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  1. Your words are wonderful, right and realistic. I promise you that there will be a new extended nucleus in the middle of next year, in which there will be great progress at the level of running modern programs. There is a person who is giving everything he has to issue this extension. I pray to God to grant him success in his work.
  2. @husara1 @MicahMoo11 There will be better updates in the future than BWC updates. It will be able to run newer software. With the removal of the shortcomings, and perhaps Windows 2000 will be a high match in the coming years, stay tuned. Wish this person success in his work. Don't tell people that Windows 2000 is over, There is someone who tires of developing new, cutting-edge updates.
  3. The reason behind the download link not working is not the translation. BWC has transferred all its files to another server, which has everything you need to download : http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm
  4. blackwingcat is the only one who can solve this problem. Go to his article and ask him. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1995283.html
  5. "The function is not located at (insert a system file)". Install the latest BWC update that may solve your problem. http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm BWC said in one of its articles on Twitter, that there are no security holes in Windows 2000 . Use fcwin2k to run programs that refuse to start on Windows 2000 ,find it in C:\WINNT
  6. https://www.apriorit.com/dev-blog/366-software-reverse-engineering-tools
  7. I see that some are hard on me with their selfishness and I'm really upset, so why wouldn't you want to spread the information to someone with determination and love to learn!! ?
  8. To everyone who understands how to create Extended Kernel Hello, is this information here https://bidouillesecurity.com/tutorial-writing-a-pe-packer-part-1/ https://bidouillesecurity.com/tutorial-writing-a-pe-packer-part-2/ https://bidouillesecurity.com/tutorial-writing-a-pe-packer-part-3/ https://bidouillesecurity.com/tutorial-writing-a-pe-packer-part-4/ https://bidouillesecurity.com/tutorial-writing-a-pe-packer-part-5/ enough to learn Windows Kernel Extension? Should I learn assembly language? Is it necessary to dive into computer language and add functions using binary language like the old programmers?
  9. Windows 2000 is the latest classic Windows and bears that beautiful logo. To this day, he is struggling to survive, thanks to developers such as BWC, WildBill , and others who are trying to develop it with all their efforts today as Mr. Ximonite . But today, I see a significant regression in the will to develop this system, which needs many additions at the level of hardware and software. Today, this system needs a protocol to deal with the mobile phone and transfer information between the two parties ، UMDF is the only way to do this job. I see many specialists on this site who can develop this system. Windows 2000 has no similarity today. Windows Vista can be replaced by Windows 7 because it is similar to it with simple changes. But the classic system like Windows 2000 cannot be replaced by a similar, more advanced version of it, because it is the last system in that form that takes you to the beautiful past. Therefore, I invite everyone who can do the extension of the kernels, to solve some of the basic Windows 2000 problems that it lacks today. Thank you.
  10. Recently I got infected with this virus [name].exe virus . This virus just shows a message when windows started, "Rundll.exe is not found.......", and infecting the pen drives for first few days. Not much harm. But after 4 or 5 days it is starting creating copies of virus file in many folders. The copy will be having the same name as the folder name and it also having folder icon.
  11. you can add the missing .dll files in the system32 folder
  12. Perhaps the cause is the 12a extended core. Uninstall it and reinstall the driver. After that, you can install the extended core again. And the reason may be that the downloaded version of the driver may need a higher or lower version.
  13. This means that I have to choose one of the two. The full KernelXE or KernelXE lite. Is merging the two causing problems.
  14. Please change devmgr.dll to devmgr.dll for Windows xp sp2. For the reason that it contains a hardware ID detection feature When installing kernelXE lite 0.2.5-rv1 I got a Bsod STOP: c0000139 {entry point not found} the procedure entry point LdrAddRefDll could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll . I had to restore the old ntdll.dll to fix this Bsod.
  15. No, installing the WildBill update collection is sufficient, before installing the kernelXE , one possible cause of this bug is depletion of non paged pool memory.
  16. Is Windows 2000 English version you have? Have you installed updates before? Like BlackWingCat Extended kernel?
  17. I think the installed version of Windows 2000 should be in English, not Finnish then with the extended kernel translated, the Finnish language will return.
  18. If someone likes to change the Windows 2000 startup picture to the French version. So he sends Ntoskrnl.exe to his system because Ntoskrnl.exe changes if it has an extended Core.
  19. Windows 2000 after installing the translation package :
  20. I used all my knowledge efforts to do the translation for this package. Most of the files responsible for the interface were translated. You can adopt this topic and develop this project further.
  21. Please do not put things that violate copyright , like a leaked source code or anything related to that
  22. You can translate extended kernel language. See the method here :
  23. I have created an Extended Kernel (BWC) English to French Translation Package for Windows 2000. Conditions for operation of this package: 1 / The installed Windows 2000 version must be English, not French. 2 / This package must be installed from Part1.bat ,then the computer must be restarted, then install Part2.bat. 3 / If you are not serious about getting the translation, do not install the .bat files, because it will directly translate the Windows files. How was the translation done? What are the main files that need to be translated? And how? 1 / The Resource Hacker program was used to replace the STRING TABLE, DIALOG, and BITMAP for some files, Including : ( Shell32.dll, Explorer.exe, Browselc.dll, Winlogon.exe, Msgina.dll ... ) Example in winlogon.exe change : (STRINGTABLE LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH, SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US { 1680, "Running logoff scripts ..." 1681, "Running logon scripts ..." 1682, "Loading your personal settings ..." 1683, "Closing network connections ..." 1684, "Windows is shutting down ..." 1685, "Preparing to Standby ..." 1686, "Preparing to Hibernate ..." 1687, "Saving your settings ..." 1688, "Preparing to Standby in order to complete eject ..." 1689, "The Active Directory is rebuilding indices. Please wait ..." 1690, "Windows is starting up ..." } To STRINGTABLE LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH, SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US { 1680, "Ex \ xE9cution des scripts de d \ xE9connexion ..." 1681, "Ex \ xE9cution des scripts de connexion ..." 1682, "Chargement de vos param \ xE8tres personnels ..." 1683, "Fermeture des connexions r \ xE9seau ..." 1684, "Windows est en cours de fermeture ..." 1685, "Pr \ xE9paration \ xE0 la mise en veille ..." 1686, "Pr \ xE9paration \ xE0 la mise en veille prolong \ xE9e ..." 1687, "Enregistrement de vos param \ xE8tres ..." 1688, "Pr \ xE9paration de la mise en veille en vue de l '\ xE9jection ..." 1689, "Active Directory reconstruit les indices. Veuillez patienter ..." 1690, "Windows est en cours de d \ xE9marrage ..." } ) The English language should not be changed in the head. 2/ There are old files that BLACKWINGCAT did not support, you can change it by replacing the English .DLL file with the French .DLL file ,then add the names of these files in UPDATE.INF . Msgina.dll contains Windows launch bitmaps which should be changed to French graphic. Translation package (28/01/2021) link : https://mega.nz/file/9w0yDBaT#MaDG6oJf-5f9b6QZjjamKyajGeC0n-xpO5U6B7GH8jk You can follow and change the extended kernel English language to any other language.

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