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  1. I have no idea if Google sells the information or not. Are these new people to the internet? Likely their data is already sold. Personally, if it was a small bit of information, I wouldn't use a form or a database. Just send the information and store it manually on your local system. If the information is not supposed to be shared to everyone, there is no reason to host the data on a server.
  2. *taps the sign It is the same as previous OS, the issue is the Shell, not the OS.
  3. Topic title changed, see rule 12. If the title is wrong, you can edit it to be what you want it to say.
  4. Russia is blocked because of spammers. Nothing wrong with Russian people posting here, if they are breaking a law in their own country then that is something they will have to deal with themselves.
  5. On the host system (where the share is located), you create a user account with password. Then you use that username/password on the remote system... For example, Computer2 is the server (the location of the share), Computer1 is the client. You create an account on Computer2 called Account2. On the client, you connect to the share and the username you use is Computer2\Account2. If you only type Account2, the client will "send" Computer1\Account2 and if the server does not know what Computer1 is, then it will reject the credentials. Alternatively, I believe that you can add accounts from other computers to share permissions, but I don't remember if a password is required. To do that, you would add Computer1\Account1 on the server side and it will recognize that user. I don't remember if adding that to the share/permissions is enough or if you have to add it to Users as well.
  6. The CD Drive that gave me the error had been used with this OS for over 20 years now, so it isn't like it is some brand that wasn't compatible. But this computer has sat being unused for a very long time and if the CD drive was the only thing that failed in that period I should count myself fortunate. I can see it being picky about the USB CD drive, which is known working on other systems. It turns out I have about 30 IDE ODDs at home so hopefully one of them will work. This computer uses Win 98 FE just because that was the newest OS that was available at the time it was installed. Perhaps it may have been technically true that SE had come out by then, but that was back when I was a farmer and didn't have a wider access to software once I later entered the computing industry. I never needed to update it because everything worked and my next computer ran XP so I didn't have any issues with compatibility.
  7. My ASPI memory had to do with Adapter controller cards and not specifically with the CD drives. I tried 2 other drives, one works but it has mechanical problems, so perhaps it is actually the drive and not something else. I tested using a Windows 95 CD-ROM boot disk. I'm out of IDE ODDs here, I'll have to dig through the stockpile at home and see if any of those work.
  8. A USB CD drive counts as another CD Drive? I'm also having some foggy memories of having to do something with ASPI from my time at Iomega to resolve issues with ZipCD. I will check for disk emulator/mounters.
  9. I recommend that long-time, known users do not change their username on a site. If you really want to change your name, confirm and it will be done.
  10. Windows 98 FE, having issues with CD drives. Same behaviour with both an IDE and USB CD drive. The drives are detected in Device Manager. They get drive letters in My Computer. Both respond to the Eject command, but when trying to access either drives it immediately will say "Device is not ready" without any attempt to read from the drive. I have reinstalled the chipset drivers and there has been no change. USB mass storage drives work fine. I can still do the old boot into Safe Mode and remove all of the controllers and drives and reboot/reintall, but besides that is there any other thing I can look at that would effect CD drives in general?
  11. The files in the driver dir that are oem*.* (inf and cat) are actually generated by Windows when a driver is installed. It copies the inf and cat from the install source and renames them and puts them in there. As such the numbers are not going to match up between systems.
  12. I think the complaint was not about whether you were able to flash a card, but whether you were able to successfully use said card on Win9x using this modified driver.
  13. I seem to recall the 2023 version of the HP printer software would not work on a Windows 8.1 system. Not exactly the same errors but I did see that "default text" message. The person did not actually use or need anything that the HP software had offered, as they were able to print and scan with just the driver installed.
  14. I do not see any recommendation to purchase anything. The OP lists specific cards and doesn't mention flashing cards to become different cards.
  15. Make sure the write speeds of the NVME are what they are supposed to be.
  16. I'm sure 90s DOC is competely different than modern DOC/X formats. If he had used any sort of format over the years, it is possible to write a script or program to parse the files and put the information into a single file, or into a database to then generate a single file. I doubt there is any ready-made solutions for what you are looking for.
  17. Windows sales numbers in B2B are in the toilet. Retail seems OK but mainly driven by video games. Most productivity these days is done OS agnostic, requiring only a web browser.
  18. You change the config.sys with Notepad, or from DOS you can use EDIT.
  19. Unfair to lump all of Server together, same as with Linux and MacOS. Really telling that CP/M and Unix are missing from this all-time list.
  20. I had recently upgraded my gaming PC to Windows 10 from Windows 7 in order to maintain Steam compatibility, and at that time I had bought a new SSD. But ever since then, the computer was basically unusable for 5-10 minutes after boot, or when downloading anything like Windows Updates. I tried many different things, then the other day I decided to try running a benchmark program. The reason why my computer was so slow became immediately clear. The original disk is a Crucial, and the new disk is a SanDisk. I've since moved back to the Crucial for reasons that can be seen below. Both of these were tested on Unclesocks2 Crucial MX500 SATA SSD SanDisk SSD Plus SDSSDA-480G Others can feel free to post their own results here as well
  21. Make sure to read the forum rules in regards to how to make a topic title.
  22. Drive C was in Caution for about a year before I ran into some slowdown and Bad Blocks, so it had to be replaced. The replacement disk is the same size, but it already has 128,673 hours (14 years) on it. My two PATA disks are at 177527 and 177682 (20 years) And an odd-ball situation, this disk was not in the original post but it has the wrong hours showing at just 1487 which is a couple of months. This disk is over 10 years old so not sure why the hours are showing at such a low number. EDIT: Mystery solved regarding the low hour drive. What ended up happening was that I have both the C and G disk in an enclosure, and both were WD800AAJS. I got the serial number of the C drive and marked it on the disk, but I didn't mark the G drive. I was counting on being able to tell which were the original disks by the amount of dust on them. BUT one of the potential replacement disks was also a dusty WD800AAJS. I ran into problems cloning the C drive because Clonezilla was not erasing the destination disk and had multiple partitions, so the clone was always failing. And then when it did work, the OS booted into startup repair because it had the bootloader from the replacement disk and the OS from my disk. Eventually I got it sorted but in the end what ended up happening is that I put one of the potential replacement disks into the enclosure and ended up imaging my C disk to my G disk. And the new G disk is low hours because it was the actual replacement disk I was supposed to be cloning to. I have the data backed up so it didn't turn out to be a problem in the end but I was sweating for a bit once I realised what happened. Moral of the story: mark all of your disks before doing this kind of work.
  23. Changed title. The issue has to do with links and the link preview function. Other users get similar error just posting and not editing. Other portions of how the post editor renders content also effected.
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