern. The stack trace shows any file call lstrcmpiW with NULL string. Do you have more information ?
  14. Plz try to test patch. You can download from the article. * download wevtapi.dll. * copy it into system32. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1986454.html
  15. Is there stack trace ? It is important :3 It seems some function calls RtlEnterCriticalSection with NULL.
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