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  1. Hi

    Welcome to the MSFN!
  2. Lack of Linux Enthusiasm

    I think there are a fair amount of Linux users on this forum, they just don't seem to talk about it very much, outside of the side comment "I also use this."
  3. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    Removed log and added as an attachment instead.
  4. Weird internet problem in Windows 95

    If you are not using a proxy server, uncheck the box to automatically detect a proxy server in Internet Options. Verify you have a valid IP address. If you have a valid IP address, verify that DNS works. You can do this by running these two commands: ping google.com ping
  5. windows 7 and cannonlake / 10nm install

    I believe this launch of the 10nm CPU also will coincide with a new chipset, which was reported to be the first from Intel for desktop boards to be UEFI only with no Legacy or CSM support. Whenever I get one of these types of boards or notebook in, I can definately try it. For usability reasons, there has been no real requirement that I have seen to need a "latest and greatest" system in terms of CPU or RAM, and Windows 7 can run just fine on even 3-5 year old hardware. My benchmark for requirements are games, so I do not know the requirements for other types of things such as engineering applications, etc.
  6. DISM needed (x64)

    I wish I had known about it ahead of time. I "found" this bug while on a production server. Also to note, running multiple DISM like this isn't supported. As even the ADK will not allow you to install it onto a computer that has a previous version installed. Say if you have ADK for 8.1 installed, you have to remove it before you can install ADK10. The only instance where this isn't the case is if you have the WAIK for Windows 7 installed, as the ADK installer does not check for that being installed. It doesn't check for Vista or 7 OPKs, or Embedded Kits either.
  7. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    What is the name of the virus being reported to you? The name usually starts with W32.
  8. Hello!

    Your signature image is too large. PS: your signature image was removed.
  9. DISM needed (x64)

    The DISM in the ADK is slightly different than the one that comes with the OS. I have never tried to use the ADK DISM in-place of the OS one, but I know the ADK DISM supports additional switches. DISM has dependencies, When I run multiple DISM versions, I put it into a folder. To save my time to determine what files are needed, I use the entire folder that contains DISM. For example: c:\program files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools\amd64\DISM and then take that DISM folder and call it something to know what it is, such as DISM10, and then you can put that folder anywhere. BUT be very careful about using DISM this way because you can screw things up! Using a DISM version like this means you need to fully qualify your paths to it and you don't want to run a different DISM by accident. For example, if you mount an image using the Win10 DISM and then unmount with the OS DISM, you will then have yourself a corrupted mount point and a memory leak. The incorrect DISM used will continuously allocate memory until there is none left, which should crash your computer. So I recommend if you are going to use multiple DISMs on one system that you build .cmds to handle them so you don't mistype and run the wrong one.
  10. What classified a Newbie ?

    The forum says you joined 01/15/2018. If you had posted on the forum before, post a link to a post so we can investigate.
  11. DISM needed (x64)

    This is an OS file and is not redistributable outside of the ADK. If you don't want the whole ADK, you can try JFX's tool: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/156869-get-waik-tools-wo-downloading-the-huge-isos/
  12. CPU Kernel Page Table Isolation bug disclosure

    That is the case for a lot of vulnerability checkers, they just see if a patch/update is installed by detecting it directly OR detecting what the patched behaviour should be and doing nothing if it is the wrong response besides throwing an error. In other words, they do not actually perform an action to trigger the vulnerability itself. So there is no real way to check any system to see if it is vulnerable, especially the things everyone seems to want to ignore being 32bit OS and stuff older than Windows 7. Hopefully someone finds a way to do a PoC detection on the issue so people can test these OSes.
  13. CPU Kernel Page Table Isolation bug disclosure

    So then we will not see fixes for legacy OS and likely even the patches we would see are for OSes in their support period or extended (paid) support period say for XP or Server 2003. If there ends up being a fix in XPe or POSReady2009, then this might be the way to get the update on desktop XP. I wonder about the methods for exploiting this, is it going to be the usual "it won't work on W95 because you need to use some thing that doesn't work on the OS" ... PS: added tags to the topic.
  14. I think that it doesn't matter for the old OSes. As I said, I have just been using the same XML I made in WSIM for Vista on every OS since then, and they all have the lowercase k in key and it was starting this version that it would accept it. It is not a wholesale change as you can still use lowercase for other objects like settings, component, unattend and cpi. It isn't something enforced by the schema either, it would have been a problem if it was like <key></Key> but the case doesn't matter in XML as long as it matches.
  15. Win-9x and meltdown vulnerability

    General thread in Technology News: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/177345-cpu-kernel-page-table-isolation-bug-disclosure/