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  1. what "IT"? acpioff? WinME is not use win.com, so even if make, patch be useless...
  2. cheap modern chinese ADSL or GPON router... which installed for user by local provide, w/o ask user opinion. yes, here often is possible assign fixed ip for the machine, in router configuration page, but not always... :(
  3. can u check that ur 1660ti is support legacy videos modes (EGA 640x350 and lower)? look as my problem with 1070.... i partially solved it by patching vdd.vxd, and can boot to 9x gui, run games like Worms, but here remain (other?) problem with opening in MSDOS window... and i can NOT debug it even with softice. :(
  4. static ip - very bad solution in real life... so we need find or make good patch for vdhcp - it wiil better solution.
  5. yes, its not a bag, its feature... present in all vdhcp drivers.
  6. not "on some cards", but in vdhcp.vxd - too long timeout.
  7. WPA/WPA2 is not related with HW and low layer drivers. for work with WPA/WPA2 u need just good Wireless Supplicant, as Odyssey. with Odyssey's help i have succesfully connect to my router with WPA2-AES and that even work with absolute alien's for 9x device - USB dongle on RT2870. it means, that here can not be problems with WPA if ur HW is working properly. so please, check your hardware in a normal operating system, and only then think about buying new card.
  8. - boot to 9x normal mode, - make W2KDISTR folder on ur 9x fat32 partition, - copy I386 folder from W2K setup disk to W2KDISTR, - make W9XBAK folder on ur 9x fat32 partition, - copy ur C:\IO.SYS COMMAND.COM MSDOS.SYS CONFIG.SYS AUTOEXEC.BAT to W9XBAK, - reboot to safe/plain/pure/clean msdos mode command prompt only, - rename ur 9x WINDIR to MYW9X, - delete ur MSDOS.SYS CONFIG.SYS AUTOEXEC.BAT - reboot machine, - cd W2KDISTR\I386, - run WINNT.EXE - in started w2k installer, select ur fat32 part to install, and say NO FORMAT, - if installer ask u for install to C:\MYW9X or C:\WINDOWS - force install to C:\WINNT - do installation to final, check, that ur w2k work normal (it "highly likely" that u get non-work EHCI USBs... this can fix later), - copy ur backed IO.SYS COMMAND.COM from W9XBAK to C:\ (with repl if need) - open C:\BOOT.INI in notepad, - find section and string [Boot Loader] timeout=30 Default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT change "Default=" string to Default=C:\ - find section and string [Operating Systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000" add under this C:\="Microsoft Windows 98" - reboot machine, - on any next boot, now u will asked for select OS, - if u do all properly - u now will boot to 9x by default, - and now u must see pure MSDOS 7 prompt, - copy ur backed MSDOS.SYS CONFIG.SYS AUTOEXEC.BAT from W9XBAK to C:\ (with repl if need) - rename MYW9X to ur old WINDIR, - reboot again and check dualboot function...
  9. what??? why dont make dualboot?
  10. please, check this card with W2K. maybe card just dont work (i say about wireless part, not mPCI interface).
  11. please make and show good photos ur card and hotspot from all looks...
  12. or B only. or G only. or disable WPA. or WEP. or turn ON something of. is ur hotspot can be detected on w2k WITH THIS CARD?
  13. of course, it can be problem... check, where ar52119x.sys really exists on ur disk, and copy it in windir\system manually...
  14. is wrong answer... i again ask: "which setiings is used?" ie: - what rediofrequency used? 2.4 or 5 GHz? - which wifi standart used? 11a|b|g|n? - what cipher? - what auth method? WHAT EXACTLY NAME AND MODEL UR WIFI HOTSPOT? if hotspot have any optons for change settongs?
  15. in Odyssey: 1) go to Adapters item on left pane, and add ur Atheros in list 2) after this, go to Networks item on left pane, and add ur Hotspot here, 3) after this, go to Connection item on left pane, and make connection.

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