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  1. Elantec and Synaptics being separate things, always use the one that matches to the Hardware ID of the pointing device in Device Manager. This is important, at least because both companies write their drivers to match on class ids, besides Hardware IDs, meaning you can install the wrong driver without error, but the software won't work.
  2. The ones in the first post and the referenced post work. If you mean something else, link to the specific post. If the content was hosted on another website, be aware of the age of the post.
  3. The host is where the shares are located. The remote or client is the computer attempting to access the shares.
  4. You got me worried, so I had to check on mine, and mine was still set for "let you choose to install them" Things I noticed get reverted: - Sponsored stories for Pocket enabled, although showing Pocket stories on Home page was still disabled. - Do not track was changed to "only known trackers" rather than all sites... I might leave this since "do not track" breaks embedding from many websites. - Location permissions disabled the "block all sites" option (aka doesn't block all sites, only ones in the list already)
  5. My Windows 7 32bit PC at home has this issue, but my Windows 7 64bit PC doesn't. The 32bit PC has more updates in it than the 64bit, but I also know the CMOS battery in the 32bit PC is dead.
  6. On the host, add the computer name and user account to the permissions tab for the remote computer as: COMPUTERNAME\USER
  7. I ran into a situation while travelling, that may have been exascerbated by my OS update preferences. I was unable to use the hotel guest wireless networks. Although I was away for two weeks, each week I had different computers with me but they both generally had the same problem. They could connect to the guest network, but wouldn't allow me to go anywhere via a browser. Either the guest portal wouldn't open (because it uses XSS and I have XSS blocked) or I received certificate errors. So one casualty of trying to keep a computer under your control or secure, is that it can't be easily used in the real world.
  8. I don't use a whole lot of extensions, only five. Of those, all but one were disabled, the one that was still usable was Nimbus screen capture extension. I had updated to the current Firefox v66.0.4 (32-bit), also remembered to undo the Data Collection and "Studies" options I had enabled earlier.
  9. Nice error message.
  10. Decided to turn off my main Windows 7 PC at home. Task Manager Up Time on the Performance tab has it at 703 days.
  11. I am helping with a project that is currently in the brainstorming phase, and I am not quite sure what kinds of terms to be using for searching. I am looking for some examples of solutions that can accomplish this goal. The basics of it are, there are multiple computers that have the same folder and file structure. There is a master location and child locations. When a file is added to (or updated on) the master location, it needs to be copied to the child location. The other requirement is that files need to be enabled for transfer, so that the child locations do not get updates that are not approved. For the network relation, the systems (master and children) are all on separate subnets and on different domains. The individual file sizes can range from 1KB to 10 GB. All of the servers are using (at least) Server 2008 R2 Standard. If you know of any programs, products or services that can accomplish this task, feel free to post them here. Links to paid products can be posted by established forum members only.
  12. @Monroe be aware that since the European Union passed their Copyright Directive last month, posts like this with full text from news websites will not be allowed to be posted into the forum. This will be a blanket rule (unless IPB has a version with upload filters) once the Directive gets adopted by the EU member state(s) that this site operates under. In other words, get out of this habit now.
  13. KB link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4490511/windows-7-update-kb4490511 This update is in the Feb, March and April update rollups and at least one user has reported that it causes installation of MSI files to fail. Ref: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/45b92c66-deb6-4625-b1d4-95c6787850c8/february-and-march-rollups-break-windows-installer-junction?forum=w7itproinstall If anyone has installed this update, are you also experiencing this issue?
  14. Not quite a blue screen, possibly one happened but was missed. Here we have a large building offering the choice to boot into Safe Mode.
  15. If anything, there are some issues with this ROM that the OP is using. It has an RSA cert on it, so it cannot be modified like that, or (from what I understand) it can, but can brick the system when flashed, if the flashing util even allows it. However, that link has lead me to this other thing that may be useful instead, without having to actually hack the rom (or fd) file itself. https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-READ-FIRST-Access-Advanced-settings-through-EFI-shell?pid=56913#pid56913
  16. The notebook I had in college, a Compaq LTE 440 CX, had NT 3.51 installed.
  17. These Insyde BIOS are a real pain, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do with this as I do not have the tools. Everything I know about it involves hex editing and unfortunately there is no "key" for what is what.
  18. I would try to delete them using an elevated command prompt.
  19. This is the modern internet, everything is instantly old! I try to use VisualStudio as little as humanly possible.
  20. Yes the Windows 10 DVD should be able to do a clean install. The surefire way to make a local account during Windows 10 setup is for the computer to not have internet access. On a notebook it may be difficult. If you have a physical wireless switch or Fn button combo to turn the wireless off, do that. If you can't, make sure there are no open wireless networks around if within your power.
  21. I had to use one of those (which has a free, which has a trial?, I forget, I think I used the one with the trial version) to do a spindle to SSD clone when Ghost couldn't do it. Ghost is usually decent enough for cloning between PATA/SATA spindle disks, but apparently some SSDs it can't do.
  22. @Willy Gee Thanks to you, this old thread is moving into Funny Farm. However if you post trash like this onto any other thread outside of Funny Farm, you'll be on permanent vacation.
  23. Display\0000 is the wrong ID, I think the driver is going to be useless until the correct device is being made available to Windows correctly. Since the third party programs do see it, I suspect this device does exist in Device Manager, perhaps under hidden devices, as some other thing besides a video controller. Try searching for DEV_3185 in msinfo32.
  24. If you look very closesly, you will find that you do not have a Pentium III, instead it is a Pentium!!!
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