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  1. Windows XP SP2 has both functions(NtWaitForKeyedEvent, NtReleaseKeyedEvent ) :3
  2. Hi. Can you send me this VM Image link to my gmail account blackwingcat2000 ?
  3. Hello

    Some time ago I installed my Radeon HD3870 graphic card under Windows 2000(SP4) using the Blackwingcat drivers. It worked perfectly. Now I have a different motherboard and want to reinstall the card. Unfortunately I forgot how to properly install the drivers. Instead, I only get a blue screen now - really annoying! I would be very happy about a detailed description of the installation. Thanks in advance.

    Greetings beagle

  4. Can we get PMNT.DLL from any product ? I could not find from WinNT 3.1 iso image. PMNT.dll is called from PMGRE.dll (it was compiled by Microsoft for WinNT)
  5. Windows 2000 has not enough dll :3
  6. Is it rpcrt4.dll problem ? please try to copy system32 from "gamever\rpcrt4.dll".
  7. I tried to install IE6 SP1 in Windows 95 SSL does not work.
  8. I tried same options as you but it works fine X3. How about turn off (inactive) your security soft temporary ?
  9. On my environment no problem. Did you use default option in english version ?
  10. I found the problem comes from win32k.sys 5.0.2195.7603, 5.0.2195.7624, 5.0.2195.7636, 5.0.2195.7640 has same problem X3 Externded kernel v5.0.2195.7641 is based on 7640 https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/5174319/font-problems-in-vista-after-windows-update-kb3013455
  11. Unfortunately, I don't use it usually, so I can not recognize oddly font style. Can you show me comparable screenshot before and after ? :3
  12. Can you reproduce it on the VM environment ?
  13. you can install ie 2.01. ie 2.0 breaks windows system file.
  14. Perhaps your system is broken. Can you show me your environment by Virtual Machine Image ?
  15. Umm... I can not understand it well. The message was shown by error with winmgmts://localhost/root/CIMV2 plz try to execute wbemtest and open root\cimv2

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