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  1. Use usbhub20.sys (and more one, I forget which exactly, driver) from XP.
  2. assuming, that dest folder is c:\udir: go to ur win98 distr folder and run this command for %i in (*.cab) do extract /e /a /l c:\udir %i
  3. thanks! what about Marvell cntrls? there was big problem - ahci driver make system unbootable if found any Marvell... its ver 3.0, which i already has tested. problem remain... hello again! can u look for other Rudolf's creatures? for me - find please latest version of TERABYTE PLUS PACKAGE. https://rloewelectronics.com/Programs/Patchtb.htm me interesting "PATCHES" folder from this package. and also, someone (not here) ask me about full version ENCRYPTED DISK PATCH. https://rloewelectronics.com/Programs/Patchenc.htm and... if possible... also look for: CDTOOLS: CD/DVD/BD Tools Package. MULTCORE: SDK to support Multiple Cores. FILE64: Large File Emulator API Hook for Windows 98. MEMORY64: 64-Bit Memory SDK for Visual C++. DLLHOOK: API Redirector with KernelEx Support. SHELL32: DLL Redirector to support missing SHGetFolder Functions. 2000ATA: Patch to allow Windows 2000 SP4 to be Installed in Large Drives. please upload it all to https://rloewelectronics.com/ sorry if i too annoying...
  4. uhh... ok, i understand, that 11ax for 7 impossible... then ask again: what most fast 11ac (wifi 5) adapter have Win7 drivers?
  5. have some news... keyx ver 191027 will dropped, ie reverted to ver 190424. it was bad idea. instead improving KeyX, now i write new tool, specially for VM window resize to aspect... new tool is bit more smart. it will called from Window Menu via right mouse click on window header - no more idiotic workaround for PCem etc. alse new tool will look real guest area size, w/o menubar/statusbar. ie aspect 4:3 will very precise... now i want ask, what name is better for my new tool (Virtual Machine [Guest/Client] [Window/Area] [Sizer/Resizer]): VMCAR/VMGAR/VMGASes /etc... or somewhat other?
  6. what? for iphones no even FTP server apps? if so - use jailbreak, Luke!
  7. Many Mediatek based devices even with Android 5+ supports mapping external SD card as usb storage, not mtp/ptp. U need manually select this option, when plug cable in computer. Other good option is install ftp server on phone, assign fixed ip for phone on ur router, and use any ftp client for pc.
  8. hello make little update... new hotkeys - Win + Numpad 1/2/3 (when Numlock is ON), will force almost any window to maximize for all desktop HEIGHT with setting 4:3 aspect ratio for CLIENT AREA of window. 1 - aling LEFT, 2 - CENTER, 3 - RIGHT. i found this usefull for VM's/Hardware Emulator's windows. now it look as if u have real 4:3 screen inside ur modern 49" ultrawide LCD... EVEN IN TEXT MODE! also here added very limited tray icon way as workaround for PCem and clones, which dont allow hotkeys work as normal... before: after: workkaround: keyx-19102701.zip
  9. Rloew, I think, it will better, if u grab all source folders ur dad's and upload it as one full archive, instead greping file by file... Also, more better if someone with programming knowledge from msfn can go to ur house and make good public repository on github, for example... Just uploading sources by file is not very good idea, as for compiling needed not only c files, but many other files, and as I know from private, ur dad even use own debugger... Between, me also want know, who was ur dad in real life, where work... Maybe he work in big hardware company for drivers?
  10. Have some news... Very bad news. I try trace and debug Windows loading process in softice. I found, that machine always crash on address c000:ffff, executing random instruction from ff's or other bytes. It's see as if some int 10h interrupt function was called from vxd code, and wrong vbios code flow was executed, cause no return issue... But main problem that, even we find, what exactly code in vbios cause fault, and even if we can fix it, we can't do patch for vbios, because Pascal firmware is signed, and there is no known tools for modding...
  11. What is "external WiFi modem"? I want pcie/mini-pcie/m.2 as preferred, and usb3 as second chance...
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