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  1. It turns out I can't inslall Windows live essentials 2009 even from offline installer. It says I lack windows installer, despite i Installed windows installer 4.5 at the very beginning of the process :/ Anyone had more luck?
  2. Best give the screenshot of expected result (chromium browser) and actual result (NewMoon).
  3. Thanks, Mattwiz, but for the sake of completeness, we need all lang versions @ED_Slni'm running XP home, and as far as I remember there's no way to create domain on even to connect to one from there, I need XP Pro at least. technically, i should have thought about it myself...
  4. @ED_Sln First, good news. Looks like after installing your batch of updates for Polish XP SP3 with posready tweak nothing more is required. MU shows nothing important more (except .net, already discussed)However... - I had issues with installing updates for ADAM. Aren't they already included in ADAM installer? - No links for Windows Live Essentials 2009 are provided. I thing I might be able to get offline installer for plk, but for every region it might be about hard.
  5. As long as this is the only manual thing to be done in this project and noone else will ever as for such favour, to be done once a week for every build... sure. But give'em a finger, they'll bite your leg off, I bet you that It feels like yours real-life experience speaks through you. Mine says that if you work in heavily automated environment, or work on solving complex problems, it's hard to keep track of all those simple things that should take a while. You simply forget, because you have no habbit, or your brain is still working on a different level. And things that look simple from outside, might turn out into heavily complex stuff if you know the whole background. ----- And I'm coming from a position, that actually roytam1 does a big favour to the community doing those builds. We can ask him for feature request, bug fixes and so on, but asking to change his working habbits is too much. Especially, when he once replied no. That's my final word on the topic, piece.
  6. if you want to save roytam1's time for doing this before every delivery, don't go this way. Not to say of possible problems, if the Moonchilds/Tobins/whoever elses code he forks from gets changed and incompatible with this simple drag'n'drop. So no, if we need to get this changed and help roytam to develop this, forking his github and doing pull request as he asked is the best way.
  7. Isn't it possible to update your builds, so instead of http://www.palemoon.org/unofficial.shtml they will be linking here or to your blog page in startup.homepage_override_url ?
  8. In this case - writing one-line summary - it was I hope for the better future. peace!
  9. @Sampei.Nihira. Just. Please. When. You. Paste. Some. Link. Give. At least. A brief. Description. What. It. Leads. To. Period. I'm not the first person on the board to as you for this.
  10. Sure, no harm's done The only problem I see is that in spying advertising industry changes are quick. If this technique has great potential, it would have been already used by tech companies to track users, and if this was true, tracker-blockers would have already prepared for an update After all, worth knowing, but no reason to panic.
  11. Except from specific domain and specific get request to this domain? uBo blocks nothing because why should it block tests site.
  12. Sure. You can put better door lock, or concrete it and enter your house from a helicopter or secret underground tunel. just need to mind your risks, needs and possibilities
  13. Can't we change the port RDP uses for communication?
  14. The problem is that this demo displays data only locally, no request is sent back. And if it was, I'd assume it could have been blocked by specific rule in uBlock, as it is already nicely recognized as inline-script.
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