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  1. https://www.aiowares.com/showthread.php?tid=2291
  2. My image dev machine runs Win 7 and can service Windows 10 images no problem, but I am only using MS provided tools.
  3. Why this particular requirement? Is there something besides ADK components that require it?
  4. If you do have to use RDP then there are some mitigations. First you have to know that this would be something that would happen in an attack on a high value target. Because the attacker would need to know this information: - the IP or identifier of your computer - the username and password If the computer is not connected directly to the internet or in DMZ, it is less likely to be found. What you can do if you want to use RDP (may need XP Pro or use other methods to do this on Home) : - do not have Guest account enabled. If you are hosting network shares, you'll need to set an account for authentication. - create a new user group, this group should not have admin access but does have RDP access. - create a new user that is not admin, add it to that group. - set RDP to only allow logins from that user group. There are other ways to handle it.
  5. May be relating to Year 2038 bug: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem
  6. This CVE indicates that the attacker would connect into the computer using RDP and then run a program. How to handle this would depend if you are using RDP or not. If not, you can disable it and while the exploit would still exist, the ability to use it would not.
  7. Politics (and religion) have always been forbidden topics on this forum. It was decided to leave the topic open, despite the fact that the pandemic has been politicised nearly everywhere. As long as the people who participate in this thread can post without bias and without involving politics or other things that are against the forum rules, then the thread can remain open. The freedom to speak against unjust things that are happening in our world (and on other websites/social media platforms) must be allowed in order to have a free people, they just cannot be discussed here.
  8. Read today that UK uses a social distancing app that will inform people if they come in contact with a person or location where a positive result is reported, and inform them that they must isolate. The unintended consequence of how the app works seems to be that it is picking up phones (people) through walls, say in apartments or if you are driving the app may pick up a person on the sidewalk or in a building along the road. This article doesn't mention those examples (they come from people on twitter who say to just delete the app) but talks about how NHS isn't going to change the sensitivity of the software: https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-no-plans-to-change-sensitivity-of-nhs-contact-tracing-app-after-half-a-million-people-pinged-in-a-week-12357177
  9. Well it is good to know that clarification. What I specifically meant by my statement is that any discussion relating to the politics of the situation should not be discussed here. I do not know how it is in other countries but the entire topic is split by political ideologies in the US. I think that we should not forbid everything relating to Covid or the pandemic and that discussions relating to the technology programs (such as what you can run or put on your phone) is perfectly fine to be discussed here. Relative to this topic, I can share an anecdotal story in which a person on another forum I am on lives in Shanghai, and has had to use a similar thing there in Spring of 2020. Where he would have to show a QR code on his phone to the soldiers at the military checkpoints if he wanted to leave his neighborhood to go to a store or whatever.
  10. When I look on VisualStudio.com I can only see LPs for that OS. It seems the old link to the Technet eval does not work anymore, it just redirects to a main site. I would look onto the secondary market to buy the System Builder version from which you can make an ISO.
  11. I personally wish that those miniports did not get their own devices in newer OS, it makes ipconfig annoying to use.
  12. This topic can remain open only as long as the software (or type of software) mentioned by OP is what is being discussed.
  13. Vulkan was/is intended to be a replacement for OpenGL, is based off AMD's Mantle API and is supported on nVidia, AMD and Intel.

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