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RLoew (1952 - 2019) has passed away.


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I've found out about it by reading a thread on VOGONS, where a user mentioned his RAM patch for Windows 98. While I never used his patches, being an XP user, it is a big loss for the entire community and the people who still RDD on Windows 98.

Here's his obituary:


Rest in peace, @rloew. He was 67 years old and passed away the 11th of this month. :(

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This is extremely sad news indeed, I'm surprised more haven't replied to this thread already. He was certainly a genius when it came to figuring these things out. He'll always be a well respected developer and patron here. RIP rloew, we will all miss you. Thank you for all you've done for the diehard Win9x community.

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I've bought his Windows 9x AHCI driver, which works wonderfully. I've had many discussions with him on this very forum,

I am still, to this day, thoroughly impressed by his work and knowledge.

Rest In Peace Rudolph, you will be remembered.

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Rest in peace, rloew! That's the first time someone I only knew through the internet died and, well, it feels odd. Oddly sad.

But the worlds have to go on. Is there anyone who was in private contact with him to know what would happen to his legacy, both website and projects? Sorry if it's too early to ask these questions.

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So shocked to hear this, it was only a month or so ago that I was corresponding with Rudolph about a disk partition alignment program that he had just built.
I use several of his programs, to enhance my Windows 98 installation, and to do things like applying TRIM to my FAT32 SSD.
He was an absolute genius, up with the very top experts on this forum IMO.
67 is no age to go nowadays.
RIP Rudolph.

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