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  1. Can you open soffice.bin with Dependency Walker instead and profile it from there?
  2. It's KB4493563 (that I mentioned above) that is causing this problem. (see also @FranceBB's reply) https://msfn.org/board/topic/171814-posready-2009-updates-ported-to-windows-xp-sp3-enu/?do=findComment&comment=1162217
  3. Do you have update KB4493563 installed? If yes, uninstall that and then see if LibreOffice works or not.
  4. No, the last version is actually It is also working fine on my side, so I think something is wrong with your system.
  5. Awesome, but it could fit better under Windows 9x/ME forum. @Dave-H Could you move it there?
  6. Yes, I am already aware of One-Core-API, and while it is indeed awesome as mentioned by @FranceBB, I still think it needs more development, because there does still exist some issues, as you said. I am grateful for the fact that it runs very modern programs, but unfortunately, it breaks already working programs that don't need One-Core-API to work, for example, Supermium. I discovered this recently. Yes, the uninstaller works.
  7. Yes, I am aware that it's 16-bit and won't work on 64-bit Windows, but by following a video on YouTube, you can make them run on 64-bit Windows. Thanks for the copy, Dave!
  8. Please, kindly give me a copy. Thanks.
  9. From where did you get this program? Trying to find it at Google just gives me results for a program called Run Command.
  10. Finally, glad to know you fixed the problem! You are welcome, if you have any questions/need help, ask, we are here for you!
  11. I don't think they would go too far by removing these 2 things (the taskbar and the start menu), they are the core of Windows. I am unsure about the future of Control Panel though, because it seems to have a conflict with Settings application. By this, I meant that some Control Panel applets direct to Settings, and some links in Settings direct you to Control Panel.
  12. I'm curious, what's preventing you from updating to the latest version? I know that "newer isn't better", but in this case with Supermium, it is actually the opposite, meaning that newer is better.
  13. You are welcome. Glad to be of help! You wrongly quoted @we3fan and not me, but I know you meant to quote me, so here's my reply: Yeah, I know how boring it was having to prevent every website manually from sending you location requests. By disabling this setting (geo.enabled), you prevent ALL websites from sending you location requests.
  14. Not to mention, ReactOS isn't even in beta stage, it's still in alpha.
  15. Press Shift + F10, type diskpart, then press Enter, then type list disk, then press Enter. Does a disk appear in the list?
  16. Did you try the diskpart command in Command Prompt?
  17. Go to about:config, and set geo.enabled to false.
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