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  1. Force close programs on shutdown

    Perhaps it was only the WaitToKillAppTimeout entry that was used for NT 4.
  2. Force close programs on shutdown

    Many years ago at a company, everyone had very slow Windows NT 4 systems that would take AGES to shut down. Due to scheduling requirements, users had to shutdown or restart their computer at the end of their shift while on the clock. BUT this typically would result in someone having to stick around for 10-20 minutes longer than required. I didn't want to do this, so I used the registry to speed my shutdown/restart time to a more reasonable timeframe like 10-20 seconds. I'm not sure if it is what you want, because it is relating to all programs... maybe an atom bomb vs a hammer comparison. WaitToKillAppTimeout used with AutoEndTasks: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc978624.aspx This will force close all programs on shutdown and not wait the default period of time and/or there should not be any programs that keep the OS from completing the shutdown process.
  3. You Want to Change Your Username?

    rustamabd > rustyx7
  4. The forum is supposed to remember which posts you've read, or at least which page you've read up to in some casses. It does not store this information in a cookie, but it is not something I can see myself. You know that it is not handled by local cookies if you (or anyone reading this) visits the site using multiple browsers and computers. There should be an expiry for how long this information is kept also, but I do not know what it is here. On another IPB forum I go to, the viewed expiry is 3 months, so if I view a thread I had not looked in that time, when I view new post I will go to page 1.
  5. WHEA hardware error ?

    OCCT can do a "memtest" of sorts on some video cards, you may want to try using that. http://www.ocbase.com/ I'm not sure about graphic glitches past post, during initial Windows load. I see that on quite a few boards lately, mainly on Supermicro. Sometimes also with WinPE, I'm not sure what causes it but in these cases I've not seen any problem in Windows.
  6. On Firefox, the current page number has the wrong background color. In this example, I am on page 3 of a 3 page thread, and there is a white box being shown. You can see the CSS background and color both being #FFFFFF (white). I am using default Paint option, the primary paint color is Marble. Here is my user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:57.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/57.0
  7. Office 2016 and 365 have repair installs and I wouldn't uninstall it unless you don't want it on the computer anymore. I can't remember the specifics, as I personally just use older versions of Office or just use online things like Google Sheets/Docs. BUT I recall for 2016/365 you can do a repair install by signing into the MS Product portal, choosing the license and reinstall from there. It may take awhile because I think it redownloads the Office program entirely. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/download-and-install-or-reinstall-office-365-or-office-2016-on-a-pc-or-mac-4414eaaf-0478-48be-9c42-23adc4716658 The thing about this tho, is that the license hold has to sign into the site to see their activated licenses. Microsoft figured this would be the method to stop integrators from freely installing Office on PCs for end users, using the methods that are licensed for Enterprise clients. So this ends up being a big complaint from integrators/SBs that I have heard from. Because the Office license should only be associated with the end user, it sort of removes the "third party support" ability somewhat, at least those who attempt the fix without the end user being present... to say... type in their password. Or if you are lucky, they had chosen to save the password for that site so you can log into it. Anyways, I worked on an Office 365 migration a couple years ago and it involved some PCs needing their 365 reinstalled and activated. That was the process I had done. I don't recall having to uninstall the software first. Of course, things may well have changed since then.
  8. WHEA hardware error ?

    Did it create a minidump?
  9. Theme CSS wrong for current page number

    I had thought so also, or that it was a picture not loading. I had first noticed this last week but didn't look into it until today. As soon as I saw it wasn't a broken image, then I took a quick look. Hopefully the fix is as easy as the detection... but knowing the weirdos who designed this forum software (and having seen it from the flat side) we can only hope.
  10. A VM runs in a Hypervisor. You have settings for the VM and for the Hypervisor. Of course you don't put which one you are using, so I have to use the general terms. Anyways, Windows Setup is dumb, or at least the errors it gives are dumb. You can get this GPT error in this scenario: - System is set for EFI only or Hybrid (EFI+Legacy/CSM enabled) and you boot your install media in legacy mode. In a production environment, I direct all users to either use EFI or Legacy and to not enable the hybrid option except for in a scenario where it is required. And in either case, never let the system determine your boot method, always use the menu and always choose the one you want. It should show some better error messages, such as: your boot mode is x, your disk type is x, here is the error message.
  11. Preview ADK can't create catalog

    Your error is right there at the top "A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer" I am not certain if your local CA has flagged the certificate this way, or if it is possible to change the date to do the work. I had to recently install "a" Windows 10 ADK, perhaps for a similar message. I can't remember but I am not using 1709 ADK, instead 1607 (WSIM version 10.0.14393.0). And the reason for updating WSIM certainly isn't because the XML changed, since it was this version that gave me that "Key" problem. I wonder what certificate it means. Because the cert on imgmgr.exe (WSIM) on my system has expired in 2016, and I can still use it without getting an error like that.
  12. Help on Windows 10 Tweaks

    1. Can't you change the username in the Users and Groups portion of Computer Management? 2. This is possible but it is going to eliminate #4 since changing the Users location blocks updates/upgrades. The only "good" ways to do this are during installation (using unattend.xml setting ProfilesDirectory) and I can't find any real tutorial on how to do it on a live system without breaking the OS. It is possible that you could create a junction with MKLink. 3. There are a few add-ons out there, the one we have hosted on MSFN is StartIsBack from Tihiy. https://msfn.org/board/forum/181-startisback/
  13. Private Internet Access Client v77 on XP x64

    I did look just a short time at the installer, and it doesn't seem like the installer would have a problem with XP. Does the software install but just not work? At a starting point, I would take two versions of this program, a known working on XP and the latest. Then do some comparisons (with file version) but also using Depends to find which files in the new one are actually causing a problem.
  14. Private Internet Access Client v77 on XP x64

    The installer (built with Inno) does not have a EULA on it, but based on the legal pages on PIA's website, I think it is safe to say that we should not have a link to those files on MSFN. See our forum rules, especially 1b. I think that without PIA's permission, we cannot post links to such things.
  15. Perhaps something from here (look at the batch code under "Reset Windows Update Components" https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Reset-Windows-Update-Agent-d824badc It is commented well enough to read what is being done also, to get an idea if you want to research those steps before having someone run it.
  16. In your hypervisor controls, disable legacy boot ability for that vm if possible. Otherwise, use the boot menu key to select the UEFI option for your install media. If your install media is using an answer file, make sure the portion regarding partitions is correct. Also, what is the size of your VM virtual disk? I have seen some situations where diskpart (or setup's implementation of it) will automatically try to create GPT disk on disks larger than 2TB even if booted in legacy mode.
  17. Sendto Notepad.exe (doesn't work) but shortcut does?

    I don't have a non en-US locale OS handy at the moment. My notepad.exe is v6.1.7600.16385, Windows 7 Pro SP1 x86. Same on my 64bit system.
  18. Sendto Notepad.exe (doesn't work) but shortcut does?

    Is the problem you are having limited solely to send-to, or can you not open notepad.exe from another dir at all without the mui files? I would do a procmon trace on this to see if there is anything shown. You would set your filter to "Process Name" is/contains notepad.exe and "Path" contains notepad.exe to start. If you get no results that way, then you'd have to use no filters (except exclude Event Class Profiling) and go through it manually.
  19. Sendto Notepad.exe (doesn't work) but shortcut does?

    Yes, you did read my post right?
  20. Easy way to get access to all task scheduler items?

    In elevated cmd, run schtasks.exe. It should also show you tasks handled by the OS, as it may have something like "INFO: There are no scheduled tasks presently available at your access level." These are the tasks that exist on the system but do not show up in the Task Scheduler cpl, or perhaps they do but without significant digging. Since there is a large amount of data returned by just running that command, you may want to send the output to a text file, with a command like so: schtasks.exe>c:\temp\tasks.txt and then open that txt file in Notepad. Then schtasks is the program you can use to modify, create or delete existing tasks.
  21. Sendto Notepad.exe (doesn't work) but shortcut does?

    I don't think this is a dependency issue. All of the dependency files it has reside in system32, with exception of comdlg32.dll which is in WinSxS. System32 is the within the dependency search order, so it should not have an issue finding them. Alas, I cannot recreate this issue. I put notepad.exe (and a renamed notepad2.exe) into my SentTo folder and it opens text files using the context menu without a problem. Notepad also opens from this location, renamed or not. You should use Process Monitor to get a trace on the system when you are attempting this, to see what is actually being called. PS: I tested on 32bit.
  22. Impossible to install operating systems

    It is possible to get a 0x7B on a known/previously working system if the existing storage driver gets corrupted. If you suspect at any time that your hard disk has a problem, it is best to run the appropriate testing tool provided by the hard disk manufacturer. If it is a Western Digital hard drive, you can use the Data Lifeguard Program. If Seagate you can use Seatools. Both have DOS versions available.
  23. Hi im Steve

    Welcome to the MSFN!
  24. Hello, MSFN!

    Welcome to the MSFN!
  25. Google removes "View Image" button

    Two things on this point, one is that in order for that disallow right-click (or pop-up on right-click) you need to enable javascript to run on that site. Second is that for Mozilla browsers there is a "View Image Information" option in the developer toolbar. When this is used, it will open a new page showing all images on the page where you can save-as or see the direct link to the image. There are some websites where this doesn't work, the ones I have seen even block this is some Japanese sites. I haven't looked into why that is. The only other issue is that some websites (notably wikia) are delivering images in WEBP extension and some of these sites that use WEBP you can't find the original image URL. Some you can just by choosing to view image or open image in new tab. Some will show the original filename you can save, some are in the URL and you have to remove attributes, others only point to the webp.