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  1. I will believe it. If you search for drivers on the catalog, it is super complicated to find the correct one. Especially since the catalog likes to sometimes put internal or code names for releases in the OS version column. Just yesterday I ran into a problem finding a Broadcom WLAN driver. I downloaded the most recent one for Windows 10 current version, went to install it and it wouldn't take it. Then I look into the INF and it has XP to 8.1 specific install sections, not a Win 10 section or even one of those generic amd64 sections. So if the catalog has Windows XP drivers marked as Windows 10 drivers, you can be sure that Windows Update probably was doing the same thing... which might explain some of the issues people have with drivers from WU in the first place.
  2. It must be pointed out that modifying your Windows 7 installation to be able to install updates from other SKUs does not grant you additional support. It invalidates your support. Support is granted from Microsoft to the software. Support is not: you can install updates. The only way to get actual support for Windows 7 or POSReady is to subscribe to the ESU program. This is a paid program between a client and Microsoft. This being the case, discussion of how to trick the update servers into thinking your computer is an ESU verified device is against the forum rules.
  3. Forum arrangement is not up for community vote. Edit: topic was in the Windows 7 section.
  4. I've never used that option. I always just search for drivers manually in the update catalog. Although i should point out that nearly all of my Windows 10 usage is done with integration in mind, and on a network with no internet access.
  5. Yet the GPIO driver caused the most recent crash in the dumps you provided.
  6. A crash caused by a breakpoint can typically only be handled by the developer of the code that included the breakpoint. In general, it is a bad idea to release public code with a breakpoint in it without offering support for it. Now, the file that windbg complains about is the amdgpio2.sys. If this is an unmodified file from AMD, then I would say that this particular version should not be present. Or you can just not install the driver that put that in the system. In other words, you can't do anything if a breakpoint is what crashed the system, especially from binaries with no public symbols.
  7. Especially if any of those SHA-1 signed updates are required to install SHA-2 support on a system. They wouldn't break that update chain would they?
  8. -07 hit a breakpoint. Are you using beta or custom drivers?
  9. It is a Panduit dp5e, just as in the op. After further research, this model number is just the frame and not for the modules. The one I posted a picture of is the DP5E with Cat6 MiniJack modules installed. You can get this model with punchdown modules or other types.
  10. They should be tied to the profile. Are you logging into a domain, to MS or local? Are you using a cached or temporary profile?
  11. backside picture for reference:
  12. Scrolling on inactive windows is not really an OS feature. You can certainly do it in Windows 7, but I believe it has more to do with how the program is written than what OS it is running on. Maybe Win10 has something that overrides a program's default interaction, making it possible to do an inactive scroll even if it isn't supported? Regarding extra devices... when dealing with computers not in production or corporate environments... I just don't install drivers for stuff I don't use. IME and SoL are ... SOL.
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