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  1. They use different protocols. So they will not.
  2. Not really. You can host RDP on XP if you have Pro licence or higher. For occasional home use, TeamViewer is still both easier to use and more powerful. And I'm writing this from Win 7, having TW session hosted from XP on my LAN on 2nd screen.
  3. [Guide] Disable Data Collection in Windows 10

    If you are not convinced by the simple fact of not being watched over by others when not wanted (I am), maybe you will be convinced by former Google's design ethicist Tristan Harris, who believes addictive, distracting, big data based economy can lead us to the dystopia. And others like him, from this article: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/oct/05/smartphone-addiction-silicon-valley-dystopia Just an example, a voice in the discussion...
  4. @glnz Just take a try and configure AOL mail using IMAP, not POP3. This will make your mailbox and Thunderbird folders and fully synchronized, so mails will be available in both places. i know this is not a direct answer, but if leaving a mails' copy on the server side is the only special requirement, this will 'just work'. I have no experience with POP3 whatsoever.
  5. As you said later, you logged to AOL using web browser. Good. Other mail vendors also have their web clients. Most web clients allow you to 'connect' to your other accounts, so they will be appearing in your main account (in your case, AOL), with separate folders and the full ability to reply as the other account. As this happens on the server side, this is often paid or limited for only few 'connected' accounts. If AOL account is the only you really need, use the web access or try Thunderbird, which is the most popular free and open source mail client.
  6. If you want to stick with XP, you can experiment with other mail client that does support never encryption technology and/or have their own certificate magazine. Thunderbird, I think, does, and I use it on my XP machine, no problems so far. As for Outlook, the newest supported on the XP is the 2010. No personal experience with other mail clients. Other option is to use web client and connect your accounts. OE hasn't seen any feature updates for 10 years or so, so don't be surprised.
  7. @glnz Look at the certificate you sent. it is issued to http://www.trisomija21.org/ I'm not an expert, but I'd expect a certificate issued to MSFN, when receiving mail from MSFN. Just like the website does have
  8. Impossible to install operating systems

    Yes, install Classic Shell.
  9. XP task bar vertical?

    Firstly, taskbar. If you have taskbar unlocked (second line from the bottom should NOT be ticked), you should be able to drag and drop the taskbar with your mouse, just like you can move the files on the desktop. That is the behaviour on the newly installed XP, and the only one I know. Secondly, BSOD's. Please post the error codes and, if possible, their descriptions, so we can troubleshoot what's on. And, if possible, please describe your installation workflow goes. Thirdly, why it has to be Musicmatch? Are you using some of their internet services, or play files stored locally, on your hard drive? Fourthly, You made me curious. What songs does your playlist contain? :>
  10. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/google-announces-first-ever-sha1-collision-attack/ If you are curious about the scientific background
  11. Adult ad's In E, E10 &T Rated Microsoft Game Apps

    Hmm. Maybe it is not game-dependent but account-dependent. I mean that if your account is marked as used by mature person, you will get mature ads. Maybe check this out on a fresh Microsoft account, that is set up as adolescent account, and see if the 17+ ads still appear. And sorry for approaching the topic sideways. Direct solution to your problem is here, and does not look promising: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_other-mso_other/how-do-i-contact-your-complaint-department/a1b1e81a-8d2b-4472-b7d0-42016211a69b
  12. Drop us an example of such untrusted certificate.
  13. I should have re-read the February's pots instead of troubleshooting on my own. Spent over hour googling, reading logs, restarting services, checking internet options etc. and it all appeares to be dumbest error on the M$ side I found... today. Adding to that, suprisingly, when you try to connect to MU by entering update.microsoft.com into your Internet Explorer, website resolves to http:// connected one and, well, craps. However, when you enter microsoft.com/update, website is smart enough to go via https:// itself. And that's how I managed to make it work on my end... Oh, and, in the meantime, M$ allows patches to shipthrough the catalog page using http. I doubt this is a serious security risk for a cable-connected home user, but hey, at the same time Google wins certificate war against Symantec and Mozilla announces tagging all http sites as security risk. And I wonder, I simply wonder why noone bitchslapped M$ for that, and, if someone did, why it wasn't enough?
  14. Tried it and preview has shown no expected result.
  15. No New Threads Can Be Created. Help!!!

    Bugfix confirmed! Thanks!