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  1. Taming POSReady 2009 updates

    And Vista. it also affected Win 7 and win 8, however, they fixed it somehow on newer systems...
  2. Taming POSReady 2009 updates

    Thanks for the info!
  3. Taming POSReady 2009 updates

    And, honesty - you have XP with POSReady trick, or actual POSReady 2009?
  4. Howdy

    Hi! Always glad to welcome new retrocomputing maniac!
  5. Installed updates: - After Applying IE8 patch, Microsofs Update found rest of them within minutes. I know we have settled this case, just wanted to confirm. - As @Sampei.Nihira wrote, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Beta causes trouble when installing some updates. I tried to stop protection, but it didn't help. Killing both MBAE processes did help. - Installing (not finding by MU!) .NET updates took me over 30 minutes. I had no problem finding them. - As written in many posts, KB4134651 causes 'find target' button under shortcut properties turn into purposeless dummy thing. I will try to use it further, to see how many other problem will it cause. - As I wrote earlier, I had problems accessing Microsoft update site. I either didn't load referring to help, partially loaded, partially loaded showing alert that some content tries to go through insecure connection, or stopped working in the random moment. Always the solution was restarting Internet Explorer.
  6. New on board

    Hello! Could you introduce yourself... less briefly?
  7. Send private message to heinoganda if he has valid, updated KB 4074852.
  8. Not really, as it is set to expire two months from now. Thunderbird says it is signed by untrusted authority.
  9. And, adding to that, my Thunderbird shows my bank's e-mail signature as not valid. signed by Unizeto Technologies S.A. . Is there any bigger affair behind it?
  10. Well, then... Your appliances more complex than mine, I suppose... I'm simply trying to keep typing machine secure. I was nearly sure that basic XP exfat driver is still available, and linked on the topic's first page. For point 7, I am nearly sure that if the updates were offered via windows update, they are still there available to be downloaded. Or something changed and I missed it? For the rest of the cases you mentioned, i have to admit my incompetence.
  11. TeamViewer crashes after update

    https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/TeamViewer-13/Teamviewer-13-1-3629-Teamviewer-Service-exe-is-crashing-under/td-p/32925 I should have checked TV forums before spreading panic. Latest TV simply crashes on XP, when only LAN connection is enabled, and when XP does not have IPv6 enabled. So I'll stick with the old one for a while... 13.0.6447 works like a charm!
  12. Which ones? You made me curious
  13. I'd say it's a spam account, but what do I know...
  14. TeamViewer crashes after update

    Hey! Thanks for the test. Unless there was some update to TW itself, It should break under the same conditions I gave it last time. Testing time will come for me.
  15. We suggested him bunch of other e-mail clients, but since he insist on OE6 he's not interested, I suppose I case you described, I would delete overlapping emails locally, and let them get re-downloaded. If you are afraid something might go FUBAR, export your e-mails to some local archive file. I don't use OE6 since for more than decade, but I'd be suprised if it don't have backup option.