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  1. Or just an documentation glitch. Will need actual person with access to actual POSReady 2009 system to tell us if this update ever appeared or not...
  2. I don't have 4507704 and I thought I have everything... will be investigating...
  3. Did anyone make a progress on that issue? My relatives using Basilisk XP Mod from RoyTam need teams on XP since today... I'm really thinking about installing Win 7 next to XP on that machine. My last thought is 360 Explorer - did anyone try testing Teams on that?
  4. Hi, all, I remember topic was often covered in builds megathread, but I decided to make dedicated one to save myself hours of scrolling I'm still using uBo 1.17.4 with Basilisk 52 XPMOD from Roytam since 'forever', and I'm wondering whether it will be beneficial for me to switch to uBlock Origin firefox-legacy- What makes me doubt are numbers - 1.16 <1.17, and backtracking changelog to find what is what is quite a time-consuming task. Or maybe I should go with some 1.18 or higher version of uBo, since AFAIR Roytam keeps support of WebExtensions in Basilisk, which official branch is going away from?
  5. ******************************************************* * authroots.sst 2020-02-26 22:33 Roots * * delroots.sst 2019-08-21 22:44 Roots * * roots.sst 2019-07-23 23:27 Roots * * updroots.sst 2020-02-26 22:33 Roots * * disallowedcert.sst 2019-08-13 17:18 Revoked * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Roots Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Revoked Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* Aby kontynuować, naciśnij dowolny klawisz . . . I wasn'tgetting into details what ahve changed, but it looks like update won't harm anyone, and might help :)
  6. Wast majority of the updates is still online, will they ever disspear some board members have them backed up on their PCs
  7. I tap to the question. The only reason I ever stumbled upon Chocolately were PoweShell modules, but now PS have dedicated installer, so I lost it from my radar at the trivia level. This is first time I'm hearing it has any other usages. Maybe worth it
  8. Until the next "change" in update model
  9. I never managed to win any Civ with anything else than pure conquest
  10. Worms Armaggeddon. As fun as 20 years ago. Multiplayer servers are still populated, and I got surprised how fertile the community was, producing schemes, maps, mods and edgy tournament rules.
  11. I get that, and I knew that before, but I was also 'you' being the topic author in this case. Now it gets clearer. What makes me wonder, is why the CPU cooling exhausts 'to the side'. What I usually see in gaming rigs is some big-a** radiator and a fan that blows front-to-back, to play in the same team as rear and front one. Ant those cooing systems are to expensive, when compared to other parts you bought. Edit: I even checked the internet if my memory is not playing tricks on me and it is not, such setups exist: https://images.morele.net/listy_zakupowe/4048673/10272_full.jpeg With such setup, the only problem remains: and "slightly" positive or negative pressure sounds a minor troublemaker, when compared to changing the flow direction by 90 degrees in the mid-way. If, CPU cooling remains like it is, I need to quit now, as I lack knowledge how to fine tune the rest. However, I remain interested in the outcome, as this is simply interesting.
  12. I'm loosing details here. So you have 3 fans: CPU, rear and front. Right? Or Wrong? I've seen pic in another topic, CPU one exhausts to the opposite direction to the mobo. obvious. Front one ( I assume) blows the air in? at full speed. Rear is mobo controlled and is an intake one. And that I do not grasp. Why do not do it "the godly way"? AFAIR it just requires to flip the fan 180 degrees to make it blow the other way around. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see no reason to go against what MOBO expects here. If I'm wrong or that's impossible in your case you can try to modify the fan speed with Asus software and check the temperature after some stress test and compare results.
  13. Hi, NM28 voting need to be restarted due to technical reasons: Matt's post is older. Will you prove it's not the case with even older one, I will change
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