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  1. Here i am! Posted with Windows 98 SE using Opera 10.63
  2. It was you who reported it :lol:
  3. @schwups Today i have finally tried. Opera 12.18 can navigate over Burp (version 1.7.36 with Java 6)!
  4. @Cixert If you prefer to let delete cookies when the browser is closed, then you could consider to block the only cookies from google Always in options -> privacy -> exceptions This workaround remove the wild popup.
  5. This is an updated 2000 SP4. Other browsers work normally, also Opera 12.02. I am writing with Firefox 10 now. Dependency Walker doesn't show any warning. All else seems ok.
  6. It isn't a matter of compatibility. Java is too invasive and i would prefer to use a dummy installation, but i don't have enough time to do it now.
  7. Sorry, but i cannot install Java into this system for testing. Maybe, one volunteer.
  8. Thanks Schwups, i just tried with a proxy. Opera waiting for an answer from server, a non-stop waiting, but doesn't solve the request. Even in absence of error (Dependancy Walker doesn't show problems), as for described GUI and user32, maybe opera.dll requires some unidentified functions in other(s) dll. I tried to add rpcrt4, dnsapi.dll and others api wrapper avalaible, unfortunately with no success. Probably, it's a question of protocol/ciphers into opera.dll but this is beyond my knowledge.
  9. Yes, i did my test with turbo disabled. No change playing with browser configuration from menù or via about:config (network). Also ftp protocol is out. This is a summary of my installation. I extract into a folder the full content of setup opera 12.18. About the wrapper, the used files are: advapi32.dll version 5.1.2599.30 from BWC iphlpapi.dll version 5.1.2600.5513 from BWC kernel32.dll version 5.1.2599.72 from BWC uxtheme.dll version 5.1.2599.7 from BWC ws2_32.dll version 5.1.2599.8 from BWC user32.dll version unknown from OCW (without user.dll or with B
  10. Hi all. I installed successfully Opera 12.18 on Vanilla Windows 2000, using the good old wrapper by OldCigarettes and Blackwingcat. I extracted all the content of the official setup files into a folder. For solve the missing dll messages i copied also advapi32.dll, iphlpapi.dll, kernel32.dll, user32.dll, ws2_32.dll, not other. Well, launching Opera, the browser runs fine on 2000: no glitch, menus and dialog boxes don't show problems, plugins (tested pdf and flash) ok and i can open and view saved pages. But there is a trouble (big!!!). Opera can't connect... Internal commun
  11. Avast 8 is out of game: https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=233272.0 Last signature update (VPS) was 200331-6. But surprisingly, the streaming updates still works!
  12. Welcome back! Perhaps your operaprefs file has the read-only attribute. Try also this. In your profile folder, you serach operaprefs.ini and manually add this string into [User Prefs] section: Custom User-Agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win 9x 4.90; en-US; rv: Gecko/20081217 Firefox/
  13. I desire to save into web.archive the update packages still offers to download in my localized language, to prevent a possible future unpleasant surprise when (if) MS will remove them. Could anyone kindly provide me a current reliable list of the relevant updates post SP2 for Vista?
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