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  1. MERCURY127

    Transfer Files from an android phone?

  2. MERCURY127

    Newbie hoping to program - any good books?

    for first steps, i recommend get and run oldest MS Quick series compilers - Basic/C&Asm/Pascal. these things give VERY good base knowledge for programming (and also learn to technical english ). it is DOS only tools, but it enough for understanding base structures, control flow, calling... or, if u want FAST to program w/o understanding low level internals, just learn Delpfi/VisualBasic/Net...
  3. MERCURY127

    Transfer Files from an android phone?

    forget about MTP. even on w7 this ***** "protocol" have periodical problems... on old androids up tu 4.3.x (but not 4.4.+) there was option USB storage - its just as flash thumb. on versions higher 4.3.x this option remain on Mediatek devices, even on android 7... but this option usable only if u insert sd cadr into phone. internal memory not usable anyway! as universal solution, i use old good FTP, over wifi router... just instal on android any FTP SERVER (not client!), remember ip:port, when it connected with ur router, then on 98 pc (also connected with router via lan cable, must placed into ONE subnet! 192.168..1.45 - pc, 192.168..1.48 - phone. for usability i set constant manual IP by MACs in router control panel) open WinCmd/FAR/etc and just use it...
  4. after setting PCM=$00000001 i hear something like logon music... exactly as with mpxplay - noise, clipped, but hearing... but now i cant see desktop - after normal booting up to desktop bg i get bsod with 5a5a5a5a number, and get moveable mouse curson on black screen and no more.
  5. "Did DOS boxes work for you? (seems similar to the VBEMP bug)" sorry, but yes. Now i also found this problem.
  6. maybe need set vol level to minimal? when i try MPXPLAY, i also hearing only noises, if volume high than 1...
  7. no. my machine have more than 512 MB but i try, and found no diffs with tsr... yes, i try open 3 boxes, no problem. if u say about garbage on screen - it can be easy solved by forcing dos boxes starting as full screen. if need, i use LIMEM - my onw patch for XMGR, which can provide and limit XMS to any value in range 1 MB - 4 GB. but for 9x i have some patches from Maestro....
  8. What can I say ... Noises above the background level are detected. As in 9x, and in 3x. This is a great progress, before even this was not. But: 1) my HDA is Realtek ALC892, 2) and its not PCI/XXXX, but HDAUDBUS/XXXX device. PCI/XXXX usually is AC97 devices. so this driver can not installed normally, only manually forced. and need repeat this on every boot...
  9. hmm... ok, i now try this driver on win3x with my i7 machine...
  10. MERCURY127

    Windows98SE startup/boot problem ( annoyance)

    and also do scan ur HDDs for bads and bugs, first in MHDD/Victoria for physical defects, after this - in Scandisk.
  11. MERCURY127

    Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    i mean not only about h61, but all H/B/Q variants. and there no diff in perf, other than def memory freq. lga1155 released in 2011 year. ie 5-6 year old. what here future? future - its 8+ cores, nmve msata, optane, pcie4, uefi, gpt... and sure dropping all legacy x86 (16 and possible 32 bits, mbr, bios, vga, vesa) on 2019-21 years. myself have z68 mobo, and ib cpu. but i buy this in 2012-13, and then it was not fututre, but present... i talk not, that Zxx is bad. i talk, that there no big diifs bw chisets, if u have no interest on OC. but IS diffs bw mobos. some costly mobo on Z have less features, tneh other low-cost mobo on H/B/Q. and also remember, that Q chipsets have NATIVE pci, not via asmedia bridges... for some old pci card its critical.
  12. MERCURY127

    Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    u want use 4 ssd? really? no? then what reason find 4 sata3 6gbit? want usb3? ok https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/H67DE3/index.asp want pcie3? any lga1155 can give u 16 lanes pcie3 with ib cpu. so what reason find Z chipsets, if u not need OC? i can say one pros on Z mobos - they usually have radiators on cpu mosfets. this very good, if u will use this machine long time.
  13. MERCURY127

    Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    what relations bw matx, asus, p55 and h61??? what bad with this mobo, for sample? https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/H61DES3/index.asp good idea. i use xp x64 appox 3 year, and found no big problems, except impossibility using 16 programs (not only dos, but also win 3 based). also xp x64 support gpt.
  14. MERCURY127

    Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    what? can u show screenshots it? my interesting DM window with HDD controllers properties. no. i have IB undervolted, but its anyway heat to 80C on load even with good tower cooler. with simple cooler from Pentium G630 (which i use pne year before i7) 3770 just overheat to 105 C. then as 2600 nice work, all it w/o overclock sure, underclocking can solve problem, but then no reason find 3770 and Z chipset... better use 2600.
  15. MERCURY127

    Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    u can NOT install or use xp on any Skylake+ or Ryzen. dot. forget about xp on this machines.