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  1. Ok, I'll call you "sir" next time. And now, it's my turn to say the same: weren't you also blocking me? And btw, it's the third time I block you, not the 64 millionth time. And as for announcements, I only did it once, and it's in 1 topic only. Yeah well, sorry, I already know this, but I was very tired at that time I wrote that post, so I rushed it and didn't get to check my post's grammar quickly, but, you get the point. @Vistapocalypse Sorry for flooding your topic with this. That wasn't my intention.
  2. Ha ha ha, i'm completely laughing so hard at reading this. What kind of thinking is this? I also wrote I will leave the forum? No, I will not leave the forum, even if i get a lot of hostility, and legacyfan has already confirmed twice here he won't leave the forum. I and will still continue to stay on this forum. And also, selling my and legacyfan's account??? No, I and legacyfan are not that stupid, bro. We would never sell our accounts at all! But I don't want to start an argument for this, so here's what I will suggest for you: Don't touch me and my poor friend legacyfan (I'm not saying that we are special, we are members like anyone else), and I recommend thinking at least thrice before writing such statements. Thanks! Sorry everyone if I sounded like ranting in this post, and sorry if everyone didn't expect my reply, but I had to write it, sorry.
  3. Please no, don't leave us. It will be a sad thing if you leave the forum again. Some forum members have left us already. Thanks.
  4. I will test later with St52 and St55, and tell the results. If you want me to test 1 of these browsers, then I'll go with St52.
  5. Currently, page 9 of this topic is at 8 replies (9 if you count this reply), so it would need 7 more (6 more after this reply) for this topic to get to page 10.
  6. The highest I got in Speedometer 2.1 is 24.8, but despite that result, 360Chrome is still smooth for me, and all of that is under a XP SP3 virtual machine with just 2 GB RAM.
  7. The Creators Update is an update available for Windows 10 only.
  8. Was it really needed to revive a 2 years old topic? You seem to be reviving old topics often.
  9. Yeah, it might sound weird to you knowing the location for the first time, you will get used to it soon, but to be fair, the same goes for Firefox.
  10. Go to Help menu, select Troubleshooting Information, and at "Application Basics" section, next to "Profile Folder", click on "Open Folder".
  11. Spotify is currently at version 1.2.11, but I am also interested in knowing if it's possible to port Spotify 1.2.11 to Windows 7.
  12. You can uninstall OneDrive with Programs and Features applet from Control Panel. I once left OneDrive running, and it synced everything from my Microsoft account, completely cluttering my desktop. I've had this happening many times, and this is the main reason I uninstall OneDrive.
  13. Please read my post again (carefully, and one-by-one), especially this last part: By this part, I meant that I will just shut and stop getting bothered by the typos every time I see them.
  14. Nah, don't worry, I wasn't meaning to correct you, just asking why would you use that word in a sentence instead of "than", since this is almost the same case as using "your" instead of "you're" in a sentence like "you're welcome", but of course it's up to you, I generally don't judge what you write, but eh, I guess I will just zip my mouth and just get over the typos instead, lol.
  15. Off-topic, but it hurts me when I see "then" is used in place of "than" in sentences like this, considering both "then" and "than" have different meanings! Sorry for this, but I had to do it, because I am not sure if you intentionally write "then", or accidentally write it, please explain, thanks.
  16. You're completely right, I feel sorry (and I mean, really sorry) for the moderators for holding so much responsibility to deal with arguments that happen everyday. It's becoming a loop. Actually, it's already a loop. I hate to say this, but I am actually disappointed with how MSFN went downfall since the end of 2021 and 2022.
  17. Sorry for going off-topic for saying this, but I am glad to see you back.
  18. You are being so funny today, and you completely delighted and cheered me up today with this post. First, we have this, and now this. OMG, I am exploding of laughter today, please keep it up.
  19. It* was a joke not I was a joke Anyway, good that you were joking at least.
  20. It is going to be fixed next version. See here.
  21. @win32 It works for me finally! Thank you! And it's working on Windows 7 RTM too!

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