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  1. NOT technically a blue screen and sorry for image quality, but combination of billboard refresh rate, little time while on red light and calculator-style phone, but I hope you enjoy this teamviewer window... Zielonka near Warsaw.
  2. Sticking to Password and security topic - back when I finished university and went to my first full-time job, in an outsourcing company doing stinky stuff for the very big IT company we love to hate here for dropping support for older applications, messy documentation, dying domains etc... with a lot of other newcommers like me... needless to say, the sense of humour in the office was between high-school hoolies and conscript barracks, so we were so below the floor we could scare people knocking at it from below. And rotation was so high, that having a year-long experience in this company was considered long experience. But that's the reality of neo-colonial slave meant to make money for his overseas masters. Anyway, you get that the atmosphere was highly 'professional'. But, still, the thing we were working on was highly confidential - which makes me laugh right now, but back then, we could not bring mobile phones to the room, the windows were without knobs, so we could not throw out a device with unpublished code and transfer it via the window, and all of that in the office with full access to unrestricted internet, unblocked USB ports and so on. The internet was THAT secure, we were being trafficked via clients proxy and going via his AD domain, so our IT supervisors could not even track us, as we were seen in reports as only going through client domain, so when the request came to reduce usage of Facebook and Youtube in local network, we were secure. Did I say every newcommer had admin rights from the start (remember, mainly people with zero-to-none professional experience XD), because we had to run 60-lines-long Powershell script and signing it or walking any other way around was too much for our supervisors XD Then, as said, we had domains in client account.... ehem... and some further repositories and systems were locked with extra smartcard verification, so at peak point we had 80 people on project with only three people having access to crucial tracker due to authorization bug, who could not upgrade their PCs as any change would have broke it. Did i mention, that Smartcard were flying from client's HQ, so when we finally received them... they were malfunctional and we had to wait one month more. With all this security, we had a problem on a client's side-project, that, surprisingly, required to take as much people as possible for a weekend overtime job, mainly because our main progress-tracker was an excel file overloaded with VBA macros, which was located on a shared drive with +-5 second ping and took 5 minutes to save. If you still didn't grasp what the company I was working for, a hint - major competitor in cloud applications and office suites, both now and then. And, a surprise, around 90% of people hired, or rather, caught for this side-project either had no account in clients Account Directory or were waiting for having access granted, but oops, client's office is closed during weekend. And we ended up with our team lead posting his login and password on whiteboard. And y'all had it right, I had the moral high ground, having proper, accessfull AD account from the start and sharing it with noone at all.
  3. What happened - too much data got deleted during system cleanup Target Model - Xiaomi Redmi 6a, official ROM, no root data stored on internal memory We are aiming at recovering WhatsApp message history, but other data would be cool too. Since the phone is not mine, I cannot promise data will not get overwriten, but I told multiple times to resist from browsing web, facebook etc. I tried Googling out, but none of the websites I checked seemed not worth too much trust... There are some pieces of software told to be capable of solving my prob, but what I need is probably a recommendation from trusted source, best backed with personal experience...
  4. Not truly my kind of music, but many people recommended me the drummers work, and... uh, it's amazing.
  5. Well, changing website response to shout back 418 instead of 404 should not be a big deal for a coder. Shame we see it so rarely IRL.
  6. But no memory hole this time?
  7. Ten years ago I would had said Deep Purple, but taste changes over time, and their studio albums are far below concert ones. However, "Made in Japan" is still the best concert album ever, and "Concerto for group and orchestra" outperforms every other Symphonic rock concert I've heard - a charm that only pioneers have, You listen and you KNOW it's not a calculated attempt to imitate others' works. I do not take the album with Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, as it's terrible Five years ago I would have said Enter Shikari, but their last two albums are ugh and I don't see area for improvement. First time I've heard them They said "We don't play easy music" and soon they turned into pop-ish sound. However, if you enjoy overdriven guitars, screams and a bit of eclectic, pretentious music (bit like early Pink Floyd or Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but heavier) and leftie lyrical approach, first four albums are still awesome. and their Warsaw concert from "Mindsweep" tour was the best club concert I've ever been to, period. Now I'd probably say Pink Floyd or Tides From Nebula. First, because I still consider Dark Side of The Moon best Studio Album Ever, and I think I didn't change my mind for 15 years or more. It. Just. Fits. Also rest of their work is, however imperfect, very varied, and still consists tons of gems and good tunes. tides Are probably best Polish band - not the one that becomes copy of some western classic, but with own distinct style, worldwide renown and performing well over the years. did I say their Warsaw concerto was the Second Best I've ever been to, and that they made best gig on 2018 Woodstock festival in Poland*, despite performing on smallest scene? Hear this beauty recorded on a brick and admire! or jump to govs-sponsored pro recording (might get geofenced). I might soon change my mind to Animals as Leaders, but First I need to consume more that 2 of their albums and hear them alive. Out of 'I'm ashamed to admit' kind of bands, probably Rymdreglage *Yep, it was renamed to Pol'adn'Rock due to some BS copyright reason, but everyone screws on that.
  8. Using win7 pro key works, tested on december. You just need to install without providing key and activate later via Control panel. Also, update from 7 or 8/8.1 via their service also works: https://thewincentral.com/free-upgrade-to-windows-10-from-windows-7-8-1-still-working-confirms-microsoft-employee-10037/
  9. Rescue form space invaders! Freeware game from beginning of the millenium, whith graphics done in paint. It's so crappy I love it
  10. Question - is it mandatory to get it done in CMD? looks like something I can get done in Powershell, but old batch scares me off.
  11. Boot order in BIOS? You do not mention it, and it sounds like #1 thing to do.
  12. I expect original post edit and link addition in 3...2...1...
  13. I do have all files listed in 1st post. Someone among this thread also made a script to backup em all in Wayback Machine.

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