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Community Answers

  1. It only effected companies who use the CrowdStrike middleware, the data files that triggered the crash in the CrowdStrike driver were not pushed from the public Windows Update.
  2. I can't verify the link (the connection times out) so I'll have to take your word that you linked to the OS itself. You cannot put a link to a Windows OS on this site.
  3. I would look into this section to see if anything is mentioned. https://msfn.org/board/forum/41-visual-styles/
  4. About Me tab doesn't appear to get indexed by search engines.
  5. Updated. We really don't need a reason anyways.
  6. The user was banned manually and not put into the spam system. A post like that to impersonate forum staff is not allowed and that is why the post stays and the user is shown as being banned.
  7. Did the user leave the conversation? I do not know if that is visible to regular members or not.
  8. It was probably a spammer.
  9. The topic was not locked. The forum was set to allow Members to create topics in Forum Donations but not post replies. I have changed the setting so now Members cannot create topics there. That section is only for the automated Donation posts anyways. That is the correct link. When the donation is processed, the forum will generate a post in Forum Donations with xper as the OP. We will see if there is a problem with it.
  10. The owner has an account here (xper) but he is not a public figure if that is what you are asking. Xenforo is a fine forum software, better than what IPB has turned into. At least Xenforo works better with older browsers.
  11. MSFN is owned by an individual in Europe.
  12. Despite the message that said Teams would stop functioning on 1809 as of July 1st, it still does work and can connect with other versions (modern Classic, web, APK) of Teams on newer versions of Windows, at least as of July 3.
  13. The current drive works in other OS such as DOS, in-as-much as it can run a DIR on it. If you read my posts it should be clear that this is not a hardware issue and I am not looking for hardware solutions.
  14. Work computer has no updates, home computer has updated but not since 2014. Nothing is being done without my knowledge. Unless you are being pedantic, home computer gets definitions updates for MSSE but this is happening with my knowledge. My point is still valid, you can configure Windows 7 to never get updates automatically without registry hacks and impersonating a security context to modify tasks.
  15. An update to this topic, there is still a problem but only in Windows. I have replaced the ODD with another and confirms it works in DOS with CD-ROM boot disk. I have also replaced the IDE cable AND even recapped the board. It does not give the "not ready" message anymore, but now it will either sit forever to read the disc, or the computer will do a hard freeze. It no longer created bluescreen if I try to read a disc and then eject it. Autorun on music CD will cause a program to open (WMP) but it stops responding. The trick of having the disc in the drive on boot up will make it show the disc label and icon in Explorer, but it still can't be read.
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