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  1. MERCURY127

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    why just not install dx8 redistributables?
  2. MERCURY127

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    if developer forget recompile app for release - then u may req debug versions libs...
  3. MERCURY127

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    in generic, here is two veriants building process: DEBUG - for development. when u write own app, u use DEBUG version of ALL - windows kernel API libs, MS CRT libs, DX libs, etc. if and when u use debug libs, u can use VS internal or any other debugger at souce level, do step-by-step trace, trap exceptions, and see value any vers in properly type. its fast and cool. but these DEBUG libs contains many debug info, they big and slow, why they not include in usual windows redist. RELEASE - when app succefully writed and debugged, u recompile it w/o using degub versions libs. then app will use only standart libs, non dev, appear lesser and faster, and also cointains NO dubeg info, which can help end user crack or revesre app...
  4. MERCURY127

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    yes, but ONLY IF u want DEVELOP NEW DX8.0 Application, or RECOMPILE old DX8.0 example.
  5. or can use FAR manager.
  6. buggy or incompatible hardware. nt and nix fair more stable and tolerant to hw errors.
  7. yes, but u must see at least [000D76BB] Loading Vxd = vkd [000D76BB] LoadSuccess = vkd [000D76BB] SYSCRITINIT = VMM [000D76BB] SYSCRITINITSUCCESS = VMM in bootlog, as indication start prot mode... after Loading Vxd / LoadSuccess (hich is real mode part) will appear SYSCRITINIT / SYSCRITINITSUCCESS and DEVICEINIT / DEVICEINITSUCCESS for each vxd, and after [000D76BC] DEVICEINIT = CONFIGMG begin processing of device tree.
  8. i know. but it is better do not pack anyway - more flexible and easy troubleshooting,
  9. And... What about step-by-step loading? F8 - s-b-s, enter win, and try. Also, what if try real debugger, for example SoftIce? ;D
  10. Just remove or rename vpp or vpd.vxd from vmm32 folder and check if success. It will work, only if ur vmm32.vxd really empty and Not contain these vpp/vpd.
  11. vmouse and vmd is mouse related. check ur mouse. vflatd is linear framebuffer related, are u sure, thar ur vc have this feature? anyway, this files can be deleted for test purposes. my suggestions: 0) vmm32 is container: dos part - realmode starter (real vmm32.vxd), fyrst protected mode part - vmm vxd, main windows module (preboundled with vmm32.vxd, but its possible cut off in real vmm.vxd file), all other vxds, added in container on install procedure. if u see that must ur vxds succefully loaded - so obviuosly, that VMM work good. then u can replece ur system vmm32.vxd to extracted vmm..vxd from ur distr, and place all other vxds from ur distr to system\vmm32 folder. after this, u can start windows with win /d:m command and look, which part make problems.... but before it i suggest u check all ur hadrware, especially memory.
  12. i think, u need Ram Limitation Patch. try trial form rloew sites.
  13. Disable all devices, which can disable in bios. Then try clean install.
  14. MERCURY127

    H.265 playback on win-98 with vlc or mplayerc?

    9x allow use only one cpu for all - system and programs. When i try soft play some 100 mbits/sec 4k file, i see 70% busy all 8 cpu my 4ghz 3770 - 4 physical + ht. So i think, one core even newest 9900 at 5 ghz not allow u play 4k. also 9x not allow ur player use avx/avx2, but all sse/2/3/4 - can.
  15. MERCURY127

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    i have exactly this problem on my pcie Radeon X600 (some powercolor oem) on VGA connection. my monitor is benq bl2411, 1920x1200. monitor wrongly detected as 1920x1440. when i try set res 1920x1200 - i get vertical panning... but if i use DVI - then 1920x1200 work good. but mon anyway detected as 1920x1440. 98SE, Catalyst 6.2 or 5.9 - no diffs.