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  1. Automatically execute bat script after winpe is loaded

    You wouldn't be able to execute the command in the windowsPE phase because the hard drive will be blank. If your applications are in your image, then you would need to run it during specialize or oobeSystem phase. If you are only running one command, it doesn't matter if you run synchronous or asynchronous. The difference between the two is the equivalent to running something from cmd using /wait command. For partitions, if you are using setup.exe, then you use the answer file to set up partitions. If you are using DISM to appy the image, you use diskpart.
  2. "Windows Starting" wrong language

    I believe it has to do with the capabilities of your install media. There are install sources of many languages, but the "default" or common is en-US (and en-gb did not exist for Windows 7), and additional languages were achievable on that locale by using the LIP or Language Interface Pack. It would basically make it so you would have English OS and then it would change UI elements (that it supported) to the language pack you had installed. So you could change between languages as you wanted, or had the ability to support multiple languages on the same machine. This is different from a localised version of Windows, where whatever language is the default and acts as the opposite, where you would have to enable English if you wanted to. The difference here is that the LIP is designed to run for Explorer shell, but your boot UI is loaded before Explorer and thus before the LIP. So an En-US Windows 7 will show english boot UI, but say, a es-ES Windows 7 (Spanish version, the only non en-us without LIP Win7 I have made an image for) will have Spanish boot UI. You can try running DISM to get the info. DISM /ONLINE /Get-Intl
  3. User mode and kernel mode space?

    You can see memory mapping in Device Manager. They are in hex and here is an example of mine: I am not certain that I am calculating things properly, but if the highlighted option is the entirety of my video card, then it comes out to allocation some 800MB (or is it Mb?) of my total allocation of "3.25" GB, which seems correct because the memory shown in System Properties for me is 4.00GB (2.43GB usable), whereas 3.25 - 0.8 = 2.45. And this video card is only 128MB, but is running 3 displays and now that I think of it, may be relating to some performance issues I've had on this computer. ANYWAYS, I thought to figure this out because it is mentioned on a site from 2006, where the images are missing. I only did the one thing, but maybe you can make use of it further: https://hardforum.com/threads/understanding-address-spaces-and-the-4gb-limit.1035670/
  4. BSNL randomly hanging up despite DSL LED

    In what IP range does your WAN IP normally look like, such as 157.x.x.x?
  5. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    It looks like it is an Embedded product aimed at the Enterprise channel, may eventually replace the low-end CPU SKUs of current (IoT) Embedded OS. Or even better, since those low-end Embedded OS are still built on 20 years of bloated Windows OS, with less features... which was basically what Vista Basic is. Perhaps they are finally starting to figure out that "Flagship" Windows is just too big... Maybe this is the start of normal Windows taking a hike as well. BUT we'll see how it goes, they have had new OS flops before. It doesn't matter how good it actually is, if adoption (aka sales) are low, it will get the axe.
  6. Stop creating new topics for ones you already have created! I do not think you can run those commands at that phase. They would be executed in the context of the booted PE, rather than the deployed OS. In any case, in the XML, what you put there is the path to where your batch file is located. Description you can put whatever. Order is default 1 if only one thing, if two things, then 1 on the first, 2 on the second, etc.
  7. I know that this is the function, and that it is in the specification to operate this way, but I have never actually seen a Windows (or Mac) client do this. In a situation where main DNS is no longer functioning, I have yet to see a secondary DNS server be used. Whether in my ISP days, or in recent times in the corporate world, among many different version of Windows and at least a few versions of Mac OS. A recent example on my regular workstation, i have the corporate DNS as the first (required for resolution of intranet addresses) and secondary of When the primary fails, no DNS resolution will work. In such a state, I can specify the public DNS with nslookup and get resolution. BUT if op thinks there is a DNS resolution issue once coming back from a DSL modem reset, then a DNS test needs to be done. When this scenario arises again, run these two command in a command prompt: ping ping google.com If you get results on the IP address but not the domain name, then it is a DNS problem. If you get the timeouts on both, then it is not a DNS problem.
  8. Windows 3.1 to Vista upgrade

    There is not real reason to do it other than for the sake of doing it, as evidenced in the fact that you can just install Vista without anything in between. Using VMs is the easiest way to do it, as attempting to do this on real hardware is likely to introduce roadblocks or a considerable amount of research and/or testing to find a board/cpu/ram combination that supports all the OSes attempted to be installed. I had read an article about someone who had attempted to this before, some years ago, but if I recall, they ran into some problem and "faked" completing the task by restarting again with XP.
  9. I am not understanding the use of the word "recharge" in this context of DSL.
  10. Can't right click on document in search results

    I wasn't able to replicate it on a system I have here, so I am inclined to think that it is supposed to work there. Searching for this issue doesn't seem to bring up anything either, so it may not be a widespread issue OR under-reported due to the nature of how bad Explorer search is. Heck, on most computers I will search from command prompt because it is faster and works better. The thing I would look at would be whether any modifications are known to have been made to the OS. For example using any Shell/UI mods or if you had modified the registry to add/remove context menu items. If I had hands on a machine that did this, I would likely use Process Monitor to see what windows is doing at the time of a right-click on explorer vs a right-click on search results, to see if there is any difference that can be seen that way.
  11. WHEA-LOGGER warning 19 cache hierarchy on 8700K cpu.

    Just keep an eye on it to see if it happens again.
  12. Can't right click on document in search results

    What is your method of searching? Are you searching from the explorer window or using the Cortana/Taskbar search?
  13. WHEA-LOGGER warning 19 cache hierarchy on 8700K cpu.

    I also found that CVE-2017-5715 can cause them... BUT when I personally look at event viewer logs, I find that past events are not worth troubleshooting (with exception to more clearcut hardware errors) because if the issue isn't happening currently, you cannot know if anything you do has fixed the problem.
  14. COD WWII black screen on open and CTD

    You'll need to post system specs, including the edition and build of your OS.
  15. Theme CSS wrong for current page number

    NP. Threads merged.