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  1. hello. advice me 1 thing: we know that the Windows ME is very instable, but better in somethings compared with Win98.

    is good install win98 and then update to win me or is better just install win98 with win me theme?(yes i love the windows me... and theres more differences that we love... but it's more slow and unstable and i don't have updates\patches for fix that :(

    l installed the ME SP1 from here, but  needs much more... maybe you can advice me a SPx\patch\autopatch more complete

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    2. VistaEX


      Ive never used windows me because my laptop is to modern for it so i don't know how to help you but good luck anyways :D  

    3. Joaquim


      thanks anyway... i will show you 1 thing on the drivers topic:

      - the 'WDMEX' is valid or something or work?

      -and from these topic:

      sdfox7 said on page 2(last answer page): "

      By the way, if you get a message about updating Windows Installer, you can use the one that is Intel has included in the package. (I don't know why the software doesn't just install it unattended).

      Once you extract the package the file is called INSTMSIA.EXE. It will be in C:\DRIVERS\WIN\WLLANINT\APPS\PROSET\WN98SEME"

      the problem is that i don't know what version\file he spoken :(

      i found several links and downloads, but i didn't find the righ download :(

    4. MERCURY127


      >>> the 'WDMEX' is valid or something or work?

      WDMEX can help with running aliens drivers in 9x, but cant fix bad driver.

      >>> the problem is that i don't know what version\file he spoken
      >>> i found several links and downloads, but i didn't find the righ download

      yes, this is big problem with any old OS. for example, me was LAST MEN, which see Odyssey 456 on it original site. this was miracle - file wait me more 10 years, and disappears after my download less than in two months.... :wacko:

  2. there is no driver for 2200BG, but ME find somewhere inf file with matched ven&dev and string "2200BG"
  3. use latest version of MSVCRT.DLL - 6.10.9848.0. boot to pure dos mode and replace file manually. for next installations put new file in win98 folder of distr.
  4. i happy, that u solve ur problem! it very informative! now we know, that 98se2me and RevPack can cause big problems...
  5. so it was impossible until my patch for win.com. for marketing cheats "Windows 95 is not DOS!" ms forced apm turn off procedure instead termination win.com (and make many other stup[id cheats in io.sys and win.com). yes, there is some other patches for win.com that do like exit in dos. but this patches do wrong way - they remain little resident code of win.com. my - not. if u remove or modify WINEXIT.BAT - u get true termination win.com, and pure DOS after exit, w/o resident win.com code. but if u have use usb kbd and/or mouse in windows - it does not work after that exit, until r
  6. ok, try again... in pure DOS mode: - comment or skip by F8 string DEVICE=DISPLAY.SYS in CONFIG.SYS, if exist, - remove or rename LOGOW.SYS and LOGOS.SYS files, - set Logo=0 and Bootgui=0 in MSDOS.SYS: [Options] BootGUI=0 Logo=0 - extract WINEXIT.BAT, FDAPM.COM, WIN.ENG to WINDIR, - rename WIN.ENG to WIN.COM with replace, - reboot machine - run WIN.COM: C:\>win - wait desktop, press Alt+F4, select Shutdown. now u should see black DOS screen with executed WINEXIT.BAT.
  7. sorry, i forget - no Bootlogo=0, just logo=0...
  8. just use other hardware. good old pentium 1-2-3 or amd k6-k7, good olg agp video, good old 14" crt 800x600, good old isa sound...
  9. get fdapm from here https://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/distributions/1.2/repos/pkg-html/fdapm.html unpack to c:\, then boot to pure dos mode (w/o gui) and run next command: C:\>FDAPM POWEROFF machine should turn off... if no - then u have BIG problem with legacy apm/acpi implementation in ur BIOS...
  10. try set Bootlogo=0 and Bootgui=0 in msdos.sys, reboot machine, run my patched win.com manually C:\>WIN<Enter> and test acpioff again...
  11. possible, ur 98 system is installed in ACPI mode. but for work my ACPIOFF pack req that system was installed NOT in ACPI mode. try reinstall 98 with "/p i" switch.
  12. what button? just open Shutdown menu and select Shutdown.
  13. 1) download ACPIOFF 2) extract WINEXIT.BAT, FDAPM.COM, WIN.ENG to WINDIR, 3) backup your original WIN.COM to safe place, 4) rename WIN.ENG to WIN.COM with replace, 5) reboot machine. after this you can turn off machine succesfully.
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