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  1. Tripredacus

    Internet keeps dropping out Windows 10 1803

    Also don't forget to put your hard drive in the freezer for 20 minutes.
  2. Tripredacus

    What video game are you playing?

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Mostly multiplayer.
  3. Tripredacus

    Here we go

    I always preferred OS 9 and older vs OS X and newer.
  4. Tripredacus

    Beware of Office 2010 Updates!

    They would know how many XP systems are in operational condition due to Windows Update polling, since the client reports a limited software inventory such as version of Windows, Office, etc. And you can be certain that they record and use that data. They just wouldn't know about the XP systems that never hit Windows Update or the internet.
  5. Strip it for parts!
  6. Tripredacus

    RAM Errors (Update: Now It's Much Worse)

    Electronics rarely suddenly fail. If they do, it is usually due to static discharge or some other foreign event such as lightning or Pepsi. Components work because they operate within an allowable tolerance. Over time, the actual tolerance (or range of possible electronic signal) for a particular component may extend beyond the acceptable range, which then creates undesired effects. Timing being wrong, voltage being wrong, etc. What happens suddenly is that you notice that something is bad and in all likelyhood a part of collection of parts within the circuit have been bad or going bad for years, if not straight from the factory. Most people end up ignoring warning signs, even if they know what they are, so it seems weird that a failure could come to some great surprise. And besides, it wasn't very sudden, by your account you've been having a problem for 8 months now. I would test the RAM in another known working board. I would also replace the existing board, and then use it for testing purposes only.
  7. It is a matter of traffic drivers. When a project gets too big to be contained into a single thread or section and many people come to here to post about it, then we can consider creating a section for a project.
  8. So far there hasn't been the type of activity that we'd normally see for a project that ended up with their own section.
  9. Well here is some info about creating items in Control Panel https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/hh127450(v=vs.85).aspx And the CLSID list for some objects in Windows 10: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3123-clsid-key-guid-shortcuts-list-windows-10-a.html On Windows 7 Pro, running explorer shell:::{C555438B-3C23-4769-A71F-B6D3D9B6053A} will launch the Display panel, but on Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 it gives an error. So perhaps in 1803 it is different than on that site and you would have to dig abour in the registry to find the correct CLSID.
  10. Remember that spoofing only will cause the site to make available code specific to the browser you are identifying as. It all depends on how the site is written. Identifying as another browser or application does not magically give your browser the ability to do the things the other software is capable of. If they are adding some code that doesn't work in older versions of Firefox, even if they don't put in a version checker, the page may not work properly because your version can't execute the code. As noted, it is impossible to tell what the results will be until that site updates their site, only then would you know if changing your user agent will make the page work or not.
  11. Tripredacus

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    The progression of sizes of spindle disks should have solved this years ago, right when 1TB became "the" standard size for disks. Then things changed. SSDs came out and they were far superior, but their storage sizes were quite small in comparison. How long have they been around for now? You can get yourself a 500GB SATA SSD for under $100 USD, so still not quite good cost wise vs a 7200rpm disk. Then the situation where desktops stopped being the king of computers and was overtaken by notebooks, and to a greater degree, mobile systems. Microsoft seems to be following a model where Windows is generally the same across all of the platforms. And this makes sense if you consider that they didn't invent a new OS to run on low end mobile devices with low amounts of storage. They ported Windows over to fit into that space. So if cheap computers with small storage sizes make up the majority of the Windows platform, we can expect that any changes made to Windows are for those things. And since they don't seem to actually have a separate product for different devices, you are going to see those "features" show up in the desktop space. That is why your desktop computer running Windows 10 has a tablet mode and an airplane mode. And it is quite interesting that they did not bother to segment those features obviously designed for the low end products so that... say.... Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise wouldn't have the same stuff as whatever they put on the Surface Pro. Especially considering the fact that Microsoft has tons of different SKUs for licensing where you have to use specific OS versions on various different devices. It seems that the licensing department knows more about the differences between computers than whoever is making development decisions.
  12. Tripredacus

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    The things Microsoft does always has to deal with the largest common denominator. Rather, they are not saying "you should have a second hard drive to save your files/programs on, never save anything into your user profile and don't save anything into the C drive" and are only being concerned with the typical configuration where a Windows PC has 1 hard drive. Part of me also thinks that they are just moving 7GB from one place to another. It doesn't solve anything and they could possibly accomplish this without having to reserve space at all... if Disk Cleanup actually worked properly. You can see their plan here, saying they will come up with some method to automatically free up space if needed. They could just use this on a regular install and solve the same problem, right? And then they even anticipate that this won't work properly and give you the option to span your OS disk to external drives! If this becomes prime time, can we expect to see some of these issues appear: 1. The Reserved Space cleanup program deleted stuff outside of the reserved area? 2. After spanning C drive to USB key, OS won't boot with key removed? 3. Performance degredation after spanning C drive to USB key (say some poor chap spanned his SSD to a USB 2.0 drive) Then again, if updates weren't 4+ GB, perhaps they wouldn't need to bother with this. I wonder if they looked into expanding the System Reserved partition instead and writing some filter driver to store the files in there. This partition is typically hidden already and rarely ends up having anything inside of it besides boot files, or perhaps a winre.wim, despite usually it being between 250-500 MB in size. Oh but then again, perhaps they are not confident that their automatic cleanup tool wouldn't delete the BCD or boot files...
  13. Destro, that doesn't seem entirely relevant. Ruthan, take a look at this, it is for Windows 7 but perhaps it still works for Windows 10. You may even get to look into the temp folder to see if any logs are already present with the timestamp of your boot time. Otherwise, try setting the registry key and see if it makes any "better" logs appear. https://superuser.com/questions/180281/what-folder-are-installation-logs-in There was nothing really of note in the CBS.log. In the most recent reboot, nothing much but in the one prior Windows Update was doing something.
  14. It can be difficult to track msiexec.exe by process name due to the way it operates. It usually will create a process, exit and re-open a new process. For trying to figure out what runs it, you may want to look into the CBS.log. Of course there is always the Windows Performance Toolkit, part of the ADK, which has bootlogging tools.
  15. Tripredacus

    Windows 10 Home & Pro Legit Licenses

    There really shouldn't be any price fluctuation on buying the OS, Partners typically have to just sell it for a set price and that is it. I can say for certain that a company who is reselling the System Builder Kit will not be selling it lower than cost. It is an expensive product still and the online prices are usually at or perhaps 1% above cost. For the version where you just get a product key, the email should be coming from Microsoft so the keys should not be recycled. If they actually were OEM keys instead of retail, you'd be able to tell by doing a licensing check. Since OEM, VL and Retail are generated differently, the licensing tool can tell you which type of key is it. The reason why keys from a legit source would not work would be because someone, somewhere had already used that key to activate a Windows 10 previously, I'm sure we are all aware of how that is accomplished. When I look onto Newegg, it only shows the three options: "OEM" which I presume is the SBK, "Download" and USB Flash drive: https://www.newegg.com/Operating-Systems/SubCategory/ID-368 I also would imagine that a physical Retail kit must exist, but perhaps that is not sold online and only in physical stores.