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  1. I actually tested OneDrive version 22.099.0508.0001 (since it's the latest pre-release), a version which is rolling out. Interestingly enough, I only needed to enable VxKex (didn't require faking Windows version somehow) for the installer, and it installed, but it didn't run, because it required SetThreadInformation (even with VxKex enabled) as stated. Then, later on, I tested OneDrive version 22.089.0426.0003 (the latest stable version @ivanbuto tested, as shown in the above screenshot on his post). I got the same error as @ivanbuto's, but I decided to enable VxKex for the installer. Fortunately, the "Entry Point Not Found" error is gone, but it said "Windows 10 or 11 is required". I, then faked Windows version to 10 and 11 (once with 10, and once with 11), but it still said "Windows 10 or 11 is required". That said, I've made an issue for it nonetheless. Here it is if you are interested: https://github.com/vxiiduu/VxKex/issues/18
  2. @xpandvistafan I tried vxiiduu's kernel extensions with it, and it made OneDrive install successfully, but OneDrive itself didn't work, it still requires SetThreadInformation, even if VxKex is enabled for OneDrive.exe.
  3. The link you gave out says "Access Denied (Forbidden) Error 403" when I open it. Maybe it's only me, but it's what I get.
  4. I agree here too, actually. Even despite my usage of KernelEx wasn't long enough (it's only for several months, and I only used normal KernelEx), I'm still thankful that also the great work has reached to the point that FF 52, and several apps run on 98/ME.
  5. I've had known about this simulator for a long time, it seems pretty fun, but I still prefer having 98 in a VM instead.
  6. That's really strange! It always create the shortcuts to me. Here are some pictures for proof: This was tested on a Vista SP2 64-bit VM, completely vanilla (yes, not even the Platform Update is installed). IrfanView 64-bit also creates the shortcuts.
  7. I even discovered that a website does not work in Mypal 68, but works in Firefox 52.9.0 ESR with a warning at the top. This was test on a clean Mypal profile. PS: And yes, I am already aware that this thread is not for reporting websites that don't work in new browsers.
  8. I agree with you! Tested the new version just now, and I was able to install the add-on Adblock Plus, and use it there without any issues!
  9. Right now, I noticed a new version has been released: https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/releases/tag/68.12.3b
  10. You mean the apps PendMoves and MoveFile? It's archived there: http://web.archive.org/web/20100210121719/http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897556.aspx
  11. I can open it but it says "WhatsApp works with Mozilla Firefox 60+". And when I went to https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/, it says i am running Firefox 68, which is far higher than the minimum requirement Firefox 60.
  12. It works great here. Never got a crash here either. Awaiting Mypal versions 78 and 91. Mainly 91 since there will be an even better and modern experience.
  13. Amazing! Does checking for updates work too now, or this is something you have yet to solve?
  14. Good to see that the dark theme has been brought to this discussion, because I kinda wanted to talk about it too. But I don't understand 1 thing about dark themes. How exactly does it damage the vision? Is it because of the fact that you have to get closer to read what's on the screen while it being in dark mode? That's what I exactly know of what I think it damages the vision. I think I am misunderstanding something about dark themes. I am not saying any of your opinions are wrong, just being curious. I tried searching online on the Internet, but I have never found any useful information there, so I am asking here. Just want to add, I use dark themes sometimes, but I am not a fan of them, because light theme is what I have always been a fan of. Never preferred "darkness" over "light".
  15. There isn't anything strange. The reason why no one answered is because they are not interested in it. And why do you mention Dave-H in this? Dave-H has nothing to do with them not answering!

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