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  1. It's really sad news, he was an understanding person, and he helped me previously with an issue, and he was really a reference for computer science, really a big loss after WildBill today dencorso I wish them mercy and a decent life in the afterlife
  2. If it works with XP it will most likely work with 2000 try ATI Radeon Driver v13.4 or older, you can found it in BWC wlu site : http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm
  3. i advice you to install the latest extended kernel 2022 version of BWC and then install the 14b extnded core and if the problem of graphic not resolve install the test 16b version to get windows 2000 with very more compatibility, All driver nvidia and more you can found on this site : http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm you can talk with BWC if you have any problem : http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1299806.html
  4. it is Windows 2000 with more added API's in dll's , in the level of compatibility of App's Windows 2000 and XP are very similar , Windows 2000 can execute any app can Windows XP work on it as mypall 68 , teamviewr 14 , 360 Extreme Explorer , the latest vlc version , Firefox 52 and maybe 54 , and more and more new app's can run on XP and vista. Ximonite started to create an newer extended kernel starting from wildbill rewrited kernel32, if this project successfully completed Windows 2000 it was more compatible than XP and it was same as vista and 7 , look this : https://forum.eclectic4un.me/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=51
  5. i advice you to reinstall windows 2000 and use blackwingcat extended kernel "2022 version " and core (14b or 16b beta if 14b not resolve your problem" with out UURollup update http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm
  6. hi Damnation please share the debugging file maybe @blackwingcat need it to locate and identify the source of the error
  7. Windows NT4 Extended kernel hi all , I tried in the free time that I had in the summer, and put all my efforts to add some functions to NT4, it was not easy because BSOD was always chasing me and it was very difficult to fix it, I learned a little from a lot and benefited a lot from this experience, it was exhausting but useful I have collected the files that I developed a little in the link below ,For lack of time I prepare batch file quickly . You can try, but before you install this small update you have to install IE4 and then IE6. I will not return to this work until next summer or if I have time in the middle of next year if there is people interesting SP6A is required IE4 LINK >> accept add active Desktop feature IE6 LINK KernelEXnt4 EN TEST 0.01 You can try
  8. Hi , It may seem boring if I modify every app to be compatible with NT4,i think the Display monitor it required for new web browser , I will see and I will try to do this withe some APP, but now I am very busy with my other work, I will come back to this project when I have time . Clarification to the public ; As I indicated in the title, I am trying and I hope to be successful in this project There are a lot of things I need to learn and gain experience ,this job requires a lot of experience
  9. I have been trying all this time to add these shortcomings to win32k.sys , but all my attempts failed and caused BSOD, I used several tools such as cffExplorer and HxD and it did not work, I am worried about this issue, adding an API is easy, but if it is linked to win32k .sys and there are problem of a missing functions it becomes very complicated. the problem is that NT4 don't has any monitor APi as NtUserEnumDisplayMonitors and ...
  10. hi @testaccount66766 , you can add the active desktop feature with installing Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 https://archive.org/details/ie4-win95-winnt
  11. I will try, to run them after adding the missing functions, I found that NT4 needs very difficult changes in win32k.sys, and windows nt does not have any display function on win32k.sys and these function required for user32.dll new monitor API's, so i should create all display kernel driver for nt 4 , but until now i don't have any tool can do this,
  12. I just wanted to see how likely it would be for Windows 2000 to become a 64-bit system
  13. because isn't enough in the leaked 2000 source code to make a complete build of the 64 OS as it is mean it should be the full code of Windows 2000 to convert it to x64
  14. No, it's just the will to do, but it's almost impossible
  15. win32 forgot to mention that it should be just "kernel33" and not "kernel33.dll" when typing the library name into scanexp. Make another .cpp file and add it your new function code in scanexp folder, then also make a .def or .src file formatted like this EXPORTS NewFunctionName NewFunctionName2 Then when you compile, the forwards to the old functions as well as the new functions will be in the DLL. this is what win32 told me , if there is an other question ask him
  16. Hello, I work with a program that is a little complicated and always exposed to BSOD that is difficult to fix , and I cannot explain how to use it in writing , I decided at the beginning and I aspire to add as many missing DLL's functions as possible. I hope to continue my way, and I will do my best to add missing features and run as many modern programs as possible. For Active Desktop Update shell maybe I discovered that this method is different from the @win32 method, and his method is easier if you are good at writing inline assembly code
  17. Windows NT4 Extended kernel New Added API's : KERNEL32.DLL: Heap32ListFirst Heap32ListNext Heap32First Heap32Next Toolhelp32ReadProcessMemory Process32FirstW Process32First Process32NextW Process32Next Thread32First Thread32Next Module32FirstW Module32First Module32NextW Module32Next CreateToolhelp32Snapshot user32.dll: GetMonitorInfoA MonitorFromWindow shell32.dll: SHGetFolderPathW I managed to run the latest 7-zip version , work slowly but in the right way Update for 15/07/22 New Added API's : SETUPAPI.DLL : SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces pSetupMalloc pSetupRealloc ADVAPI32.DLL : ConvertSidToStringSidW OLE32.DLL : CoWaitForMultipleHandles USERENV.DLL : ExpandEnvironmentStringsForUserW ExpandEnvironmentStringsForUserA user32.dll: GetLayeredWindowAttributes GetMonitorInfoW MonitorFromPoint MonitorFromRect SetLayeredWindowAttributes
  18. My trip to North Africa was amazing ,beautiful sea, and I was able to work comfortably :) 

    In the coming days I will give you the latest news on developments in NT4 

    Work slowly but in the right way


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      I have never left Australia. but I will one day! :) , Can't wait for NT4

  19. you can download and use Internet Download Manger and activate plugin in navigator or you can download videos online https://fr.savefrom.net/145/
  20. Well, I think that I am affected by staying up late, and as I saw, I no longer see well, and as you see I made a terrible mistake "..txt" , Tomorrow I will try and tell you thanks
  21. I think that I did not understand what you mean well because of my poor understanding of the English language, but I did an experiment, where I came up with a API in the GetConsoleWindow.cpp file with the API code written in C++ , and I wrote the name GetConsoleWindow in GetConsoleWindow.txt then I ran scanexp and the result was like this, it was deleted the C++ code for GetConsoleWindow and change it with this comment I think that my understanding of the work of this program is wrong , how do you add functions with this ’?, you may need an in-depth explanation or make a video please , I discovered that the way I work now is not like this at all
  22. Try this maybe it will solve your problem : https://forum.eclectic4un.me/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=87 and if not , maybe this topic and jakob99 site help you

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