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  1. I don't get any nags. On one computer the icon is always green and on the other the icon is always yellow. That's the extent of it. Honestly I forget they are even installed.
  2. What is the monitor you have? I always keep an eye out for 12" monitor (dream perhaps the IBM PS/2 model) since those monitors give Windows 95 and DOS the look I seem to remember. 15" is the average to see, and 17" monitors and up are just way too big.
  3. Welcome to the MSFN! Make sure to read the site rules, especially the first bit. We operate a bit differently than mdl.
  4. The blue countertop makes me think it is a Napa.
  5. As time went on, especially with the advent of Web 2.0 (although the roots go back into the late 90s) things became "cookie cutter" in terms of design. Especially with the web, where webmasters no longer will host large portions of functionality on their own servers, and will thus rely on the speeds of other websites to load the scripts needed to show theirs. This was never recommended but you'd be hard pressed to find a website that doesn't do this. And then websites will use pre-made packages for things, which contain way more bloat than needed. I have javascript disabled by default on most of my browsers for general web use... do you know that there are websites that will not show any text or pictures if javascript is disabled? The pre-made packages is also a problem with web development. As pointed out in the article, a simple program may also include a driver for an Xbox 360 controller. A developer may find one thing and just stick it into their program, even if they only need 1% of the entire package. It wouldn't be an issue if this bloat was not being noticed. It is noticed because programs are behaving badly. And the general run-of-the-mill machine has not maintained the rapid climb of memory and cpu speeds. The low-end devices make up the majority of any given retail market, yet the programs are made to run best on high-end systems. Manufacturers are also making mistakes. Notebooks shipping with 5400RPM HDDs... and I can tell you that standards of BIOS/UEFI are not being followed by the companies responsible for that. Its all bad and has been an issue for quite a while now, and often it seems like I am just old man yells at cloud.
  6. Welcome to the MSFN!
  7. Will powershell do? https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Open-Internet-Explorer-in-d91674ca
  8. Internet Explorer will pass anything into it as an option without the use of a switch. So in the Run box you can test to see if it works: iexplore "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Spades\default.html"
  9. So far there has been no reply from C. C. Anderson to the email that I had sent.
  10. Some leads on drivers... Software: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/tape/ Possible softpaq ID: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp23501-24000/sp23518.txt move up on dir on that to get the exe.
  11. I can think of a variety of reasons... Ebay and Paypal fee structure situations. There were back and forth with penalising (or not incentivising) regular sellers and Ebay Store owners. Shipping prices. US v Canada being a big one. Another is Ebay not having any unified help list (a lot of websites have this problem) where you have to figure out everything by yourself. Learn as you go, you can't ship to x country because of import restrictions (Looking at Brazil here lol) or there is an import duty. Shipping times. Despite sellers in SEA having clear information regarding shipping... MANY people would buy from SEA and and opt for the cheapest shipping method. That being by boat, which can take up to two months from some countries. People would leave negative feedback on purchases from these sellers because the item did not arrive, at least by when they would expect. What then happens is that many sellers in Japan or Hong Kong (or other places) which tried to operate on Ebay proper could not maintain any benefits because their negative and neutral feedback ratings would be "low"... it was not uncommon (even today) to see high volume sellers from Asia with bad feedback percentage. So over the years, those high volume sellers have left ebay. Economy reasons. There was a slight boom after the 2008 recession in the US, but overall volume went down when economies came back. Their website is terrible and slow. I also wonder what percentage of high volume sellers were in their 50s when Ebay really started to get going, and ended up retiring. I know a few like this.
  12. Legacy hardware prices are a bit weird. Especially when looking at solds on Ebay. The reason being is that Ebay usage is way down and cannot actually be used as a pricing tool for most things anymore.
  13. Let us understand this computer. Is it just the OS+data on a 2 disk mirror and no other disks in the system? The mirror is broken, meaning one disk is ok and the other is bad? A backup exists but you can't find drivers for the tape controller? First thing is to make a disk image of the working disk. Usually in a mirror, you don't need to fiddle with the bad disk. You replace it and rebuild the array. If there is some other type of setup you should post those details. Also put what tape drive it is you can't find drivers for.
  14. The DISM commands to check/restore health are to be run in the OS, not from the recovery command prompt. Those things that are renamed in the instructions on that site are not directories, they are registry hives. Ref: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2823223/unable-to-refresh-or-reset-pc-after-automatic-repair-fails-in-windows Media creator may or may not work for you. It depends on what OS is actually installed. Media Creator will work for a retail OS, and some licenses do cross to the retail SKU. If this tablet has some other type of OS, like the tablet version or other SFF version, the media creator may not work. BUT it doesn't cost anything so you can still try it if you want. The log files in Windows 10 are such a pain, mostly because so many different ones are created. It is possible you have found the wrong one. Ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/windows-setup-log-files-and-event-logs
  15. I remember the Windows 2000 launch day, everyone was so hyped. They installed it onto a computer in a presentation and it just BSOD constantly. I think that we didn't have a working Windows 2000 computer for about a week.
  16. So it is the same old story. MS changed something in the OS that they didn't put in the update notes or info they make available to developers, and some drivers stop working. I have even found another one that I have yet to troubleshoot, where one motherboard will BSOD on install due to the in-box IPMI driver in 1903.
  17. I haven't much experience searching for things in Vietnamese, so I do not know where to look. I did try to use what seems to be a Vietnam search engine, but it uses Google for a lot of what it did. Without digging into Vietnam internet to figure it out, you will need to find a native speaker to help with searching. That's what I usually do when I run into an issue searching in other languages.
  18. There have been some scenarios where I've been able to put the wrong resolution on a display, and it would "work" but you couldn't see everything. Basically, a "virtual" resolution where the software is using the resolution you picked, but the hardware is using its native resolution. I recall this issue on eeePC. It was a problem because the screen was cut-off. If you had to visualize what I'm talking about, imagine how a windowed RDP session or VM window works. If that is even a named method, I have only done it by accident. There was no control over where the anchor point was. So in Windows' typical fashion of 0,0 being the top left, that was always the anchor point, so you couldn't see the taskbar (if in the default location) and only half of the Start Menu if opened. It was Windows XP as well... maybe even Starter. There was no option to move the screen around either.
  19. Borderlands 3 downloaded overnight, will get to play it later!
  20. It seems to only be located on torrents and mega. Wayback has only the 404 page archived from rarlab's official site. You can try to ask on this forum, see if anyone has a copy laying around somewhere: https://www.helpmij.nl/forum/index.php
  21. Merged duplicate topic. Not able to find it yet, many sites seem to be not working for me today including Tineye and others. Further information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z-5JI5BX1WoMbwUNXABeCMXor9b_FV1QdOU1EP2LhvY/edit#gid=722194383 https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=39361&start=50
  22. Verify that you are manually starting your install in EFI mode. You need to create the MSR partition in your XML. Ref: https://msfn.org/board/topic/154404-how-to-clean-gpt-hard-disk-using-autounattendxml/
  23. Pitchers: For the Jeff Ballard example, these reflect to these in-game values PStatField #1 0x0012 -> 18 Wins PStatField #2 0x0008 -> 8 Losses PStatField #3 0x0157 -> 343 ERA (3.43) PStatField #4 0x003D -> 61 Endurance PStatField #5 0x0040 -> 64 Walks (1989 value: 57-5) PStatField #6 0x0108 -> 264 Hits (1989 value: 240) PStatField #7 0x0066 -> 102 Strikeouts (1989 value: 62) Endurance, Walks, Hits and Strikeouts are under "Player Ratings", and the first three are under "Actual Stats". Actual Stats are not really used for anything functional in the game that I am aware of. They only appear on the Pitcher select screen and are used as a reference. The data under "Player Ratings" are generated by the game when actual stats are input. Endurance has never seemed to make any difference if the number was high or low. Jeff Ballard's source stats for these values are Strikeouts (62) Walks (57-5) and Hits (240). I put the - on the walks because the game does have an input field for IBB, which I imagine that the game would not count as actual walks if it is using the walk rating for actual performance since IBB is a managerial decision. His IP from 1989 is 215.1 in 35 games. I have determined that the Endurance value is IP / G (innings pitched / games) removing decimal. For Jeff Ballard, Endurance = 61, IP = 215.1, G = 35 (215.1 / 35 = 6.1) For Pete Harnisch, Endurance = 57, IP = 103.1, G = 18 (103.1 / 18 = 5.7) For Gregg Olson, Endurance = 13, IP = 85, G = 64 (85 / 64 = 1.3) For the other three values, I am presuming it would (normally) use the "total batters faced" input value, For Jeff Ballard, his BF from 1989 is 912 Batters: For the Brady Anderson example, these reflect to these in-game values BStatField #1 0x0004 -> 4 Home Runs BStatField #2 0x0010 -> 16 RBI's BStatField #3 0x00CF -> 207 Bat. Avg BStatField #4 0x0080 -> 128 Walks (1989 values: BB 43, IBB 6) BStatField #5 0x00B5 -> 181 Hits (1989 value: 55) BStatField #6 0x00DA -> 218 2B per hit (1989 value: 12) BStatField #7 0x0024 -> 36 3B per hit (1989 value: 2) BStatField #8 0x0049-> 73 HR per hit (1989 value: 4) BStatField #9 0x00D3 -> 211 Strikeout (1989 value: 45) BStatField #10 0x02F8 -> 760 Speed (1989 values: SB 16, CS 4) As with the pitchers example, the first three bits of info (HR, RBI, Avg) are informational. They appear in game as reference data when the batter is at the plate. 1989 AB: 266. Actual PA is 317 but the game doesn't ask for PA only AB. PA = AB + BB + HBP + SF + SH (of which, all besides HBP are prompted for, and you can put -1 in for SF and SH). So presumably, in-game PA would be 314 OR 320 if IBB are counted. BstatFields 6-8 are percentages. 55 hits, of those 37 are singles (67.3%), 12 are 2B (21.8%), 2 are 3B (3.6%) 4 are HR (7.3%). Verified using this site: https://www.rapidtables.com/tools/pie-chart.html Data names: 1B 2B 3B HR Data values: 37 12 2 4 Also for real-world data the game uses, 1989 stats of any players in these examples, they can be found on Baseball-Reference, ie: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/a/anderbr01.shtml
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