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  1. It is something that our ancestors have nothing to relate to. I'm sure there are a lot of people in the 90s that didn't think that the internet would last this long.
  2. I can no longer tell whether or not Windows 11 is popular. Before EOL for Windows 10 I could tell that Windows 11 was in the vast minority. That is always the case when a new OS comes out, but there seemed to be an even greater drop-off than in previous years. It is possible that the sales focus has shifted. I have taken exactly zero support calls on Windows 11 which is saying something considering how long it has been available. Then again, there also hasn't been any surge in the IOT side of things, which was a trend in past OS releases where a client will want to stay on the old OS that can't be sold. The same people that are buying IOT now are the same ones who just have the qualified devices that were getting it before.
  3. I'm not particularly interested in cloud gaming as it is, forgetting multiplayer already having issues with server latency that has a real effect on games, putting it into cloud doesn't actually help that. Of course, the companies who do make these services are not interested in this experience or preservation, only to make a buck. So for ported titles (aka things on PC or console already) there is no no big whoop about it. When it comes to exclusive things, that is where the problem lies. There are games that were on the Gaikai platform before Sony bought them that are lost forever. Some of them have physical client versions that are unusable. All online only or required titles have this same fate eventually, they will get lost to time or be unusable at some point.
  4. The link posted above does not fully encapsulate the URL leaving off the locale part, and it seems like that site default to German (de) if the locale is not used.
  5. Webp being such a terrible idea, how about any methods to block it at the OS level, no matter what browser you are using? Since as I am reading, the WEBP vulnerability is not limited to Chrome or even Windows.
  6. Are you able to post on MSFN from this Puppy computer or are you using something else?
  7. I presume it is to show ads. For Nexus (the modding site) it is to show you the donation message.
  8. Manual quoting works of course. I guess I was being lazy.
  9. I quoted the MS quote in your post. Unlike previous versions of IPB, you can't change the text on the quote bar. I was adding to that text, not necessarily replying to you. :p
  10. I doubt it has anything to do with Windows. The EFI bootloader hands off to Windows and I'm fairly certain that Windows itself is agnostic to which bootloader was actually used. Especially since Windows is not an EFI application, it is still just the same x86 or amd64 binary that the bootloader chains to no matter which bootloader is being used. The previous example I gave relates to nothing that Microsoft or Windows does, but rather how firmwares can not follow the spec. Whereas BIOS can't boot an EFI Application because it doesn't know what it is, UEFI is supposed to only boot EFI applications. Obviously there are various situations where you can boot a legacy bootloader under UEFI but this is not by design. I'm also not sure whether or not the firmware or the bootloader even cares about the disk type. I don't think enough testing has been done to actually conclude whether or not MS is telling the truth about what actually works vs not, regardless of what they support.
  11. I was under the impression that the white screen at startup was due to Google trying to install an update that was previously downloaded. Back when Chrome was supported on Win7 I would see this every day I opened the browser, but since there are no more updates, it just opens right away.
  12. Testing reputation limits in place for regular members. No restrictions for sponsors.
  13. I can see why, As it says in the bottom "The current filter excludes all 216,001 events". As is common with procmon, the target PID is not always the one that you need to filter for. Things I can see in the PML: - two missing DLLs (api-ms-win-core-fibers-l1-1-1.DLL, api-ms-win-core-localization-l1-2-1.DLL) of course these are the internal names. I do not know what actual file the launcher is looking for. There are others that are better at decoding these than me. - three files the launcher can't find (doesn't mean they aren't present, but the error could be caused by something else. All of these are in the game folder) : petromod_nvidia_profile_identifier,ogl, oculusmedium.exe, aurora.dll The above errors do not seem to impact the application launching, so they may be normal to see when this game launches. There is also a series of "INVALID DEVICE REQUEST" errors from Steam itself. I do not think it is related but this Result is not one I have seen. It may be normal for Steam to do this, I also have not tried to Procmon Steam before so it might be normal. Steam reports this while attempting to access Drive C: Unfortunately, Procmon doesn't seem to catch or indicate anything. Svchost calls faultrep.dll at 7/26/2023 05:51:17.3827742 immediately after mcclauncher crashes but there is no indication as to why that program has crashed. Interesting that later WerFault.exe (the process that ends up writing the event log you found) also cannot find the core-fibers DLL. Looks like Windows may have made a .dmp file for the crash here: C:\Users\CalmCreeper360\AppData\Local\CrashDumps
  14. I'm not sure it is on MS that this happens. I think it is a combination of the specification as well as whether or not the firmware manufacturer is compliant with it. There is still the interesting case of the Intel NUC with a specific (now lost to time I imagine) BIOS version that allowed booting Win7/8 on MBR disk on UEFI with CSM disabled. I don't think the OS has anything to do with it. Maybe the bootloaders in Win10+ changed to put a block in to do what you say. But in any case, it is not the norm that you can boot MBR under UEFI that is for sure.
  15. The annoying part of Malwarebytes is the first month after install where it bugs you constantly about sending them money. I don't like active solutions because of the overhead, the fact that it tries to be active by default is annoying also.
  16. There are some other issues, but it depend on which version of WinPE or Diskpart you use to prep the partitions. In general terms (I do not know it by version numbers) if you try to use Diskpart while the OS/PE is in GPT mode from a PE, it may not let you create an MBR disk like this, may create GPT by default and not let you change the type to MBR. Second, it is possible to boot (Win7 only tested) on a single partition on MBR disk on a UEFI system. Multiple partitions do not work. There is a requirement to prep an image to do this, as Setup won't work. You first install the OS onto an MBR system with 1 partition using answer file. Then capture that image. Then you can redeploy it to single partition on UEFI. But if you were to do a standard install on MBR (where it creates the initial partition), make an image and then try to deploy that to single partition, it will not boot. I was not able to determine any sort of BCD commands to make it work, so I ended up just keeping one of each type of image. Of course with all of this, there may have been revelations or workarounds that exist that I am unaware of. But that is single OS deployment. It was not possible to deploy say, Win7 with recovery partition on UEFI at all using MS-only methods. So multi-boot is out of the question. If I were to attempt it, I would first do a Vista SP1 install proper, then to Win 11 21H2 install and see if Win 11 automatically is going to make the bootmenu.
  17. Random.org's secure Cloudflare check has returned, but this time it never completes on the latest supported Chrome on Win7 x86. I can get that version number later. It does complete on Chrome 109.0.5414.120 64-bit. 32-bit version has same version number but of course (32-bit) at the end.
  18. Vista SP1 was the first iteration to support it, at least documented as such. I never tried it. As for whether or not Windows 11 Setup would automatically setup up the proper BCD, I'm not sure. You may be able to manually create one, or use a different bootloader.
  19. The other topic was poorly titled, so it has been fixed.
  20. OT: if we are talking about software and not games, the first software I can think of might be the original Microsoft Azure. Trying to search for it is a nightmare as you can imagine. Azure was the precursor to Microsoft CRM which later became Microsoft Dynamics.
  21. Welcome to the MSFN!

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