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  1. Do the icons exist in the path specified in the stack? Ref: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCL-10659 also: https://github.com/coffeenotfound/ModloaderFix-b1.7.3/issues/2
  2. 8.23 GB too big for a Dual Layer? Not sure what the overhead size is on those.
  3. I ran into a situation where there seems to be a minimum Windows 10 build required that can boot on a TRX40 board with a Ryzen 3960X. I can't really find any information on what this version requirement is or if it is caused by a missing hotfix or driver. This is also primarily a WinPE concern, however it may also relate to the main OS equivalents themselves. The behaviour is that the PE will do the pre-load, but the activity indicator (spinning dots) do not appear, and the hardware does a hard lock. There is only USB on these boards, and the caps/num/scroll lock doesn't work. It could be that the hardware is not locked but just the USB portion is. I don't have a PCI-E PS/2 card to verify. These do not boot on the Ryzen board: - WinPE 10 (Kernel32.dll version 10.0.14393.0) - Windows Setup for IoT 1607 LTSB - Windows Setup for Windows 10 RTM or 1511 These do boot on the board: - WinPE 10 (Kernel32.dll version 10.0.17763.1) - Windows Setup for IoT 1809 LTSC - Windows Setup for Windows 10 1709 and 1803 These are all either WinPE on USB (although I do have a report that WinPE 10 (10.0.14393.0) via PXE does not work) or the WinPE that is part of the Windows installation DVDs. I have yet to see if a deployed OS version of say 1511 or 1607 will boot.
  4. OK the first things that need to be resolved are the Content Security Policy errors. These are generated when an add-on or feature of the browser is specifically blocking a portion of a page. This can be a script blocker, any rules to block domains or types of scripts. Anything that would block cookies, (possibly XSS) or mixed/outside content, privacy settings, etc. You can look up each error to get a hint of where the problem is. The first one is specifically due to the site using frames, but is using an outdated method. This could be because the browser is blocking this use of frames, the browser is too new for the intended purpose or (more likely) the site developer is not using the appropriate coding for the target browser. OR that the browser is picking up a kludge for a specific browser when it isn't supposed to (aka, a compatibility fix, which may be sent erroneously if you are using a custom user agent). Ref: https://superuser.com/questions/1456787/what-does-this-mean-content-security-policy-directive-frame-src-has-been-de You can expand out the info on those other red lines to get more info. You'd need to research each to see if there is anything that can be done only on the client. There is also likely a lot of errors that are not the cause of the problem, and that a site may work fine with them being present. And also, without a full understanding of the page structure, it would be impossible to know which is worth focusing on and which isn't. Especially if this is a remote page and not something you have code access to. BUT, that is why the Content Security Policy errors should be the priority.
  5. Is it possible to load this page or url or whatever, with the Inspector open? At least Error Console or Network tab (network tab isn't cached, so it needs to be open when the page load starts), it could give some hints as to what is not working properly with the browser.
  6. This is an problem with the upgrade advisor only. The solution seems to be to remove the device from Device Manager and then doing the upgrade. Making sure to not reboot in-between, otherwise Windows will reinstall the driver.
  7. It really comes down to how the software uses the processor. Here's the Ark comparison: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/compare.html?productIds=83359,82765 The memory bandwidth and speed is better on the 1650, but the CPU cache is better on the 2640. The 2640 is also designed to be used in dual-proc boards, hence why it supports QPI and the other one does not (look at the Bus Speed numbers.) In a real world scenario, the program itself may have a determining factor for which of these two CPUs are the ideal choice, however it is also possible that the observable difference may be negligible.
  8. I'm not sure about the site in question, since it uses random/stock photos. Is the product even present at the website owner's location? Are they filling the orders from the site or is the site just a virtual warehouse and the fulfillments are being handled by someone else? EDIT: Link in first post changed to a different woocommerce site, in case this is a veiled attempt at a spam post. OP, do not change this URL back to what was there before!
  9. From my understanding, I don't think ECC has anything to do with it. A memory leak is a software fault.
  10. The BBS menu will only show populated volumes. So it is showing Windows Boot Manager because UEFI boot is enabled, and your OS disk is of GPT type. The other drives will not show if they have no media or not valid media present. By valid media, if you have boot control set to flat UEFI or per-device UEFI, they will not appear in the BBS menu. In other words, the firmware (now) knows to not attempt to boot off of devices with no valid boot roms. Boards with this type of detection feature will have a longer POST time due to the system checking the presence of media. As an example, if you had a CD in the drive, you'd hear the drive spin up during POST, rather than just the power check that would happen with older hardware, to determine the boot capabilities.
  11. In theory it sounds simple, but I also have never been able to get routers to talk to each other on the WLAN side, in order to create a wireless bridge between routers to physical clients. It is either the case that these devices were not designed for what I was attempting, or that the stock firmware just didn't support it. You may want to see if your routers have a custom firmware you could use instead, like dd-wrt or the like, that open up all the options on the device. I ended up not going down this road at all, rather I ended up using a DECA network.
  12. Of course, the default model, and the one I am presuming that is current active on that site, is the guest checkout. As OP says "it operates" so I am presuming that the basic functionalities of e-commerce are currently possible.
  13. The reason why AutoIT EXEs get flagged is that the compiler uses UPX packing and this is what antivirus programs pick up on. So a lot of AutoIt programs will be flagged as malware or a virus just for being compiled. Imagine that some day some antivirus were to detect everything made by the Visual Basic compiler to be malware! https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware
  14. That site (if it is just an example or whatever) is using Woocommerce, so the first things you want to look at is what options they have: https://barn2.co.uk/woocommerce-login-plugins/ Otherwise, you could relocate the entire shop section or the checkout pages into a dir and then use auth to restrict access to it, then the thought ends up... why are user accounts so important? Not only will you need to use a rock solid authentication system, you'll need to take the responsibility of that user data. In my opinion, if I could get away with providing the service without having to manage or store important user data, that would be the way I would go.
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