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  1. I haven't run into anything but I do not use a lot of the options anyways. The surefire way to know would be to create an CLG on an 1809 image, and XML with everything added. Then mount a current build image and apply the XML to it and see what the validator says. I do know that MS doesn't document everything, such as when they made XML objects case sensitive.
  2. Do not create duplicate threads. Your other thread was deleted. Moving to correct category.
  3. Awhile ago I had won a culture victory where the victory conditions were only Culture or Domination. It was a learning experience for sure. I'm doing some challenge called 52 games where basically you play a new game and try to beat it every week. My game from this week (Alien: Isolation) was actually from last week so I'm spending the rest of this week playing Skyrim again.
  4. Yes it is v1.3. As far as Kongregate goes for me currently, in Chrome, Flash doesn't load, it just shows the Supernova thing. I haven't checked it since a few days ago so maybe it changed. When I tried to go to the game page in Pale Moon, the site doesn't load properly, even if I temp allow all scripts. Unfortunately, I am not going to be changing my security setup in order to play a game. I've had to make the decision to just not visit sites or play games that do not work with my security settings, so it is no big deal on that end. Times change and life goes on. And yes, the high scores table
  5. From reading Kongregate's forum, where there is some sort of Supernova liason present, they give away what their plug-in is doing. It seems to work best with "simple" Flash applications, such as ones that are self contained, or link to objects using relative paths. They specifically note that some links can't be followed, it is a cryptic response. The problem they have is with any .swf that is linking scenes or resources in the ActionScript may not work properly. This issue with ActionScript is also why you can encounter some .swf that do not work properly anymore, or do not work locally on yo
  6. Closed poll and closed topic. The poll is useless, especially concerning the fact that the first option includes computers that can't possibly run Windows 7.
  7. I want to point out that the Flash EOL has and will continue to take over this topic by users of other operating systems besides XP. I do not see a reason to create duplicate threads for each OS and split out or mirror info from this thread into others. lf anyone has a better idea, let me know. I can report another success, simply by changing the mms.cfg file I previously quoted on page 42 of default view. Windows 7 32-bit using NPAPI v25.0.0.148 with PaleMoon v60.9? (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:60.9) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.1 Firefox/60.9 PaleMoon/28.4.0) works. However, it does
  8. If you are only going to limit this to portables, then the most powerful Win7 notebooks I have is an MSI Wind U100. We have a thread for posting your hardware. Here is my post in it regarding my Windows 7 x64 computer. The things changed since that post is I have replaced the SSD and added a second 1 TB spindle disk. https://msfn.org/board/topic/67112-post-pictures-and-specifications-of-your-computer-here/?do=findComment&comment=1178960
  9. Changing this file is all that was needed to re-activate Flash v32.0.0.465 NPAPI on Firefox on Windows 7 x64.
  10. For your Steam example, that is not what you should expect. When they released their update that didn't support XP, the Steam clients on XP systems updated to that, effectively locking people out of their game library.
  11. The main section: https://msfn.org/board/forum/102-member-contributed-projects/ Is just a category container. No posts can be made there. And besides, all of the sub-categories are for specific, officially recognized projects that members have created and had given us enough posts or traffic to warrant creating a new section for. It is not a place where everyone can post their own thing. Based on what you posted, it seems that this section is more appropriate for you to post code samples: https://msfn.org/board/forum/66-programming-c-delphi-vbvbs-cmdbatch-etc/
  12. Welcome to the MSFN!
  13. It really depends on the software you are using. If you are running any of the current, always-online type software programs, you are eventually going to run into the situation where the software updates and will cease to function. And that will have more impact on your experience than anything to do with your hardware. I can't speak on wufuc. I am in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp, which means not installing Windows or driver updates unless required.
  14. Changed thread title. OP can still edit the first post in case what I put is not correct.
  15. So it doesn't POST (or attempt to) with only CPU installed, then you are likely down to just the CPU or Board. However, there is one possibility remaining and it is a long shot. Improper mounting/grounding can cause this type of issue. I have seen it a few times over the years, such as a board not booting in one particular chassis, but worked on box or in another. This happened to Shiva where that Intel board would boot on box, but not in an Intec chassis, but then would boot in another one I had laying around. By "on box" I mean to put the board on top of a box, I usually use the motherb
  16. If you posted pictures, I cannot see them. Post the link to precisely the page where this drop-down menu does not work.
  17. Not really. With hardware, you do not have the luxury of just adding things on top of the existing board and then selling it as a new model. Same with cars or anything else. The engineers learn what works, what didn't, and what should be added, then they create the new product from the ground up. It may use some of the same components that the previous product did, but it is still a new product that is created. This isn't so with Windows. Microsoft doesn't start over from scratch when a new version of Windows is released.
  18. The main difference to point out here is that your new hardware (ie. motherboard) doesn't also include your old motherboard in it as well. That isn't the case for Windows 10, which also includes Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and even Windows 95 inside of it.
  19. Are you trying to install VMWare Tools to the host or the guest? VMWare Tools is an ISO, you mount into the ODD of the VM. There should be a option to set this in the VM Properties when powered off.
  20. Shiva still exists. I am going about the slow process of finding a donor hard disk to clone to, in order to attempt to port it to new hardware. It is Windows 98 FE.
  21. Make and model of the external disk and/or enclosure? Make and model of the motherboard or notebook?
  22. It is no Soc so it is possible to physical change the CPU, but I do not know if there are any BIOS locks involved.
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