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  1. Have been using these for some years, for clients that run embedded devices such as those with digital signage. I've always thought they look a bit hack-jobbish. The other side of the coin with these that the site mentions but doesn't show is that the power cord then used is the typical bulky notebook power adapter type, with the large brick in which you can then plug in a standard ATX or mickey mouse cable. Then there are other options where the power connector onto the board is just like a notebook would have, without having to use that type of adapter. Such as the Asus H410T/CSM: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/Business/Pro-H410T-CSM/
  2. It is fine to point out that something doesn't work as advertised, but removing the content (as well as the reply about how reliable the information is) wouldn't do anyone any good. As then it could just be posted by someone else again. Leaving it the way it is now leaves it "on the record" in case anyone else happens to find it. Especially anyone who finds the post from a search engine. We are in the minority by posting on this site. Many more people use MSFN for info and never register or even post. I know many people in the local IT community who use this site but do not have accounts.
  3. 4e is in relation to a user who is posting about a project they have created or is involved in, that is vaporware, or that the person is making promises about accomplishing something in the future but doesn't live up to the promises. So it is not relevant here, since the entity that made this so-called Vaporware is Microsoft and not the person who posted a link to it. Since Microsoft doesn't have an account, they can't get banned for posting about vaporware or have their posts deleted.
  4. I still use an old palemoon at home but I stopped caring about what they have to say when they decided to put in blocks for XP. And I don't even use their browser in XP, it is just that type of behaviour I cannot stand from software developers. In regards to the drama, readers of browser threads on this forum will see some familiar names in there, so it really shouldn't be any surprise that some people like to stir pots and make mountains out of molehills.
  5. Probably because it is easier to punish a single corporate entity rather than many people from around the world*. Section 230 as far as in the USA goes means that the host (publisher) is not responsible for the content on their site and that the individuals who are posting it are. So if someone were to put a threat onto Facebook, then Facebook is not in trouble legally and the person who posted it is instead. * Marking this because the way things regarding internet content is covered in the US by the media or referenced by politicians is that all content on US based websites is created by people in the US, and international users are discounted, ignored or misrepresented. People from around the world use the internet, even on English speaking websites, as can be evidenced in many places not just here. But the news, rules and policies/laws are written as if those people do not exist.
  6. MSFN is hosted in Europe, where I live doesn't really matter in that regard. While Xper says what the site rules are, we are bound by anything from EU in addition to that. Even if in EU it became legal to crack a program for investigative reasons, only Xper would be the one to say that we could talk about that on the site. @Jaguarek62 You are talking about newest drivers, but there are still drivers. I do not bother with updating drivers constantly, only stick with ones that work. Update only if necessary but for video drivers that rarely happens anymore. I used to be that way, but after years of working with manufacturing, embedded devices and "CSM" products, I tend to not be on the bleeding edge when it comes to drivers.
  7. AMD and Intel. A new game release would normally not be needed to be posted about in here, unless it was a game that originally did support Win7 and the support was removed in one way or another. That could be that the devs put in a version check, or if there was some update that required a minimum driver version and that driver wasn't an option for Win7. D2R wouldn't normally be something to post about in this thread except that it did take many by surprise, that a remaster of a game that worked on XP couldn't be run on Win7. Especially since it is already known that the game actually does run on Win7 just fine, it is just the launcher or a version check in the game binary that prevents it from being launched. The unfortunate aspect of all of this is that we cannot talk about how to get games or programs like this to work on Win7 if the way to get them to work is modifying the binary, using a patch or crack of any type. But if it is possible to get a thing to work by putting the newer OS files into the program or game's working directory, that is fair game. That was the thing I was thinking about regarding D2R, and I am certain that if the game can be launched this way it wouldn't result in a ban, but I'm also not willing to spend full price on it to find out.
  8. The internet of the future will just be like the internet of the past. When people first got AOL and didn't know there was something beyond AOL's walled garden.
  9. Well, what programs have you used to make webpages before? I personally use Scite, but it is more of a general purpose IDE. The last actual webpage authoring program I've used was Dreamweaver MX 2004.
  10. No they should still be reported. There are other video chips besides nVidia after all.
  11. One observable so far is that WinPE 10 builds do not automatically assign a drive letter to the OS volume of a disk that has Windows 11 or Server 2022 installed onto it. This does not effect imaging but does effect capturing images. You can find the volume with the OS and assign a drive letter to it in order to capture it as an image. So only automated capturing would be an issue if using the WinPE made from ADK 10. I have not made a WinPE from ADK 11 yet to know if the issue also exists there or not.
  12. Warzone is a good example of a game that can run on Windows 7 but isn't allowed to. It isn't even a support issue, it is actively blocked from running. I had played Warzone for quite a bit on Windows 7 and did want to revisit it someday, but now I can't because Activision decided that the game isn't allowed to launch on my OS anymore. I suppose it is fine, there are plenty of older games I haven't played yet, but it is really annoying when a current game or program's update can stop it from launching when it would work perfectly fine.
  13. This thread really can't be used to know which disks are good to last a long time, since any shown having a long life are already going to be old by the time you'd get one. Unless you found one NOS or never used or had a time machine.
  14. Diablo II Resurrected doesn't support it, I found out when I went to buy it. As far as the details, the store page lists Windows 10 as the minimum, and running the Beta on Windows 7 resulted in a version check failure. I'm fairly certain that it is possible to run it on Windows 7 but do not know whether it can be done without editing the binary.
  15. Its a good point. The current UI design has a high degree of potential input error, unless the active button area is not the entire shape being shown. Then if that is the case, why bother using that design?

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