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  1. try use himem with /machine:at key, or xmgr instead himem (with adding string for xmgr into ios.ini). by default original himem often use very slow internal procedures w/o /machine:at key
  2. last result (after using /m switch, or limiting of memory other methods): - vfat bsod now gone; - driver now is loaded successfully, w/o any errors; - Odyssey see wifi card, provided by driver; - but after scanning, list of networks remain empty. :( i think, it is all. THE END. but u can try this method (patching sys for vid/pid) with other (not so new) ralink pci cards.
  3. i not sure that it work now. my system now wont boot, i have bsod with VFAT error, instaed normal boot wiith code 10 yesterday. so, if anyone interesting, here is my patched RT28609X.SYS: 9A904 -> 01 06 00 00 - first devid (now 60 53) - dword, 9A908 -> 81 06 00 00 - sec devid - dword, 9A90C -> 14 18 00 00 - realtek vid - dword. so u can write here own device for testing ur wifi cards. 2860.zip
  4. No, this is not end. It's devids white list in driver. I replace one value 01h 06h to 60 53 and now... have vfat error... So i understand, me need new rlp with /m option?
  5. Code 10 :( My card is PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_5360
  6. OK, thanks, i check all tomorrow...
  7. MERCURY127

    Program capable of opening epub files?

    https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/free-pdf-reader.html work on 9x with kex and gdiplus.dll.
  8. MERCURY127

    MSBATCH.INF DevicePath=1 problem...

    No, sure, its not appear on regular SE. i think, it that SE havent so many infs as IF (110 in current 2018-test3) in distr folder:..
  9. MSBATCH.INF DevicePath=1 cause MSGSRV32 error at 16 minute installation (when begin search pnp devices). Not 98SE, but 98IF (based on SE) detlog content: end of setuplog:
  10. solved. D:\IF1808>fc /b SUWIN.0 SUWIN.EXE Сравнение файлов SUWIN.0 и SUWIN.EXE 0001F46E: 75 EB 0001F4CA: 74 EB WARNING: possible obvious side effects...
  11. I not think that installer use fdisk for write mbr...
  12. yes, i think about this... many times. but these three files is 16 bit NE files (win3x binaries). it is very hard to patch... many code segments. many data segments. far calls. also in win3x world is usual thing - do DOS calls for disk operations. its real hacker's nighmare...
  13. once - easily. three times - a little annoying. seventeen times - would kill...