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  1. AMEN for __that__, 'brother'
  2. @sonicenforce do you install a lot of programs on your PC? The best way to check if you need specific version of .Net Framework is not to install it and check if your software works. If you do not install a lot of new software, You should be able to keep only these versions you really need installed on your PC. Programs for .NET 1.1 are very rare, so you can safely uninstall it.
  3. Win 7 is sooo commonplace, that I predict no fun at all in this place.
  4. Please, write what is under the link so others know if it's worth clicking or not. You're not earning monies on clickbaits, why do you need everyone to click?
  5. Professionalism is not being presented during QBRs, so who would care anyway?
  6. My overall idea is that name should indicate newcomers what what we are talking about (modern browser, that originates from branched Firefox long time ago) and what are most visible feature that makesit stand out (compatibility with older OSes and hardware). My proposals were rejected. There were some others that indicated that. I particularly liked SSEfox
  7. Only for the nerdiest, windows codenames are not common knowledge.
  8. "Other PCs" with windows 10 might have SMB 1 protocol disabled during windows update by Microsoft. You can try to re-enable: https://winaero.com/blog/enable-smb1-sharig-protocol-windows-10/ I personally have XP and win 7 and no problems with shared folders so far.
  9. Looking for a hero to collect current proposals and maintain voting.
  10. More subtle way of monetizing personal information are quite commonplace right now, so I second bphlpt
  11. So I've read it like 3 times and ignored "November" in title? Shame on me.
  12. I restrain for updating, as there are known issues to Dec patches with no M$ fix: https://www.askwoody.com/2019/installing-the-latest-win7-servicing-stack-update-kb-4523206-may-lock-up-your-pc/ follow recent @dencorsosuggestion and shall be fine.
  13. As QuickTime for windows have some nasty security bugs and is not updated for more than 3 years by Apple, I recommend to replace it with "anything" modern. VLC is an obvious choice.
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