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  1. It doesn't hurt to try. The problem with a WinPE is that it will acknowledge ACLs on files and folders, especially where the folders match protected ones and accounts or security contexts that also exist in the WinPE. It is because WinPE will still have the underlying security components that the full Windows OS does. So as a result, some files may still be locked or not even visible to a WinPE just as it would be in the full OS. That is why the best method (for outside of the OS work) is to use an OS that supports NTFS but does not have those security components. Otherwise, whether you are in a WinPE or in the full OS, you would need to use some tool such as the ones above to run under a different security context or account. It could still be done manually by changing the ACLs, change the file, and then set the ACLs back but it is quite tedious.
  2. "Step 1: Log off from the current account by pressing Windows+L." That shortcut doesn't log off the account, it is for locking the workstation.
  3. There is some difference, as you need to use files from 98SE, ME or one of those patches to get USB 2.0 to work on Win98FE.
  4. IIRC TrustedInstaller is a security context and not actually a user. If you really need to make the file change with the OS booted, you can try to run a CMD as SYSTEM (Local System) and see if that grants you a high enough priveledge to make the file change. Here is a tool from NirSoft that should give you the ability to run something as system (among others): https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/advanced_run.html Even so with a CMD as system, file attributes may prevent a file change. If the file is not in use, you can Move it out of that folder, and then move the replacement file into that folder. This way, there is no over-write. You may have to use attrib on the file to get it out of there. If you can do this work outside of the OS, such as from DOS or Linux, you won't have to be worrying about ACLs. If you do the work from inside WinPE, you may run into the same problems as with the OS.
  5. Seen the same with other online emails besides gmail. You just have to regularly check your spam/junk folder on those webmails and make sure to mark things as "not spam" that are actually not spam. It happens with a lot of websites (especially forums) that I belong to that may send emails.
  6. The message as it appears (in Polish) Niedługo przestaniemy obsługiwać tę przeglądarkę. Aby zapewnić sobie jak najlepsze wrażenia, zaktualizuj ja. translates to (in English) We will soon stop supporting this browser. To get the best experience, update it. But there is a link in there, where does it go?
  7. It showed up for me yesterday, I just clicked the X and it didn't come back today.
  8. Being close to the border, we always had the ability to pick up some Canadian channels in the analog days. On average it would be (presumably Toronto stations) 9 and 11. I have heard that analog Canadian stations still exist, yet when the digital switchover happened in the US, I stopped being able to receive any Canadian channels on any analog tuners. Because of this, I had just figured that Canada had made the change as well.
  9. Perhaps that is the reason why Microsoft has made the Windows 7 ESU process different, seemingly more complicated than just changing a registry value.
  10. Do you really think they (the broadcasters) are going to be putting DRM on everything? You think it will be at the transmitter itself and the DRM isn't tied to the actual programming, similar to Macrovision for VCRs? Let's say they do decide to do it for PPV or On-Demand (as the article says) and let's say they put it on all the 4K transmissions. If a broadcaster's ATSC 3.0 devices are DRM or nothing, I can't see them bothering to keep those extra channels that just show Bonanza or Green Acres all day, or bothering to put DRM on the shopping networks or the religion commercial channels.
  11. I guess we'll see how it is handled. This website indicates it is in ESU: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/search?alpha=Windows Embedded Standard 7
  12. Well there is always a way. We'll see what the ATSC 3 tuners end up supporting. My guess would be that they would want to couple the DRM into the HDMI spec. Will we get set top tuners that will still have composite on them? Even my modern 1080p tuner still has a coax out on it. If the DRM ends up only on 4k content (and even so) it may not be an issue if you pass it through an AVR first. Only time will tell.
  13. WES7 has entered ESU period, just as the retail OS did, so that is out of the question. However, I read that POSReady 7 is to get updates until Q3 2021.
  14. Well I am getting emails from the forum (for reports) just not for PMs.
  15. I think it just has a bit too much extra plastic. Also they are rounded, so not real easy to stack them.
  16. Those Dell chassis are terrible, but not as bad as the ones Sony used during the Pentium years.
  17. As put in the FAQ, the process of using ESU is laid out. There is an update to install and then the user will be able to put in a product key (MAK) that specifically licenses the system to receive ESU. It even says that Windows Update should still work as usual. As far as we are concerned, if any new updates appear on the Update Catalog site, we can talk about them. It is just the mechanism to modify the OS to fool the updates or update mechanism to install updates that is what we are talking about being against the rules. Time will tell if something changes, if we are still around in 2023 when this program expires, we can think then how we should handle such topics.
  18. Yes, the posts have been hidden. Not really concerned with people using it or knowing it exists. As a wise man once said "we do not police the internet" ... the notice is in regards to discussion on MSFN only.
  19. I'm not getting email notifications for PMs.
  20. Dropping support is one thing, and that is not what happens with software these days. Instead these developers are actively blocking OSes that are not in their support list. That is entirely different situation.
  21. Notice: anything relating to the ESU Bypass will fall under rule 1.a until further notice.
  22. Not every system has an on-board RAID controller. I don't see it in the specs or guide for the 7010MT. To use RAID on that board you'll need an add-on card.
  23. Aren't we all (US OTA users) going to run up against a hard switch when ATSC 3.0 goes live anyways?
  24. It is possible that you may never be able to get the disks to enumerate in the order you want in Windows. You could always try it, since unless you are using a RAID controller or these devices are in any vdisks, it shouldn't make any difference to Windows. BUT: what you can do instead is use the volume label to identify what port is being used. And also you could write on the disk itself which port it is connected to.
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