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  1. Sorry for the inactivity all- finally got around to updating the topic! Now to post the latest Summary of Changes... SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR JUNE 11, 2019: Updated Vivaldi 1.0 entry to 1.0.435.46. Added Vivaldi 1.1.443.3 Developer to "Web Browsers" -> "Chromium-based" section. Added Adguard to "AntiVirus/Security software" section. Updated information about Telegram Desktop: the software will stop supporting Windows XP/Vista on Sept. 1, 2019. Fixed broken download link for Adobe Reader X v10.1.16. Added FineReader 14 to "PDF Viewers/editors" section. Updated WPS Office 2016 entry to WPS Office 2019. Updated link for VLC Media Player 3.0.7 to point to the final version instead of the beta version. Added ArtWeaver Free and Pro 6.x to "Video/Photo Editing software" section. Updated information about Krita - no longer ONG; added 4.1.7 as the last version to work with Windows Vista (newer versions do not work due to missing Win7+ DLL functions). Updated information about Sony Sound Forge - later versions up to 13.x can be ran on Vista by using the Portable version of the software (thanks to @artomberus for finding this). Fixed broken download link for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Added new section - "Language Translation software" Added Promt 18 to "Language Translation software" section. Added Nero 2019 Platinum (unofficial repacked version) to "Optical Disc Media Management software" Added SuperTuxKart to "Games" -> "Active Development" section. Added Adobe AIR to "Software/game development" section. Fixed broken download links for Java 9.x. Fixed broken download link for Notepad3 4.18.512.992. Added OpenVPN 2.4.6-I602 to "VPN Clients" section.
  2. Thank you both for the information about FileZilla in Windows Vista, hate to hear it no longer works Updated the list to reflect this: Thank you for the information! TeamViewer shall remain on the list as ONG, and f.lux and Geekbench have been added also:
  3. Thank you for the information about MSVC VistaLover After installing it, the error disappeared, however, the program still does not work : As you can see, yet another artificial block implemented to keep the software from potentially working perfectly fine in Windows Vista Programs like this aren't worth the time of day, in my opinion. I recommend GIMP 2.8.22 instead of this garbage. Although GIMP no longer supports Windows Vista, it at least somewhat had merit, as it does not work in Vista due to missing Win7+ functions instead of being artificially blocked:
  4. Yes, I tried the final version of .NET 4.8 on Vista just now, and while it could be installed, it unfortunately displays the same behavior as 4.8 Preview: This means that .NET 4.7.2 is the final version that can be used on Windows Vista without these issues, seemingly I did just that, and here are some of the files I got: I then modified the .MSI file with Orca like @artomberus did, and received the same error message when attempting to run the program after installing it... However, this limitation is pretty easy to circumvent using @blackwingcat's PEMaker tool: After modifying and recompiling the .exe file using this tool, that eliminated the "not a valid win32 application" error but sadly, my success was short-lived: So it looks like Paint .NET is a no-go on Vista As far as SP1 goes, .NET Framework 4.7.2 does "require" this, but there is no mention of the Platform Update "requirement" on Microsoft's .NET OS compatibility chart here. Bearing this in mind, the software likely calls for functions introduced in Windows 7's Platform Update, which would explain why it doesn't work in Vista even with .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed... Sadly, no. Downloading the installer and attempting to run it does not work, and extracting it provides no .MSI installer to use/modify, nor are there any available elsewhere on the web, from what I've found:
  5. Well it turns out that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 can also be installed on Windows Vista using the same installation method for 4.6.2 Final, and it can also be patched using the .NET 4.6 security updates for Server 2008! In addition, ShareX still works with this version installed, and no dependency errors are present: Now, I could not find an application that specifically required this version of .NET Framework, but it appears that ShareX is able to use it without any issues, in contrast to .NET Framework 4.8 Preview... As such, I have also added this version of .NET Framework to the list Also, this is irrelevant to .NET Framework, but Twitch Desktop App recently dropped support for Windows XP and Vista, so it has been removed from the list
  6. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Thanks to @Osman Kovan for figuring out how to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 on Windows Vista, I was able to use that same method to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 Final on Windows Vista. I just extracted the setup .exe file with 7zip and ran the .MSI installation file contained within it, netfx_Full_x64.msi: After installing, I then tested ShareX Portable to see if it gave the same missing dependency errors that it does when running it with .NET Framework 4.8 Preview installed, and to my delight, it works just fine in Vista with 4.6.2 Final! Remembering what @VistaLover asked me to try with 4.6.2 Preview installed, I then decided to try the latest .NET Framework 4.6.x security rollup for Windows Server 2008 to see if it would patch .NET Framework 4.6.2 Final on Vista, and, lo and behold: It works! This means that .NET Framework 4.6.2 Final CAN be installed and patched on Windows Vista using @Osman Kovan's installation method, and then by downloading the .NET 4.6 patches for Server 2008 manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog. As such, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview has been replaced with the final version on the list: Special thanks to @VistaLover, @Osman Kovan, and @artomberus for helping make this possible!
  7. Oh I'm sorry, I understand now. I didn't know that the updates for .NET 4.6.0 applied to 4.6.1 as well, that's good to know. Thanks for clarifying that for me, VistaLover. However, those updates will not apply to 4.6.2, as the same "do not apply" error appears above when trying to apply them when 4.6.2 is installed. However, this is not the case with 4.6.1 installed, which confirms your hypothesis:
  8. I can confirm after installing .NET Framework 4.6.2 on Vista, it does indeed overwrite 4.6.1, however 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 security updates cannot be installed (manually or otherwise) on Windows Vista/Server 2008 due to the updates being OS-specific: As such, since .NET Framework 4.6.0 is the last officially supported version on Vista/2008, this is the final version that can receive security updates on these OSes, while 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 Preview will remain unpatched. To confirm, this is what occurs when trying to install the latest 4.6.1/4.6.2 update rollup for Windows 7/2008 R2 on Windows Vista:
  9. Oops, looks like I made a mistake - according to this article on the end of Windows XP support for ZoneAlarm, published on May 1, 2019, the last version for XP/Vista is actually The article also states that you have to contact support to download the last version for XP/Vista, which to me seems a little ridiculous compared to just linking it publicly for everyone, well the free versions of their software anyway. Thanks for the link though @VistaLover, even though that installer won't run on Vista due to my mistake: Sorry everyone... Fixed.
  10. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR MAY 15, 2019: Added 360 Extreme Explorer to "Browsers" -> "Chromium-based" section. Updated Norton products to v22.15.2.22. Added Zonealarm Free Firewall as last version for Vista to"AntiVirus/Security software" section, as the software no longer supports Windows Vista as of around November-December 2018. Link to the last version is not available since Zonealarm does not archive old versions of the software, nor is it available elsewhere from what I could find. Updated ESET NOD32, Internet & Smart Security products to v12.1.34.0 as these will likely be the final versions of the software to support Vista. Added SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016 Rev 767.0516 to "Office Suites" section as last version for Vista. Clarified info about ShareX compatibility: added ShareX 12.0.0 as the final NON-portable version for Vista; added ShareX Portable as (ONG, UNS). Added Free File Sync 10.11 as last version for Vista to "File Management" section. Removed BeamNG.Drive from ONG status; added BeamNG.Drive v0.15.0.6 as the last working version for Vista to "Games" -> "Last official release to work on Vista" section; the game requires APIs only found in Windows 7 or later as of v0.16.0. Added Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview to "Additional Microsoft software/utilities" section.
  11. Finally got around to updating the list... Thanks to everyone who contributed while I was away, and sorry all for being inactive Nice find! Added to the list. Thanks for letting me know, I have this game also and can confirm. Added the last version to the list. There is one piece of software I know of, off the top of my head, ShareX. It hasn't officially supported Vista for a while now due to it "requiring" .NET Framework 4.6.2, but the portable version has been able to be made to work on Vista by modifying a small .config file by changing the minimum required version of .NET Framework version number to 4.6.1 from 4.6.2 (thanks to @VistaLover for discovering this sometime last year IIRC). However, after installing .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview, performing this modification is no longer required, and the latest portable version of the software works just fine in Windows Vista (the installer will not run): The game has not "officially" supported Windows Vista for quite some time, however it continued to work until the release of 0.16.x this month, since it now requires functions from Windows 7 or later: Anyway, now to make the latest summary of changes (in a new post)...
  12. An update regarding IE11... For the past few hours, the download links for the Server 2012 and Windows 8 Embedded x64 versions of the browser have been broken, however thanks to @i430VX for finding a working link (it seems the original link contained an error): Server 2012: http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/updt/2019/04/ie11-win6.2_09d0341148e4d19db1960163df568b9c25180abc.msu Windows 8 Embedded x64: http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/updt/2019/04/ie11-win6.2_09d0341148e4d19db1960163df568b9c25180abc.msu (pretty sure they're the same file, but linked them individually just in case) Anyway, installation went without any issues on Server 2012 x64, and the browser works just as it should: However, on Windows 8.0, it looks like the browser will not install Perhaps there's a way to modify the update itself to install on Windows 8, similar to the method used with Powershell 5.0?
  13. IE11 is now available for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.0 Embedded users! From the OP's link: Download IE11 here: Server 2012 x64 (scroll down toward the bottom) Windows 8 Embedded (go to the third page and scroll down to the bottom for the download)
  14. Didn't see your post until just now, but Telegram Desktop also still works with Windows XP and Vista, I use it myself and it works fine: https://desktop.telegram.org/ However, it doesn't support group voice calling or video chat yet, but you can at least call people on it like you could with Skype, and of course you can IM/Group IM with it.
  15. It looks like Internet Explorer 11 has been released for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Embedded users as of today: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Windows-IT-Pro-Blog/Bringing-Internet-Explorer-11-to-Windows-Server-2012-and-Windows/ba-p/325297 As I have installed Windows Server 2012 alongside my Windows Vista partition recently (for compatibility reasons), I will be downloading and testing out IE11 on it and will post with the results when it is complete. I'll also be testing it on my Windows 8.0 virtual machine... Hopefully it'll work. Wish me luck! Download IE11 here: Server 2012 x64 (scroll down toward the bottom) Windows 8 Embedded (go to the third page and scroll down to the bottom for the download)
  16. Thanks @Vistapocalypse (and others) for contributing to and keeping this topic alive while I've been away! Finally got around to updating it, so I reckon it's about time I post one of these (albeit, short): SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR APRIL 13, 2019: Updated status of Skype v7.36.x: this version no longer works on XP/Vista as of April 2019, meaning that XP/Vista users effectively can no longer use Skype (desktop). Added MediaPortal to "DVR/PVR software" section.
  17. An interesting little change I noticed in the April 2019 update rollup: For those that didn't notice, since 2009 with the release of SP2, Windows Vista's build number has been 6.0.6002 (while SP1 was build 6001, and RTM 6000). However, with the new rollup, Vista's build number has been changed to build 6.0.6003. At first I wondered if this was an error/discrepancy on MS's part, but turns out the change was intentional, according to this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4495374/build-number-changing-to-6003-in-windows-server-2008 Just an interesting little thing I thought I'd point out This change doesn't seem to affect functionality of anything though (at least not that I'm aware of), which is good.
  18. No, I have attempted modifying the Windows 7 USB 3 and HD 4600 graphics drivers for Vista when I tried running it on Haswell, and it just doesn't work. Not necessarily. According to @greenhillmaniac, Windows Vista works fine on AMD's Ryzen platform, at least on the first generation Summit Ridge processors. This problem seems to be isolated to Intel's Haswell (and later) platforms. If you want to run Vista on Intel hardware without issues, your best bet is going to be Sandy or Ivy Bridge. I use Vista on a Core i7 3770 (Ivy) without any problems at all; the OS works just like it's supposed to and driver support is much better.
  19. Thanks for letting me know! Added. Anyway, I decided to cut out a lot of unnecessary information on the list to make it a lot less overwhelming to navigate and read, especially for newcomers to the topic. Hope everyone enjoys the new changes, and thanks again to all of those who have contributed to the list over the past 3 years, can't believe it's already been that long since I first posted the topic. Time flies!
  20. Finally got around to updating this topic after so long - sorry for the delays everyone! Thanks to everyone for the additions!
  21. Thanks for the information about Kodi and letting me know about the broken link, @Vistapocalypse! Fixed
  22. Thanks for the information, @Vistapocalypse! I think you'll enjoy today's changes... SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR MARCH 4, 2019: Added new link for the last version of Yandex Browser for Windows Vista and XP (thanks to @i430VX for providing it), as visiting the vendor's site no longer delivers a compatible installer for XP/Vista users. Added new category: DVR/PVR software. Added Windows Media Center with TV Pack 2008 and NextPVR to "DVR/PVR software" section. Added Piriform Recuva to "Hard Drive Utilities" section. That's strange; I have just updated to the latest definitions on my system today with no problems
  23. Nostalgic =/= Practical There’s no practical use for such a program these days. Longhorn is a dead platform; a beta of an OS which was completed in November 2006, Windows Vista. Therefore, no one is using it anymore these days, meaning the demand for the software you’re requesting is no longer there. If you like the look/UI of Longhorn (which is the only reason I can think of as to why one would want to use it these days), the best thing to do would be to install Windows Vista or 7 and apply a third party custom theme to make it look like Longhorn; there are several available on sites like DeviantArt.
  24. No offense, but you're asking for someone to make an unattended setup program for obscure, long-obsolete and expired betas of an operating system that was completed 13 years ago... that's pretty funny to me
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